Twitter Replacement Thread Six.

Need to review why modern negative inventories speculation is a disaster and ought to be banned as an interference into the holy price allocation system.  A system which is no longer functioning well at all.

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    “Derivatives allow fractional reserve of items that are tradeable over the computer. This fractional reserve of non-cash tradeable items creates the need for more derivatives, so its a pandemic that feeds on itself.”

    So in order to have a functioning price system we don’t do what I tried to do in all these ten year old threads. We don’t waste a minute of time trying to fit this business into the Ayn Rand non-initiation of force principle. There is no time for such defensive bullshit. Inbred troglodytes are ruining all price allocation and skimming off the top. You simply shut down all this debauching of price allocation and outlaw derivatives contracts. Outlaw any inventories deficits of tradable commodities that could possibly be affecting price allocation. If storage operations need zero interest loans to bring this into effect that is okay. Not the overseas Jew banks but some local guys who may have fallen into these practices.

    If you go back to reading these threads that I wrote ten years ago (explaining the derivatives menace and just how poisonous it is to the economy), just try and skim over any lame bullshit I have going back then, which tries to show that a real libertarian society would not have come up with these numbers rackets. Whether thats true or not amounts to a form of soothsaying. I do apologise for the word-pollution involved here.

    The real deal is to just wipe these people out. And to try and smooth the way, as much as is possible, for any 100% backed real-stuff speculation operation, which involves the storage of actual tangible gear.


  2. Here is a comment I made about derivatives on the University of Louisiana website. Back then I was all over the net under many different names campaigning for this or that.

    Obsessive with dozens of identities, very many topics, all over the net. But I crashed pretty badly. So don’t be like Senator McCarthy. Don’t push push push push push. He did great work and delayed the Jew takeover of America by many decades. But you need to take three steps back every so often before you can marshall all your strength and push four steps ahead.


  3. Just incredible that we had year after year after year of denial of monetary economics in this country. Hard to believe in retrospect. Is it STILL going on?

    Try and imagine if you deregulated all aspects of banking and then didn’t make fractional reserve illegal. That would mean the banks could raid your silver accounts to speculate on the stock market. They could squeeze the money supply then go around buying all the stocks, shares and land at bargain basement prices. One fellow wrote a book “It usually starts with Ayn Rand” which purported to show a lot of idiocy that winds up starting with her philosophy. This would have to be a case in point. The most damaging stupidity coming out of the libertarian movement so far. Because thats why we had to go through the great depression. It was a banking scam in order that a tiny elite could buy up all the assets at bargain basement prices. Same as what happened in 1907. But that was also an engineered crisis in order to pave the way for the federal reserve.


  4. Chris Leithner. One of the very few monetary sophisticates on the continent of Australia. We can show that 100% backing is the only policy in line with a libertarian society. But its a waste of time. It takes too much verbiage. It puts the advocate on the defensive. Peoples first duty is not to be libertarian. They should avoid being idiots as their first idea.

    We need to clamp down on any practice that distorts the price mechanism. We face the most powerful adversary on the planet ever. We don’t have the luxury of libertarian ideological restraints.


  5. Michael Hudson isn’t the least bit afraid to describe Al Qaeda and ISIS as Americas Foreign Legion. Also here Michael points out that the Georgists don’t have it in them to take down the banking conspiracy and the Rentier class. This is because they are basically libertarian and don’t have the ideology to smash their enemies. My words so you better listen to Michaels own phrasing. Notice that I’m promoting a fellow from the hard left, right on the heels of promoting a fellow on the extreme right. There really is a discipline called economics. And we should take this science seriously.


  6. My characterisation here. But between the Quaternary extinction event, and almost but not quite up until the Bronze Age collapse there was a more or less permanent labour shortage. So lets say 10, 000 BC to maybe 2000 BC. So if civilisation ever did arise, and the leaders needed to get the labour for big building projects, the leadership needed these big beer and meat parties. Labour shortages go hand and hand with the leadership having to brew heaps of beer and provide great amounts of meat to get people to work.

