86 thoughts on “Dummy Thread

  1. This fellow ripped apart Simon Schama in a public debate. Horrible fellow Schama. Glib Jew following lock-step the tribal Jew line of blaming Muslims for terrorism, yet demanding that we flood Aryan nations with them. Ghastly, smug and full-of-shit Jew. That combination is an unacceptable one for any Jew to advocate and I would toss them out of the country for such treason. If you believe Muslims are the terrorists then you cannot accept accelerated immigration for them and not be a traitor.

    Anyway, our man absolutely pummelled this Jew Quisling onstage. But that debate may have been only our mans second-best performance available on youtube. This fellow can think on his feet so well, that he can effortlessly host Jim Morrisons radio show, whenever Jim wants to take a rest. And our man just sits down, starts talking, and does a better job then the former front man for THE DOORS could ever do. Even though Jim, as Rush Limbaugh, is the highest paid radio guy in the country.


  2. Everything is grist to this fellows mill. It strikes me as a bit spooky how his later output parallels some of my concerns when I was on Catallaxy. Of course all my output was wiped and vandalised, by the Jew who took over the site. But our man is suspicious, because he’s like me when I was a conservative (rather than my new iteration as a conspiracy guy) but with an whole team of spooks working for me. He does the things I could do if I had ten salaried guys working for me and could focus on reading books, and honing my live performance. I can do a first draft of all this stuff just out of insomnia and type it up at Catallaxy in 2005 (only to have a Jew wipe it all.) But this fellow has all the follow-through, no matter what the subject is.


  3. This is our mans most amazing performance. Because it came when most of the rest of us were still side-swiped by the multi-culti ideology. At the time I was with John Howard and saying that I believed in multi-ethnicity. I was a fervent supporter of miscegenation. But I could not accept this multi-culturalism. But it was so hard to criticise the multi-culti schtick, even if you didn’t give a fuck about dumb-leftists calling you a nazi. I would explain that I was “as bigoted as I want to be” but back then I was still firmly in favour of race-mixing. But I was also a pro-Athenian post-Aquinas Christian intellectual heritage cultural bigot. Lets steal all their maidens, and bring the cream of the crop of the men. Still my approach but now in the context of a decades long extreme slow-down in immigration until we find our feet and get back in charge of our sovereignty. But no matter what, I was a bigot in favour of a culture of Athenian reason. You could be from Somalia for sure, but you ought to be a fan of the Athenians.

    So there was not back then a very articulate critique of the multi-cultural meme. And then our man comes up with this performance, seemingly out of a clear blue sky:


  4. Something a little bit funny about Prime Minister John Gorton’s nose isn’t there?

    It gets more suspicious with each additional photo but I didn’t get a profile like I did with the Jew Stalin. John was born out of wedlock and the circumstances of his birth were forged, lied about and ultimately mysterious. Why would anyone go to such trouble? Forging birth certificates wasn’t an everyday thing to do in the Southern Hemisphere a century ago.


  5. Look at the nose on this orphan. He was Prime Minister for less than 30 days so we cannot really read too much into it. But another fellow with a bit of a strange childhood. Which is asking for someone outside the family to have a bit too much influence over you.


  6. Prime Minister William McMahon.

    This nose thing is really getting out of hand. This fellow had inherited money but also a bit of a mixed up childhood. Basically orphaned pretty early on but his extended family was rich.

    Well what is the point of all this? Its about the first of two coups in Australia in pretty quick succession. A Prime Minister taken out via assassination one year. And a few years later another one taken down by various manipulations not excluding blackmail of a Governor General.


  7. The Jews/oligarchs assassinated a sitting Prime Minister and we have chosen to sweep it under the carpet.

    But what was it about Holt that the Jews/oligarchs could not abide? What was so much more acceptable about all those fellows above? With their somewhat disturbed or shady beginnings? “50th anniversary of Harold Holt’s disappearance” Disappearance? Come on. Does this fellow look like he is going to drown in a hurry? He’s the top dog on a continent. Its a danger to our countries survival unless we treat it as an assassination until proven otherwise.


