Boxing. How Might We Begin Our Career?

The heavy-weight boxers don’t seem to be dancing much any more.  Too big to dance? When Ali danced he was 97 kilos.  I’m 97 kilos.  I’m as tall as Bruce Lee and as heavy as Ali but for some reason no-one is scared of me.  Everyone is overconfident it seems.

If you are too big to dance you should at least be able to retreat to the side by working the angles like Lomachenko does.  Consider these guys going up against the Kiwi boy Joseph Parker.  When he whacks these guys in the ribs its a reminiscent of Stallone breaking frozen animal bones in the cool room.  Some of these guys are going to be a lot stronger than the boxers of Alis time due to modern supplements.  No-one who cannot evade side to side like little Lomachenko deserves to be in the ring with a rib crusher like Joseph Parker.  If you cannot dance yet still you are going to have to work the angles!!!!

So what might be going on here? I suspect that all these Palookas that came up against Joseph Parker were the toughest guys they ever met.  They never met anyone tougher then themselves yet.  So they try and slug it out with the kid.  It reminded me of Duran when he came up against Hearns.  This was in the middleweight division.  Duran got all the way at least to welterweight and no-one who could really hurt him.  Now Duran is probably the most skillfull boxer I’ve ever gained some sort of comprehension of.  But all of us need to be able to move like Lomachenko or Ali if we climb into the ring with people so dangerous they can knock us out before we are even properly warmed up.

Or where is the smoking Joe Frazier head movements with the guys climbing into the ring against Parker? If you can’t dance or work the angles then try to keep that head and upper torso moving!!!  But as I suspect every fellow sees the toughest guy they ever met when they are shaving.  So they get in the ring with this young Kiwi and they are utterly unprepared.  I had some fried fish last night that was better prepared then the guys I was watching in this compilation tape.

You may have noticed that I have been talking about Lomachenko.  He was likely a small child when I tried to box for awhile, but I wish some time traveller had shown me about him.  Because he is the FIRST person you ought to emulate.  I was trying to emulate Duran and I had no idea of the stupidity of what I was doing.    All of us should start off wanting to be Lomachenko.  And had those big guys showed up in the ring with Parker, having taken this advice right at the start of their boxing career,  they might have stood a chance of going the distance.

The thing is the Queensberry rules are such that no-one can hurt you if you are at his side.  Try that against Bruce Lee you’ll get a back-fist serving the function of a jab, and you might get your ribs broken right away with a side-kick.  If Bruce isn’t at the right range to break your ribs he’ll stomp downwards on your knee and you may never walk right again. But boxers can do nothing when you are at their side.  Queensberry rules are such that boxers simply don’t have the tools to deal with you if you have outflanked them.

You’d think this was a secret that had been denied us by way of group mind control.  But should you wish to take up boxing make sure that you have Lomachenko firmly in your mind first.  Because thats the way to have a good time with the sport and not get beat up the whole time.

Maybe Duran was the best fighter of the 70’s all things considered.  And the guys who came up against him would try and work the angles.  But he was too fast, too aggressive and skillfull.  While in the light weight division they seldom could outflank him all that easily,  like how Lomachenko outflanks so many of his opponents.  But as good as Duran was, when he got up into the divisions where EVERYONE had much longer reach than he … he never seemed to learn that it was HE NOW that had to work the angles.

If you are a fan of Duran, Hagler or Tyson, and you show up at the boxing gym, with these guys in mind, you are going to get beat up as a reward for going to practice.  Thats not a nice way to go.  I’m not saying you cannot aspire to be like these fellows over the longer haul.  But don’t show up with them in your head.

Instead show up with a determination to 1. be in better shape then your sparring partners and 2. with Lomachenko as your model,  then you can start accumulating boxing skills without getting beat up twice a week.

You could watch the first 30 seconds of this one.  Just to get what I’m talking about.  The fellow gets in the ring with a man who has hands of stone.  What should he do? He’s got to either dance, circle, outflank or bob-and-weave …… and maybe a combination of these would be advisable. Or just don’t get in the ring?? What is wrong with having a nice cup of tea?

Duran never did get completely outflanked.  But when he got up to middle-weight I never remember him dealing with these extremely powerful men the way that his competitors had had to deal with him.



Don’t bother with the whole fight.  But you will see this so often with the people who stood against Duran.  They knew they had to try and outflank, circle, dance and weave.  Almost all of them STILL got beaten up.  But his better competitors knew that they had to try.  Its almost like you had to get a fellow born under communism (Lomachenko) to take this principle to the ultimate extent so as to show us SLAVES OF USURY (yes we are yes we are)  how to think properly about this outflanking concept.

Why must you always prioritise a “retreat to the side” rather than a retreat backwards? Well its because if you retreat backwards sooner or later you will run out of ring.  But its much worse then that.  That huge brainless hulk who couldn’t understand JUST WAR THEORY if you spent all day with a blackboard and all night with a blow torch ……. he can run at you forwards faster than you can retreat backwards.  So always your priority is to retreat to the side.

My message here is that you can go to boxing class now.  Now that you have read this blog you can go there and have a good time.  I don’t know why you needed to hear it from me but that seems to be the way of things.

So this is a better world Part II.  Forget about the old stuff.  That was me fumbling about working out what the truth was.  Finding out what the science said.  But now its applied science.  Forget about the old stuff because now we have the real INTENTION that will be imbedded within.  The old stuff was just mucking about.  This time we will make a difference.  This time we will work the angles on the forces of evil.  This time we will outflank them and make a better Australia first, and a better world tomorrow

3 thoughts on “Boxing. How Might We Begin Our Career?

  1. What would Jesus think of the Jew idea of targeting women and children during a war?

    “King James Bible
    But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.”

    I don’t think he would approve even a little bit.


  2. “That huge brainless hulk who couldn’t understand JUST WAR THEORY if you spent all day with a blackboard and all night with a blow torch ……. he can run at you forwards faster than you can retreat backwards. So always your priority is to retreat to the side.”

    My devoted readers would know this to be a joke. An inside joke since those of you who have read my stuff would know that “Just war theory” is a big deal for me. This is how this blog will work. No matter what the subject is I will always be referring to the main subjects of this blog.


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