Solving The Mystery Of The Cambrian Explosion.

I am going to make a bit of a leap here by way of analogy. Finding out what Michael Behe says constitutes “irreducible complexity” and comparing that to my own thinking about the evolution of bipedalism.  Bipedalism, with hands or hand-like claws may not be a case of irreducible complexity.  But its something close to that unless your ancestors spent time living in the trees.  On the open ground, from a starting point of being four-legged, there is no real scope to evolve hands or hand-like claws.  Except in tiny critters where the blades of grass become akin to branches.  And with tiny critters the gravity is such that having sophisticated little claws isn’t really a hindrance to running on all fours.

Irreducible Complexity

Proof that doctrinaire Darwinists have been deceiving us about the state of their own theory. 

As soon as your ancestors scurry up into the trees then everything changes.  This achieves two things.  Firstly the advantages of being better able to grasp branches becomes a 24 hour thing without any downside. Secondly if the trees are spaced out you get the partial but not total separation needed for the same selective pressures to apply to the separated populations.  So when they do interbreed, the offspring are conditioned by these selective pressures.

So the ancestors of the dinosaurs were tree-dwellers, and our ancestors also, at least for a time.  People object to this conclusion on the weirdest of grounds.  They say … ho ho the bear has hand-like claws.  Do they really suppose for one minute that the bear didn’t have tree-dwelling ancestors for a time?  They say “Ho Ho the Meer cat can stand up straight”  But the Meer-Cats ancestors were surely tree-dwellers, they are not bipedal and yet they scurry up trees every other hour to this day.

Limits To Fossil Evidence

Contrary to popular opinion direct ancestry cannot be ascertained by way of the fossil record alone.  It would require cross-referencing with genetic information, and the oldest genome we have is from a horse in the Yukon no more than one million years old.

((((See how I accept the criticisms of the intelligent design crowd without being too extremist about it? This characteristic is the scientific attitude in my view.  You need three lines of evidence minimum to be sure of something.  The fossils on their own tell us almost nothing.  But if we could have genetic information to cross-reference with the fossils, three types of dating proxies in every case, and we didn’t throw out the fossils that didn’t conform with the mainstream narrative, then and only then would we have ourselves a serious science.  We don’t have these things.  So we really cannot be too presumptuous.  Its okay to meet the intelligent design crowd halfway on matters of this sort.))))

Setting the precedent of “changing the venue.”

So we can say that the evolution of hands and hand-like claws is something akin to irreducible-complexity-lite on the ground.  But nothing of the sort, if we change the venue. 

I think this sets a precedent.  I think it means that the first thing we do when confronted by ridiculous obstacles to ‘godless evolution’ (shorthand for pure naturalism), the first thing to do is change the venue, when formulating an hypothesis to explain it.  Lets put changing the venue aside for one moment while we get a couple of caveats out of the way.

(((((Pure materialism is out of the question now that we have emerged from anti-aether brain-washing.  Yet purely blind naturalism is still a respectable point of view and its my preferred hypothesis.  The scientific method demands that I must be respectful of parallel hypotheses.  I only mention it as a personal prejudice. I think the intelligent design crowd are winning for the moment. 

What is not okay is the sort of dimwitted doctrinaire approach of someone like PZ Myers. A fellow so unsound he still sees nothing suspicious about modern vaccines, the big bang, or Keynesian spending sprees. A real twat, and I don’t mean that in a good way.   More faith-based and unscientific than any biblical literalist, and far more unpleasant.))))

Its unscientific to rule out intelligent design.

Even though there are some intelligent people around that still take the biblical literalist approach to things I have no patience for it.  I think thats entirely outside of science, since its derived by failing to have multiple hypotheses in parallel and ranking and re-ranking them.  Like modern doctrinaire Darwinists of the low IQ variety its simple faith-based thinking, with a big bias of working backwards from a preferred conclusion. They are equally as bad as each-other from that point of view, though in the new century the bible literalists are more pleasant and less censorious than PZ Myers is ever going to be. But I cannot take it seriously as science.   But less presumptuous versions of intelligent design must be taken seriously. And I can tell you why.

