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  1. There really is no examples of leadership greatness in the Western World in living memory since the whole pantomime has been orchestrated by the rich and the inbred. The Ronnie-Nancy partnership and the Dennis-Margaret partnership are exceptions (for the most part.)

    But every day we wait with the suspense of Brian De Palma Hitchock-inspired scenes, to see if Doctor Mahathir can maintain enough stamina to sort out his country, so all his earlier efforts will not be lost, and so his people will not find themselves in permanent bondage and low wages …. well at least in the relative sense.

    What should have been merely a developmental disorder in other contexts, was unacceptable for he who was designated to be the Kings first minister. But there is only so much we should expect Anwar Ibrahim to have to pay for sins of this sort. He has done more than his fair share of enforced penance. He must redeem himself and his nation now, in this drama that has taken on mega-biblical proportions. For the alternative heir has let the country slip under foreign domination so severe that two false flags involving their national airline went right ahead on the world stage. And I mention this only by way of example.

    For a great statesman and potential saviour you would have to say that Dr Mahathir was a damn fine-looking man.

    One of the many fine quotes from Reagan was something to the effect that normal people have courage but that heroes have courage a little bit longer. The actual quote I don’t have to hand but its about hanging in there and here we have a man hanging in there three decades longer than we could ever rightly have hoped for. Reagan hung in there when he was actually a bit too old to be President and he hung in there when he was clearly damaged by the George HW Bush assassination attempt. He hung in there and got the anti-communist job done, but he let the Jews slide in under his main game, and they set things up for disaster later on.

    The real action for great statesmanship has been down in Malaya where Lee Kwan Yew showed us how to run a class act like few have ever done before. Every day we wait to see if Dr Mahathir can slap all the cronyists around, put things back on a reasonably honest footing, redeem his former protege and political heir, and set his former main man up to work for this very worthy country, as any just God would have it.


  2. When trying to find out why I had seven Australian visitors a few days ago I found this:

    “Dr M meets with Singaporean democracy activists. The world is crazy … or he is just trolling his neighbour”

    But Genghis? We know that Lee ran the best act on the planet. But does this mean that they are running a class act now? I couldn’t place how good their leadership is now and I must bow to your superior knowledge. He may be trying to get more leverage prior to talking to the big guys. But these so called “democracy activists” may actually be having a bit of a hard time. Its always good to support people down on their luck. Though if they are persecuted its only in a comparative sense. In many other places they would be hung upside-down with their blood being collected in a bucket.

    The great leader gathers political capital by talking to any reasonably worthy leaders he can. If these are people of good character I would encourage these talks. The leader who is moral and not merely Machiavellian, should reach a hand out to all good men, and this should not be interpreted as a slight or some sort of abuse to those who the good men have an adversarial local relationship with.


  3. Very strange to see a video this slick allowing for this hypothesis to do with the great pyramids.

    Until we can find evidence for the tools to build the pyramids, we simply have to assume that the pyramids, like the Sphinx, were built a lot earlier than the troglodytes in academia are telling us. “Give us the tools, and we will FINISH the job” said the war criminal Churchill. But the reality is that you cannot do the job without the tools FOR the job. So either the Pharaohs had diamond-tipped circular saws, something as least as effective as that ……. or the pyramids were built much earlier and all indications point to the latter of these alternatives.


    1. To avoid this you need the emphasis on retained earnings under tight money, in the context of a sole trader bias. Any other system cannot conform to well-balanced Misean economy assumptions. Our big corps seek the tax deductible fractional reserve subsidy. They aren’t running after retained earnings which, if under sole trader ownership. ought not be taxed at all until distribution. So the free enterprise conclusions just don’t apply, and we have all these people wondering around in suits in town, when they ought to be out building ponds, swales, canals, artificial reefs and making the train tracks level.

      Think of the average tradesman when he happens into town. Seeing all these people in suits talking to eachother. What are they doing? What does their boss think about them not being at their desk? What are all these tall buildings for? Persistent mysteries to life. I think I will have to buy this fellows book to aid in my polemics.


    2. See there is something very wrong here when you go out to the Chinese hinterland and all these poor peasants have these fantastically useful and beautiful hillside terraces, when we have nothing like that here even though we have the diesel and the machines to do the job. And yet at the same time these high-paid graduates are getting plucked out of school to be corporate lawyers just so they can battle against each-other for no ultimate gain. Meanwhile they will be feeding themselves mineral denuded food covered with glyphosate. They will be working really long hours. And no-one will be thinking about how to streamline the laws, or failing that get the work passed down to the sole trader.

      We need to fight unnecessary complexity since the collapse of civilisations is a collapse of complexity.


    1. He would know where this campaign is coming from. We had that farcical vote with no audit trail. So the gay marriage has simply been imposed on us. And notice how this gay marriage campaign hasn’t helped gay couples out even a little bit where it counts. People trying to survive and thrive as a household ought to have access to sharing very high tax free thresholds. So there was nothing for household economics in this Jew campaign. The whole thing was started by a rabbi in New York. Its only another attack on Goy society.


  4. I am listening to the David Graeber roadshow. Fantastic. Notice Genghis that I’m often many years out front with gear like this but it takes a trained social scientist to put it into serious book form. He’s really got no idea WHY this has happened. But he’s a trained anthropologist so he’s able to follow his hunch and prove that he’s quite right in this particular case.

    I hope if you were in any doubt about matters, that you will have finally come around with Graebers observations …. that no funny money capitalism can ever be equated to a serious and efficient economy. In fact its just a joke.

    And even the old gold standard, rotten though it clearly was, was a great deal better than this foolishness, because every so often you’d have a nasty depression, and a lot of the unnecessary complexity would disappear. But on the other hand that was a crap system as well.


