Dealing with the flat-nosed kids/Close up they never that big.

Some of these fatter Ugandan women can move their booty in such a way as to be a real art form. It would be almost a shame for them to drop down to a healthier weight. Waves crossing waves.  Multiple waves and wave interference in the one Ugandan booty. This ought to attract the attention of science.

Deeply frustrating to look for hours and hours at the Ugandan booty. Because you have the feeling of a different language being spoken. The booty is trying desperately to communicate with me. But I don’t know what the booty is saying.  The booty has a life separate to the girl, just as the boxers feet must be trained to work almost separately from the boxers brain.

Ninety seconds in the sweety  dressed all in pink is flashing me (bless her little cotton socks) but we don’t appreciate her kind efforts so much, since we are focused on the other girls big juicy buttocks.  The pink girls booty loves the unemployed Australian man, though I know her heart does not care.  From the girls,  its only when booty, heart and mind come together,  that you have something special going on. So it goes for the components of the boxers game.

The lesson is stay away from Ugandan booty or boxing videos or I won’t get anything done. I’m more busy now then I was when I had a job. Two types of video to stay away from until I’m working again. Some videos you can watch and repair your bag, with needle and thread,  at the same time,  because the focus is on verbal content.


Couldn’t stay away. The first-round knockouts really concentrate ones thinking. My thinking is that if I get in a boxing ring again I want to be so fit in the jabbing department that I’m pumping them out two for everything the other fellow is launching. And I’ll want to be having so much lateral movement that the gent is continuously wrong-footed. Added to that I don’t want to try any of this until I’ve walked off the sixty extra pounds I’m carrying.  Immediately I move and jab-jabjab-jab-jabjabjab moving all the time …. the calves get tired, the breathing is no good. I cannot keep up the double work rate. 30 seconds in, the fellow goes and knocks me out, just because he can. The last thing I hear is the fading sound of all these palookas laughing.

Thats the only bonus from being unemployed I suppose. It will be loosing weight and becoming light on my toes again. Last time I tried boxing I could do 300 skips in a minute, most of them in doubles.  I was light on my toes but had no sound thinking about how to use this training.

You can keep the reasoning going from there. What does the need for a fitter jab arm mean for the other guy? It means that counters to jabs become more important. Moving and coming over the top and this sort of thing. Like Tyson … the high-pressure counter-puncher. Never the brawler as he was ludicrously accused of. Always combining two almost contradictory elements. To be a counter-puncher sounds defensive. Thats never going to work for a short man. But a high pressure counter-puncher …… that combination really made that cake AND that icing.

One of the reasons why boxing is so inaccessible to most people, is that they get you in the ring sparring and doing combinations and all this, prior to working on the footwork. You have to have both your mits up, you cannot see anything, you don’t have the footwork, and the fella isn’t supposed to be beating you up,  but he can do so at his pleasure. Particularly if you whack him in the ribs really hard, out of a clear blue sky. Believe me; you don’t want to find out all the things that I found out.

How can you learn your footwork when you are plunged into a situation of sheer terror, partial blindness and mental paralysis like that? If someone was learning boxing with me, we would invent an whole series of boxing drills,  that played down at first what you were doing with your hands, head and torso.

The Ugandan girls booty speaks to me, or tries to, even when the Ugandan girl herself is not talking,  or not even interested. In the same way your feet have to know exactly what to do every moment in the ring, even when the fellow has punched you so hard, that communication between your brain and your feet has been 90% interrupted.

Why go to boxing training to get beat up or condescended too? Get the feet right first, while you are building up your punching stamina and general fitness.  Do this before you even go near a boxing gym. Then when you are sparring with people who cannot hope to match your feet, you can concentrate on lethal accuracy. Not on actually hurting your sparring partners, but since your feet are better than Fred Astaire, you can start looking at hitting what you aim at, like Senator Manny. No-one can concentrate on four different elements at once when she is just a beginner. So don’t even try.   At least get the feet to a level of diminishing returns.

