Deuterium Depletion

At first this will seem another excuse for a twitter replacement thread.  But I have been able to finally absorb what this story is all about.  The youtubes by authentic experts on this subject have been mostly conversational.  Rather than in the form of organised lectures.  And such lectures as have been put on youtube have been a little defensive in that they have emphasised scholarship over user-friendliness.  So its taken awhile to me to get a handle on this subject.  But I still have to find out which specific foods are high and low in deuterium.

Distilling everything right down to the basics I have discovered that the cheapest way to get deuterium depleted water is to:

  1.  Go on a Keto-esque diet and collect all your urine.
  2.  Double distill your urine and obtain the water from it.
  3.  If you progress to the stage where the only thing you ever drink is either (a) Aldis organic olive oil, and various concoctions, (home-brewed alcoholic beverages, tinctures, coffee, Dr Gundry’s vital reds powder in water) ……  that is to say if all your other fluids, save only organic olive oil, comes ultimately from your double distilled urine,  and your diet is Keto-Esque ….  then your water production will become progressively more deuterium depleted.  And you won’t have to send off to Budapest for a crate of the deuterium depleted water unless a family member gets cancer.
  4.  Now what happens if you don’t have enough water from this urine-collection and distillation process, and you are still poor?  Well the number one scholar in this field has trained his body to produce anti-diuretic hormone.  So he has achieved the same effect as those guys who drink their own urine.   He conserves deuterium depleted water, antibodies, hormones (including adrenal hormones) and he doesn’t need to recreate all these goodies over again like the rest of us who piss all the good stuff away.   But what if you have not yet adapted to this Camel-esque mode? What if you have not adapted yet to giving up on taking in more than the tiniest amount of fluids? (The doctor drinks deuterium depleted coffee and olive oil and not much of anything else).  Here we come to point number 5
  5.  If you don’t have enough double-distilled urine water DO THE HONEST THING AND CHEAT Go drink your raw milk and you organic mountain goat steam beer.  Fall about the place blind drunk and up to your eyeballs in Camels milk but make sure you collect all that urine.   Because the distillery awaits you as does the home brew kits.

42 thoughts on “Deuterium Depletion

  1. I don’t know whether one would want to actually go ahead with the above protocol. But the point of this story is thats what I’ve figured out about this deuterium depletion. I suppose you would need a very well-ventilated place in the countryside if you wanted to do this. I haven’t really learned which foods are low-deuterium and high-deuterium. The Green part of the plant is low deuterium. Fruit is high deuterium. Anything under 130 is low. Thats maybe where the cut-off is. Fat from grass-fed animals is low. Egg yolks are thought to be about 120, the whites 140. But one suspects that my pastured egg yolks would be even better than 120. Any deuterium depleted water under 105 might be considered therapeutic. A dedicated person with his good quality distiller ought to be able to grind his deuterium levels down towards 90.


  2. Rainwater is lower than river water. Deuterium is needed for growth. Cow fat from grass fed cows may be low deuterium but cow manure is high deuterium and so this will help the plants grow. So the kids ought not be too low in deuterium. Soon as you are full-grown that is the time to go from (lets say) 130 ppm down to 90. Bodybuilders would need to allow their deuterium levels to drift up during the bulk-up phase and back down to 90 when they want to be energetic enough to get cut to ribbons. One athlete, I don’t know who, has gotten down to 70.


  3. The camel in its natural arid environment is a deuterium depletion machine. This has to be the real reason for the purported miraculous properties of its milk. The urine of the camel is also rightly prized. Imagine drinking teen-age male camel urine? Low deuterium as well as testosterone. An old fellow would do well on such a concoction but I’d take the opportunity to distill it ….. or would I? One wants to become more dynamic by any means necessary. These are questions I cannot rightly answer.


