Yoni Yahoo Died And Went To Hell

I was reading through the military thinking of this idiot Jew calling himself Dr Beau Gan. This was on Catallaxy.  Every so often the Jews on Catallaxy return to form and start trying to justify diverting wartime resources away from winning a war, and towards human sacrifice.  This is just transmuted Jew ritual murder.  So they start trying to justify the incendiary bombing of civilian areas in Germany or using nuclear weapons, not to attack massed naval formations, but to drop on the Christian city of Nagasaki.  The Aztecs are gone but the Jews of Catallaxy live on more is the pity.

The Aztecs are gone but the Jews are still with us. 

Anyway there is one poxy Jew terrorist family in Israel and I won’t spell out their name entirely.  But they are so stuck on the Beau Gan way of thinking that one of them cocked up a perfectly courageous and righteous raid in Uganda.  I don’t necessarily want this story touching off all the search engines.  But its a demonstration of how when you want to get something worthwhile done, how harmful it is to have the Jew divert time and resources away into the practice of Jew ritual sacrifice.

Here I will lift my account of the raid in Uganda, straight from my description of it on my twitter account which was banned:

Yoni fucked up the mission. And for mean-spirited anti-human reasons. He screwed up because he couldn’t get past nihilist murder in order to follow the strategic plan. Its pure luck that his fuckup lead to HIS death and not to the death of his colleagues. Ask me questions.

No but Mookie Betser was in the car with him. They had worked with the Ugandans. So they knew the compound procedures. The entire plan involved just cruising on in, saluting the guard and getting close to the compound without raising any alarm. So they sailed past the guard..

Unlamented in the human world.  But sadly missed amongst lizard people and terrorists. 

But Yoni thought he may as well murder the guard on the way in. EVEN THOUGH THIS DENIED THE LOGIC OF THE PLAN. So he starts fixing a silencer to his pistol, whilst he ought to have been psyching up for what they needed to do close to the compound. Mookie is saying “No Yoni.”

So anyway stage whispers are there trying to stop Yoni from fixing his silencer to kill the guard who had done nothing wrong. Yoni shoots the guard and as the guard is falling over the guard is firing off his machine gun thus breaking the silence that was critical to the plan.

I hate Israel. But this raid was a worthy heroic and very clever undertaking by the very best of soldiers. Not everything the Jew does is wrong. But to suggest that Yoni is a big hero in this matter is a denial of history. He was the one fuckup and happily he paid the price.

A new stomping ground for Yoni.


If Yoni had been a moral human being there would have been no problem. African soldiers are familist. They are just there to look after their clan. This probably good good man, that Yoni shot for no reason. wasn’t some sort of ideological Prussian militarist commando.

Had they sailed on in to the centre of the compound and then come out holding rifles, this man wouldn’t have become a major thorn in their side. To kill him on the way in shows a reflexive anti-humanity that was so extreme it got in the way of a very good plan.

In this one case, I think we can say the boys were pretty heroic. All except for this fucking Yahoo. That they had in the car. Fixing his silencer to murder someone WHO DIDN’T NEED KILLING. If you weren’t hard core evil why would you do that against the tactical plan?



So you see this anti-military thinking, that Dr Beau Gan and the Jews at Catallaxy are afflicted by, can fuck up any mission.  No matter how big or how small.  It made World War II an absolute horror-show and it almost fucked up the raid at Entebbe but those guys pulled it off anyway, with only the culprit being killed because of the catastrophe he almost created.  To see the rest of the details of the raid you need to get a book by Mookie Betser.   Lets not let anyone delude themselves into thinking that Bibi’s brother was a hero.  That family only spawns terrorist scum.  Bibi was a bigshot in the 9/11 false flag.  He is worthless dog shit.

17 thoughts on “Yoni Yahoo Died And Went To Hell

  1. Catholic Just War Theory teaches us when to go to war, how to conduct ourselves at war, and also how to win. Here is the thread where these Jews make fools of themselves demanding that we divert resources from winning the war to practice ritual Jew human sacrifice. Which is what World War II was all about. It was just gargantuan culling pretending to be war.

    The Jews on Catallaxy (and elsewhere) see other peoples children as “the enemy” in war. Resources are to be taken away from killing regime leadership and destroying military targets to waste on hurting these kids. This is not a valid intellectual point of view. They are the bad guys and someone else is the good guys.

    Here is the thread where these idiots run wild. Its not just Dr Beau Gan. Its basically all the Jews on Catallaxy. And its not just one night either. Being in favour of diverting resources from war to terrorism is a longstanding article of faith held with blind ferocity and total consistency for the last 13 years. I didn’t realise that it was a Jew thing for a very long time:



  2. THE YOUNG WIFE AS IDEAL ENTREPRENEUR : In the modern internet era great businesses can be built out of the home. In the infancy of the business its important to spend more time than money in development. Or else the business goes soft with low margins.

