34 thoughts on “Twitter Replacement Thread Number Four

  1. Its always magnificent to see a man who is very good at his job. This Rabbi would seem to qualify.

    Fabulous. I think the Rabbi won the argument. But to have this Christian go deep into the synagogue of satan and lay down such a challenge. Thats just magnificent. Good show to the Rabbi for giving him a fair hearing. The Rabbis expertise is very impressive. Instant fan of the rabbi. But I like the idea of these Christians going into the heart of the terrorist community and trying such a challenge on. Magnificent to see a man so good at his calling.

    Actually I cannot fully believe this. The rabbi is so good, he is TOO good. This has to be a setup.


  2. You can go for months before finding someone who is so obviously intelligent in the extreme. But this fellow Singer is a very impressive fellow.

    “I think the Jew IQ thing is probably bullshit. I think they probably cheat. But I agree with you with regards to the rabbi. I’ve been watching this Rabbi for only half an hour, and he’s clearly genius level IQ. Very impressive. Instant fan.

    By the way the holocaust of Jews is all lies. Quite the contrary we have many examples of Jews holocausting gentiles. Jews for ISIS? ISIS is a Jew front group.”

    The Christians must convert the Jews to Christianity, in order to stop these Jews from conducting false flag terrorist attacks. The terrorist community must be made to pay for 9/11. Now just remember this. You guys have got no evidence against Eichmann. Thats just follow-up to your other lies. Lets have the evidence. You don’t have it. The Rabbi is a biblical scholar and I will trust his scholarship on both testaments. But he is not a scholar on Eichmann and you Jews don’t have the data to convict Eichmann.


  3. Obviously if I get myself a new wife I won’t be able to dive deep into the land of the inbreeds and offer up such provocations. If the Jew finds me happily married again, then my fight against them is over.

    A fellow as awesome as this I would normally want to listen to him all day. But as good as he is, he is in fact ….. A JEW Rabbi (a woman screams) ….. And its pretty unhealthy to listen to one of these people more than about 20 minutes at a stretch.

    So lets circle back to an even more superior Rabbi. Bob Dylan. Look again at a few of his lines.

    “Shedding off one more layer of skin.
    Keeping one step ahead of the persecutor within”

    As I explained earlier, there is no alternative to a Manichean perspective when you bring humble semi-divine figures onto the earth and leave them humble and on foot. Here the semi-divine fellow has to keep changing his identity lest her arouse suspicion as he is an immortal. On the other hand we have this toggling between prophets and Dylan himself. But take the second line. The poet Shelley had this meme going in a lot of his work, wherein you have a fellow who is bother the pursuer, and the pursued. This obsession that he had on the fly was taken up by his wife Mary when she wrote Frankenstein. I’ve never read it all the way through. But I remember that it starts off with this hard to understand scenario where the hybrid gentleman is way up in the arctic. I couldn’t make head nor tale of it and should have been more patient.

    Appearing as a semi-divine being, in humble clobber on earth for Manichean objectives almost necessitates this pursuer and pursued sort of deal. Like Gandalf is pursuing certain goals which will see him walking across the grass for two hundred years. But surely the agents of Sauron want to be tracking him down and trying to figure out what he is up to. Lets look at those lines again:

    “Shedding off one more layer of skin.
    Keeping one step ahead of the persecutor within”

    Well you only get a small hint of what I am talking about don’t you? You don’t get it all. Because when you write a song in accordance to a rhyming scheme its got to fucking rhyme. So you are left with only a mild intonation of what I am on about. One of the reasons Dylan himself was not so much delighted with this one but everyone else loves it.

    He had to toggle back to himself because the rhyming scheme meant he had to use “within” when it would have been better to come up with a word that grasped at all this more super-theological stuff. Sooner or later if you cannot come up with anything better you will go to the studio with what you have got.


  4. Okay what about the next lot of lines?

    “You are going to Sodom and Gomorrah
    But what do you care
    Aint no-body there
    Want to marry your sister.”

    This song was written just a little bit after Dylan revealed that he could no longer honestly describe himself as a born-again Christian. So some people think these lines are the Jew doing the Boo-Hoo. Oh I am so discriminated against and you won’t marry my sister….. What a lot of crap. Dylan never played that sort of nonsense with us. He was one of us always … except maybe as a sort of leftist Jew conspirator right at the beginning.

