An Introduction To The Integration Of Eugenics With The Best Of Catholic Social Teaching

Edward Dutton is born in 1980. He is just a child really. But the reality is he is one of the few people building on the brilliant scholarship of Gregory Clark. We must listen to him with our anti-elitist instincts intact but still with an open mind.

It cannot be emphasised enough: A key component to the improving health of the gene pool is that rich slobs are downwardly mobile. There is no humane elitist policy-settings that can work, if the goal is the slow improvement of the species. Without an egalitarian context of rich offspring falling down in their socio-economic standing, there can be no general improvement of the human race, and as a practical matter we want to, within reason, preserve all races. Not to be extreme about it. But we need the diversity, even as we bring out the talent of all the nations.

Because of the need for rich offspring to be downwardly mobile there is no room for the current state supported usury, or indeed for the current big corporate communism. We must instead go for the sole trader paradise, and meeting Henry George halfway.

And just incidentally the road to the workers paradise is through the sole trader paradise ……. and meeting Henry George Halfway.


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6 thoughts on “An Introduction To The Integration Of Eugenics With The Best Of Catholic Social Teaching

  1. When I am running the public service in my 90’s like our greatest and eldest current world leader, I’m going to make Dr Who a public servant. Then I will send him back in time to bitch-slap anyone who says the phrase “kiss my ass” in any derogatory sense.

    Because when you see a sweet young thing like this, tell me? What else do you want to do? We are going to mass-produce the Tardi until we can make them like sausages. This is a very real problem. It means for me to be kissing her wonderful booty degrades me as a man, so long as this phrase has power.

    But you don’t send the Dr, or indeed the medical profession back in time for just one task. They have to start slapping people around for the derogatory use of the word “dogging”… For associating the word “dogging” with making love surrounded by nature. Any country dweller worth his salt should be planting ginseng and medicinal mushrooms in our state forests, between the hours of 1.30 am and 3.30 am. Before and after doing so he should be making love to a sweet young thing who looks roughly as above, and will help him with these plantings.

    To have these activities associated with a word like “dogging” …… !@#$%^&* …….. Well lets just say that the Dr has his bitch-slapping work cut out for him.

    From time to time I read the old testament and I tell you what ……….. I don’t have a lot of sympathy for Moses. Moses is not my favourite. I don’t have much good feelings for Moses.

    When I think of the above, finally I can have some sympathy for Moses.


  2. Working under corporate communism is depressing. But being unemployed is worse.

    There just isn’t the budget for ruthless whitey cultural appropriation when you are unemployed.,


  3. Woodley and Dutton talk about this phenomenon known as “spiteful mutants” which they see as extremely damaging for a community. Social Justice Warriors can be seen as ugly, unhygienic, stinkers and spiteful mutants.


  4. Now that the Jews have targeted Pauline Hanson’s party with 3 years of infiltration I may have to shift my voting and loyalty issues away from the LDP and towards Pauline Hansons party. Since they have been targeted by the terrorist community in this way there is a chance they will know what I’m talking about.


  5. Dutton just said that every English person (this context would include me) is descended from King Edward III. Hey thats fucking cool. That might mean that I may be descended from his eldest son the Black Prince. Or maybe I came from his younger son …. the enigmatic “John Of Gaunt” …. Things are looking up. I’m fucking royalty all of a sudden. The Black Prince almost my grandpappy. No wonder I get the drizzling shits with all these morons caving in to the terrorist community the whole time.

    The implication of what Dutton is saying is that there is nothing I can do to save this ghastly civilisation. We will collapse this time. But at least I should be able to flesh out how to get things right after population finishes dropping.


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