  5. Before I go into the principles of how these makey-work jobs come about lets look at people doing serious work. Seriously GOOD WORK. You cannot do better than Aldis on this score. What a class act these guys are. Now obviously they are horizontally integrated. But the real power productivity comes to the extent that they have taken control of their vertical integration and made it work for them.

    Almost all of us are involved in bullshit work. Lets look at some fellows that are involved in real work. Here are the categories mentioned in the video:

    1. Prime Time
    2. Taking the air out
    3. Shopping cart coins
    4. Extra money spent up front for lower maintenance costs (Think of what high interest rates does to this idea).*
    5. Just the essentials.
    6. Private label.*
    7. Limited perishables.
    8. Just In Time*
    9. Stocking Shelves The Easy Way* (Products shipped in the same boxes that go on the shelves … particularly brilliant in my view.)
    10. Minimum staff, higher paid then competitors and older (some embellishment added by me).**
    11. Energy efficiency.
    12. BYO Bag

    Now I can add a couple of points to this:

    13. Really long counters. Perhaps some maths savant could apply the queueing theory we learned in our business degrees to tell us what Aldi already knows. Their super-long counters make their checkout so much more efficient than anyone else’s. Like maybe 500 per cent*

    14. But checkout efficiency is also enhanced by these really huge tracking/scanning numbers on the packaging of their products. Big big big and they scan so much more reliably than anyone else’s tracking/scanning numbers. Now I know that I don’t have the right phrase for all those black shapes that get scanned. But you know what I mean.*

    So I have put an asterisk on numbers 4, 6, 8, and 13 and 14 and a double asterisk on 10 because 10 is more a consequence of the others. These are benefits to the rest of us brought about by VERTICAL INTEGRATION AND GETTING IT RIGHT. Funny money encourages replication and horizontal integration. But those boys that first started aldis …. well now they are probably swimming in money without a care in the world. But there must have been a kind of moral sense in the early days, to have them thinking about staying humble for awhile and focusing on getting things right with vertical integration. The way forward for everyone in the economy to have a serious job is for competitive vertical integration. And this does indeed require a lot of us to be quite wealthy, if we want this to be sole trader biased. When I say “quite wealthy” I’m talking maybe 50 million net worth all tied up in real and depreciating assets. There is very little use for billionaires. We need a few manufacturers who are billionaires and not much more than that.

    You have this moral sense of Big Daddy in Cat on a hot tin roof and you see how its tied up with VERTICAL INTEGRATION. If he merely wanted to be like Ted Turner, and supposing he wanted to go to the Rothschilds in London, get a huge loan and double the size of his already huge land holdings …. well thats not the type of productive vertical integration I’m talking about. Check out what he says just before he catches himself and remembers he is about to die soon:

    Go in about 1.50 …. ” …… Next week I’ll start building that textile plant ….. I’ll tell you boy in a year two years from now…” These are plans for vertical integration. Take the tax on retained earnings away, and the funny money, and have either land tax increasing just enough/money supply just stagnant enough … really a combination of these two …. to have average land prices dropping in a hard to notice way …. If all these features are in place the emphasis will turn to vertical integration. Everyone getting their act together like Aldis did. This is also one reason the sole trader needs the tax break and we just let the corps look after themselves. Because this horizontal integration needs to be completely unravelled. The corps need to be sucked dry and it just has to start with no taxes on retained earnings for the sole trader. Nudging up the land taxes when you can. Listening to Mervyn King and adopting everything he has said in that article. And all these tax free thresholds for real human beings that don’t apply to derivative entities.


  6. In sober reality Brick is a bit of a cry-baby and an ungrateful Prat. I’ve been like that myself, not through any repressed homosexuality (which is hinted at, but not dwelt on in too sickening a way in the story.) But to me that sort of dipsomania, depression and hyper-sensitivity, that Brick seems to suffer with ….. is all about the lifelong eating of poisonous junk-food and being damaged by vaccines and so forth. So its hard to know quite what the problem is. Really its the problem of being shamed by being a fag I guess. So the playwright is more in this character than the others.

    Anyway if Brick wasn’t such a cry-baby the story wouldn’t work and that would be a shame. Because they just don’t make movies like that any more. The playwright Tennessee Williams would, right about now, be being shamed by the Me Too movement, for being a bit of a homosexual Rake …. But at least he was doing a REAL JOB. He was doing it well. Very well. Exceptionally so.

    And unlike the half a dozen makey work producers we have on so many film projects these days, there is no way Graeber could come along and say that the job of Williams was Bullshit.

    Not a man who was to be the Malaysian Kings first minister. So there was no need to throw him in prison for his developmental disorder.

    Sexually handicapped fellows of this sort needed to work a lot harder to gain social respectability. But what is wrong with that? In any case here is a man with a REAL JOB. Not a “bullshit” job (using the Graeber way of thinking.) This is something Tom Sowell talked about as well. In the old days a black man who reached a certain threshold was given instant respect. For sure he had to try so much harder than the white guy to get that far. But once he got to a certain level there was a glass trampoline rather than a glass ceiling.


  7. Keep circling over the same stuff but its hard to go past the exceptional talent of Burl Ives. So naturally I’m quite happy with the sodomite Williams for creating a play awesome enough and a role big enough for Burl Ives to fit in to. What a great Falstaff Ives may have made.

    There is but one scene that can match the truncated scene I have played a few times. And thats the scene right at the end of the play. Finally sissy-boy Brick drops all his cry-babby antics and becomes a man again. Its all gone and he’s a man again. Amazing scene.


  8. The best non-conspiracy commentator at the moment is probably Mark Steyn. But its starting to wear fucking thin. In the 80’s and 90’s the best commentator in that category was clearly Tom Sowell. He couldn’t match Steyn’s standup performance but he was a philosopher and a serious economist. He was sympathetic to many schools of economic thought but he did not appear to be taken in by any one of them. His capacity for general social observation was amazing.