    No thats just rubbish. What we have here is an intonation of one of the most striking things in the old testament stories. The way the biblical superstars treat their women-folk, when people more powerful than they are, really need a good fuck.

    One time there is a stranger shows up with one of the big guys. The stranger may well be their tribal God. A group of men surround the place and want to sodomise the men in the hut. This is extraordinary because if I remember it right they might have been planning to sodomise God his own self. That is a mistake that you don’t get to correct by good deeds.

    Anyway, so one of our good old boys, rather than agree to this, offers his daughters for a gang-bang. Do the kids out there have even the beginning of a shadow of an inkling of how “out-there” some of this stuff is?

    Maybe two other times a Patriach had met a powerful household. He has his wife with him but he pretends that his wife is his sister so that the big guy can fuck his wife. Why does he do this? Maybe if he doesn’t do it that way, because of weird ancient morals, they would rather kill the husband so they can fuck the wife with a clear conscience. Anyway in one of these stories and perhaps in both of them, the wife puts an horrific disease through the entire household. So of course she fucks the King or the Pharoah, and he gets the disease. He fucks his wives and concubines, they get the disease. They fuck the garden and household staff …. pretty much everyone has the disease … The King comes back and says …. Why did you say she was your sister? Our house is full of the disease?

    So Abram or some other cunt says: Its one of your gardeners I was after. Because he killed my fucking frog.

    So anyway that line is just an intonation of this extraordinary old testament tick:

    “You are going to Sodom and Gomorrah
    But what do you care
    Aint no-body there
    Want to marry your sister.”

    MARRY? Sure brother Marry. Like when the chronicles talk about Ghengis Khan arguing with some feisty bereaved sheila with big tits and then he loses his patience and the next line is “And then he took her as his wife..”


    Good to be the Khan.


  5. What about this one:

    Well the book of Leviticus and Deuteronomy
    The law of the jungle
    And the sea are your only teachers

    Some Dylan scholars once again emphasise his Jew-ness and try and tell us that he’s singled out these books because they are two books that the Goy are not going to relate to. Ridiculous rules and Goy-genocide and so forth. Only a Jew would understand these books and so he mentioned them because of that.

    No thats just rubbish. I say again, except perhaps right at the start, Dylan was never like that.

    The key to this is that in this song he is not just relating to one prophet. He is walking in the shoes of MANY prophets. Some of them old testament figures themselves who were around supposedly before all the books were completed. I don’t who he has in mind. Maybe Daniel or someone like that. But he’s toggling between himself and other semi-divine types.


  6. One night in Bangkok ……….

    Old testament bible stories and Grimms fairy tales can be halfway between a dream and a coherent short story. Not quite one or the other. Like this I think.


  7. An whole new topic: Coincidence? Or Coen-cidence.

    Putting back the “J” in “Who?”

    Jews are virtually always to blame when deals of this sort go down. Since they are the only people in the world that can do stuff like this, and its socially unacceptable to even suspect them. Every country where Jews were, prior to World War I, kids would show up drained of blood, and we must always believe that in each and every case it was always a Christian who had committed the crime. With that sort of cover only a Jew would so much as dream as trying stuff like this on.


  8. Jews are always to blame since no-one else can delude themselves that they can get away with it.

    Future Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. He was in Dallas on the 22nd Of November, 1963 when the hit on Jack Kennedy went ahead. The Jew news still goes with the Warren Report (really the Dulles report) findings. Which they would hardly do were they not involved.

    Coincidence? Or COEN-cidence. Putting back the J in Who.


  9. Some uplifting music before we go back to the new theme of putting back the J in Who? Now dig that question mark? Is there not a DOT under the squiggle making up that question mark? I set traps all around town, and I found out that there was often a DOT over the letter J when we were young children. So in fact the question mark is really very close to the J, upside down and the wrong way around.

    Yes yes I think so. And could this be a coincidence? Or a COENcidence. Yitzhak Rabins dear Jew Mummy was a Coen I shit you not. That a coincidence too?

    Now if its about turning the question mark around, making it upside-down … then how can it NOT be about taking it from the end of the word, and putting it right at the start of the word? Only a boot-nigger or an inbreed, totally devoid of the capacity for philosophical abstraction would not see this.

