The Bird Social System; “Cracked It”some time back.

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  1. What can we do? In any fair argument the deep state/Elite Jew pig hegemony will lose. But then they just take it up a notch in terms of their abuse of their more awake opponents.


  2. New matter creation happens in planets. If matter were conserved there would be no matter ever. The conditions for the origins of life can only exist in tiny planets that have only just started to create new matter. In fact planets that are still so feeble at creating new matter that they mostly only create hydrogen that forces its way from the inner planet to the surface. We can see this from the requirements necessary for the spontaneous creation of amino acids. These conditions are so top-heavy in hydrogen that its clearly not possible at the surface of any planet. The environment where this happens also has to be in a situation of powerful electrical pressure. A “reducing” electron rich environment. Its been almost 70 years now and ideological pressure means these guys just cannot get their act together.

    Just be a bit aware of the rhetorical trickery here. He strikes me as a good scientist but still he clutches at straws. By exercising rightful skepticism at previous ideas to do with biogenesis he sets us up for an implausible idea. Now his idea of biogenesis near these vents is entirely impossible. But its maybe ten thousand times less foolish then the other ideas that he expresses rightful skepticism about. These vents, and versions thereof might be repeated deep into the earth and not just at the bottom of the ocean …. these are excellent places for cellular animals to gain greater and greater sophistication over time. They are not places where new life could ever begin. And no new amino acids have never come out of any H2 and CO2 predominance alone the way he makes out. This cannot be duplicated in the laboratory. All the substances needed are hydrogen heavy. They are all considered reducing agents and on top of that further electrical energy is needed. So the vents are a big part of this story but they cannot solve the problem right at the start of things.

    Nice try but no cigar. At least 1000 times better than all the other suggestions but 1000 times 0 is not all that good. The intelligent design people will not always be winning this one but they are winning it right now.


  3. I’ve noticed for many years that I think a lot like Charlie Munger. But this time I noticed that I think like him except where the deep state impinges on the story. For example I think he got John D Rockefeller’s effect on American medicine completely wrong. But its a very good clip. I like his comments on bitcoin. Had we not invested so much in bitcoin for ethical reasons the offering with similar technology, that was based around silver (potentially the best crypto-currency imaginable) might have taken off. Now all the blood has been drained on bitcoin. Great technology. Marvellous achievement. But it would have been better had people waited for a socially useful version. I think the socially useful version is here but everyone is tapped out.


  4. The kid on the still photo associated with this video is a dead ringer for my nephew. He is or was at Cambridge so it could even be him. The social disaster associated with this video is the direct result of a pure fiat currency. Any free enterprise supporter who doesn’t see this as a social disaster ought not be taken seriously. Thats why outfits like Cato can never be considered competent intellectuals. Rich slobs are no longer downwardly mobile. This is an absolute killer for the civilisation and indeed the gene pool. We will not survive if these conditions are long held. But societal survival ought not be motivating the hatred of the current system. The loathing ought to be visceral. The state of affairs depicted ought to be repulsive down to the bones.


  5. The Dumbest Generation. David Bowie said let the children boogie. The Who said that the kids were alright. But those were different times and those were other kids. The kids are not alright. The kids are far from okay. In fact the kids are ignorant. Try talking to them about the the Pell case for example. They cannot seem to focus on basic ideas like guilt, innocence, and the likelihood of the accusations made. We have a whole generation of people who have lost the culture that was passed down to us. And this phenomenon can kind of reach out and pollute some of the older guys as well.

    I got a job believe it or not. And the only reason I’m working now is because the kids couldn’t hack it. They didn’t want the job and couldn’t handle the job so the poor tradee (more a tradee athlete) has to turn to an old 53 year old without any handyman skills whatsoever. So sometimes you get some micro-advantage from the kids being so fucked up. But mostly its negative.


  6. Charlie Munger with a message to the (Graeme) John Humphreys wing of the right. So many alleged libertarians turned out to be “useful idiots” that I ended up having to distance myself from these loony-toons. Free banking? This is the most stupid, counter-productive and mean spirited idea that I’ve ever heard. I mean you can have this idea and not be a traitor. But to sustain these ideas once you have been under debate and exposed to the history of banking. Well it fits in with the usual treason we saw from Humphreys. Libertarian of the year? Just disgraceful. The libertarian right in Australia is not so much broken ….. its FIXED.