Aether theory allows that consciousness could precede matter. 

Any serious understanding of the evolution of the universe implies that aether preceded matter.  Since we can see distant stars, this means that there is aether chock-full in the areas in-between and relativity little matter.  Since every nucleon that is visible and in the same gravitational network,  manifestly connects every other, directly or indirectly, this implies the primacy of aether as the original substance as compared to substance itself.  Here we dismiss idiocy in physics and cosmology and we can do that on logical grounds with far more certainty even than dismissing biblical literalism.  Even the tendentious biblical literalists rationalise their beliefs rather than rejecting logic outright.  So we don’t need to tarry on bad physics for one second.

Since we are very sure that aether precedes matter, and that matter is a kind of sub-aethereal phenomenon, it can never be ruled out that consciousness did not evolve prior to matter.  Here I am not talking about a universe wide consciousness. But for example the idea of a solar spirit, or a planetary spirit, this simply cannot be ruled out.  I might wish it to be otherwise.  You might wish it to be otherwise, but this is science.  And we cannot arbitrarily rule things out in science.

Actually I think animism on a technical level is even harder to rule out than a planetary consciousness.  Who is to say that an aethereal consciousness could not associate itself with a small grouping of trees attached to a deep mycelial network? The idea could hardly be more primitive, but since aether preceded matter and has been around for trillions to the power of trillions of years, it cannot be ruled out even a little bit.

One annoyance one has with the very idea of intelligent design is akin with the annoying idea of ancient aliens.  Its annoying because no matter how well it fits the data, its a blockage to furtherance of the enquiry.  If we see large rocks being used in construction and we say “look the aliens probably did it” well thats fits the data fine but it means that the enquiry grinds to a halt, if we are complacent about that one hypothesis.  Likewise with intelligent design.  So we take the same approach.  We cannot rule it out, but on the other hand we must not let intelligent design be the end of the hypothesis formation process.

Irreducible Complexity.

In the early canonical lectures of Michael Behe he puts forward three examples of irreducible complexity.  The first being more of an ambit claim.  He explains how complicated eyesight is. Then he goes to a very simple human-invented example of irreducible complexity …… that is to say the old-fashioned mouse-trap.  He shows why a mouse-trap in principle has to be conceived as an whole, how each part is useless as to purpose on its own until they all come together.  And so traditional Darwinism is unable to bridge that gap.  Other kinds of evolution maybe. But certainly not traditional Darwinism.

Than he goes to the best example which is this massively intricate flagellum.  This combines the complexity of the eye with the seemingly impossibility of finding an evolutionary path for it.

Now I think that eyesight is hugely complex.   But perhaps not irreducibly so once we have gotten past what may be thought of as the chemical and informational hurdles to evolution. But the flagellum still seems to be irreducibly complex at any stage.





More Later.

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    Lawrence is a deep thinker when it comes to democratic reform.

    There is a feeling out there that a wing of the oligarchy, and even some elite Jews, think that things have gone far enough. And its time to stop stealing quite so much and actually stop the system from going under. Its become a time like after World War II. For awhile the Jew policy of starving off the Germans and basically killing them all was in place. But then when everyone knew that it had gone way too far finally Jews like the biochemist Krebs, and others, came in to finally stop that madness. So the credit of stopping the madness could go to the community that had been conducting that madness all that time. But another interpretation is that Krebs was a good person and the gentiles that should have salvaged the situation just didn’t have that free speech or influence.


  4. I was walking past a credit union in a country town. So I went in to see if they acted like a 1960’s
    Aussie savings bank. In those days the savings banks main business was to lend to local small business so they could get all this gear, and otherwise refurbish their small businesses. To expand a small business into a middling business in some cases.