    Thats your starting point. So you take the question mark away, turn it around, make it upside down, and set it at the front.

    Strawberries. Who is fucking with our fruit? Now its a pretty clear operation right? Its not just one pervert who DOES NOT CARE ABOUT THE GOYIM right. So the idea is to just put the J back in Who? Is that really so hard when their wrong-doing has been tracked and attested for centuries in all parts of the world.

    Lets not fool ourselves again. Its not Bin Laden putting needles in our strawberries. We know who it is because its a simple epistemological process of manipulating the question mark in Who? to find the answer. Or in otherwords putting back the J in Who?

    It may be that I am an inside-outsky that respects these coolies too much . But when I was working in a cigarette warehouse in Brisbane one of my buds was this fellow called Jason Xu. He once told me that he thought all the Western Rock and Roll singers were “Crying” when they sang. I thought that was a terrific observation. If you are not crying when you are singing you are not doing-it-right.

    But its never going to be any good unless you turn it up all the way.


  10. Lets have the contrast that Jason Xu, Chinese Mainlander and Marxist philosopher was talking about. Think about this Chinese song. The music is great. The girls singing voice is pleasant. She may be talking about serious and heart-breaking subjects. But she is not crying into her microphone like our guys do (when they are doing it right).


  11. So they fucking steal from us, they vaccinate us with nerve poisons, send our people off to war, poison us with processed foods, pesticides and anti-biotics. They destroy our relationships with Jew feminism. They fuck everything that was ever good in the past and anything good in the present they attach debt too.

    But its all been for the better because when our people sing they cry. We even cry in our sleep when there is no-one around to hear us. So there has been some cultural advantage to all this cultural degradation that the elite Jew pigs and oligarchs have put upon us.

    All that hurt, and after all that abuse, after the Jews murdered tens of millions in the Soviet Union and made the craters overlap when it came to the greatest people we had ever seen since the Athenians …….. But thats okay. Because from the time that the Jews whacked Kennedy we finally started crying when we sing and thats a cultural improvement we can sheet off to the Jews and thankyou for making us cry in our sleep also. Making men under pressure in executive jobs cry in the toilet so their wife won’t see because they have been poisoned by crap corporate food. We cry when we sing and thats a good thing. The traditional Chinese don’t do that right?


  12. After the Jews and the Oligarchs whacked Kennedy they put in place a plan for popular culture. Part of the plan involved a promotional scheme for many of their young charges. They would kill them off in theory and bring them back under assumed identities. The day Elvis was murdered I got an unprecedented award at my school so if I had developed an Elvis addiction the trauma would have been eased by the adoration of the 10 year old chicks that day. “Graeme would you like some chips?” said Meryl Watts and the other girls were pretty impressed as well.

    Actually I had a bit of an Elvis addiction but its that as an 8 year old I really did dig Alvin Stardust. Which was really a symptom of Elvis deprivation though his singing register may have been one octave higher.

    Now I am very happy that David Bowie is still alive. Its great that Michael Jackson is still alive. That would have been so tragic if he really had of died. That Jim Morrison became the most popular radio guy in the United States (Rush Limbaugh) and never died makes me tepidly happy. That Bill Hicks wasn’t murdered by the elite Jew pigs and went onto to become Alex Jones made me sigh with relief but I do understand that Alex is having a ver hard time now. That the twins who pretended to be Janis Joplin now have a gig at DEMOCRACY NOW is a better deal than if there was just one of them and if she had died.

    Its great that Bobby Fuller got something happening at the top of his skull, decided always to wear lift shoes, and became Bill O’Reilly is terrific. And Mamma Cas didn’t need to eat that ham sandwhich, didn’t need to die and didn’t need to be a fat slut all her life and so its better that she slimmed down and became Bette Midler.

    But the fact is I have no confidence that the greatest musician in the last 30 years is still with us. I have had no indication whatsoever that the artist survived. Actually I think he was murdered like the King. You have to be a Prince to become a King anyway and I suspect that Prince was murdered like the King and it hurts a little bit. Would be great if we learned he was still alive.


  13. Wisdom and common sense: Help people in trouble for awhile. But you are working towards sending them home so they can build their own countries.

