We want the three-way action that the mountain people had.


Just checked out the town of Haines in Alaska where the movie “Grounded” was made. I had predicted that the low deuterium town supply places for water would be in North-West Russia, some places where there was mountain meltwater supply, Far Western Canada or Far Eastern Alaska.

When you look at the map where Haines Alaska is, you would have thought it was Far Western Canada. But the border with the US has a funny shape down the bottom, and so Haines is included in Alaska.

If you look at where Haines is on the map, we would expect it to be a place where the tap water is deuterium depleted. Plus its a place where grounding and a lot of exposure to sunlight would be rare. So when grounding showed up in town it would have been like a miracle. Because we want to be reduced in an oxidising environment and low deuterium in a high deuterium environment. We in Australia for example cannot get low deuterium by accident. But we naturally go swimming in the ocean and sometimes walk around barefoot. So deuterium depletion would lead to miracle cures in Australia, whereas grounding would lead to these miracle cures in far West Canada, East Alaska and North Russia …. All expected to be low deuterium areas. They would do well to have three X two-week holidays in Bali a year, to get a lot of sunlight as well. Then they would be nicely ticking along.

In Haines being grounded led to a paraplegic being cured. Don’t expect anything quite so miraculous like that happening in Australia through grounding alone. But bring intelligent use of sunlight, obsessive grounding, and deuterium depletion together and I think we will see this sort of thing in Australia that happened in Haines in the documentary.

But in the distant past who naturally had good sunlight? deuterium depletion, and grounding, while being ignorant of the benefits of most of the above?

Only mountain people. Only mountain people in places like the Himalayas and the Caucasus mountains. They get as much sunlight as they want, deuterium depleted water to drink, deuterium depleted food to eat, and they breath either dry air or air that has deuterium depleted water vapour in it.

Mountain people in the past, without ever needing to know the importance of being grounded would have ground themselves all the time as they attend to their steep mountainside gardens.

So it was mountain people ONLY that had all three of these benefits on the fly without really trying. Stories of their extreme long life, even exceeding 120 years ought not be rubbished out of hand.

We can emulate these old-time mountain peoples longevity. We can do better.


These IBC’s cost about $400AUD. One could do worse than trying to import tap water from Far North Russia/West Canada/East Alaska …. Or where-ever your testing equipment tells you is the lowest deuterium tap water you can find. You can get more clever IBC’s where you can detach the lid and take it off. So you might improve matters and shovel snow into them at the highest altitude you can get to. But thats harder. Its easier to pay someone to fill it up using a garden hose and the freight-forwarder come back after a lunch break or something to pick it up. The people in Far North Russia need more holidays in Far North Queensland and Bali. But we need their water if it tests deuterium depleted and comes straight from the tap

Philosophically I am more in favour of permaculture than aeroponics. But aeroponics can use 95% less water than normal gardening. And so the potential exists to grow food using tap water that you imported from some place like North Russia. You could start growing sprouts for yourself. Expand to feed a couple of house goats that you could be milking. Expand further to grow food for the chickens. Then expand to make a small business out of this sort of thing Everything you grow could be deuterium depleted. Do what this lady is doing, but just with lower deuterium water.



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    1. I must say his critics are completely full of shit. “Becky Quick” is a Jew right? I detect ethnic screeching here.

      If there was no tax for retained earnings for the sold trader either way, 75% or 40% …. we would get much better reinvestment if earnings. If I am ambivalent about his proposal I am in no way at two minds about the uselessness of the arguments of these two detractors.


  1. Before 1971 it could be guaranteed that there would be a nasty monetary crunch every now and then. These crunches would discover, in the words of people like Drucker and Galbraith …. anything the auditors missed. ANY ANTI-SOCIAL “INVESTMENT” SPENDING NOT DISCOVERED BY THE AUDITORS WOLD BE DISCOVERED BY THE MONETARY CRUNCH. Which was why the post-war era was so fantastically productive. Or one reason. The others were the expansion of container shipping and cheap energy.

    Say what you want about a gold tether. But it made capital markets and policy comprehensible, by way of periodic abuse. What can we say now? When any resources given to anyone ……….. can only be allocated in accordance with wealth creation ………. by sheer serendipity? Almost no new spending goes to wealth creation any more.