  4. Water from the far north and far south is lower deuterium. Water from the high mountains is lower deuterium. Icelandic spring water might be lower deuterium. But probably if it was sourced from ice that was brought down from an Icelandic mountain it would be better still. And in fact its deuterium status is not assured since it may have gone into the ground prior to the last pole shift. So nothing is certain in that space. Our water here in Australia is bound to be crap. We need to do things differently logistically to get the low-Deuterium water.


  5. These guys are not fucking around. This is the way to get healthy. We have to stop dissing our Arab brothers,. Bearing in mind its the Jews who are the terrorists. But its okay to distill the liquid first. It won’t detract much from the medicinal value now that we know the reason for its magical properties.

    The prophet knew a thing or two after all.

    “They are right and you are wrong. Camel urine is a cheaper Deuterium Depleted water. Get your act together. Lets have your retraction now dopey. Plus if its an adolescent camel the old fucker is going to get a testosterone boost. But in fact you could distill and purify it and the water would still have excellent medicinal value. The poison goes into the shit. Not into the urine. So you have that wrong also.”


  6. From Elsewhere:

    No reasonable person could object to such a nice couple moving in next door to them. But the science of demographics is one of the few areas of science that allows us to peak into the future decades ahead. Having the sort of diversity that a lot of English-Speaking nations reached circa 1990 was probably quite functional, interesting, kind of loveable. But the trend was not our friend and we ought to have known better. We have been sold a demographic nightmare, posing as good human decency. We have been deceived.


  7. No eyewitnesses to the holocaust ever. No possibility of any gas chambers at all. So their holocaust story is no better than their building 7 story.

    Blood libellers of the great German people. Despicable. Appalling. Sub-human.


  8. Ten years after incompetent Jew bankers stole everything through Hank Paulson. To this day Sinclair Davidson blames the whole thing on black people. But black people had no power to go on this stealing spree. Like 9/11 it was an overwhelmingly Jewish operation. The economy is still trashed. Shadow government statistics prove that the US economy has never come out of recession. Instead of being victimised by Ben Shalom Bernanke, Tim Geithner and the Jews who run the media, would it not have been better to get the fucking Jews out of the country? How could keeping the Jews in the US lead to good outcomes? Its never done so in the past. Within a few years of Bonaparte emancipating these thieves there was already complaints about them running amok and causing trouble. Why do we imagine they were regulated in the first place?


    1. No wonder he now has said nice things about Dr Mahatir. We don’t want to tolerate any shenanigans from these clowns. We ought to have no diplomats to expel. Nor should any Israelis be able to come here as tourists. And see how it is implied that we have intelligence sharing with these clowns? We don’t want to have anything to do with these people. The ghetto system wasn’t founded just for fun. Its not up to us to think we can reform these monsters. They are the terrorist community.


  9. The Chinese had the right idea about health in that they were interested in the way energy moved throughout the body. They were interested in a flow of energy. They called this energy Chi. Modern research allows us to see this as an excellent stand-in for a variety of elements …. including the oxygen, blood-flow, lymphatic system flow, the flow of electrical energy, of light communication and nervous system communication throughout the body, and of the effect of some of these things on the structured water within and close to cells. So the Chinese had this idea of energy flow through the body which hasn’t been improved upon all that much really.

    But the new stuff is the generation of energy WITHIN the cell. Even moreso within the cell mitochondria. The future of health is back to the future in a way. It will be about energy medicine. This fellow is held to be “The Man” as it were. But a name keeps coming up. Gilbert Ling. Kicking goals for decades. I don’t think he got the Nobel prize but the way some of the really righteous people talk about him ….. He wuz robbed.