  7. John Humphreys does have some sort of skill set that could be useful when he’s not trying to destroy Australia. I thought I better say something good about him to balance out this sort of criticism. Very early on I think he worked for either the treasury or the tax department. Where I see him doing what appears to be good work its in developing alternative budgets for the federal government. He did something like this for the Liberal Democrats back in 2007 and I was deeply impressed. So people like Humphreys do have their uses when they are doing things for the grownups. But to think of this dweeb as a thought leader? The fix is really in with our right wing think tanks.


  8. Here is where the traitor Humphreys acts like loyal opposition for the oligarchy. He is supposed to lose gracefully in the debate between which is worse … the carbon tax or the carbon trading racket. All in the context of pretending we need one or the other. This is of course getting in the way of having good environmental policy and better resource extraction policy. Just crippling actual policy. How can we get rid of these horrific think tanks?


  9. Above was ten years ago but he hasn’t changed. There is a certain order at which you unravel the lack of economy in government and banking. You don’t get rid of welfare for the poor prior to getting rid of welfare for the rich, sorting out bank lending, and seeing to it that employers are always desperate for workers, chasing workers around, and getting down on one knee.

    Here is John, who started the first libertarian party in Australia, poisoning the water by holding up the late Victorian era as a booming time of voluntary welfarism. As if things will be just fine if we cut away at welfare, without other more timely reforms. Any uncommitted third party is going to be repulsed by this sort of talk.


  10. Holy shit Genghis. My life can never be the same again. My life has changed. Like when CARLITO blew all those woppy assholes away on the lift. But even moreso.

    THIS is where the Han Chinese joins us Yamnaya, in union with the Athenian Logos. And my life can never be the same again.

    The northern European needs the Chinese to carry the Logos forward. I will champion this idea to every white nationalist in the world on one condition Ghengis. One condition……..

    Never play silly buggers with me on monetary theory and policy again ever. You gave me the audience. You gave me the forum. You gave me the white board and the argumentation such that I worked all my ideas out on the threads of doom. So you gave me everything but pretended I was wrong.

    Northern Whitey are probably decadent. But the Han Chinese have their day in the sun right now. We Yamnaya, and in fact the entire human race, needs them and they need us. I refer to the above video. Make a grown man cry. And remember also this is where the good Jew is doing his best work. The more talented of the two Gershwins. The surviving Gershin was not short of talent. But the younger Gershwin was true genius. One man can make a difference and we lost so much when that Jew died. So to see this young Chinese boy, and the Chinese man, so faithfully interpreting his work, makes me feel good about the world again.


  11. This is the best thing that De Palma ever did. Take note Ghengis. This sequence where Carlito, bringing forward Athenian Reason ….. takes out all those fucking boot-niggers ….. I saw this even before I met you. And I tell you my life could never be the same again.

    One boot nigger after another Genghis. Its raining men … Hallelujah.

    Never forget I am on your side. But never fuck with me on monetary theory again.


  12. We will get back into monetary theory again. The problems are complicated but the solutions are simple. So we must go into detail again on this matter for the first time in a dozen years. But the important topic of the day is HEAVYWEIGHT BOXING.

    A true boxer through and through. Though in his early days, being so tall that his hooks and uppercuts could be dealt out at medium range against short boxers ….. He’s a good boxer DESPITE his height rather than because of it. His height has reached past the point of diminishing returns.

    The well-named Tyson Fury

    So born and bred for boxing there is boxing in his shit.


  13. The only one with the right weight to be a heavyweight boxing champ. The other boxers are too heavy for a heavyweight. He’s like a scaled up Tommy Hearns. He has a good jab. He’s capable of even greater work then what we have seen so far. But surprisingly he is the boxer with the weapon you would not expect.

    Today its Deontay Wilder who owns the BIG RIGHT HAND


  14. Reverse engineering this fighter I come to the idea of PEEKABOO MINIMALISM even though he doesn’t have many obvious signs of Cus D’amato’s perfected high-pressure counter-punching style in his fight. Constantines system was virtually perfect. But it would be ideal for a person around six foot and not much more than 100 kilos because the energy requirement is high. Young Tyson would have most of them knocked out within three rounds but his opponents could have taken heart with the idea that there was a certain desperation in these early knockouts. Really Mike had to knock them out within three rounds since the energy requirements are so taxing.

