Not all 11 dead Jews In Pittsburgh Were Murdered.

Don’t know about this new false flag with this concept of 11 dead Jews. Of course the fellow being blamed is a Patsy. They seem to have pulled him off GAB which is a twitter replacement site. Looks like a twitter ENTRAPMENT site since its closed down right now and the owner basically confessing that they are co-operating with the authorities to convict the patsy.

I thought it would be a straight-forward lie like Sandy Hook. But no they have done something very different from Sandy Hook. The alleged civilians being interviewed ….. they aren’t obvious crisis actors. They do come across as truthful. Its not really possible to recruit crisis actors who are excellent actors. It will be a couple of weeks before we get back the results of amateur investigations to help us see how the (((terrorist community))) pulled this particular false flag off. But ahead of time we can guess at these matters.

My feeling is that its a hybrid event, involving both murder and fakery, and that most of the dead bodies are from people who normally used to reside at some distance from the Synagogue in question. There will be a few people that Mossad murdered out of expediency. The youngest alleged murdered Jew looks to be intellectually handicapped.

The eldest people would have died suddenly of old age and the knowledge of their death would have been held over from their friends. These are the locals. Locals who died, but the knowledge of that death, has been denied to their friends and family by much effort and trickery.

So Mossad gets a few cover stories going for why their dead people are merely absent. Then when they pull off the false flag they have some dead bodies to throw on-stage and go around liberally with the tomato sauce.

But the youngest Jew there. And his brother. The 54 year old. I suspect he is intellectually handicapped. So they murder the retard-Jew,  and just to keep it real they murder his elder brother and carer. The Jew understands that sometimes sacrifices need to be made. What we can say for sure is that the alleged perp is entirely innocent. And he has probably been set by the proprietor of Gab, who pretended to be a friend of humanity and of people like our innocent patsy.

14 thoughts on “Not all 11 dead Jews In Pittsburgh Were Murdered.

  1. GMBCATASTROPHE7 minutes ago (edited)
    I had time to dwell on this and I’m won over. I have to be that way philosophically/scientifically. Since from epistemology, the only way we should have a feeling of rightful certitude about any proposition, is through convergent evidence. And you have amassed evidence coming from all angles. So if this is not the real Atlantis, then it will do until the real Atlantis gets here.

    Clearly these semi-circles cannot be natural. So we ought to take it as given that they were for some purpose. The idea of a citadel is obvious. Contrasting to the 11th century stone castle with moat, we see the potential for a series of moats, and a difficult place to attack. If its not Atlantis then one suspects a gigantic case of open cut mining. But lets put that aside for a little while.

    I don’t think the ancient high-tech civilisation was as high-tech as we are because I don’t think they had the population for an extended structure of production. But the remnants of what we see from them imply that they were masters of recruiting energy, which means masters of electricity. I suggest also that being a master of electricity implies being masters of gravity and masters of fusion. But that this way of thinking is kept from us by the science mafia.

    From our perspective that would mean a combination of (lets say) 18th century technology and these guys having unlimited electrical energy, the capacity for anti-gravity, and knowledge of fusion that goes beyond our own standard understanding based upon denial and deception.

    So what I think we are seeing is a citadel, with moats, combined with a system for recruiting and using electrical energy taken from the earths electrical field. The circular many-ground system is very important since the energy from the ionosphere is highly erratic. And there needs to be all sorts of applications to drain the energy off as it cycles around.

    To exploit the electrical difference between the ionosphere and the deep earth you want a tower that reaches up high and a spike reaching down low tens of kilometres.

    But failing the latter you would want a many ground system that puts lesser spikes down in circular fashion. I think thats the duel use scenario we are looking at here. And if one would get to apply archeology to this matter, this is what we ought to be looking for.
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  2. Pittsburgh patsy pleads not guilty. Listen carefully and you will see that he is being denied a defence and he is to be put in front of a Kangaroo court. They are taking him to a Grand Jury and somehow denying him any defence at all.

    The Jews trying to set a precedent for the conviction of people on the basis of anti-Jew internet talk alone. Now think about it? Where is the evidence he did anything at all? Where is the CCTV footage? Where are the witnesses? No witnesses, no photos. A real dog-ate-my-homework story.


  3. I wish I had known this fellow when he was alive. This fellow is the monetary sophisticate on the centre-left that I was looking for. I would have found him if I had kept dealing with monetary policy after I was kicked off Catallaxy. But I had already found out everything I needed to know.

    We cannot accept monetary cranks. MMT are monetary cranks. The mainstream are monetary cranks. There are a minority of Austrians and this fellow Zarlenga’s crowd that AREN’T monetary cranks. We have to stick with them, since they are the only ones that have emerged from the strong marginalization process.