  10. Once you have found the animals that eat low-deuterium green stuff every day, the idea is to get at the fat. The problem is that the butcher will likely be throwing a way a lot of this fat, and even a lot of the organ meats. When your Lion goes at an animal his girls have caught for him, he is going straight for the fattiest parts of the animals. He eats the organs, and leaves the lower fat muscle meats for the hyenas. Why bother with the second grade stuff? I mean if you are the King right? And yet we throw a lot of the good stuff away. There is an urgent need for good butchers to be making sausages out of the organ meats and fat. This may actually be illegal in some geographies. I was trying to get really fatty meats off my butcher, and I asked if his sausages had a lot of fat in them. He was taken aback at the idea, since he prides himself on making the best sausages in Australia. They are terrific sausages alright. No doubt about that. But we need super-fatty and organ meat sausages as well. You want super-spicy organ meat sausages. The spice to kill off scary stuff and to compete with any gamey tastes of the organs.

    Camel meat is hard to work with. I found out this from a girl whose family made camel burgers in Lakemba. They seem to have shifted now, which is a great shame. She told me that they had gotten almost all the way through a camel before they had figured out how to cook the meat right. But for me it was worthwhile, since I wasn’t eating the first camel and their camel burgers were sensational. At one stage I was eating a lot of Kangaroo meat but I hadn’t cracked any code when it came to cooking this stuff. But one supposes that camel meat would be high-quality meat, if you could get at a lot of the fat.

    The Aldis near to me reopened and is selling bulk baking paper. 90 metres of baking paper. Perfect for me since the only idea I have in cooking at the moment, is to surround meat with various plant products from big Mason Jars and wrap it up in baking paper. Put it on fairly low temperature for a very long time, and on higher temperature for a short time. This would be great if you had fat and organ meat sausages in the middle. Because the lard would infuse with the surrounding plant material, making it all pretty tasty and worthwhile. People who can actually cook will be cringing right now. But if you’ve neglected this aspect of life, learning something crude and basic that almost always works, comes across as a great revelation.

    I would want to get my butcher involved in the production of organ meat sausages. But he’s a busy man. People come from far and wide for his sausages. He’s got a formula that works. A hard working old bloke. He’s hardly likely to take on extra burdens when he’s already providing such a unique and superior product. He gets organically grown meats (not organically certified, but his meat sources use no anti-biotics, or grain feeding or any rubbish practices that screw up the quality of the food) and he told me he goes right into the countryside to source his gear, well away from city pollution.

    Westerners have probably been eating a little too much meat. Modern industrial meat is likely to make you sicker the more you eat it. But with this fellows meat, you can eat more and more and you’ll only do better. I was living a few doors down from him, and neglected his shop for years, since the meat was more expensive. That was a costly mistake in my view.


    Potatoes & Other Starchy Tubers– The highest deuterium food is potatoes. Plants get rid of their deuterium by storing it as sugar or starch. Therefore, high carbohydrate foods like fruits, root vegetables, and grains are high in deuterium.

    Grains & Legumes – Including corn and peanuts.

    Fruits – High in deuterium. Eat seasonally in moderation, rather than year round.

    Meats from grain-fed animals, as grain is high in deuterium.

    Processed Food – Especially if GMO

    Older food – As plants and animals age and grow, they become less able to deplete deuterium. Eat younger plants (new growth) and younger animals (rather than the old hen) when you can.

    Sugar – High-sugar diets interfere with mitochondrial health and the depleting action of deuterium in cells, leading to DNA instability, unlimited cell growth, hydrogen bond breaks, and abnormal numbers of chromosomes in cancer cells.

    Take the hassle out of meal planning and healing histamine with this four week meal planner and stress relieving program.

    Lard – The lowest deuterium food is pork fat (lard), but it’s inflammatory. We need to pick our battles…
    Animal Fats from Grass-Fed Sources – Fat, whether from plants (olives, avocado, coconut) or from grass-fed animals is the most deuterium depleted source of calories.

    Healthy Plant-Based Fats – Avocado (high histamine), coconut, olive, nut oils.

    Green Leafy Vegetables – Green plants deplete deuterium, and green leafy vegetables and other low carbohydrate vegetables are deuterium depleted.

    Nuts – Nuts are full of fat and protein, rather than sugar and starches. Most nuts are deuterium depleted.

