Updated Election Demands

Extra demands to follow.  In recognition that the international deep state is at war against us.  The 2007 election demands were coming from a more libertarian perspective.

12 thoughts on “Updated Election Demands

  1. So the Jews are running the central banks at the moment. And look at the disasters we are encountering? William Martin was Federal Chairman from 1951-1970. Smooth sailing most of the way.


    Gigantic leech sucking the United States Dry

    There should be no loan facility to the banks. Rather there should be a very high reserve asset ratio, policed with a fascist level of vigilance. A high reserve asset ratio allows plenty of cash in the hands of the public without inflationary dangers. Instead of the Reserve asset ratio, the Jews have established endless zero interest loan facilities to other Jews. What else did we think they were going to do? Their behaviour is invariant through time.

    He only looks good in retrospect of course. But its never a good idea to put inbred racist troglodytes in charge. The Jews have been focused on stealing everything by giving their fellow troglodytes unlimited low interest loans for anything else BUT wealth creation.


  2. What does John Humphries know about climate science? Fucking nothing and he doesn’t care. He advocated carbon taxes without caring about the science. What does John Humphreys know about the history of banking? Nothing and he would not think it was important. He’s a real dog-ate-my-homework sort of fellow. The history of banking is one disaster after the next. To suggest you don’t need to keep an iron grip on this industry is a denial of what we already know from historical practice.

    Carter Glass. Key architect of the economically successful post-war era via his Glass-Steagall Act

    Libertarian-piety in the context of historical ignorance in banking might have had people actually opposing the bank restrictions advocated by Carter Glass.

    Only if we went for a 100% reserve asset ratio in banking, ought we have gotten rid of Glass Steagall. But the Jews of Goldman Sachs (Rubin et al) deep-sixed Glass Steagall and somewhere along the way the reserve asset ratio was forgotten. Now monetary cranks of all kinds suddenly become anarcho-capitalists whenever a reserve asset ratio is announced. This despite the fact that the leading anarcho-capitalist knew that you had to have 100% backing or else nothing else could work. And how did Rothbard know this? Because he was a monetary historian. He had studied the history of banking.


  3. Had a litre of this camel milk yesterday. It cost 20AUD. Very expensive way of bringing down deuterium levels.

    Plus for it to work you’d want to give up on all other liquids and do other extreme things. As I implied elsewhere:

    JG Lee6 hours ago

    I’m going to try the freezing method. It’s supposed to drop deuterium only a few points. But It’s better than nothing, as I don’t have the money to buy his machine. And as you’ve pointed out, there is no test data to confirm it.

    GMBCATASTROPHE3 hours ago

    I tried that way. I think the water quality was less than before. Camels milk is held to be low deuterium. But its 20AUD per litre where I am. One way would be to have a keto-esque diet and to get a distiller and distill ones own urine. I point this out to show how limited the options are. Laslo Boros, who would seem to be one of the leading experts on deuterium reckons he drinks almost no water. He has some coffee using the deuterium depleted water to make it. He eats a lot of fatty bacon. Mostly raw. Then for the most part his liquids consist of olive oil. His body has been trained to retain fluids. He has anti-diuretic hormone. So he seems to have trained himself to operate like a camel.

    I tried the olive oil its pretty hard going. Avocado oil is easier going but its expensive. To my thinking then if one could distill pure water from urine, and keep persisting with a fairly keto like diet then this would be a way of replicating what Laslo has going on. But I think you will give up on that ice idea pretty quickly.

    I think most people would agree that this would constitute pretty extreme behaviour. It may be a case of “back to the drawing board.” But this is pretty important stuff since a combination of TA-65 for the nuclear DNA, and deuterium depleted water for the mitochondria, may be sufficient to maintain eternal youth. Probably not. But it will do until a better solution presents itself.

    “Back to the drawing board” … That was a phrase from the good old days when scientists realised that they were always fucking up. Disney had this Duck with a thick Austrian accent who was always using this phrase.

    Ludwig Von Drake

    “Back to the old drawing board.” A phrase you will never hear from monetary cranks who oppose a reserve-asset ratio, or CO2-warming fraudsters. We live in a culture of anti-scientific wastrels continually crying consensus.


  4. Egg yolks are low in deuterium

    Dr Que Collins suggests they are about 120 parts per million. He says the whites are about 140 parts per million. Thats a little high. The egg yolks from pastured chooks, guarded by a Maremma sheep dog ought to be much lower. If they are going for fresh grass every day and not living in their own shit, that ought to make a big difference.

    Look at all that green grass. Look at those Maremma sheep dogs

    These are the ultimate measures of quality when it comes to selecting egg yolks in Australia.

