Twitter Replacement Thread Number Three

Now that twitter has seen fit to go along with Jew censorship …. Why not show up on my blog, with your six-pack besides you, and we can talk about the REAL truth.

29 thoughts on “Twitter Replacement Thread Number Three

  1. Oh People. Fans. Enemies. Lovers of the concept of TRUTH, deluded or otherwise. I have a treat for you today. I have been a fan of Jennifer Daniels for a long time now. To know her is to love her. She is evidence for the idea that women can be hot in their 60’s, that righteousness in females is the road to sexiness (so many others prove this proposition by the way. Syrian Girl? Thatcher when she was in her 50’s? I actually think Dr Cynthia McKinnon is a bit of a cutie. Sibel Edmonds? These personally righteous women are hot). And that black girls can still be intelligent in 2018, no matter what the Jew says.

    Anyway Jennifer opposed Rockefeller medicine in order to help her homies, and she got put on the terrorist list, stripped of her medical license, and all the normal stuff that Jews and oligarchs do. She ended up getting out of Dodge and then becoming an internet health advisor, resident in Panama.

    I thought I had her all tapped out. But today she came up with two hours of pure Gold.

    Jennifer Daniels. Political Refugee. They used to go INTO the US. Now they run out of it.

    Jennifer Daniels. Aint She Bitchin.

    You can look at these two hours, On 9-11 2018 …. As a polemical attack on Jew feminism and Rockefeller medicine. But thats not the point here. Take it as two good hours on how to be happy, by someone who is more happy then you are. Yes its fine polemics. But you can have me doing fine polemics or Mark Steyn doing pretty good polemics. But Mark doesn’t have the information to make you happy. Today Jennifer came up with what is needed in family planning for the purpose of full spectrum happiness.

    In the second hour she comes pretty close to being almost in favour of advocating girls have babies at the age of 16. And for superb reasons.

    “So whats a lady do? First understand your power. Understand what your power is. And determine to yourself that you WILL EXERCISE your power. That you may not do anything else in this life but by Golly you are going to be a woman.”

    It doesn’t come across in the text. You have to listen to her many times.


  2. Watching Pernell fighting Roger Whittaker. Its round 2. Pernell seems to have Roger where he wants him. Its not clear why Pernell is doing so well. Nothing special going on. Mayweather not doing anything wrong exactly.

    It just seems that Pernell has an extra MENTAL sharpness that you don’t always see. Like the rest of us are getting about with Alzheimers in comparison with what Whitaker wakes up to. He got three wishes from the Gypsy and he said he would just take one. “Yo Bitch. Make the other mofo slow-mo.” No-ones dancing nothing. Medium-pace. Got to wind it up and figure out this fellow later.


  3. Jews doing what Jews do. Its not a Muslim problem and never was. Even though the Jew has been caught, his Jewish and non-Muslim background will be subject to near media silence whereas the idea that Muslims were making bomb threats is already out there in the public mind prior to the Jew being caught. Also hoaxes like the Chen shooting. Just another Jew operation but the kid was never caught out as an Israeli agent. The only thing that could be done was to expose the reporting of the matter to be idiotic. Chris Reason and Channel 7 are completely suspect fakers. They must be drenched with ASIO types or worse.

    The idea is to put the “J” back in “Who” BEFORE you know who is behind it. When the perpetrator is known, it must be taboo to not name the Jew. So for example when the Jew Polanski raped that young girl, the incident was seldom identified as a Jew on Gentile bad behaviour. Race based contempt as the motivation. Consider all that bad behaviour that lead to that recent Me-Too movement. Weinstein and all that. Its really about Jews being nasty to our gentile girls.


  4. “So whats a lady do? First understand your power. Understand what your power is. And determine to yourself that you WILL EXERCISE your power. That you may not do anything else in this life but by Golly you are going to be a woman.”

    If we raise kids we should help them along with these things. Like your little chaps should have the manly virtues. Like at 12 years old they ought to be able to get underneath the window of some hot divorcee and serenade her with a song like this. Just the little chap and his guitar. Just the boy and his axe.

    My little chaps will be able to melt the hearts of the most cynical divorcees. All over town.

    My little chaps can do all the spadework and hopefully their father can take advantage of the swooning ripeness that will fall into his lap.

