29 thoughts on “Dummy Thread

  1. What sort of loathsome inbred dogs would take something someone said when he was drunk and upset and publicise that to the world? Why do we put up with degenerates like this?

    And yet nothing he was reported to have said deviates as adequate shorthand for the truth? So why don’t the fucking Jews clean their own house? Why not stop causing wars? Running terrorist false flags to keep wars going? Would that be too much to ask? The Jews might think that would be too much to ask but its not too much to ask. So there they are, instead of trying to reform their own behaviour, they are trying to make Mel feel like he did something wrong any chance they get. Is drinking too much and getting upset all that wrong? I suppose so. But does that complete cunt Jew have a dog in that situation?


  2. Hutton Gibson laying some home truthzzz on the Catholic Church, and the world at large. Deep in its intellectual tradition, but like a fish, the church stinks from the head.

    Hutton deals also with monetary and State versus Federal issues in a seamless criticism of usurpation and multi-dimensional theft. Zefferelli would have loved his rich stage voice.
    Something a bit fishy about this modern church.


  3. Skip the first 15 minutes. The hosts introductions are always pretty boring and pointless

    Marcion is cool. If I had religious inclinations I’d probably be in the Marcion wing of the Catholic schismatics.


  4. How did the black sea get the name “The Black Sea”?

    I don’t think there is any mystery here. The shore would have been knee-deep in cow manure during the Pontic-Caspian Steppe droughts of the Yamanya era. So where has all the cow shit gone? For we see now sand on the beaches? Would the deep manure all just have washed away? Would there still be evidence of it if you dug down below the sand? Or is the shoreline in a different place?

    Check this out:

    “According to a number of marine geologists, the Black Sea was a freshwater lake around 7,000 years ago before a rise of water in the Mediterranean Sea caused the entry of saltwater into the lake.”

    Our founding Yamanya tribe was from about 3,500-2300 BC …. Meaning that the black sea had only just begun to get salty. Which goes well with my theory that in a sustained drought all these herders would have surged down either side of the black sea. They would have had no other choice. The black sea shoreline would have became the most crowded area on earth. All these desperate people, with their large herds, would flee from certain death, and the loss of their herds. And yet in good years the Pontic-Caspian Steppe would have produced more surviving births than any place else on earth ….. if it was the result of tight mob herding leading to lush soil building.

    Catastrophic Scenes At The Ancient Black Sea

    Best To Get There Before The Others. Imagine How The Locals Felt? Best to get to the Black Sea before everyone else in a drought. But you want to be last to have to invade into the deep south. But for the locals these preferences can never work. After a few centuries, they would need to have engineered a FIFO situation. First-In-First-Out and no backtracking. If you accept all our help you are never coming back. The locals of the black sea shoreline could not have people backtracking. So the first to get to the black sea, water their stock, and sell stock for weapons, would never be allowed to travel back north again. The first guys to get to the black sea and live, would be also the first to migrate into the deep south and clash with the entrenched civilisations as the sharp end of the invasion force.

    From the locals point of view the idea is to feed these guys, buy all their stock, sell them weapons, but only deliver the silver coins and the weapons when they were at the southern-most edge of the land you controlled. Just Sell Them Weapons On Condition They Keep Moving South. An entrenched policy of “we will help you so long as you are never coming back …. So long as you keep heading South …..” After many centuries this would have become the entrenched position of the Yamanya’s southern neighbours. Themselves cousins to the Yamanya. If the Pontic-Caspian Steppe ever became settled agriculture, or the Black Sea ever got too salty to water cattle in a drought, then this human high-pressure hose, would slowly have lost its power.