    Boxing, or even sparring is inherently gruelling. Whereas bicycling or swimming can be hard or easy depending on context. But Olympic style butterfly is always tough work. Thats the same with the Peekaboo style. But you can try to relax where possible swimming butterfly. You could have the Peekaboo style and then try and pair it back to a form of minimalism such that a 260 pound fighter is using less energy than his taller and lighter opponents. So Constantine keeps up a refrain to Mike … “move your head” Mike moves his head decisively. At his best Mike could not really be beat in the first three rounds. It was defensive perfection. Andy moves his head also. But he just moves it a tiny bit so as to take maybe 65% of the advantage with only 30% of the energy expenditure. So it goes for the rest of his style. And I notice that when someone gets hurt Andy has more in the tank than the other fellow. Its hard to save energy doing butterfly or amending peekaboo. But if you paired it back as much as possible you would have something like this fellow has on the fly.
    Reverse-Engineering Andy Ruiz

    I think of his style as Peekaboo-minamalism.

    Its so hard to understand how Ruiz beat Joshua, that some people are saying that he has even faster hands than Wilder. But this is not the case. There is more to it than fast hands, and part of the mystery is that the three top boxers, before the Ruiz fight, are taller than optimal for the job too hand. Ali was probably optimal height in the sixties. And he was only about an inch taller than Ruiz. Now thanks to various supplements and things optimal is probably the height of Joseph Parker or Lennox Lewis. Either side of that is moving away from the ideal. Its hard to imagine such a thing but you must reach diminishing returns at some point and Joshua, Deontay, and Fury, in my view, are past that point.

    So how did Andy do it? Against a great fighter like Anthony who had such a massive reach advantage. Traditionally the shorter man has to get in and out of the pocket without getting hurt. David Tua succeeded against most taller players in that game, but failed against Lennox Lewis. He couldn’t get inside. Senator Manny couldn’t get inside Money Mayweathers favoured range without burning too much energy. Mike Tyson would run across the ring, force the other guy to punch and be inside his range right away. But minimalist Andy just walked slowly forward against Anthony.

    A lot like Cleveland Williams was trying to do to Ali. But a 97 kilo Ali could slip through Clevelands traps and hit him from all sides ….. the same tactics used upon Joshua Anthony succeeded where Williams failed. Because Joshua was too big to be as evasive as Ali in the ring. So this (relatively) low energy, slow forward movement against the taller man was enough to force him into the favoured pocket. Plus Ali had the fastest right hand in history. Could pluck Clevelands head out of the air. Nothing wrong with Joshua’s punches. But he could neither evade Andy like Ali could. Nor score hits out of a clear blue sky like Ali could. So what didn’t work for Cleveland worked just fine for Andy.

    For a punch to have force, the force has to originate in the grip that the back foot has on the canvas. The force must be conveyed through the mid-section and all the way to the end of the fist. So the power comes from the mid-section. The torso and hips. But you can get 80% of the power with only one tenth of the actual movement of the (torso and hips) area that actually creates the power. The torso has to create the power but you can get a lot of power with fairly minimalist movement of the torso. Think of the Bruce Lee party tricks of the one and the three inch punch. The torso creates the power and conveys the power, but does not necessarily have to move that much. So if you were saving energy yet conserving punching power you would pair things back to how Andy has it, gruelling that his activity still is.

    The Ruiz style is hard to pin down. But watch as soon as someone gets hurt. After someone is hurt he starts to look a little bit like Mike. Thats when he has more energy in the tank than the other fellows. 70’s Ali’s energy conservation strategies were fairly obvious. With Ruiz its a new kind of energy conservation. He’s such a great fighter. But having more energy than anyone else, after someone gets hurt. Thats a pretty good strategic advantage for a fat boy right there.