  8. Jack Black showed up at Bilderberg in 2016

    All this oligarchical influence clogs up our movie watching enjoyment. It used to be that you had to be good-looking to get in a movie. Now we watch movies and its like you are stuck in a synagogue.


  9. From his time as a bigshot in the American occupying force in Germany ….. and decade in decade out after that, this Jew was so often at the scene of the crime when hundreds of thousands of people were being slaughtered.

    Coincidence? Chris Hitchens was great at going after assholes like this. It will be a happy day when Henry dies and goes to hell.


  10. These Mongolian girls are pretty appealing. Horse riders, milk drinkers, meat eaters. It will be interesting when the full genetic picture emerges, to see if the Eastern Steppe peoples and the Pontic-Caspian Steppe peoples interbred to a very great degree. It could come out that the Mongolians are 10% Aryan or some such thing.

    This one looks a lot like one of “my nieces” (ie my ex-wifes nieces) who I watched grow up and miss very much. No doubt the Mongolians could have learned to drink horses milk on their own. But still it can be just as easy to have a great great grandmother who is Aryan. Thats one way to learn how to drink milk. Quite a likely transmission since its easier to ride that far with your herds than it is to spontaneously get a new gene going. Anyway I want to claim this one as Yamnaya descended. Who would not want to claim her under any pretence?


  11. Sardinians. Don’t look too different from the rest of us. But there are probably a lot of old-Europe genes in them.

    Old Europeans. Most likely killed, absorbed, and forced south. Maybe forced south into North Africa and the Middle East a lot of them. Too much whitey. But how might the ruling families have responded to the white plague? They could not hope to take on the Aryan menace head on. One suspects they may have gone hyper-dynastic and concentrated on infiltration, manipulation and proxy war. After all they are only manipulating us poor herders right? Ought not be too hard. Thats one reason I would want all the bigshots DNA tested so we can find out what is going on here. Seems fanciful the things I suggest, but 9/11 didn’t just happen spontaneously.


  12. Here is a fellow that is trying to explain the Aryan takeover of Europe on the basis of the plague and other factors. I am trying to explain it by way of soil development, due to bunched herding. The Alan Savoury effect. But this fellows thinking ought to be taken into account. The main point is that the phenomenon of a near complete replacement of the gene pool has to be explained. It wasn’t just happenstance.

    Nor can we explain the current gene pool change of the formerly European countries as a matter of chance. This is a form of warfare. Anti-Aryan genocide attempt. Maybe someone is holding a grudge that goes back a long way.


  13. McWhorter is or was scandalised by the amount of time colleagues were wasting on twitter. But for him podcasts are great because he can just reel them off. He took over Lexicon Valley from a couple of white liberals. Fellows that managed to make an inherently interesting topic pretty tedious. I wanted to find an example to showcase what a podcast-Master this fellow is when he’s engaged in his topic of true expertise.

    All of them involving McWhorter are good. But if its the 27th of August, then the one I could give as a first recommendation is about 15 down …. “Words For Her..”

    John McWhorter. Same age as me. Boring in interviews, but this turns out to be the fault of his lame interviewers. Endlessly fascinating in podcasts and lectures.

    Genuine authority. Class act.

    McWhorter seems to be from an Albanian and American Negro background. In the course of his linguistic studies, and as a result of his parents, he’s become this magnificent expert in songs from all time periods. He’s as good as Mark Steyn on obscure broadway songs, just for example. Seems to love all kinds of music and sometimes just for the turn of phrase. So this gets mixed in with his linguistics discussions in a way that allows you to listen to podcasts over and still get a few things done around the house. Normally I would not want to oppress anyone with anything coming out of Slate. But here I think we can make an exception.


  14. Bill Crystal is a traitor. But Mark Steyn is the most loveable limited hangout the Deep State has. Or you would think so by the way he still pretends to believe in the mainstream 9/11 story. Now Mark. All you have to do to not be branded as a traitor is to simply NOT MENTION 9/11. We both know its a Jew-dominated false flag. So just take the opportunity to not mention it if your professional life stops you from being a truther.

    I recommend people watch Mark anytime they can. Out of the commentators who refuse to face the Jewish Question, and the false flag plague, he is the best we have.


