Just War Applications: Australias Only Prophet On World War One (From Youtube).

You would think the answer was obvious. The world wars were absolute disasters. A lot less money spent on revamping the navy could have kept the islands secure without losing blood. Good lord. Just got to the final vote. These British are horribly brainwashed. Give them any excuse for their past disasters and they’ll go with it.
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No Sir. If Imperial Germany had been allowed to control all of Europe (including the industrial areas of Russia) they would have built op a navy that would have crushed this island – it would not have been 1940, it would have been much worse than that. I AGREE with you that world wars are disasters – but I suggest that you put your complaint to Germany, which started both of them. For it was Germany that turned a Balkan War into a European and then World War in 1914 – Czar Nicholas and the French government certainly did not want war (the French military modernisation would not have been completed till 1916 – and the Russian one not till 1918, neither France or Russia was prepared for war in 1914). What was the German war aim in 1914? What areas were there inhabited by Germans that they did not already control? Indeed they already controlled large areas that did NOT want to be part of Germany – but they were not satisfied and wanted more. German “Geopolitics” (all the rage in the German universities in 1914) was not even satisfied with controlling Europe – it wanted much more than that.
What complete utter bullshit. Imperial Germany was less unethical than we were. So there aggrandisement was neither here nor there and may have been a positive thing. But any expansion on their part would mean that they were still surrounded by hostiles on all sides. Hence if they expanded beyond any realistically defensible realm they would have continually had their hands full.
This is why the latter career of Bismark was peaceful. He figured he had expanded enough to ensure the survival of Germany. When the three large powers came together and got all chummy then matters changed and Germany could thereafter do with a little more territory in order to be able to deal with the more nasty situation.
So opposing them they had the greatest Empire in the world with the best navy. At one flank they had the second best land army with France. Up above they had the biggest army in the world with Russia. If the three of these people get all cosy against Germany of course the Germans are going to want out of that situation. The active engagement of the Germans in the war, would have depleted them somewhat. So with Britain (then the greatest creditor nation on earth) instead of getting their hands bloody chose to run an arms buildup in response to the continental war …. Under that tactic the British could easily have protected herself, as the continental powers burned up all their men and energy.
Certainly I would not have been opposed to the British engaging in proxy war and the protection of other powers ports as a way of burning up the war energy of Germany. I wasn’t going that far. But the idea is to always try and send your boys home to Mama. Now consider your hypothetical? Is that as bad as what actually happened? The massive spread of Jew influence, the rise of the communist Soviet Union? Tens of millions of people murdered, that plague of communism spread to the most populous nation in the world, the second world war and on and on? Your alleged nightmare world sounds positively dreamy by comparison. We are talking about the worst policy decisions in human history. Your scenario, bad as it may well have been, is bliss in comparison to actual history.
This argument involves a bit of an ambit claim.  In reality I would not have opposed the idea of British soldiers being on the continent.  But if you have Germans on your soil its the responsibility of your boys to face them.  The Brits may train their guys as shock troops.  But to fulfil their commitments in this situation they would then have their shock troops usually doing logistical support rather than being at the sharp end of the spear.  Perhaps there needed to be an exception right at the start to really slow down the German onslaught through Belgium and into France.
A good culturally Christian leader has to send his boys home intact in almost every situation.  This is good strategically since it leaves your men whole.  If your men aren’t locked into the field you can negotiate better, since you still have resources in reserve.  The Germans made all these huge ambit claims that are now used as a justification for fighting them to a standstill.  Taking a more ethical approach to warfare could have left the Brits in a position to negotiate a lot of these demands away, still leaving a slightly aggrandised Germany, which probably would have been a good thing because lets face it Germans were pretty damn awesome.

6 thoughts on “Just War Applications: Australias Only Prophet On World War One (From Youtube).

    1. Yes I agree. I couldn’t be more happy with him. All is forgiven. I want to look for opportunities to first read his book and then tell everyone what a fine chap he is. Resisting subversion is even more primary than defence right now. Since if folks can subvert you they are effectively controlling your defence investment.


    2. If you get a chance tell him that all is forgiven and he’s fucking righteous and in my Australian heroes book now. He’s the first fellow really to stand up and stick his neck out. With the global warming bullshit he was taking the soft path. Don’t get me wrong. I, following one of my heroes, am a realist so I like Beijing. Why not? That they are addicted to murder by organ theft doesn’t mean I have to be unrealistic about our good good Chinese friends. But we must be sovereign. We must make policy locally. And for someone from the left to come out and ring the alarm bell ….. Well what can you say but “Bravo …”


    1. Notice because of the extreme credibility of Lee Kwan Yew that has rubbed off onto the Singaporeans. So both parties could have a good meeting in Singapore. Both nuclearised juvenile fat boys could sit down and nut out an adult agreement in total confidence of their hosts. They didn’t even have to worry that much about security because when we are talking about Singapore we are talking about a class act.


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