    Nope. I said that if I deposited a bunch of money would I later have a way to become eligible for a business loan? Nope it was mostly just about the wealth destroying consumer credit. So this fully balanced free enterprise society isn’t going to come about via libertarian piety. Its too corrupted for that. We have to beat the financial system into compliance. Split up the banks down to district operating centre size. Force them to lend only for wealth creation and it may be that we have to briefly boost social welfare to make sure no-one gets hurt during the reforms. But our system is completely rooted. Sliding into corporate communism and rococo slavery.

    It might be that in Germany before World War I much if not most of the loanable funds were going to wealth creation. But the finance sector has never really had its act together. How could it when its so much easier to lend for existing land? What forced pretty good bank lending for a minority of the time were the ferocious recessions which is of course a terrible terrible flaw in the system. But it did mean that a banker might not want to always lend for land speculation or to people who didn’t have an established track record of good savings. So at least there was some lending for improving business.


  5. “Initiation and propagation of hydrogen fissure during cathodic charging of a PZT ferroelectric ceramic without loading have been investigated. The result shows that when hydrogen concentration entered into the PZT ceramic is equal to or exceeds the critical value of 2.6 wppm, hydrogen fissure or microcracks initiate discontinuously along the grain boundaries. New microcracks form and original cracks grow during continuous charging.”

    This is important when we try and figure out what will be happening in Ceres at the moment.


  6. So when new matter creation starts off in the middle of a proto-planet about the size of Ceres the negative electrical charge produced is not great enough to produce much in the way of fusion. So it starts with only hydrogen gas. Not even any deuterium. If you go to google scholar there is all these studies with hydrogen gas and ceramics. Hydrogen gas, particularly where a cathode is involved (which implies to me extra negative charge …. extra “reducing” power) it causes cracks in ceramics.

    So supposing you have a kilo of hydrogen gas produced every minute. And a lot of heat. So heat and pressure will build up. Now my theory is that the electrical energy hits the earth from the proton wind. The solar wind. That will be positive charge. That positive charge in my model pushes down towards the earth and a return negative current is produced by the new matter creation. Maybe this is bullshit but it will do for a small model for awhile. So the return negative current creates the earths electrical field.

    Anyway hydrogen gas is a reducing gas for starters. But with the extra heat and negative charge its even moreso. After a big planet explodes the only thing intact is big rocks. Some big rocks amalgamate into a small moon or protoplanet. But if its much smaller than Ceres no new matter creation can get going because you need enough gravity for a void in the centre and for charge separation at the centre. A focused charge that leads to gamma light production. Now it does seem that Ceres has started this process.

    (Another possibility is that the aliens that sit above the oligarchy have made a base of operations at Ceres. The lighting could be coming from their Ceres base. But for the moment I am seeing it as pristine hydrogen gas invading pooled oxygen)

    So anyway the hydrogen keeps getting higher and higher in pressure. And hotter and hotter. So the hydrogen gas starts creating fissures in the rock. And penetrating “down”. Since up and down reverse somewhere going towards the centre ….. Down in this situation means towards-the-surface of Ceres, But if you were near the centre that would be opposite to how you were standing. The hydrogen keeps penetrating DOWN by sheer heat, charge and pressure. Later it will get more impetus when up and down reverse.

    So as the hydrogen is fissuring its way through rock it starts reacting with constituents within the rocks and this leads to hydrocarbon formation and the formation of those gasses that are the precursors to amino acid production. None of this can happen at the surface of any planet. Not even Titan and Titan is the closest.


  7. It must be emphasised that though the hydrogen is much lighter than rock IT DRILLS DOWN INTO THE ROCK from sheer heat, negative electrical charge and pressure. When up and down are reversed there is an extra power for the gas to make it near to the planets surface. There is that extra push. But at the centre it must drill down. Heat rises when it gets a chance. The thermal energy therefore stays concentrated at the centre. So you can be kind of safe in a zone of moderate heat even though not far away the heat can be massive.

    The high pressure forces the hydrogen downward. But because hydrogen is lighter than rock, the hydrogen wants to go back the other way. So there is a short distance between high pressure high heat regions and tolerable low pressure lower heat regions. This is important later on for evolving life. Because you can move forward to get electrical energy and sustenance, and move back again to a safer zone. But I jump way ahead. Since that feature may be billions of years in the future.