    A moderate point of view! Who am I to gainsay the Dalai Lama and on what grounds? Plus suppose we translate the situation to the Japanese or the Chinese who will soon face fairly quickly falling populations? What would be in THEIR interests and is this a mental exercise that can stop whitey being too hard on himself.


  14. Putting back the J in Who? and the COEN in Coincidence is a fine tool in epistemology. Right away it tells us that the phrase “Russian Mafia” is a blood libel against the Russian people. Its Who? Its Jews we are talking about and not our good good Russian friends. Exactly the same for the victims of Jew communism. To even for one moment suggest that these were not Jew crimes is a blood libel against Slavic people everywhere.

    We ought not be putting a Jew blood libel on Russians or Slavs, particularly as its not their fault. You cannot go through this pretence that the Jews are not the mass-murderers without putting the blood libel onto someone else.


  15. Aqualine Nose. I don’t like it, though I realise the girl is a cutie. I never knew what the phrase meant until this very day. I knew it was associated with the Roman Aristocracy of the Classical era. When I see a girl with a nose like that, I don’t want to marry her and help her bring up our children. Those noses inspire thoughts of doing the rough stuff, and expecting any kids that might result, to be left in her care, and with me buying good food for the bastard child only. It is like a racist thing I suppose. On a subconscious level.

    Aquiline nose. Aquiline nose. Aquiline nose. Some authors used that description a great deal. Maybe they wanted to give the character an intonation of being descended from the aristocracy but only fallen on hard times recently. As if to say …. “This fellow is so much better than his station.” Don’t expect to find authors after the era of ubiquitous rhinoplasty to be describing their more sympathetic characters in this way.

    Was Ian Fleming one of the people who did this? Was Ayn Rand a person who gave her favourite characters a beaked nose? Since I didn’t know the definition of the phrase “aquiline nose” until today, I cannot place the writers who used to be using this description a lot.

    Wikipedias summary of ideas to do with the Aquiline nose makes it seem like this schnozzle signifies nothing at all. For the moment I will associate the aquiline nose with OLD EUROPE 5000 years ago and North Africa 2000 years ago. I think the aquiline nose is prominent amongst those populations that we Yamnaya displaced.

    I want gene testing of anyone in power and this information open source. Because it looked to me that our overlords, when they aren’t Jews … tend to be OLD EUROPE. As if those that my theory say, were pinned to the South of Europe and North Africa, by Pontic-Caspian Steppe fecundity ….. that their ruling families could not oppose us head on, but settled on a strategy, part of which involved infiltration and taking power over the white plague. Usury, centralisation of power, interbreeding between rich families and inbreeding within families… these may be thought of as activities that are their own reward. But the tendency to employ these methods might have come into being as a natural strategy in the face of three thousand years of population pressure pushing down from the North.

    If she liked the rough stuff when she was younger I could go for that. But you would have to slap beaked nosed bitches around a bit ………… just to make it interesting.
    Respect those sweet Chinese ladies. Crazy about the Mongolian girls on horseback. Be gentle with our black fillies, hot though they may be.

    But when it comes to beak-nosed bitches ……… You gotta be firm.


  16. My ex really loved Borat. And Basil Fawlty as well. She was quite fond of Frank Spencer and Homer Simpson and would tease me by referring to me under their names. But with Borat and Basil she would look at the screen laughing with tears in her eyes, look at me and laugh some more and look back at the screen still laughing.

    I don’t know if she would have understood the Jew jokes.


  17. I find it hard to handle too much Sacha Cohen. But I do recognise him as being very talented. But as I said my wife just loved his comedy. I had a hard time convincing her that Borat was also Bruno. Always amazing with an audience who does not recognise him:


  18. Your time has come, Graeme https://www.theaustralian.com.au/business/economics/reserve-banks-chris-kent-discredits-depositloan-link-myth/news-story/1f2d5e27af579f5fc099f9580a05aec8

    Banking is a licence to create money out of thin air, the Reserve Bank says, exploding the myth that banks make loans by “lending out customer deposits”.

    In a landmark speech, assistant governor Chris Kent moved in Sydney yesterday to clear up the “degree of confusion” about how money is created, explaining that banks create deposits when they make loans — in contrast to what textbooks say and most people ­believe.

    “Concerned citizens might be worried about what they see as the ability of private banks to create money via the extension of credit, seemingly at will,” he said.

