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  1. The Graeme Bird Doctrine Of Temporary Genetic Superiority.

    From Elsewhere. Introducing the new notion of Temporary Genetic Superiority:

    Arnold Toynbee. His scholarship left few stones unturned. But could he really have had a handle on his subject matter?

    If he didn’t include Jew-Usury and the “Alan Savoury Effect” in the fall of civilisations … perhaps the great scholar only had half the picture.

    “Yes. I wouldn’t say I agree exactly either. But its interesting because for the mainstreams own narrative to be maintained they have to edit out a lot of data that doesn’t fit the narrative. So that to me at least the fossil record with regards to human origins is pretty mystifying. So it at least would be an interesting topic. That is to say “devolution” in the Cremo sense of the word. In my country I wonder if driving the aborigine people inland, inadvertently or otherwise … away from seafood……. One would worry about the multi-generational deleterious effect, if there is no way to get great fats, prior to pregnancy, during pregnancy and while nursing.

    There is a lady biochemist who cured herself of multiple sclerosis. I heard her say that the diet leading up towards pregnancy has an effect 7 generations down the line. I guess she is talking about rats. But it would be a massive effect if it were a 7 generation deal with humans also. I think such an effect would have historical significance. Since if herders ate all the organ meats, and not just the muscle meats, and the bone broth and so forth …. Well they could confer themselves temporary epi-genetic superiority over these settled peoples with crap soils and cereal diets and so forth. And this might help explain some things we seem to see in the historical records.”

    Oswald Spengler. You can study a subject with incredible mental power for decades.

    But if you miss two or three key ideas, you may miss the entire story. Can anyone tell me if Oswald ever brought in soil quality, in his analysis of the decline of civilisations? Brought up on the products of poor soil Oswalds intellectual descendants, may not have the mental power to build on his work

    The idea of a meat-eating habits leading a community to temporary epi-genetic superiority, might seem like a very odd idea. But this is because when the modern man thinks of eating meat, he thinks of muscle meats. Muscle meats are feeble as a source of nutrition, supposing you are in a population, that already gets too much protein. But if we are talking societies with traditional habits, of the sort where they eat all the organ meats and the bone broth, well thats an whole other story. Then it only takes a few plant-based amendments to have a very sound diet.

    The scholar Jason Reza Jorjani, contends that the Persians would get invaded by these Scythian horsemen (unreconstructed Aryan herders) from time to time, and that usually led to a reinvigoration of Persian culture. Now this is a pretty weird idea right? How can the infusion of barely educated herders, beating seven shades of shit out of everyone in the extant society, lead to cultural advancement?

    Well if diet before pregnancy, can make the offspring superior for seven generations … Now its not looking so much like a purely white supremacist “romantic” idea. Maybe its an idea that can have legs. Maybe it is.

    The “Savoury Effect” (my phrase) is key here. My take on it is that the first thing a settled society does is kill off its non-human apex predators. In the history of mankind that lays down the delayed death-blow to the civilisation, just as the civilisation is getting going.

    Without the predators affecting the behaviour of the herbivores, then the soils must deteriorate. The landscapes genetic diversity keeps falling. The populations brought up on these crap soils becomes less and less physically and mentally robust. This cannot be a forever thing and the civilisation must topple. But the Savoury effect is not something that Toynbee or Spengler had any knowledge of.

    Perfection at last.

    Joel Salatin makes money hand over fist and perhaps sees things more clearly than the above scholars due to decades of eating food with superior nutritional values. He says “A civilisation is only as good as its soil.” He may be right.


  2. One small chess piece in the orchestration of the carnage of white people, (and Japanese) in the second World War was the over-spending buffoon Churchill. Here is how the Jews got him and used him ruthlessly to slaughter the rest of us.


  3. Right well there you go. Turns out to be a grubby little Jew by the name of Marlow Stern. He is not singling out the writer and director for these slurs. But he’s hanging it all on Mel.


  4. Under my hypothesis, the over-breeding of the Aryans, where they outcompeted all other populations for surviving kids, probably continued until around the end of the Greek dark ages. So these guys could have pushed all the way down to North Africa, pushing old Europe populations ahead of them.

    As a consequence

    Though somewhat unlikely this sort of thing is not completely out of the question. I myself doubt the existence of any historical Jesus. Under this scenario the Roman Empire amounts to a 900 year old stalling tactic by old Europe. Though the original Latins were at least demi-Aryan, they immediately paired off with Sabians and then likely to a great extent Estruscans, then old Europe Italians. By the time the Romans had expanded very far their gene pool would have been fundamentally old Europe. So its like building a big series of sand-castles and moats at the beach in the hope of holding back the tide.