    The distance in time between Ceres and Pluto is probably a longer period than these fools are saying the universe has been here. But thats okay because we know these people are full of shit.


  8. I’m amazed that Nassim Taleb has become so popular. Because he is in fact so good. So it makes it hard to understand why these people keep opening doors for him. He thinks so much like me, but I guess he’s about 1000 times more diplomatic. The sort of people who open doors for him, I’m imagining that Taleb really thinks they are parasites. But he seems to be able to get along with anyone. Mostly people who are pretending to like him, I imagine that they are too stupid to understand him and they are only pretending.

    You should see this video of him with this Jewish guy from Lebanon. The feeling of goodwill is completely palpable. Just a couple of Phoenician homies shooting the breeze. Plus the Jew in this case is smart enough and interested enough to understand Talebs thinking. Whereas usually the people who interview Taleb are way too low wattage to understand him. But these two get together …. and the feeling of relaxation and ease … you could cut the air with it.

    I am in awe of Taleb a little bit. I’m used to Dudes coming up with good stuff and being universally demonised. He comes up with good stuff and all the bad guys seem to love him. But his Jew friend is no bad guy. Truly just a couple of Phoenician homeys shooting the breeze. Maybe when I grow up I want to be more like Taleb.

    Just a couple of Phoenician homies shooting the breeze.

    When we Indo-Europeans replaced old Europe and pushed back the ancestors of the Phoenicians and others my belief is that it was largely an over-breeding achievement. We weren’t necessarily superior to all those we replaced and pushed back.

    This Jews nose might make you seasick. But he’s the first fellow I found who was smart enough to get a good interview out of Taleb. Taleb comes from a middle eastern Christian background. I want you to think what we have lost by being tolerant of Israels pathological hatred to Middle Eastern Christians. I think we have lost a great deal by turning our backs on our Christian Middle Eastern brothers. The terrorist state hates Middle Eastern Christians more than anything else. See what they have gotten their ISIS monster to do? We keep looking away from the crimes of the terrorist community.


  9. This idea that you can rely on productivity of capital goods … or on very big businesses … huge factories and so forth. This is delusion. It misunderstands the sense of business ecology. Sure you do need some really big sites. You do need in some businesses a really big international buying co-op. And I want to see a lot of competition between companies that have gone in for vertical development. A middling businessman working harder and harder on vertical development can get his act so sweet after 50 years. Productivity need never bottom out.

    So a billionaire under my system better get into something like floating nuclear power generators at sea, over deep-sea areas close to the coast. Or off-shore ship-building. Or dirigibles production. Or else under my system they will lose their billions very quickly or be reduced to swimming in a pool of silver and gold coins like Scrooge McDuck. They better fit the big factory niche or my tax system would lay them low pretty quickly.

    But suppose they are in those industries. In practice they need to be surrounded by a network of sole traders, of various sizes, tooled up to the gills, like special forces with so much gear they can barely carry it. Now where is the “efficiency of capital goods” in this situation? You don’t want to be efficient with your use of tools. You want to be tooled up to the gills.

    And we want low debt all around. Any businessman of any substantial size ought to be moving forward on the basis of retained earnings. Not on the basis of debt. If big business is going forward dependent on debt that is evidence for a failed policy mix.

    Anyway here is Taleb telling you that small is beautiful. And more “anti-fragile”. Economies of scale is an interesting idea. You can see the evidence for economies of scale everywhere ……. except in the data.


  10. Jason Wilson has fucking lost his mind. He doesn’t give a flying fuck any more what is right and what is wrong.

    “This is a really really good piece on Larouche’s contribution to the “cultural marxism” conspiracy theory. Commune has published some great stuff already…”

    What is he saying? Is Jason saying that there WAS NO Frankfurt school, chock full of Jews, spitting anti-white hatred? He doesn’t care any more. Whats wrong with him?