  15. “Beyond meat” is an ecological, and nutritional catastrophe. Look at the ingredients:

    Water, Pea Protein Isolate*, Expeller-Pressed Canola Oil, Refined Coconut Oil, Rice Protein, Natural Flavors, Cocoa Butter, Mung Bean Protein, Methylcellulose, Potato Starch, Apple Extract, Salt, Potassium Chloride, Vinegar, Lemon Juice Concentrate, Sunflower Lecithin, Pomegranate Fruit Powder, Beet Juice Extract (for color)

    But is it an ethical catastrophe? Depending on what constitutes the “natural flavours” no animals were murdered directly in the making of this product. But the fact is we need more grass-fed cattle to produce deep rich soil. And the farmers associated with grass-fed animals are getting onto the fact that bunching the animals and cell-grazing develops their soil productivity. The need for 12 feet of rich dark soil everywhere is so important, and the capacity to make it without cell-grazed animals so limited, that it looks like we will have to slaughter some of the female cattle and nearly all of the male cattle for some time to come. So for the moment the emphasis has to be on the good treatment of these animals (while they are alive), rather than ending their slaughter.


  16. The Jews who own Google, following their finance masters and the activists in the ADL, have now banned me from commenting on youtube. This is a violation of free speech, since their success comes from the wealth extorted from the central banking system and not from their merits alone. But there is an exception. I am able to respond, if someone else responds to one of my own comments. From elsewhere:

    1 minute ago

    ​@orphan anomie Don’t quite know what you are driving at here. If you are saying that democracy is incompatible with good policy, and supposing you are correct, then the only conclusion you could come to is to deep-six democracy. If thats what you are saying thats fine. We don’t want to be emotional about it. A patient and near libertarian form of eugenics need not have the same moral insults that the earlier eugenics had. The key to success, as shown by the book “A Farewell To Alms” was the downward mobility of the rich.

    This most excellent and fair subset of the British eugenic success was hampered by the exact terms that the enclosure movement took, which favoured the already wealthy. And again after the glorious revolution when taxation went away from land and onto excise, leaving a free ride to big landowners, which is at the root of the distasteful British class system. It is possible to have an egalitarian eugenics to some extent. I think if one wishes to err it would be in the direction of egalitarianism within eugenics. Emphasising the downward mobility of rich slobs. Encouraging families to get out of welfare, and accept generous tax free thresholds for the man’s registered dependents.


  17. Holy shit, Graeme.
    It’s been ages. you got banned off Twitter and I didn’t realise you had gone back to your blog


  18. Its pretty clear that the Americans (or Jew central) are running a campaign (involving false flags and lies) of provocation, against the Iranians. Seldom does a Jew campaign get planned without a plan of perceptual reversalism to complement it.

    This last minute cancellation by President Trump was of course the right thing to do. But really a retaliation ought never have been contemplated in the first place. It was only a fucking drone for fucksakes. Iran would not have shot it down if it weren’t over their space, and if we were dealing in reality the Americans would now simply be seeing how its drones went off-course. But the Jews are setting up a false history of restraint on the part of the Americans. Their writing a false history in realtime. Writing a false history in real-time. Its impossible to separate Jew-Central from the mainstream media. Its really one and the same set of gangsters. Who did 9/11? Who were the culprits? If you said the Media did it, you couldn’t be far wrong since you cannot separate the media, Israel, international Judea, or dynastic banking.


  19. Tyson Fury. Gypsy Voodoo. Magical like a freakish youthful Judge Holden. Boxing in his shit.

    This is what makes it so interesting now. He’s an even better boxer than Deontay Wilder. But Wilder has the BIG RIGHT HAND.


  20. Pompeo admits that they are still doing things to undermine the Syrian regime. Which just goes to show that the people who control the Americans have not the least shred of humanity in them. Think of all the suffering they have caused in that country already. The US is no country to be a “success” in politics. Pompeo ought to have resigned in protest. It would be great if the Catholic notion of purgatory were true.

    The administration is also trying to get people to starve in Venezuela with malice. Then they feed useful idiot libertarians with the line that socialism doesn’t work. Well of course Mises proved that full-blown socialism cannot work since that gets rid of price information. So the kids will repeat this anti-socialist mantra. But the people who control policy just want to destroy the country and grab the oil. Thats what its about. Venezuela didn’t attack the US in any way. Its hard to figure out exactly what the excuse is this time.


  21. From Elsewhere:

    The thing about pizza gate is that no-one has come up with a better hypothesis for the data. The argument on the other side is no argument at all. The deep state merely gets an unfunny comedian to angrily call it “fake news” Not exactly argumentation that Aristotle might sign onto.