    Here he is hanging shit on intellectuals. But it is a little bit hard to go back to those days because these are the days when people could get away with saying “the market is always the answer.” But if someone is claiming that the funny-money big corporate market is always the answer it means they are asking the wrong fucking questions.

    Note something interesting here. Krugman is basically an idiot who did deserve his Nobel prize. But he got it for being a workaholic in his 20’s doing statistical research in the field of trade economics. Fucking obsessional library lizard. Whereas Tom Sowell, putting aside that he wasn’t a conspiracy theorist, when not being a conspiracy theorist is clearly idiotic in this day and age …. Tom formed his opinions based on experiences and data, much of which was prior to Nixon going off the gold standard.


    Thats what funny money can do to any situation. It can give the unproductive huge incomes, it can impoverish the productive, it can make the stupid man seem wise, it can make the wise man stupid.


    1. Looks like they have spyware on it. Yeah ha ha ha ha. Sinclair will be there prosletyzing over the joys of blockchain. Taking a technology that could be used for simplifying things and use it in the service of skimming and unnecessary complexity. He will be out there in the rice fields spreading the message and the new truth to the masses.


  9. You evil Jew cunt. Your dyed read hair cannot hide your Jew genes. You just explained everything about Apollo, then you tried to tie this truth with the flat earth idiocy. So you must be taken out the back and shot. Like any other Jew who tries this on.


  10. Take this Jew out to the tree and send the children for the green, not the brown, bailing twine. This fake ass motherfucker has just spelled out the entirety of the late 2015 NASA flat earth psychological operation. The purpose of this operation was to discredit legitimate criticism of NASA by equating it with flat earth thinking.

    The brazen nature of this matter is amazing. They get a Jew and dye his hair red as a distraction. Like the ridiculous moustache of the Jew Hitler.

    This sort of behaviour from Jews is just not funny anymore.


  11. Graeber’s book on the last 5000 years of debt was basically cribbed straight from Hudson’s research. I know because I now realise I had his book on kindle. Here is the best Graeber interview on the last book. Its better than the others because the interviewer is an intelligent fellow. A lefty but not a lock-step predictable lefty.

    Great to have a lefty conversant in Ayn Rand and Von Mises. Thats what we need. A Jew but his father was a refugee. So not one of these 3rd generation Jews getting right in our face right now. Graeber a Jew as well but his parents were ageing and from the working class. So perhaps not quite as arrogant as the people getting right in our face right now. A lot of premature talk about universal basic income. Where is our enhanced tax free threshold first? Where is our zero tax on retained earnings for the sole trader? Where is our benefit from 100% backing with falling prices every year? Where is our falling rentals from a permanent glut of small-town high-rise? But I do take the point of a basic income meaning that we can save money on a lot of tax-eaters.


  12. These guys are under the misapprehension that maybe there isn’t a lot of real work to be doing. No its much worse than that. While we are doing bullshit jobs our productive capacity is eroding, our soils are not enriched, our wild fish stocks are dwindling everywhere outside of Antarctica. There is so much work that desperately needs to be done out there and is not getting done. Thats the whole idea of getting things right and having sound money and no taxes on retained earnings for sole traders. Having a situation where middling rich worthies are vertically integrating and competing with each-other. We need TOO MANY jobs and not enough people for them. But its got to be a sound system that creates good and worthy jobs. In the same way that Aldis creates good and worthy jobs and in the way that Sepp Holzer creates awesome food.

    We have crap food, crap medical services. We need all sorts of cheaper mushroom herbal tinctures and powders that seem to make you superhuman. All our hills need to be swaled, all our seas need to be chockers with artificial reefs designed not to hinder shipping. Our small towns need to be overbuilt with high-rise. Any desert that makes it all the way to the ocean needs to be filled with canals and then forested with permaculture farms either side of the canals.

    Graeber is taking some off-hand foolishness from Keynes and making it the basis of his whole deal. But really there are a few things perverting what could be a well-balanced Misean setup and thats what we ought to be aiming at addressing.


  13. Solid historian that can be trusted. Mark Kurlansky. I haven’t looked him up in over ten years. Glad I remembered him for some reason. He’s still around it seems. No doubt he’s done ten years of awesome work that I can catch up with.


  14. I think its a pretty simple. The Austrian economics is built up on rigorous logic. Same with British Classical. Very strict, powerful and rigorous logic. And these schools of thought hold out the promise that if the lessons learned from their hardcore thinking are applied, the outcome is actually utopian. I mean that in a good sense this time around. What if we perceive that, quite apart from from any logical mistakes made, that we think we see empirical failure to these rigorously crafted ideologies?

    There are maybe at least 3 behaviours we can manifest in the face of this perceived failure. We can toss the whole thing down the drain, and run with some alternative religion like Jew communism. We could pretend that everything is sweet and we tell everyone they are lunatics for thinking that the loss of our absolute advantage in manufacturing is a bad thing. We can say persistent trade deficits and growing debt … these are good things. Growing inequality is fine, lower real wages and higher housing costs is terrific ….. And note that the Jew right wing, and indeed the more dimwitted right wingers have put this idiocy about.

    Probably the creator of the fastest economic development in all history, in the few short years category.

    We know what he did and the fast growth rates that resulted ought to have been completely predictable under Misean Praexeology. What was not predicted well enough, was the feeble performance and hateful outcomes, of our own form of alleged Capitalism.

    But I think the third way is to figure out those small ways in which the real world is undermining the model. Because we can have massive progress in the economy. For example the South Koreans in the late sixties and through-out the 70’s made super-miraculous progress and we know exactly the reasons for this.