    What a great song this is. You know when the Jews get kicked out, there are still the malign segments of their population sure. Like after WWII you had the political fixers and the hateful Frankfurt school as the usual elite Jew pigs. But so much of the rest of the population were SO LOVEABLE. You think of them from the age of Mises (We love Mises to Pieces) to Dylan. Even folks the age of Boss-man Ergas. Completely laudable. How could anyone object to such people and not be a sick freak? (((ThoughThe generation lower down are just offensive, and with few exceptions. “What have you done for me lately” would seem to be their motto.)))

    Take the first two lines of this song by Leonard Cohen:

    “I heard that there was a secret chord,
    That David played and it pleased THE LORD,
    But you don’t really care for music … Do ya?”

    This is a song which compresses all the tension and tenderness in male-female relationships. Pure brilliance. Because the musician struggles to please his lady. But here he may be boasting of having found the secret chord. Music that was good enough for King David. Good enough indeed FOR GOD HIMSELF. But the sheila is just looking at his work with indifference. Songwriting doesn’t get better than that.


  5. I think we could say that the Mayweather family is not a family of exceptional athletes. I think they are a pugilist family. A family of boxing scholars. Walking Encyclopedias of the sweet science. With Floyd junior as the ultimate technical boxer so far …. Maybe the older guys will point out a couple of others but its a hard ask to beat “Money” in terms of his full spectrum capacities. Imagine someone with his skills, ten pounds lighter, and the Senators raw power.

    There is this scene in THE COLOUR OF MONEY where Fast Eddie Felson, turned cynical from his former idealism, turned cynical by the mob, George C Scott breaking his idealistic fingers and all that.

    So fast Eddie devolves into a salesman. A cynical salesman and a womaniser …. He’s got the smooth tongue and he’s got this young sheila on the hook. Doing quite well with her and suddenly he here’s this crack sound of someone hitting the balls on the pool table hard and sure. So what you might say? But its the Scorcese direction that makes it seem so realistic and suddenly nothing the girl has to say has any importance to the old man, and he’s taken back almost three decades. If he himself has been black-balled by the mob, with that finger that never lets go, then at least he can get this kid to win in his stead.

    That would be like if you were a boxing trainer, the best there is but retired and wearied by the game, and you started hearing Senator Manny (as a kid) smacking things around. Senator Manny barely nine stones with loose change in his pocket, really whacking the equipment around like John Bonham or World War III.

    Suddenly everything else you were doing would not seem so important. Everything else, from that moment on, would be just mucking about really.

    So you are some sort of retired hero, and you sashay into the boxing gym, not really paying attention, doing deals on your mobile phone. You have some swagger to you like you really own the gym and everyone in it. You have your back to the boxers. Then you hear what is going on between 2.35 and 2.55.

    That would just about do it I think.


  6. The Senator often squares off in a crude way to his opponents which runs afoul of all sweet science understandings. Not the easy Southpaw/Orthodox fluid-change that Triple G, Hagler, Duran, and Tyson could pull off …. but more a crude laxity from someone so used to overpowering everyone from sheer physical excellence.

    This fight benefits from the commentary of the superb George Foreman. A scholar and a gentleman. A very intelligent man. You don’t get to come back in your 40’s and beat up all these fast-twitch niggers without a huge amount of brain power.

    Gentleman though he is when they asked Hollyfield if George is a hard hitter, you notice a sudden gravity to the Hollyfield vocalisation and demeanour. Everything kind of slows down and he says something like “Oh yeah. When George hit you. You hit.”

    Here the Senator is against a more skilful boxer. But Manny upsets the South African, being at 122 but hitting with the power of a fellow at 182 yet with twice the output. Then the other fellows superior skills become evident in round two when, even though he is dazed and confused, he manages to get about four good jabs off to the face of the Senator, over a short period of time.

    But what happens when you are a bit dizzy and fighting the Senator … all of a sudden there becomes a situation where its like there are three tiny Filipinos whacking you from all sides. I say this with the greatest of sympathy for the South African. You can kind of feel that conundrum that the South African faces in this fight.

    I don’t think that the Senator was ever a skilled boxer on the level of Duran, Willie Pep, Sugar Ray Robinson or Money Mayweather. Its more a Clint Eastwood Magnum force sort of thing. When asked why he carries a .44 Magnum and not a .32 or a .357 in “The Enforcer” Harry says “Because I hit what I aim at” the .357 is a fine weapon but I’ve seen bullets careen off windshields……

    If you see the Senator in Slo-Mo some hapless Palooka will be putting up his guard and the Senator has such good aim that he will punch BETWEEN the gloves with incredible accuracy. Manny like Harry hits what he aims at. Making the poor bastards attempts at self protection worse than futile. You see this again and again. Manny hits what he aims at. Three ways. Hard fast and continuously. That aside I don’t see him as a top level skilled boxer.