    So yes pizzagate is pretty much proven through lack of competition. A video exists on the “deep web” of Hillary and her girlfriend “raping” and murdering a girl and cutting off her face. I’m not going to watch it and of course it could be an intelligence agency setup. But we also have context for this story. It used to be you could blackmail someone for having a mistress or going to a prostitute. So you have to promote people you can blackmail. Then you could blackmail men with a secret homosexual life. Its getting harder to do that with fags being made out to be saints. So the next step was brownstone operations where prominent people were tempted with younger and younger girls and boys.

    In every case its important to try and promote people who you have the dirt on. So Pizzagate is either an intelligence operation meant to defame people, or its exactly as it seems to be and a more extreme example of a brownstone undertaking. To find out about something you have to take the data and subject it to competing hypotheses in parallel. You cannot just look at the bespectacled unfunny comedian on the TV then contemplate your belly button.


  22. From elsewhere:

    Einstein was not simply over-rated. Not merely a plagiarist. But a frontman for a campaign of total science fraud. He put through a series of propositions that were not merely wrong, but that could not be right under any circumstance. Its a control mechanism to force people to believe things that cannot be true. Its the ultimate filtering process to do this.


  23. From Elsewhere:

    Comparing Einsteinian Beliefs To Christianity

    The Catholic upper hierarchy is of course deeply corrupt now. They’ve never been perfect and they were sometimes under the sway of gangsters like the Borgia family. But I admire their deeper intellectual tradition. I think its amongst the best things we have. Yet consider the propositions you need to believe to be a Christian? A kid can come back to life after half an hour at the bottom of a frozen pond if he’s actively resuscitated. Miracles of that sort have happened. But a man cannot be tortured to death, and arise after three days. You have to believe this to be a Christian, at least traditionally so. And you have to believe in the virgin birth. Two things that cannot be true. Well in physics if you are not to be blackballed by every Jew and his Momma there is a series of propositions you have to believe that cannot be true.

    These are control mechanisms we are talking about there. I wouldn’t mind becoming a Christian actually. Now that I know which part of their thinking is healthy. But I’d have to be like a modern physicist to be a Christian. In that a modern professional physicist must be delusional, at least about a few propositions. Its probably fine and dandy to be a bit delusional about one or two things. But we don’t need that in science.


  24. This is even more interesting than when Kenny Norton was around. Norton, Ali, Frazier, and the appearance of Foreman. Things haven’t been as interesting for decades. Because Fury is superior but he CAN be beaten.

    I always talk about the shorter guy being vulnerable if he even gets a tiny bit out of shape. Ali could be out of shape and still win. Whereas the slightest loss of form had to doom Mike Tyson. Rocky Marciano tried to make a come back but didn’t feel he could get in his best form. He was right to bail. As a shorter fighter he could be unbeatable to his contemporaries at his best. But any loss of form would have meant annihilation.

    It has to be like that at the other end of the spectrum. Its hard for Joe Public to understand when you see Tyson Fury in such good shape. It looks like he could be like Ali and conserve energy, fighting everyone off to slim points decisions. But for someone his weight its an amazing athletic event just to be going the distance with anything like a clear head. He gets out of shape he will barely be able to move at all. Or at least when he tries it will be hard to think straight. He’s making it look too easy now, but he is like the shorter fighter in that he has to be on the ball every time.


  25. Too much weights, not enough speedwork. I only just found out that Cliff Curtis (Third From The Left) had gone on to become an exceptionally impressive Hollywood actor that I’d seen a lot of, but hadn’t recognised as the one fellow.

    It might seem ridiculous to compare a superb fighter like Anthony Joshua to that Maori that Jake beat up. But that vanity muscle has always bothered me. Joshua can beat Andy. But he’s unlikely to do it in November. He needs to get his head right, then he needs to lose the vanity muscle. You’d want him under 240 pounds. Under 230 eventually. You lose a lot of strength if you lose a lot of weight. So you need to recover from that. Then they of course need a game plan focused around beating Ruiz. I don’t see that there is enough time.

    Anthony is a big boy now. He’s got to put away the childish things. Like over-developed bicep muscles.


  26. Mike sparring at the age of 17. Move your head. Move your head. Both hands when you are on the inside. Later on though, you would not want to be hurting all your sparring partners. Sparring ought to not always be a sprint. When you see Ruiz or Ali or many others sparring they are not always in sprint-to-kill mode. People practice different things and experiment. Experimentation and sprinting aren’t always compatible. But it is tough for the shorter fellow. Skip 5 minutes for the sparring to start. The sparring partner is in terror and pain, but Constantine seems to be pretending not to notice all that much.