    So capital markets worked before in a way they don’t work now. They actually made our economic models reasonably sensible. The only guarantee of performance in the context of excellent rebalancing of the economy ………… is to funnel any tax rorts to the sole trader.

    How about the bigshot salary earner? On a moral level I have no love for these people. When you try and help them out, they don’t have your back. I am the Lorax when it comes to these people. On an economic level the idea that you cut marginal tax rates to get better investment…. Its a bit of a crock really. Kloppers or that fellow running Qantas going to invest more in producer goods if you give them a tax break? I don’t think so. Maybe. Only if they have an inefficient hobby farm and its a ludicrous tax rort for the rich.

    If you have an inflationary situation the best tax rort for our corporations isn’t even a tax cut. These slobs will misuse it. Accelerated depreciation gets the best results for our Corps. Under current monetary conditions its only accelerated depreciation that is going to get good results in a hurry.

    And no taxes on retained earnings gets the best results from our sole traders. If we think we can rip more off rich slobs lets go ahead and do it. But it may blow up in our faces if the afformentioned tax rorts are not in place first.

    During the Menzies era there was no GST for the small businessman to have to collect. And there was the understanding that the little guys would have enough tax deductions never to actually pay the company taxes. Swimming pools became farming reservoirs. Sneakers for the kids became work boots. That is not in place now like it was I think. So get the tax rorts for the sole trader ….. get some accelerated depreciation for our bigshots …. then if you think you can steal off high income slobs be my guest.


  2. “Seems pretty undergraduate, in line with Creighton’s pathological hatred of bankers. Cutting in at $800k would catch a lot more SME businesspeople than bankers & lobbyists, not to mention medical specialists and law & accounting firm partners who operate in competitive markets.”

    SME businessmen? Completely full of shit. Is that small and medium businesspeople? What such people pay themselves more than 800 000? This is some Jew lying. Don’t know about lobbyists but there are plenty of Banking parasites who would get caught with such a tax because they are making more than a million a year. But it doesn’t matter. The Jew just opens up typing for their racial interest.

    “not to mention medical specialists and law & accounting firm partners who operate in competitive markets.”

    The Jew doesn’t care what he or she says. As long as they stick up for the tribe. They have no shame when it comes to making arguments. This is what we used to get from the Jew Cambria in the old days. This sort of garbage. I would want these middle sized businessmen to be the driving force in the economy. And to me its only if they made these huge drawings that they would be stung. But they aren’t about to make drawings that huge. So the tax is fine just so long as sole traders can avoid it be way of reinvestment. Nothing wrong with what Creighton is saying with that proviso.


  3. ““Seems pretty undergraduate, in line with Creighton’s pathological hatred of bankers.” This is a Jew argument. The Jew thinks its pathological hatred when its exasperation that they are shooting Palestinian kids in the back from the far side of a secure fence. The Goy has this pathological hatred. Nothing to do with Jew behaviour at all. So the very nature of the argument here is a Jew argument. Nothing to do with fractional reserve usury being parasitical. Nothing to do with the law-breaking, the malinvestment, the money laundering….. No its just a pathological hatred coming from the Goy.

    Take the Jew out the back and shoot her. She has been exposed. She was busted attempting to damage
    Australia. There is nothing wrong with what Adam is saying here. Pretty sound just so long as you can protect retained earnings.


  4. here’s the full text
    If only Labor had taken a leaf out of Robert Menzies’ tax handbook and proposed a 75 per cent top marginal tax rate on incomes above £10,000, rather than its proposed tangle of lame tweaks, we might have had real tax reform in prospect. That was the 1951 marginal tax rate for incomes above what is equivalent to $425,000 today. The Liberals dropped it to 67 per cent in 1955, where it more or less stayed until the mid-1980s, and lifted the threshold to what was the equivalent of $540,000. That sounds about right to me.

    In any mixed economy such as Australia’s, which is compromised by oligopoly, soft corruption, regulator capture and huge direct and indirect subsidies to various industries (especially banking and ­finance), the idea that enormous individual incomes result solely from individual effort and innovation alone is silly.

    That’s even before you consider the significant argument that someone on $200,000, especially if they are supporting a family, will notice $1000 much more than someone on $800,000. That they pay the same marginal rate in Australia is an insult.