    So its a very cool and not emotional process of showing how we can have reliable growth like the South Koreans had, but in a more balanced and sustainable system, closer in spirit to what Mises would have wanted, and even something that most leftists would wind up being grudgingly happy with.


    1. No he’s completely correct and obviously so. An analogy might be if you were to take a healthy man, and then deny him either … a single mineral or a single vitamin. Just say from here on in you can stop any magnesium going into his body? He can be doing everything else right and he will eventually get very sick and die. Americas investment climate has been buggered since 1971. Its dollar was systematically overvalued a few years after that and its banking industry further screwed up by a deal Kissinger instigated using an unwilling Shah of Iran. So thats 40+ years of systematic overvaluation of the USD. Its overvalued also by what used to be the rule of law …. good things in themselves can have perverse consequences when money and banking are out of whack.

      So the US will die or it will correct its situation. Unemployment is not 3% or anything low like they are saying thats all lies. Last time I visited shadow government statistics it was upwards of 17%. Trumps moral exhortations have meant job creation which people have noticed and have made a big difference in some areas, but in the nation as an whole its barely a dent. My idea was always to engineer permanent surpluses through money and banking and then go around the world telling your people to look for things to buy. Because you have locked in a surplus thats the way to gain valuable information and business contacts. I saw these Hong Kong guys taking this approach in New Zealand when I was a kid and I was deeply impressed. Because if your surplus is locked in financially when you buy all that stuff, the ships aren’t going back empty. But in American trade currently the ships do go back empty or partly filled some of the time. So thats market failure thanks to Americas policy settings.

      The guys who add the most value per capita in manufacturing also have great savings rates and are in a position to extract usurious gains from others. Switzerland. Japan even. Holland. But the United States oligarchy is making all these usurious gains everywhere as a parasite housed within a nation of non-savers. Thats not a forever thing. Every Jew keeps a packed suitcase under his bed. What I mean here is that the oligarchy will likely continue. But the US losing manufacturing, and not saving anything means impoverishment and eventual collapse into anarchy in depopulation.

      Wait a minute I remember that Humphreys once said that Australia doesn’t need manufacturing. That means everything I just said must be wrong.


  15. Unfortunately this business will almost definitely be made to go away. Since its not so much about how Clinton got Kuru, but its about the blackmail system that the super-elite have going for the next level down. This is what the elite think about our kids. This is why as many as 10 million people may be facing death in Yemen right now.


  16. This is the culmination of a Jew fatwah against Cosby that started when he wanted to raise money and take over NBC. Which would have been terrific. We may have gotten great television for a change. The problem was the Jews needed total control of mainstream media since their 9/11 plot was on the way. So Jews from several different countries murdered Ennis. A love child was turned against Cosby and so he was beset with grief and problems and the NBC situation was out of the question.

    So the Jews needed to follow up on the murder of Ennis and this parade of crazy women, most of them Jews, is the result. Most of the rest of these women, where they aren’t Jews, are seriously troubled if not mad as a March hare. But this Contstand twat ought to be considered Mossad until proven otherwise. Hanging around Cosby like a bad smell looking to entrap him. The Jew that wouldn’t go away.

    Now you will see that woman smiling ear to ear all over the news, and thats because she is happy knowing that Cosby will probably die in prison. She’s a Jew and Jews are fantastically happy when they know they have killed a gentile and gotten away with it. Just like those dancing Jews of 9/11.


  17. Yamnaya, for the most part, are never going to be comfortable with men kissing. But despite that minor carping, can you imagine even the young Francis Ford Coppola pulling off this scene? Well yes perhaps he could have pulled it off but how many others? While the cousins of these rabbis are screeching bloody blue murder at the visit of this valid representative of the Iranian people, these community leaders are treating this foreign bigshot with the respect he deserves, in that its necessary to be respective of people like this to maintain peace.

    Yes you could argue that this is a room full of grubby little people who should have gotten out on their horse or trail-bike and felt the wind against their face more often. Vitamin D deficient hyper-nerds chockas full of old Europe and inbred genes some would say. But by golly they sure know how to show dignity and grace to a man their cousins have rubbished with obscene persistence.


  18. For the first time in my lifetime leftists are getting economically sophisticated:


    The other day I mentioned a fellow named Doctorow. But I’m quite pleased with an Australian lefty called Karl Fitzgerald.

    “To reforming economics as an interpretation of reality, rather than a diversion play for monopolists.”

    Seems to be demi-Georgist. Which is what everyone has to be really. If you want to be serious, and taken seriously, you need to meet Henry George halfway or some of the way.


  19. I know this is repetition but I couldn’t be happier with this Renegade Economists radio show at 3CR. This fellow and some of the locals that he interviews seem to have come out of the woodwork as demi-Georgists and creative Georgists about the time I was stiched up and silenced by Ozblogistan. Around the time that the governorship of Catallaxy was transferred from a gentile to a Jew.

    I kind of wonder if my four years of frenzied internet work, particularly on Jason Soons Catallaxy, didn’t loosen up the mental space of the country a little bit. See the idea is to just bash your head against what seems to be a brick wall and put the hard yards in, knowing sooner or later there will be a crisis, and after the crisis people will twig that you had a point. Or at least what you have tried to push into their minds will be fresh in their minds when they are wondering what the hell is happening.

    But I cannot twist things too much to pretend its all about me. What is really going on is that the bigshots have suppressed many lines of thought and marginalised many people by way of the usual targeted abuse … but when the bigshots, the gatekeepers and the mainstream were shown to be utterly full-of-shit, at best ludicrous welfare queens and more likely organised thieves, gangsters and racist inbred degenerates, I lot of these marginalised guys suddenly find that the ball and chain they were walking around with has loosened. The ball is not so heavy and the chain has become a bungee rope.