    But there has to be quite high deuterium even in these egg whites since deuterium is necessary for rapid growth.

    Pig fat, thought to be the lowest deuterium food product without going to the camel or the Emu

    But in animals, the fat is the expedient store of toxins, so you have to make sure the pig has been brought up right.

    This deuterium story is early days yet. Many things I say here could turn out to be quite wrong.

    But here is what we really want. That way we could eat a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and any other gear without the complication of worrying about deuterium levels.

    We need to find a way of making this water a lot more cheaply.


  5. I just found out that I can get 15 litres of camel milk for $220 AUD plus delivery. Camel hump fat costs $20 dollars for 200 grams. A good distiller would cost almost $500AUD. So one supposes you could get a crude deuterium depletion strategy off the ground for somewhere shy of $1000 dollars. In any case this is the real reason why people are getting such great results from ketosis. Which ought to be a restriction on nutrition rather than a great advantage. Getting good at fat-burning is a very good thing. But other than that the benefits of keto are probably 70% deuterium depletion.


  6. These lunatics involved with MMT are going to cause all sorts of problems next time we have a crisis. They are causing problems now by spreading complacency. We ought to be scrambling now to reduce debts of all kinds ahead of an international disaster. That way we have a lot of leeway when the exogenous shock comes. MMT is giving out the exact opposite measure.


  7. From Elsewhere …. Bankster Stevens does the right thing by the country, giving the Jew menace he had to work within.

    These lunatics involved with MMT are going to cause all sorts of problems next time we have a crisis. They are causing problems now by spreading complacency. We ought to be scrambling now to reduce debts of all kinds ahead of an international disaster. That way we have a lot of leeway when the exogenous shock comes. MMT is giving out the exact opposite message.

    Now last time I’m charging that reserve bank governor Stevens was tipped off as to the crisis that was being engineered ten years ago. Because he actually let the money supply drift downwards ahead of the crisis. What possible motive could he have? But it was brilliant work from this Nostradamus (ho ho) because the economy had already gone through substantial adaptation prior to the crisis hitting. The spending splurge engineered by various ethnic interests after that only did damage. True enough it maintained nominal and real GDP from falling, but the red ink immediately threw people needlessly out of work. The real good work was the adaptation that Stevens, by way of his crystal ball (ho ho), had forced upon us earlier.

    You can check it. The late part of the prior year leading clean into the middle of the next year just prior to the crisis … Stevens let money supply fall. This is unprecedented since before the fall of Bretton Woods.

    What I’m saying is that this time around we don’t need to be tipped off like Stevens clearly was. We need to go in hard with tight policy all around even if it hurts a great deal. Stevens may as well have been downtown beating people with sticks. Tight money hurts. It would require Jubilee tactics of some sort to stop tight money from hurting. But we should go into adaptation phase now like Stevens made us do before. It will hurt more if we don’t.

    Check the M1 figures of the time. This is Gold. I’m not shitting anyone. One doesn’t know whether to be angry at Stevens for not spilling the beans. Or fabulously happy at him, for running ridiculously tight money in the national interest. I veer towards the latter. Since these are gangsters he’s dealing with.


  8. GMBCATASTROPHE2 minutes ago (edited)
    I’m very happy and surprised that these boys hit on the right solution towards the end of this tape. What cripples us is that there is not enough cash for the amount of debt. You need more cash and less debt. But you cannot have the banks pyramid MORE DEBT on any new cash you release. So if you don’t find a way to increase cash and reduce debt in 18 months you can get monetary famines (we know this going all the way back to the middle ages) that can last for 20 years or more.

    If you went so far as to have Jubilee measures you could get out of a recession very quickly. But you need more cash and less debt.

    But the MMT guys are monetary cranks. Because you never hear them saying that we need to bring back the reserve asset ratio, and when we release the new cash to end the crisis, keep raising that reserve asset ratio, to stop the banks pyramiding on the new cash. They won’t go into that. Instead they are simply justifying public red ink. While their blood brothers in the neoclassical school spend their whole time justifying the private sector being strapped down with private debt.
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  9. The eye of the Sahara. I’ve never heard about it until this very moment. How could this be a natural geological development? Circles within circles. Don’t know about this Atlantis business but this Eye Of The Sahara is interesting in its own right.

    The Richat Structure.


    AKA the eye of the Sahara. The inner series of circles in the structure of Atlantis is sometimes interpreted as a “many ground system” for pulling electricity out of the earths electrical field, and controlling it. There is not much problem with pulling electricity out of the air, since the voltage difference between the ionosphere and the deep earth is very high … But the main problem would be controlling that electrical energy and making it usuable.