    New York Democrat congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez courted fury in the US last weekend proposing a top marginal tax rate of 70 per cent for income above $US10 million ($14m), well above the top rate of 37 per cent, which cuts in at $US600,000.

    US President Donald Trump, as reported in Bob Woodwood’s Fear: Trump in the White House, wanted to lift the top US tax rate to 44 per cent but was talked out of it by Gary Cohn, a former Goldman Sachs trader who personally had made tens of million of dollars from the bailed-out bank. Trump’s instincts were broadly right: a very high top marginal rate would provide political cover against charges of favouring the top end of town in any radical reform to simplify and slash the tax burden on middle-­income earners.

    Labor’s policy to lift the top marginal tax rate to 49 per cent — which would apply to a million workers by 2025, according to Treasury — is shameful unless the threshold at which it applies were lifted dramatically.

    In 2008, the top rate cut in at 2.6 times the average wage in Australia, about the OECD average. Currently, it’s 2.2 times given the threshold hasn’t been adjusted for a decade. The 2010 Henry tax review recommended a top rate at three times, about $240,000 in today’s terms.

    Labor wants to smash workers earning between $200,000 and $250,000 a year in particular, given the party also has promised to reduce the threshold at which compulsory superannuation contributions are taxed at 30 per cent rather than 15 per cent.

    In 2017, the BBC reported a shock increase in the number of Britons — 364,000, or 1.2 per cent of taxpayers — who paid the top 45 per cent British income tax rate, which applies to earnings above £150,000 ($268,700).

    This year, in Australia, 5 per cent pay our top rate.

    Some worry that high marginal rates at very high levels of income will sap effort and innovation.

    Yet economic growth per capita and productivity were all higher during the 25 years after World War II, when such taxes were more or less standard. Respect for business leaders, government and social cohesion was higher, too. It surprises some, but money isn’t the only motivation for excellence and effort.

    Statistics on surging cocaine imports are an interesting indicator. As actor Robin Williams fam­ously said, cocaine is God’s way of telling you you’re making too much money. The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission sounded the alarm in September, pointing to “record” imports of cocaine. “Substantial increases in cocaine border detections and national cocaine seizures and arrests were reported in 2017, and are all at record levels. Australia pays some of the highest prices in the world for cocaine,” it added, noting seizures had more than tripled in three years.

    Criminals don’t run the huge personal risks of smuggling it here without being able to sell it. Seemingly surging cocaine use suggests some high earners — cocaine isn’t cheap — could pay a bit more tax without undermining effort and innovation. Having a bit less money for some Australians to spend on expensive illegal drugs is unlikely to retard effort and innovation enough to hurt the legitimate economy.

    More seriously, though, high marginal tax rates at very high levels of income might see fewer bright people gravitate to socially and economically useless but ­lucrative jobs such as lobbying and some areas of finance.

    This week Labor bemoaned the lack of teachers with high university entrance scores. Well, if the prospect of earning millions from being a second or third-tier executive in some oligopoly weren’t so appealing, more people would choose teaching.

    Higher tax on very high incomes would lessen top executives’ desire to achieve, or even bother setting, complex targets for “bonuses”, which the royal ­commission into financial services has shown can come at the ­expense of customers’ interests.

    Butvoters will have little choice at the election. Both major parties promise to tinker at the edges of the tax system. Labor’s other plans — curbing so-called negative gearing and reverting to pre-2000 rules on franking credits — are defensible in principle, especially if the additional revenue goes towards cutting marginal tax rates. But, of course, it won’t.

    Making refundable franking credits available only to pensioners will sharpen the incentive for retirees to arrange their affairs to receive a part-­pension. Expect to see a surge in the number of part-pensioners receiving $1 a fortnight.

    Restricting “negative gearing” to “new dwellings” will invite legal debate over what “new” means exactly. Labor should have capped the annual dollar value of refundable franking credits or deductible net losses at, say, $10,000.

    Shifting more of the tax burden to taxpayers who’d barely notice it need not increase the size of government. But it would make tax reform easier and may help cauterise crumbling respect for how the economy works.


  5. People are coming around to the truth of things. And not all of them disorganised ADD types like me. Look at this young fellow who was an investment banker

    I like the way people are picking up on this bullshit jobs idea. I didn’t have a good way to convey the concept before you showed me Graber. But I would be over at Catallaxy trying to convince these people that most of what they did was completely useless in the wider scheme of things.