    Deuterium-depleted water – Commercially available as Preventa or Qlarivia.

    A ketogenic diet (Low carb, high fat, moderate protein) forces the body to burn fats, instead of carbohydrates, and produce ketones, instead of simply glucose.

    It turns out that ketones are a deuterium-depleted source of energy for mitochondria, which are the energy powerhouses of our cells.

    The tricarboxylic acid cycle, otherwise known as the Krebs Cycle, is enhanced by following a ketogenic diet. Aside from helping to produce ATP, the energy currency of the cell, the Krebs Cycle helps to produce water molecules that didn’t come from water intake. This cycle makes water that is naturally deuterium-depleted and delivers it to the tissues of the body.

    It’s interesting to note that because the body produces 1.1 kilograms of (deuterium-depleted) water from every kilogram of fat consumed, eating a high fat will result in less thirst.

    Alongside an overall healthy lifestyle with good sleep and moderate exercise, (also conducive to depleting dangerous deuterium levels), the above strategies can help you to lower deuterium, potentially improving histamine-related symptoms, and maybe with some anti-aging side benefits.”

    The idea then is to bring your pigs up on rotten fruit. But once they are nearly grown up, finish them on olives, avocados and grass. Then get your butcher to make organ meat and fat sausages. Pay him with the muscle meat of the pigs.


  12. Indians and national geographic staff drinking cows urine. I would suggest distilling it to pure water first. But thats an uninformed opinion and a personal preference.

    But if they are grass-fed cows and somewhat water deprived the urine ought to have medicinal value. My point is that if the urine is distilled to water, all of the negatives should be taken out. But some of the positives ought to be retained. Thats a bit of a no-lose situation if true.

    Many of my readers, when I was a neo-con a dozen years ago were probably pretty successful people. You need to be healthy to be successful. I tell you the truth; Everything changes when you get sick. And you will do anything to just feel better.


  13. Check out Willie Pep. The best defence is footwork. But Willie Pep is so good it almost looks silly. Like he’s just playing with children. When I grow up I want to move like Mike (Michael Johnson). But I also want to move like Willie Pep. Willie Pep is another person who the kids want to think about if they take up boxing. Stylistically different to Lomachenko but same basic principles.


  14. Its great to watch young Ali or Sugar Ray Robinson floating around the ring. Its terrific to see the relatively flat-footed Lomachenko working the angles on people. But Peps footwork is probably better than both. More flexible and unpredictable. He had a terrible plane crash. Without that handicap it might be he would be more famous than he is. You always hear the bigshots talking about him.

    We ought not judge him from the losses, since after the accident he was perhaps less invincible. We should judge him on the wins. 229 wins. The most in the history of boxing.


  15. Another list of deuterium depleted foods. Similar to the last. Some care must be taken since its early days yet.

    “Deuterium Depleted Foods

    The concentration of deuterium in foods varies quite significantly. But for optimal mitochondrial functioning, you’d want to focus on eating deuterium depleted foods.

    Your body or the fish baby. Your Choice

    But from the point of view of Deuterium you want to go with the lesser crime of stealing her fish.

    Green plants and vegetables – the chloroplast depletes deuterium from green leafy plants and vegetables like broccoli, kale, spinach etc.
    Nuts and seeds – deuterium depleted because of their low sugar and high-fat content
    Grass-fed animals like beef, pork, and lamb – depleted in deuterium because of eating low deuterium food.
    Fish and eggs – low in deuterium because of healthy fats. Cold water fish are lower in deuterium
    Raw Dairy like kefir, milk, and cheese – low in deuterium because of low carb and high fat
    Animal fats such as tallow, lard, ghee, butter – very low in deuterium because of the predominant carbon hydrogen bonds in their composition[x].
    Healthy fats like coconut oil, avocados, olives – low in deuterium because of low sugar and high-fat content…”

    I am destined to eat so many olives surrounding fatty meats. What would be good is to source fish from the Antarctic or the Arctic. Next time I see fish thats wild caught and from a place where the midnight sun dances around the sky all summer, I’ll probably invest pretty heavily.