  27. During the cold war the media barely acknowledged deterrence theory. But with Iran totally surrounded by American military bases, see how the media misuses and distorts deterrence theory now:

    International Judea put the more crazy clerics in charge of Iran when they got their opportunity during the revolution. But apart from a few crazies and a lot of Israeli tarnished lurid propaganda we have to see this as a pretty decent country. Certainly the people at large are good people. The idea of warring with this country is insane. Only the Jew media could dare demonise these people to ready the rest of us for an attack on them.

    Lets imagine if the President is acting in good faith. Lets suppose he is bending to the pressure of living in a synagogue of crazies, but not deliberately taking part in setting up the Iranians for slaughter? Who are the adults in the room then? On the face of it the President is acting like an adult. The Iranians are acting like adults. But its the media who are the bad actors here. If we don’t want to say its the Jews who did 9/11 its just as valid to say that the media did it. And its whoever controls the media who wants another human catastrophe now.


  28. Here is a comment from Jo-Nova’s site that I made over a year ago. This disaster of taxing retained earnings is a crime against humanity from a wealth destruction point of view. But it also blinds us to the taxes we ought to be taking more of:

    Graeme Bird
    March 20, 2018 at 5:26 pm

    Very interesting. I must confess to being a Greenie when it comes to fracking. Not because I don’t love the technology as such. But because our resource allocation system is so unsound it creates a gold rush mentality. Or at least a debt financed mentality wherein you have to charge in as fast as you can … get the gas moving at huge pace in order to pay back the loans you had to take out for auction prices and overlapping methods of getting your property rights. So you trample the farmer who owns the land. You trample the concerns of the community who are worried about their water being polluted. To me its all about too much taxes on retained earnings, which ought not be there at all …. and insufficiently high royalties. Which ought to be high enough to induce a very patient approach.

    Its like that joke that was on the movie COLOURS. The old cop tells a young cop about an old bull talking to a young bull. To transmute it somewhat …. Someone might say … lets run down to that hill over there and frak some of those resources. But an older fellow might say … if there was no tax on retained earnings, and very high royalties … He might say … No no lets walk over there …. talk to the farmer ….. take it slowly …. bring everything up in the most cost-effective way we can …. And eventually we are going to frak all of those resources. I’m just saying that our resource allocation is terrible. Its leaves all the value to the financier dead-weight loss. If it was no taxes other than really high royalties then most of the value would be sitting on our humble taxpayers plate. Not to the usurers.


  29. The BIG RIGHT HAND is not any kind of hand, its more like a spiritual possession that respects no individual nor national barriers. It wanders around like a millionaire ghost but will settle when it chooses too. Usually it will settle on a boxer who is above 200 pounds. Usually but not always. Deontay Wilder now has the BIG RIGHT HAND. Once upon of time it possessed a man with very skinny arms. Joshua Anthony take note. You deserve to have the big right hand find favour with you. But you have a lot of work to do. And you need to slim down because sometimes less is more.


  30. This one is worth watching from start to finish. If popcorn were food I’d suggest you going out for popcorn. How many chickens needed to be sacrificed for the BIG RIGHT HAND to be convinced to float on over to Virgin territory? Anthony Joshua please note: The boxer in question was 5 ft 11 and does not look like a scaled down version of you. But you should look like a scaled up version of him if you want the BIG RIGHT HAND to find favour with you. Put away all that weight training (except for a single machine) and brush the cobwebs from the medicine ball. However there is one weight machine you need and its hard to find in the gym for liability reasons.

    The fighter in question has a strange muscle development that starts from the lats but seems to go all the way down. I had the shock of recognition since I saw that same odd-ball muscular development on a 14 year old Ian Thorpe and I was but five metres from him.

    Its all in the torso Anthony. Thats how you steal the spirit that now is in the exclusive possession of Wilder.


  31. The BIG RIGHT HAND doesn’t always speak so loudly. But it spoke in the above fight. While I was watching that fight again I scaled up Julian Jackson’s weight to the third power if he were the size of Anthony Joshua. And it turns out that the equivalent weight would be about the same as Wilder is now. About 214 pounds. This requires maths to the third dimension. Adding a few pounds …. just in recognition that all other weight divisions have weight commitment they always need to reach ….. My conclusion is that Anthony Joshua needs to be fighting in the 220’s. Not this year. Maybe not even next year. But eventually if he wants to attract the attention of the BIG RIGHT HAND. If he wants to move so well that Andy Ruiz cannot get inside his reach …. then the ideal would be around 220.

