False Accusations Against Raw Milk Endanger The Public: Case Study Schiding Family

“Jordan and Stephanie Schiding wanted to give their children every health advantage.

That’s the reason the Schidings, two months ago, signed up for a local cow-share program after they read about the health benefits of unpasteurized milk.”

So far so good.  If kids are going to drink any kind of milk it must be raw milk.  However there are hormonal problems with any cows milk since it is geared up for the little calf to gain weight at a rate that would be alarming for a human.  A fat person ought to check if his addiction to milk might be part of the cause. 

“Instead, 18-month-old Genevieve and 3-year-old Anthony contracted an illness caused by E. coli bacteria and ended up with kidney failure in the pediatric intensive care unit at East Tennessee Children’s Hospital — two of 12 local children hospitalized with E. coli since the end of May.”

As we will find out this is shorthand for what really happened. Which is okay.  But what fact do we take out of this? The fact is that the kids got an e-coli infection.  E-coli is everywhere so its excess E-coli we test for.  And we test we will find it if its there.  So for example we can always track down the specific lettuce outbreak of e-coli if we investigate.  Investigate means not assuming that you already know where the excess e-coli is.  You have to find it out.  If you are in a cow share program you know exactly where to go to test for the e-coli, if you thought that it was that farm that was to blame. 

“Knox County Health Department staff told the Schidings the E. coli infection was likely linked to the consumption of raw milk from French Broad Farm.”

Why did they tell them that? Why? They fucking practicing the gift of second sight? Did they go out there and do the test? No they fucking didn’t.  Did they send for any remaining milk at home so that it could be tested? No they fucking didn’t.

 By pretending they had the gift of second site, bullshitting the parents WITHOUT making the tests, they put the kids in deadly peril.  If it was the milk then why had the alert not gone out? You don’t keep milk more than a week.  They should have been able to test the unfinished milk in the bottles of milk back home.  If not with these kids, then with one of the others that were infected in this outbreak.  So what happens when you accuse one source without testing?   What happens is that the real source of the infection is STILL AT LARGE. 

“On Thursday, the health department lifted its directive that requested French Broad Farm temporarily cease operations. But health department Director Dr. Martha Buchanan reiterated that consuming raw milk is always risky and health officials recommend the public consume only pasteurized milk and dairy products.”

So this evil fucking bitch doesn’t find the real source of the outbreak, which could have been lettuce, could have been anything raw.  She closes them down, she doesn’t find anything, but she slurs them anyway.  Yet worse then that she didn’t find the actual source of the outbreak so THAT SOURCE REMAINED AT LARGE. 

“Jordan Schiding said he and his wife knew there was “potential” for food poisoning from unpasteurized milk, which both adults drank with seemingly no serious effects, but “we were definitely not aware that anything like this was remotely possible.”

Well of course its possible.  The farmer could get lazy and not test batches for e-coli and tuberculosis frequently enough.  A casual worker could be late for a hot date and stop washing the cows teat and wiping them with an iodine solution.  Its not likely though because the farmers selling raw milk are so much under the gun.  And its very clear that it didn’t happen in this case.  Which meant the real cause of the outbreak was STILL AT LARGE.  Notice that the parents drank the milk and they didn’t get sick.  So we have both positive and negative evidence that it wasn’t the milk.  It was something else they ought to have been looking for. 

“Schiding said the family brought Genevieve to the emergency room at Children’s Hospital May 31 after she became seriously dehydrated with diarrhea and vomiting. As she was being admitted, Anthony also began vomiting.

The hospital rehydrated the children and discharged them a few hours later. Schiding believes they were among the first children related to the current cluster of E. coli cases to come to Children’s Hospital.”

Well that is great.  But if these clowns simply accuse the raw milk farmer and don’t find out scientifically what the real source was they put the kids in danger and sure enough……

“Two days later, after both children continued to get sicker, the Schidings brought them back to the hospital. This time, hospital staff took a stool sample from Genevieve, which tested positive for E. coli, and then from Anthony, who also tested positive. Both children were admitted, and Knox County Health Department contacted the couple the next day, he said.”

