Cascade Of Implications From New Understanding Of When The Recent Pole Shift Was.

Proto-Indo-European speakers.

“The Yamna people or Yamnaya culture (traditionally known as the Pit Grave culture or Ochre Grave culture) was a late Copper Age to early Bronze Age culture of the region between the Southern Bug, Dniester and Ural rivers (the Pontic steppe), dating to 3300–2600 BC.[2] The Yamna culture is identified with the late Proto-Indo-Europeans, and is the strongest candidate for the Urheimat (homeland) of the Proto-Indo-European language.”

You have to get pretty sick before you die. But at a stretch this Yamna fellow could easily be one of us I suppose. “Survive the Jive” reckons that DNA studies are only really worthy from about 2010 on and even better from 2014 on. Previous ideas based on haplogroups, for example that the British Isles descendants were basically Basques …. these ideas are no longer panning out.


Another idea that isn’t quite panning out is the idea that the recent pole shift happened during the bronze age collapse. The evidence is piling up for the competing hypothesis that it happened in association with the quaternary extinction event. I took a long time to swing back to this. The reason being that I could not see how you could have a pole shift without a close-passing comet. And Velikovsky had associated the Venus comet with the bronze age collapse. Whereas the Quaternary extinction event(s) are associated with the central galactic impulse that lead to a string of supernovae. And the first Supernovae that effected us … that is to say the Vella supernova. Now apparently these impulses can make the material below the earths crust temporarily slippery. So that built up ice-created imbalances can be “corrected” so to speak.

This has absolutely astonishing implications. Very exciting. Anyway when the north pole shifted from the Hudson Bay area, to where it is now, our ancestors at the current pole and in Siberia had to hot foot it out of the area in a great big hurry. It was a real scramble but many if not most of them must have survived. Because everyone whose ancestors are in Eurasia, North and South America, have ancestors amongst the people who had to scramble. How about that hey? We are cousins with the Han Chinese and American Indians even. Not with a common ancestor 12000 years ago. Not quite like that. But people who had to scramble …. None of us from Eurasia or the Americans lack for one of these guys as an ancestor. See the video for a better understanding. So me and Soon are brothers from another mother.  Or at least cousins maybe 20, 000 years removed or less according to some frozen fellows found around the Siberia area.

But there are way more implications to realising the true time of the pole shift. We can now date the pyramids for example. So this thread is practically going to write itself.



Hate that when I forget what I was going to write about.

10 thoughts on “Cascade Of Implications From New Understanding Of When The Recent Pole Shift Was.

  1. Everyone and his Momma wants to think he’s an unreconstructed original Indo-European. They came from the Pontic-Caspian Steppe. The only way is to go there and walk around and see if you feel you belong ha ha. Anyway there is a party going on and I’m not sure yet if I’m invited.


  2. Ancient Persians, Hittites, and Philistines; All Indo-European speakers. They all get a bad wrap in the Bible and are subject to pretty terrible persecution by these Hebrews hey? I think we are getting the picture Hymie. You hate us all right?


  3. Jews fantasising about one of their guys killing one thousand Indo-European types armed only with the jawbone of an ass.

    Yeah you hook-noses WISH. What is really going on is these Jews are assholes who Jaw-bone us with a lot of donkey-talk until we kill each-other. So you’d have to say the story was cryptic and deeply symbolic.

    Cryptic but not THAT cryptic. Actually pretty direct. Jawbone of an ass. There they were laughing at us all this time.


  4. Our guys swept all before them for hundreds of years. But I don’t see us as being superior because it doesn’t last. There is a lot of push-back and failure after we run amok for awhile. Actually the Indus Valley Harrapans, who were there before the Aryan invasion ….. seem to have been more impressive in many ways. Really amazing and with good hygiene. Not crazed nomadic killers like our blokes. Very civilised and they must have been hugely intelligent. The Chinese are very impressive. Patient. They’ll wait us out. Even if we take over for short periods of time …. So what. They are there before and after. So even though its a big party that everyone wants to claim as their own, any claims to general superiority are pretty invalid. At least compared to some other notables.


  5. Thinking about how the Aryans managed to beat most people up? One fellow came up with the idea that it was an adaption to drinking milk. I think the genetic evidence shows this innovation. So its horse milk. Thats a pretty fantastic military combination right there. Transport, weapons-package and nutrition all in the same combo. Simplifies logistics one would think. All you need is love. No all you need is grass. And there is three fifths of your logistics taken care of. Were some of their clothes also made from horses hides? Anyway with that head start any unwalled or previously damaged settlements would have been in trouble. Reliance on the horse would also be motivation for roaming far afield and stealing everything. The horse requires a lot of land and every so often your grass will run out. So why not go forth with your fellows on the look for more grass and plunder?

    A pretty good theory.


  6. Thanks for that. I mean I think its a very good initiative. Creating wealth to enhance their soft power, is so much better than the Americans going around killing everyone. So that side of Chinese foreign policy is about as enlightened as they can get. But the Dr is right to push back in his area. Because in South East Asia the Chinese have been throwing their weight around. And so the rest of us can wish the Chinese well around the world, but push back hard in our area.


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