Focus On Finding The Jews Who Did This

Lets play a game. Lets call it ASK AHED.


GMB Sez … Ahed? Who Massacres Muslims in Christs Church ?

Ahed sez;  GMB Is That A Trick Question? Jews Massacre Muslims In Christs Church!

Surely we know this already.  This fellow has been missing for seven years.  He’s not been working a high wage job, in a rich country, planning to launch a terrorist attack far from home.  Try and get back to the real world of paying the bills.  Clearly he’s fallen into the hands of the terrorist community. The terrorist community is the Jewish community and always has been.

The Jews did 9/11.  The Jews were huge in the Sandy Hook pantomime. The Jews shoot Muslim children from the other side of a fence where they are not threatened.  The Jews were the ones who practiced mass murder under Jewish communism.  The Jews were always the ones caught practicing human sacrifice going centuries back.

If he had gone from Grafton straight to Christchurch on annual leave, maybe you could believe that this is not a Jew operation. But even in that case where would he have gotten all the illegal weapons from? New Zealanders carry lots of weapons on their farms but there is not much of an illegal gun trade in that country. So its another Israeli setup supported by the international oligarchy.  And obviously so.

If you were feeling daffy one day and wanted to blow all your Australian earned money killing Muslims in another country how would you go about fantasising about gathering all the arsenal together IN THAT COUNTRY.   But he didn’t have savings and annual leave from a great plumbing job in Australia.  He’s been gone for 7 years.  Travelling with such frequency you would think Mossad were renting his passport.  So obviously he’s fallen into the hands of the Jews since where else would he get the weapons from?

All this handwringing about Jordan Peterson letting himself get photoed with a fellow wearing the wrong shirt. This is detracting us from finding out which Jews organised this massacre. There was a massacre of Muslims. Who orders up massacres of Muslims? Its Jews that do this, and its a waste of time worrying about what Jordan Peterson ought to do at the spur of the moment.

Four people have been arrested with regards to this. Thats called a conspiracy to massacre Muslims. There was a conspiracy to massacre Muslims. Are you following me? Am I going too fast for you? WHO carries out conspiracies to massacre Muslims? JEWS carry out conspiracies to massacre Muslims.

Jews Never Apologise For Anything No Matter How Grievous

Why Do We Find The Idea Of A Jew Apology So Confronting?  Its Because They Are Demonic. 

This fellow has had NO KNOWN JOB FOR SEVEN FUCKING YEARS. Now get it together people. He hasn’t been in Australia copping dog whistles from Jordan Peterson or any other mildly conservative individuals. Slap yourself out of it and pay attention to what is going on around you. He hasn’t had the sort of job for seven years that could allow him to plan and carry out a military attack in a foreign country. This takes time and money and more wages then he’s been caught working for. This was a huge Mossad operation.



13 thoughts on “Focus On Finding The Jews Who Did This

  1. See that girl above. Easily the most beautiful young teen in the world when that photo was taken. Nobody would want to hurt her. No-one would want to kill her young cousin. No-one would want to blow the side off another cousins head. No-one would want to put her in jail.

    But the Jews did all those things to her. They are not like you and me. When I was on quora every Jew and his Momma was spitting venom at her and claiming she ought to be in prison for 7 years for NOT HURTING a fully armed Israeli solider for being on her families property. Being on her families property JUST AFTER they had murdered her cousin. Ahed was GRIEVING!!!! And she didn’t do anything wrong anyway when she was grieving. Jews are not supposed to be on your property. If you see a fully armed Jew on your property, you have a right to react to that.

    These Jews are fucking crazy. Or they could never have murdered all those people in the Soviet Union and still be feeling sorry for themselves.


  2. Pluto has active volcanoes. Thats new matter creation and unless you hear differently they are not likely to be hot. They are more likely to be releasing built up pressure. The built up pressure is from new matter creation in pluto. Ceres is more likely to be just some low level new hydrogen production for the most part. But Pluto will be producing a lot of the lower mass elements. So there may be volcanoes that are very frequent in their activity. And the people at NASA certainly saw the volcanoes in action. But like I said they are unlikely to be spouting hot magma. More likely they just represent the release of built up pressure.


  3. Anything NASA sees that is not pure rocks, has been produced internally by Pluto. So salty water and ammonia and all that. Thats produced internally over billions of years by pluto.


