Forces Affecting Mountain Development (Everything You Wanted To Know About Gravity But Were Afraid To Ask).

When we look at the fossil record and we compare it to the theory of plate tectonics and continental drift, we see a lot of convergent evidence for this geological theory.  People who have followed me right from where I threw down the gauntlet, and made my statement of epistemology, before following the implications of that statement, down myriad rabbit holes will say to me … “Slow down there Visigothkhan.  Slow down there ”  They will say that “……….  by your own admission it is convergent evidence that leads to rightful certitude.  So you say that there is convergent evidence in support of plate tectonics.  And yet you claim that plate tectonics is horseshit.  What gives?”

Except where being forced apart by new matter creation,  continents are endless contiguous rock.  They are locked in place and not about to “drift” anywhere. 

No force vectors can ever be drawn in such a way as to show how continents could be drifting around. 

This story of continental drift runs convergent with the evidence we derive from the fossil record.  But it just so happens that continental drift is impossible. As it is impossible, it cannot be true.  One of the only times where relying on convergent evidence alone, leads to the wrong result.

The issue is to do with how far you can expect to get results from applying a force, when the earth you are applying the force against is not infinitely hard.   So what happens when you are in Sydney, and pushing your bulldozer against the earth and the earth is made of marshmellow?  Do you expect to get an outcome that is noticeable in the marshmellow earth near Gosford?  No I don’t think so do you? There is only so far the force can travel if the ground you are pushing against is soft.

But how about if you have a REALLY souped up steam and nuclear powered giant bulldozer and the ground you are pushing against is made of iron? Do you suspect you will get perceivable results in the iron ground of Dubbo?  Could you create a subduction zone in Dubbo, with your fantastical bulldozer,  if all the earth between Sydney and Dubbo were made of iron?  No that is completely ridiculous, and if you could buckle the iron, with a powerful force, it remains the case that all the buckling would be localised, relatively speaking.

Thats the end of the story.  Thats a debunking from which this continental drift theory cannot recover from.  Let these asshats push two hills apart before trying to jive us with such idiocy as to expect that you can force two continents apart that way.

Of course the culprit is the Jew takeover of science beginning with aether denial.  Aether denial, the conservation of matter (in the secular formulation) the conservation of energy (in an atheists setting)  … these are all logical impossibilities.  But you MUST fucking believe the impossible in all cases or a coterie of Jews will fuck with your career.

Potholer has never got anything right in the world of science. See where he ludicrously suggests that force can be transmitted many thousands of miles. Any attempt to produce force leads to highly localised results. Even if the earth was made of diamond, or titanium, an attempt to produce force would only lead to local buckling.

Check potholers animation 6 minutes and 50 seconds in. He’s representing here, the idea that force can transmitted, all the way from the Pacific ring of fire, to an imaginary subduction zone, somewhere underneath the North American continent. Potholer is an op, and he has changed his animations in an attempt not to be shamed by my criticisms of the stupidity of his implied claims.

So continental drift theory is sent to the fires and the growing earth theory is proven.  And thats very fortunate.  Because if the earth were not expanding with new matter production … We would be at a loss to figure out where all the matter had come from.  It turns out that it is being produced beneath our feet.  The existence of matter itself would be a fantastical conundrum if we had no location for its production.

On strictly logical grounds it is matter that must produce more matter.  Or if that were not the case, each individual creation event of new matter would be a separate miracle.  Only Jew science relies on miracles.  In real science we don’t rely on miracles and therefore matter had to be producing new matter and therefore the source of the new matter production had to be beneath our feet.  Or at least at the centre of major gravitational bodies.

To understand all the possible forces that could be leading to the building of mountains you need a more realistic view of gravity, then what our covert leaders will allow. Let me explain the Graeme Bird view of gravity,  using hot rod racing as an example.

I would expect a hot rod weighing one tonne, to be a few kilos lighter in its acceleration phase. Supposing the hot rod hit a very fast and stable speed? I would expect that ALMOST all of its weight would be restored. Maybe the hot rod would weigh a gram shy of one tonne. Acceleration perpendicular to the direction of gravity should disrupt the aether strongly. High velocity perpendicular to the direction of gravity ought to disrupt the aether just a little bit. This should work for orbits as well.

It will take awhile for you to get your head around my alternative view of gravity.  I point the way towards pretty simple stuff and I’m not in any way claiming that it took an original mind to speculate about these sorts of things.  I am approaching this as a fellow who thinks that not everything the rabbi tells me is the truth.  I’m not approaching the matter from the point of view that I’m deluding myself that Brian and Beverly’s (my parents) DNA was so much better than everyone else’s.  Somewhat Worthy DNA for sure, but thats not where I’m coming from.  This is a matter closer to those subjects that people worked with to produce the American RICO legislation (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) …. then it is to the ideas that people were working on within the Manhattan project.