    This happened again after the Black Plague. The Catholic Church had all this Church property through-out Europe. So in practice people could wander around Europe for months on end as itinerants with the feudal land owners having a permanent shortage of workers. So they had to start the beer project going again!!!!!! Gregory Clark reports that these employers had to provide huge amounts of free beer to get these guys to do manual labour. The good society creates a permanent shortage of labour. This is really the only society where the bulk of the population can be happy. Too many jobs and rental space, not enough people. So for goodness sakes lets get this going. And not by annihilating the people.

    Its maybe just a few decades where these fantastic conditions prevailed. So don’t be thinking that the entirety of the middle ages was this wonderland of beer, high wages, and lots of leisure time. But it did happen for a little while at least, before Malthusian conditions closed this excellent situation off.

    It turns out that the best time to be a European was circa 1450. Every peasant was actually a free man, and a real man in 1450. Despite feudal laws the lords had to supply you with great pay, lots of beer and be nice to you, just to stop you from going walkabout. We need to use economic science to create these superb social relations worldwide, and this time in a sustained fashion. Now the fact is we know exactly how to do this. Since we CAN do this ethically we MUST do this. This needs to get done so its going to get done but do what you can so we can do this sooner rather than later.


  7. This fellow is always worth listening to. From a technical economics point of view I give him six out of ten. With Gerard Jackson as nine out of ten. Even if I take Gerard to be a bit weak on inequality and oligarchy as far as technical economics is concerned I take him to be the gold standard. But I haven’t followed up enough on the late 19th century German economists. But this fellow I take to be 9 out of 10 as an historical researcher. He really is about the best we have. The best that has come to my notice anyway.

    I think he’s over-rating genetics here a bit. He is acting like economic success isn’t about successful rent-seeking. Which of course it is. My Dad successfully put together a single deal which was successful from a rent-seeking point of view. He bought a farm. He had all the skills to run that farm. He could milk, look after soil, de-horn cattle. He could raid bees nests. He was fine with fencing, splitting wood. Artificially inseminating cows. He could do everything. But he never seriously applied mathematics in business. Worse than that he seemed to have a full-blown mental aversion to doing so.

    Also we didn’t have a strategic plan to make it work. I only found the strategic plan decades afterward. If he had of started with this strategic plan, this successful deal, fantastic from the view of economic rent-seeking, would have also had a great cash-flow to it. And the next generation would have wound up fantastically wealthy. I would now be a spoilt brat. Spoilt by my good fortune and probably one eye blind to the problem of unjust enrichment.

    It boggles my mind to think how ridiculously rich we could have been if I could go back in time and somehow influence my parents to adopt that strategic plan. Because once things had been developed on our own farm, we would have been able to lease a continuous flow of paddocks on nearby farms with all the farmers, most of whom were having similar problems to my father. Everyone seemed to be going under in the post-war period. I think there has been some bounceback more recently. We would have been able to practice outrageous farm imperialism.

    Anyway I’ve strayed off topic. The same funny-money that elevated my Dad beyond his strategic station also brought him down. There ought to have been sound money and a land tax with various thresh-holds. Then when you get your strategic act together the finance will be there to increase the productivity of the land. Not merely to buy land already in production and then try and wing it. I better phrase this better. Currently the finance is there to buy the land. But there isn’t the finance to improve that land. It ought to be the other way around.

    We would see both greater upward and downward mobility if we had a sole trader economy, with sound 100% backed money both fiat and metals) and with some thresholds for individuals, we taxed economic rent. Then and only then could we accurately gauge the genetic component to success. We cannot do that now when there are all these high-paid bullshit jobs around.

    Here Greg Clark is giving too much weighting for genetic inheritance. Because he is not taking into account our failure to tax economic rent. Now it may be that even after we tax economic rent, with a threshold, that we find genetic inheritance is still very important. Is almost as important as it appears to be today. Okay. Lets do just that, without being callous about it, and I’ll accept whatever result comes out of that experiment.


  8. Just listening to Greg Clark talking about the effects of marriage norms on birth rates and subsequent Malthusian effects. My idea of birth control is having kids 5 years apart. I don’t think girls should delay having their first babies. Better to have them while there is still two young grandmothers to help out. I think that its their subsequent children they ought to delay … And mostly be spreading them out at least four years, and perhaps 5 years would be the norm.