    I always advocated a Georgist or semi-Georgist setup as the ideal, but its hardest thing to transition to imaginable. Because to apply an extra tax to people who have worked so hard all their lives … and may still be in debt. The application of the extra tax destroys their capital value, and their cash flow AT THE SAME TIME. Supposing a lady really wanted four children but settled with two? Because she thought she needed to buy 3 or more rental properties in order to make herself and her loved ones secure. Now supposing she didn’t reconcile with the love of her life because he detracted from these goals, because he was a bit of a fool, but he was HER fool. People give up a lot to work like demons and use the current fucked system to secure themselves and their family. Now you and some paleo-Georgists just come in, destroy her equity, and there she is, 60, in horrific debt, without asset value, lost the love of her life, hurting for the children she never had.

    Is THIS what we want to do to some of our hardest working people on the way to a better tomorrow? No I for one won’t be a part of such crudeness. But this better way of doing things has to be done so its going to get done, but we need to be willing to put a lot of resources on the line for transition strategies.

    The delightful thing about the 3CR show is that people on it have come up with a great many ideas that I never could have come up with on my own. Yesterday I heard the name “Ebenezer Howard” for the first time. He is from more than 100 years ago. Had many of the same ideas as I have had for many years. Right now I’m listening to someone called Dr Cameron Murray talking about a great scheme going on in Canberra which is demi-Georgist in nature and halving peoples rental costs. Amazing.

    Soon I will send a video of Dr Cameron Murray. Just an introduction to the young bloke. And I want you to ask yourselves … What is the difference between the human being Dr Cameron Murray and the troglodyte John Humphreys??? What is the difference between people like this and the Jew Davidson?

    The original celestial owner of the blog that used to play a fantastic role at the centre of Ozblogistan, was completely different from the inbred troglodytes Humphreys and Davidson. He knew he had to keep whacking the talking pig over the snout, in order to give the talking pig his voice. Fucking annoying yes. But not the same as being cold to the idea of a better tomorrow.

    Here is Dr Cameron K Murray.


  20. This is fucking great man. This is so much more than I could have sorted out a dozen years ago. Yet if Cameron had gotten on a time machine and tried to explain this to people on Catallaxy a dozen years ago, they would not have understood what he was talking about. He may as well have just landed from Mars as far as their comprehension was concerned.


  21. Thieves in the Temple. I would lecture Catallaxians that our infrastructure policy involved Politicians talking to Macquarie Bank executives. They would say something like “Don’t embarrass me before the next election” and then they would back the truck up at Macquarie banks place, and empty tonnes and tonnes of cash on the bankers lawn.

    This sort of outlook was more or less obvious to me, but here is what academic research reveals:


  22. A Michael Nesmith song that always sounded a bit strange when Linda Ronstandt changed the gender of the narrator. Though her version was quite a good one. Heard a great male version awhile back. But I cannot find it again. The Michael Nesmith versions are a bit disappointing. Like he could take the song seriously but chooses not to give it the energy it deserves. I would advise the fellow to settle down with the girl and have a child as soon as possible. He might regret it later if he goes with this uppity attitude. Of course that would go double for the girls who ought to get pregnant when they are 18. So they can space any kids out at long intervals after that.


  23. Don’t be a fool boy. Get this girl pregnant. All you need money-wise for the kid is her breasts, clean sheets, a couple of blankets, extra liver, egg yolks, bone broth, ham hocks, dates, blueberries. You’ve got the sheets already so basically you just need her tits and a bit of extra food. Thats the deal of the century right there. Thats if you can do things as nature intended without all these lunatics in white coats jabbing and poking your girl and charging your credit card.

    If you don’t do it you’ll end up pissing the money against the pub wall anyway and making a complete cunt of yourself. Getting in fights. Subsequently getting cleaned up by the bouncers. The kid damages a terrific song by changing it to gay near the end for no good reason at all. Take the song seriously guys. Michael Nesmith wrote it. He’s a seriously good songwriter. Linda showed you how to sing it. Its a good song. Do it right.


  24. Petula Clark makes a fine argument. But now that we have internet everywhere forget going downtown. Cunt of a place really but it was where the State Library was. So before the internet you really had to live near town not to be bored shitless.

    So don’t go downtown. Head out to the country with your girl and the little one and grow healthy food. Isn’t the pronunciation of her name so different from the spelling? Pee-Chool-ya. Thats pretty hard going. Great audio engineering for 1964


  25. Scary. Of course the HIV retrovirus has no capacity to do the damage attributed to it, lacking as it does the genetic sophistication to be able to create powerful toxins. Plus the diagnosis is junk science. They don’t ever detect the actual HIV virus. The test is for HIV virus anti-bodies. In all prior medical science if you had created the antibodies you had immunity and the job was done. So in other words getting this bogus HIV diagnosis was nothing to become a reptile over.

    So here is a bacteria, with a more serious capacity to cause immense problems since it has the genetic sophistication to do so. As for the Spanish Influenza that wiped my grandmothers parents out, that was neither Spanish nor influenza. It was believed to be some bacteria related ailment cooked up in Rockefeller laboratories.


  26. This is great since it is confirming all my anti-derivatives dogmas. My view was that these were all Abba-Dabba Berman numbers rackets. Jews and others skimming off the top, and not in compliance with socially benevolent speculation.


    Its all a version of fractional reserve or “negative inventories speculation” which feeds upon itself. Becoming a system of unnecessary or rather ACTIVELY HARMFUL complexity. We can show diagrammatically that positive inventories speculation of real stuff is highly socially useful. But would barely exist today.


  27. If you listen all the way through you will find Chris Cook proposing a market structure for energy which treats the kilowatt hour as a sort of unit of currency. I think he said the Danes had some sort of system like this. Not saying that this is a foolish idea or anything. But I have been thinking about monetary matters for a very long time. Since I was about 14 in fact. So no we don’t want to confuse energy and money, but to me he’s got the history of the energy market perfectly correct, and knows about that side of things obviously so much better than I would. Though I knew enough to judge his information solid gold.