I can prove to about a 90% certainty, on purely logical grounds, that gravity is caused by the connections created by the luminiferous aether.  Simply on the basis that nature is unlikely to use two sets of connections when one set of connections would do.

Put three mathematicians close together, and they will struggle to solve the three-body problem for planetary orbits. They are using Newtons formulae and assumptions.

Put three planet-sized objects together and they solve the three-body problem just fine. So is dumb matter smarter than a mathematician? No I don’t think so. I think that the three planets aren’t using Newtons formulae or assumptions. Newton is wrong and obviously so. Its time we stopped with the public service thing and actually did the work. But we will not be able to unless we can isolate Jew subversion first.

Flight, and particularly flight in a vacuum is inherently unstable. Forget the THREE body problem. How about the ten billion body orbits problem that the milky way solves each day? However gravity works, and surely it must be dumb gravity, rather than directed by Allah ……. it has an whole set of feedback loops which keep orbits naturally stable, and stops large objects from crashing into each other.

There is no getting around this.

Thinking about the biggest continent … Eurasia shall we say.  Eurasia doesn’t sit on the earth flat.  Eurasia CURVES around a nearly spherical earth.  But consider the situation 200 million years ago?  When almost the same continent curved around a MUCH SMALLER planet.  So can you see, I think you can, that the curve of Eurasia is much greater on a smaller planet.  And while Eurasia is still a wrap-around continent, the fact is its flatter as time goes on.  The bigger is the planet the flatter is the continent.

So in the first instance mountains and indeed hills are created by way of the continent, that had been MORE CURVED settling in a way that now allows the continent to be LESS CURVED because of a larger planet.

This is the way that mountains and hills are created. But the title of this thread is “Forces Affecting Mountain Development” so what else are we to talk about?

The Logos personified probably has many projects of his own:

Jew physicists are loading him up with the repetitive grunt-work. Doing what he does requires some focus. To the Jew physicist its okay to expect the saviour to divide his attention with constant micro-adjustments to trillions of orbits in order that the cosmos falls in with Newtons formulae.

The ice distribution in the world today implies that we have gone through a recent pole shift.  In science we don’t rely on a giant God to jerk the earth suddenly and then re-establish its former rotation not long after.  And even if a God tried to reach out and do so, it would be hard to be able to get the traction to do this in space.  The only way for this to happen, practically speaking, is by way of a “close-passing comet” …  A comet with a giant nucleus, that gets to be so close it passes between the earth and the moon.

James McCanney pioneered this possibility.  Its pretty clear that this happened fairly recently.  But in order for this theory to be correct, the former South Pole at sea, had to have gathered a great deal of anti-clockwise momentum, and thereafter run aground and climbed up the side of the Antarctic continent.  I just wanted to get that objection out of the way.  Because this is indeed what did happen.  As the pattern of ancient ice reveals.  This would have been a truly awesome thing to watch, and I envy the handful of humans, probably less than 3000 years ago, who got to see this.  The pole shift itself was probably just shy of 3200 years ago.  1177 BC by one estimate.  But it would have taken the ice associated with the former South Pole, a lot of time to have gathered enough anti-clockwise momentum in order to run aground.

“The flyby anomaly is a discrepancy between current scientific models and the actual increase in speed (i.e. increase in kinetic energy) observed during a planetary flyby by a spacecraft. In multiple cases, spacecraft have been observed to gain greater speed than scientists have predicted and as yet no convincing explanation has been found.”

This situation effortlessly explained by the Graeme Bird view of physics, cosmology and gravity. 

When a close-passing comet, gets between us and the moon,  what sort of effect will the gravity between the nucleus of that comet, and our earth …. what sort of effect will that have on the ground?  This depends on how gravity works independent of heritage formulae.  Gravity is a mechanism, and does not goose-step to the tune of the mathematical approximations of yesteryear.  Certainly the physical world has no respect whatsoever for Jew Quantum “PRINCIPLES” …  Holy Allah and all his celestial concubines!!!!!   What could have possessed us to believe that it was okay for these rabbis to substitute Jew fantasy physics principles,  for the important hard yards of getting to know the quirks of a mechanism?

In any case I am suggesting that I have reason to believe that the mechanism of gravity has greater local effects than the formulae would assume.  I also suggest that denser materials have disproportionately greater gravity production then less dense materials.  So I suggest that more dense materials in body A, has a massively greater attraction to the more dense materials in body B, then in all the other permutations going on in the gravity interactions between the two bodies.