  4. The problem with working for a Mossad rag like the Guardian is you end up working for the Jew narrative. So Jason Wilson (in effect) ends up being akin to being the public relations guy for Antifa.


  5. This is the main thing to understand. The goal of this slaughter wasn’t simply Jewish ritual sacrifice. Its about demonising alt-right white guys. Jason Wilson almost cannot help himself but to go along with the strategy of the terrorist community. Sad really. If he can find even one major terrorist attack that isn’t a false flag perhaps this could be justified.


  6. Denis Noble shows here that the modern Darwinist synthesis, as expressed by the 1976 book of Richard Dawkins. is a dead letter. Now this does not open up even more room for intelligent design. What we really see here is a chance for people who want to take more naturalistic view of the situation to get a grip. Debates about genes and things aren’t necessarily Jesus debates. The Darwinist synthesis came in about 1940 and its been shown to be bullshit. As soon as we saw epi-genetics this crowd ought to have admitted they had gotten it wrong.

    Here is a bit of a summary which you will find in the video near the end:

    1. The gene-centred view of natural selection is dead. Selection is multi-level.

    2. The idea that its impossible to inherit acquired characteristics is out. Acquired characteristics can sometimes be inherited. But we don’t know how strong this effect is and we don’t know all that much about the specifics.

    3. Genomes are not isolated from the organism or the environment. The genes are an organ of the cell not the dictator. Control is more distributed than that. Information passes both ways. The bigshots had a few good ideas but took them too far.

    Busy Doctrinaire Darwinist

    Nothing to do today.


  7. From elsewhere:

    Well you see once we get rid of the young universe creation myth, then there is a great deal more time for evolution. Not only of animals. But perhaps of aetheric spirits. It opens up more possibilities on all sides of the debates.

    Your friend has to be talking about this underground or the oligarchy would ruin his promotional chances. Another stupid thing these lazy Darwinists do is assume that proteins can self-assemble on the surface of planets. Whereas their experiments need electrical energy, hydrogen gas, hydrogen sulphide, methane, water vapour and ammonia. All massively hydrogen-centred compounds, all “reducing” gasses (electron rich) and hydrogen has never accumulated and never will accumulate on the surface of planets ever. But the lazy Darwinist is too stupid to change the venue.

    Under my growing earth cosmology the ideal place for this is near the centre of Ceres. Ceres is so small but its evident that new matter production has already started. But its probably only hydrogen gas at this time. As the hydrogen gas fights its way through layers of rock, it should produce the required gasses and the protein-building can safely begin there and go on for tens of billions of years.

    Protein-building has begun in Ceres and may continue for tens of billions of years.

    The mysterious bright-spots could even be sub-surface fires as the pristine hydrogen chances upon pools of trapped oxygen.

    The lazy Darwinist has no need for such considerations.

    Doctrinaire Darwinist

    No Energy


  8. How do you know its salt? This is luminous. A source of light. Salt isn’t a source of light. You must not accept NASA ad hoc bullshit that doesn’t fit the data. The data tells us the spots are shining independent of reflecting the suns light.

    The bright spots show that new matter creation has only just begun on Ceres. Since the planet is so little, it will only be able to create pristine hydrogen. The bright spots are where the pristine hydrogen is chancing upon pooled sub-surface oxygen. We are witnessing the beginning of what was a dead rock coming alive.

    Now my ad hoc explanation may not be right. But it fits the data. So that makes it better than NASA telling lies. So we ought to go with what I’m saying until someone comes up with another explanation that actually fits the observation.

    Another explanation is that its some sort of electrical phenomenon. But that seems very doubtful. You wouldn’t tend to see these so close to the surface in my view. So I suggest my explanation is the best one so far.


  9. From elsewhere:

    It took me a few years to realise that large terrorist attacks are ALWAYS and without exception false flag attacks. You are going along with the goals of the terrorist community if you think the lesson from this is that mild conservatives, who want to slow down muslim immigration, ought to be demonised and silenced. Thats the whole point of the attack.