    Old Europe ends up in the boot of Europe, since thats as far as you can go without getting on a boat. Then they fight back as the Roman Empire. For 900 years or so. Then they are swamped. Under this scenario they really fucked up by failing to keep friendly and diplomatic relations with Old Europe/North African Carthage. They deserved to go under right there. In the face of over-populating Aryans they ought to have stayed tight with people of Phonecian heritage. You don’t follow something close to Just War Theory you deserve to perish.


  5. So I’m reading the Stern black-balling and I read this “Despite never demonstrating much in the way of genuine contrition….” This contains a link. And what do you know. It goes to another Jew slut, calling herself Amy Zimmerman, and more Jew black-balling of Mel. These troglodytes never give it a rest. Its not only me who has noticed this. They did it to Cosby and they do it to everyone who they perceive is not pushing their tribal interests.


  6. Props to Jody Foster, she has been one of the few big name celebrities who has stood by Mel all through his problems. of course props to his co star Vince Vaughn too, you know he is a Ron Paul man?


    1. Jodie was only 18 when the Bush crime network tried to kill Reagan. They drafted her in as part of the cover story. This sort of thing would have you dwelling on matters more than the next person.


  7. Sole trader free enterprise ought to be the core of any economy. But not all of society is best served by the free enterprise model. For example here is a documentary on farmed fish. Here grouping the fish leads to the farmers using pesticides. Which according to the documentary leads to a toxic product. Fishing would likely be better served by a combination of communism (setting up artificial reefs for enhanced fish-breeding) and hunter-gathering.

    The ocean has vast sunlight unlimited water and endless minerals. But it lacks productivity because of lack of habitat. The addition of habitat in the form of artificial reefs can potentially lead to an explosion of productivity.

    One can admire what these fish farmers are doing but in the long run we ought to aspire to better. Philomena actually mentioned this to me but I didn’t take it seriously at the time.

    Mummify an Alaskan on a traditional diet and you will quickly get a wrong age in a carbon dating test. His body is basically made out of Salmon. In other areas the Salmon swims upstream bringing nutrients from the ocean inland. The bear catches Salmon and leaves the remainder under the redwood, taking a well-earned shit. Sooner or later you find that the bear, the redwood, and pretty much all life is made of the salmon, judging by isotopic analysis. (Richard the thirds initial carbon dating came out too old thanks to his aristocratic high-fish diet.)

    Our job ought to be to accelerate natural systems and reap the benefit. You want food production that respects the pigness of the pig (Salatin) the chickenness of the Chicken. The fishness of the fish.

    To think that you can get healthy humans by feeding them sick chickens, pork and sick fish …. this is wishful thinking. But we can put nature under an accelerator and only be better for it.


  8. When the Aryan Wusun allied with Han China the deal was sealed by sending a young Han Chinese princess to marry an old Wusun King. So basically it would be like a Chinese beauty queen being forced to marry me.

    “My family sent me off to be married on the other side of heaven. They sent me a long way to a strange land, to the king of Wusun. A domed lodging is my dwelling place with walls of felt. Meat is my food, with fermented milk as the sauce. I live with constant thoughts of my home, my heart is full of sorrow. I wish I were a golden swan, returning to my home country.[8][31]”

    I tell my young babe to write poetry when she is having her period. She is fine the rest of the time. I give her the very best meat. With the very best fermented milk as the sauce. She’ll be fine. Give it a few months for fucksakes.


  9. Watching a Doco on the Mongol battles. The Mongols in this Doco are openly aligned with the Venetians. I would suggest that the Mongol hordes were a Venetian proxy army. The Venetians had a way to unite all these Steppe people . You pick a winner, and finance him. Since your starting position is healthy strong people, who are almost centaurs, as they are attached to their horses, but who have very little resources. Very little resources. So once you pick your winner, you can easily give him the resources, to dominate all the others.

    So Genghis was chosen, or more likely inserted. Attila probably the same. The Arab nomads, more than likely, were bribed and commanded, by Jews in nomad clobber, to unite as one weapon against Persia and Rome.