  15. Mark mentions one “Will Bunch” which he characterises as a principled lefty. Too early to tell but I went to see Will Bunch and I got a very competent historical reconstruction of the Reagan era. Neither massively against or for Reagan but just good history. Yes its true that when Ronald Reagan said “Tear Down This Wall” that speech was made in the context of very warm relations with the dictator of the Soviet Union. Nancy Reagan using all her charms.

    Its also true that Reagan would never have gotten bogged down in these wars even if he had been fooled into thinking that it was Muslim terrorism. When the Israelis nuked the Americans in Beirut, blaming it on Iran, because he couldn’t see how he could do any good, he simply pulled out. He was very cautious. Within 24 hours he had taken the Granada infiltration off the map as retaliation again the Soviet alliance. But he was never going to get locked in a situation where his guys were getting killed without a clear purpose.

    It seems that they will just kill a President or his family now, if he doesn’t play along. But if Reagan had any room to move he would not be getting involved in all this action on the ground.

    Its about long-term wars and not short-term battles. In that context you are always going to do so much better if you want to send your boys home safe to mamma first ….. and not kill many of the other peoples civilians …. second. This is why Reagan was so much more effective than other commanders.


  16. A stab to the hard part of the skull being the kill shot? Ridiculous. This is a story to get Marlowe to exit the scene, and be part of the Imperial Shakespeare play-writing project. The Venetians were having a large influence in England at that point, some people suggest. Marlowe in my story becomes one of the writers for team-Shakespeare. I like to think of Marlowe as the creator of Falstaff. I figure I can watch King Henry the IV part one and two without getting too down, and dragging my ass around the house all depressed for about three weeks. That Jewish girl Amelia might have done a lot of the hard yards for team Shakespeare, and there may have been a few other writers.

    “Amelia Bassano was born in 1569 into a family of Venetian Jews who were court musicians to Queen Elizabeth I. At about the age of thirteen, she became mistress to the fifty six-year-old Lord Hunsdon, Henry VIII’s reputed son by Mary Boleyn. As Lord Chamberlain, Hunsdon was in charge of the English theatre and would become the patron of the company that performed the Shakespearean plays.

    Amelia lived with him for a decade, during which time she also had an affair with the playwright Christopher Marlowe. When she became pregnant, Amelia was exiled from court and next surfaces as the mysterious ‘dark lady’ in Shakespeare’s sonnets. At the age of forty-two, she became the first woman to publish a book of original poetry, employing linguistic features resembling the later Shakespearean plays.”

    Yes of course the linguistic features resembled Shakespeares later plays since she was a key writer, along with her sometime lover, of Shakespeares later plays. That would be two key writers right there. The flaw in all the earlier Shakespeare conspiracies (eg, “He’s here, he’s queer, he’s Edward De Vere”) is just like the Jack The Ripper conspiracies. They are all ascribing the alternate identity to one person only. I don’t know about Roger Bacon or Edward De Vere. The only way to hide a real conspiracy is behind a lot of smoke-blowing and fake conspiracies. If the linguistic analysis points to these other people we would assume they were part of the team but I haven’t heard such a thing and in the case of Bacon it might be pure oligarchical smoke-blowing.

    The documentary considers only the idea of Marlowe faking his own death with friendly conspirators. But a man in his twenties cannot hold that sort of weight. The evidence presented in the doco clearly shows government complicity. The pub brawl turns out not to be any pub brawl on the grounds that there was no pub. It wasn’t a pub it was an agents safe house. Which is telling me I was right all along.

    You would think that this multi-level intelligence operation would be a little bit too much for innocent young Tudor England. But with the master intriguers from Venice involved, this sort of Mossad-like complexity, could be expected to dominate, from this time onward.


  17. Once these guys get a Nobel prize they can speak openly. Everyone else can be intimidated by liars and data-riggers.

    This was back in 2010. 2005-2008 I was looking for evidence for this thesis. You need an honest reconstructed CO2 record. An honest reconstructed temperature record. You need to relate the first to the second in a way that goes beyond mere correlation. When I looked into it, will all that money spend this exercise had not been done. Any attempt to so much as have a CO2 record was treated as the plague. I don’t think anything has changed in the last ten years. The dishonest graphs still continue. It was after 2008 that they started added temperatures from the ocean in order to keep the temperature record going up. Think of the crudity and childishness of such a practice.