    In the end one would wish people who weren’t exceptionally talented in some way or another, to have only two kids. And people who were exceptionally talented to keep having kids every four or five years apart. There is no good way to do this. Unless we get rid of all the bullshit jobs, apply the land tax, bias towards the sole trader, and really have a strong social idea that you need to space the kids out. Then and only then might we match up fecundity with genetic worthiness. The idea that the Jews are more genetically worthy than the Irish I find to be completely risible. Success in rent-seeking isn’t everything you know.


  9. The characters I really like in this great movie, probably a greater play, are Maggie (Elizabeth Taylor) and Big Daddy (Burl Ives) Maggie is hot, a real woman. She is what she is supposed to be. And she needs Brick to fuck her good hard and often and give her a baby. What could be possibly wrong with that?

    Now Brick is a complete cry-baby. It is probably Tennessee projecting his own grief at being a queer and his own father not accepting him but that need not concern us here. Yes Brick is a crybaby and something of an ingrate ….. BUT HE DOES HAVE A POINT. You know you get these family arguments and you get one side that is mostly right and the other side that is mostly wrong. Doesn’t mean that the wrong side doesn’t have a point or two. Now that I think about it this is great casting to have Paul Newman. Since as a kid he was so ridiculously handsome that if it was anyone else, we just would not be able to connect with the character.

    I am not going to fault Maggie the Cat even a little bit. There is no faulting a woman for being a woman. Big Daddy wants to leave an empire of sorts to Brick. But is there any meaning to this Empire? Big Daddy has 28,000 acres. Thats way too much for any man except if its a soil reclamation project. But he came out of the depression with nothing, so its a fractional reserve and convincing the bankers to loan him the money project. Yes sure he must have had the guts, hard work and brains to put together the requisite cash flow. But if you fence off 28, 000 acres of land thats 26,000 acres of land that is not available for other families.

    Big Daddy right at the end mentions future projects in vertical integration which would be deeply meaningful. But contrast what Brick is inheriting to what Joel Salatin is leaving to his Boy? Or what Sepp Holzer is leaving to his children? These are deeply spiritual and meaningful undertakings. These are not merely accumulations for their own sakes. Sure the money pours in like Scrooge McDuck taking a gold coin shower. But thats not the end of the achievement.

    Joel has his own farm and leases 7 nearby farms. But there probably is not even more than 2000 acres in this story. The soil gets better every year in their operation. The food improves the health of everyone who eats it. The cows get to be cows, the pigs get to be pigs. The chickens get moved all the time and don’t live in their own shit. Though that side of things could be even better. Plus the Salatin boy and the Holzer kid grew up on fantastic food. So they will be mentally healthy and not cry-babies like Brick.

    In the end all the characters find truth and honesty …. Just the last two minutes. Except for Bricks sister-in-law (Sister-Woman) who stays dysfunctional just so she can be a foil for the others. Maggie is great every minute. Big Daddy too. When Brick is being a Cry-Baby you’d almost hope Big-Daddy could sweep his boy aside, and father his own grand-child.


  10. Proper farming.

    Still as good as their act is the Holzer act is even more compelling. But in neither case are we talking about massive land holdings. Its not Big Daddys 28000 acres we are talking about here. Which is at least 26000 acres too much.


  11. Very good lecture on physical capital accumulation and a residual mysterious measure of efficiency that comes with this capital accumulation. Economists are having a hard time explaining the residual. Why it is very low in New Zealand for the last sixty years. Why it is high in Japan and was high for a time since 1980 in Ireland. The lecture was in 2010. Matters have probably died in Ireland since then but they had 30 great years and this efficiency residual has some mystery to it. Clark always veers away to suggesting that more inequality might be better, which is pretty ridiculous. But apart from that its a magnificent lecture.

    You might need to scroll down the playlist to the lecture I’m talking about which is Modern Economic Growth part I. Gregory doesn’t seem to be mentioning that capital stock is not merely increasing, its also being replaced. When I talk about these things I always say “accumulation and update.” and not merely accumulation. With update you usually get improvement. I wonder too with the timing of when economies took off, whether that came ahead of the capacity to build hi-rise. I would want to look at the timing of high-rise with regards to economic growth per capita. See if there is any contribution there.