    Plus as to weight training … a boxer might need extra weight to keep his abdominals big purely for protection. But my view is the only assisted weight training ….. with the exception of the medicine ball …. that Anthony Joshua ought to do ….. is for the torso.

    Wilder alone excepted, and great fighters that they are, they are all fighting too heavy. And for Anthony Joshua to peak he needs to be down in the 220’s and have a much different look to what he does now.


  32. My statements can be so unique that I am easy to find on google. Take the following phrase:

    “Just a couple of Phoenician homies shooting the breeze.”

    It seemed that no-one in history had put those words together in that order until I did. But we see this all the time. This may be an almost unique feature of my blogging, whenever I get around to actually blogging.

    So when you track this down you will find I am the exclusive entry. And I like to listen to the video associated more than what could possibly be necessary for the learning process. Because it seems to have fallen to me to give the Jews a hard time. But when you see two Lebanese guys, with so much intelligence, passion and righteousness … just enjoying each-others company …. it can lift my mood when I was feeling bad about the world. We can all get along together no problem.


  33. Taking (a more modern saviour) Bill Mollisons ideas close to Bethlehem, where the saviour of Christianity is thought to have been born. Greening the deserts. This is the way forward. Tertiary industry needs to be powerful but efficient. It ought not take anything like the resources it does now. Manufacturing needs very long structures of production in keeping with Boehm Bawerks principles. But not the bulk of primary industry. We will be in a far healthier space if most of primary food production has a shorter production structure based around permaculture. This accords fine with economics principles since agriculture is nano-technology. The lowest maintenance nano-technology we will ever have, and so short production structures are allowable, and do not break economic law:


  34. The most recent activity of the big right hand, and it doesn’t always take too much of ones time to view it. Skip in two and a half minutes. This won’t detain you much.


    1. Who is the anti-Christian troglodyte who runs the blog? Now the money power is censoring everyone they don’t like through their puppets at paypal, youtube, google, twitter, facebook and others. Who is it suggesting this is okay for Australians to be subject too? We should identify the house-niggers whenever we see them.


    2. Well at least he had the good humour to not censor the criticism we have laid upon him. Good show for being so supportive of your adopted community. You have truly been a valuable asset to our culture. I don’t need to tell you not to take excessive risk. Me and you can talk about problems in the Catholic community. But I wouldn’t expect you ever to do the same in the Jewish community. Because I know you’ve worked with and for the good guys. You know some of the good guys personally and so that would feel bad and disloyal for you. I can take more risks and its the bigshots I’m criticising. I don’t know why they promote their psychopaths. But I suggest that this is why people like you get to work with exceptionally good people from their community.


  35. From Elsewhere: Methods of soil development separate from animal manure are fairly limited. There is HugelKultur. But its got to be a minority undertaking and only applicable to a small subset of only a few farms. There isn’t the revenue to cover costs except as a part of other operations. There is a big problem with this idea of net primary production based on photo-synthesis. Under this idea every level of consumption is reducing the calories. But plants and animals pick up energy separate to photo-synthesis. They pick up energy from other light spectrum and also in all likelihood from the planets electrical field. Extra layers of life don’t sap the energy of the farm. The more the better it turns out. As the productivity of outfits like the one that Joel Salatin runs attests to. If all energy came only from photo-synthesis even the earthworms and subsoil life would be sapping the strength of the farm. Its time for people to trash that pyramid model of energy on the farm.
    Show less



  36. Ghengis did you know it was me who brought the word BEDWETTERS back into political argumentation as a pejorative. I kid you not. This was in my 2005-2008 CO2 investigation period. I started calling people CO2-bedwetters or global warming bedwetters. But the meme really took off when that really loveable member of the British Aristocracy with the Marty Feldman eyes took up the meme. You have to understand that the MAJOR part of his investigation got going maybe a little after mine. And of course he was able to bring more time, training and resources to the project. But I’m pretty sure the Lord of the realm picked the use of the word up from me. And now I just saw someone in Catallaxy use it in an unrelated. way.