  4. Fiat money gets its value ultimately as a tax voucher. To fail to use fiat money is a missed opportunity. It ought not be bundled up with fractional reserve or metal prices or promises linked to metals. But silver and other worthy metals are inherently valuable. To fail to monetize these is also a missed opportunity. The key is not to bundle them up with either fiat money or with fractional reserve. In every case its the fractional reserve that is causing the mischief.

    Gold is very problematic as a money right now. Its too valuable to use as a normal medium of exchange. Its priced its way out of most industrial uses. And now it can be counterfeited with Tungsten. Its open to too much mischief to be relied on. Maybe it could be monetized again in the distant future but its not to be relied on. Other metals like Tungsten, copper, Chromium, Titanium could be monetized at 100% backing but mostly in digital form. The key in all cases is to never allow fractional reserve. And don’t rely on either fiat or metal. Try to have both. If you had to choose it would be fiat alone. But why fall for this one type of money fallacy? Do both. The goal is to have more cash than debt. A healthy society would have more cash than debt.

    Most problems have to be solved initially after we get to 100% backed fiat. You don’t want to be resolving problems under a metal standard.


  5. This has clear signs of a false flag just not all the USUAL signs of a false flag. Where are the crisis actors we have seen two or three times before ha ha? Where are the details? How many people were in the synagogue when this alleged action sequence was going ahead? I play mainstream videos on it and the whole thing is shrouded in mystery. So the Jews have decided that they won’t get caught out if they don’t try anything fancy. Their prior false flag efforts were mostly farcical. I suppose this one was so important they couldn’t allow for anything to go wrong. Still waiting for a clear determination on this matter.

    This one has to be determined as a false flag simply because there is an unnatural squeezing out of all the information that should be available. So far I’ve not seen any obvious “Gotcha” moment. No pathetically bad acting. No crying without tears. No victim being ferried around in a wheelchair with his legs shot off. Nothing too stupid. Thats the whole point though. There is simply nothing to work with. There is a fellow trying too hard to look like he is at the verge of bursting into tears. There is a chief of police with a Jew name tricked out to look like trailer trash whitey. But nothing too obvious as in previous false flags.

    Plus what is a little different this time around is that the analysts who would normally be going through this stuff carefully, have been subject to the great youtube purge. They are all being kicked off the net.

    In summary what we can say is that this is a psychological operation until proven otherwise. The Jews may well have killed some of their own for realism purposes. The whole thing is completely indeterminate.


  6. From Elsewhere:

    Graeme says:
    September 18, 2018 at 8:34 pm
    You are not going to get your head around the situation, if you keep referring to this as the “Syrian Civil War” Its a foreign invasion and always was one. So when Israel bombs Syria and says its bombing Iranian targets this is nonsense. What that is all about is Israel has been waging proxy war against Syria these last seven years and when their proxies start getting their asses handed to them Israel doesn’t want to give it all up and let the other guys win.

    Cameron says:
    November 5, 2018 at 12:42 pm
    That’s a bit of a simplistic argument, Graeme.

    Graeme says:
    November 5, 2018 at 12:50 pm
    I don’t THINKso!!! Now I don’t expect you to endanger your whole standing by admitting that ISIS is a Jew proxy force. But just to get it clear in your own mind, if you don’t admit to yourself that they aren’t some kind of proxy army then its up to you to explain how a group with supposedly no allies, and the worst diplomacy in the world, could have grabbed any territory in the first place. You don’t need to be a matyr about it. But you ought to know what is going on around you.

    Cameron says:
    November 5, 2018 at 1:20 pm
    Graeme, we did a 25 hour series on the Syrian conflict on this show (which I assume you haven’t heard). We examined all of the players and interests involved. Trust me when I tell you that blaming it on a “Jew proxy force” is a massive oversimplification.

    Graeme says:
    November 5, 2018 at 1:32 pm
    Its not an oversimplification. That is what is going on. The poo proxy force has American funding, media cover, and Jap vehicles. Now you did a 25 hour series on it. But if you are scared of the J-word, or of conspiracy, or you have any other arbitrary mental handicap, you aren’t going to GET IT in a month of Sundays. Or a year of Sundays for that matter.

    You still don’t have the physics on building 7 right? And you don’t have an explanation for your world-view where a bunch of rag-tag arabs, hated by all governments in the world in your theory …. took more territory and much faster than the profit himself. In he context of a society without money to spare. In the context of warfare without jungle cover. Now you are just dreaming mate if you are pretending I’m not right about this. You think every Arab is Batman. Or the Flash or something? You don’t have any kind of rational military perspective if you believe this Shiite. Plus you cannot explain their faked beheadings. Arab loony-toons are going to behead people sure. But they are not about to video fake beheadings.

