The Human Rights Outrage In Yemen; First Impressions.

Chewing the Khat in the Yemen. Helps with intellectual discussions.

Thats a problem to these inbred troglodytes to their North. That their southern neighbours would be more intellectual than them.  Having southerners chewing the Khat and philosophising as a matter of national habit.  No doubt much of the discussion is going to turn to what completely useless cunts the family Saud are, and so the Sauds are going to hate the people of Yemen, who were on to them right from the start.
The Sister Sledge is not with us but we still have the family Saud. Fucking mens dress-up club, affecting to be royals, and actually suspected crypto-Jews.

But the problem in Yemen is not only about this horrible family of inbreeds,  damaging their intellectual betters to their South. We hear rumours of American and Israeli special forces hanging out in the mountains and directing things. What we don’t hear in this story, is the immense resource richness of Yemen. And the reality that the Yemen leadership were, for decades, resistant to locking themselves into contracts with foreigners. In the face of the Anglo-American elites monolithic deal-making the Yemen leadership wanted to keep their sovereignty, and not commit to the restrictions of all these contracts.

Affecting to be representatives of free enterprise, in reality the Anglo-American Imperium gave no third and fourth options. Whereas any country ought to be able to import consultants, and buy technological expertise, without selling their soul, their nation, their independence,  or their future ‘room-to-move.’

Why should we condemn this national and familial pride as hateful to the free society?After all,  who is it in the spiritual world,  who shows up with parchment, contract and quill?

Sign the deal baby

Its all good

The Sister Sledge no longer performs (more is the pity) but the family Saud goes on. Those boys are well-known for their un-Islamic lifestyles,  and its clear they need to get closer to Allah

I want the family Saud to get closer to Allah. I long to send them to a place closer to Allah. I want to send them to a place closer to Allah, but not a whole lot further away from Chop-Chop Square. They need to be sent to the other-world, and not too far from Chop-Chop Square, on account of what they have done to women and children in Yemen. Violence against these cousie-bros can only amortise matters, so that they may be forgiven for their many crimes prior. We have seen worse parasites then these people. But its often hard to remember when.

I am no longer a militant. But there are those that upset you so much. That in a bad mood you could dream of teaming up with the ghost of Andrew Jackson and the special forces, and just killing them all.

That aint no way to treat a lady. Maybe its better to just erase this clan, and blot out their memory. Or I would think so if I didn’t know that our own oligarchal/international-Judean-leadership, was even worse.

25 thoughts on “The Human Rights Outrage In Yemen; First Impressions.

  1. I had been wavering between the dating of the pole shift. Was the pole shift associated with the bronze age collapse? Or with the Quaternary extinction event? In the end I came down on the side of the pole shift being recent. With the Bronze Age collapse.

    This fellow Rand Flem Ath has me swinging back towards the Quaternary extinction event. I suppose if I was a pro archeologist or geologist I could verify which one was the best idea. Actual professionals face professional taboos so powerful as to not let them think straight about some things.

    One reason I didn’t think that the Quaternary extinction could lead to a pole shift is that it is associated with the same central galactic impulse which led to the Vela Supernova. But almost in passing Rand mentions a theory by someone called Friedman of Florida, that crustal displacement could be a result of such an impulse temporarily heating the so-called asthenosphere. What is important here is the idea that the region just below the crust could go from being like tar to being more slippery. So that if this is coincident with an imbalance due to the buildup of ice, you could get slippage. Rand says that the pole moved about 2000 miles. When I looked into it many years ago it looked to me that the old South Pole was maybe that distance from the current one. But pretty much in the direction of Perth Australia. I had heard about the crustal displacement story but was unconvinced, and I didn’t make any connection to how the Vela supernova could have been coincident with that story. But maybe these guys have come up with not such a bad link.

    When I looked into the pole shift subject, the Göbekli Tepe finding hadn’t become generally known. At least it had not reached me. I find Rands explanation of the spread of agriculture, and particularly with reference to Gobekli Tepe, really quite good. I will probably still waver between these alternatives but this is very interesting now that we may have an enhanced mechanism for this slippage. Prior to this idea, the only way I could see a pole shift happening was a close-passing comet.


  2. Here is a link to Jarred Freedman’s (not Friedmans) theory of solar typhoons that would lead to crustal displacement. I don’t really know what to make of it since I have no way to estimate where that extra electrical energy would wind up. Of course we know that these solar outbursts lead to volcanic activity and earthquakes. But that is in the crust. If this fellow has terrific electrical understanding perhaps he has better insight into these matters.


  3. A pole shift is in keeping with the mystery of the invasion of the sea peoples. People cannot make sense of this invasion but consider what happens with a shift in the poles. What you get is a shift in ecological niches. Some tropical areas, become temperate. Some temperate areas become polar. Some polar areas become temperate. And so forth. The only areas with a written record that can possibly grow food to their former extent, with the seeds in place, are those areas that were temperate in the Southern Hemisphere, and now have become temperate in the Northern hemisphere. Since everywhere else is starving. So you are going to get a lot of desperate people pushing over each-other like dominoes. It will be a real Kamikaze mission, loading up all their families as well. Inadequate preparation, but knocking over the other civilisations by sheer weight of numbers. It must have been a real nightmare. In the scenario I have just outlined the attrition rates for the sea peoples will be much higher than for the civilisations that they took down.

    The sea people invasions were part of the series of disasters that took down all the North African and Mediterranean civilisations, except for Egypt. But things may have been even tougher for them and where they came from.