  6. The Jew Janet Yellen made the mistake of getting this fellow fired and black-listed ha ha. They effectively block and blacklist us all. But its bad news when they try it on someone who is organised and with a successful track record.


  7. See you think about it Genghis… Supposing you are in a low debt monetary situation. And its “growth deflation” revenues always increase and prices always fall. No funny money. Well no matter what other policy you have everything will tick along very nicely. Real estate won’t be the biggest game in town. Cash flow will be King and our economics models will broadly work.

    But if you have funny money the only way for things to work is …. You must have a bit of land tax ….. You should have a 50% company tax rate but with accelerated depreciation. That way companies are forced to buy the latest tools for their workers. And the third policy plank to enable funny money to not screw up every last thing is no taxes on retained earnings for sole traders. Only these three measures can allow a wealth creating economy in a wealth destroying money and banking system.


  8. I mostly just read Catallaxy to see what Infidel is musing about these days. Probably its a mood thing. You get sick of reading these quislings after awhile.

    “Infidel Tiger
    #2903838, posted on January 10, 2019 at 8:31 pm
    Part of the problem is that local councils are not really local and don’t pay much attention to the need of the community.

    Local council would ideally be about 100-2000 ratepayers each.

    We need thousands and thousands of local councils that are highly accountable.

    You can only get that accountability when they know each voter on a first name basis.

    A return to righteousness begins with localism.”

    Maybe exaggerating to make a point. But the core of the idea is a sound one. I have noticed this idea of optimality and efficiency getting in the way of the good life. What we need is a resilient setup, chock full of opportunity, imperviouis to quisling and subversive behaviour, and a 1% increase in living standards per quarter is good enough if it stands the test of time and is associated with reducing debt.

    Particularly the idea of economies of scale, when it becomes an absolutist guiding force, is a menace. Why should we care if it takes 20 years to find the right multi-millionaire to take over ship-building as a sole trader? Its not a big deal that a restriction goes against the dreams of optimality and efficiency. Its the daydream that is the menace rather than the reality of inefficiency we are faced with in the real world.

    We will get the right guy to run the ship-building site eventually if we have the right policies. And another bunch of fellows to run the competitive sites.

    Efficiency and optimality would go against more local accountability in government since people have a daydream of economies of scale in government. The Americans particularly need to be split up. It would be nice if they were able to be big and yet not capable of being subverted. But this turned out not to be the case.


  9. As pointed out before .. if you act is good enough a bunch of classical musicians will set up shop behind you. But you don’t know if you are successful or not, until the French Horns show up. Sometimes the kids still put out true art.


  10. You stupid women pushing vaccines note well: Dr Humphries is a cutie and you are not. Dr Humphries is beautiful and you are ugly. I’m okay you are okay? No. Dr Humphries IS okay. You are NOT okay. And younger woman take note. Righteousness is good for your personal appearance.


  11. Supposing you find some way to improve circulation? After awhile your bodies feedback mechanisms will kick in, and your body will lower the blood pressure since the circulation has been improved. So anything that improves blood flow eventually leads to a reduction in blood pressure. The mission is to improve blood flow, and then trust in your body to respond by reducing pressure.

    So what causal chain would lead a Keto diet to wind up improving circulation? Ahead of ones body deciding its time to reduce blood pressure? I see two potential causal pathways. When you start working on a new diet for health reasons the tendency is to work hard to make good food choices. Doing that in the context of Keto will lead you to be getting heaps more fat soluble vitamins in a synchronistic way. A, D3 and K2 taking together will clear the arteries, capilliaries and organs of feral calcium that doesn’t know where to go without these three. This reprobate calcium problem, years in the making, will just tend to gunk the works up. Like when one time I needed to get all my gums scraped. But wayward calcium can be an whole body problem.