So your rocket is pointed at the earth. But you are a long distance from the earth. The gravity of the earth is helping you build speed. Your rocket is pointed almost exactly at the centre of the earth but not quite. So since you are accelerating TOWARD the force of gravity and not moving perpendicular I am not expecting the aether to be prevented from reconstituting itself much.

But when you get closer you end up moving very fast to the side of the planet. Plus its at this point you would accelerate, firing your rockets …. and since the acceleration is perpendicular to the planet ………….. gravity reduces a great deal. Hence the energy anomaly.

So you are accelerating away with the planet at your side which reduces gravity. But you accelerated IN with the planet in front so that was neutral to gravity. So you get a boost.

The energy anomaly breaks the law of the conservation of energy. But thats okay because that law was always stupid.

The possibility that gravity worked disproportionately more strongly between super-dense materials was presented to me in primary school.  I think it was when I was seven. But I may have been as old as ten.  But what I do know,  is that I found the anecdote that contained this potential implication, very curious, and actually quite disturbing.  The story has bothered me ever since.

Probably you think I’m exaggerating that the hot rod will be a few kilos lighter when accelerating. Well maybe so. There has to be a great many variables that go into how much weight reduction is caused by acceleration. It will depend a lot on the materials used.


But there can be no doubt that acceleration leads to weight reduction or the old mans wrist would break. And this reality needs to be part of the sane study of planetary orbits.

Gravity meters are used for flyovers in the desert. They are used to try and figure out where there are ore deposits. The commercial uses of detecting gravity ought to be creating friction with the Newtonian system. No doubt there are covert research projects that have figured out in great detail how gravity works. But for public consumption we are still getting that hippy Newton and that conman Einstein.

“In a demonstration of the sensitivity of the superconducting gravimeter, Virtanen (2006),[5] describes how an instrument at Metsähovi, Finland, detected the gradual increase in surface gravity as workmen cleared snow from its laboratory roof.”

In the legend the plumb bob holds steady towards Mount Everest

This tall story has disturbed me over many decades. Think through how that even COULD be possible?

We always talk about gravity as if it were to do with the centre of the earth calculations. But we would have an whole new set of calculations to deal with if we were thinking of it as a nucleon-to-nucleon phenomenon. On that level we may find out that the drop-off of gravitational attraction is closer to the 3rd power rather than to the 2nd. No doubt all this work has been done, it just does not appear to be public.

I suspect that more dense objects will exert a disproportionate gravitational pull. Its hard to imagine aerial prospecting being practical were this not the case.

When I was in primary school we would get these old Jesus interpreters showing up in class to help us with our spiritual development. In an analogy to do with sin, this old fellow started talking about plumb-bobs. He suggested that sometime in his youth he was working overseas, and he had a plumb-bob that swung and held steady toward Mount Everest. Sounds like a tall story to me and I may have got it wrong after all this time. But supposing thats true? We will work through a cascade of thinking based on the possibility that the story may be true. Although in the 45 odd years since that time I’ve never heard any such story repeated.

The uppermost leadership was always evil.  The empire was never acceptable. 

But the middle management were probably well-meaning human beings. The people who worked at the lower levels of the hierarchy, often at least tried to be helpful. The top leadership was evil,  but the Christian culture,  was in many ways benevolent.   And not everything the old man told me was wrong. 

“…..the mass of Mount Everest is so great that the weighted bob at the end of the plumb line on the theodolite, a surveyor’s instrument, is pulled toward the mountain, distorting the measurement……”

Maybe the amateur bible instructor wasn’t talking nonsense. In my audit of modern cosmology and physics, I take the attitude of a judge. And a hanging judge at that. So while recognising that I could have the wrong end of the stick here, that is not my guiding assumption. I don’t doubt myself as my leading methodology. If its a plumb bob that is your only tool, how is it that you know its off-centre in the first place? Its gravity that tells us which way is up. So how would you so much as notice that your plumb bob was out of line?

The bible instructor filled the children’s minds with troubling memes and stories

His befuddling plumb bob and Everest story was his crowning achievement.

So I say this implies a couple of things. Newtons formulae (to the extent that they are pretty much correct within a certain range) ought be considered to be calculating, not gravity,  but an emergent property of gravity.

1. The inverse square law ought not apply at the local level.

2. Local gravity ought to disproportionately attract the more dense material (the plumb bob is made of lead).

3. The story seems to suggest that the density of materials within the mountain may be on average higher than it is typically below the ground. Which is counter-intuitive, since then you would expect the mountain to want to sink back down into the earth.