Now one of my first drills would be like …… You’ve heard of touch rugby? Well this is more like a form of tag. The idea is to try to tap the other fellow on the back. Set her up for a punch to the back and then just tag her. In boxing you are not to turn your back on someone, and you are not to hit someone in the back. But there is nothing in boxing to say that you cannot set the person up for a punch to the back, AND NOT THROW THAT PUNCH. Tyson used to do this all the time in his very early fights. Lomachenko does it always. If the fellow has his back to you, and is trying to then turn to face you, he is blind and he cannot hurt you. You have a clear jab opportunity to his earhole. He knows this, and so he has to avoid the easy jab with some desperation, but his efforts to do so set him up for some truly massive hooks with the other hand. So you have that clear jab opportunity to the ear, but instead you alter your stance and give them the full power hook with your other hand. If your feet have him beat to that extent, then your options are simply fabulous. These are no-lose options. The easy jab to the ear that he cannot do anything about … Or the more difficult, but sometimes more fruitful, stance change and super-charged knockout hook.

This is what Tyson used against the fantastically courageous Mark Young. Find it in slow-motion from all angles if you can. But you will blink and you will miss it, if its at full speed. Here is the full speed version. You are going to blink and you are NOT going to see the tremendous complexity of what he does here. But Mike has out-stepped Mark such that he could punch him in the back. Then he is allowed to hit him in the ear and can reach him with a hard jab …. But Mike decides to change stances and deliver a hook that has Mark Young literally flying through the air. You won’t see the multiplicity of it, but maybe you’ll find it in slow motion later. If you do send it to me.

Think how that kind of footwork would be helpful in general self-defence. You slow down the real great fighters …. Duran, Tyson, Lomachenko,  Bruce Lee. There is five or six things going on when the first time you just noticed the end product.

Look at the still photo highlighted on the video. The still says so much. Young is a great distance from Tyson. The angle changes have been so good that even the referee is wrong-footed. Only the 19 year old has two solid feet underneath him. Toes slightly inward since this facilitates rapid torso movement.  Everything in the snapshot.

What sort of a brawler is this? For those so ignorant of these things? Everyone has the right not to be the boxing expert. But comrades who would call younger Tyson a “brawler” are abusing the privilege. Go read through again my explanation of the incredible sophistication it takes to pull off a move like this against a skilled boxer with much longer reach than you have?  For one thing you have to be good with both orthodox and southpaw stances,  and to effortlessly be able to change from one to the other, gathering power in the process.

What looms large from a distance; close up they never that big, said the nobel prize winner. 

Do you want to get in the ring rightfully fearless against the flat nosed kids? Read all my boxing advice. I’m the one you been looking for, I’m the one who holds the key. 

For me I at least want to have the feet good first before having to deal with some young kids fists coming at me. Get your feet as good as Tysons and up close the kids won’t seem so big after all.

As sophisticated as that move was,  the footwork necessary to put it together, would be THE FIRST THING I would concentrate on. Not extra-for-experts but the very first item on the in-tray.

Feet …. torso …. arms …. head movement. To put these components together like Mike you are going to have to be full-time pro and still you won’t likely get there. But at least get the feet as good as Mike did. Thats only one dimension to get right first. Get the feet right. Then those kids you jump in the ring to spa with …. You know ………. they won’t seem so big after all.  Skinny and easy to get to, easy to get away from.


35 seconds in this Nigerian sheila has weird patterns on her pants that have a hypnotising effect. Like a magical rattlesnake holding a desert rodent in its gaze, just before striking.

Some sort of the deeper magic going on here.  Escape from the magical booty,  and maybe you won’t be hypnotised by those big fists coming from the flat-nosed kids.

25 thoughts on “Dealing with the flat-nosed kids/Close up they never that big.

  1. Bloom made me take another more serious look at Falstaff. Praise Be. The most delightful character of all. I recognise the greatness of the four tragedies (Hamlet, King Lear, Othello, Macbeth). But the next decade won’t see me looking at Shakespeare without Falstaff to cheer me up. Why watch Othello and be deeply depressed for a fortnight? Why watch King Lear and be traumatised for a month? Only Falstaff makes me happy. Nay Desdemona and Cordelia make me happy also. Then the Bard kills them off in such ghastly ways, and I have worked hard to be happy, and want to stay that way.