    Since June 2008, the volume of money in the economy has almost doubled from just over $1.1 trillion, or 100 per cent of GDP, to almost $2.1 trillion, or about 115 per cent this year. “Money can be created when financial intermediaries make loans,” Dr Kent said. “When a bank extends a loan, it makes money available to the borrower, for example, to buy a car, a house or equipment for a business.”

    Dr Kent, responsible for financial markets, said the Reserve Bank was responsible for meeting banks’ demand for notes and coins, now worth $75 billion, but not for “broad money”, which ­includes currency plus households and businesses’ deposits at banks, credit unions and building societies.

    “Changes in the stock of broad money are the result of a myriad of decisions, including those of banks, their borrowers, creditors and shareholders.

    “When customers withdraw currency from an ATM or a bank branch, the value of their deposit holdings declines as the value of the currency holdings increases. The stock of broad money, however, is unchanged.”

    Dr Kent dismissed concern that a lack of deposits would constrain banks’ ability to lend. “Worrying about slower deposit growth impinging on the banking system’s ability to generate credit is putting the cart before the horse,” Dr Kent said. “If some banks really did have insufficient deposit funding, we would expect to see them competing more vigorously for deposits by raising interest rates on those products.”

    Average rates on online deposit accounts, less than 0.5 per cent, are at the lowest level they have ever been.

    The process of loan and deposit creation, which emerged in its present form in the 1970s and is often called “fractional reserve” banking, is criticised by some for encouraging financial crises and excessive accumulation of debt.

    A result of regulation rather than free-market forces, the system has been controversial since the Great Depression, when conservative US economists such as Irving Fisher unsuccessfully proposed requiring banks to keep 100 per cent of the value of their deposits as reserves with the central bank.

    Former Bank of England governor Mervyn King also recently backed the idea.

    Dr Kent appeared to be at odds with the Bank of England, which said in 2014 that “whenever a bank makes a loan, it simultaneously creates a matching deposit in the borrower’s bank account, thereby creating new money”.

    Dr Kent, however, stressed “the process of money creation is not the result of the actions of any single bank, rather than the banking system as a whole”.

    The Bank of England said: “One common misconception is that banks act simply as intermediaries, lending out the deposits that savers place with them.”

    The value of notes and coins in circulation has increased to about 4 per cent of GDP, the highest share in decades.

    “This increase, observed in a range of countries, is consistent with the low level of interest rates, which has reduced the opportunity cost of holding money,” Dr Kent said.


    1. Yes it’s a start isn’t it. Someone must have created a counter-revolutionary conspiracy to let this truther past the gate-keepers. Perhaps like the other notable Kent’s he went in under an impossibly tricky disguise.
      Turning his baseball cap around the wrong way perhaps.

      What do we know about his background?


  19. Sometimes matters devolve to a situation of near total clarity wherein one side is entirely in the right …. on the side of the Angels and Athenian reason. And the other side has rejected all that and is in league with the forces of evil, chaos, wealth destruction and irrationality.

    In that article everything Melvyn has said is in accordance with reason. Any cunt who would oppose him has singled himself out as a quisling and a hater of the logos.

    A Quisling And A Hater Of The Logos

    Jews Are Orks Tricked Out To Look Like Librarians.

    A proper rational market for the supply and demand of loanable funds. His reforms would be a new Bretton Woods.

    The one good thing the war criminal Roosevelt did was banking reform. Did you know that no bankers were invited to the meetings that set up the Bretton Woods system Genghis?

    You have to keep these welfare queens right away from it. King Lear and his faithful advisor Kent has spoken. They read the threads of Doom Sinclair. They read my threads of Doom before you destroyed them Sinclair Davidson.

    A Quisling And A Hater Of The Logos

    Jews Are Orks Tricked Out To Look Like Librarians.

    And who was it that tried to put that genie back in the box hey “Doomlord?”

    Who was it that took the name Doomlord to mock my threads of Doom hey “Doomlord”?

    Who? Who? Who?

    About time we put the J back in Who Sinclair Davidson.

    Because it was You You You.

    Keep that packed suitcase under your bed.


  20. So what does Kent and King coming out on the side of reason really mean? In the context of Brexit and so forth? Maybe the oligarchy will continue to destroy the United States. But go forth with a Chinese/British partnership as the key source of power, and with Australia as a sort of insurance policy.

