Hiroshima/Nagasaki. The Last Calf Sacrificed Before Milking: Human Sacrifice Only.

On a superficial level, as the video I will showcase admits ….. It did seem that the mindless human sacrifice of women and children, that the two nuclear bombings represented, did end the war.  The narrative is so clear, and the timing seems so right.  One problem is that people don’t realise that it was human sacrifice that was the main point of the war.  It wasn’t even really a war.  It was Jew human sacrifice PRETENDING to be war.  And with enough time and research you can prove this to your self.

Remember my story about the rabbi murdering calves? And the last calf he murdered happened just before the cows got milked?  But what if you found out he had murdered 67 calves prior to the calf that just got murdered before the milking was started?  Would it THEN be so obvious that the last calf murder is what made the milking of the cows possible?  See the rabbi has a good story if you forget about the 67 other calf murders and only rely on that one that happened just prior to the milking.

This is actually a very good analogy, as opposed to most of the last thread where it was only a good analogy at a single point of it.  You see if you negotiate properly, from a position of strength and with good intentions, suddenly you find out that you can do a deal.  The cows want to release pressure from their tits, which are growing progressively more uncomfortable.  The farmer wants their milk.

At this point we can clear up the mystery of mad cow disease.  I think you girls will know what I am talking about.  Supposing a man washed your tits then sucked them twice a day,  but only gave you a fuck once a year?  Don’t you think you would be a mad cow as well?

Before the bombs were dropped we wanted our prisoners back.   We wanted the Japanese, for the most part, back within their territory.  The Japanese wanted lots of oil and lots of food, an honourable resolution, and their women not to be raped by Stalins hordes.

The colonial British had food. (The English themselves were desperately hungry.) The Americans had food and oil and the capacity to transport both to the Japanese.  The Japanese wanted safe transport of over a million of their soldiers home, should they agree to stop fighting.  Supposing  you stop fucking killing their girls and do a deal? Might not a deal get done? If you could not cut a deal under that situation you aren’t going to be able to organise a whore-house for long-haul truck drivers.

The white Devil was allied to the Japanese.  Suddenly we end the alliance for no sane reason, we start demonising and persecuting them, and then when they retaliate a little bit, instead of retaliating back in some slightly scaled up way, we start acting like we are going to destroy every last one of them??? Surely after all this time we can admit that the white devils behaviour was insane??

So supposing you suddenly want to give them many things they want, not dishonour them, and stop killing their kids …… Don’t you imagine you can get some things you want in return? You would have to be a pretty useless negotiating team if you could not get EVERYTHING YOU REALLY NEED under these idyllic negotiating circumstances.

I think that the knowledge that the Americans had nuclear weapons DID play a part in helping win the war.  But in context we will show that the murder of all those women and children, with the use of these weapons, had absolutely no part to play in ending the war, and that its actually quite irrational to suggest so.

We must try to be like Aquinas and make these fine distinctions …. The CAPACITY to use nuclear weapons in war ……… HELPFUL.   The use of nuclear weapons in the two acts of human sacrifice …. completely irrelevant.  As irrelevant as our rabbi beating that last Frisian calf to death, after sacrificing 67 others quite similar to her.

At this point we will digress for the purpose of describing a general model as to how you win a war.  What winning means.  How you know when you have won and so forth.  To win a war or to even know whether you should be fighting you need to know what peace looks like.  What is an acceptable peace for your citizens.  This can be hard to explain in the context of World War II since both Germany and Japan had always wanted to be friends with us!!!!! They didn’t want to hurt anyone in any of the allied countries.  They had no claims on the United States, or the countries of the British Empire, so its obvious that the war was the doing of our elites.   But if you allow the known details of the second world war to invade your mind while I am explaining how to win A REAL WAR then you will never ‘get it’…  Because the war against Germany and Japan amounted to mindless violence on our part.

So lets forget World War II for the moment and try and understand what honest war is all about.  Supposing its about



21 thoughts on “Hiroshima/Nagasaki. The Last Calf Sacrificed Before Milking: Human Sacrifice Only.

  1. There is a lot of subjects I know enough to know who to listen to. Davidson is so ignorant of economics he didn’t know that he should be listening carefully to Gerard Jackson. Pig-ignorant indeed. Rear Admiral Dr Chris Parry is someone to listen to. He fought in the Falklands war. Notice that Margaret finished that job quick smart since she didn’t waste even one bullet or one bomb attempting to make human sacrifices of small children in Buenos Aires, as those fuckwit Jews at Catallaxy demand.