  10. I have consistently voted for David at the LNP. And I am happy to be so far loosely affiliated with that party. Though after 2008 when I turned anti-Jew, they won’t like necessarily being loosely affiliated with me.

    So I am nominally an LNP supporter, and in a sense still a member. But maybe not forever. One cannot base ones vote solely on a single excellent individual. I say this because I am liking more and more these advertisements I am seeing from Clive Palmer. People who have known me a long time also know that I have been a very big fan of Bob Katter. There is no problem with David Leyonhelm. You couldn’t ask for a better representative. But there is the shadowy influence of NOT John Humphreys. But the conspirators that quislings like John Humphreys represents.

    Palmer is a patriot, has an egalitarian bias, at least by his own testimony goes out of his way to provide jobs, and is not hamstrung by any current readings of what does and does not constitute the libertarian position. But what we must do is get more power out to Katter, Leyonhelm, Palmer, Hynch, Corey et al … Because the other parties have been captured by internationalists and those the internationalists can blackmail. Members of the major parties have not been patriotic since they were in booties.

    And in response to my jibes about the patriotism of the major parties ….. it really doesn’t matter if you make the comeback that Clive hasn’t even seen his OWN FEET since they were in booties. Thats not the point. This man is big all over, including the bank account and the heart. Clive employs people even if the projects he resuscitates to do so, sometimes puts his own wallet at risk. Clive could have taken all that money and made easy profits in real estate. But instead he goes out of his way to employ Australians, if his own testimony is to be believed.

    So he’s a patriotic billionaire rather than some standard Jew billionaire leech. And there is a fighting chance that he won’t destroy jobs for a quick buck, and that he may not try to steal your pen.

    So Clive is a good guy. He’s one of us. He’s rich but not typical of the oligarchy. Very seldom does our oligarchical financial dictatorship allow someone like Clive to slip through. Only the leeches are allowed to succeed. If we get our shit together than EVERY RICH MAN WILL BE OUR BENEFACTOR AND ALLY. But we are so fucking far from that scenario. We are far away. When we shout it echoes in places further afield than the dark side of Andromeda.

    Drama and heroism are a marker for an environment of bad public policy. Look what these Jews did to Russia? Selling everything off. Auctioning everything off. When after 75 years of communism no-one but Jew criminals were in a financial position to buy what was being sold!!! Crazy stuff.

    So in this case, thanks to Allah, Vito Corleone has the power to shake down the miscreants from “Goodfellas” Mafioso wall-to-wall but all we can hope for is when well-meaning and extra-brutal mafioso rises to the top to dominate over crude and unsightly Jew bloodsuckers. But in this case Vito, is not so powerful as to be able to confiscate the wealth of these Jew vampires outright. That would be what was needed to reform infrastructure in Russian, making pipes governmental and non-pipes competitive. So drama and heroism is a marker for flawed public policy but drama and heroism is better than nothing, and really the only hope that the Russian people have. This is exactly the scenario we now have with our utilities, thanks to the incompetence of the neoclassical economists.


  11. Don’t know about this new false flag with this concept of 11 dead Jews. Of course the fellow being blamed is a Patsy. They seem to have pulled him off GAB which is a twitter replacement site. Looks like a twitter ENTRAPMENT site since its closed down right now and the owner basically confessing that they are co-operating with the authorities to convict the patsy.

    I thought it would be a straight-forward lie like Sandy Hook. But no they have done something very different from Sandy Hook. The alleged civilians being interviewed ….. they aren’t obvious crisis actors. They do come across as truthful. Its not really possible to recruit crisis actors who are excellent actors. It will be a couple of weeks before we get back the results of amateur investigations to help us see how the (((terrorist community))) pulled this particular false flag off. But ahead of time we can guess at these matters.

    My feeling is that its a hybrid event, and that most of the dead bodies are from people who normally reside at some distance from the Synagogue in question. There will be a few people that Mossad murdered out of expediency. The youngest folks look intellectually handicapped. The eldest people would have died suddenly of old age and the knowledge of their death would have been held over on their friends. These are the locals. The deaths of the eldest people in this story. So Mossad gets a few cover stories going for why their dead people are merely absent. Then when they pull off the false flag they have some dead bodies to throw on-stage.

    But the youngest Jew there. And his brother. The 54 year old. I suspect he is intellectually handicapped. So they murder him and just to keep it real they murder his elder brother and carer. The Jew understands that sometimes sacrifices need to be made. What we can say for sure is that the alleged perp is entirely innocent. And he has probably been set up using GAB.


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