So they go to the hospital one time then they go back home without the authorities bothering to find out the real culprits and the kids are re-hospitalised again and this time almost fucking die.  This is a scandal.  Its a sudden outbreak and not all the kids had raw milk.  They say “most” of them did, but at this point we see the article has become so biased and unscientific that this should really be taken as a guilty confession that not all the kids had any of this milk, and so the e-coli outbreak was from another source. 

The statistical possibility that this sudden outbreak could be from the milk, and not all the kids drink the milk is not real likely.  It requires such a coincidence in timing and location that we could almost rule it out in the first instance.  But since the raw milk place was then suspended but reopened we must conclude that it was tested and it was clean.  So we have the convergent evidence that it wasn’t the milk.  Because they admit that some kids got the e-coli without taking the milk. The parents took the milk and did not get sick.  In fact probably all of the kids except for the Schiding family didn’t drink the milk or these people would have named names with such a thin case as theirs.  So it wasn’t the milk.   But they fucked up so badly they could scarcely go and find out what the real cause was. 

Knox county I know its only science but I like it.  Try science you fucking cunts.  It won’t kill you.  But if you don’t try science next time you could kill a bunch of kids. 


37 thoughts on “False Accusations Against Raw Milk Endanger The Public: Case Study Schiding Family

  1. Terry Boardman identifies and names names who in the British bureaucracy started the campaign to destroy Germany. Terry compares it to the Roman Senator (Cato The Elder) who finished each meeting by saying “I Vote We Destroy Carthage.” or something similar. The British elite locked in this mindless goal. The Germans tried to make friends with them. The naval race was a plan to “force” the Brits to make pals with their natural allies the Germans. But the plan to destroy the Germans was set in stone amongst the British elite.


  2. What would have happened if 1885 onward the British would have instead focused on banking reform to funnel all loanable funds, to wealth creation by sole traders, and at low interest? If their productive power was stronger you can get rich enough to stockpile more ordnance, build more high-calibre artillery and be in the position, when the trenches get built, to put in more pill-boxes. You have more capacity. But since there isn’t a conspiracy to create a catastrophe its more likely that Germany would get in a short war with one or the other of France or Russia but not both at the same time. That means if any two of these guys fight they wear each other down. But if you concentrate on your own wealth creating power you can get so strong so no-one wants to attack you.

    In Australias case we need to get so strong that if we have allies we aren’t forced to have our guys fight near to the danger zone. We have so many capacities that we can help out in all sorts of low risk ways. So we need to get our money and banking right in order to avoid a catastrophe.


  3. Our aid to Papua New Guinea puts us in the position of our bigshots being able to treat them as if they were a colony. And so Downer or any of our elites could menace these Papuans. Even if you are in that sort of position you don’t have to rub their noses in it. You should talk to your counterparts with friendship, respect, finesse and persuasion. These talks are business sessions and ought to be very well planned. But they need not be tense or unpleasant.

    Not long after Mahatir retired the last time, he shows up in Papua and he winds up on some Aussie TV show that I happened to be watching. It was a show about friction between our guys and the Papuan leaders.

    Sir Michael Somare. Thrice Prime Minister of Papua. Competent diplomacy from Australians, and normal human decency, would have such a distinguished fellow treated with great respect and warmth by our representatives.

    Anyhow Sir Michael Somare had just been visited by these Australlan clods putting him through the ringer. The show wasn’t supposed to be anything to do with Mahatir, he just happened to be in the room with Sir Michael when the cameras were rolling.

    Mahatir starts effortlessly using Christian theology to make Sir Michael feel good and to ridicule the Australian bully-boys with the Australian journalists and film crew as the audience. Completely masterful and laid back performance. You can see how Mahatir had that capacity to keep such a diverse country together and moving forward. They sure need him now. They have been infiltrated by these evil new world order elites, to such an extent that two false flags involving their signature airline, have been perpetrated on their people. The hooks are in deep, and one hopes he has the energy to sort things out.