    Its possible. Or its possible that they decided that we are a little too close to destroying civilisation and they figured they should steal at a more restrained pace for a couple of decades until all the current conspiracy theorists get too old to matter. They have taken a few backward steps before you know. They have backed off from the trail of destruction and allowed the rest of us to live a little for a couple of decades. They backed off after 40 years of slaughter when they kicked off Bretton Woods. They backed off again and let a bit of progress go forth about the time that Thatcher showed up and then went full thief mode about the time they murdered Diana. That was a way of taking the commie weight off the backs off China and they went from communism to the more lucrative (for them) cronyism in the former Soviet Union. This was also a way of getting a bit of extra trade going. Thereafter they had a basis for the creation of value that they could loot with funny money and relentless warfare.

    Been spending most our life, living in a Banksters paradise. The City of London. A state within a state.

    See the pyramid building. A bit of an eyesore sure. Scaled down versions of that sort of model ought to be ubiquitous in small towns everywhere. Until we have more cubic metres per person of living and working space then any country in history. And until we have the highest wages in the world, and the lowest rentals in the world. And I don’t think thats too much to ask. Not only that …. Britain’s top banker has just published an article advocating banking reforms which would allow us to achieve this outcome without too much trouble.

    Consider this. The “City Of London” is a state within a state just like the Vatican. And its a Vatican run by bankers. Jew bankers. So they can destroy the United States for sure. But they may keep Britain as a junior partner for the Chinese. Consider also that Britain has more security cameras than anywhere else. The entire place is totally under scrutiny. Yet the oligarchs can turn any or all of the cameras off whensoever they wish to assassinate someone. Are they really about to give this power up? So they have China, with Britain as junior partner, and Israel as their praetorian guard now … but another superpower down the track. But under this situation the Americans are slaughtered mercilessly.

    Melvyn Kings sudden advocacy of human reason as it applies to finance, could be a way of beefing up the economic strength of Britain to get her in shape to be an international China/Britain superpower. Chinese and British co-operation was honed as their role as international drug-dealers. They dance very well together. Despite the possible nefarious motives involved ……. or rather whether or not nefarious motives are behind banking reform, banking reform if applied will be very good for Britain. Many of the difficulties involved with multi-culturalism could melt away to a small irritation once you have a finance sector based on reason instead of the idea that inbred troglodytes ought to be given a free ride.


  21. Weird Al Yankovitch shows very successfully that the Greatest Ever Banana Republic has morphed into the new EVIL EMPIRE. How could we do this to Reagan? Its all about Jews and Oligarchs.

    The Americans Are The New Evil Empire And Like The Soviet Union They Are Not Going To Last.

    The life expectancy of the Soviet males fell to about my age (52) after the fall of the USSR itself. But the end of the United States isn’t going to be soft and pretty like that. It will be really nasty. Akin to the beginning of Jewish communism, but still worse than that.


  22. I don’t understand how the reasonably worthy Potts can be getting so excited about this technology. One supposes since he decided to specialise in new technology, once the decision was made to jump on this idea with both feet, then maybe he’s making the best of it. I think its a waste of the RMIT resources.

    It might be a little bit like this: The Thai government has gotten all excited about nano-technology. They jumped on the hype of the Jews giving Feynman the title of “Father Of Nano-technology” on the basis of a speech someone got him to recite, not on the basis of anything worthwhile he actually did. The Thais have decided this could be a strategic new industry for them and they have taken it all the way to high-schools and international scholarships. I suggest this is a waste of money. Whereas blockchain ledgers themselves are so far a waste of resources, and objectively so (eg. the “mining cost of bitcoin”) they may have some future role to play. But the RMIT diverting resources to soothsaying with regards to block-chain? I don’t know about that and its certainly suspicious that there are Jews everywhere trying to proselytise this stuff. How about start promoting a sound currency? Less reliance on usury?

    Real economic gains would come from keeping the technology but getting rid of all derivatives that distort the perceived supply and demand of real goods. Fractional reserve, naked shorts, make-believe inventories … these all distort supply and demand and lead to economic losses. It takes anti-libertarian effort to close this economically harmful stuff down. Listen to Berg talking about turning votes into a property right. Not a property right to real stuff but a derivative property right that you can sell short. What a waste of time and effort such bollocks would mean, but it would mean also that the most coherent group of conspirators will be able to run the show. That is to say what is driving some of this is the Jew understanding that his tribe will be able to subvert any system agreed to.