    Another pathway to Keto leading to better circulation is that most of the food choices you would have made would have probably been deuterium depleting. So I don’t think she would have chose Margarine. I think for good health it would have been grass-fed butter, avocados, grass-fed lard, macadamias, egg yolks, coconut oil, olive oil …. All this terrific low deuterium gear. On top of that the mere act of fasting and being in Ketosis is deuterium depleting …. since when you become a great fat-burner, and you end up burning your own fat then your mitochondria creates deuterium depleted water at 105 parts per million and eventually probably less than that. Why does deuterium depletion lead to better circulation? I’ll try not to bore everyone with it right now. But the idea is that your heart doesn’t provide even a 100th of the pumping power to push your blood around your body. Your circulation is more like a maglev track or a kids “Over-Unity” toy involving magnets. The circulation is powered by structured water, which is set up by light energy. Deuterium, glyphosate, fluoride and other arch-nasties disrupt structured water. An honest attempt to improve ones diet, but particularly with a Keto slant to such an attempt, will reduce many of these arch-nasties, deuterium being the chief culprit


  12. Crisis actors laughing. Quite effective in emphasising the constant fakery of the last few years. It may be slowing right down because people keep noticing the same crisis actors showing up in many different events. After awhile you’ve got to expand the cast or start winding down the productions.


  13. Himalayas ONTOP

    Here is a potentially low-deuterium water source that should be cheap enough to be bought in bulk. This is what they say about this water in their difficult English:

    “The snow falls in the Majestic Langtang Himalayan Ranges at an average height of 7,000 meters where there is absolutely no pollution since the beginning of the planet, turns into icy rocks and glaciers.

    So every drop of Himalayan Natural Spring Water is from the snow falls high in the Himalayan Ranges which slowly melts and penetrating its way through Himalayan bedrock. The water is insulated from any external influences by dense layers of protective clay and oozes out as springs at a height of 3,000 meters in the Langtang National Park within the conversation areas strictly controlled access and therefore free from environmental pollution.

    From the source of 3,000 meters there is a high quality pipeline system bring the water to the manufacturing facility.”

    This water is likely to be in the 120’s ppm Deuterium I would say. Only guessing of course. They seem to be going with the 15 litre boxes for the future. And many sizes of bottles. We found 12 litre boxes of Himalayan spring water for only $8.60 AUD but that may be from a different facility. I’ve emailed the company about getting a crate sent over. I was looking into this with Nepalese work colleagues overnight. I’ve left messages quizzing the company on two of their websites.

    I was asking the Nepal workers about the highest access points for trucks in their country. Managed to get a lot of interesting information from them My long-term project is to try and get IBC’s into the country from likely low-Deuterium areas. Big Almaty Lake in Kazakhstan seems to be the most likely target for this project for the meantime. The lake itself is at an higher altitude almost 300 metres higher than the peak of Mount Kosciuszko. But one wants to keep looking for other likely source locations for the future.

    This video is very inspiring and its worthwhile to see where the factory is. The bottling facility itself is almost as high as Mount Kosciuszko. The spring water source is almost as high as Mount Cook. And the mountains above the spring are far higher still. The video is a bit spooky if you are scared of heights. I would not like to be on a truck going up for the visit. But this is what you want. I won’t say that I want the workers falling over from altitude sickness. But if they were keeling over from altitude sickness it might be a sign of good water.


  14. About 28 minutes in. Documentary evidence that the billionaire bankers stole off us and they know it and they are laughing at us. Neophytes dress up as sheilas and sing Abbas Dancing Queen. But its bailout queen. Ha ha so funny …… not. We must hang them high. Jewish billionaires should be interrogated at the end of a rope. Of course there could possibly be a few worthies who don’t deserve to die. Thats understood. But not many Its just them stealing off us and laughing at us and then working on various genocidal plans for us.


  15. This is what the Cambria’s, the Kirchners, and the Davidson’s did to this country. They really fucked us over. There I was on Catallaxy in 2005 with my ponzi-money free vision. More than half the damage has been done to this country since then. About 90% of this debt non wealth-creating. Because these Jews don’t fucking listen. They are useless at what they do. And they don’t care.


    1. Yes the before-I-read-it comment would be that you can educate the cultist, and if he is observant, you may risk it that you will wind up with an educated and observant cultist. Still he’s right about our infrastructure. I’ll read it and then we will see what the after-comment brings.


  16. In some ways its rather good. I suppose he couldn’t supply all necessary caveats. 1950’s New Zealand would have been a paradise of this sort but it was socialist in theory AND INTENTION but small business capitalist in practice. And the key was the cornering of the banks and making them behave. I’ll have more to say about it later. But he shows a lot of courage putting something like this out there.