    I don’t think there is any other way to explain how we captured the genome of almost all of Europe. (((Nor, just in passing, do I think we are every going to be able to explain the bronze age collapse “invasion of the Sea Peoples” without my current thesis.))) So look at the Mongols who invaded China. Probably with international and particularly Venetian banker help. Sure Genghis himself tried to impregnate anyone he could. But his hordes taken as an whole were just absorbed genetically into the larger population. Barely making a difference. But my Yamanya tribe almost completely replaced the former European population. Absorbed them into the Yamanya tribe rather than the other way around. Its very hard to see how this could be done without completely out-performing all comers in breeding capacity. Just beating people up isn’t enough to pull this off in my view. It proved enough in the Americas yes, but only because of biological warfare in the early phases. Which I take to be largely intentional in the case of the Americas, but only intentional at a secretive elite level. But either way it was the microbes who did the job in the case of the Americas. In the case of the Yamanya I think it was our sheilas producing huge surviving families.


  5. In accordance with my own view of epistemology I am supposed to have come up with three or more hypotheses to explain the data, and then rank and re-rank them as new factiods comes to my attention. I haven’t even been able to follow the scientific method in this case, because I cannot even generate another thesis. I suppose I haven’t tried hard enough. But it looks like it would be hard to try to even so much as fake up something to explain the situation any other way.


  6. Randian influenced physicist laying down some home truthzzz against the current Church of Physics. Theoretical physics is in much worse shape even than the leadership of the Catholic Church.

    Some tiresome Newton-Worship going on at first. Hopefully it picks up.


  7. That Harriman physics course is going to be a long hard slog with all that Randian and Newtonian goose-stepping. We have progress in economics. In this film many lefties are interviewed, but the editorial isn’t leftist at all. Its Pro-Classical Economics and ANTI-Neo-Classical economics. Magnificent. Doesn’t back off in its criticism of fractional reserve banking. Its pretty much as if they picked up from the old Catallaxy threads of doom that the Jew Davidson went ahead and deep-sixed after the financial collapse.

    Although they do wimp out a great deal when they get to the war on terror. They don’t point out its just Mossad and Gladio 2.0


  8. Documentary makers finally getting things right. But will this new capacity to more accurately explain reality be in time to save civilisation? I don’t think so. When I first got on the internet I thought it was just a matter of going online and explaining things clearly to people. I had no idea that there was all these mechanisms in place to keep dysfunction immortal. But still its a start. And it may improve whatever emerges after collapse.


  9. Spreading better physics by way of relentless abuse:

    The aether is partially entrained in large gravitational bodies. Only geocentrists ever expected the aether not to be that way, or visual images would be incoherent. The speed of light is not constant for all observers as is the usual claim. Its more a compromise phenomenon reflecting the partial entrainment. There is a lot of physics fraud going on here. Its not just something we can sheet off to Kant. Michelson-Morely did not come up with that result that light is the same speed independent of the observer. MM did not come up with a result that was consistent with Einsteins foolishness.

    Notice that there are very few NASA photos of space voyages BETWEEN large gravitational bodies. It may be that visual images become incoherent in regions between the planets. Also there is always a lot of mystery and controversy of whether astronauts can see stars. This controversy is what you would expect with the aether concept. NASA is a fraudulent outfit so its hard to know what the empirical data is telling us.

    As an aside how would Harriman go analysing 9/11 in front of his Jew-dominated objectivist friends. I don’t think he would go very well given that 9/11 was a Jew false flag attack. There is a point where objectivist reason breaks down entirely due to ethnic issues. But its great that Harriman is able to talk about the aether in front of all these Jews without some sort of group panic attack.


  10. Why people other than myself find it hard to think of agriculture as awesomely powerful nanotechnology. The dysfunction of post-war agriculture feeds on itself. But every good man ought to have trillions of organisms working for him.


  11. Time to start really abusive arguments with Ayn Rands more doctrinaire followers.

    Its time these guys apply their skill-set to the Jewish false flag attack on 9/11 and the Jewish Question more generally. Those three buildings didn’t come down on their own. They didn’t dissolve and blow away on the basis of two planes. Yet these guys are pretty silent on what that means for American foreign policy when we find its wall to wall Jews and Israelis behind the plot.

