Do The Haka. Light The Candles Until You Run Out Of Fire; But The Inbreeds Will Still Need To Kill Other Peoples Children.

If the Haka was all about peace, love and kisses, would you remember your friends when the time came?  People talk.  The whispers are out there. The people gossip and they say that you will forget your friends.



Do the Haka.  Do the haka until your throat is coarse and your thighs are bleeding.  But don’t forget your anger when the cameras are gone.  You must avenge your murdered school friends.  School friends are the best friends are the friends you remember.  Will you deny them three times before the “cock crows” the night you find out that it was the Jews who killed them?

That night that you find out that it was the Jews who killed your school friends, will you yawn and let them lie there in the ground unavenged?   Will you realise that your anger and your humanity have gone? Or will you act to end the terrorist state of Israel?

Do The Haka

We almost forgot you Van McCoy.  But at the going down of the sun, and in the morning, we are going to remember our school friends…. murdered by the Jews. 

Do the Haka, but don’t burn all that anger out.  Because when you grow up, you must have enough anger left over to end that miserable little country just as quickly and as peacefully as can possibly be achieved. Its with your brains and your education that you must end this disgusting zionist entity.  You don’t need the weapons that they murdered your friends with.  Well you need them but they can stay safely locked up at home.

Let the children DO THE HAKA.  “Let the children boogie” and all that.  But will they remember their friends when they find out it was Judea that killed their friends? The older generation didn’t remember their countrymen, once they found out that the Jews did 9/11.   Not everything about your elders is right, good and proper.   Respect your Elders but remember your friends.



So if that Haka WASN’T a war battle cry would you see the job through? Would you get the job done?

But there has been something that has been bugging me about your Haka children.  It was supposed to be about war.  I’m not criticising your skills.  I think you did an awesome Haka and all that.   But there was something wrong about it.

You see I looked behind your eyes. And I think I saw that your Haka WAS really about peace, love and kisses.   You had me fooled for awhile but you fool me no longer. And if your Haka WASN’T about war and violence then maybe you kids will have the cooler kind of anger,  that will see the job done.

You were really grieving.

It was all about peace, love, and kisses. 

The Jews attacked Australia and Indonesia in Bali. They attacked the whole world in New York and these were both nuclear attacks.  Eternal crazies of this sort must be brought under strict third party supervision.  And the cousins of your friends need to go home to Palestine and get their houses back.

Give us the tools.  And we will finish the job. 

What are the tools to finish the job and avenge your school friends murdered by the Jews?

What tools do you need to finish the job? Education.  You need to study hard.  Get good grades.  Learn to write well.  Bring this Jewish terrorist state down with words.  And you need to remember your friends every year.  And every year you say this aint over. This aint over.  This aint over.  Not by a long shot. 

So right now do you what you need to do.  Light all the candles until you run out of fire.  But get yourself educated. And lets finish this fight once and for all time.

Getting Discouraged

When you kids look into this situation there will come a time when you want to give up.  You will think that the oligarchy and elite Jew pigs are the authors of history and that there is nothing that can be done.  But it is love that is the real author of history.   You have to be in this for the long haul.  And you should make it a fun thing almost every step of the way.

The saviour commands that we love our enemy. 

The Jews are our enemy and we must have enough love left over for them also. 

Since this is a struggle and a quest that will take many decades and centuries you must learn to work hard but still have fun, and be of a joyous heart every step of the way.


24 thoughts on “Do The Haka. Light The Candles Until You Run Out Of Fire; But The Inbreeds Will Still Need To Kill Other Peoples Children.

  1. Vinny shows that the incident ticks 18 out of 25 false flag boxes. Israel threatened to make war on New Zealand and they followed through. This incident was also noted for the amount of bait thrown in the water. There is something here to inflame any conflict.


  2. Yes she’s a cutie alright. But there are a few problems here. In passing lets note that our Syrian girl is both cuter and smarter than her. Secondly, yes you would be intoxicated by Ayelets feminine looks and great body. But us males aren’t crazy in that way 24 hours a day right? So when we weren’t feeling a bit daffy her voice would start to grate. Thats an annoying voice. You can get used to Syrian-girls voice, and the register will fall in private talk around the house, but you would never really get used to Ayelets voice.

    Some Jew girls can be alluring.

    But our Goy girls are better.

    Then you must remember that she is a Jew. And me and you are not Jews. So how are you ever going to feel happy about falling asleep? You would be a bag of nerves for months but sooner or later you might feel relaxed and comfortable. So thats when your danger levels go through the roof.

    But supposing everything was good and you could trust your physical safety with her? Still you are only and always will be a Goy. So being unfaithful to a Goy husband ……. No biggee right? Goy girls are unfaithful as well. But most of them take these things very seriously, and Muslim girls more than most.

    So in summary. Their girl is cute. But our girl is better.


