Vaccine Pseudo-science: Only All-Causes Mortality Counts.

Real evidence for an all-causes mortality benefit from any one vaccine. Thats what we want here.

I think we ought to put this cult to bed once and for all. I couldn’t find any all-causes-mortality study that came out in favour of any individual vaccines at all. When I thought I’d found one it turned out to be a real pigs breakfast involving Bayesian analysis of all things. The Bayesian stuff ought never be used when propaganda is involved, since its starting point is the opinion of the group.

People think they have evidence for this disgusting, unhygienic and filthy practice. But closer examination usually reveals that its impressionistic. They have this idea about polio as being as common as a broken arm in kids. And they think that Salk made it go away. Wheres the fraud Salk was racing to get his junk to market before the current local scare went away on its own.

People have this impressionistic idea about Polio what they don’t have is real evidence. Polio as we know it ….. that is to say the American polio scare, went away by getting rid of the arsenic based pesticide, changing the name of polio, and more flush toilets.

People think that the smallpox vaccine made smallpox go away. Which is impossible since fewer than 5% of the worlds population were vaccinated. We cannot find a vaccine which has reversed an upward trend. If you can find a vaccine that reversed an upward trend YOU are the person we have been looking for.

Vaccine pseudo-success is usually about the establishment of secondary goals. So we want to give a round of applause for the presence of anti-bodies. We want to give a nobel prize to that man for getting rid of a virus that was held to be a cancer precursor. Forgetting that nothing has been done about the cancer. All this congratulation for the alleged attainment of pseudo-accomplishments.

So I just think if you have the evidence that the end of the era of pandemics is about something other than piped water and flush toilets, you are the person we have been waiting for, and I want to find out more from you.

I think we know that this is an extremist religion when they are trying to jab babies with something that they ought rather be trying to fool a drug using prostitute that it might be good for her instead. Thats right. The extremists, at war as they are against the American people, are trying to give newborn babies hepatitis B shots.

When I was deluded about the vaccine menace my doctor wouldn’t even give me that shot (really a series of shots) But now in the US they are trying to give them to newborns. Thats war by other means.

A lot of people these days are dealing with autoimmune issues. Not really hard to see where a big chunk of this has been coming from

3 thoughts on “Vaccine Pseudo-science: Only All-Causes Mortality Counts.

  1. How many people that age can even get out of a car unassisted? He’s doing well alright. I got another post but I took it off-air. I’ll put it back on for a little while. Sometimes I need time to think about what I’ve written. But I’ll stick it on so you can read it. Its got rather pleasant photos of Anna Diop from Titans.


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