  2. There is some doubt that the Chinese are on the verge of demographic collapse as opposed to with the Japanese where their demographic collapse is assured. The doubt comes as a result of the theory that there may be 100’s of millions of unregistered people whose parents weren’t able to stay within the one child provisions. If the latter scenario is true then their birth rate could be as high as 2.3 rather than as low as maybe 1.3 or something. My figures are all out of date anyway and I’ll have to find updated calculations. But the demographic situation made strategy clear. All we have to do is contain China until her collapse is well underway. China will be a truly awesome country when it has recovered from its collapse if we can all avoid a war VIA MILITARY INVESTMENT prior to that. It has to be military investment and not war. Its got to be an arms race.

    To have peace, India, the US, Japan (now look at the map) the Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, South Korea, Australia and Indonesia … ought to be geared up to a state of readiness until the middle of the century. We all ought to be net exporters (via money, banking and fiscal measures and not through tariffs) and we ought to be incredibly tight with each-other. Even when you go on holidays you ought to act like you are a professional ambassador. Thats how important this matter is.

    Now you can see pretty clearly that not all of these countries have the wherewithal for an arms buildup. We really want such countries to be host to a Japanese/Korean/Taiwanese/Australian defence in depth policy. We have to convince everyone that Japan is going to become a sparsely populated country soon and do not represent the threat that they were during the 40’s. Plus that most of that threat was our doing in the first place.

    The saviour said we were to love our enemies. The only real enemies we have in China is those people who are engaged in the murder by organ stealing industry. Its hard to know how powerfully the Jews and oligarchs have their hooks into the Chinese communist party. The elite Jews and oligarchs really ARE our enemy as opposed to the great bulk of Chinese. Now these countries must also have a program of reversing subversion. All in the context of keeping friendly relations with the communists.

    It could be that we agree to give China most of what she wants at the end of this period. To reward her for staying patient for a few more decades. That ought to be on the table.

    All this ought to have been very obvious and many people think like this. What gets in the way is this idea of “Fuck these slant eyes we’ve got the bomb. We will turn this whole fucking place into an American car park”

    Nuclear weapons are crucial to the containment of China since they will prevent a massing of her navies. But this absolute idiocy that we solve our problems with human sacrifice is what has been fucking us up every since World War I.


  3. Just think what awesome places China and Japan will be when they are super-rich, educated, but with much more moderate populations? This is a terrific vision. We need to get our act together so that this is the end product. We need to push the species forward. Bringing the species forward was horrifically damaged by the destruction of our leading people, the Germans. What a disaster that was. Every one of us is missing out because of this catastrophe.

    Its not a tragedy that the Han Chinese population is going to drop rapidly below the one billion mark. 400 million Han Chinese is still a very respectable population. What would be a catastrophe is if they were totally degraded and irradiated. And their rightful destiny as a super-rich high-achieving, but not as populated country is buggered. So for their own sake we have to contain them for the next few decades. Not with threats of human sacrifice but with getting our act together.

    In this context think of the terrible terrible misallocation of resources the Jews have foisted upon us with 9/11 and all their other acts of false flag terrorism.


  4. The solution to the demographic problem.

    Its to their interest and ours that our good good Chinese friends bring down the price of this stuff at least an order of magnitude. We also need permaculture food and deuterium depleted beer and water at very low prices. I’m looking at you China. Lets get this new export industry pumped up. Its got to be cheap for your own people and the best way to do this is to plan to make a fortune making it cheap for us.


  5. World Record 1500m swimmer doing an almost “catch-up” technique with his free-style. My generation was taught that this was a stroke defect and I personally had to work hard to get it out of my free-style. But we can see here with this fellow Sun that its part of a triumph of stream-lining. The pace these guys go at didn’t rule out a short fellow doing quite well in the 60’s. But its kind of out of the question now since the short male body just isn’t aero-dynamic at these exalted speeds.


  6. I don’t know about his first two myths, since allied materiel aid to the Soviets is what really won that horrific and evil war. Murdering civilians was an entirely negative technique since it diverted resources away from the real war effort. Giving aid to the Soviets was a bad idea. But it did defeat the Germans since it meant that millions of Soviet soldiers could be equipped to meet the Germans.

    This fellow does however explain the myth of the dropping of the nuclear bombs as being a cause of the end of the war. Like many superficially plausible ideas it doesn’t hold water. But the knowledge that the Americans had these bombs may have had some influence since you cannot do much at sea when the opposition has nukes.