    You don’t get all these herders coming together, due to the logic of their internal interactions. There is not enough profit margin in herding, to get one group accumulating the tools, to take over all the others. It is particularly unlikely that all herders would unite, in the case of the Mongols or the Huns, since these clans and tribes were probably multi-racial. Turkish, Mongol and Aryan all three. No particular reason for them to suddenly coalesce.

    (the Venetians may have inserted a redhead into the scene as Genghis, and given him a Mongolian cover story … then had his grandson bullshit about his appearance, as follow-through).

    Earlier we saw the Arab nomadic illiterate tribes, as being organised and manipulated by Jews, just prior to the founding of their Islam. The religion and false history being as a cover story for Jew proxy war. Similar deal to how the Jews got ISIS going this decade.

    I would say that the Venetian bankers caused the Steppe people (I am assuming Turkick, Mongol and Aryan herders) to unite as a single fighting force. But anyway in the documentary the Venetians keep popping up. Old Europe these Venetians probably. They self-identified as Phoenician one time or another. Perhaps as escaped Romans sometimes. These Venetian bankers were about as evil as could be imagined. Turning harmless herders into a genocidal menace. Though they ran an excellent ship at home. They ran a good operation with regards to their own Venetian citizens. The Singapore of its time, except probably better. More visually pleasing for example. I guess you want to be looking at your own locals as a kind of Praetorian guard. Keep those guys happy. Completely fuck with the rest of Eurasia.


  10. A summary for what is required if the global warmers weren’t science frauds:

    What the-Dunning has done here is to reinsert a component of the hypothesis back into an evidence-free conclusion. The hypothesis was that the colour of CO2 was such that it should block more thermal energy radiating OUT then radiating IN. It was always a silly hypothesis, pulled out of the well of dead ideas, but what we needed to know is whether it was empirically correct. Since extra CO2 should continue to mix in the homosphere, well above where the water vapour runs out, the colour of CO2 ought to block incoming, since it can homogenise up to a level where its not being pre-empted by water vapour. For this reason my best guess, since about 2008, was that extra CO2 ought to have a slight cooling effect. I thought this should be the case unless the extra CO2 was adding to air pressure. Extra air pressure ought to increase heat retention. But thats my hypothesis. The global warming fraud has the contrary hypothesis. But here the-Dunning simply reinserts the colour of CO2 into the conclusion. He makes the hypothesis the conclusion without evidence.

    Now look here dummy. You need two things. You need an honest temperature record or reconstruction (3 proxies minimum but not tree rings) And honest CO2 record (we have Becks) or reconstruction (3 proxies minimum, no tree rings) and you need to relate one to the other by a process of human reason which goes beyond mere correlation.

    The Jews that push this fraud run a million miles from any real CO2 record. They dishonestly use the single ice proxy instead.

    Unless there is a sudden dip in CO2, which happens all the time before the CO2 readings were monopolised by the oligarchy … but except in the case of a sudden CO2 drop, the ice proxy is always far below real readings. The ice cores are therefore a failed proxy and you need to find another. So you might try plant leaf stigmata, which do not agree with the ice core. The ice core was never going to be a good proxy.

    Ice comes from snow. Snow is formed in clouds, way above sea level and at different air pressure. Even if you didn’t have to worry about variable solubility of air components at that altitude, since CO2 is heavier than air, we expect two or three miles up for the proportion of CO2 to be a tiny bit less at that altitude. Of course we cannot get the data on this matter. Because if you try it on some Jew will jump out of the woodwork and say Ha ha, aren’t you supposed to have suffocated on all that argon? Sunk to the bottom of the atmosphere. You know what cunts these Jews can be stalling any logical argument. But anyway ice is out. Its a failed proxy. Leaf stigmata is not a failed proxy. Although if you were in British Columbia you might have dating issues either side of the rivers since everything ultimately derives from Salmon. Richard the III had a stronger fish diet than the plebes and this at first created the impression that his skeleton was older than it ought to be. So you make sure that no Jews are involved and try and make the study honest. I cannot say what the second proxy would be …. that would be a process by which you get a match with the leaf stigmata.

    Now of course you cannot use tree rings because high CO2 levels cause trees to grow more quickly and in some climates, warmer temperatures also lead to faster growth in trees. So immediately you are going to wind up double-dipping and producing hockey sticks like that Science fraud Jew cunt Michael Mann. He always uses tree rings. He always does it. Take the Jew out the back and shoot him.