    Bloom got me onto Hadji Murad. Just fantastic. Where is the movie? Almost as good as Blood Meridian, much more suitable for film, far more relevant to the problems we face.

    Not everything the Jew says is wrong or bad. Not by a long shot.


  2. I can only now afford to live mostly off Aldi discounted meat and bananas. So an investment in the best possible tomato sauce became necessary. It was expensive but in context its worth it.


  3. Tom o’ Bedlam

    From the hag and hungry goblin
    That into rags would rend ye,
    The spirit that stands by the naked man
    In the Book of Moons defend ye,
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    With stubble soft and dainty,
    Brave bracelets strong, sweet whips ding-dong,
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    I befell into this dotage.
    I slept not since the Conquest,
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    While I do sing, Any food, any feeding,
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    The palsy plagues my pulses
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    When I want provant with Humphrey
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    The gypsies, Snap and Pedro,
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    With a host of furious fancies
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    By a knight of ghosts and shadows
    I summoned am to tourney
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    Methinks it is no journey.
    Yet will I sing, Any food, any feeding,
    Feeding, drink, or clothing;
    Come dame or maid, be not afraid,
    Poor Tom will injure nothing.


  4. Really good. You got Max backing up. When Max was circling he was doing okay but in practice he’s only good circling one way. I bet you never thought it would be so inherently grueling. Because you know its half-pace. Even half-pace is so hard. Its good he’s got you sparring half-pace, or else you will go too far into oxygen debt. But you can imagine just how horrific it is when you are hurt, exhausted. And when almost all your punches have to have snap to them. So exhausting.

    I hope you are finding my advice useful. When one of these big bastards whacks you on the head the pain in the back of your neck …. truly scary. Keep training half-pace with the young fellow. You never want to jump in the ring with the flat-noses until you are absolutely tapped out in the footwork department. Don’t go doing the things I did the first time I tried boxing. The second time was a lot better but still fairly horrendous.

    I noticed you are a Southpaw… Not such a bad way to start. But pretty scary down the track. There will be dudes out there that will throw a liver shot at you just because they can. That actually never happened to me. But its a tempting target when you are going southpaw. It all comes unstuck when you piss these people off. They figure they are sparring with you as a sort of charity. Then you hurt them and then they set out to really fuck you up. Bit of a no-win situation.


  5. My impression is that its a great advantage as a beginner to be a southpaw. But that sooner or later you would want to switch to orthodox in order to protect the liver. So many really top boxers appear to have followed that trajectory. Marvelous Marvin Hagler. Tyson. And so having started on side and then switched they can develop that effortless switch of stance, which done well creates the impression that they are just beating people up with both hands. That they aren’t following proper boxing principles. But its not quite like that.

    I think its like when you teach kids butterfly in swimming. Its impossible to teach them Olympic butterfly. Its something they have to develop out of dive-plonk kids butterfly. If they try and go the developed fly right from the start it can never work and they won’t have proper undulation. Well you cannot square up against anyone and go in and beat them up with two hands. But if you start southpaw, transfer to orthodox, and then get good at switching ….. or even more extreme go to peekaboo ……. then it creates an impression that you are beating people up in a brawling fashion having been quits with the sweet science.

    Interestingly, we see an experiment that when you put peekaboo up against the Philly-Shell its impossible to slow things down to spa at half pace. Also its hard for a short man to train at a measured pace. Whereas you would see Ali trying all kinds of experimentation out at any level of energy, since at that time his reach would have been slightly above average whereas now it would be a little bit below I would think.

    But check this out. Peekaboo against Philly Shell. No way to slow down the tempo. Crazy stuff. And what it goes to show is that a short man doing Peek-a-boo … Though its probably technically the most perfect boxing style … he falls in the trap of incapacity to act tactically. He cannot be like Ali or Money-Mayweather and save energy 2-3 rounds looking for an opportunity to clean the fellow up. The pace is almost dictated to him, and often the pace is too fast.