    Just in passing I would like to note that the South African is getting many great snapping jabs to the Senator … a lot of them probably simply on the basis that the Senator is refusing to take the scientific side-on boxers stance, one hand decisively leading. He’s squaring off in ways that a street thug, so much more powerful than Joe Public would do. Its a luxury that hasn’t been beat out of the Senator. You have to be in the Southpaw stance, or the Orthodox stance at the first instance. Not some squaring off compromise between these two … Tyson, Hagler, Duran and GGG create the illusion that things can be otherwise, simply because of their fluidity between the two stances. With Duran it may not even be that. It may be a kind of wrestler as boxer close up ease. The Senator was a great fighter. But he could have been so much better. The best athlete as a boxer. But not the best boxer.

    I guess what I am saying is that as good as these boxers have been we haven’t seen the end of it yet. There is a sub-sector of Durans game that is about as good as it can get. The all around arsenal of Money Mayweather probably won’t be improved on much. 67 Ali floating around the ring. Lights-Out Toneys defensive voodoo. The Tyson/D’amato structural exactitude. Manny’s athleticism … There is so much further that the sweet science can take us. If we can find the right little chap.


    1. Yes its embarrassing that I didn’t really “get it” what demographic trends meant with regards to the sort of Australia we wanted. I didn’t want a white Australia or a white New Zealand. I wanted diversity. But I should have been a rabid supporter of the “White Australia Immigration Policy” just the same. Because the diversity was assured, with a little patience. Even you as a Chinese migrant should have been the same. With skilled migration, marriage, family reunion, some contribution to helping out with the refugee problems …. diversity was entirely assured. Now we are looking at Yamnaya replacement. That is to say total failure in any broad historical sense. We already were assured diversity and miscegenation. Its like pushing “The Virtue Of Selfishness.” Surely Rand must have been 90% correct on any technical level. But some things don’t require a great deal of reinforcement.

      We all fucked up. Me too. I didn’t like the abuse that Pauline Hanson was subject too. But at the same time her thinking was different to mine. But had we been thinking like demographers, we ought to have supported her policies, in that we were guaranteed diversity no matter what we did. Now we are almost guaranteed a fall in living standards, towards the standards of the countries of the migrants who are coming here. Since if we don’t have a functioning loanable funds market then free enterprise assumptions either don’t apply …. Or there is a compromise between Julian Simon and Reverend Malthus going on. We have truly fucked up. If we had solid gold leadership furiously committed to the well-being of their people it wouldn’t matter all that much. We would still do well out of the situation. But its only a bunch of foreign influenced ratbags running things. We don’t have Lee Kwan Yew running things. We don’t even have the more humble Costello running things. So we cannot expect a happy ending here. With perfect policy we could have these migrants and still all be swimming in gold, but this is not what we face.

      I am only human I guess. But I was well-versed in the paradoxes that demography places upon us. You would think I would have clicked. I didn’t click but you think I would have. Then I would have been advocating reversion to the white Australia suite of immigration policies, not to have a white Australia, but to have a coherent, integrating culture. I am only human but I didn’t think I had blind spots that big.

      On a happier note. I don’t keep up with the kids music any more. But this fatty has a particularly dramatic delivery that caught my attention.

      I know he’s already about 33. But he does give you the feeling we could get a lot of good stuff out of him before his time is up.

      This stripped down version made me realise that that North Country Girl song that I linked had two guitars, and the voices of Cash and Dylan only. No other sound. If you have your act together your stuff is going to fly at many levels of augmentation.


  7. The more augmented version. But somehow the video that his people put together for him is inadequate to his vocals and arrangements. I heard a snatch of this song only with the new Netflix Jack Ryan series that came out. Because this video is a bit of a flop, and this kids dramatic voice and phrasing is a sensation, this may be the best application of this little tune, to have it as back-up for some charismatic action figure. The song may have found its true home.


  8. Now at first the lyrics come across as a fat kid feeling sorry for himself. But a closer familiarity shows that the real home of the song is in backing a film or comic book hero.

    So for example:

    “Some people got the real problems
    Some people out of luck
    Some people think I can solve them
    Lord heavens above

    I’m only human after all,
    I’m only human after all
    Don’t put the blame on me
    Don’t put the blame on me”

    Or check this out:

    “Cause I’m no prophet or messiah
    You should go looking somewhere higher

    I’m only human after all”

    So suddenly the theme-balloon blows out, from maybe a fat kid feeling sorry for himself …. to something bigger, larger higher. So the song-writer doesn’t just have dramatic flair in his vocals … and really rather excellent phrasing that is hard to get a grip on. But he has other skills as well. Like taking a humble themed song and subjecting it to sudden expansion, halfway through the song. This is really rather good work.