  16. No more coconut water for me. The meat of the coconut is low deuterium. Coconut oil is low deuterium. But the water is high deuterium, since that is where the coconut is offloading the deuterium too. A bit of a shame really. Natures great electrolyte sports drink. Maybe okay for the kids. But once you are fully grown you want to reduce deuterium.


  17. Earlier I was looking for leftists who were sophisticated in monetary economics. One of the earlier threads.

    This fellow may be in that category. With thanks to Holly Irvin for putting me onto this fellow and his crowd. He is a critic of Modern Monetary Theory.


      1. The thing is that Rhodes Scholars can be capable of conspirational action. I’m just watching the media attempting to stomp Hayden just before an election. Just a month to go and Neegus making a big deal of his alleged lack of charisma. And Neegus bringing up Hawke.


  18. Novel hypothesis for an evolutionary vector for humans. Whereas I would think the most likely impulse to grow a larger brain would have been a combination of cold-enforced neotony, in the context of abundant sea-food fat. Us being just about the only animal that can easily open up shell-fish.

    But here is another possibility. The first bigshot that kills the animal goes for the fat. High in nutrition low in deuterium. The best stuff. The lion gets the first fat. The hyenas get a lot of muscle meats. The vultures pick the bones clean. But our guys come along, and being bipedals we smash open the skull and the long bones with big rocks, and score the brain and the marrow. Marrow really fatty. Good for brain development. Or perhaps maintenance if its descendants of Europeans who first grew their brains having been cut off and surrounded by the cold during a glacial period. My view is that would probably be a maintenance strategy for big brains. Rather than an impetus all on its own.


  19. The Hunt For Red Liam Hogan. Liam being very unfair to the Liberal Democrats for having me run for Dobell in 2007. Thats not a black mark on them. I didn’t find out the Jews were the terrorist community until 2008. I had been pro-Israel and a big admirer of Jews all the way up until 2007. I only woke up to their act after that. Shame on you Liam. You know better.


  20. Looks like we got ourselves a good old-fashioned Convoy.

    Not wait thats not true. Looks like we have gotten ourselves a good old-fashioned monetary THREAD-OF-DOOM. Holly Irvin has brought to my attention that the MMT crowd are unredeemable cranks and limited hangouts.


  21. GMBCATASTROPHE1 second ago

    I must pick you up on Carl Williams. Just a very mild amendment. He was a little bit rotten insofar as he could have skipped town after white maggot scum shot him in the stomach, and the cops … just to show whose side they were on, chose to close down his Dads illegal operation that very day. So yes he wasn’t perfect. In that he didn’t skip town, take his Dad with him to central Australia, and live a humble life until things blew over. But that the cops came down on his father, immediately after he had been shot in the guts, was total proof that shy of skipping town he had to put his house in order.

    As it turned out the bigshot local Mafia were easy meat for a boy from the suburbs. He took out these gangsters and the only reason he was murdered in prison is because the international drug trade is conducted above Prime Ministerial level.

    Lets be a bit respectful to his girls he left behind. They are good girls. And Carl deserves respect. Since if you or I had failed to do the right thing and just got the hell out of town, we would also have taken out these bigshots, who turned out to be very feeble indeed …. all things considered.
    Show less


  22. Best theory I’ve heard so far for the origin of Judaism. It started out as an Egyptian conspiracy, probably by a group that were pushed out of power. Maybe even the Hyksos. They were using Levite priests as their conspirational agents. Most likely dynastic families were behind the Levite priests. We are not saying here that the Jews were the Hyksos. Rather that the Jews were Canaanites that were manipulated into becoming Jews. These Egyptians, fallen from top power, send out their Levite agents to Canaan to set up a new religion to have these people under their influence.


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