    When I say 3 proxies minimum these are not merely to be cobbled together like in a science fraud Michael Mann Jew paper. You need to start with one proxy, and see if you can find a second proxy to confirm the first …. and then see if you can find a third which reinforces, and proves the veracity of the other two. You might run through 50 candidates before you discover the best three. Instead if you are doing a science fraud Michael Mann Jew paper you just toss them all on the same graph to confuse every cunt and let the proxies tell the man what he wants to hear.


  11. GMBCATASTROPHE36 minutes ago (edited)
    the-Dunnings second proof brings in so much Jew/Oligarchy science fraud. Everything but their massive efforts to divert attention away from a serious understanding of gravity.
    So Frankenstein 2.0 reckons that the source of the alleged rise in atmospheric CO2 (its bouncing around but that fucks with their cover story) can be positively identified as from ancient biogenic hydrocarbons. This on the basis that its so old that the carbon 14 is basically fully degraded. the-Dunning is into so many egregious and evil “mistakes” but this is not really one of them. This mistake is not part of the Jew war on the Bantu, African-American or his (the-Dunning and elite Jew pigs more generally) Yamnaya benefactors. This is just plain wrong and an honest mistake. In that the C14 production and recycling simply doesn’t enter the picture one way or another.

    I define Nitrogen conversion to C14 as a form of fusion. The Jew/Oligarchy spends almost as much effort hiding the true nature of fusion as they do gravity. Hiding gravity is their North Star but fucking with our understanding of fusion is at least second or third on their list. In the real universe fusion is INHIBITED by high heat. Atmospheric pressure might help a little but is really neither here nor there. Its capacitance and electrical pressure (my phraseology to some extent) that makes fusion easy and natural. You have cold fusion skeptics? I’m a hot fusion skeptic. the-Dunning is a gullible that calls himself a skeptic.

    Fusion can and does happen at high temperatures but high thermal energy is a negative feedback to fusion efficiency.

    What is required for ease of fusion (defined as alterations to the nucleus of atoms) is not high atmospheric pressure. But rather high ELECTRICAL PRESSURE. So if we are saying this where will the C14 be produced? Most of it will be produced pretty much above where the clouds tap out. In that area in the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere where the clouds and water vapour aren’t there, thats where the electrical capacitance will be at its highest, so that the fusion will be there, to easily do what the alchemists could not, and change nitrogen to carbon.

    Now while its true that we can believe the-Dunning-Krueger personified, if he tells us that commercial hydro-carbons are close enough to being devoid of C14 ….. So it is also the case that the greatest source of new pristine CO2 on the planet, is also likely to be almost free of C14. So how are we supposed to tell the difference between the commercial hydrocarbon source and the greatest source (speaking planetary wide) of CO2?

    You see there is no comparison, and there never will be, between human increased CO2 (speaking only about the planet entire) and the more major source of new and pristine CO2, which comes from the ring of fire, and from deep sea ocean volcanic activity more generally.

    Now we must be a bit careful here. We cannot be dogmatic. While there is absolutely no comparison to the full volume of CO2 output of the planet entire to commercial hydro-carbon output … there is the barrier of the ocean to contend with. It is indeed reasonable to assume, thank you Jesus, It is indeed reasonable to assume that the commercial industry may be pumping up medium term CO2 levels ….. 10 ppm. 20 ppm … 50 ppm?????? .. on a medium term basis. Because much of the CO2 released in deep sea volcanic activity may be incorporated into strictly oceanic processes. Such as sedimentary rock formation. So its not up for grabs whether the planet or the humans are producing the most CO2. Thats not open to argument. The planet would win over at least 10,000 to one. But our effect on the medium-term level in the atmosphere is a mystery, and will continue to be so while we have all these Jews and gimps running around monopolising on the figures.

    It is absolutely critical that we continue to try and keep our influence on medium-term CO2 levels high, since a sudden drop in CO2 levels, which we can expect quite shortly, will mean famine.

    So in any case it must be understood that the radius of the planet is increasing 18-22mm per year. An extraordinary rate of new matter creation. If you don’t believe in magic, as Frankenstein 2.0 clearly does, then it becomes logically obvious that new matter creation happens inside large planets, gas giants and stars. Why is this obvious? Because if existing matter did not assist in the creation of new matter, each new act of matter creation would be a new miracle.
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    The many implied discoveries that you see above. Never forget that you heard it here at Graeme Birds “A Better Tomorrow” first.


  12. GMBCATASTROPHE1 second ago
    This is where the Jew is shown to be waging war against his Yamnaya benefactors. Make no mistake about it; this is no honest idiot.