    The first step would be the ruthless closure of government departments and sacking of public servants. And yet thats not in his vision and his vision could not be reached without it. Plus his energy vision is two centuries out of whack. But still its an okay article.


  17. HIs vision a little bit akin to that Gaddafi had, before child-killing vermin went and sodomised Gaddafi on TV, destroyed everything he tried to achieve, and the future of North Africa.

    Now we believe in redemption, we believe in forgiveness but its GOTSTA be genuine. And with Gaddaffi it was. He was not guilty of the disco bombing that was the Jews. He lost his sweet daughter over it. He was not guilty of Lockerbie that was the CIA and therefore the Jews. He had Jew ancestry but in the last decades he was doing all the great things. But thats not on the Jew agenda.


  18. Except at the end its all tones and driving force. But somehow completely compelling. A lesser single I found compelling in its own way. Not even sure if the guitar playing was any good. But somehow the thing works with enough hooch and volume.


  19. ts how you are going to treat it that is the real question. If these quacks are suggesting anti-biotics thats like blowing up the suburb to stop a house fire. You are bound to find dietary measures that this critter doesn’t care for. The quack is not going to track such dietary measures down for you. His job is to write prescriptions. He’s a drug dealer.


  20. Disgusting banana republic cunt of a country the US has arrested a presenter from press TV

    She is a US citizen and she is detained without charge. You MUST get the Jews out of positions of influence. There is nothing more empirically proven then this proposition.


  21. Does anyone imagine that marzieh-hashemi (born Melanie Franklin) would be being abused right now if not for the Jew menace in the US? They have to be sacked in quantity discount fashion. There is no point trying to reason with them.


  22. Back in 2015: “A millionaire former aide to Russian president Vladimir Putin has been found dead in a Washington DC hotel room. Mikhail Lesin, who was Putin’s press secretary during his first stint as president and founded state television network Russia Today, died aged 57 from a suspected heart attack.”

    There you are. If you give the American people halfway good information the Jews are going to kill or arrest you.


  23. If you think that putting back the J in Who is going too far this time think of the journalists that are being murdered by Israel. I mean the ones we know about. Think of how the entire Jew news is not reporting this.


  24. Forget the Russian side of things. This is more evidence that we are enslaved to parasitical Judea. And we must systematically strip every one of the guys down to their last million in wealth. Let them keep one good house. But take everything else and if they cause a fuss then all bets are off.


  25. Saving the children from what happened to me, one act of abuse at a time:

    GMBCATASTROPHE3 weeks ago
    Are they Jews as well as skeptics (ie gullibles).
    Hide replies
    Jeff Schwartz
    Jeff Schwartz5 minutes ago
    Please stop making those type of comments. Most people who are in the vaccine-risk-awareness side are not making offensive comments like you are.
    GMBCATASTROPHE4 minutes ago
    Shut the fuck up. If you are a Jew and you are not being honest about the elite Jew pig problem you are complicit.
    GMBCATASTROPHE51 seconds ago
    I checked the whole thing out. Guess what. Its the same structure as in every other population damaging crime. There is one alleged front-man gentile …. ie Paul Offit…… in 30 years time we might find he’s a Jew also …. And behind Paul Offit its a tight knit group of conspirational Jews helping to fuck with other peoples kids as always. So fucking get your act together you cunt. You are either part of the problem or part of the solution.
    Read more
    Professional Antivaxxer


  26. Going back on twitter soon. Want to reconnect with all my skittish friends and secret well-wishers. Want to sweep that ice queen off to four days of good health and debauchery in Bali. I’ll pay for everything but she has to cook and do all the hard yards.


  27. I wish I could recapture the footage of the great man with Sir Michael Somare. Just the mastery and goodwill of the man. In a friendly nature undermining the excess pushiness of the Oligarchy-dominated Anglo elite. I mean I think the Anglos, my people, are okay. But when they are dominated by an oligarchical elite they stop fucking being okay. So it was absolutely fabulous to see Dr Mahatir just subtly hang shit on wankers in the Liberal party and make Sir Michael laugh.


