Looking For Casual Physical Work In Sydney/Tips And Scoops Wanted.

Got sacked after 22 years working on the same site.  Its not really the managements fault.  Except to the extent that they believed a young narcissist and did not discipline him early enough and often enough.  And except to the extent that they had no nuance at all when it came to their punishments.  But never mind.

The main problem is that I haven’t looked for casual muscle work in all that time.  I have no idea of how to go about it.  It used to be that centrelink ran a casual work place and you walked there every morning and waited until you were at the head of the roster.  This usually took about four days straight of early mornings. Then if you worked hard, you could usually get more employment out of that small business owner. So all you had to do to get a foot in the door,  was to get up early in the morning,  and go someplace to read a book.  Now thats all gone.

(((In the movie he is the most malign of all Michelin Men The casual dropped down to avoid a slow-moving hand, without force behind it. But in the movie it looks like the Michelin Man wiped the casual clean out,  by way of a strike to the throat.  Biomechanical analysis would clear the fatty.  But there is not the time for that sort of thing.)))) 

53 years old. Still got far more work energy, then the 20-somethings,  for continual physical work.  Although likely to fall asleep if I sit down.  If it was up to me I’d really want to retrain as an arborist.  But I have to lose four stone over time for that to be even so much as a credible daydream.  I have to lose about sixty pounds.  The way I am going to do this is run out of money and go without food all the time.  But basically I’m walking everywhere at the moment.  All over the place.  Almost always barefoot (for electrical reasons), and with an umbrella (to keep the sun off my face).  I want to be like a camel who goes into the desert and loses his hump.  Except I’m hoping all that fat gets burned off my stomach and turns into deuterium depletion.

Probably this sacking is a good thing.  A chance for me to see the sun rise every day.  Refit my circadian rhythm and refit all my clothes.

Still I am very fearful of becoming homeless.  Because I am a theorist of how policy-makers would create a lot more work, if they had any sincere inclination to do so.  Yet I have no idea about looking for work now, after all this time.

19 thoughts on “Looking For Casual Physical Work In Sydney/Tips And Scoops Wanted.

  1. Monetary cranks can be identified as people who will not accept a reserve asset ratio. This is the ultimate test. Even if they don’t want it to be 100% (as a practical matter 50% would work quite well but we really ought to wipe it out in its entirety).

    But fiscal and political crankery also has an acid test. On both the left and the right if you are not in favour of generous tax free thresholds then you also are a crank. So we have that horrible horrible blonde Jew bitch associated with Catallaxy who reckons our current (OUR CURRENT!!!!????) tax free threshold is too high? What is the fucking matter with her. A fake libertarian if ever there was one. And we have the same crankery on the left. One of the reasons I became a libertarian for a period of time was that I couldn’t handle the irrationality of all that fiscal churning. Now we get cranks on both side of politics just loving that fiscal churning. Crazy stuff. And heartless.


  2. This experiment the American people have put forth, of voting for young, incredibly beautiful females of alternative religious faith is turning out to be such a fucking fantastic success. My idea was to have less Muslim migrants. But if they get their citizenship … at least for a long enough time (in Europe these new arrivals MUST be returned) then we treat them with total respect. Even with my Yamnaya Australia-lite policy. Thats a patient policy. If something is right its worth two centuries of effort fighting for. But put all that aside with Ms Omar. She is young. Beautiful. Righteous. And when a country is going down the poo-hole all the men get burnt out and have no courage any more. Then sometimes the girls need to fight for us. I present you our new sister: Ilhan Omar of Minnesota. Truly a sister to us all.

    Beautiful. Righteous. Did I mention she was gorgeous? Put up with the introduction because the payoff … She’s worth it.


  3. Watching a show called “Russian Doll” which is actually a remake of Groundhog day. Its the most disgusting piece of Jew filth imaginable. But its actually a pretty good show. The thing is though it ought not be shown to any girl under the age of 35. The Jews go out of their way to refine the quality of the shows that are the most damaging. They could have had an excellent Groundhog Day remake, without trying to destroy our young girls chances of leading a happy life. But that is Jews for you.


  4. As Russian Doll moves along in its remaking of Groundhog Day there is a slow migration to decency and normalcy. So now I understand why it started off so disgusting and bizzare. Slowly but surely the show pulls us out of Jew filth back to the good stuff. Very well written.


  5. Thats what the United States represents now. The Gay disco. It used to be a land of opportunity now its a gay disco. Everyone has a credit card at the Gay disco. So they run around the world promoting sodomy, under the guise of ending its criminalisation. Whereas in reality gays who kept their act quiet were almost never persecuted anywhere for this sort of thing.