    I think we ought to be caring about the sole trader. I think we want a workers paradise via a sole trader paradise. This emphasis that the objectivists have on big corporates is really just soft-peddling the fractional reserve thieves, terrorists, and criminals, that run our central banking systems, in an underhanded way. The Jews are the terrorist community, and they also seem to control the international central banking thieving system. Its hard to know how true this is (Jewish control of central banking) but it seems to be true. So objectivism as currently applied is a philosophy to do with supporting the parasitical status quo. They are down on welfare recipient but don’t really crow a lot about the thieves at Goldman Sachs.

    The philosophy is set up in such a way that if it was applied to a sole trader economy, most people would agree with 95% of it. But since it seems a sly way to support fractional reserve parasites, and their big business creations, very few people can support the current application of objectivism most of the way.

    Very good discussion by Yaron on the difficulties of coming down to a clear answer when it comes to the gun issue. Not the kind of nuance we usually see from these people. Perhaps he could apply the same nuance to transitioning out of a debt-based economy where fractional reserve fiat continually misdirects loanable funds. Its not going to be easy and its not something that can be handled with libertarian-piety or objectivist piety. The Singaporeans, for example, avoided a lot of this misdirection of funds by way of socialist land ownership and socialist housing provision. Thats one way to do it. Not the best way to do it. But I don’t see the objectivists handling difficulties like this.

    Iran hasn’t been killing Americans all over the world these last 30 years. Complete nonsense. Here the Jew is blaming terrorism on Iran. Whereas terrorism is Mossad and Gladio 2.0. So what starts as an excellent talk turns out to be a bait and switch and its just another Jew leading the rest of us astray.

    If you followed my policies eventually you would wind up in an economy that would superficially look like an objectivist setup. Because as you got things working better and better the outward appearance of the economy would look as though no-one in government was minding the store. But thats only when you have success. You aren’t going to get to success with objectivist or libertarian piety because for one thing the excess land hunger combined with usury will throw things right out of kilter. When I say this I want to be quite sure that I’m not ignoring the international banking, oligarchy and elite Jew pig factor when it comes to sabotaging the good life. I don’t want to be making out that its just a structural problem with fiat currency and fractional reserve banking. But the structural problems would be there even if the oligarchy and elite Jew pigs weren’t.


  12. Who would be the least diluted Yamanya descendants today? Maybe the Ossetians? https://www.google.com.au/search?q=Ossetian+Girls&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwj05oeLgencAhWLTLwKHWINDggQ_AUICigB&biw=1881&bih=943#imgrc=_

    Some people would say that in earlier centuries Sarmatians, Scythians and Alans might fall into this camp of undiluted or less diluted Yamanya. How about Norwegians? North Swedish? These people are likely mixed with the Sami peoples. But still under the microscope they might qualify, being as you would expect less mixing off the mainland. Who knows. In twenty years time the geneticists might have answers to questions like this. Still we don’t want to get too carried away with tribal fantasies now do we? Its a bit of an unhealthy interest when it comes down to it.

    Yamanya people didn’t have much in the way of blue eyes and blonde hair. But people they mixed early on with probably did. I say this going on what has been found by way of a tiny number of preserved Yamanya bodies. So I don’t really want to be taken too seriously here on anything I’ve said. Very early days. What we know about the Yamanya, or anyones, genome, ought not go back before about 2014.


  13. Ossetian girl. I saw one forum where they were looking at Ossetians. Because these people speak an Iranian language the conclusion was that these guys must have been influenced by their neighbours. Since none of them looked Iranian. But maybe its the other way around. The thinking would be that the Indo-European types mixed with other peoples when they had gotten as far as Iran and the old Persian Empires. But the thinking might be that these Ossetians are unmixed and therefore could be closer than most to undiluted Yamanya. I myself have no knowledge either way. I would guess something closer to the latter interpretation. Not a bad looker this Ossetian.


  14. Turns out Savitri Devi was right about almost everything.

    From about 2014 when the genetic testing started coming back more clear, we ought to have dropped this Indo-European phraseology. From now on I will use the more correct term “Aryan.”


  15. I am not seeing any evidence so far, that anyone but Aryans dominated the Pontic-Caspian Steppe until after the fall of Rome.