You can see how the story by the ancient traveller has troubled me. It may have been as early as 1973 and the fellow may have been as old as 70.  That could mean he was born as early as 1903 and therefore a creature of the British Empire.  So he could have been to El Dorado, Shangri La, Shamballah and that lonely road where two moons rise, and he comes back to our country town to benefit us children with all his knowledge. For it is the case that the Empire sent these fellows on wondrous journeys,  and decades later they would show up in ones primary school class with a great many tall stories.

But this plumb bob story was the most troubling yarn of all.  It does not seem to make any sense. Its like what the lay preachers would tell us about the father, the son and the holy spirit. How can they be one and three at the same time? And what exactly is the holy spirit in any case? These spiritually deep,  and well-travelled types,  start filling up the kids heads, with troubling information.  But the old man really outdid himself,  with his plumb-bob and Everest story.

You have your Phobos-like space station to help you with mining operations in the asteroid belt. You build a 20 metre deep tungsten floor. Forget what Newton came up with. Do we have the experimental work, completed and public, to say whether this deep floor could produce disproportionate gravity?

I don’t think we do. I think gravity has become a state secret. You keep a secret mainly by filling the air with a smokescreen of ludicrous bullshit.

Lets drill down on this plumb-bob business before I explain the two other causes of mountain building.  Which way is up?  Which way is down? It is gravity that tells us which way is up and which way is down.  When we say that our plumb-bob is “leaning” (Neither “leaning” nor “swinging” is the right word here) is an admission that the direction of up is different for the plumb-bob then it is for you.  I always believe in drilling down inductively to the maximum degree even when all the facts are not to hand.  That way when the new data arrives, you can immediately see the implications inherent in this data.  Data is not evidence but because you have done the hard yards you are quickly able to transmute this data, into usable evidence, by a process of human reason.

No group of three or more gentiles could possibly keep a secret by relying on human discipline expressed jointly and severally.  Rather,  as any good dynast or Jew would know, secrets can only be kept by way of hiding that secret in an explosion of ludicrous multi-layered bullshitartistry. Reverse engineering modern physics reveals that it is the true nature of gravity they are trying to hide, with their garish nonsense. Although there also contains a strong streak of general demoralisation in their ideology. And they want to mislead us about fusion as well. 

Song and dance man comparable to Al Jolson.

But here we have the worry that some Jew might laugh at us, when people on the ground near Mount Everest have more understanding of how things work near Mount Everest?  I say so what?  Why would I give a fuck about some inbred troglodyte being able to come up with a “gotcha” moment? Its not like that would be a critique from anyone I could possibly respect.

Test vehicle unsuited for long distance flight. Where are you going to fit the washing machine? Let alone the cows.

It took a great deal of blowing smoke to associate this type of flight with aliens. They are screwing with us.

So if “up” and “down” are slightly different for the man holding the plumb-bob, then it is for the plum-bob,  this suggests to me everything I’ve already said about gravity.  More localised, disproportionate at the local level, with the attraction between denser materials.  So I say the mountain is made of more dense material than what is immediately beneath our feet, even as the plumb bob is made of more dense materials, than the man holding it.

As I said before this is a deeply troubling hypothesis.  Since if the mountain is more dense, than the ground that surrounds it, why does it not simply sink into the ground?

The Max Plank institute for gravitational physics. Busy NOT studying gravity. Think of how I would want gravity studied and then check their list of publications. Appropriately named the Albert Einstein Institute. Complete bullshit. Talking always about gravity waves. Both gravity and light are a function of aether. Waves along the aether is light. So where do gravity waves fit into this picture? Just constant lies.

The Physics equivalent of a Jew terrorist false flag attack.

Brian Greene had his well tailored casual gear and his expensive animation backed spiel, edited, and in-the-can ……  prior to the phoney announcement.

The material beneath the deep ocean ought to be more dense on average than the landed materials.  As suggested before, the normal way of things is for the heavier materials to sink below the lighter ones.  In this analysis we have the troubling fact that the nature of the materials of the nucleus of comets is an oligarchical secret.  The oligarchy keeps bullshitting us, as though we were Soviet peasants, that the nucleus of a comet is made of dirty ice.  This is all lies.  I will assume that there is some selective bias that leads to a tendency for the nucleus of comets to be made of unusually dense materials.  That the comet pulls a lot of debris (rocks, water vapour, hydrocarbons) behind it is one selective bias … The nucleus is the clear gravitational leader in this story.  I’m going to assume that there is more going on than just that,  and that the nucleus of comets tends to be made of unusually dense rock.  I have some reason to believe this,  which I won’t get into here.


Now supposing a close-passing comet, with a nucleus bigger than Mars, and smaller than Venus, gets between us and the Moon?  With gravitational forces that are more localised than what you would think, where dense-to-dense material produces a disproportionate attraction …. think what this could mean as a real-gravity-wave (as opposed to a Brian Greene bullshit gravity wave) passes over the earths surface?   Suddenly you could have super-dense rocks under the ocean being pulled up in a mountain chain right? Yes you could yes you could.