    But I suggest that while he should be taken at his word when he contends that the middlemen and speculators destabilised prices, the thing is as far as I know I’m the first person ((((((sooner or later I’ll find someone who beat me by at least 50 years and was suppressed. That always happened in the past, so it will happen with this story as well …. so far its not confirmed that people have beaten me to the idea that the sun never lost its oceans…. but I expect that someone may be able to prove that he beat me to that idea by decades also))))) to show clearly why modern speculation doesn’t conform to Misean/Rothbardian notions of speculation as being socially benevolent. Everyone and his Momma had known or suspected that speculators were hurting the rest of us, but they didn’t have a simple theoretical model to show why this was the case.

    100% positive inventories speculation is a beautiful thing. It almost never happens anymore because the derivative market prevents it and so the derivative market ought to be banned. Lets not fuck around here with theoretical anarcho-capitalist justifications for why a private enforcer would not sanctify contracts of this sort because we are sick of being hobbled by libertarian ideology …..however loveable it might have been in the right hands. We just have to ban that type of speculation outright and stop fucking around.

    As soon as you have negative inventories speculation INDIVIDUAL MARKET PLAYERS need all these Abba-Dabba Berman derivatives numbers rackets to stop them from being caught out. So if you ever wondered why the face value of all these ridiculous derivative contracts wound up exceeding the global GDP by orders of magnitude I’m explaining this matter to you right now. Now Chris cook correctly outlines the history of the middlemen entering the market. He correctly judges their influence to be malign and a skimming operation. But since he doesn’t have the simple conceptual understanding of WHY this type of speculation is radically dysfunctional, he goes ahead and proposes a regulatory regime that is ……….. well sort of okay …. But a bit bodgie. A bit “Bro-Science” if I may be so bold.

    Soon I will remind you of the conceptual breakthrough I made when it comes to an explanation of why derivatives contracts multiplied like Triffids, and why modern speculation is inherently anti-social.

    Unnecessary complexity often goes hand in hand with unjust enrichment and even when that charge is hard to make it would wind up being part of the “bullshit jobs” phenomenon that Graeber describes. But unnecessary complexity is far worse than that. It is far worse than mere overhead. Unnecessary complexity is a constant threat to us, because no-one knows the century, decade, year-month-week-day or hour, when the perfect storm of problems will come together leading to a collapse. And a civilisational collapse happens whenever there is a too-rapid collapse of complexity.

    Graeber though a qualified social scientist seems to be a bit of a “Bro-Scientist” on this matter. More of an ideas man, with a capacity to coin a phrase or two. Its not that I don’t admire him. Its just that I think I could have partnered up with the former blog owner of the formerly most innovative Ozblogistan economic commentary site, and put out a better version of Graebers thesis. Truly I could not do it on my own because I lack the social scientist professional skill-set. But the thing is that Graeber, worthy though he is, is a Jew with authentic academic bonafides. And so he can come out with this half-formed stuff, carry the day, whereas supposing I got Genghis to collaborate with me and we had come out with a better product ten years earlier ….. It would have sunk like a lead balloon. It shits me that, worthy fellow though Graeber is, we have this racial bias working against us.


  28. To clarify further. I think Graeber is on the right track. But listening to him I don’t think he’s used all his skills and enough hours of labour to really make this bullshit jobs concept solid social science. I’ve seen really hot stuff when it comes to social science. For example Sulloways efforts to at least try and show the relationship between birth order and behaviour. In the end Sulloway could still be proven to be somewhat wrong, but his methodology was about the most scientific thing I’ve seen in the field of sociology. Some of Tom Sowells work was getting there too but Tom had it figured that he was too old to really pursue to the nth degree some of the topics that he had began to explore.

    But what I am trying to communicate is that Graeber, having all of the legitimate social science bonafides, could do a kind of truncated Bro-science effort, with a lot of superb idea generation and pleasing terminology for his conceptual taxonomy of bullshit jobs. But you see I might have some up with a similar effort on my own. Nearly as good on my own. And much better collaborating with a trained social scientist( like the creator of the formerly important Ozblogistand website). But because I don’t have the bona fides, and my collaborator is not a Jew … the project would be of minor interest and just sitting there waiting for some inbred troglodyte to plagiarise.

    See at the same time as being a bit grating, Graeber is also almost likeable, and I think it relates to him being from working class poor Jew parents and so without the horrific arrogance of his “cousins” shall we say. But at the same time what he is talking about has been noted before …. In Management theory …. Under the rubricks of the PETER PRINCIPLE (to some extent) and under the management dictum of PARKINSONS LAW …. as about 55 per cent of what Graeber is on about. Lets rephrase that. There is nothing new under the sun and the already existent concept of PARKINSONS LAW explains a great deal of what Graeber thinks he has been observing here.

    Another big chunk of Graebers thesis has also been acknowledged in Austrian School economics as an extension of the Misean concept of “malinvestment’ Whereas I myself don’t see a Misean depression playing out in the modern era, EXCEPT IN THE CASE OF THE 1997 SOUTH EAST ASIAN CRISIS ………. The Misean concept of “malinvestment” due to fast monetary growth was a big part of the Misean explanation of recessions. I would say the recessions of yesteryear. But the very excellent Austrian economist, Jörg Guido Hülsmann ….. has conceptually EXPANDED the concept of MALINVESTMENT DUE TO EXCESSIVE MONETARY GROWTH …. to include things like bullshit jobs … even large aspects of the welfare state. Now he has only done so in an offhand way. But I think we can be quite confident in the basic principle here. So between these earlier concepts, there isn’t that much new in what Graeber is saying.