  4. Excellent news from the NSW government. This is a genuine emergency and they are providing free education for people who want to become tradies. Now such a scheme ought not be a forever thing. So we could see it as a necessary stop-gap measure. I would want the Feds to come over the top with a John Hewson style labour market plan for training people for technical employment skills.

    The man with the plan

    Its a good thing to strengthen the unions somewhat so long as we adopt an updated version of his labour market strategy.

    John Hewsons labour market plan was like the systems they have for upskilling workers that prevail in the afterlife. The problem at the time was that it would have undermined union power somewhat. The unions no longer have much power in a post Peter Reith scenario. So a deal is possible. We should talk to the unions and offer to make them stronger again, specifically for multinational companies, just so long as they are willing and able top tolerate, sell, facilitate and keep honest an updated version of this Fightback labour market innovation. We want to combine this with my idea about registered dependents and pooling tax free thresholds to make this system marriage and household friendly.

    John Hewsons system was inspired, since it would allow a young person to plan his career and the accumulation of skills. But we need to beef it up so that poor people can pool resources and take turns using this system as part of a focus on household economics. More about the difficulties of poor people becoming skilled at work later. And an in-depth look at how Hewsons plan was about the only thing that could overcome all that.


  5. An old superhero. Cooler than Fonzie could dream about.

    Asian Tom Bombadil come back to the world, to turn Malaysia around, steer her towards the path of righteousness, and redeem his former protege. Mahatirs successor-to-be, had given into proclivities that a man in power ought not surrender to. But then as Mahatir said in the presence of Sir Michael Somare “We are all sinners. No one of us is perfect ….” The world keeps turning and it now falls to Anwar Ibrahim, to bring Malaysia back under the rule and umbrella of house of peace; Dar Es Salaam (In this context not a city in Tanzania.) Anwar has been called.

    Where parties who are equal in station are concerned, there are some activities that the law ought to often turn a blind eye towards. But this is not the case wherein one party is to be the Kings first minister.

    Anyone can see that the punishment was way too severe for the crimes, Anwar has done his time and we need him now. Note that other people involved in the crimes (to us in Australia, mere symptoms of a mild developmental disorder) were not harassed or prosecuted, and nor were they expected to be.

    Anwar Ibriham must save his country from perdition. Just a few years ago Malaysia was one of the most righteous countries on the planet. Anwar must save Malaysia from a recent explosion in corruption, and from an almost unprecedented level of targeting for subversion and control by the international puppet-masters.

    So Anwar is to be pardoned formally, by the highest relevant authority, and set to work after a long period of enforced idleness. By redeeming Anwar … Mahatir also redeems himself …… for a decision that had to be made. But one that resulted in a punishment that was way too harsh.

    Is there even a dry eye in the house? Is this scenario indicative of a new wave building against the modern nihilism and defeatism?


  6. Anyone can see that there is something afoot here. Something going on. Its hard to put your finger on it but the natives are restless. Here is a man who didn’t need to be redeemed by Tom Bombadil. Here is a man who redeemed himself by sticking his neck out, when the rest of the intelligentsia were rabbits caught in the headlights.

    Professor Clive Hamilton. Once thought by many to be an internationalist quisling, has now emerged as staunch partisan patriot for traditional Australian values, and a defender of local sovereignty. Also a defender of some of the most marginalised and defenceless people on the face of the earth; That is to say ethnic Chinese who have fallen afoul of Beijing.

    All is forgiven Professor Hamilton. I’m watching your back now. Anyone who gives you static over the China syndrome will face psychological destabilisation from the staff at “A Better Tomorrow.”


  7. Go in about 36 minutes to see Professor Hamiltons talk

    Don’t try and listen to it all. Just browse it quickly, by jumping 5 minutes ahead every time the communists set off the alarm system, to disrupt the discussion. There are parts of it that are astonishingly good. Eighty minutes in, the things that start coming out of Professor Hamiltons mouth are so good I would never have dared to hope that a well-placed Australian commentator could arrange them in extemporaneous speech.


  8. What a triumph of reinventing oneself. We used to all laugh at Clive and now he seems to be 20 feet tall. I once talked about him holding his head up high, gleaming in the sun…. Its happened. The most holistic prophet strikes again, this time surprising himself.