  7. Spreading realistic physics by abusing one innocent bystander at a time:

    GMBCATASTROPHE4 days ago
    Not exactly following the scientific method. Kaku might have to admit to himself that he’s not that bright.

    Nordburg3 days ago
    Yes, if you are not using the scientific method in a live call-in radio show, you can’t be trusted… :)

    GMBCATASTROPHE3 days ago
    Fair comment. But you would think he could have sorted out this issue in his spare time. I guess that would be the end of his media career if he came out on the right side of this one.

    Nordburg3 days ago
    Well, he’s not emotionally invested. He’s not going down that path. Why would he?

    GMBCATASTROPHE3 days ago
    Yes I guess you are right. I would be happy if the kids somehow didn’t get sucked into using these mainstreamers as some sort of authority.

    Nordburg3 days ago
    Well I think his Physics are pretty good. But as he has F-all to do with NASA or any space program, I can’t see why anyone would ask him about it, none the less feel he was an authority on the topic. If you simplify the world to us against them, you end up support the guy who opens with “I might be one of those kooks”.

    GMBCATASTROPHE3 days ago
    No his physics is rubbish. Physics and cosmology has been pseudo-science ever since a bunch of Jews decided to outlaw the aether. But even in that case he would have to stick his neck out to tell the truth.

    Nordburg3 days ago
    Yea and then they made those fake nuclear weapons… Imagine the aether bombs we could have if it wasn’t for those jews…

    GMBCATASTROPHE3 days ago
    Jew science had nothing to do with nuclear weapons. The power within the nucleus was evident from the time of the Curies. We didn’t need those inbred troglodytes to teach us about proton-repulsion and neutrons.

    Nordburg2 days ago
    OK, make one.

    GMBCATASTROPHE2 days ago
    It requires precision engineering not voodoo physics. The key is precise implosion to get a compression effect.

    Nordburg1 day ago
    Don’t tell me, show me.

    Now you are just being silly. That would take an whole team of engineers and experts. Its just doesn’t take Jew physics thats all.

    Nordburg1 day ago
    engineers and experts well versed in…. physics.

    No there is no need for fucking irrational junk physics in this story. You need to know about the chain reaction of 1 then 3 then 9 neutrons being produced. You need to know about proton repulsion. You need to go down the road of implosion, and you need to be able to create precision. You don’t need to have idiots talking about space bending or time stretching.

    Nordburg16 hours ago
    Ah so Physics but not Astro-physics. Got it.

    GMBCATASTROPHE13 hours ago
    What the fuck are you talking about dopey? All Jew physics is nonsense. But we have good evidence for neutrons, protons and electrons.

    Tex Mex12 minutes ago
    Please go easy on the foul language. I just can’t take it from a shit head like you. Who is we in the “we have good evidence for neutrons, protons and electrons.”?

    GMBCATASTROPHE7 minutes ago
    Look dummy. We have no evidence now, nor did we ever have evidence for space bending, the non-existence of the aether (that is to say the aethers existence was proven then and still remains that way), for the idea that gravity isn’t a force, for a gravitational singularity, for time dilation, for cosmological inflation, for the big bang and so forth.

    All of these are examples of powerfully idiotic Jew voodoo forced on the community by intimidation tactics. But the idea of the proton, the neutron and the electron was always very solid. The presumed existence of the electron, proton and neutron, are not part of the Jew force-feeding.
    Read more

    Tex Mex1 minute ago
    I’ll try penis breath, but you are not really making a case for your position. You keep referring to we, but I don’t think you are involved in any sort of research. If you have some aether, please send a photo, I’d love to see it. 😂

    GMBCATASTROPHE2 seconds ago
    Tell me about your theory of waves where nothing is waving dopey? You do know that light travels in waves right? You could warm up with other nonsense like one hand clapping. This is how the Jew coterie took over physics. They simply demanded the impossible. That you could have waves with nothing waving. All science fraud is descended from this cynical takeover technique by people who would use the same sort of dirty tricks to take over a cities meat-packing industry. While these horrible little men were pulling this nonsense off their cousins were about to start murdering people in the millions in the Soviet Union. Not a very nice bunch of people.

    Tex Mex2 hours ago
    My theory of waves??? I don’t have a personal one. You know how they say there are no stupid questions, just stupid people asking them?

    GMBCATASTROPHE4 minutes ago

    The point is that the existence of the aether is totally proven by the wave nature of light. Nothing has ever come out in the data to contradict this reality and nothing ever will. The idea that Michelson Morely disproved the existence of the aether is a mere mantra and a logic fail. Everything you see is evidence for the aether or you would not see it.