    Such a flawless style looking at it over a couple of minutes. But back in the sixties Ali could do just anything to thwart people. So many arrows in his bow. Or better still Sugar Ray Robinson ….. Or maybe better even than he …. Willie Pep. That Peek-boo … perfection in some ways. But its like there is but one gear to it.


  6. thanks Graeme. actually I can switch stances pretty easily. I started off as orthodox then tried southpaw for a while (like in here). I’m a natural left hander – write with my left hand, use knife and scissors with my left hand (basically anything that requires fine motor skills) but play racquet sports with my right and my right is actually stronger


    1. The suppression order, which seemed excessively protective of the Church, was probably made to give the false impression that the authorities were biased in his favour. All part of the sting. If it is a sting. Since the fellows story doesn’t stack up and seems like a very stupid and clumsy story, any other witness is conveniently dead, … the whole thing sounds like an orchestrated attack.


    2. Doesn’t sound like a guilty man. Of course he’s surrounded by the queer mafia. And when they are all so guilty, its sometimes good to toss an innocent man to the wolves. Gets the real abusers off the hook a little bit, and destroys someone who is not in tight with them.

      Skip the first two minutes. I think that the current Pope is a practicing homosexual. Maybe a pedophile and worse. But I don’t believe any of this bullshit about Cardinal Pell. Not even a little bit.


  7. Yes could easily be some sort of sting. Early this year we had pizza-gate and the oligarchical response to real things like this is to start setting people up like Cosby and Rolf Harris. On the dark web there is a video of Hillary Clinton and girlfriend murdering another girl. The response to that is not to go arrest these monsters. But rather run a string of setups against either innocent or marginally culpable types. So yes there is no way to know what to believe in a case like this. I’m in the same boat as you. I think he should escape this on appeal. But he’ll be ruined just the same.


  8. Albert Einstein College of Medicine. You expect dreary, uninteresting and useless information when you come across a brand name like that. May be confirmation bias I know. I won’t even link a video. Too boring.


  9. When you have corruption you have to throw either innocent people or the only marginally culpable under the bus to appease the public. Since if you sent an insider into the hands of the justice system he may look to save his own evil ass by bringing down the entire structure of corruption. But since we know that wickedness and corruption are hardy and durable and stick to the system like barnacles, then its only natural to suspect that the people actually being prosecuted are the innocent or barely culpable ones. Thats just in the nature of things. I pronounce cardinal Pell entirely innocent and the Pope guilty of anything you can imagine. Including the crime of not being a real Catholic.

    People who don’t understand that the innocent are thrown under the bus don’t understand corruption. Bill Clinton who is a mad rapist gets off entirely. Bill Cosby who may have done one or two stupid things some time or other gets set up, lied about, and imprisoned.


  10. I am listening to the media now and I cannot find even the slightest reason to believe these outrageous slanders against Cardinal Pell. What about you Genghis? Just looks like another false flag to me. Another faked event. To me it looks as phoney as the Lindt cafe farce. If I had the power I’d shoot a Crockefeller and a Clothschild in retaliation. If we could retaliate against the oligarchy in this low-level way they wouldn’t try these faked events on.


      1. Well think of all the suspicious things about this story. Total monolithic mainstream journalism getting behind it is deeply suspicious. Thats exactly how false flags work. Plus there has never been any indication that he had homosexual tendencies. These guys try to separate homosexuality from predatory treatment of teen boys but more sober consideration of the matter tells us that this fashionable rubbish is never going to fly. You would more likely see the cardinal in Mufti coming out of a Bangkok whorehouse. Which in a way would be responsible behaviour.

        Rainey is channelling anger at the Catholic church. She’s not thinking straight. The sort of priest who would do this thing would either be corrupted by the top oligarchy ……. as a bigshot ….. and some Jimmy Saville equivalent would be delivering boys later to be eliminated or otherwise silenced …. The other abusers would tend to be surrounded by homos at all times or they would be obscure queers who never saw the light of publicity. The idea that the Cardinal is going to abuse a boy in the morning and show up on Q & A in the evening… This is ridiculous stuff. She wants to pretend it ISN’T a fag problem in the church. But this is completely irrational.