    He fucked up the Paul is Dead story. You cannot fuck that story up accidentally. What he does is sort out low-hanging fruit to get some street cred with the lame, the young and the stupid.

    So for example he sorts it out that Gremlins allegedly don’t exist. That must have left him exhausted. Strung out and vomiting, swearing that his debunking days were over, because of the heavy load he carried allegedly debunking the pandemic Gremlin delusion. ( In reality Gremlins are merely more proof that Jews come in all shapes and sizes.)

    Then the-Dunning was sussing it out that Catherine the Great actually existed and was no hologram. Arduous and back-breaking that assignment, but nothing like the effort needed to please Cathy in person.

    So he then uses the perception of his expertise, derived from these hard yards, to lie about Andrew Wakefield, and to keep the malicious damage to our children going.
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  13. Too much science too soon. Freaking me out. What we need is a true masterpiece. Some act pumping on all cylinders. Very seldom if ever, could you hope to find another act as good as this one:


  14. GMBCATASTROPHE1 second ago
    This is where the Jew is shown to be waging war against his Yamnaya benefactors. Make no mistake about it; this is no honest idiot.

    He fucked up the Paul is Dead story. You cannot fuck that story up accidentally. What he does is sort out low-hanging fruit to get some street cred with the lame, the young and the stupid.

    So for example he sorts it out that Gremlins allegedly don’t exist. That must have left him exhausted. Strung out and vomiting, swearing that his debunking days were over, because of the heavy load he carried allegedly debunking the pandemic Gremlin delusion. ( In reality Gremlins are merely more proof that Jews come in all shapes and sizes.)

    Then the-Dunning was sussing it out that Catherine the Great actually existed and was no hologram. Arduous and back-breaking that assignment, but nothing like the effort needed to please Cathy in person.

    So he then uses the perception of his expertise, derived from these hard yards, to lie about Andrew Wakefield, and to keep the malicious damage to our children going.


  15. King Arthur is held by Alan Wilson to be two different people. The first King Arthur is grandson of Emperor Constantine the Great. Magnus Maximus, son of Crispus, son of Constantine.

    The second King Arthur is a lot later. Six generations directly down, male to male, in the same family. But he must show up around the time of the people purported in this following video:

    The people in this video are based on sources like the venerable Bede. The Welsh sources may not be perfect history. But they are to be held as roughly equal to the efforts of Bede. Otherwise one is cherry-picking the evidence.



  16. What is the deal with the Anglo-Saxon capacity to take all this territory against the Celts? Weren’t the Celts established kickass warriors? How could these Gerries make such a good and quick fist of things? What happened is that in the South-East the Celts were under Roman occupation. After a few generations it was probably fairly friendly occupation with these Celts identifying as Romans in the South-East. So ethnic Celts in these areas went about three centuries without being soldiers or whatever went for law enforcement in those days. THREE CENTURIES. So South-Eastern Celts were as remote, or more remote, from the martial arts, as we are today. Suddenly the Romans soldiers are all recalled. So the Celtic cousins to the West, and the Pictish and Celts to the North, suddenly had a massive advantage over pacified South-Eastern Celts. The rustic wing of the Celtic people people could push the South-Easterners around with ease.

    Hengist (Stallion) And Horsa (Horse)

    If not actual people certainly their story rings true. Opportunist and treacherous thugs getting a free ride from a population who had lost its warrior class.

    So what happened then. is the South-Eastern Celts invited some warriors in from the continent:

    According to Wikipedia:

    “The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, which exists in nine manuscripts and fragments, compiled from the 9th to the 12th centuries, records that in the year 449 Hengist and Horsa were invited to Britain by Vortigern to assist his forces in fighting the Picts. They landed at Eopwinesfleot (Ebbsfleet), and went on to defeat the Picts wherever they fought them. Hengist and Horsa sent word home to Germany describing “the worthlessness of the Britons, and the richness of the land” and asked for assistance.”

    Worthlessness meaning of course that they were multi-generational civilians. Warriors ethnically cleansed from their population for centuries. The Romans could easily get a foothold on the British Isles, because of their legendary attention to detail, seriousness in war, training in formations, habit of digging in early every day and setting up temporary fortresses, and so forth. Even though these little woppies were a head shorter than their less organised Celtic opponents, its clear that they had the capacity to beat the Celts.