    So check this out from Wiki:

    “Like the Scythians, Sarmatians were of a Caucasoid appearance. Sarmatian noblemen often reached 1.70–1.80 m (5 ft 7 in–5 ft 11 in) as measured from skeletons. They had sturdy bones, long hair and beards.[citation needed]
    In the late 2nd or early 3rd century AD, the Greek physician Galen declared that Sarmatians, Scythians and other northern peoples had reddish hair.[24] They are said to owe their name (Sarmatae) to it.[25]
    The Alans were a group of Sarmatian tribes, according to the Roman historian Ammianus Marcellinus. He wrote, “Nearly all the Alani are men of great stature and beauty, their hair is somewhat yellow, their eyes are frighteningly fierce”.[16]”

    That last bit is important. Since Ammianus was born in 330. So he may have said this around 370. These are all still Aryans to the North. Later the Khazars, a Turkic group, spread into that area. And Turks more generally. But until the arrival of the Huns who possibly weren’t Aryan, and Turks, who definitely weren’t Aryan…. Looks like wall to wall whitey.

    Later I’ll try and figure out when all these Turkic types started invading and rolling us back. Need to find out where their population generation is coming from. But I don’t think the earlier population pressure was there all the way up until the 5th century. That is to say if my theory of tight herding, leading to superior soils, leading to massive human fecundity ….. If this theory is correct, then the period of this fecundity, and population pressure, bearing down on Europe and West Asia …….. Well it was a very extended period of population pressure. But probably not extended to the same extreme degree (under my theory) all the way until the fall of Rome.

    Why was the pressure not directed North? Well sure it may have been to some extent. Probably fuck all people were braving the cold too far North of there. But if the rains and the grasses are good, why would you want to be anywhere else? And in a drought, you are forced to follow the Black Sea south. You have to. No other choice. And to some extent the Caspian Sea as well. Though I must look into how salty the Caspian sea would have been at the time. So the Black Sea, the Caspian Sea and the Cold of the North forces the population pressure down.

    You think this bad waste-a-whitey ride too close together?

    Barely standing room up near the Black Sea. You have to really feel for the Europeans we displaced in my view.

    So you had all this excess population pressure, and a bias towards it pressing down South. All the time. And not just during the Yamnaya period.

    Wiki has the Yamnaya culture period sorted out as between c. 3300–2600 BC. Thats only 700 years. Thats the period where proto-Aryan was being spoken, and we have to assume that the big population explosion happened around then. But not suddenly. So population pressures slowly building up sometime before then. Earlier extended population pressure. Just not as severe. How long did that population pressure last? And post Yamnaya cultures for a long time seem to have been Yamnaya descendents or cousins. The pressure was outward I think all the way until we see Turks definitely, and Huns maybe, making non-Aryan inroads for the very first time.

    So to my way of thinking the population pressure of Aryans was probably very severe from the start of the Yamnaya
    period all the way until around the end of the Greek dark ages.

    Maybe lets say the Pontic-Caspian Steppe is having maybe 8-10 kids surviving and breeding to the next generation per female … And the rest of the world in the 2-3 range. Something like that going on from about 3800 BC (A lot earlier than that … but I pick that date because its only later that the fecundity hits its peak … Extra fecundity maybe from lets say …. 4400 BC ….. But not as severe …… So I’m just squeezing the effect down to 3800 for arguments sakes) to about 800 BC … So just fucking with the rest of Eurasia … and all the way down to the Sahara … but the effect petering out a bit by the time you are to the Eastern side of the Caspian Sea. A plague of whitey that no-one has every really dreamed about before. So I’m making it at about 3000 years of high-pressure hose whitey.

    Three thousand years of high pressure hose whitey. And really when you think about it? Are not all the invasion forces disproportionately from the North? A good King and a bad King may have squabbles time to time with his Southern Neighbours right? But think of anytime prior to the Greek dark ages? Don’t you get the impression that every cunt is having persistent problems with peoples coming down from the North? I think thats the impression I get? How about you?