    In the old days confining the young wife to the home was limiting her aspirations. Since you could not easily germinate a business from out of the house back in the day. Now keeping the girl at home allows her ambitions that her husband doesn’t have access too.

    Its hazardous to send the girl into the workplace now, since the seduction of women has become a full-blown science. I’m not kidding. If an expert targets your girl you may as well hand him the bathrobe and call him Barnaby. She herself will not be able to keep her pants on.

    In any case the woman belongs in the home because that is where the love is. This made her less fortunate in the past, but potentially luckier today, because a righteous husband will work long hours for many years, in order to give her time to build her awesome business.


  3. Murder by way of organ theft, and child trafficking are industries that are booming in the new century. Chinas mass murder of its own citizens in this way is far more serious than the holocaust, being as the holocaust never happened. Estimates of organ murder in China start at 100,000 murders minimum a year, since you can get an organ on demand in this country. After China the Jews are the next biggest offenders and after all it is rumoured that the Chinese communist party is dominated by Jews.

    The world Is now replete with examples of transmuted Jew ritual murder as full-blown Industries. Here we see Jews practicing transmuted ritual murder in a slaughterhouse in Turkey. Their victims must have been very bad people since no Jew ever did anything wrong ever. Later we will see how this practice is in full keeping with Jewish opinion everywhere but particularly as expressed on Catallaxy.

    One wonders if organ theft murder and child trafficking aren’t two industries joined at the hip. The organ murder industry is by it nature unnecessary since your body replaces the cells of your organs regularly and over short periods of time. So the industry is a distraction from the need to apply dietary measures to improve health.


  4. It boggles the mind to think of the untold unknown attacks on gentiles, perpetrated by the Jews, that could have possibly given them the confidence to try on 9/11. They must have been fucking with us the entire time.

    In the ongoing debate as to whether Jews are lizards or not, one question presents itself: Does it really matter either way?


  5. Hitler was bastard Rothschild. Stalin and Mao have to be looked at also. Because Mao is no way a pure Chinaman. Some historians put it down to his fathead peasant features. But the fact is he’s clearly Eurasian. But anyhow we are about 80% sure that Hitler was bastard Rothschild.


  6. Who am I to disagree with Ezra Pound? According to one youtube commenter:

    As a political prisoner, Ezra Pound first commissioned a young Eustace Mullins to investigate the Federal Reserve.

    “Though the Orthodox saints condemned usury, the Orthodox were generally smart enough not to make jewish banking widespread. From the Byzantines, Ezra Pound derived his no-violent formula for controlling the Jews. “The answer to the Jewish problem is simple,” he said. “Keep them out of banking, out of education, out of government.” And this is how simple it is.”


  7. Look at the way these terrorist vermin behave:

    “To Pay the Price is a play by Peter-Adrian Cohen based in part on Netanyahu’s letters. The play, produced by North Carolina’s Theatre Or,[13] opened off Broadway in New York in June 2009 during the Festival of Jewish Theater and Ideas.[14] The play had been scheduled to run at the New Repertory Theatre company near Boston, Massachusetts. The run was canceled by the Netanyahu family because the theater was intending to run the play as a companion piece to My Name Is Rachel Corrie.[15]”

    Incredible right?


  8. When me and my friend Sean would watch boxing matches we would talk about something called “the big right hand” and it became a kind of semi-religious thing. It became religion because there was reification involved. It was as though the big right hand was a spiritual beast that could migrate across national borders.

    I think it came from the idea of black-and-white satellite television. Back in the day when there was so few channels in countries in the Southern Hemisphere, and satellite TV … the kids would wake up in the middle of the night to see important sporting events. So for example my brothers would wake me up in the wee hours and we would watch the All Blacks play rugby. In my memory we would seem to be in the pits of despair and then Sid Going would orchestrate something tricky and then likely as not the ball would find its way to Grant Batty and the world would become good again. All derived from grainy black and white TV.

    So as I remember I think that Seans father would wake Sean and his elder brother up for the Ali fights. He would call Ali “The big right hand” and that is where this demi-religious idea got going. Even though Ali didn’t really have a big right hand and it would be three or four punches from Ali that separated a fellow from his conscious self.

    It wasn’t really possible to do the Bernard Hopkins thing and to be in excellent shape all the time for quarter of a century. For example in the old days it was pretty much impossible to win a world champion swimming race if you were 26 and older. So 32 would be considered “masters sports” back in the day.