  3. Checking this girl out now. Her figure hovers between good and truly awesome. And in some still photography she would occasionally win the contest that I’ve set up. But Syrian girls figure is consistently knock-out. And we really want our girls to become more beguiling AFTER they have opened their mouth and started talking. Ayelet doesn’t pass the test.

    If the bigshots are setting a precedent of sending youthful women to high office, we ought to be trying to get Syrian Girl into The Lodge. Two pre-requisites. She has to bring Muslim male immigration down to a trickle. It is with great sympathy towards our Muslim brothers and sisters that I stipulate this. But there is simply too much room to cause trouble between the communities.

    Secondly I need to be her chief economic advisor. Since we can only get a workers paradise by way of a low-debt sole trader paradise. A sole trader paradise is great for everyone including public servants and people who long for promotions in big business. Since it draws people away to where they can have their own fiefdoms.


  4. “Shaked describes herself as ‘half-Iraqi and proud of it’.[5] Her mother, a Bible teacher, was from a center-left Ashkenazi family whose ancestors migrated to Palestine from the Russian Empire and Romania in the 1880s as part of the First Aliyah.” See that Genghis. Too good-looking to be a total inbred troglodyte. These Jews need to be fully bread out. So we can have that brain power without so much psychopathy. And without so much anti-scientific idiocy that seems to go along with their brain power.

    Good figure here. But often her figure can be really awesome. She’s a bit up and down.


  5. This is an intelligent good man. Genghis. Can you do nothing in order to get Jason Wilson to tone down his demonisation efforts? Its one thing to take the bait when the oligarchy launches false flag attacks. But a man should keep a clear head on his shoulders when this occurs.

    Everyone has the right to be a sucker. But comrade Wilson is abusing the privilege. Of course Anning also has been taken in by false flag terrorism. But even given that, we should be cautious about male Muslim immigration. What is wrong with caution? And from a humanitarian point of view, its more non-Muslim, non-Jew Middle Easterners that deserve our priority.


  6. This is the most important video of the Christchurch massacre so far. And it may be hard to get hold of soon. The take home story is that the murder video is wall to wall fakery. But this doesn’t mean that no-one died. Looks more like a hybrid event. Some fake violence and probably a great deal of real violence as well. But that latter is just a guess. Clearly a great deal of effort was put into the video, but its bullshit nonetheless.


  7. There is the dark side of the force, and the dork side of the farce, and false flag attacks propel Jason Wilson to the centre-stage of both.

    Had Jason done the research I suggested to him personally, he might now be able to take a more nuanced approach than what we have been seeing these last five days. I have chosen his most distinguished photo, since I want to emphasise that at this stage, these are very friendly criticisms. I will be back on twitter soon.


  8. Economic models that aren’t based around the low-debt sole trader paradise have short legs. Most of them are really elaborate ponzi-schemes.

    Lately I’ve been catching out Jews saying good things. Weinstein laying down some home Truthzzz. Peterson and the other fellow only getting it about 60% right. There is a fine line between pushing personal responsibility and blaming all the victims. On the one hand it can be good advice. But taking it too far its like people are pissing on you and telling you that its raining. The intellectuals have a responsibility to help set up an employment situation that anyone can get a modestly paying job with the snap of his fingers. We had this during the 50’s and 60’s except when there was a full-blown monetary crunch. There is really no excuse for the thought leaders and decision makers to not have set up a situation where you can walk across the road and get a job right away. Then worry about a good wage later on.

    So they are failing us. They are failing us and they are on the public teat and this is not good enough. We ought to be cutting back on these public sector jobs in a serious and focused way.


  9. Imagine you are a very very bad husband and you die and are born again. Then most likely you could wind up marrying a feminist. If you are such a bad husband and torture your wife to death you could wind up with someone almost as horrid as Hillary Clinton. Thats an exaggeration but lets just say you could wind up with a really nasty wife.

    But if you are a wonderful husband, and you die and are born again, through the process of many deaths and rebirths, you are going to get closer and closer to marrying someone like Sibel Edmonds

    Or Dr Rhonda Patrick

    Beauty is righteous. Internal righteousness promotes external beauty. Jason Wilson needs to research the findings of Sibel Edmonds. To be a great journalist it would be better to know how the world really works. These are all friendly suggestions.


  10. The thing about Sibel Edmonds, Syrian-girl and Rhonda is that they are truly awesome role models for our daughters (future or otherwise). You want to know what a real woman looks like and they provide us the best examples imaginable. Rhonda hasn’t paid that much of a price for her excellence. But Sibel’s life was in great danger. I won’t be taking any risks once I am safely married again. And I wouldn’t want my daughters to take the risks that Sibel and SyrianGirl take. I will turn off this blog and stop all criticism next time I get married. But still its good for our girls to have such brilliant role models.


  11. Soon I will put through an explanation for the Cambrian explosion. Well it won’t be a full explanation of course. But it will say something about location of various developments. Its really just an attempt to point people in the right direction and show where they ought to be investigating.