  11. We cannot get evolution right unless we get basic physics and cosmology right. We cannot get physics and cosmology right without basic logic.

    I’ve been on the PZ Myers blog in about 2010 and also 2014. The second time all my posts were wiped but some of them had been copied by the people I was arguing with. What struck me was their total faith-based approach. Just like being in a cult. I had watched John Mackay doing this excellent critique of evolution. Then I had found to my horror that he was a total biblical literalist. Amazing. At least it was clear that he is very intelligent. But I really hate it when that happens. Its not helpful and it appears like their must be a fund somewhere for promoting dogmatists on both sides. Over at PZ Myers blog they were both totally reliant on faith and at the same time, not really very bright. Its possible that 5 more years of internet access could have loosened the mental state of people up a bit more.

    This is a depressing situation to step into. Anyone with any nuance in this matter is silenced from mixed company. They talk but they are quiet and out of the limelight.

    I found one possibility of gaining information. Thats when there is a block of genes copied as extra to the chain. So that if they get subsequent mutations it doesn’t really matter that much because they have retained the same information elsewhere. The fellow claimed that this had allowed bacteria to consume nylon. Which was proof of a new adaption in his view, being as nylon was a new invention. Good lord its only hydrocarbons. Hydrogens would have been about the first thing to be gobbled up trillions of years ago internal to a planet smaller than pluto.

    But okay then. Maybe there is something in these “Frameshift mutations” .. Going to have to sit with that one for awhile. See if anything comes out of this idea.

    You can see why the idea does probably have some sort of merit. Its not going to be the whole of the puzzle cleared up but as just one mechanism for gaining information. Since straight mutation is dead in the water, and means loss of information. But if an extra segment is replicated, THEN there is a mutation ….. that double effect, you could see how a little bit more information over all could be achieved. But the idea that the consumption of nylon proves it? Ridiculous.

    But finally some progress, feeble though it may be, for the gaining of information. Consider how feeble this truly is, but even though it is feeble as can be imagined, if your universe is mega-trillions of years old and your cosmology has the rocks from exploding planets and stars being recycled, then even a tiny rate of net gain in information is deeply significant.


  12. I’d be happier if the mutation was in the extra added length from the frameshift mutation. Then the body figured out that it was a useless mutation …. then the body said “ho ho I need to replace this part with a self-contained chunk of DNA from the micro-biome” Kind of hard to know how or when it would get that done.


  13. From elsewhere:


    He’s just the sort of person that evolutionists should be getting as a consultant to flesh out their ideas. But if you have ever tried to talk to these people (eg the rigid ideologue PZ Myers) they are actually completely faith-based paradoxically. So they are not interested in bridging the gaps in their ideology. They don’t believe there are any gaps to fill. Its like this horrible logjam in science. If I was a professional theorist in evolution I’d be trying to pick this fellows brain the whole time.


  14. False flag weekly news. Has a lot of stories other than the Christchurch shooting.

    The shooting video is fake, using computer generated imagery. This in no way implies that Christchurch was a completely staged event like Sandy Hook. It more fits into the Jews ISIS m.o. where they put forth fake crimes on-camera and conduct real crimes when the camera is not there. I think Israel murdered a bunch of New Zealanders but produced a fake video at the same time.


  15. A lot more videos on aether physics that used to be around. Stunning how the oligarchy can make a concept go away when it was already proven to be true. All a big Truman show. As we saw in Christchurch on the 15th of this month.


  16. A lot more new videos on aether physics are available. Stunning how the oligarchy can make a concept go away when it was already proven to be true. All a big Truman show. As we saw in Christchurch on the 15th of this month.