I mean where do you think we get all that Himalayan salt from right?  From the fucking Himalayas is where we get that salt. This implies that a lot of salt water has been brought up with the mountain chain.   I think that implication follows rather directly.  But we need not rely on the rocks being underneath the sea to be pulled up abruptly.  It could be stuff on land directly underneath the comet nucleus that serendipitously was more dense than most of the earth around it.

Sounds a lot more recent and more exciting than standard geology right? Labouring under Jew/oligarchical restrictions puts the consensus view entirely out of whack.  One wonders what the ancients said about the mountains in their various writings.

There is certainly reason to be on the look-out for unexpected indications that many mountain ranges may be a great deal younger than what we are being told.

The mountains, lonesome, cold and very very heavy,  forever long to sink back into the warm embrace, of the ground beneath.

But once forced above the ground, the vigilante Moon-God, will never let the mountains sink back home.  Orbits of two or more major bodies are energy-positive.  They are sources of pristine energy into the universe.  The moon has more than enough energy to overmatch the earths growing gravitational strength, to raise the tides,  and keep the lonely cold mountains exposed … Even after that she has enough juice left over to accelerate away from the earth.  No decrease in the sidereal rotation speed of the earth, at the equator,  has ever been measured.  The days get longer, but that is not the same thing. 

Causes of mountaining ……  So far ………..

So thats growing earth settling, and close passing comet forcing covered.  I have covered these two sources of mountain-building.

But what keeps the super-dense mountains up and growing? What stops them from sinking down into the less dense ground around them?  The answer is the moon.  Every day the moon sends a real-gravity-wave (Not Brian Greene bullshit gravity wave) across the earth.  This raises the ocean water several metres higher.  I think its about 7 metres isn’t it?  But it raises the earth higher as well.  It rolls over the earth and raises up the earth maybe an inch or a centimetre higher and I would be very interested in knowing the exact amount.  But as this wave rolls along, when it hits a super-dense mountain thats sitting there it will exert a very powerful upward force.  So along with growing earth settling and regular tidal force of the moon, these mountains, more dense than the sub-surface ground around them,  will continue to grow.  If we had a reliable way of knowing when we got all these mountains,  we might have a way of figuring out when it was that we captured our moon.  Since without the moon the mountains would tend to erode and settle.

The anti-gravity effect of forcing two magnets together and then dropping the resulting weight ….. Now notice how this important finding has been ignored? The moratorium on developing a better understanding of gravity is very powerful. Gravity is definitely an oligarchical secret.

Meanwhile the Max Plank institute for gravitational research does everything it can not to actually investigate gravity. This is a Jew thing.




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  1. Don’t have the capacity to upload cousin Graemes latin class singing this one. He is in Gordon College, a Christian theological outfit thats part of Harvard University. Not just showing off a relative; but his Jazz/Homer lecture/workshops are about the most fascinating things I’ve ever seen.

    I’ve not met Graeme or his father Derry. I met his uncle Don when I went to Otago University. I was always in the South Island on swimming trips so I should have met these people. I wish our relatives would tell us that they were going to be awesome when they got older. That way we would know who to be nice too.


  2. The people who could compose this song, and then produce a recording of this quality, don’t need to apologise to you and I for their theological beliefs. But a more secular admiration for Christianity can be sustained by the understanding that the book of John forever unites Hellenism and Athenian reason with Christianity. “In the beginning there was the Logos.”

    Fan-fucking-tastic and better than we could have ever hoped for. I don’t think he ever existed but that doesn’t stop him from being my King also. Particularly now that its clear that we no longer have a legitimate King, Queen or royal family.


  3. The thing about a lecture like this, if you were part of it, and were a student, the lecture could never be long enough. Look at the effortless way cousin Graeme moves between lecturing, conversing and demonstrating on his piano. He makes it look so easy. And yet people could have spent years studying Homer and never seen this sort of angle on it.


  4. Very good theory. 10th century religious authorities faced documents in many languages, dated by at least three dating methods, and sometimes reading from right to left. Year dates on the documents could be there as the result of a chronology based on Caesar, Alexander, or the AD system. Perhaps others. So its easy to see how events may have been mixed and matched. For example Attilla the Hun, and Alaric are almost definitely the same person, doing the same thing, 44 years apart, and the discrepancy is due to the 44 year difference between the Caesar and AD style dating. The original documents to do with Alaric was said to read from right to left and Alaric backwords is thought to spell out the name for King in the Huns language. This is an example of an honest mistake but in the middle of all this some authentic deception no doubt went on. The idea of Charlemagne uniting a big chunk of Europe, only to have it all split up again by way of non-dynastic sharing out of land between three grandsons …. this is not a credible story.