  16. So with population pressure coming from the Pontic-Caspian Steppe … Here we are saying that the Aryans, for 3000 years, exported more skilled horseman, of fighting age, then the rest of the world could generate. But also that with population pressure, coming from the Pontic Caspian Steppe, the Aryans exported so many people, that the fighting age men exported, and the breeding age women exported ….. would have been a pretty big chunk of the population generated of fighting age men and breeding age women in the rest of the world.
    Aryan babe circa 2500 BC

    At this age she has already had more children than you could ever aspire to.
    See this is why the Aryan story was ridiculed all the way up to about 2010. Unless you have a way to explain how they could have had so many kids ….. The story is just so implausible. But it happened. It happened at least as impressively as the Nazis would have had you believe. We swept all of the former Europeans gene pool away. Pushed them South into Africa and South Asia. Haremised their girls. Killed them and were killed by them. And absorbed them into our genome. It all comes out of what Alan Savoury found out about the effect of tight herding on soil building.


  17. And I think it comes right about now that we can begin to address the reasons for the mindless hate of the swarthy man against whitey. Here I don’t speak of the black African. But think if you were Phoenicians? Or the people who ran Egypt 5000 years ago? Or the rich Irish who may have been swamped by Whitey 3200 years ago but were wealthy enough to emigrate to North Africa in the face of the Aryan onslaught? 3000 years of Aryan overpopulation might make the descendants of the brown North Africans and the brown Europeans (who if they survived probably migrated as far south as they could) pretty much genocidal towards the Aryans. Its almost understandable when you think about it.

    There is definitely white hatred in many circles. And the same people who are genocidal towards whitey seem also to be genocidal towards the black black black man. It may be that these genocidal tendencies are coming from the descendants of those who were BROWN SOPHISTICATES AT THE TIME OF THE WHITEY POPULATION EXPLOSION. Jews and some other lunatics no doubt.


  18. Ayn Rand is almost an anagram of Aryan. As close to an anagram of Aryan as any women’s name could ever be. Look at the heroes of Ayn Rand in her two main novels? Sure she is a Jew through and through. But some part of her was an Aryan wannabe. A bit like Hitler. In sober reality a Rothschild bastard and demi-Jew. But I am sure his German nationalist side was sincere, though every Jew is Michael Corleone.

    Well if Ayn Rand is the Jew and Aryan wannabe …………… who is the REAL Aryan equivalent?

    They were born in the same year and they died in the same year. They were equally as extremist and they were similar level of intelligence.

    Their philosophy isn’t all THAT different if you scratch below the surface.

    Complements rather than competitors.


  19. Started checking out Mongolian sheilas to try and make sense of their gene pool. It seems like a lot of them are still getting around with single names. Like some of us were doing more than 1000 years ago. Weird. Well not quite. It looks like they have the other names also. But that their first names are so individualistic, that the first name appears to be enough to identify them.

    Now dig this. This chick is so awesome. So to think my ancestors were Steppe-people also, and kind of attached to their horses … But hers much more recently, mine some thousands of years of separation. The recent nature of her families attachment to the horse could not be more clear in a segment of this clip …. 24 seconds in until 36 seconds in.

    Just twelve seconds. The camerawork is amazing, and the natural affinity to the horse all the “talent” in this clip have ….. There is just no faking that. What a masterpiece. Attilas Huns would eat on horseback. They would hold meetings on horseback. You see this one time, and you are going to know that these are still natural horse people.

    She gets right back on her pony at the end of it. Like it was coming down that was the less natural thing. What a fucking sensation. Just a girl and her hoss. Pure poetry. The rest of the presentation attempts to be poetic and fails. But soon as girl and hoss unite …. I am lost.


  20. Buddha has to be considered mostly, if not wholly Whitey. Ismail I ….. whitey …. Genghis Khan? evidence too slim but a good chance of being whitey or part whitey. Attilla … unlikely to be whitey but many of his generals and the clans he rode with …. probably whitey.

    But it seems that the great Persian prophet RUMI …. was definitely whitey. Aryan.


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