    Duran wasn’t a disciplined athlete like Bernard Hopkins or Floyd Mayweather. He would balloon up between fights and be over generous with his time and money. Plus he didn’t have access to the kind of supplements that Bernard had at his disposal. So as a consequence he didn’t always show up in good shape and the media has fucked up his heritage by way of this second Sugar Ray fight. Sugar Ray is a great competitor. I would say a better middleweight then Duran. But if Duran was in good shape at Welterweight Sugar has no chance. Just no chance. Not at that weight division. Sugar Ray and the Dundee camp were superior strategists but sometimes it goes over the line into something close to foul play. Well perhaps it would not seem that way if the selection of boxing fights that we saw back in New Zealand gave us a better understanding of what was really going on. I think there was hidden agendas when the number of channels were restricted. So I didn’t get to see the following fight.

    Don’t research this fight. Just wait until you have had plenty of rest, then coffee yourself up and take this one seriously. Duran on his 32nd birthday. The ethereal spirit we know as “the big right hand” makes a brief appearance in this fight. Might be better if you watch it with the sound down and without the commentary, then it becomes harder to figure out whose winning and you need to think more. I won’t tell you who wins, but whoever said that Duran had hands of stone forgot to mention that he often seems to have a chin like a rock.


  9. Here is the Duran/Davey Moore fight again but with superior commentary. Sugar Ray helping out. He has a fine idea of what is going on having already fought Duran twice. Superior commentary makes it akin to watching an whole new fight. We were lucky in New Zealand when I was a kid.

    We had the eccentric real estate millionaire Bob Jones (Now Sir Robert Jones) show up in the studio to help out with the commentary. Best boxing commentator I’ve ever heard. And he knew all these guys. Used to talk to Angelo Dundee and so forth. Something of a superior individual all the way around. He had Addisons disease like Jack Kennedy. So that when he took the adrenal hormone in order to cope he would wind up ‘feeling like God.’ The thing is he had the IQ to match this hormone induced confidence and he became a cool guy and good at everything.

    Bob Jones started a political party to push certain policies. But once Robert Muldoon had been beaten he dissolved the party and went fishing. This was an amazing thing because we were watching “The Goodies …. The Hunt for Arthur C Clarke” … It was a comedy show about Bigfoot and Arthur C Clarke. The Goodies decided that Arthur C Clarke didn’t exist. Its a reaction to Arthur C Clarkes fashionable and annoying skepticism on this TV show that Clarke used to have. Pretty hilarious even now I would have thought. But what was amazing was the news report directly after the commercials after the Goodies were finished.

    These uppity journalists had not wanted to let Bob Jones dissolve his political party and go fishing. So that they had gotten on a helicopter and followed Bob Jones into the wilderness. They filmed the whole thing. Swooping above Bob Jones in the helicopter and Bob Jones had run off into the bushes. It mirrored the Goodies show exactly. So they land the helicopter and then you see Bob Jones running out of the bushes towards them. Bob knocks the camera over and beats these journalists up. Broke the nose of one of these guys. It immediately cuts to the journalist with blood streaming down his face whining about having his nose broken.

    These stupid cunts. Think of it. You are out in the wilderness and some fuckwits fly a chopper over your head like its Vietnam. Sounds like as good away to get your lights punched out as any. Particularly as the best boxing commentator the world has ever seen could hide in the bushes and make an attack on these assholes at his leisure. Here is a fellow who had just altered the political history of New Zealand putting Rogernomics into the drivers seat. Did they really think they should be chasing him out into the wilderness? I don’t thinkso. Maybe if First Blood had come out a few years earlier they might have thought twice about it. They can thank their useless lives that Bob was a righteous man or they might never have seen civilisation again.


  10. Well what do you know? Its been about 33 years. And here is the footage of the incident I just described from memory. So you will have to be a bit forgiving about whether I have portrayed this part of New Zealand history accurately or not. I guess he wasn’t really in the wilderness. The video implies he’s pretty close to home. Other than that I think I got things pretty right:


  11. Here is a list from Wikipedia of Bob Jones books. True renaissance man. I wonder if I should have been given cortisol, it might have allowed me to make something of myself.

    The Permit (1984)
    Full Circle (2000)
    Ogg (2002)
    True Facts (2003)
    Degrees for Everyone (2004)
    Essay collections[edit]
    Wimp Walloping (1989)
    Prancing Pavonine Charlatans (1990)
    Punch Lines (1991)
    A Year of It (1992)
    Wowser Whacking (1993)
    Non fiction[edit]
    New Zealand’s Boxing Yearbook (1972 and 1973)
    Jones on Property (1977)
    New Zealand the Way I Want It (1978)
    Travelling (1980)
    Letters (1982)
    ’80s Letters (1990)
    Prosperity Denied (1996)
    Memories of Muldoon (1997)
    My Property World (2005)
    Jones on Management (2007)
    Fighting Talk: Boxing and the Modern Lexicon (2013)


  12. Somewhat faded copy of the movie Hard Boiled. But with English overdubbing. Useful if you are feeling lazy and just want an easy way to figure out what is going on. May detract from the exceptional charisma of Chow Yun Fat, and the exciting visual sense of director John Woo. When a better copy is available I tend to get obsessive about the opening sequence.


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