    I won’t say “Perfection At Last” but this is on the right track. This dramatic voice ought to be backing a charismatic action figure like Harry Callahan or Chow Yun Fats “Killer”. These Jack Ryan actors ….. well you know. They cannot hold that kind of Charisma. But this compilation is good enough for now.


  9. After David Bowie died he came back to give himself an extremely generous eulogy. This has to be one of the first time this has been done on television. In praising himself, deservedly so, I would say, David mentioned he took his singing style from Anthony Newley. Sure enough if you play Anthony Newley and close your eyes it could be David Bowie.

    So supposing you listen to this fellow without looking at him

    And then you compare that to David Bowie singing along with Bing Crosby ….

    Very close. Despite all the weirdness of Bowie his voice was taken from a very conventional singer.


  10. David Bowie after his death, talking about David Bowie. We ought to all do our own appraisals of our lives after we die, because no-one has done a job quite as superb as David did on David. Actually I don’t think others could do a good job critiquing themselves. But what the hell would I know? This is the only precedent we have.


  11. Bad Yamnaya. Uber-Aryan. Thats my assumption anyway. Not all that great. Whereas I see these Romans as mostly old Europe. On one level one would suggest that Alexander was a psychopath. That may be an unfair assessment simply because to have that much power that young might turn many people into industrial scale killers. This bad Yamnaya had fantastic locks of blonde hair or so it seems. Would have fitted in very well with late sixties Californian beach culture by the looks of it.

    He didn’t make it to his 33rd birthday I think. Not that great. Conquers two thirds of the known world but doesn’t make it to 40. Not that great. Gets one of the largest empires ever but it breaks up very quickly after he dies. Not that great really.

    The character of these guys, versus the Romans. Not saying better or less good. But you recognise your own I think. You see the alien and you see your own boys. And I see Alexander and his buds as Yamnaya. As my people. I see the Romans as Old Europe.

    Within about 15 years we will know if my subjective understanding is a little way off the mark or a long way off the mark.

    I think us Yamnaya have done very well breeding and spreading our act and our language. But I speculate that we are probably ruled over by old Europe and North African descendant dynastic families.

    So we are not that great really.


  12. Yes he is on top of the situation.

    ” the journalists occasionally included quotes from some particularly fanatic and irrational Israeli Communist named Israel Shahak, whose views seemed totally at odds with those of everyone else, and who was consequently treated as a fringe figure. Opinions that seem totally divorced from reality tend to stick in one’s mind, and it took only one or two appearances from that apparently die-hard and delusional Stalinist for me to guess that he would always take an entirely contrary position on every given issue.”

    The coincidental viewing of the prediction that Sharon was acting in order to create mass-murder, just before he indeed did so, meant this fellow started getting wise to this tribe way back in 1982. Whereas I didn’t finally figure out what they were about until around 2008. There are a few things here and pretty much everything I’ve been telling you guys in the last ten years. Judaism isn’t about the old testament and modern Judaism isn’t any kind of ancestor of Christianity. Secondly the idea of a blood libel makes no sense when we know these children have been drained of blood. To allege a blood libel is itself a libel since the only people available to drain the kid of blood were Jews or Christians. So all these Jews had decided that the Christians were always and without exception to blame. This is a very suspicious accusation. Turns out to be exactly 100% wrong and the accusations that the Jews were doing this to our kids was quite correct.

    We had some good reasons why the communists ended up killing a lot of people and one of them was the Von Mises calculation debate. While thats all true the level of killing under communism goes far beyond any kind of need to maintain power or any kind of economic determinism. For example when the Jews (Young Turks) took power in Turkey they appear to have murdered maybe one or two million Armenians as a kind of celebration. We are talking a very sick culture here. So the Jews that were in charge in the Soviet Union were killing tens of millions of Yamnaya Christians just because they were Jews.

    You think that Mao is any different. But he’s Eurasian. He’s probably bastard oligarchy. He went to Yale. He was a Rockefeller staffer. And in his “Hermit Kingdom” that none of us could get inside of, he was surrounded by Jews.

    See how you linked to that article, and it turns out that that article is correct in every respect but just linking to it threw you into my spam box. So they have your article tagged in some way.