    You would think that the spillover benefit leading to this residual, would be concentrated in those economies that have progressed to being producers of producer goods. So that when you had an increase in capital accumulation, you weren’t just buying in all the gear from overseas …. Like Japan for example.


  12. From 30 minutes in Greg Clark starts talking about how cool it started to get in Europe after the Black Death. This excellence peaked around 1450 for England. Thats when it was just terrific. Beer, meat and high wages, thanks to the black death almost a century earlier.


  13. Michael Hudson talking to the Italians about the war of the banks against the society, against industry, and against government. It was the right wing Austrians and Monetarists who had the intellectual understanding to be able to inform people about this unbelievable racket. But they won’t do it. Because they turned out to be tribal and not on the right side of this war.

    Michael also pointing out that the banking cartel distorts industry by creating monopoly power. This was my big topic, coming from the right, a dozen years ago. Yet the right now, when faced with monopoly power just give us a lot of happy talk.

    Michael worked directly for David Rockefeller. Knew that skank perfectly. So he knows these bigshots are all thieves now.


  14. I’ll never lose that soft spot I have for Prodos. Particularly his efforts to point out the John Humphreys menace and his promotion of Gerard Jackson. How did Prodos discover Gerard Jackson?

    Anyway I am still wondering who is behind the quisling phenomenon of Graeme John Humphreys? He’s just incredible.

    I have to judge that he’s out there destroying Cambodia. Haven’t the Cambodians gone through enough without this fag wrecking ball doing yet more damage?

    Visigothkhan. (11:19:25) : Your comment is awaiting moderation
    We need to know the forces behind Graeme John Humphreys. He is a quisling. But who is he a quisling for? It will be a great tragedy for Cambodia if they have that ball and chain of bad Humphreys economics holding them down.

    Visigothkhan. (11:21:03) : Your comment is awaiting moderation
    “If you have a degree in Business, Economics, Commerce, Tourism, Accounting, Marketing, Law or anything similar and would like to contribute to the education of many eager young Cambodian minds…”

    Fuck yes I would love to. But I’d have to start by pointing out that everything that John Humphreys is telling them is wrong.



  15. Look at who ALS have promoted as prominent libertarians

    David Leyonhjelm, LDP Senator for NSW
    Tim Andrews, Executive Director for ATA
    John Humphreys, President of ALS & founder of LDP
    Tim Wilson, former “freedom commissioner” and Liberal MP
    Gabe Buckley, LDP national president & Senator for QLD (hopefully)
    Chris Berg, Senior Fellow at IPA & regular columnist
    Sinclair Davidson, RMIT Professor of economics & IPA Fellow
    Clinton Mead, LDP Councillor for Campbeltown
    Adam Frost, Anarchist activist
    Mikayla Novak, IPA Senior Research Fellow
    Trisha Jha, CIS Policy Analyst
    Simon Breheny, IPA Policy Director & libertarian Harry Potter
    Mark Hornshaw, ACU Lecturer of economics
    Margie Illiescu, Liberty on the Rocks & Ladies for Liberty
    Ron Manners, founder of Mannkal & supports CIS, IPA, ATA, ALS, etc
    Terje Petersen, ALS board member & LDP activist
    Jason Potts, RMIT Professor of economics & IPA Fellow
    Jessica Carswell, online activist & author
    Vikas Nayak, founder of Taking Liberties Radio
    Peter Phelps, Libera

    No problem with David. But Chris Berg? Sinclair Davidson? These are complete quislings. These are human white-ants. Total traitors. Purveyors of thief economics.


  16. This imposition on the free market, that we know as the artificial person …. Its had a good run but now we can see that its failing horribly. The bigshots are rewarded, in the US at least, on the basis of their stock appreciation. That makes them a lobby group for funny money. But it also means that they will divert resources away from investment in producer goods and business renovation ….. and instead use the funds for share buybacks.

    You can see how even if we took 50 years to get the right multi-millionaire looking after the right businesses, it would still be better to go with a system dominated by the sole trader. There is not going to be these bullshit jobs, or bullshit incentives in that system. Doing it right will have obsessive decades-long efforts to make every mans business a class act like we see with Aldis. A class act like Aldis and beyond.