    A better version of the first 18 minutes of Professor Hamiltons speech. The alarm doesn’t affect this version so much. Truly excellent stuff.


  9. China is a fat guy in an elevator. But he used to be an exceptionally polite fat guy in an elevator. Now he’s a big fat bully in an elevator, and getting fatter all the time. But the campaign of street-level subversion came an whole lot earlier than the international bullying. I felt it personally with them ringing my house a dozen years ago in relation to certain strident comments I would make about them on Spenglers blog when I was a deluded neocon.


  10. Let me explain the Graeme Bird view of gravity using hot rod racing as an example.

    I would expect a hot rod weighing one tonne, to be a few kilos lighter in its acceleration phase. Supposing the hot rod hit a very fast and stable speed? I would expect that ALMOST all of its weight would be restored. Maybe the hot rod would weigh a gram shy of one tonne. Acceleration perpendicular to the direction of gravity should disrupt the aether strongly. High velocity perpendicular to the direction of gravity ought to disrupt the aether just a little bit. This should work for orbits as well.


  11. Put three mathematicians close together, and they will struggle to solve the three-body problem for planetary orbits. They are using Newtons formulae and assumptions.

    Put three planet-sized objects together and they solve the three-body problem just fine. So is dumb matter smarter than a mathematician? No I don’t think so. I think that the three planets aren’t using Newtons formulae or assumptions. Newton is wrong and obviously so. Its time we stopped with the public service thing and actually did the work. But we will not be able to unless we can isolate Jew subversion first.

    Flight, and particularly flight in a vacuum is inherently unstable. Forget the THREE body problem. How about the ten billion body orbits problem that the milky way solves each day? However gravity works, and surely it must be dumb gravity, rather than directed by Allah ……. it has an whole set of feedback loops which keep orbits naturally stable, and stops large objects from crashing into each other.

    There is no getting around this.


  12. The Logos personified probably has many projects of his own:

    Jew physicists are loading him up with the repetitive grunt-work. Doing what he does requires some focus. To the Jew physicist its okay to expect the saviour to divide his attention with constant micro-adjustments to trillions of orbits in order that the cosmos falls in with Newtons formulae.


  13. I still miss Bob Ellis and get a bit sad because nobody told me he had cancer. Had I have known what was going on I may have been able to help him beat it. Another victim of the medical cartel. I saved one person from the medical cartel. A lady in Tasmania. As a result I accidentally seem to have saved her husband as well.


    We don’t have anyone like him around here any more. They have started to run him down now. Which they never would have tried on if he were around to defend himself. The left like their sterile intellectual state. They don’t want someone like good old Bob Ellis forcing a few new ideas into the situation.

    A leftist but not so good at goose-stepping with the others.


  14. Back to the Graeme Bird praxeology of gravity. We read here from wikipedia ……

    “The flyby anomaly is a discrepancy between current scientific models and the actual increase in speed (i.e. increase in kinetic energy) observed during a planetary flyby by a spacecraft. In multiple cases, spacecraft have been observed to gain greater speed than scientists have predicted and as yet no convincing explanation has been found.”

    Boy does this ever throw a light on how useless these Jews and public servants are? No convincing explanation has been found? Convincing to WHOM? To inbred troglodytes of the Jew persuasion who never liked any idea they couldn’t steal and pretend it was theirs?

    I explained it all above. They didn’t fucking ask me did they? You can infer it by what I said just a few posts above.


  15. So your rocket is pointed at the earth. But you are a long distance from the earth. The gravity of the earth is helping you build speed. Your rocket is pointed almost exactly at the centre of the earth but not quite. So since you are accelerating TOWARD the force of gravity and not moving perpendicular I am not expecting the aether to be prevented from reconstituting itself much.

    But when you get closer you end up moving very fast to the side of the planet. Plus its at this point you would accelerate, firing your rockets …. and since the acceleration is perpendicular to the planet ………….. gravity reduces a great deal. Hence the energy anomaly.