    Only geocentrists thought that the aether could be fixed. I am talking about people who thought that the earth stood stock still and everything moved around the earth. Everyone else at the time had to understand that the aether had to be entrained by moving gravitational bodies, or visual images would be incoherent. But the entrainment is not total.

    Tex Mex1 day ago (edited)
    aether sounds great, but I am not into that theoretical stuff. Show me or blow me.

    I just showed you already you dopey bastard. There is no such thing as waves without anything to wave. So before the campaign, and as wikipedia points out, the existence of the aether was simply assumed by all parties. As it should be today. This is not the place for cruising and I am not the person. But isn’t it funny? You started off as accusing me of being the dirty home, but it turned out to be you.

    Tex Mex1 day ago
    You showed me both Jack and Shit. But you pseudo scientists making up invisible undetectable horse shit are just looking for a paycheck.


    No what I showed you was TOTAL PROOF. The proof is total, unless and until you can come up with a wave where nothing waves. Waving nothing but still there are waves in your fantasy. Are you a Jew? Jews don’t do logic and I don’t want to be caught trying to teach logic to an inbred troglodyte.

    Tex Mex17 hours ago

    Once again, you have proven some made up in your head claim is false. Great, your science is as perfect as your grammar.

    GMBCATASTROPHE17 hours ago

    You fucking low IQ cunt. Come up with the goods. Tell me about your wave where nothing is waving. You may have to realise and come clean with yourself that you are not that bright.

    Tex Mex16 hours ago
    You’ve got to stop devastating me with your terrible insults. I just can’t take it anymore. 😂

    GMBCATASTROPHE16 hours ago

    Supposing you have a really low-IQ cunt like yourself clapping? With two hands. But if nothing is clapping is there any clapping going on? No hands or anything else clapping? The Jew tries and tells you that there are waves of nothing. Nothing waving but still there are waves. You believe the Jew because you are a dumb cunt. Whereas anyone ought to see its just rabbis selling donut holes to the children.

    Nordburg15 hours ago

    What are the measurable properties of aether, density for example?

    GMBCATASTROPHE14 hours ago

    The aether CREATES mass since it joins every atom with every other. So its a bit difficult to discuss its mass or density. The properties of aether can be inferred by the properties of light. But there has been an 100 year plus defacto ban on aether research.


  8. Who had the sharpest mind in American 30 years ago? My vote would be Angelo Codevilla. Surely if you had known him in his 40’s and 50’s you would have been in the presence of pure genius. You would expect almost a halo of light around his skull. He is one of my main gurus.
    But some of his interim commentary seems to have been a bit substandard. (Like much of my recent commentary no doubt because I stopped reading the papers. I often don’t even know what day it is.) And he still seems to be zionist and taken in by the Jew menace.

    I have a theory about this, which I will go into in some great detail. But it does not seem that its because his brain is failing him. I used to get about on the net talking to the bigshots under a variety of identities. Before I got sick I used to talk to a lot of people and when no-one knew who Spengler (David Goldman) really was, Spengler told me personally that Angelo was very sick. Spengler told me this in a context of a sort of competition he was running to figure out his real identity. Spengler is an evil genius basically. But really he was a genius so I kept on offering geniuses as his potential real identities.

    My second guess was Codevilla. My first guess he had said ….. “GMB that is powerful flattery…” But with Codevilla his reverence was so great that Spengler became very worried. He was worried that since Codevilla was very sick he didn’t want to upset Codevilla by way of mistaken identity…. My third guess was even more flattering if anything. I suggested he was Lee Kwan Yew doing some gig in his dotage. Spengler went totally silent on that one. Probably the riddle-master just felt it better to bask in the glow of the best flattery that had ever been put together in human history. But he had deserved such flattery because he had fooled me and his analysis was just extremely striking. He urged me to read all of Codevillas books and I ordered a couple of them and they were amazing.

    Anyway it seems to be the case that Codevilla, sometime after he got well, reverted to his Italian peasant roots and started running a small farm in California. I want to be like him. If only in my old age I can have my own farm.

    It appears that though he is in his mid-70’s he works demonically on this farm. Like nothing he can expect from US citizens that he might employ. A farm workaholic.

    I had begun to think he was a traitor because he had not repudiated his zionism or identified that the terrorism was all false flag terrorism. But now because I can see that he has been pre-occupied, I can see that its quite credible that he hasn’t gotten wise to the Jews yet.