    Still he’s a worthy fellow and I think he is fundamentally correct.


  29. From Elsewhere:

    Graeme Bird says:
    APRIL 21, 2018 AT 9:25 PM
    “It seems, once again, we have to reform capitalism. ”

    Its really about usury, fractional reserve of almost everything (negative inventories speculation) and artificial entities. Our business ecology is now so incredibly out of whack. Its like we have too many mastodons and not enough earth-worms. One wedge measure that could start slowly reforming the problem is to immediately abolish any takes on retained earnings for sole traders. As things stand they pay almost nothing in the way of taxes at the moment, so this doesn’t present a serious short-run budgetary problem.

    We either resource business renovation through retained earnings or through debt and artificial entities. The problem with capitalism doesn’t get there through the retained earnings financing mechanism. Its a feature of the other ways of finding the resources. So as long as we have policy skewed towards emphasising the retained earnings of sole traders, as the main wealth creating mechanism, we won’t have as much of the extreme current dysfunction.

    Of course the other thing we must do is get back to the late 19th Century idea of identifying economic rent and taxing it away the best that we can. But here we need a much greater degree of long-term thinking.

    People don’t think long-term enough. To me it might take 20 years to transition to sound money. It might take 100 years to transition to taxing away all economic rent. And it might take 5000 years to put together all the canals and tunnels we can use. Its not a problem that things can take a long time, I just think we should get started.


  30. Understanding Negative Inventories Speculation as being anti-social, destabilising, and an interference with rational price discovery….. As well as being the full and proper explanation for the massive face value of derivative contracts …………. Now here I have TOTAL PROOF that the conceptual breakthrough came from me and me alone.

    Here is a google search of “negative inventories speculation”


    Monday Message Board – John Quiggin
    Oct 29, 2012 – But our modern system is overwhelmed by negative inventories speculation aka phantom supply. Negative inventories speculation is …

    Monday Message Board – John Quiggin
    But our modern system is overwhelmed by negative inventories speculation aka phantom supply. Negative inventories speculation is anti-social. The Tobin tax …

    We are all socialists now – John Quiggin
    Apr 21, 2018 – Its really about usury, fractional reserve of almost everything (negative inventories speculation) and artificial entities. Our business ecology is …

    Phobos Hollow And Ready For Dyson-Harrop | A Better World …

    May 20, 2011 – I have another name for negative inventories speculation. And thats “phantom supply” speculation. All forms of phantom supply or pyramided …

    Overlords Or Morons? | A Better World: Graeme Bird For High Office
    Negative inventories speculation, and positive inventories speculation. The latter is socially beneficial, the former is socially harmful. Synthetics help the negative …

    US Inflation About To Surge. | A Better World: Graeme Bird For High …
    We can get shortages in physical commodities today, simply because these markets have been damaged by negative inventories speculation. But shortages …

    John Quiggin » We are all socialists now

    Its really about usury, fractional reserve of almost everything (negative inventories speculation) and artificial entities. Our business ecology is now so incredibly …

    Okay this is a search of my phraseology. But I haven’t seen the concept discussed anywhere else so far.


  31. From Elsewhere. Me over at Professor Quiggins place.

    Graeme Bird says:
    NOVEMBER 11, 2012 AT 10:51 AM
    I think the Tobin tax, properly applied, may be more in keeping with free enterprise values, in the current context, then its absence.

    Consider investing in silver with the Perth Mint versus investing in a gold ETF (or fresh air). A seller of fresh air IOU’s, indexed to a warped price for gold …. warped largely by the very existence of the ETF … Well the seller doesn’t have to incur storage costs, fabrication costs, and transport costs, because he’s selling a bunch of promises. By whacking a big Tobin tax on the non-100%’ers we would be giving the potential for the building of real wealth as opposed to paper castles in the air.

    Now I’m not saying that gold accumulations alone are “real wealth”. Because by investing in one monetary metals you take this metal out of the productive process. Giving them fiat and derivative characteristics. But if you can have people accumulating and lending at interest, a wide range of durable metals (Tungsten, silver, gold, chromium, titanium, copper, paladium, platinum, and so forth) under these conditions the cost of any one of these isn’t blown out as much. And the extent that their cost is blown out, it merely amortizes the extraction costs of base metals. The focus on gold alone would impose great costs on the economy. But the focus on a broad base of metals wouldn’t really do this.

    Now there is nothing wrong with government cash money. If this cash money isn’t pyramided on and this cash money gets its value from being a tax voucher. So initially monetary reform would be getting rid of the bank ponzi money and replacing it with cash money. But the provision of paper money involves costs. To have other money’s available it is important that these costs be recovered. So that its only fair to have a Tobin tax on bank transactions involving this government money. Would we be right to maintain 100% government cash money without metal competitors? No I don’t think so. I think we need alternatives to stop abuse of the cash money.

    For the moment the Tobin tax would be a good reform measure for all sorts of abuses in our capital markets. For front-running trades using high-frequency algarithms just for example. It would put the focus on long-term value, and make the capital markets a bit more efficient at allocating resources then they are now. Which would not be hard.

    The thing is that positive inventories speculation is a social good. But our modern system is overwhelmed by negative inventories speculation aka phantom supply. Negative inventories speculation is anti-social. The Tobin tax could target this form of speculation. It ought to be applied so as to leave the positive inventories speculation alone if possible.