    No wonder I burned out not long after that. I was working the night shift and typing furiously during the day on all these different blogs under all kinds of names.

    I may not have made much of a difference but I think I made a little bit of a difference and every now and then I see an echo of all that insomniac craziness.


  37. Genghis I know you find Alan Jones a bit boorish from time to time. I know a lot of people have criticised Miranda Devine. But these people have been FANTASTIC. They always veer towards that human sense of justice. They hate when someone is getting blackballed.

    I seem to remember that sometime near the turn of the century you had a harsh word against Miranda and some of the guys gave you a bit of a cold shoulder. But didn’t they welcome you back? They didn’t condemn you forever. Because you are one of us. You don’t merely live in close proximity. But you are on our side.

    Qantas can go get fucked really. Thats enough. Alan Joyce should go home and take his masturbation buddies with him. He didn’t just attack one of our best players. He attacked me. He attacked us all. Maybe I abused the hospitality that you extended on the first iteration of Catallaxy. BUT YOU EXTENDED THAT HOSPITALITY. You weren’t an Anglo Saxon but you became one of us by way of respecting our culture and not trying to stifle it. Quite the contrary. You did your best to help it flower with what humble means you had.

    Alan Joyce has sucked out of our country a massive salary. But how has his performance been standout? Its not been a disaster but a communist 1970’s Qantas was the acknowledged best-and-safest airline in the world?

    If Alan Joyce is going to be a vehicle for the destruction of Australian free speech … then what is he good for. He was promoted for being a competent fag. He’s no standout as a manager. He’s okay. But he’s no game-changer. We can do better.


    1. Yeah good on him. I only wish I could go back to my old blog and erase most of the bad things I said about him. When he isn’t getting carried away by international leftist movements he’s got a very fine sense of the best of Australian values.


  38. From Elsewhere:

    We want to compare this fight with the recent Ruiz-Joshua rumble. To see how Ruiz could win but Williams had to lose. Both Andy and Cleveland make ground walking forward slowly against the opponent. Anthony had the better reach. How could he let Andy get inside that reach, simply by Andy walking forward slowly? Mike Tyson used to almost jog across the ring and then get inside the reach quickly after the first punch was thrown by the other fellow. Andy Ruiz at 260 odd pounds cannot be that energetic. Andy could just keep slowly moving forward like Cleveland. Seems incredible. Anthony’s got fast hands. But he cannot pick Andy’s head out of the air like Ali could do to Cleveland. Fast but not THAT fast. And Anthony, being in the 240’s cannot move like Ali could. So what could not work for Cleveland Williams worked for Andy Ruiz.

    My conclusion is that Anthony Joshua needs to fight a lot lighter. Most of these guys are fighting too heavy these days. The Ruiz/Joshua rematch is too early. AJ is carrying a lot of vanity weight. He cannot lose that weight, regain strength and alter his game in that short time. He fights in the 240’s and he needs to be in the 220’s. An whole different look. Wilder is a good weight. Even a little light. Most of the best fighters are probably a bit heavy right now. Note that while Wilder is the only one fighting light right now, he’s also the hardest puncher. Its the lighter fellow in this case that has the big right hand.
    Show less



    1. Yeah fantastic. Who is the twerp who gets to ask so many questions I wonder. Just listening to it now. Oh I see the twerp now. Yes will listen to it all right away. The doctor is an inspiration. I’ll have to hold on as long as him if I want to raise a family. I am doing such a hard job now. I’ll have to adapt. But the Dr is a great role model.


  39. Earlier I came to the idea that the evil bastard who put George Pell in jail, took the crime from a different place and time in order to accuse the cardinal. I had thought that this individual might have been molested by someone else and at a different place and time. But Keith Windschuttle may have tracked down the source material for these farcical lies.

    I got this off the opinion dominion blog. Wish someone had told me earlier.


  40. The Digital Stasi: Invalidly gained fractional reserve wealth buys up all the main organs of communication and establishes a dictatorship that superficially looks almost free right up until the mass cullings begin. The Randian contention that free speech is only free speech on ones own property, and an extension of contractual law, must therefore be resisted to a maximum degree, since it will continue our partial enslavement, make it total, and then lead to what the (elite) Jews and oligarchy did to the Soviet and Chinese peoples under communism.


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