    Graeme says:
    November 5, 2018 at 1:39 pm
    I listen to all your stuff Cameron. The poo-poo stuff gets me down a little bit but I don’t miss your work. Not any free stuff. Thats why I had to comment. Because here you were just not getting it. Its not a global criticism.


  7. So the Jews are up to their old tricks. Last night, around midnight, one of my many housemates reported that there was a fellow going through our red rubbish bin. Praise be to Allah that there was only food scraps in plastic bags in our red bin. But this is how these creeps put together a file on you. They start going through your rubbish. Naturally I’ll report the matter to the Police today.

    Oh turns out everything is okay after all. One of my many flatmates reckons the yellow bin is a lot less full than we left it. Meaning the fellow was probably trying to collect glass bottles and aluminium cans. No need to go to the cops after all. Boy. What a relief.


  8. So it turns out that a new recycling policy has started with people getting paid for my beer bottles. So it won’t be Jews rifling through my rubbish. It will be scavengers of all types. Hope they don’t get in late night fights over my aluminium cans.

    On another note with the Pittsburgh false flag. The Bowers arrest wasn’t logged in through the normal channels. This is actually quite the thing with the false flag events. They don’t always control every aspect and so often not all the boxes are ticked. Its really Jew media and key people everywhere like the setup Senator Palpatine had in that Star Wars prequel.


  9. Heuristics. Seems to mean simple decision-rules or rules of thumb, derived usually from long experience and perhaps amounting to a form of wisdom. But here is the definition:

    “A heuristic technique, often called simply a heuristic, is any approach to problem solving, learning, or discovery that employs a practical method, not guaranteed to be optimal, perfect, logical, or rational, but instead sufficient for reaching an immediate goal.”

    Before people like Nassem Taleb came around to correct matters in a more formal way I would tell people that “the economists mention uncertainty and they know about uncertainly but they underestimate it massively.” A bit after that some people started talking about “radical uncertainty” .. Its good now because you’ve had Taleb and others pull matters apart. I think people like this get frustrated like me at dumb bastards that when you are talking to them you are thinking “Holy crap I ought not have to be explaining stuff like this to you” but at the same time not quite being able to define properly where the drop-kick is coming off the beam. Like these interminable problems getting through to DOT at Catallaxy. The problem comes when a really dumb cunt has no idea just how dumb he is.

    Well anyhow Taleb seems to be a fellow whose been in the same situation and is making a pretty good fist at breaking these problems down.

    Good talk on heuristics.


  10. I’ve got heuristics on monetary policy and on public budgeting that I think ought to work well. In the old days I’d have trouble sleeping but I would stay up to get a blog thread right. Now I cannot afford to do this. There are so many blog posts I could write if I wasn’t continually worried about making it to work.

    For monetary policy the idea is to increase the money supply 1% per month if debt is decreasing and to hold money supply rigid if debt is increasing. Include a slight bias so as to instil an intention for land prices to fall slowly. And give your currency board members a big budget to publicise what you are doing and to use a lot of moral suasion.


  11. This cutie has become a US Congresswoman.

    The one on the left. The Americans also have a Palestinian Congresswoman. I think this is great news. Even if I want a White Australia Policy-Lite in Australia, the reality in the US is that their main problem is that they are being totally destroyed and ripped to pieces by the international oligarchy and international Judea. These two girls, if they are not outrageous plants, are likely to be a bit more understanding as to the main problem to hand.


  12. Anti-fragile by Nassem Taleb. Fantastic. In terms of as it is applied to pure economics and public policy … My ideas have been broadly in parallel with his. But his ideas, because he’s formalised them, these same ideas are good for investment, for life goals and pretty much everything. Taleb really stands out because he’s been able to undermine the oligarchy to some extent, and have some of them sucking at his kneecaps. He’s been able to strike many blows for good, without coming out anti-Judaic. Fantastic really. No-one else has been able to abuse all those Jews governing policy in the US, with such overt rancour, and not be demonised as an anti-semite. I really must doff my hat to this fellow. He gets on a video with a fellow Lebanese (Gab Saad) who happens to be a Jew, and the two of them are completely relaxed … Just a couple of Phoenecian homeboys as Nassem would have it. As Rodney Rude used to describe himself ….. “A cool guy and good at everything…” Fucking great. And he got on in my good books when he pointed out that no-one ever wins an argument with Syrian-Girl.

    No-one has ever beaten Syrian-Girl in an argument. Except perhaps for me. When I argued with her that ISIS was Israel.

    Young ladies note well: Being righteous makes you fully hot.

    So in summary I reckon my record on pure economic policy is as good … but his thinking is so much more universal. So much so that we need to backdate his work to be taught into secondary school somehow.


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