    I’ll concede that perhaps the sole trader economy might take a little longer to get up a head of steam. But it will have long legs. It will go on progressing longer with less problems. And policy will be just a matter of taxing economic rent, running surpluses, and relending the surplus back into buying durable producer goods.


  17. Sometimes other people leave the newspaper around where I work. Tim Blair really must answer for his extraordinary quisling behaviour. Or must we conclude that he isn’t really that bright? The article I saw he was quoting Dr Mahatir’s quotes being critical of organised Jewry going back a very long time. Not one of these quotes, could he show to be in error in any way whatsoever. Then he went so far as to reinforce the idea that Arabs did 9/11 … A completely ridiculous idea which no fucker has any excise to buy into after 17 years. Yes we can let a journalist off the hook …. kind of .. for not falling on his sword. But why did he not exercise his right to stop fucking typing?

    Tim Blair. Completely full of shit and a limited hangout. Not who he makes himself out to be by a long-shot. Needs to be scrutinised for Jew genes.

    Wrote a particularly affecting piece about his beloved aunty. Despite this he is on my bruised shin list for sure. And one day he may need to pay for his deception with a good caning.

    He’s on my list of people I can give a nasty little shin bruise to. His limited hangout act has just worn way too thin. He was always only the licensed ratbag allowed to criticise political correctness without fucking his career. He was never more clever than that. Except one time his memorial to his aunty …. But the rest of the time he was only popular for being the sole monopolist able to act like a rogue anti-politically correct guy and not pay a big price for it.


  18. If you were a kid when the Village People first arrived on the scene, you would have thought they were the coolest guys. In fact you would have thought the producers had simply gathered together the coolest dudes about town. About town or in the village. But it turned out that these “men” were not who they were making themselves out to be.

    Thankfully only the one straight guy has his shirt off.

    To the modern eye they look like outrageous fags of course. But when they first burst on the scene they were tricked out to be like a smorgasboard of manliness. The kids were completely fooled. In passing lets notice the emphasis on production. In terms of heavy machinery. “Heavy metal don’t mean rock and roll to me” and we need a new breed of economists who take that attitude. But the main point is that the kids were completely fooled by this pantomime of manhood.

    Tim Blair is the Village People. He is fucking far from the “man” he is making himself out to be. Its been a long time waiting to call you out you little bitch.

    When you think about it; visually he doesn’t look like the blokes bloke he has tried to portray through his fingertips the last 15 years.

    Terrific patriotic common-sense no-nonsense mans man is the image that he has crafted purely out of his fingertips. This is not who Tim Blair really is and the kids were completely fooled. It must be great to have a license to a professional continental monopoly on anti-political correctness but the kids were completely fooled.

    Still it does appear that he really did love his troubled aunty. So one hopes that the punishment for this quisling doesn’t go further than the stocks, soft rotten fruit, and a good caning.


  19. The importance of being Earnest.

    Oh Girl … I’d be in trouble if you left me now. Cause I don’t know where to look for love. I just don’t know how.

    The Importance of being Earnest. Musicians doing it right for a change. Note the master-stroke of the mouth organ.


  20. How is that? We all remember the fake men Village People. But we don’t remember the real men doing the serious work. Who amongst us remembers the Chi-Lites? Be honest now. We have forgotten them.

    This cannot stand. This will not stand.


  21. The importance of being Earnest. Particularly when you are using wall-to-wall organised crime euphemisms in order to shake down the heart of the woman. Inspired by Vito Corleone

    This is what I have pointed out before. If you are absolutely fantastic, you just keep doing your thing, and an orchestra, not excluding french horn players, will gather behind you. Now dig this fellow. A black man …. check his musical servants. White guys over 50 are carrying water for this vocalist. At a time when white guys over 50 ran the whole fucking planet. And its not as if this is some sort of equal-opportunity gesture. This fellow is running such a quality act that the white man voluntarily starts carrying his bags. Which is how it ought to be. But we ought not be all serving the oligarch and the Jew like we are now.


  22. The thing about Brick is that YES he’s a ridiculous ingrate and a cry-baby, but it had to be Paul Newman playing the role or the rest of us could never put up with such a snivelling wretch. And Brick has to be a cry-baby in the story or the story itself could never hold together.