    Just listened to this fellow here at Steam Punk Physics. Word for word perfect. I know enough to know if he were making a mistake. Therefore I can follow him very closely with the basic assumption that he’s right about everything until proven otherwise. Often when you find these people they seem totally solid for awhile. Next you find out that they are biblical literalists and geocentrists or something crazy of this nature. But this fellow is very solid. Now note that I am a lot older than this fellow. And was probably thinking about these things before him. But he’s presumably got the formal degrees, the maths background and so forth to follow the particular subject carefully, rather than just as a part-time polemicist. Also note he’s gone deep into the history of his subject. It appears counter-intuitive. But the best people in the sciences are deeply concerned with the history of their science. The history of a science is four fifths of that science and anyone who goes against this reality ends up getting herded into one cult or another, where everyone lacks the deeper perspective. For the moment I have to give this fellow basically my unqualified endorsement. Have to listen to all this gear to see what else he comes up with.

    “I agree with everything you say here. I would only add that this was surely a psychological operation, starting with making aether understanding effectively outside the law, by way of anti-aether social pressure within scientific and teaching circles. I don’t see it as any organic progression.”


  17. Katter. Check that OLD EUROPE nose. My thinking is that the Pontic-Caspian Steppe had 3000 odd years of ludicrous over-breeding. And exporting of people every time there was a drought. So in this view it wasn’t necessarily Aryan supremacy. But old Europe populations were pinned down to South Europe and into North Africa. And the Lebanese had both Phoenecian and Old Europe genes.

    So the people we pushed South and to North Africa weren’t necessarily our inferiors by any stretch of the imagination. One of Katters grandfathers was born in Lebanon and Katter has the nose to prove it. Not such a bad thing despite how ghastly the Lebanese were 1995-2005.

    One of the few politicians I have any respect for.


  18. Fucking great. The best talent going to the third parties. Two of the best present in this CIS discussion.

    Voting for the major parties, is a vote for world oligarchy and false flag attack perpetrators.


  19. Ed Dutton is putting in pretty good work talking about the difficult subjects. I’m not a fellow who likes unkind policies of any sort. But eventually we need to get to where more intelligent people are having 3 or 4 kids and less intelligent are having only one or two. This cannot be absolutist, but it should be imbedded in the sole trader paradise policy settings. Ed builds on the work pioneered by such books as “A Farewell To Alms” ….. I find hearing this stuff from a fellow from the upper classes harder to take. Whereas I was very interested in what Gregory Clark had to say. Dutton may not be as smart and innovative as Clark but he’s building on his work and there is new information here.

    Naomi Campbell comes up in his discussion of the consequences of mixed race breeding. Certainly there are pros and cons to this and he comes up with some unexpected ideas.


  20. “If you don’t acknowledge Jews as racially superior, you are now a white supremacist.” Owen Benjamin. Theorists Dutton and Woodley have it that selection pressures for superior intelligence really came to a grinding halt around 1850. This diagnosis was in the air all the time but it awaited the “Flynn Effect” being tapped out, and Gregory Clarks scholarship prior to us having a clear picture of it. Its really Woodley who is claiming to have teased out the Flynn effect to show a bit more nuance.

    These guys are all private school boys so they pitch it more as a wealthy people not having enough kids and welfare people having too many. They point out that only families where both parents are on the welfare are having above replacement birth rates. But the key thing that was improving the intelligence of the population up at least until the 1600’s but at most until the 1850’s …… it was DOWNWARD MOBILITY that was the key. The poor people would die out, but the rich people would be downwardly mobile. That was the key to breeding success for intelligence. Any elitist program that fails on this downward mobility of rich slobs will also fail us in terms of a positive eugenic affect. This idea that you have old man Rockefeller getting rich and the rest of us having to put up with his degenerate great great grandchildren lording it over us ought not be part of the program.

    In fact the only humane policies to get a good outcome has to be with the sole trader paradise. A sole trader paradise where retained earnings are never taxed. But the threshold for drawings tax-free is to do with how many people are your registered dependents. So the successful middling sole trader is the one that has the expanded gene pool, as well as community standing. He is like a benevolent non-violent Godfather.


  21. What I am fleshing out here is a humane and non-racist and patient eugenics-lite. One that would eventually bring out the talent in all the races. I want to tell you all that egalitarianism is actually a PRE-REQUISITE to good breeding, if done well. Since egalitarian settings are the only way to bring downward mobility of rich slobs, and particularly those of only mediocre talent.