    Actually in practice the Romans came in slowly cutting deals with one side or another in tribal disputes. But its clear that Rome had the capacity to invade the British Isles. In contrast these Anglo-Saxon thugs, Hengist and Horsa, could never have done so, or at least only very slowly (like the Vikings did later) but for the pacification of the Celts, under the Romans in the South-East. So thats really the end of that mystery.

    The South East of the British Isles were there for the taking. But the Anglo-Saxons got so far, then were stopped, and even turned back. Thats where Arthur II is supposed to have came into the story. It was only centuries later when you could get an established warrior like King Harold who could go deep into Celtic territory and whoop-ass. So those Celts, who never lost the soldiers from their population, could hold their own for quite some centuries. Ultimately the South East was a place more conducive to trade with the continent. So its likely over time that a material advantage would have accrued to the Anglo-Saxons.

    There is a lesson in all this. And the lesson is that we have to gear up for if the Jew-controlled Americans turn on us, or for when the Americans are no longer part of our defence. We have to work harder to have an Australian identity, and we really need a more Swiss-like defence posture where a great deal of the population can go from being civilians to organised fighters in a very short time.


  17. Here we see what a genius Degrasse-Tyson is. Here he is involving himself in holistic analysis that is not prejudiced by mainstream bullshitartistry. This is Neil at his absolute best. His analysis is totally top-flight. I’m not backing down from my derision of him …. But its very clear he is a true genius and its a shame he has been recruited to push Jew/oligarchical science lies.

    Plenty of other videos which show him to be completely full of shit. Watch this space for any more good ones. Because I don’t want to make this a race issue. I know this boy would make good breeding stock. If he follows the oligarchical science any more he should probably be put out to stud. So next time a rap “artist” thinks he has gotten some “ho” pregnant, its really Tyson seed doing the hard yards.


    1. So much embarrassing stuff to edit. Starting over for the moment. Supposing you are trying to write some sort of story of semi-divine beings slumming it in the physical realm? Doesn’t really matter what the theologians say. You wind up with a Manichean theology or the story cannot work.

      The other thing is that coming into the material realm you are shorn of the armies you might have in the otherworld. So in the other dimensions there may be great recruitment drives, mutinies, punitive slaughters, clashing armies, mass hanging of innocent functionaries accused of treason by the real traitors, and the use of legions of flying animals. But the prophet shows up on earth and he’s getting his clobber from St Vincents, he gets about on foot. So that the opposition cannot read his mind and identify him, he may have given himself amnesia or partial amnesia, and so forth.

      Highly relevant cosmology and theology.

      So you might start off a Catholic like Cormac McCarthy. The demonic Anton Chigurh wanders around unadorned by packs of flying demons, yet he inhabits an essentially Manichean cosmology.

      So there you are feeding the ducks, trying to write a song, and toggling between your own act and various prophets, saviours and semi-divine beings. But while the semi-divine prophet tries to be as incognito as possible he’s setting off alarm bells in the very first line with an opposing pagan entity.

      It goes along from there walking in the shoes of various worthies, but while Norman Mailer could write a book in the first person, call it “The Gospel According to the Son” and put himself right in the shoes of Jesus, well he pulled it off magnificently. But it would have been bad taste for Dylan to leave it at that. So the idea is to be a bit more humble and force the song to divert to the Joker character. Otherwise it would be a distasteful exercise in big-noting oneself. So he becomes the Jokerman. He may have been the Joker as described by Don Maclean but I would not be sure about that.


    1. Yes he is on top of the situation.

      ” the journalists occasionally included quotes from some particularly fanatic and irrational Israeli Communist named Israel Shahak, whose views seemed totally at odds with those of everyone else, and who was consequently treated as a fringe figure. Opinions that seem totally divorced from reality tend to stick in one’s mind, and it took only one or two appearances from that apparently die-hard and delusional Stalinist for me to guess that he would always take an entirely contrary position on every given issue.”

      The coincidental viewing of the prediction that Sharon was acting in order to create mass-murder, just before he indeed did so, meant this fellow started getting wise to this tribe way back in 1982. Whereas I didn’t finally figure out what they were about until around 2008. There are a few things here and pretty much everything I’ve been telling you guys in the last ten years. Judaism isn’t about the old testament and modern Judaism isn’t any kind of ancestor of Christianity. Secondly the idea of a blood libel makes no sense when we know these children have been drained of blood. To allege a blood libel is itself a libel since the only people available to drain the kid of blood were Jews or Christians. So all these Jews had decided that the Christians were always and without exception to blame. This is a very suspicious accusation. Turns out to be exactly 100% wrong and the accusations that the Jews were doing this to our kids was quite correct.