    The anti-gravity effect of forcing two magnets together and then dropping the resulting weight ….. Now notice how this important finding has been ignored? The moratorium on developing a better understanding of gravity is very powerful. Gravity is definitely an oligarchical secret.

    Meanwhile the Max Plank institute for gravitational research does everything it can not to actually investigate gravity. This is a Jew thing.


  6. When you have a great deal of torso conditioning (supposing you are not generally out of shape) its not something that people can put their finger on precisely. When I first saw a 13 year old Ian Thorpe at the national age group champs he certainly had it. We were all trying to make sense of this kid whose times were better than everyone in the next two age divisions above him (with the exception of breast-stroke).

    Its hard to spot. Hard to put your finger on. Bruce Lee had it. A very skinny little guy. Great torso conditioning doesn’t seem to require a lot of extra muscle-weight. Often the presence of this type of conditioning just comes across as Charisma.

    Check out Charles Bronson in this short clip. Its a kind of conditioning that grabs you even though here he’s a pretty skinny fellow.

    Torso conditioning can be hard to spot directly.

    So it often tends to manifest indirectly as charisma.


  7. From about the mid-sixties, until 1994 … New York city for example, decided not to practice normal policing policies. At the same time as Nixons war on drugs was introducing draconian punishments for minor indulgences, simple acts of intimidation were not being dealt with, and a pandemic of “muggings” turned out to be the new normal. So as a prelude to this society winding up re-enslaving a great chunk of the black population, via the penal system, the rule of the jungle was allowed to break free in accordance to what city block you happened to be in. Matters could be peaceful in one area and yet a quarter mile away you could be in grave danger at any time.

    I believe this to have all been contrived. The solution came in the form of Rudy Giuliani in 1994. He applied straight common sense to the situation, and got good results pretty much immediately. But by then the nationwide damage was done and the United States had settled in on sentencing procedures that sent black men away to jail any chance that could be had.

    Twenty years or so before the manufactured hero Giuliani, became mayor of New York City ……… Michael Winner directed Charles Bronson in “Death Wish.” Here the Bronson character provided the deterrence that the police had been directed to withdraw. His character started baiting and murdering muggers to the point where muggers were afraid to go out at night.

    But in the sequel the character of Paul Kersey was in no way so indiscriminate. Winner gave him a photographic memory, so that this time he could take down only people who had legitimately wronged him. He convincingly persuades the police that he had no chance of identification, but this was really just a ruse in order to allow him to pursue a peace of his own choosing, with the flotsam and jetsam that had wandered across his path.

    As the shortness of this following clip suggests, Winner put some icing on the cake with a tiny scene where Kersey is supposed to be on some sort of bereavement leave. But what is really going on is the architect is preparing himself, both mentally and physically, for socially remedial action to be taken, as a ramification pursuant to the maltreatment of a daughter.

    But excellence in social policy would preclude an honest man from ever having to take matters that far.

    A Quarter Of A Century Passes. Bronson Still Looks Good Chopping Wood.

    Knees And Other Joints May Go Bad. But Torso Training Tends To Stay With You.


  8. A scene which establishes Paul Kerseys arch-nemesis as a supremely gifted, if not almost superhuman, natural athlete.

    When Bronson later shows up to assassinate this fellow he quickly turns the table on Bronson. And all would have been lost due to the age difference. Until Bronson delivers perhaps the most convincing left hook that an actor in his sixties has ever seen fit to pull off in movie history. Clearly the old mans knees and other joints aren’t really up to it. But this left hook is generated from the torso, and seems to come out of a clear blue sky. Its enough to buy the character a bit of time until sheer good luck intervenes.

    Extreme physical capability is mostly a torso phenomenon.


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    But sometimes it can get you out of trouble as well.


  10. Business can be global but there ought not be non-market forces, or forces that run counter to effectiveness, that are non-local. If local business can do the job that is a good thing.

    Though this number was recorded by former session musician drummer Paul Humphrey, in the early 70’s … We bought it from my aunties husbands brother right in the small town where I lived. I was maybe 8 or 9 but I have been pleased with this one ever since.

    As a matter of fact we never did buy it. Monty Knight (who went on to become mayor of Kaitaia) gave us the song for free if I am not mistaken. A lot of good business ought to be family business or close to it.


