7 thoughts on “Should a Functioning Tax System Encourage Vertical Integration?

    1. Yeah great stuff. Thanks for that. If I have a few beers I almost never get past the first scene. Surely one of the greatest opening scenes in the entirety of movie history. Its like the first page and a half of blood meridian. One gets drunk and one can read it ten times as if it were the Rime Of The Ancient Mariner. The rest of the movie is poetic and lyrical …. which also means fucking slow. Nonetheless I have a soft spot in my heart for the movie. Because Billy, in this movie is like a crude proto-Georgist. He cannot handle these fuckers fencing off his land. The way we privatise land is just not good enough. A man needs to be able to ride his hoss, through land good land, in a curved path, from anywhere to anywhere else. In the modern context you ought to be able to drive your herd or ride your train bike anywhere. Cargo has to be taken other ways but we as respectable human beings ought never be fenced in like this.

      Now a farmer can still have his 200+ paddocks, his terraces and his banks …. but we ought never have had horizon to horizon fenced in land. This vision is completely compatible with ubiquitous high-rise.

      And we must not do that with the oceans either. Land ought to be intensively and 3 dimensionally used. But there ought to be a neutral zone around the privatised stuff. So Billy, crude that he is in this movie ………. my heart goes out to him.


    2. Oh netflix????

      They shortened it. In the original the opening scene has them blowing the heads off chickens. A whole bunch of them before Pat shows up. Peckinpah must have had the boys blow up to a dozen chicken heads off in slow motion before Pat surprises them from behind.

      They’ve completely fucked with one of the best scenes in movie history.

      Oh Netflix?

      Oh Netflix?

      Holy fuck they weren’t even mammals. And the heads were coming straight off which is about as humane as you can make it. Our obligation with our small-brained animal friends is to bring them up in an environment that respects their place in nature. Let the chicken be a chicken. Respecting the “pigness of the pig” (Salatin). And when we kill them do it quick. I would be happy reprising the REAL opening scene on my permaculture farm. Just so long as the lads can shoot straight and are willing to pluck the birds afterward.

      Oh Netflix.


    3. Yeah they’ve taken the guts out of it. But its still very very good. Look at the ashen face of Coburn when he says “Its not MY luck I’m worried about ….” Peckinpah would have to be my favourite director. Even a little bit moreso then De Palma.


    4. Fucking hows their form? After this brilliant initial scene they have a very solid number from the winner of the nobel prize for literature? I note also that metro-goldwyn-mayer is involved with this film. Which just goes to show that not everything the Jew does is wrong.

      How did Peckinpah get to be that cool? I’m sure he must have been a major influence on John Woo.


    5. This fellow sure had the British elite sorted. He had them completely sussed out for sure. Hey I’m descended from one of the brothers of Governor MacQuarie. Don’t you have a similar thing on the fly with this sage gentleman?


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