    So Spengler is the evil genius and you should listen to him any time you can. Every word that comes out of Spenglers mouth is worth listening too just so long as you remember that he is an outrageous Jew partisan.

    And Codevilla is the good genius and you ought to listen to him so long as he is not discussing current affairs. This was the same with Murray Rothbard. He was fantastic on history but so buried in scholarship that his current affairs wasn’t always top notch. Codevilla is a good genius WHO OFTEN ADVOCATES OUTRAGEOUS SLAUGHTER TO BRING ABOUT PEACE … but never the human sacrifice of massed civilians. Codevillas vision is the ultimate vision of realism as applied to the problem of peace. And that often means slaughter of regime leadership.

    Here is Codevilla back on top. I am proud to present him at his best on subjects that his earlier scholarship still keeps him relevant with.



  9. I don’t believe that Codevilla is up to date with the current Ukraine government as being the product of a takeover using terrorism. So you ought to ignore that part of it. Its his general principles and his overall vision that we are interested in here.


  10. Note in this interview, that Angelo, despite his genius, like most of us has been fully taken in by the Jews. I can see if he’s too old to take up relentless internet surfing he would not be able to get out of the alternative universe these people have set up.

    Here is the rather pleasing former pop star Toyah Wilcox. Toyah was a friend of Jill Dando and is one of the few people on the planet who found out why she was murdered, but she isn’t letting on. Actually Jill was murdered because as a crime watch television presenter she found out that MI5 was allowing a nail bomber to run amok. Perhaps even that the nail bomber was an agent. A lot of killings (eg Ennis Cosby) were indirectly related to the upcoming 9/11 terrorist attack. Jills murder was one of these. The persecution of Cosby and this ridiculous collection of stupid women lying about him are just follow through for the Ennis murder. A murder carried out by Jews from several different countries. I talked to Bill about this. He was writing on youtube exclusively in capitals. I asked why he was shouting at me because I agreed with everything he was saying. No need to shout. I agree with you entirely I said. He said he had to write in capitals because he had Glaucoma and he couldn’t otherwise see what he was typing. It was only then I realised I had been talking to the great man himself.


  11. Complete scandal. Taiwan has been asking to buy a whole lot of weapons and the Americans have not been selling them the right gear. People should hang for this treason. Taiwan needs these weapons to maintain the armistice as long as possible. If necessary nuclear missiles could be part of this, if we have military and regime leadership targets with fairly low civilian casualties expected then thats a good reason to put nukes into Taiwan, though I cannot conjure such targets from my own head. But where are the drone submarines carrying nukes? The torpedoes carrying nukes? Taiwan needs to be able to lease this gear for 30 years. Because water is a great shock absorber and if the Chinese try an Inchon (Douglas MacArthur) style landing or even half a dozen vessels close together, they need to be nuked. Nuking gathered vessels at sea, or indeed one very large and very dangerous vessel, is perfectly in line with just war doctrine. By God Taiwan needs to be fair bristling with short-range nukes and particularly nuclear torpedoes. We’ve got to beef up our uranium mining to help them out on this score.

    And I say this even though I would be perfectly willing to cut a deal where Taiwan was sold down river after the Chinese demographic collapse. But we must resist China having Taiwan when China is too strong.

    Its not the nukes its how you use them. There should be enough low-casualty military/regime leadership targets available that we can never get enough nukes for. No need to destroy dams and drown everyone, even if that is militarily effective, because there will be plenty of other regime leadership and more exclusively military targets.

    Japan is about to collapse demographically. So its really about time they should be able to lease some nukes also.


  12. Hitler had that weird little moustache to direct the attention away from his Jewish looking features. He destroyed his birth records and turned the town of his birth into a firing range so as not to let out that he was a demi-Jew. No doctor was allowed to see him naked, otherwise they would pick up if he were circumcised.

    Stalin also destroyed his birth records. Exactly the same and some people think they were both from the bastard wing of the Rothschild family. Actually with Hitler thats very clear. About an 80% certainty that his fathers mothers father was a Rothschild. Stalins origins are a bit harder to fathom but he is of Jewish extraction and one thing they did was to ban any pictures of him in profile. You weren’t allowed to take a profile photo of him. Photos of him in profile were exceptionally hard to get hold of but now we have the internet and of course you can get one at the touch of a button. The reality is he banned people photographing him in profile because it gives away his Jew nose.