    To find out how utterly bizarro modern Judaism is you have to listen to someone still alive who has made a full study of these loony-toons. He is completely on top of their act. Sooner or later if any of us want to survive we have to get on top of this Jewish Question. But note this comes as a complete surprise to this fellow Unz even though he himself is a Jew. Your ex-boss probably knows more about Australian history then he would know about any of this stuff. So one doesn’t want to be cruel about this. But its our duty to survive and we have to be able to act strategically, non-ideologically, and decisively enough to keep any of these guys away from the levers of power.


  13. Here we have Shahak telling us exactly what Hoffman is saying. Got nothing to do with this quaint notion that these guys are merely old testament devotees.

    Somehow the cache that this fellow gained as a communist allowed him to make these comments and guys like Hitchens and others giving him a great wrap as a reflex action perhaps.


  14. The Jews were getting their hooks into the Chinese communist party very early on. But do they still have control of the Chinese communists? And are they Ashkenazi Jews or Chinese looking Jews? Chris Bjerknes still says the Jews are in control. But I’d want to hear it from a researcher who spoke Chinese and had done a very focused study on the topic.

    The problem with dismissing such questions as merely ridiculous is that it ignores questions like: If the Jews no longer hold powerful influence within the communist party when did this influence start declining? There are a lot of questions of this sort about the place. Ariel Sharon started the front group Hamas in the early 80’s. If the Jews do not now control Hamas, when did they lose that control? Well they didn’t. Hamas serves the role of endless alibis for the Jews conducting human sacrifice and ethnic cleansing. When a Hamas leader who wanted a peace deal started becoming prominent the Jews assassinated this fellow. This is the game these Jews play and we must never believe their excuses any more, no matter how plausible they seem to someone who hasn’t woken up to their antics.

    How about the international drug trade? If the British elite, headed by the royal family, were not major players in the international drug trade, when did they get out of that game? When the Larouche organisation (a very weird outfit, with its own institutional ticks, but never to be underestimated in its capacity for serious scholarship) first looked into it, with their first edition of the book “Dope Inc” they found to their surprise that the British elite WERE NOT out of the game. John Coleman came to the same conclusion. He thought the heroin trade back then was a 50/50 operation between the Chinese communists and the British. Which is why the British never got involved in American wars wherein China was in any way on the other side of the equation. And notice how the British kept their word for a change, and gave Hong Kong back when the lease ran out? Amazing though at the time one felt we were letting down our Hong Kong brothers to a great degree. Still the communists also kept their word and didn’t merely plunder Hong Kong so it just goes to show what a fine working relationship the communists and the British Elite must have.

    The write-up for the latest version of Dope Inc. seems to indicated that the British are still at it. But that is probably deceptive. Since the Larouche-types always use “The British Empire” as their way of describing the international elite or the international “Deep State.” Whereas some of us would name that entity “elite Jew pigs” or “The elite dynastic banking families network” or something of this sort. So the write-up gives us no real clue whether the Queen is a big drug-dealer. Whether she is still a kind of titular head of the international drug trade. For my part I would guess that the early 2000’s invasion of Afghanistan provided the opportunity for the British to extricate themselves from the drug trade and so now we know that the American army is doing much of the hard yards in the Afghani poppy fields.

    We cannot dismiss anything or know anything without serious investigators. I would sure like to get hold of the latest edition of Dope Inc. But with these Larouchites you always have to put up with them describing our oppressors as “The British Empire.” Which I thought pretty much fell apart when they lost India.


  15. Go in about 17 minutes on this video, and watch these Jews for about three minutes. Think to yourself “Can these people ever be reasoned with?” This is the ultimate mob. The ultimate evil in the world today. They know they are fanatics so they spend all their time setting up front groups to suggest in the public mind that its their victims that are the real fanatics.

    So we get these myths of the sick Russian soul. Myths of the fanatical Prussian mentality. Myths of the fanatical Muslims. When its always been the Jews. The most durable fanatics the world has ever seen.

    “Jews are companions of the Devil, a race of vipers, a Sanhedrin of Demons, enemies of all that is beautiful, hogs and goats in their lewd grossness.” ~ St. Gregory of Nyssa, 395 A.D.”

    Know more news has accumulated a great many indications that the Jews are going to blow up the dome of the rock so they can put up another bullshit temple.


  16. Elaine Morgan pointing out something I’ve thought for a long time. The opponents of the aquatic ape theory are not getting hot under the collar because they are protecting their own theory. They are doing so to protect a vacuum.