    After this I’ll win the tour-de-france, Christianise ISIS, and gain the world heavyweight boxing championship at Caesars Palace. This is my way of saying that the Cambrian explosion has been a total mystery. So even making a dent on that mystery will be a fine and amazing thing.

    Actually what I will be saying is inherent in my posts and cosmology already.


  12. Sibel Edmonds on the patsies globe-trotting.

    “Hyborian. He’s Mossad until proven otherwise. They always are directed to do the harder work. If the work was done within the English-Speaking world it would set off alarm bells early on.”

    Sibel is so valuable in getting closer to the truth. And we can see why by way of my comment above. She speaks many different languages. Since many preparations for major operations cannot really be sorted out in the English-Speaking world, she can get her information machine running and get good hunches as to what is going on.


  13. Terrorist, Assassin, Murderer and Prostitute

    Also foreign minister of the zionist entity. Most people have no clue of the sort of people we are dealing with here.

    “The Israel minister has previously admitted that she had sex with Arab leaders. She also admitted that she assassinated an Iraqi scientist in Paris, in addition to the assistant of one of the Palestinian revolution leaders, Khalil al-Wazir, in Athens. None of these allegations had been confirmed or proven either by videos or photos as she claimed.”

    “Livni is jubilant about her “heroic deeds, through the execution of special operations”, she shamelessly admits to “sexual practices and murder, if it provides information to Israel.” None of the European countries where the murders took place have asked for her arrest nor for any further information or investigation.”

    We have to stop this double standard if we ever aspire to these degenerates becoming human beings.
    When I describe these people as Orcs tricked out to look like librarians, I’m not mucking about. You might think she’s sexy. But I prefer Goy girls.


  14. Putting back the J in Who

    If you want to figure out which country was the driving force behind the Christchurch false flag, just ask yourself which country do you need to be a terrorist or descended from terrorists just to have a powerful political position? Which country is one where even the female foreign minister is a murderer and a terrorist?

    When these things happen Israel is guilty until proven otherwise. But its true that New Zealand now must be totally under control of the oligarchical control grid. Perhaps even worse than Australia.


  15. The face of pure evil. Serial killer. Spawned from terrorism. One-time Prime Ministerial candidate and one-time foreign minister. Sort to influence Palestinian decision-makers with her pussy and blackmail rather than seek fair and just situations for the Israeli version of the Helots. Completely proud of her evil-doing, and it is not to be thought that this will make her less popular in the zionist terrorist entity. Quite the contrary, from here on in she will be a social lion. Every celebration the Jew has is a commemoration of the human sacrifice of gentile civilians.

    The one thing that can be said for her is that she is not as evil as the crypto-Jew Hillary Clinton. But then that may just be through lack of opportunity. Soon she may be eating children and getting symptoms of Kuru as well.


  16. The Israeli/oligarchical terror attack has lead Jason Wilson down the path of quoting white demonisation from the dumb left.

    “Replying to @jason_a_w @VulgarEconomics

    and like I said, Hage here has simplified slightly for a general audience, but he’s used it in this sense for several decades in talking about racism in Australia. Anyway I promise I am not making this up!”

    Then he goes on to quote some dumb leftist intellectual putting out the same tired old Jewish lead anti-white racism.

    This is just because he’s taken the bait. The patsy was Anglo-Saxon. So his taking of the bait is directly related to the racial make-up of the patsy chosen. The video of the slaughter was an elaborate special effects operation. Which is certainly not to say that there wasn’t off-camera killing. The pattern is just the same as the Israeli pattern with their ISIS project. In that all their on-camera crimes are pure fakery. And the Jews real ISIS crimes are off-camera.

    The witness testimony has gone the other way from earlier false flag attacks. Gone is the Jewish ham acting of events like Sandy Hook. The witnesses are calm and less Hammy. But they are TOO calm as a rule. So a lot of the talk could have been edited and in the can prior to the real event. Its possible that some of the alleged witnesses might be in a hole in the ground themselves now.

    Certainly when it first happened it looked so much more believable than American crisis acting. But that may just mean a lot of pre-production and greater thought went into it. One expected a growth of raw data. There was enough raw data for the first two or three days but we aren’t getting anything like the expanded information that would be expected. When I say raw data I’m talking about witnesses on camera, security cameras, iPhone video and the like. When that all comes to a grinding halt thats a marker that its a fake-up. New data is not three Jews that you’ve never heard of, using gentile names, and publishing stories in the Murdoch papers.


  17. Veterans today has found out that Brenton Tarant is a 42 year old Jew who came out of England. They are saying he was trained in Israel. Sibel Edmonds has shown that every time Brenton Tarant showed up in Turkey they had to close the German Embassy down. And Israel is admitting that he went straight to Israel after one of those times. She is solid, all her information is good.

    So here is the Veterans Today information

    And if you don’t feel like reading here is a New Zealand lady of Jewish background talking about the article.

    “Israel handles most of these things, since if you start doing pre-preparation within the English-speaking world you are going to set off alarm bells. Netanyahu threatened New Zealand 2 years ago.”


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