  18. “You are dearer to me than myself, as you can plainly see”

    The communist party member often had greater fear of being ostracised by the party then being killed by Stalin. Like Socrates deciding he had to be an Athenian or just die.


  19. Part of artistry is hiding. Hiding the personality and hiding the literal. So you get snatches and connotations.

    Gonna have to straighten out your tongue,
    Its all true … Everything you heard.

    For decades the communist Jews thought they could get the working class to take up arms against the rest of society. But it turned out that your average gentile worker was akin to a Burkian conservative when it came to bloodshed. But here I think Dylan has the idea of “don’t push it.” You know eventually the people who make and build things, and those amongst them without readily high-price saleable skills … if they are getting ass-raped the entire time they will turn on these leftists, who have abandoned them, in this country at least since 2007, and fuck them over real good and proper. Once that sort of thing gets started …. its a long time starting but its a long time putting it back in the cage as well.

    The left has become “ignorant” in the ocker, Australian colloquial sense. “Ignorant” here is a term applied to a person without social graces. Only the ardent union bully-boys really did care about us in their own strange and sometimes dysfunctional way. I hated these people a great deal and now I miss them so much. Like Neil Diamond singing to an alien:

    “Come back again.
    I want you to stay next time.
    Sometimes the world aint kind
    When people get lost like you ….. and me …”

    Or as Prince said “Love aint really love until its gone” Where are all those union bully-boys and marxist frontline girls that we now miss so much???? Trying to regulate toilet time for the gender-confused?

    So those frontline union leftists had our back, but the rest of the leftists at least politely went along with the flow of that type of thinking. The left were supposed to be workers partisans. Now they have lost all social graces in this regard.


  20. The modern left are tired public servants doing exercises that lack any greater meaning than the crossword puzzles. They need to get the right spirit back.

    But this time they need to know its the banking dynasts that are the problem. And the workers paradise can only come from the sole trader paradise.

    Rand thought that Victor Hugo was the ultimate literary figure, which is going too far. He himself would never make such a claim. But he had the spirit. We need the attitude.


  21. I never knew Rob got this good. But what I do know is that the Phantom can hear these two singing to each-other. And he is not happy. He’s not happy at all. The Phantom is far from fucking happy when he overhears this cascade of heated promises.


  22. Sorry about my nasty comments about Craig. Obviously he must have developed his singing voice since we knew him from Neighbours, or else he wouldn’t have made such a good fist of things in the London theatre scene. People gave him a hard time 25 years ago, but clearly he managed to turn the tables on his critics by developing his abilities.


  23. Another great version of a song I used to post on the better world blog. Think about how deep this one mines the emotional heritage of the Americans. Drills down deep into the Christian religion and into the trauma suffered by all sides in the American civil war. Great split-screen of people in the audience being transported emotionally. I would have been just the same. I would have been no different. I would not have broken the mould at all.

    Now we all know that the former great Republic is now a banana-Empire and a complete fucking disgrace. But in 72 there was still the hope of some sort of redemption and in the Carter-Reagan years the Republic acted in a way that was almost responsible. Some folks say the Carter-Reagan years but others might suggest that they were really the years when Lady Diana Spencers’ real father, Jimmy Goldsmith, was top dog in the illuminati. Evil, parasitical and genocidal the oligarchy may be, yet there is always a chance that a human being might take charge for a short time.

    But in any case think about how this masterpiece of a song spans all sides of the civil war. The South were freaked out about John Brown. But they didn’t hate him. They didn’t disrespect him. The song is centred on the experience of a confederate soldier and his family. He’s trying to get his kid to stop crying and yet at the same time squaring with him that he will fight and die tomorrow. And that he won’t be home tomorrow or yet any day thereafter.

    Then we flip to the idea that the Jew-financed terrorist and mass-murderer, John Brown …. Well HIS TRUTH will go marching on? Interesting.