    To bring these people down to earth, how might we expect all this trading of derivative entities to reduce rents? It increase wages? To improve the nutrient value of commercial food? To reduce real interest rates in long-term investment in non-land durable producer goods? To get rid of glyphosate from our food and aluminium from our vaccines? To reduce the unit cost of transport of cargo and work-in-progress?

    If the blockchain technology is merely being conceived as a vehicle for the facilitation of AbbaDabba Berman numbers rackets, its hardly worth the RMIT spending public funds on. Not all forms of complexity are a social good. A sound economy needs a combination of complexity and simplicity, and not complexity for its own state. Because civilisational failure is a sudden loss of complexity. So complexity that is there without very good reason is actually something of a threat. The most resilient society would have food mostly based around local permaculture but extended structures of production for manufacturing. The service sector would not be unnecessarily large and the information revolution ought to be used to streamline this sector. Not make it grow wildly out of control with unnecessary activities like bitcoin or short-selling derivatives and so forth. Governance particularly ought to be about clear rules that simplify. Not all these middle-men puffing themselves up as knowledge workers, when they ought to be plumbers, carpenters, making dry stone walls, building ponds…….. you know. Useful stuff.

    The information revolution was terrific. But we need a conscious effort to get more people in farming (to produce nutrient dense food this time around) More people and disproportionately more producer goods in manufacturing ……….. and less people the service sector, private and public. Lets hear that again. We need to get LESS PEOPLE IN TERTIARY INDUSTRY. The prediction was that as society developed this sector would grow disproportionately larger. Lets not confuse that valid prediction with what we need to be trying to do. This sector has a very large parasitical and make-work side to it. Its kind of hard for people to wrap their head around the idea that a valid prediction of the future does not tell us where our efforts ought to be directed. One could predict that the service sector could grow to be the largest sector in the economy, but at the same time be working to reduce that trend without hurting any positive side to it. I cannot even bring to mind an economist who has understood such a thing.


  23. We had the beginnings of a very good private money in e-Gold. But the usual criminals closed it down. We had also had the liberty dollar of Bernard Von Nothaus, which came in paper, digital or coin form and was 100% backed. So all we needed to do was apply blockchain technology to the concept of 100% backing, and we would have good currency. The solution to tungsten counterfeiting of gold is to make tungsten a monetary metal well before you monetarise gold. Whether then you can remonetise gold is hard to know. But there would be nothing wrong with digital tungsten. In fact the key to eliminating any deadweight loss is to monetise and digitise as many metals as is possible. That way the monetary metals will simply amortise the costs of mining the remaining “base” metals.

    The monetisation and digitisation of as many metals as we can, and at 100% backing, is also the road to value stability. For gold alone to try and carry all that weight, would lead to instability. We want gold as a monetary metal but its prudent to monetise it last rather than first.


  24. Tungsten bullion. Not great for coinage but good enough. Cannot be counterfeited since its heavier than any other metal in its price range. Valuable socially to digitise since its the ultimate metal for kinetic weapons in warfare. What we are talking about here is presumably a similar or better piercing capacity to depleted uranium, definitely superior to lead, but without being a war crime like the disgraceful habit of leaving depleted uranium everywhere that the Americans have perpetrated.

    Monetizing would bid its price up but not so much as to bankrupt a government in its attempt to replace some of its money supply with 100% metals. After awhile you might bid up the price to around 2 Australian dollars per ounce. Which is on the low side for a viable coinage, but quite valuable enough so that its easy to store for digitised monetary purposes.


  25. This fellow was potentially one of the great benefactors of the human race before the Jew/oligarchical crime gang closed him down. They did so for all the same reasons as killing and fucking Gaddafi up the butt.

    When we argue about whether bitcoin is socially valuable or not, we ignore the reality that had the free market been allowed to work, Bernard von NotHaus and others would have gotten hold of blockchain technology, and there wouldn’t have been this crazy bitcoin foolishness in the first place. In other words bitcoin is what happened when we had a desperate need for non-government currency, but we outlawed any sensible version, in advance of the technology coming online, to make the private currency work.