    Now note that while Big Daddy is a no-nonsense sort of fellow he is still admirably patient with the distress of his boy.


  23. As someone who spent a year in acting class I tell you that I find Newmans performance admirable. But I find Big Daddy absolutely fascinating. Half a step down from Brando only. Every second watching this fellow is absolutely fascinating and he never, so far as I know, went to one of these Stella Adler or Lee Strassburg actors studios. I know he did a lot of low level theatre acting but he was basically a folk singer. Good as Newman is, his fantastic handsomeness has to bridge the acting gap between the two of them. People may well be mourning the death of Jimmy Dean just watching the two of them.

    Every moment I watch big Daddy and Elizabeth Taylor. I really cannot take my eyes off either of them.


  24. Now dig that although Big Daddy probably suspects that Skipper may have been a homosexual, nonetheless he is really down on Brick for hanging up on his friend. Pretty extraordinary stuff. Its just a pleasure watching Big Daddy. When Russell Crowe was at his absolute best, I guess we have a comparison. When an actor is at his absolute best its hard to take your eyes off them.


  25. The whole movie he is stressed out and disgusted. Terrible that I cannot get the scene with another two or three minutes to it. Notice how the delight and the relaxation seems to invade on Big Daddy in stages. Fantastic multi-layered performance that we would see better if we had the scene extended.


  26. Come on you fucking library lizard Jew Dweeb. Say the words “Economic Rent” And say the sentence “We must tax economic rent and nothing else.” Get it together you fuckwit. We gave you a miserable little country and a Nobel prize.

    So either say what you need to say or fuck off to that miserable little country that we gave you.


  27. I assume this is the reason Dr M has been in the news lately

    Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad described Jews as “hook-nosed” on Tuesday and blamed them for creating the troubles in the Middle East.

    Mahathir, who at 93 became the world’s oldest head of government after starting his second stint as Prime Minister in May, has for decades been accused of anti-Semitism for his attacks against Jews, whom he has accused of perpetrating a humanitarian crisis in the Palestinian territories.

    “If you are going to be truthful, the problem in the Middle East began with the creation of Israel. That is the truth. But I cannot say that,” he said in an interview on BBC’s Hard Talk on Tuesday.

    Calling Israelis “special”, Mahathir, leader of a Muslim-majority country, challenged historical accounts that six million Jews were killed in the Holocaust, arguing that the figure was four million.

    When asked why he described Jews as “hook-nosed” in his book, The Malay Dilemma, he said: “They are hook-nosed. Many people called the Malays fat-nosed. We didn’t object, we didn’t go to war for that.”
    The Anti-Defamation League, a US-based organisation against anti-Semitism, has previously called out Mahathir’s “decades-long record of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories”.

    “The world cannot accept this from any leader,” the group said in a previous tweet.

    Last week, when addressing the UN General Assembly in New York, Mahathir said the world “rewards Israel” for breaking international laws and committing acts of terrorism against Palestinians.


  28. Note that even though Mahatir is overestimating the death toll in the camps by about ten times, any one of these liars trying this six million bullshit out can be made to be a liar straight away . They are such lying cunts, every last one of them. Since when the figure of six million was first tried on 4 million of them were supposed to have died in Auschwitz. But the blood libellous skanks had to pull that back to 1.5 million. So when a lying Jew blood libellor tries it on the Dr can school them in basic addition.


  29. Fantastic. The Jew stuff comes in right at the end, giving a bit of a different impression than in the article. The girl freaks out a bit by his lack of being intimidated by the Jew talk. So she wraps it up quickly right there.

    Mahatir curbing a lot of debt-based contracts. Thats a real relief. Trying to limit the damage of the debt menace. If you can find a way to generate the surplus budgets and saved funds internally for your infrastructure, then the tendency is to stimulate the exports to balance that spending. But if he were to let the Chinese and Singaporeans lock in debt over this infrastructure, this tends to create imbalances damaging exports and over-stimulating imports. A motivated attempt to find the finance from surpluses, and not from debt, leads to better prioritisation of spending. All this debt money leads to bad budgeting practices and external imbalances.