  4. Scored this one off Jason Soons twitter account. Great format. Ron Paul Institute putting out 5 issues in 5 minutes. Very interesting take on issues and not anything like the lock-step fibbertarian goose-stepping you would get from Jew central. The big news is that Nassim Taleb will be speaking at the Ron Paul institute. Two class acts coming together.


  5. A society that doesn’t build terraces doesn’t take itself seriously.

    Any libertarian setup that didn’t spontaneously lead to investment in terraces doesn’t have their policy settings right. We can never consider ourselves a grown-up and sane society without terraced agriculture.


  6. What is it about our particular legal, monetary, tax and banking setup that is so flawed that we appear incapable of investing in terraces?

    The Austrian school hasn’t really come up with a good answer. The Cato Institute version of libertarianism would be too stupid to understand the question.


  7. The totality of arable land can be continually increased by way of excavating crater gardens. But what institutional taxation, legal, money and banking changes would make such undertakings almost standard?


  8. Bankers were banned from the Bretton Woods negotiations. Which is why it was a terrific success.

    A rare bird. Leftist economic realist. Great ideas in many parts of this talk.


  9. Absolute masterpiece song. Appeals on two levels. Base sexual fantasies like those an emperor might have about putting together a United Nations harem and riding a new girl, her race age and body type, in accordance to ones mood on any given day-segment. But also there is the idea of peace and idealism in times of trouble. And just general fair play. The Australian fair go. So the song ought to have almost universal appeal.


  10. But in any fair analysis the race-mixing, that the fractional reserve banking menace has caused has been way too fast. It was the fractional reserve menace that lead to the Venetian, English and American Empires and I here speak only of the naval side of things. So miscegenation has gone ahead so much faster than any fair non-fractional reserve setup could have ever dreamed about in a nightmare or otherwise.

    So lets be a bit open-minded when we see critiques of the sort in the animation below. We need economy in government. But the poxy libertarian ideology in the hands of the Jews and the oligarchs is just psychological warfare to disarm people and prevent even the most ethical and low-key remedial action.


  11. What an absolute class act BLUE MINK were. And yet we have almost forgotten them!!!

    You might be thinking that this is only average. But if you hear the recorded version it is a just such a find composition that perhaps is not being revealed by this live version.


  12. Just in case you guys think my song appreciation has lapsed I have to remind you of this beauty. Not just a riot of brass and musicianship. Not just a masterpiece. But a VISION OF A BETTER WORLD. This is the BETTER TOMORROW PART II, that I am promising you, and I swear that I will not let you down. This is how the world should be. I need to wage a centuries long, low-key war. See Gandalf walking on foot across the fields? One century to the next?

    Walking walking walking walking.

    Will it take me three centuries? Thirteen? Thirty-three? I don’t know. But I will take you there. On foot.

    If You Should See …. A Red Dog Running Free …

    …. Well You’ll Know He’s Mine.


  13. I don’t buy the papers but I saw one and there was good news. Elle Machpherson fucking a true modern hero. Wakefield. Still alive despite the oligarchical/Jew lies directed against him. But there was something else? What was it?


  14. People have a hard time believing that planning for the incendiary bombing (or holocaust or burnt offering) of gentile women and children could be centuries in the planning. The idea of Jews murdering tens of millions of Northern Europeans and then providing a Jew-reversal holocaust story ….. These sorts of ideas are not made on the spur of the moment.

    From the anglo-elites point of view, the decision to damage the German population was made somewhere in the mid 1880’s. But Jewish elite plots to exterminate Indo-Europeans (eg. The Hittites) are of a more mature vintage.


  15. Proto-Indo-European speakers.

    “The Yamna people or Yamnaya culture (traditionally known as the Pit Grave culture or Ochre Grave culture) was a late Copper Age to early Bronze Age culture of the region between the Southern Bug, Dniester and Ural rivers (the Pontic steppe), dating to 3300–2600 BC.[2] The Yamna culture is identified with the late Proto-Indo-Europeans, and is the strongest candidate for the Urheimat (homeland) of the Proto-Indo-European language.”

    You have to get pretty sick before you die. But at a stretch this Yamna fellow could easily be one of us I suppose. “Survive the Jive” reckons that DNA studies are only really worthy from about 2010 on and even better from 2014 on. Previous ideas based on haplogroups, for example that the British Isles descendants were basically Basques …. these ideas are no longer panning out.


  16. Another idea that isn’t quite panning out is the idea that the recent pole shift happened during the bronze age collapse. The evidence is piling up for the competing hypothesis that it happened in association with the quaternary extinction event. I took a long time to swing back to this. The reason being that I could not see how you could have a pole shift without a close-passing comet. And Velikovsky had associated the Venus comet with the bronze age collapse. Whereas the Quaternary extinction event(s) are associated with the central galactic impulse that lead to a string of supernovae. And the first Supernovae that effected us … that is to say the Vella supernova. Now apparently these impulses can make the material below the earths crust temporarily slippery. So that built up ice-created imbalances can be “corrected” so to speak.

    This has absolutely astonishing implications. Very exciting. Anyway when the north pole shifted from the Hudson Bay area, to where it is now, our ancestors at the current pole and in Siberia had to hot foot it out of the area in a great big hurry. It was a real scramble but many if not most of them must have survived. Because everyone whose ancestors are in Eurasia, North and South America, have ancestors amongst the people who had to scramble. How about that hey? We are cousins with the Han Chinese and American Indians even. Not with a common ancestor 12000 years ago. Not quite like that. But people who had to scramble …. None of us from Eurasia or the Americans lack for one of these guys as an ancestor. See the video for a better understanding.

    But there are way more implications to realising the true time of the pole shift. We can now date the pyramids for example. So the next thread practically writes itself.


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