    I’m right about this. There is no question but that I’m right on this matter. Blood oath.


  22. I want to turn the Flynn effect on its head. If Woodley can nuance it out between the inherent and environmental side of IQ tests, surely we can say that the IQ tests are exaggerating the difference in IQ between Africans and white people. I’ve worked with Africans on and off for 22 years. Now sadly I can report that they are not as good to work with as Germans. But having said that I’ve got a very good impression of the Sudanese boys and the Somalians. The rest have been a bit of a mixed bag and we did go through a bad run where most of them were pretty hopeless.

    But actually their girls were always rather good. Okay so I see a little bit of a case for white superiority. But not a great deal. And not with all tribes. And almost nothing when it comes to their girls. So I suggest we can use the Flynn effect to interpolate, not with certainty but with some confidence …. that the thumbs down the IQ tests are giving to our black brothers and sisters ….. well it may be there. But its absurdly overstated.

    Our duty is to put in place my above series of incentives and disincentives. So that it brings out, over many generations, the talent in all the nations. Even if that means a few generations of falling populations in some of the tribes. Our duty is to bring about the sole trader paradise. As the only righteous version of eugenics. To lose the descendants of any one tribe, is a loss to our genetic paternity. On the other hand the laws of reality do not permit us to say that a reduction in the population of any of us is any great tragedy. We can take that approach but nature shall avenge us if we do. Or it will avenge innocent victims of our unreality.


  23. Is there a Darwinist explanation wherein polygamy could mean that the black woman seemed to be quite talented and on average more talented than the black man? Could there be something there to reinforce my personal prejudices gained in my last job I held for 22 years?

    Probably more confirmation bias since the black girls were usually such cuties. In my view the black girls maintained a pretty good average standard all the way through. Non-Somalian Non-Sudanese black men ….. well a bit up and down. We had no Non-Somali Non-Sudanese guy that could ever come close to the Germans. But not long before I was sacked we had one Somalian refugee who came pretty close. And his cousins were pretty damn good too. And earlier we had these two Sudanese brothers who I really think were absolutely superior examples of the human species. I mean AWESOMELY impressive. I didn’t really work with the older one who was basketball tall and Rugby union big. But I worked with the younger one. He was as impressive as the last German I worked with and he was a full-blown amateur philosopher. Don’t know where he went but this is a serious man. In another life he could have been as impressive as Malcolm X.


  24. Interestingly the impressive Sudanese lad I was thinking of. He had fine features, black as the ace of spades but finer features than most Europeans. Such that if he had a sister you could imagine her as a supermodel. I won’t say it outright but I think you can see the possibility for racist confirmation bias lurking in the background here.


  25. Lets match up Malthusian considerations with welfarism for a little bit. Taking the 1000 year view, providing a pension for post-menopausal women is fundamentally costless to society. She won’t have more babies if you provide her even with a generous stipend. Think about that? Ought we not be protecting our girls in this fashion? If you take a short-term view you may say “no” because in the short-run that money could be redirected to producer goods ….. But taking a 1000 year view its a simple courtesy and it may even, if done right, provide positive benefits.

    If we have a non-racist and egalitarian eugenics … We are going to have to start thinking in this fashion.


  26. This fellow is a Professor of Rhetoric. He reckons that Darwin is “A RHETORICAL GENIUS OF THE FIRST ORDER. Here he shows that Darwins “Origin Of Species” was a RHETORICAL triumph rather than a scientific one.

    When I post these videos I don’t expect my followers to watch everyone. But this one truly is not to be missed.

    From a purely scientific view we swung far too far and far too fast towards Darwinism ….. But purely atheistic and purely naturalistic interpretations of the world … of course they should if anything been entertained earlier.

    Data is only evidence when its all considered, when its broadly considered, but when its applied TO AN HYPOTHESIS NARROWLY DEFINED. If we take this scientific approach then Darwinism is totally finished. Its out, its gone, grieve if you must but its never coming back. But on the other hand if you want to follow me, and do as I do, and if you want to walk like me, talk like me then purely naturalistic thinking has NOT been refuted but its on the back foot.