    So you are accelerating away with the planet at your side which reduces gravity. But you accelerated IN with the planet in front so that was neutral to gravity. So you get a boost.

    The energy anomaly breaks the law of the conservation of energy. But thats okay because that law was always stupid.


  16. Professor Hamilton ferreting out Chinese infiltration in the universities this time. He is like Columbo and Ellery Queen. Red China has its hooks particularly into the University of Adelaide:


  17. A hero has emerged to save his nation in peril. If your society is subverted your defence is worse than useless. For then it is someone else who controls your soldiers.

    Clive is the most valuable man in the country right now. No question at all.

    From Professor Hamiltons’ foray into the climate controversy, I was under the impression that Clive was not capable of serious research. He ought to have figured out that this CO2-warming business was junk science. But he has certainly proved my assumption wrong, now that he has been let loose on the subject of Chinese subversion. Amazing stuff. What can you say but “Bravo.”

    If you see this sword and if you see this stone get hold of me and we will track Clive down right away.

    In his hands that sword will slide out so damn smooth.


  18. Oregano oil definitely seems to be relieving my chest cold. I don’t think its just symptomatic relief. But if its killing the viruses, they don’t appear to take long to regroup. After an hour or two the chest cold is back just as bad as before.


  19. Probably you think I’m exaggerating that the hot rod will be a few kilos lighter when accelerating. Well maybe so. There has to be a great many variables that go into how much weight reduction is caused by acceleration. It will depend a lot on the materials used.

    But there can be no doubt that acceleration leads to weight reduction or the old mans wrist would break. And this reality needs to be part of the sane study of planetary orbits.


  20. Gravity meters are used for flyovers in the desert. They are used to try and figure out where there are ore deposits. The commercial uses of detecting gravity ought to be creating friction with the Newtonian system. No doubt there are covert research projects that have figured out in great detail how gravity works. But for public consumption we are still getting that hippy Newton and that conman Einstein.

    “In a demonstration of the sensitivity of the superconducting gravimeter, Virtanen (2006),[5] describes how an instrument at Metsähovi, Finland, detected the gradual increase in surface gravity as workmen cleared snow from its laboratory roof.”

    In the legend the plumb bob holds steady towards Mount Everest

    This tall story has disturbed me over many decades. Think through how that even COULD be possible?

    We always talk about gravity as if it were to do with the centre of the earth calculations. But we would have an whole new set of calculations to deal with if we were thinking of it as a nucleon-to-nucleon phenomenon. On that level we may find out that the drop-off of gravitational attraction is closer to the 3rd power rather than to the 2nd. No doubt all this work has been done, it just does not appear to be public.

    I suspect that more dense objects will exert a disproportionate gravitational pull. Its hard to imagine aerial prospecting being practical were this not the case.

    When I was in primary school we would get these old Jesus interpreters showing up in class to help us with our spiritual development. In an analogy to do with sin this old fellow started talking about plumb-bobs. He suggested that sometime in his youth he was working overseas, and he had a plumb-bob that swung and held steady toward Mount Everest. Sounds like a tall story to me and I may have got it wrong after all this time. But supposing thats true? We will work through a cascade of thinking based on the possibility that the story may be true. Although in the 45 odd years since that time I’ve never heard any such story repeated.


  21. “…..the mass of Mount Everest is so great that the weighted bob at the end of the plumb line on the theodolite, a surveyor’s instrument, is pulled toward the mountain, distorting the measurement……”

    Maybe the old bible instructor wasn’t talking nonsense. In my audit of modern cosmology and physics, I take the attitude of a judge. And a hanging judge at that. So while recognising that I could have the wrong end of the stick here, that is not my guiding assumption. I don’t doubt myself as my leading methodology. If its a plumb bob that is your only tool, how is it that you no its off-centre in the first place? Its gravity that tells us which way is up. So how would you so much as notice that your plumb bob was out of line?

    The bible instructor filled the children’s minds with troubling memes and stories

    His befuddling plumb bob and Everest story was his crowning achievement.