  30. Very interesting interview with regards to the bullying of the US. Note that this bullying, he admits that it will effect his behaviour. So he admits that it means their trade with Iran has to be ramped down, which is a crying shame. But it doesn’t affect his talk that much. In that he doesn’t go in for a lot of happy talk, distorting the US behaviour in their favour. Like he doesn’t mouth off at the Americans in an inflammatory way. Yet at the same time he’s not giving these ass-clowns a pass.

    Notice that the Dr has no plans to visit Donald Trump. I don’t think I would have anything at all to say to Donald Trump if I was Malaysian. Since candidate Trump wanted to get rid of ISIS and get out, President Trump has been intimidated by the Jew crime gang and is now part of this hateful murdering of Muslims in Syria. I don’t think Trump is that way inclined really but he surely hasn’t fought against these other Jews with any real persistence. So now he’s part of the mass-murdering machine. When you have that sort of thing going on, and the power imbalance between the two countries, best not to even waste time in a meeting with the US President.


  31. Artificial entities are enablers for international Jew crime. They seem like such a good idea but we ought not have them down here. Trump wrapped up with these Russian-based Jew criminals. This is what this Russia bullshit has been all about. They were throwing phantoms at Trump in order to hold these mafia connections over him and yet not refer to the real connections. The real connections are Jewish but they are referred to as RUSSIAN. Which shows how powerful the idea is that we only call them Russian since this entire game they are playing would backfire on them if we called these gangsters Jews, which they are, rather than Russian . So in this game they box him in and control his behaviour. Which is why all those people in places like Syria and Yemen have to die. He cannot do anything about organ stealing and white slavery either.


  32. George Gilder spruiking the Blockchain. Maybe he can explain what the fuss is all about.

    Gilder is more diplomatic with Ray Kurzweil than I would ever be. One time he mentioned Godel. To do with the mindset of the people at Google.

    I use Godel when I am baffled by the idea some libertarians have that the entirety of the way to order a society can come down to the Ayn Rand non-initiation of force principle. Of course these people don’t believe that bullshit themselves. But they pull it out sometimes when they are attempting to justify not having a reserve asset ratio for banks. Any other regulation is okay. Thousands of regulations are okay. But suddenly the ghost of Ayn Rand crops up with a moron like John Humphreys when it comes to banking.

    Here is a red flag right here:

    “He spent most of his childhood with his mother, Anne Spring (Alsop), and his stepfather, Gilder Palmer, on a dairy farm in Tyringham, Massachusetts. David Rockefeller, a college roommate of his father, was deeply involved with his upbringing.[2]”

    You would kind of wish you knew that earlier. He’s one of Rockefellers.


  33. Despite the angle that Steve Kates is taking at Catallaxy It turns out Christine Ford is telling the truth. The Cosby women are lying but Christine Ford is telling the truth. Of course you have a lot of sympathy that he is having a hard time for something he did blind drunk decades ago. Thats the thing with stupid drunk boy behaviour towards girls. Sometimes a fellow will act in boorish fashion and it will wind up being a bit of fun, even for the girl. Another time a drunk fellow will do almost the same sort of thing and the girl is traumatised. This incident is in the latter category. Christine was deeply hurt by these two drunk fools. Because she thought she was going to die. She thought that he was going to drunkenly kill her by accident since she was having trouble breathing. He didn’t even remember anything about it but it has affected her deeply. You have to feel a bit sorry for both of these people really.

    Seems to be a bit wrong that he is getting stomped for things he did blind drunk in 1981. Only a teenager himself. But still we don’t want to go this time with the idea that all these women are lying. Not like with the Cosby story which is an obvious setup.


  34. Kind of nice to see Paul Keating criticising Turnbull. Its like a ghost of another era, when Leaders could be horribly wrong, mostly right, doing good or bad things, but doing these things based on their own beliefs and not running our nation for the benefit of outsiders. I will be surprised if we get a leader anytime soon who is running Australia purely for Australians.


  35. Steve Keen laying some home truthzzzzzz down on the failed neoclassical school of economics. He calls the neoclassicals a cult. I think the Keynesians are a cult as well. They are complementary cults really. The Austrian system is superior, but zeitgeist of these guys makes them also a bit one eye blind. Keens group is not perfect but they are a breath of fresh air compared to what he have had to put up with the last 30 years.


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