      We had some good reasons why the communists ended up killing a lot of people and one of them was the Von Mises calculation debate. While thats all true the level of killing under communism goes far beyond any kind of need to maintain power or any kind of economic determinism. For example when the Jews (Young Turks) took power in Turkey they appear to have murdered maybe one or two million Armenians as a kind of celebration. We are talking a very sick culture here. So the Jews that were in charge in the Soviet Union were killing tens of millions of Yamnaya Christians just because they were Jews.

      You think that Mao is any different. But he’s Eurasian. He’s probably bastard oligarchy. He went to Yale. He was a Rockefeller staffer. And in his “Hermit Kingdom” that none of us could get inside of, he was surrounded by Jews.

      See how you linked to that article, and it turns out that that article is correct in every respect but just linking to it threw you into my spam box. So they have your article tagged in some way.

      To find out how utterly bizarro modern Judaism is you have to listen to someone still alive who has made a full study of these loony-toons.

      Michael Hoffman is such a person. He’s studied these guys and is completely onto their case


  18. Hmmm. Take this one out of moderation.

    Great isn’t it? On a superficial listening I’m seeing the birth of Hercules, I’m seeing Jesus. I am seeing Dylan-as-Jesus. I am seeing Gilgamesh and the nature-boy he fought with. I’m seeing Dylan cutting loose from his earlier psy-op duties and saying what good will it do, if there are still so many lies in the air?

    But I’m seeing a certain poetry that some peoples may have lost. You see poetic sensibilities can tolerate bursts of high population. But there must be also areas of sparse population and nature OR the poetic sensibility will die. The ancient
    Chinese poetry that Philomena sent me involved alcohol, chopping wood, and huge distances between neighbours.

    See the Joker competing with King Lear in his railing against the lightning and the Thunder in a depopulated pre-Christian landscape???? Can you visualise him now with him and the old man shouting at the elements? ….. Now take away the Thunder, the Lightning, the clouds, and take away the King also ………….. and there we have the Joker dancing to the light of the moon only.

    The Jester May Be The Fourth Most Important Man In The Kingdom. He can tell the King the truth without bruised egos. In King Lear the Joker is often confused with Lears most wonderful daughter.

    At his best the minstrel Dylan helped fulfil this crucial role for our society. But at first the oligarchy got him to say the right things AT THE WRONG TIME. But it looks like in the song that his obligations were coming to an end and he was about to be free and clear. But what good is that? When the culture itself is so full of lies? What good is that indeed (thats me talking).

    You know my vision of the future. Where the four roads meet the poor people look down on the permaculture farms from the super-high-rise buildings. Most of them like that pyramid building in San Francisco. Maybe 40 000 people within 400 metres of where the four roads meet. And yet you go over the next hill when you are running away from home … You listen at night and its just crickets. Keep going with a hoss and a packed lunch and soon you may as well have gone back 8 thousand years in time. (But its not as if these areas that feel ancient need be wasted. Desert-loving trees at the top of hills and just lower the nitrogen fixers.)

    A setup like this and only such an arrangement can keep the poetic sensibilities alive.


  19. My tax policies would probably lead to narrow block designs even in the countryside. A bit like this one and with basements. The garden coming right up to the house.

    If the boys wanted a flat area to play touch-rugby on it would probably be some distance from the house for the tax man to look the other way.


  20. The Jews censoring Alex Jones may have happened for paradoxical reasons. Alex is a limited hangout for the Bronfman family and he soft-pedalled Israel and the Jews. This had become more and more irritating to his audience. His audience is smart enough to separate Alex Jones talking facts and Alex Jones going off his head, possibly on cocaine. These facts over the long haul have lead his audience to understand that the Jews are the problem. So now his limited hangout makes no sense with all his followers getting the drizzling shits with him always downplaying the JQ. The Jewish Question.

    So on the one hand he was doing his best as a cocaine-driven fact-teller and limited hangout. But on the other hand his M.O has worn thin. So hopefully the Jews have shot themselves in the foot having to censor someone so obviously. But his followers won’t stick up for him as you might think they would. We don’t like the Jew censorship. But no-one will fight for him in more of a luke-warm way.


  21. The Jews may blow up the Dome Of The Rock pretty soon. They will blame it on Muslims of course. But these are primitive savages and they are desperate to build a temple and make animal sacrifices.