    So I say this implies a couple of things. Newtons formulae, to the extent that they are pretty much correct within a certain range ought be considered to be calculating not gravity but an emergent property of gravity. 1. The inverse square law ought not apply at the local level. 2. Local gravity ought to disproportionately attract the more dense material (the plumb bob is made of lead). 3. The story seems to suggest that the density of materials within the mountain may be on average higher than it is typically below the ground. Which is counter-intuitive, since then you would expect the mountain to want to sink back down into the earth.

    You can see how the story by the old man has troubled me. It does not seem to make any sense at all. Its like what he told me about the father, the son and the holy spirit. How can they be one and three at the same time? And what exactly is the holy spirit in any case? These people start filling up the kids heads with troubling information, but he really outdid himself with his plumb-bob and Mount Everest story.


  22. The amazing flying lawnmower.

    If devices that work like this have not been tested in a vacuum for possible aether disruption, then our physicists are remiss in their duties.


  23. You have your Phobos-like space station to help you with mining operations in the asteroid belt. You build a 20 metre deep tungsten floor. Forget what Newton came up with. Do we have the experimental work, completed and public, to say whether this deep floor could produce disproportionate gravity?

    I don’t think we do. I think gravity has become a state secret. You keep a secret mainly by filling the air with a smokescreen of ludicrous bullshit.


  24. Reverse engineering modern physics reveals that it is gravity they are trying to hide with their garish nonsense. Although there also contains a strong streak of general demoralisation in their ideology.

    Song and dance man comparable to Al Jolson.


  25. Test vehicle unsuited for long distance flight. Where are you going to fit the washing machine? Let alone the cows.

    It took a great deal of blowing smoke to associate this type of flight with aliens. They are screwing with us.


  26. There is something pretty cool going on where formerly semi-Marxist types are showing some respect for that part of capitalism that was to do with making and building stuff and really hammering it home about the dysfunction of current money and banking. As with all major economists Marx played down the problems that fractional reserve usury was causing and blamed everything on the business class. On general business. Of course the former tends to corrupt the latter. But we should be able to separate them for intellectual purposes.

    There ought to be no hurry in morphing to a Georgist or a semi-Georgist setup. The key is to stabilise the up-front nominal cost of land. This will eliminate attempts to make money through capital gains involved with land ownership, and therefore it will free up both land and loanable funds. There is absolute urgency with transitioning to 100% backed banking. These two steps will force bankers to work for a living. They will be arm-twisted to either create wealth or die as a business. Either the banking industry is enslaved or we are. These changes will also make demand management independent of the commercial banks. It will make it possible for our new currency board to hit any domestic nominal business revenue target it wishes to hit. Which should mean keeping business revenue the same under normal circumstances and having it grow steadily when GDP is falling.

    Max Keiser is particularly pleasing in his condemnation of the current disaster but he usually shows respect to a better form of capitalism or to people who make money by way of making or building things. The first two minutes are an example of this. Max hanging abuse on the rentier class ponzi scheme operators. This feature is the key way people get rich these days. Even Trump is a bit better than that. Benefiting from ponzi money sure. Ripping off subcontractors (though known to be very kind to his own staff) sure. But at least he built things.

    Max seems to be a bit of a fan of our man Keen and of Michael Hudson. Both Max and Michael Hudson have worked on Wall Street. This experience helps steer them clear of the sort of free enterprise happy talk which is such a problem today.

    After six minutes a great rant on the Londoners having great finesse as thieves, unlike the crude provincials who try financial fraud and pay the price over it.


  27. Engineering first world wages and third world rents is the only method to bring the good life to Australia

    Therefore a permanent glut of high-rise living and working space in small country towns is the way forward. This is really the only living and working space investment that can actually REDUCE the demand for land. Of course we don’t want to discourage massively spacious high-rise sky-houses in the big cities. But because of the very high cost of putting up sky-scrapers and the vulnerability of big cities under conditions of war and natural disaster; the bread and butter of putting together the good life for Australians is really about high-rise in the small towns.


  28. The Max Plank institute for gravitational physics. Busy NOT studying gravity. Think of how I would want gravity studied and then check their list of publications. Appropriately named the Albert Einstein Institute. Complete bullshit. Talking always about gravity waves. Both gravity and light are a function of aether. Waves along the aether is light. So where do gravity waves fit into this picture? Just constant lies.