    Private business is easily disrupted. Its no good expecting private citizens to provide the money supply, on the basis of libertarian piety. Thats the mean-spirited bullshitartistry that the Jew Selgin is guilty of, and the free banking crowd are always engaged in a dishonest bait and switch.

    We can admire the goodhearted Von Nothaus but its not for us to treat him as the Lorax, and hope that he will come back if only we become virtuous and better libertarians. Thats falling into the Jew trap that the libertarian scam really is. Its a case of a weaponised ideology that is about 95% correct but that has been used as yet another rort to steal from us. We need to get Von Nothaus out of any jail he might be in, elevated to subsidised political prisoner status, give him the lifestyle of a rich man, and hire him as a consultant to be able to create a proper government money that comes with full ASIO backing. Any libertarian pietist that gets in the way of us getting a great currency (with full ASIO protection) has to be sidelined as a quisling.

    Many of us have engaged in the sins of libertarian piety one time or another. We should be forgiven for our sins if we have repented. We believe in redemption but its gotsta be genuine.

    Government must be paternalistic in the following sense: The leadership must want the good life for the community. They want the highest wages, the best soils growing the most nutrient-dense produce, the lowest housing costs ….. and so forth for their people. A quick summary would be highest wages/lowest rent. Or if that doesn’t seem realistic to your audience you could have the summary “first world rages, third world living costs.

    The reason that long-term paternalism is necessary, is that progress won’t just happen through unguided and piecemeal libertarian reform. Jews, oligarchs, and other ratbags will show up with incredibly subtle ways of subverting any success you might otherwise generate. So one cannot have a purely rules-based strategy to get to a better tomorrow, since there are people out there that can game any rules you hope to put in place. Plus there are serious structural problems getting in the way. This is a war we are talking about. So we have to hardline it.

    Success may wind up looking libertarian on a superficial level in a few hundred years time. But libertarianism cannot be its own transitional strategy. I think this is the very essence of the libertarian piety menace. The idea that libertarianism can be used as a transition strategy.


  26. Hitler didn’t hate the Jews. He was a Jew himself and was sponsored by Jew money. If they didn’t sponsor him, who did they sponsor? If your answer is the communists, why then were the communists ordered to vote for Hitler at the last moment? You have to understand how these Jews work. They always put their people on both sides of any argument. Hitler had reform Jews round up orthodox Jews to take to the camps as a way of recruiting people for Palestine. Israel is what a Jew needs when his family fortune gets too big to hold in any one country. The holocaust myth was a Jew reversal since the Jews had been murdering tens of millions of Aryan Christians in the Soviet Union. Hitlers Dad was born out of wedlock to a young women working in the Rothschild household. Hitlers half sister was the Chairman at Austrian Jewish Mensa. If the Jews didn’t get their candidate to the top who was their candidate then? And how can anyone compete with a candidate of theirs and all that finance?


  27. A heart attack is really about lactic acid accumulation in the heart. Or that is thought to be the usual cause. The plaque in the arteries story my still be held by some to be the cause but its proven to be not true. Though it may point to a root cause of problems that would lead to heart problems.

    The adrenal gland has some capacity to make an enzyme that can clear the lactic acid from the heart. It is pronounced as if there is a W at the front. There is a plant Stronphanthus, of various types, that can replicate this function with a molecule called Ouabain. Also known as Straophanthin and had been used for many decades as a heart tonic.

    Ouabain was suppressed and replaced with statin drugs that systematically destroys the entire body of all patients who take it, and it doesn’t do anything good for the heart. Usually statins are used to reduce cholesterol levels but cholesterol is good. So its a scandal. Statins are promoted by way of incredible exaggeration of non-existent benefits. A Jew reversal followed by a triple somersault. Statins are utterly useless. They don’t work. They start with hurting the nervous system and all of the internal organs. If the studies make out that the statins work in the summary of the study, the body of the study will show them to be absolutely disastrous.

    But this Strophanthin/Ouabain … its something that you can grow in the garden. Unfortunately the therapeutic dose and the poisonous dose is a little bit close together. I am wondering when the athletes are going to get hold of this one.

    Other medical procedures for the heart don’t work since the misdiagnose problem as plaque buildup. Which is more likely a reaction to problems and not the problems themselves.


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