        When you have a Catholic homo that prominent you would expect him to be surrounded by shady characters outside the church. One of them as his young teen procurer. For example the current homosexual Pope had Jew friends. We’ve never seen anything like this with Pell.


  11. Dude might have been the most lethal dude, under 6 foot tall, prior to about 1990. I love watching him sparring in his 40’s because he’s like a slowed down version of Duran. Dudes twice as fast as him, half his age, longer reach … Yeah they can be better than him. But oddly enough they can never seem to hurt him. His technique is impeccable.

    How did Joe Lewis get to be so good? Well he was a wrestler all through high school. His boxing pedigree goes ….. Jack Dempsey … Ed Fudge … Two others down to Joe. He also had these other martial arts trainers. But yes indeed when he was a world champion …. Its a little bit funny that he had a trainer, a scholar, and by his own admission the fastest man he ever stood opposite…. Yes thats right he had BRUCE LEE as part of his pedigree. So if your base is GRAPPLING and your boxing heritage is DEMPSEY and you have the great scholar refining your craft … informing your joint workouts with Willie Pep movies as inspiration ……. Well you can get to be awesome many ways. But if Bruce Lee is working with you ….. Still all these things help a little bit.


  12. The above video is the latest and most recent video where Joe Lewis seems to be healthy. But there are quite interesting videos where Joe is sick, should be resting, and is in fact probably dying, but still has a lot of interesting things to say.


  13. Some folks say that he’s just an actor. Some folks, if you push the issue will be willing to accept that he was a scholar. some folks call him the GODFATHER OF MMA….. You get a kid that has been boxing since he was yay-high. But we need to go back to the original material

    We need to go back to the people who knew him.

    Its not about who would win and who would lose. It more about remembering someone who changed everyone who he met.


  14. After ranting and raving a bit I think its time for a more fair and balanced assessment. So I had to go and find a more fair and balanced fellow than myself to make that assessment.

    Bolt shows that Cardinal Pell cannot be judged to be guilty if the standard is “beyond reasonable doubt.” Bolt shows this very conclusively. So some of us might think he’s guilty and the young fellows memories are hopelessly confused. But reasonable people thinking in a cool-headed way about the matter, have some doubts about the situation. Bolt gives 10 reasons to doubt the matter. One has to suppose that the boy might have been abused by Pell and just confused the time and the date of the matter. But we have to judge the situation on what we have before us. What we have makes it clear that righteous anger against the church has bled into the Jury’s decision.

    Cardinal Pell certainly has been involved in covering up crimes in the church. This is a real Catholic disease this coverup. So perhaps the best outcome is that he is shamed a bit, gets a bit of jail time … but our system, if it is sound, must let him off on appeal. Because the standard is reasonable doubt. And its very reasonable to doubt this story. Its not preposterous that there is yet one more child molestor in the church. But we have to judge him on the story he’s been convicted on. And its a stupid story.

    The problem with the Church is not one of occasional sporadic abuse. So for example in 22 years at work I lost my temper twice. No-one was the least bit hurt on either occasion, and the second time I was fired. The Churches problem is not to do with sporadic loss of control of this nature. But instead the Churches problem is with mad sex addicted fags (and one or two heterosexual abusers) that EVERYONE knows about. And they get moved around all over the place allowing them to re-offend. But what is being alleged here is that George pulled out his dick out of a clear blue sky. Like me losing my temper. Even if he had such tendencies his clothes would tend to stop him long enough to pull himself together.

    If you were abused by clergyman, and you believed George Pell played it down or covered it up, you would be fucking furious. You would feel completely justified in taking the crime that had happened to you, transferring it to a different place and a different person. Thats what I think has happened here. The crime has been transmuted to a different man and place. And perhaps with some understandable feeling of moral justification. The crime simply cannot be taken seriously AS ADVERTISED.


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