  11. We started off getting paid twice our age plus ten cents a week as our allowance. Back then there wasn’t inflation ….. Inflation was due to kick in two years later. I couldn’t wait until I was 50. But then we moved to the farm and helping milk the cows bumped our allowance up to a dollar a week. So I was able to show up at Monty’s disc-in and buy my own record choices. It turned out to be Diamond Dogs. Monty steered me away from that and tried to get me to buy “The Streak.” So I split the difference and bought them both.

    Some people are wrong-footed and butthurt at David Bowie faking his death.

    I don’t hold any grudge because I bought Diamond Dogs for about $8.99 in about 75 and I’ve totally ripped him off by getting undue benefit from this 33 record for a couple of decades thereafter.


  12. Architect Paul Kersey gets reincarnated as an emergency trauma surgeon.

    What a pity that Jew feminism didn’t give the less reasonable sub-sector of the poorer classes both a mother and a father to bring them up right. At the age of two kids are savages. If they aren’t shown the right way at that age then Paul Kersey going to have to sort them out when they get a bit older.

    Vincent D’Onofrio usually makes me sea-sick though I recognise his acting skills. But here he is restrained as Uncle Frank and so his talent is well-used in this show.


  13. It can be hard to convince people that our banks loaning money for non-wealth-creating undertakings is choking off our exports. Our current crop of economists have been taught that we are in a kind of post-exports phase. Manufacturing doesn’t matter in this view, and probably it would be better if we outsourced it all to the Africans.

    You export more than you import when you lend overseas more than you borrow. Our guys are not capable of lending a great deal overseas if they are all up to their eyeballs in mortgages. So if our businesses are not borrowing from local guys who are saving, they will end up getting their funds indirectly overseas.

    Here we see a graph where American capital flows are mirroring its export crisis. The fellow that I got this graph from thinks this is a great triumph in policy. LIke a rich country is supposed to be sucking in funds from poorer overseas countries. Well yes I suppose it is. But it ought to be providing at least as much and more for internal and overseas use. Included in borrowing money overseas, as part of the same crisis, is foreigners buying up all our local strategic goods. Like the Chinese doing double duty by buying up our mines and dairy farms, which allows it to have agents of influence on the ground.

    The Americans were natural net exporters and its taken serial policy idiocy to make things otherwise. Starting with running wars overseas that you aren’t interested in winning in the 50’s and 60’s and yet still the US tended to be a net exporter. The real killer was when Kissinger sorted this deal out where all these oil people could pull up the prices sky high just so long as in the first instance the extra funds were always banked in these Jew and Rockefeller banks in New York. This permanently overvalued the US dollar. This deal started drying up the monetary base in regional areas and kept a structurally imbedded flow of monetary base towards New York, so it cuts off financing of local small business at the knees. After that there was an endless series of federal deficit spending. And then the various financial bubbles the Fed caused by way of putting their focus on consumer price inflation, rather than asset inflation.

    Since these deficits are not any kind of natural occurrence of the free market, but are contrived by bad policy, their continuation must lead to the impoverishment and destruction of the United States. President Trumps exhortation of bigshot CEO’s to provide jobs has been amazing and good to watch. But a bit like seeing someone fighting with a broken arm. Impressive but not so effective. You see the Trump influence on the graph but its in the context of depression era unemployment. Not the 3.8% that they are lying about right now.

    If you take policy idiocy out of the picture, the United States would naturally be both a net exporter of loanable funds and a net exporter of manufactured goods. Look at the graph. See how it hit a position of balance in 1991. With all policy mitigating against such a balance, thats a minor miracle.


  14. Can we not get rid of this horrific royal family and nominate a new Australian King? How will we choose our king?

    I wouldn’t want Costello for King. But he’s the last person with an unsullied track record of surplus budgets. Maybe he could be regent until we can figure out who ought to be King.


  15. I will choose to use the best picture I can find of the future King, 2nd in line to the throne. He was a good-looking German-Jewish boy. But he cannot be thought to be our legitimate sovereign. And in passing I should mention that he has not weathered well.

    Here is a photo of another of Jimmy Goldsmiths grandsons:

    I have heard it rumoured that Jimmy Goldsmith may have been secret numero uno of the international oligarchy at one stage. Even as he was throwing a feint by way of running a political campaign against Britain throwing its lot in with Brussels. If so his leadership would be the only time period in which we can be happy with illuminati policy. As soon as he died or was killed, his daughter Diana was slaughtered really just weeks later. And pretty much from that time onward international administration has been farcical. But even though Jimmy was quite loveable we cannot take seriously a royal family that has been polluted by his Jew genes. Furthermore the Goldsmith family were neighbours to the original Rothschilds. He might be seen as from the bastard Rothschild wing. We need a new royal family for Australia. The Jew infiltration of the British aristocratic gene pool probably goes back a long way. But Prince William was believed to have broken glasses on his wedding day. Which is a Jew ritual to do with murdering gentiles.