  13. It wasn’t that long ago that I invented a new form of warfare against the oligarchy using twitter. I told David Rockefeller to die on his twitter account. I said “Die you old cunt. Why won’t you fucking die” and he was dead within 48 hours. I was about to obliterate Henry Kissinger when I was banned from twitter for life and not for the last time. I had started following all these heads of state and not all of them had busy twitter accounts which made me like a kind of unofficial cabinet minister. Obviously this cannot last. Twitter could not have grown or survived if it gave individuals that kind of reach. But it was kind of neat while it lasted. Of course I talked to the President every day giving him advice. But replies to Trump are so numerous his people would not have even noticed one of mine.

    Anyway here is David Rockefeller. Look at the ludicrous Jew-Hittite nose he had in his youth? Fairly symmetrical but extra-long. Old man John D Rockefeller was held to be a Southern Baptist. But had he not had some sort of Jew roots he wouldn’t have received all that financing, to become a kind of new world Rothschild lieutenant. At least the old guy was a skilled businessman and research and development pioneer. You would have to say that in the early years of his business he actually did quite a bit of good. But he later became the most satanic figure in American history … buggering the entire medical industry for example. David attended a Jewish seminary. Its very doubtful that he was substantially genetically Jewish, though I don’t know one way or the other. But when you become a dynastic family, even if you are not genetically Jewish you still seem to retain these Sabattean-Frankist ethics. David has young Jewish great grandchildren or grand-children I think. You have to watch out with these oligarchs. They can be your father, your grandfather and your great-grandfather all at once. A bit like Chinatown the Polanski movie.



  14. Audiovisual argument for two propositions

    1. There was never any valid excuses for the Americans to incinerate Asian girls.
    2. We need to invest to contain China and not let her have Taiwan until after her demographic collapse.


  15. One of the Catallaxy loony toons has suggested that in wartime if she were Japanese and her mother was knitting woollen mittens for a soldier, then this girl would have been fair game to blast to pieces or turn into burning meat. Just under the SUSPICION that her mother might have been doing some knitting. Not that any Japanese would have been able to get hold of much wool at the time. Jews are fucking crazy savages. Just go back and read that catallaxy thread. They lose the argument year after year but their attachment to human sacrifice is unshakeable.

    Same girl a little bit older. Looking really bitchin.


  16. Imagine if Obama really were a closet Muslim black man, who didn’t veto a resolution condemning Israel? Imagine him under that situation? Why would he want to go and talk in front of a congregation of Jews? What would be his next gig? Go and talk in front of the KKK?

    I have been saying for a very long time that Obama was a Jew, pretending to be a Muslim, pretending to be a Christian. He was a crypto-Jew all along and all this manufactured evidence that he was a Muslim was for the purpose of putting a Jew traitor in the White House. This is how Jew infiltration works. Obama was at war with the US and he was winning. Except for the last 3 years or so when he tended to act more or less like a normal human being.



  17. There is some airhead on twitter called Eleanor Robertson. Does she really think that cow evolution is so messed up that the cow poo is in great danger of mixing with the milk all the time? How would the little calf survive under that circumstance? Yes it can happen but the idea is to hose and then wipe the teats before applying the cup. And the reflexive pro-Vaccine point of view shows she doesn’t know the difference between mantras and evidence. Pro-vaccine types have a very crude view of human immunology.

    Someone go and talk to this airhead. Raw milk is the only milk anyone ought to be drinking. But I drink much more than I ought to. I think the hormonal content is very questionable. But homogenised milk is rubbish. Raw milk is either a good thing or at least less bad.

    Oh right she has got hold of some bullshit propaganda piece from the CDC pretending to be science. Thats extremely effective when these captured bureaucracies tell lies like this. “Its science” they say when its really just some assholes lying. Check the link and check the rubbish. The CDC is trying to “polish a turd”… They don’t have even one convincing confirmed case study but in a situation of no real familiarity with the raw data they are trying to apply advanced statistical techniques. Statistics don’t lie, people do. Statistics don’t lie but the CDC’s word is no good.


  18. Look at this. We have PROOF that the fascists couldn’t make the link between the raw milk and the e coli infection that two children got:


    In the article its very clear that they are blaming the raw milk but they have no evidence. Its a simple accusation. Its only evidence insofar as the kids had that dietary change only two months ago. But the article makes it clear that they tried and could not make the link. Because they accused the raw milk operation and closed it down. But they had to let it start up again. Which shows they had nothing. The raw milk producer had no case to answer.

    When you read anything like that you have to be able to separate sentiment from fact.


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