  32. Graeme Bird
    April 21st, 2018 at 21:05 | #10 Reply | Quote
    Reading the main article reminded me of my blind fury at watching Australia handle major projects. Like that national fibre optics grid. Neo-classical “thought” has been horrifying in that policy makers cannot now seem to make up their mind the nature of what they are doing. Its like they cannot decide whether they are Bucks Fizz or Judas Priest. So you get the NBN and they haven’t figured out properly whether they are dealing with a communist undertaking or a private enterprise affair. If its communist, and I think it is, thats great. But it should be run debt-free, without all these rent-seeking bankers sniffing around.
    Same with the telstra privatisation and privatisation all the way down the line. Did the neoclassicals have a convincing theory for competitive infrastructure? To me its all about pipes. Infrastructure involves items that cross many private properties. But its all analogous to piping. So the electricity wires are really just electron pipes. Those cross-city tunnels are piping cars and trucks. The easiest way to do things is that the pipes stay communist 100%, but you could have many if not most of the stuff being piped as free enterprise.
    The neoclassicals turned out to be bait and switch merchants. Since what they really seemed to want is to confuse these two aspects and leave us with privatisation that held a sort of identity crisis, which lead to all sorts of rent-seeking and ineffectiveness.
    I tried to show at Catallaxy how you might contrive competitive infrastructure but they didn’t seem to be the least bit interested and in the end I gave up on the project. Its a queer and perverted thing, but it was as if they were batting for the already wealthy. Not the deserving wealthy but just for rich incumbents. As if they wanted all this economic rent floating around. Like they were after the appearance of a Carlos Slim type to be their new business hero.

    Graeme Bird
    April 21st, 2018 at 21:25 | #11 Reply | Quote
    “It seems, once again, we have to reform capitalism. ”
    Its really about usury, fractional reserve of almost everything (negative inventories speculation) and artificial entities. Our business ecology is now so incredibly out of whack. Its like we have too many mastodons and not enough earth-worms. One wedge measure that could start slowly reforming the problem is to immediately abolish any takes on retained earnings for sole traders. As things stand they pay almost nothing in the way of taxes at the moment, so this doesn’t present a serious short-run budgetary problem.
    We either resource business renovation through retained earnings or through debt and artificial entities. The problem with capitalism doesn’t get there through the retained earnings financing mechanism. Its a feature of the other ways of finding the resources. So as long as we have policy skewed towards emphasising the retained earnings of sole traders, as the main wealth creating mechanism, we won’t have as much of the extreme current dysfunction.
    Of course the other thing we must do is get back to the late 19th Century idea of identifying economic rent and taxing it away the best that we can. But here we need a much greater degree of long-term thinking.
    People don’t think long-term enough. To me it might take 20 years to transition to sound money. It might take 100 years to transition to taxing away all economic rent. And it might take 5000 years to put together all the canals and tunnels we can use. Its not a problem that things can take a long time, I just think we should get started.

    Graeme Bird
    April 22nd, 2018 at 18:56 | #16 Reply | Quote
    No its not about essential or inessential. Its about that part of infrastructure which is analogous to piping. Roads, pipes, powerlines, tunnels and so forth. You have the divide completely wrong. The underground cables and the above ground electricity wires should be provided on a communist basis since we have no agreed upon way to provide them competitively and without unjust enrichment. Its got nothing to do with essential or inessential. These are weasel words.

    Graeme Bird
    April 22nd, 2018 at 23:05 | #18 Reply | Quote
    “You aim for competitive markets where consumer sovereignty reins not producer sovereignty.”
    I want sole trader producer sovereignty. If the job cannot easily be performed by sole traders, then it ought to probably be communist run. If you cannot conceive of sole traders doing it, and yet people are suggesting these big companies pull it off, what you are looking at is rent-seeking activity.

    Note the above commentary doesn’t include any overt Georgism. Whereas I am a militant demi-Georgist and always have been. So am I wimping out? Well the thing is this. Since any clumsy, hamfisted and uncaring immediate application of Georgist measures would be so devastating to some of the most worthy and hard-working people in our country, you have to show a bit of human feeling. When you are proposing just to stumble on in and apply a Georgist tax, as your transitional strategy to Georgism you are acting like a real heartbreaker. Just when the good girl has finally got what she needs from decades of self-sacrifice in pursuit of investment properties …….. as the only realistic security for herself and loved ones offered to her ……. You are going to fuck her over, when she is at an age when she can no longer realistically create a powerful emotional bond between herself and a worthy male suitor …. For fucksakes get real. Tolstoy suggested that not only was Henry George right, but that in sober reality, everyone knew he was right. We all know Henry George was right but we are just playing silly-buggers. I am extrapolating because I don’t have the full-blown Tolstoy quote before me.

    So we must not be silly buggers about it and we must devote huge resources and a new government department to the transition. The ideology has been out there since the French Physiocrats at least. But it hasn’t been implemented ………. and whereas banking dynast prerogative usually seem to win out, part of the reason this totally sound doctrine (at least at say 50% ….. we would have to wait and see if it could be taken the whole way) has not been implemented is probably because WE HAVE BEEN INSENSITIVE CUNTS ABOUT IT. There is the question of the ageing process and of hard-working people being basically forced to save by way of investment property … and then being financially raped by ham-fisted Georgists. Sure its never actually panned out that way since Georgists, though right about everything, are indeed so hamfisted that they seldom get their ideas put into practical usage.

    Its possible to be right about everything and yet have no social graces. Tangentially I would say that its akin to be a male university student and actually really deserving of getting that elusive pussy but almost never getting it. With regards to Georgist implementation it can be a bit like the serious and highly intelligent Christian with Aspergers Syndrome.

    Some gentlemen are saved from sin by sheer ineptitude … Something similar may be a well-known quote.


  33. In the course of a thousand years we can avenge ourselves against all these villains that murdered Ennis and put Bill in Jail.

    In the course of a thousand years we can kill every one of them. But what I need from you right now is moral support for Camille and for Bill. They murdered Ennis as part of the plot to never let anyone else control NBC. They murdered Ennis. So they needed to follow up with the persecution of Bill And Camille.


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