    Well I don’t think that those Jews should have financed John Brown. I don’t think that John Brown ought to have murdered those people at Harpers Ferry I think he should have murdered only the most culpable of plantation owners, who were politically active in advocating as well as practicing slavery. But even that is going to far if you have not exhausted the possibility of simply capturing a slaver (who also advocates for slavery in the long run) Capture him and whip him in the streets and humiliate him. …. murder is premature if you have not kidnapped one of these people and given him a good flogging.

    The great 19th Century theorist of liberty, Lysander Spooner, had the following advice, with regards to the slave owners. “Spare their lives but not their backs” and he said this in the context of advice to non-government activists. Since he did not believe that the Federal Government had a dog in this fight. The idea was to capture slavers, and whip them. But in the context of a campaign, in my view, the slaver would have to be more culpable than merely being a practitioner only.

    I say all this in order to make it clear that I don’t approve of John Brown. But Elvis said that “His Truth Is Marching On” Do we really doubt this? Are we in any doubt about the use of the word “TRUTH” by Elvis on this score? In fact John Browns point of view, his TRUTH, is far more defensible than so many others who were in power when the war broke out. So Elvis could hardly bring Lincoln into it. He could hardly sing “Everything Brown Did Was Moral” or anything else. He couldn’t bring anyone else into this song because we can disagree on all aspects of John Browns behaviour, and of the Norths aggression against the South, and there is many things to disagree on. But all Elvis sang was “His Truth goes marching on” And surely we can agree on the goals of John Brown, though we may deplore his methods.

    So you see this song digs into the fault lines within the America at the time, and brings forth a true masterpiece.

    John Browns Truth Goes Marching on. Terrorism can never be acceptable, unless carefully targeted at regime leadership; Both influential and culpable.

    John Browns truth goes marching on, and terrorism can never be acceptable. But that doesn’t mean that everything the terrorist said was wrong.

    They both seem to have meant well. Now that we know that Jews and oligarchs seem to control all sides of every contention …….

    …. Kind of strange that these two boys seem to hold a family resemblance.

    So I disagree with John Browns methods. Or at the very least I would have counselled a different strategy. But other people who are respectable people have a different point of view. And some of them will give you their reasons

    Whereas Jesus was sent to die for all of us, Dick Gregory said that John Brown came of his own accord to die for him. Dick Gregory says that John Brown went to Harpers Ferry to die for the black mans freedom AND HE BROUGHT HIS SONS to die also.

    Dick Gregory outlines very touching descriptions of how he personally gives tribute to the man he sees as the greatest of all Americans. I am in no position to say that Dick Gregory is wrong in any of the points that Dick Gregory makes, nor in the conclusion that he comes to. Probably Dick Gregory could win me over with a few drinks and some conversation.

    Those of you who are not familiar with Dick Gregory, I must assure you that the younger Dick Gregory comes across as a fantastically intelligent man, even if he looks like he is getting old in the youtube I posted above.


  24. The mass-murder of gentiles (in this case white Christians) by Jews. Clearly you needed the holocaust myth to be invented after this in order to invert the reality of it. As a minority the Jews could not have the rest of us understanding that it is they who want to commit genocide against us. So the holocaust myth became an absolute necessity.


  25. Lauren Southern has been outed as a probable Jew or part-Jew.

    This may throw some light on her very strange trip to Lakemba. Lakemba is not what it was 20 years ago. I am treated very well in Lakemba. Whereas in the year 2000 I would have to worry always about being surrounded by a gang of Lebanese kids. Thanks Jews for inciting Muslims worldwide in your leadup to 9/11. Yes its great things the Jews shower on us. Muslim militancy being just one of their many gifts. But I was surprised at Laurens allegation that her presence lead to a negative reaction in Lakemba. We can now suggest that this is probably embellished bullshit. She also has dealings with this Molyneux fellow. Another demi-Jew some people say.


  26. Victor talking about the terrible menace of Mossad. Talks about the structure of Mossad, and how they can do so much with so few case officers. This amounts to a good argument why we ought to cut off all diplomatic relations with Israel, and do anything we can to keep Jews out of Australia.

    Victor mentions in passing recruiting terrorists. You can let that drift, because he did not dwell on it, but the reality is that the Jews are behind terrorism. They always had been and no-one can point to a date where this policy changed. Rather pleasing paintings in the background I would say. At least to my crude uncultured eye.


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