  28. Permaculture is the answer to our nutritional needs, and not aeroponic vertical farming. But aeroponics certainly has its place. Because if you can use 95% less water you can control what water you use. And if you can do that you can import high-altitude deuterium depleted water and grow deuterium depleted foods. So we do want the aeroponic vertical farming. But we want it for the niche market of deuterium depletion. So you imagine you’ve imported tanker-loads of Himalayan ONTOP source water at 50cUSD per litre, and you apply it to the following operation. This way you can go on to feed deuterium depleted goats, giving you deuterium depleted milk. You can grow deuterium depleted sugar cane, and deuterium depleted hops and make some form of deuterium depleted beery sugar cane drink to give to your deuterium depleted teenagers. :


  29. Now that I’m going in for deuterium depletion my energy is returning. Genghis has me punching the air in enthusiastic agreement.

    Where migration is concerned: Government is the servant of the incumbent citizens, particularly the taxpayer. Since the low paid worker, trying his best to work hard despite his status suffers most of all from being swamped with migrants his plight should be the chief concern. High immigration is only worthwhile to him if its in his interests. And thats only going to be if we are pulling in high quality people, AND IF POLICY IS RIGHT. Current money and banking stinks and leads to a fundamentally Mathusian situation, with a positive overlay when it comes to imported producer goods, since they tend to increase in quality.

    But this producer goods improvement overlay cannot have us denying that under our current settings more migrants leads to lower living standards. That certainly was not the case in the 50’s and 60’s but it is the case now.

    Most particularly we must must must have wondrously powerful infrastructure and way oversupplied high-rise living and working space. We can certainly have cost-effective oversupplied apartment high-rise in the smaller towns. If we don’t have this all these migrants will be simply forcing extra costs and lower wages on us. Dividing up our paternity into smaller and smaller units. But If we have great money, banking, high-rise and infrastructure then each new fellow is amortising the cost of government for us and it is the case that many hands make lighter work if our basic economy is really kicking ass and is oversupplied with producer goods accumulation and update.

    Here is what Genghis has to say:

    “why is this surprising? when govts fail on infrastructure and housing stock, this is what you get”

    Thats in response to this article:


    Yes yes yes yes yes. And we need to squeeze off male non-Yamnaya immigration until we can get decisive improvement in policy. Only after policy improvement can we all be brothers again in a country with a lot of familial feeling and loyalty to each other.


  30. When a fit, slim, intelligent and RIGHTEOUS man dies early …. It may be time for putting back the J in Who. Did Tony Martin really die of natural causes? I think the chances of that are less than one in three.


  31. Yes we need to eat more and not less animal products. But I do consider that picture to be part of a real moral crisis. The chickens belong in a situation, leading a happy life, following 5 days behind a flerd (flock/herd) of various animals. The moral crisis involves mistreated chooks and humans getting eggs of feeble quality. Excellent chicken eggs and eating more organ meats are about the best we can do right now I think. We need the cows to create all this rich topsoil. Great food ultimately comes from cow manure. The cow has its first baby at 2 years. So if we didn’t kill a lot of them we would wind up being over-run with cows. So we kill off most of the males as a matter of course, and even a lot of the girls who aren’t up to scratch breeding-wise. There is almost no getting round this. Beef organ meats are just about the most nutritious foods there are. And even muscle meats have more going for them then alleged “superfoods” I think this journalists brain isn’t working well enough and he needs to get more cholesterol going. Beef brain, liver and pastured eggs are what he needs.


  32. If I were running some sort of support group for dudes marrying young girls I would say: Clearly your girl can never be Sibel Edmonds at her age. Don’t despair. Just be sweet to her and move her in the direction of Sibel Edmonds …. A little bit every day.


  33. Very spooky lyrics from this inspired group. As you know the Nile flows from North to South. I don’t mean that in terms of the direction of the water. Actually it flows North … Upwards on the map. The water comes from the South and flows Northward.

    “They say the Nile used to run from East To West” Looks pretty mundane when you read it on the page. But its a kind of a master-stroke to this song. And it made the hair stand up all over when I first noticed it.

    Because it happens to be true. I will check it later to see if they even got the direction of water flow right. I can’t visualise these things so I’ll have to actually get my little globe and put it in my hands.

    The lead singer I think writes most of their gear. He’s got to be one of the smartest people in the music business. Ex-Mormon I think. I like that song where he combines Santas Reindeer (specifically “Dancer”) with Carlos Castaneda. Kids a fucking genius.


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