    Let summarise.

    1. Darwinism properly considered is dead. Its gone away and its never coming back.

    2. Even purely naturalistic blind watchmaker explanations are on the back foot. If we take sides in a rumble and we want to win that rumble its important to note that the pure naturalism is being beaten at this point. If you don’t acknowledge this our good good friends in the Muslim clerisy might. I am a realist and a diplomat so I love all our Muslim brothers. But if you want to stay in denial and not take my enquiry seriously I want you to think about if there may be a future cost to this bad attitude of yours. Particularly you MUST REJECT ILLOGIC IN PHYSICS AND THE BIG BANG. Since pure naturalism cannot win with such obvious bullshit in place.

    3. Its unscientific to rule out every last form of intelligent design. Since aether preceded and is more abundant and substantial than matter, it therefore follows that the evolution of intelligence may have, and probably did, precede the evolution of intelligence that is dependent on matter. We can bridge the current gap MAYBE. But we cannot scientifically do so by ruling out in all cases aetheric intelligence.

    If you want to be a winner intellectually follow me. But if you don’t run your sissy ass back to PZ Myers.


  27. Funky see Funky Do. I know you public servants (my followers in the past have virtually all been public servants) want to be more like me. You don’t need my big gorilla tummy even if you could use the strong arms. Its my intellectual flexibility and freedom that you would want to emulate in a better world. Walk like me and talk like me and lets dance our way to that better world together. For much of the last 22 years I told the kids …. “Why work when you can dance?”


  28. Edward Dutton suggests that women with extreme sexual characteristics do have a greater propensity to cuckolding their husbands. I’m still in the shock and denial state. I have not started grieving yet (Hu hu hu hu hu well a little bit)

    All our small titty women under 35 have already been ruined by feminism. Wherefore art thou happiness?

    To avoid a miscarriage a girl should swallow her man’s semen very often. I will bring this science to the girls without prejudice as to how they will deal with that information. Ed Dutton is compulsory listening right or wrong.


  29. I am prepared to be patient with our friend Jason Wilson. But does he really want the LEAST ethno-centric groups in the world to go extinct? Does Jason Wilson really want the world to be dominated only by the MOST ethno-centric groups? That is what he is pushing for right at the moment. But lets wait until we see if the shock of the Jew false flag will subside. We want to be patient but we cannot wait forever.


  30. Edward Dutton is born in 1980. He is just a child really. But the reality is he is one of the few people building on the brilliant scholarship of Gregory Clark. We must listen to him with our anti-elitist instincts intact but still with an open mind.

    It cannot be emphasised enough: A key component to the improving health of the gene pool is that rich slobs are downwardly mobile. There is no humane elitist policy-settings that can work, if the goal is the slow improvement of the species. End of story, full stop, missing you, hu hu hu, the end.

    Without an egalitarian context of rich offspring falling down in their socio-economic standing, there can be no general improvement of the human race, and as a practical matter we want to, within reason, preserve all races. Not to be extreme about it. But we need the diversity, even as we bring out the talent of all the nations.

    Because of the need for rich offspring to be downwardly mobile there is no room for the current state supported usury, or indeed for the current big corporate communism. We must instead go for the sole trader paradise, and meeting Henry George halfway.

    And just incidentally the road to the workers paradise is through the sole trader paradise ……. and meeting Henry George Halfway.


  31. I can remember month after month after month (it turns out year after year. I wanted to say so but I couldn’t back it up on memory alone) that Eric Morcambe would be hanging shit on Des O’Connor. A perfectly fine singer. But these two would hang shit on him relentlessly. Then he showed up on their live show!!!!!???? Just tremendous. I swear I saw this the first time when it aired on New Zealand television after months (actually YEARS) of buildup. Surely few people have ever worked so hard for the one extended skit.

    Brilliance and almost always wholesome. Eric and his wonderful straight man did this sort of gear in front of a live audience.


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