  6. This is what happens when the civilisation is close to collapse. All the men are in debt, blackmailed, fearful, burnt out …. So when the whole thing is about to collapse its the courageous young women who have to step forward and bail our sad asses out. Unbelievably brave and loveable, the new batch. We don’t deserve them really. When the French were lost, with a long record of losing, young Joan had to show up to give them moral support. We still have Mahatir. But the rest of these male leaders are all sissified. Putin can be impressive …. But who else? Almost no-one. All jaded and useless. So the best of our girls are stepping forward.


  7. We should be able to prove scientifically that Jews are the worst human beings in the world. We should be able to infer this by Israeli behaviour. The much demonsied Afrikaner bosses were nothing like this. Sure they were a bit grating because they were paternalistic with a kind of 19th Century patriachs attitude. One of my aunties is married to a fellow of this type and he’s got a heart of gold, works constantly even in old age. Incredibly productive and benevolent guy. Funny…. a natural comedian. But a bit grating. In contrast these Jews consider killing a child as being a bit naughty. They are the most evil people yet produced by mother nature.


  8. The people who makes claims, like the ones on this video, cannot trace the material back to original source documentation. This stuff about the Scotia being a daughter of a pharaoh …. links between Ireland and ancient Egypt. There is evidence but its not totally clear. I think its credible just the same and particularly now with the DNA evidence mentioned in the video. Plus my model of what happened is one of Yamnaya over-breeding crowding everyone out. Part of that story may also involve an advantage through deuterium depletion provided by two inland seas and a mountain range but this is a minor point.

    So in earlier posts I’ve talked about the idea that this Yamnaya over-population squeezed old Europe down South and such that old Europe and North Africa would have had a shared gene pool. Particularly about 3000 years ago.

    If you go back 4000 years ago, the evidence is that old Europe still had not been squeezed out by the Yamnaya. Not as far away as Ireland in any case. The Irish gene pool 4000 years ago and the Egyptian gene pool of that time, may well have been a shared gene pool. And I think Scotia, supposedly Akhenaten daughter …. may have been born just shy of 3,400 years ago. Which may have been in a period where the Irish gene pool was probably partially replaced by the “Aryans”. But with the process not complete. So well you know. There may have been a kernel of truth in this story. But it cannot be traced back further than the 12th century. Still its quite amazing that 12th Century Irish types had a great deal of knowledge about the Egyptians on any level. Its amazing if they knew enough to even so much as concoct such a tall tale.

    I give the legend two cheers and not three. I think there is something behind it. Something to it. Probably there was very strong links between Ireland and Egypt prior to the bronze age catastrophe.


  9. 35 seconds in this Nigerian sheila has weird patterns on her pants that have a hypnotising effect. Like a magical rattlesnake holding a desert rodent in its gaze, just before striking.

    Some sort of the deeper magic going on here


  10. Multiple waves and wave interference in the one Ugandan booty. This ought to attract the attention of science.

    Deeply frustrating to look for hours and hours at the Ugandan booty. Because you have the feeling of a different language being spoken. The booty is trying desperately to communicate with me. But I don’t know what the booty is saying.

    Ninety seconds in the sweety in pink may be flashing us, but we don’t appreciate her efforts so much, since we are focused on the other girls buttocks.


  11. The lesson is stay away from Ugandan booty or boxing videos or I won’t get anything done. I’m more busy now then I was when I had a job. Two types of video to stay away from until I’m working again. Some videos you can watch and repair your bag at the same time because the focus is on verbal content. But the following video is not that type of show:


  12. Couldn’t stay away. The first-round knockouts really concentrate ones thinking. My thinking is that if I get in a boxing ring again I want to be so fit in the jabbing department that I’m pumping them out two for every thing the other fellow is launching. And I’ll want to be having so much lateral movement that the gent is continuously wrong-footed. And plus that I don’t want to try any of this until I’ve walked off the sixty extra pounds I’m carrying because immediately I try this …. the calves get tired, the breathing is no good. I cannot keep up the double work rate and 30 seconds in the fellow goes and knocks me out, just because he can, and the last thing I hear is the fading sound of all these palookas laughing.

    Thats the only bonus from being unemployed I suppose. It will be loosing weight and becoming light on my toes again.

    You can keep the reasoning going from there. What does the need for a fitter jab arm mean for the other guy? It means that counters to jabs become more important. Moving and coming over the top and this sort of thing. Like Tyson … the high-pressure counter-puncher. Never the brawler as he was ludicrously accused of. Always combining two almost contradictory elements. To be a counter-puncher sounds defensive. Thats never going to work for a short man. But a high pressure counter-puncher …… that combination really made that cake and that icing.