  16. Very grateful that Reagan took a humanitarian warfare approach against the Moscow elite, or else all our good good friends that were behind the iron curtain, would have been damaged. Now these people are the allies of those who aspire to be free, as they stick up for Western values, against the current menace of weaponised immigration.

    Check this completely evil bitch who works for the BBC. What do we know about her? Why is she pushing the campaign of weaponised immigration? Why is she so strident about it? Well lets check her evil ass out:

    “From a Jewish family, Emily Maitlis is the daughter of Professor Peter Maitlis, FRS, Emeritus Professor of Inorganic Chemistry at the University of Sheffield, and Marion Maitlis. She is married to Mark Gwynne, an investment manager, whom she has referred to as “my Catholic boy”. They have two children.[5][6]”

    She is a Jew. She is one of these Marxists who talks about everything else BUT increasing the tax free threshold for poor workers. I can predict that without any investigation.


  17. This is how a Jew operates under oath. Now why should we have to put up with this bullshit? There is no reason for this. We can dig these people out, when we know for a fact they are a problem.

    Jews Nadler and Rosenstein two of the degenerates getting in the way here.


  18. I would have been understanding about his behaviour in the early years of the 30 years war. Simply because proxy war saves the lives of ones own soldiers. I doubt if thats where his head was really at. I hate a turncoat and as a Catholic, if he didn’t feel he could help his fellow catholics in desperate need, he could have taken the opportunity to invest in security, and “sit this one out.”

    Like it or not every Jew and his Momma now takes their queue from Cardinal Richelieu. The Jews seek their own success by way of degrading the nations around them. There had to be a better way and later on I will discuss what options the Cardinal had, supposing if he woke up one morning a righteous white man.


  19. The Jews seek their own success in the degradation, discrediting, demoralisation, shaming, and loss of hope in the people that surround them. So should a leader show up who looks to be benevolent and popular, inbred troglodytes with horrific nasal qualities at birth will be working around the clock to find an excuse to murder him

    The Israelis took out Rafiq Hariri with a micro-nuke. He had never hurt any of them. Never hurt a Jew ever and never wanted to. But from a Jews point of view, this is not the point of the exercise.

    The crater was five metres deep so the reports said. The pictures look five metres wide rather than deep but its possible that if you took out the water and a lot of loose debris that might have gone up in the air and then landed in the crater, it could be 5 metres deep. Or that could be a reporting mistake.

    But in any case a serious crater is impossible with a conventional truck bomb. Bomb experts saw the crater and the initial reports were that the bomb had been planted a long time ago under the ground as part of the road-works. Since a crater of any serious size, by conventional explosives was not possible any other way. Thereafter we saw a lot of smoke-blowing. We heard there were half a dozen Aussies who didn’t have luggage and their seats tested positive for TNT. But when our authorities checked these guys out, they had luggage, there was TNT traces on the seats, but not on these guys, and for some reason it was very hard to find out what airline they flew home from Beirut with.

    Our guys called bullshit, that is to say they absolved the alleged suspects, but then we would want to know who had access to put traces of TNT on the seats? We saw early on everyone and his momma blaming Syria, when the attitude ought to have been that we didn’t know who it was and how can we explain such a big crater? Later they said it was Hezbollah that was to blame …. which leads us to ask, that being the case, what was the compulsion to blame Syria all about and how did these Aussies get framed up?

    When you get to that level of smoke-blowing then you may as well take the nearest Jew out the back and shoot him, because it becomes very obvious who did it. And that the media plays along monolithically gives the entire game away.


  20. Isn’t she wonderful? And what great tits she has. This is what our scientists had to put up with a century ago when these racist Jew partisans reached out to take over physics and cosmology. They were there trying to convince us that their sterile inbred troglodyte brains were so much more fantastic than what any other gene pool could hope to produce. And look at her fantastic tits???

    She is so fucking wonderful. She is a Jew don’t you know. Yes she is. She is the most cited Jew in the world, when it comes to a situation where you demand proof for the idea, that energy and/or matter is conserved. If you demand evidence for that particular piece of mindlessly wrong dogma, nine times out of ten you will be referred to Emmy Noether and her fantastic breasts.

    That energy and matter CANNOT be conserved, and that we already know that they are not conserved, is neither here nor there. If you demand proof, or yay even evidence, that energy and/or matter is conserved you will be referred to this girl (isn’t she just so fucking wonderful) and her magnificent tits. This is who these troglodytes are. Logic does not matter. You see one of the tribe had a mathematical argument, 100+ years ago, for some ludicrous claim …. well thats all that matters because Jews are so special. Chosen-ones in fact.


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