    The Physics equivalent of a Jew terrorist false flag attack.

    Brian Greene had his well tailored casual gear and his expensive animation backed spiel, edited and in the can prior to the phoney announcement.


  29. Here Jewish carnival act Brian Greene tries to stooge Colberts audience that they have an analogous sound to the gravitational waves that two black holes make when colliding. They pissed themselves laughing at the synagogue all night over that one.

    For starters there has never been, nor will there ever be a black hole detected. Sagittarius A* is NOT a black hole because it blazes away all the time, but not at the spectrum visible to the human eye. Plus early on researchers let it slip that it had real volume. Not any kind of Schwarzkopf bullshitartistry event horizon radius. So having never discovered evidence for a black hole Jew charlatan Greene is out there putting it about that they just bore witness to the destruction of TWO (2) black holes. They must have been kacking their pants in a way not seen since the buildings went down on 9/11.

    Leonard Susskind. Started out as a plumber.

    To a plumber he should have returned.

    Secondly there are many billions of orbits of major gravitational objects in the galaxy. If major gravitational objects, say our moons size minimum or larger, were in any way prone to collision we would have evidence for this every week or every month. It doesn’t happen. Gravity doesn’t work that way or the last supernova would have set off an endless cascade of of collisions.

    When the myth of the oracle Stephen Hawking was still being pushed, Brian Greene was one of those clowns most likely to have been in on the fakery. The real Hawking hasn’t been around in a very long time. They were wheeling out one cripple and when he died they’d toss the body somewhere and wheel out another. Always someone putting words in his fingers. His books and faked up responses to questions ought to be subject to textual analysis to see who his support staff were. Lenny Susskind has to be a serious suspect.


  30. The second cripple replacement of Stephen Hawking. That is to say the third Stephen Hawking.

    Incredibly the scam has gone on so long they no longer expect the actor to so much as wiggle his finger to produce the simulated voice. Its good enough that the oracle sits there, while this grating nonsense talk goes out, and so long as he appears to stay awake, everything is okay. The long history of the production of oracles has always involved the incapacity of the oracle to communicate properly with the outside world.


  31. Heard a trick that the Habsburg family used to accumulate power. Of course there was a lot of inbreeding going on. But one policy was for the boys to marry the girls of rich families …… no surprise there …. but rich families where the girls HAD NO BROTHERS. Very crafty. So that inheritances came under the control of Habsburg central.


  32. The Theory was that Hawking 3.0 would be able to choose the words just by moving his eyeballs. Go back to the video and confirm to yourself that this is horse-shit. The cripple pretending to be Hawking, to Jew central he’s just a prop and no genuine human being ….. But do you see any complicated eyeball movement that would allow him to select the words that his puppet-masters have him speaking? No its not happening, its all a lie.

    If “Stephen” was director of research for theoretical cosmology at the time of his death then no-one is minding the store.

    How would that go responding to the job advertisement at centrelink? Can only move eyeballs and he’s lying about that? Sure be the director of research. No problem. We cannot see your eyeballs moving on stage but you have the job. All this is an attack on science. Its not science its an attack on science.

    At least one of the two people out there happens to be the real child of the original Stephen Hawking. That fetching blonde MILF, is the real daughter, but not of the gimp in the wheelchair.


  33. “The Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission (KLWCT), also known as the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal, is a Malaysian organisation established in 2007 by Mahathir Mohamad to investigate war crimes.”

    Prime Minister of Malaysia. But KING of Cool.

    With all due legal firepower and procedure, the verdicts of his war crime tribunal, should be taken very seriously.


  34. What do you do with people when a problem becomes this big?


    Maybe court martial and execute every one of these troglodytes and start over. No soldier is so important to us that we can afford to put up with them going rogue. Better still lets be a better armed country so we have more wiggle room within the alliance. We should have been out of that country within 18 months. And had we known the whole 9/11 business was a scam we ought to have had enough influence just to stay home.


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