  13. One of the reasons why boxing is so inaccessible to most people, is that they get you in the ring sparring and doing combinations and all this, prior to working on the footwork. You have to have both your mits up, you cannot see anything, you don’t have the footwork, and the fella isn’t supposed to be beating you up but he can do so at his pleasure. Particularly if you up and whack him in the ribs really hard out of a clear blue sky.

    How can you learn your footwork when you are plunged into a situation of sheer terror, partial blindness and mental paralysis like that? If someone wants to learn boxing with me, we would invent an whole series of boxing drills that played down at first what you were doing with your hands.

    What sort of a brawler is this? For those so ignorant of these things. Everyone has the right to be ignorant of boxing. But comrades who would call younger Tyson a “brawler” are abusing the privilege. Go read through again my explanation of the incredible sophistication it takes to pull off a move like this against a skilled boxer with much longer reach than you have? But for me I at least want to have the feet good first before having to deal with some young kids fists coming at me. Get your feet as good as Tysons and up close the kids won’t seem so big after all.

    The Ugandan girls booty speaks to me, or tries to, even when the Ugandan girl herself is not talking or not even interested. In the same way your feet have to know exactly what to do every moment in the ring, even when the fellow has punched you so hard that communication between your brain and your feet has been 90% interrupted. Why go to boxing to get beat up or condescended too? Get the feet right first, while you are building up your punching stamina and general fitness. Then when you are sparring with people who cannot hope to match your feet, you can concentrate on lethal accuracy. Not on actually hurting your sparring partners, but since your feet are better than Fred Astaire, you can start looking at hitting what you aim at, like Senator Manny.

    Now one of my first drills would be like …… You’ve heard of touch rugby? Well this is more like a form of tag. The idea is to try to tap the other fellow on the back. Set her up for a punch to the back and then just tag her. In boxing you are not to turn your back on someone, and you are not to hit someone in the back. But there is nothing in boxing to say that you cannot set the person up for a punch to the back, AND NOT THROW THAT PUNCH. Tyson used to do this all the time in his very early fights. Lomachenko does it always. If the fellow has his back to you, and is trying to then turn to face you, he is blind and he cannot hurt you. You have a clear jab opportunity to his earhole. He knows this, and so he has to avoid the easy jab with some desperation, but his efforts to do so set him up for some truly massive hooks with the other hand. So you have that clear jab opportunity to the ear, but instead you alter your stance and give them the full power hook with your other hand. If your feet have him beat to that extent, then your options are simply fabulous. These are no-lose options. The easy jab to the ear that he cannot do anything about … Or the more difficult, but sometimes more fruitful, stance change and super-charged knockout hook.

    This is what Tyson used against the fantastically courageous Mark Young. Find it in slow-motion from all angles if you can. But you will blink and you will miss it, if its at full speed. Here is the full speed version. You are going to blink and you are NOT going to see it. But Mike has out-stepped Mark such that he could punch him in the back. Then he is allowed to hit him in the ear and can reach him with a hard jab …. But Mike decides to change stances and deliver a hook that has Mark Young literally flying through the air. You won’t see it at all, but maybe you’ll find it in slow motion later. If you do send it to me.

    Think how that kind of footwork would be helpful in general self-defence. You slow down the real great fighters …. Duran, Tyson, Lomachenko, even Bruce Lee. There is five or six things going on when the first time you just noticed the end product.

    Look at the still photo highlighted on the video. Kind of says a lot. Young is a great distance from Tyson. The angle changes have been so good that even the referee is wrong-footed. Only the 19 year old has two solid feet underneath him.

    What looks large from a distance; close up they never that big, said the nobel prize winner.

    You want to get in the ring rightfully fearless against the flat nosed kids? Read all my boxing advice. I’m the one you been looking for, I’m the one who holds the key.

    Who calls young Mike a brawler? Everyone has to the right to be ignorant of boxing. But comrades who would call younger Mike a “brawler” are abusing the privilege. What kind of a brawler has the incredible sophistication to pull that move off? For one thing you have to be good with both orthodox and southpaw stances and to effortlessly change one to the other, gathering power in the process.

    But as sophisticated as that move was the footwork to do it would be THE FIRST THING I would concentrate on. Feet …. torso …. arms …. head movement. To put these components together like Mike you are going to have to be full-time pro and still you won’t get there. But at least get the feet as good as Mike did. Thats only one dimension to get right first. Get the feet right. Then those kids you jump in the ring to spa with …. You know they won’t seem so big after all.


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