    So yes I was wrong when I went along with the idea that the Muslims were doing this. 9/11 was a Jew and Gladio 2 operation. Note that our Police have captured four people. And that the Anglo has been 7 years away from home. Plenty of time to fall into the clutches of the Jews. But seven years hitch-hiking doesn’t give you the resources for a military attack on a foreign country. Note they haven’t confirmed whether the three others arrested are Jews or not. There will be massive pressure to not let us know fuck all about the perps and who set up the mission.


  10. Unfortunately what I said above now goes in spades for our friend Jason Wilson. Jason Wilson is one of the main professional opinion formers at the heart of the motive for this latest Jew/Gladio 2.0 killing spree. He could not get out of this central role if he tried.

    The Guardian is a guardian of centre-left opinion. Its there to nurse people along on these Jew agendas. It criticises Israel a great deal but you don’t expect rags like this to take a crude approach and be successful. Basically it herds mildly anti-War and tepidly centre-left types along very carefully. Full-blown agents like George Monbiot and Sunny Hundal are pretty easy to spot.

    Jason isn’t one of these. Leastways I wouldn’t assume so. But because the target of this particular Muslim slaughter is the alt-right, and the alt-right is Jason Wilsons journalistic beat, the terrorist community is kind of relying on him, almost more than anyone right now. He’s got to convince anyone that this didn’t happen specifically, via Mossad. But it happened organically. Organically not specifically. These Muslim people were slaughtered organically through the careless talk and associations of various rightests in Australia. Various free-thinking right-wingers, who sadly have been taken in by the false flag attacks and so logically want to reduce Muslim immigration.

    Jason has a very clear role now. Its to argue in such a way as to clamp down on free speech of the alt right on social media. And to put us all under surveillance. He won’t be saying that we ought to be all put under surveillance. He may not even be THINKING that we all ought to be put under surveillance. Rather he will be saying that there was not enough attention paid to us. Why were we not on the radar? All that sort of thing. People are traumatised by these attacks. Not me. I always expect them to be fakes now. So I was saved the huge trauma of it all because I only belatedly realised that it was a real mass-murder this time. Jason will no less be shaken up by this mass-killing than anyone else. So at the moment on his twitter account he’s lashing out mindlessly against mild conservatives who want to be cautious with Muslim immigration.

    #Millers Crossing: It turned out the old man was still an artist with the left-jab.

    The front-man for this Jew terrorist attack is of course an Anglo. Super-Anglo, working for the Jews, had to do the whole thing on streaming video, to prove his ethnic identity. This had to be done or we would not have the narrative.

    When you have a difficult job to do the last thing you want to be doing is messing around with cameras. But lately the Jews have been carrying out fake events where crisis actors only pretended to be victims. Well that gets a bit old after awhile and they needed a bit more realism for a change. Hence the slaughter had to be real and videoed, so as to be proven to be real, and a full-blown anglo had to do the job.

    So team Jew sent out Rudyard Kiplings Saxon live on video, and funnily enough some Jew was recording the live streaming. We should be looking for a chain of custody. Putting back the J in Who: Which Jew first recorded the live stream? Did he alert the police? He should have alerted the police and he should be on record. But perhaps he recorded it and DIDN’T alert the police. In any case its considerations of this type, we ought to be sorting out. The chain of custody of the film has to be known to find the perps.

    A year ago I pointed out to Jason personally, that Sandy Hook and the Boston bombing were faked events, and that 9/11 was largely a Jew operation on the day … at least in New York. It wouldn’t really matter if he did the research, and secretly wound up agreeing with me. He’s not really in the position to let reality influence him in any way. So now he’s giving one of our Senators a hard time for one or two stray sentences. He is halfway siding with the kid who broke an egg over the Senators head. On his twitter he’s got all sorts of loose talk condemning the Senators statements, in sober reality pretty mild, but with the shock of the slaughter …. seemingly incendiary comments.

    Just go over what the Senator has said before and after the Jew slaughter. They are not the least bit incendiary in reality. And there is a great deal of truth in his statements. But thats what the Jew slaughter was supposed to do. It was supposed to make mildly heretical statements seem scary.

    Here is Jasons twitter

    But go easy on him because in the wake of the Jew false flag attack he’s a little bit unhinged. He’s claiming things that he would not claim in a sane frame of mind. Like that we alt-right conservatives wanted to see these Muslims killed and an enemy population disciplined. This sort of utter crazy-talk. This is just someone who doesn’t understand false flag terrorism trying to make sense of things.


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