Ali Using Sparring Time For Innovation

Could Ali have danced against George Foreman in the Rumble In The Jungle? Could he have floated around the ring like he used to in the late 60’s?

We lets take a look:


Check him out 4.35 seconds.  See how effortlessly he moves around the ring.  Other men his size can bounce around the ring also.  But only if you FLOAT like he does, then you can float around the ring without burning too much energy.   Earlier in the same clip you see Ali misleading the Foreman camp talking only about dancing and sticking.  Dance and stick.  The longest lived motto of the sweet science.  But Ali had a new dimension in mind.  Rope-A-Dope doesn’t even come close because he had be working on an whole new level of ring-craft since before he tried to make a comeback against Frasier.  Who he was in no way properly prepared for.

So he could have danced.  There is no question he had the capacity to dance on that night.  But in all likelihood he never really was in this shape before or since in the 1970’s.

Modern supplements have changed everything.  Bernard Hopkins gets out of jail at the age of 23.  By the age of 25 he is in superb athletic shape.  And he maintains a fantastic level of physical awesomeness all the way to the age of 50.  He’s 53 now.  But Ali couldn’t do that.  Ali wasn’t like that. Ali didn’t have access to that knowledge or those supplements.  I see Ali as basically unbeatable that one night against Foreman and maybe two years in the late sixties. Virtually unbeatable in 1966, 1967 and that one night when he was against Foreman.   The rest of the time he was getting just strong enough to prevail against the latest opponent.  Many times he didn’t really win properly against them.  For example Ernie Shavers essentially beat Ali up.

But on the night Ali fought Foreman he was back in the best shape, and he could have danced if that is what he needed to do.  People think it was more or less even until the 8th round.  I don’t see that when I watch it now.  You watch it 20 times you see the skill with which Ali is redirecting the forces and it starts to look like Ali is winning almost every round.

But lets go right back in the archives to see how many years Ali had been developing an whole new dimension to the sweet science. Ali kept things pretty close to his chest.  See how his friend Cus Damato (creator of Mike Tyson) is incredibly concerned with the way the champ was training.  This was many years before the Rumble In The Jungle.  He had been working on this a long time.  It was no one time tactic.  It was an whole new dimension.  And I have found the earliest known record of Ali putting the secret plan together.


Do you hear the concern in his friends voice? YOU NEVER HIDE A CONSPIRACY BY BEING SILENT.  When you want to hide a plot you talk too much and you fill the air with words and false conspiracies.  Now notice that Ali who talks so much never let Cus in on the action enough to let him know what was on his mind.  And this was a long time before he used these capacities in the Foreman fight.

Now think about that.  Because we are going to be secretive.  And we are going to talk too much.  But if it takes a thousand years we will take down these Rothschild niggers.

2 thoughts on “Ali Using Sparring Time For Innovation

  1. My Chemical Romance has reminded us of our duty, individually and collectively, to be “the saviour of the broken, the beaten and the damned.” So we cannot tolerate this deep cover nonsense from the traitor John Humphreys of getting rid of the pension. Yes for sure if we have near perfect policy for 100 years of course we could get rid of the pension. But this quisling was nominated as young libertarian of the year by his masters for betraying his own alleged cause. It used to be about economy in government. Now its this traitor trying to place everyone on the horns of a dilemma, in the service of the strategic goal of his elite Jew pig masters.

    So lets have more of My Chemical Romance and a lot less of John Humphreys. Because we aren’t going to leave our diggers and our friends behind. We can develop an economy of explosive wealth creation. These formerly hard-working folks that have fallen upon tough times are not heavy if we understand economics and who the real parasites are. They are not too much for us to carry. There is never any need to turn our back on our three brothers:

    The broken.
    The beaten.
    And the damned.


  2. You see the thread is a little bit tongue in cheek. A bit overstated. And then I circle around to the major themes of the blog in its entirety. I like this format. I cannot really talk openly if there isn’t a bit of cartoonish hyperbole going on. This format will give me the opportunity to talk about any number of topics I’m somewhat conversant with, but always making reference to the goals of the blog. I initially took this thread off air. Because I didn’t think it was serious enough. The thread didn’t seem to be taking itself seriously. But I think I’ll let it back on, with the other one. I won’t give myself such a high bar to jump over when talking about subjects like boxing. But I’ll link tangential subjects to the main subjects to keep up the drumbeat of the blog.


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