    When I see this I wonder if the Jews are simply opposing an idea on the grounds that its not a Jew that came up with it. So I’m going to ask on quora who were the early opponents of the theory. But someone has put a fatwah on the theory. Elite Jew pigs don’t want it.


  17. A mystery showed up wherein the paleontologists weren’t ever finding youthful dinosaurs. Turned out they were mistaking the younger blokes for different species. What suckered them was that juveniles had late developing features, like what you often see in birds, that changed their look when they became adults. So they have had to deep-six a lot of the proposed species they had on the fly.

    I feel a sense of unease looking at a pullet. Chickens only show their secondary sexual characteristics, or at least mature characteristics, right near the end of their development.

    Birds being dinosaurs, its not surprising that the dinosaurs shared this characteristic. But the development of these matured characteristics meant that the younger ones were mistaken for another species.

    I went to quora looking for people who were polemically putting down the aquatic ape theory. Claiming in error that there was no evidence for this theory in the strongest possible and most exaggerated terms. Sure enough the 3 or 4 I found after a few minutes had suspiciously Jew sounding names. Fucking lunatics really. I’ve been banned from quora so I cannot school them up about their degeneracy.

    Angry Jews of science.

    Their childish and poopy-pants behaviour is very effective at netting their tribe all the prizes and obstructing science to a severe degree.

    These tricks don’t work so well in the more objective world of athletics.

    Oh no. I was just watching justice league and it seems that they made Barry Allen (ie The Flash) a Jew. Think about that in light of the above photo.


    1. dude comic books were basically the work of jews
      stan lee? biob kane? jack kirby?
      stop with all this hatred, it’s beneath you

      what would mises and rothbard and dylan think?


      1. But Barry Allen was never a Jew when I read the comic. He was a reasonably big fellow with a hot blonde wife. Four decades ago sure. His wife was always complaining about him being late and went so far as to put his watch forward half an hour. Now all thats gone and we have this annoying little Jew. I am a little bit peeved at Jew genocide so I see no problem with trying to knock these inbreeds down a few notches.


  18. Once upon of time the promotion of diversity may have meant the promotion of race-mixing.

    How things are going, with the flight-path we are on, the promotion of race-mixing is what will destroy all diversity.


    1. Thinking about when Enoch Powell issued his warnings. It was in 1968. I think if I was British in 1968 I would have been quite happy with the new diversity. He predicted a really bad racial scene in about 1998. But I think its really just gotten quite horrible now. Horrific and almost beyond repair. Well you know I would have supported him a little bit. I would have tried to make excuses for him I guess. But my heart would not be in it because when younger I was kind of hot for women of all types. Even if I was quite useless at getting anywhere with them, just the thought of all these cuties of all types being proximate. Thats a pretty nice thought in my view.

      But we ought not have been looking at the static situation, when it was the trend, that was not your friend. Supposing its about 1990 and we had the mix of people we had then except we had only one 20th the Italians and Greeks? To me that would have been success. A good smorgasbord of people from all over. But not too many from any one place.

      This is why I believe we must go back to the white Australia policy. Not because we want a strictly white Australia. But just to have some sort of national coherence. After about 200 years we might finally get to where we would have been in 1990 with less of a wog problem. I think we do want a good level of diversity. But how do you get there without things spinning wildly out of control? This is not a city state. And our brother Lee is not running it.

      I suppose what we really wanted is a decade or two of these multi-culti policies, but with it locked in that we were going to swing back to the white Australia policy as the default position until we had seen how things were going to pan out. Getting so many boot-niggers and Greeks all at one time though ….. Man that was stupid. That was just asking for trouble. And if I knew now what I knew then I would have been saying that we ought to have a zero Jew policy for sure. After all the whole point of supporting them getting that miserable little country in the holy lands was the hope that we would not have to put up with them where we are.

      Supposing if we never had the excessive Wog immigration policy. And suppose when Whitlam ended the White Australia policy he instead tried his alternative policy just for two decades and it was locked in that we would swing back after two decades. To me that would have been the more prudent social experiment.

      Would that really have been so bad? I don’t think so. When Chinas workforce starts dropping in numbers, which it will do in a few years time, ought it do something similar to as I have described? Or ought China lock in immigration policies that will see the Chinese replaced in their entirety? I think we know the answer to that. I think they ought to err on the side of prudence in matters of this sort.


  19. Jack Horner on the mistakes they were making with dinosaurs. This scientist is a natural comedian. The problem came with not treating dinosaurs like they were birds. The mindset was as though they were lizards or mammals but not birds.


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