    Which will of course be a cover for human gentile sacrifice.

    The Aztecs are gone but the Jews are with us still. That has to change.


  22. Tall narrow houses look cramped. Here would be a poor persons house. Here I am talking about these designs in the context of policies that would lead to more cubic metres per person living space, then anywhere else in the world.

    Poor people would more properly be living in an apartment high above the ground. Very spacious apartments. But here we could imagine this sort of design for a rental house in a permaculture farm.


    1. Stylish. Had not come across this fellow before. Have to check him out. The name rings a bell but I hadn’t watched his fights. Form a little bit reminiscent of James (lights out) Toney. But a smaller fast version. Amazing how he can have good defensive skills even with one hand down.


  23. This is motivating me to get to the gym in the morning. I have to take salt and a grinder with me everywhere I go now to avoid getting adrenal fatigue again. Boy that was devastating. If you don’t know what is going on it can come across to oneself as a mental disorder. Because you have little stress hormone if you face any stress so you can have the self-perception of it being in the head, rather than merely hormonal. It would be good to get more aerobically fit then the kids. Only then could I take up boxing again and not get beat up. Try to act like the angles-extremist Lomachenko. I see GGG as an even more complete boxer than Lomachenko. But Lomachenko is the one to try and emulate.


  24. See how triple G has that capacity, like Tyson at his best, or Hagler, to effortlessly swap stances. So that creates the illusion to the young boxer that you can go in and beat people up with both hands. But in reality its just because GGG is almost equally comfortable with orthodox and southpaw. So the footwork up close gives him immense flexibility.


  25. Another thing I notice. Though with some weak points Duran was even more skilful than GGG. My main criticism is that he would meet a more powerful fighter and not recognise it, not run angles like Lomachenko. But these modern fighters like Triple G can seem to be in absolute top-flight physical shape for 12 years straight. Whereas Ali and Duran really struggled to get to their best form. Ali was seldom near his best during the entirety of the 70’s. With Foreman sure. He’d get up to pretty good form to fight really good fighters like Bugner. But most of the time he was fighting out of shape compared to 66 67. He would be conserving energy and trying to clip a few points while walking backwards. A shame really.But modern guys with their Branch Chain aminos , Creatine and so forth. Keep coming back fight after fight in absolutely top shape.


  26. I am struggling with an idea of “completeness” in a boxer. Like as if we were thinking of a “completeness” quotient with Floyd (Money) Mayweather being at 90% and the best so far. James (Lights Out) Toney being at maybe 85. Hopkins pretty damn close to Lights Out. Ali in 67 unbeatable but not “complete.” No heavyweight so far could ever be sure of beating Ali 67, even though he is lighter and weaker than almost any potential candidate that we could think of. They would struggle to beat him at that one short time period, simply because they could not catch him. But still not the complete boxer. But a “completeness” level of maybe 78 when he beat up Foreman.

    Triple G has a high completeness level I would think. Seldom lost for words when its his left and right hand that are doing the talking. Whatever may arise he appears to have an appropriate riposte.

    I don’t see Floyd as ever having been powerfully athletic. Almost impossible to beat in the 145-155 range. Ultimately I think boxers are more effective in weight divisions where their reach is a bit longer than the average of those contending in their weight division. Lomachenko now has to deal with everyone having longer reach than he has. Tyson always fought people with longer arms than he. Same with Duran after the 70’s. Senator Manny from the city of General Santos … probably the most powerful athlete pound for pound I have ever seen in boxing …. had average reach once he hit the 130’s. At 130 he would have totally overpowered Mayweather. At 150 he could never get inside long enough to finish the job and go home.

    I think it was only a brief interlude where we thought that the little bloke could beat everyone up. It was on the strength of Duran in the 70’s … Hagler .. the memory of Rocky Marciano. Connotations of Frazier. And the publication of the novel “Tough Guys Don’t Dance..”

    But really as the competition gets more rarified, the older idea of a reach advantage comes back into play. It was a brief time when the human hamburger appeared to take the advantage in the sweet science in the mind of those following the fine arts.


  27. If my policies held sway what you see below would be a two-family arrangement with the third floor for shared facilities. And it would be CHEAP RENTAL HOUSING in woop-woop. An isolated permaculture farm with a dirt track and dirigibles facilities bring cargo and work-in-progess goods to and fro.

    We simply cannot have first world wages with third world costs without an oversupply in vertical development.


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