Kicking Off Thoughts On City Layout

So as discussed often enough the keys to good policy are 1. glutted land substitutes (high-rise, basements, roads under the ground) 2. Phasing to growth-deflation monetary policy (Gross business revenues always climb but never so fast that prices stop falling) … 3. Phasing to more cash than debt (or at least vastly improved cash/debt ratios) 4. Phasing out fractional reserve banking, 5. Immediately dropping any tax on sole trader retained earnings (they may pay their tax on excessive land holdings, or on drawings, but never even one dollar on retained profits and that is something we should jump to immediately rather than phase in) and 6. Meeting Henry George part-way.

But what clues do we have as to the exact rollout of these transformations.  One way is to project forward what sort of a society would really work fantastically.  And then reverse-engineer those policy settings that would more or less naturally lead to these outcomes given maybe two hundred years of organic transformation.

So lets kick off some analysis as to what we would want from city layout.  Personally I would want these little bursts of high-rise with sixty acre permaculture farms on all sides.  Maybe thats a bit too extreme.  Maybe thats more of a thousand year transformation.  Not a two hundred year one.  I don’t have totally firm and worked out ideas on this.  Like if you want all the answers for monetary policy I have all those answers.  I consider myself the expert.  I have all the transitional strategies. Thats a big topic though, so I’m putting off that one until the Christmas holidays.

One reason I don’t have all the answers for city layout is that I haven’t figured out how to make tall buildings sensationally beautiful yet. And you really don’t want ugly tall buildings.  We who have lived through 20th Century architecture have been beaten down by the typical brutalitarian ugliness of tall buildings and thats why a lot of my ideas to do with high-rise expressed on Catallaxy, which I would have thought were obviously right, weren’t readily accepted.   I cannot blame people for not being keen on a relentless glut of high-rise. Though it was the only way to give us first world wages with third world living costs.

This is also why I am very appreciative of the work of Roger Scruton.  Bringing his philosophical training to try and look into the idea of beauty.  So important.  We need to know how to create beauty in advance.  In advance of putting up a 30 story tapered building in a small town.   I don’t think any council should object to a design on the basis of height. Thats plain anti-social. But they ought not let up a building that is going to be ugly. Because thats child abuse, elder abuse, and every type of other abuse in between.  A councillor of a small town should show her enthusiasm for tall buildings.  She should be almost orgasmic about them.  But she should demand that the developer take all the time in the world getting the design of the building perfect.  Because once its up, if we are not zionist terrorist Jews like Silverstein ………  we will expect it to stay up for maybe two hundred years.

Anyway here is a post I made elsewhere that I will use to kick off the topic of city layout.  I would really want to be assailed by a lot of ideas on this matter so I could carve out a working ideology about it:


Try Science KT-2. It works for me. On another matter have we really thought through our city layouts? On the news in Sydney this week we had a survey on travelling times in Sydney. 71 minutes a day was the average commute for civilians who work in one place. But tradesmen were stuck in their gas guzzling van/truck for (from memory) 2 hours and 40 minutes per day or something close to it. Now this is a disaster as far as productivity is concerned.

You have people who make things and people who build things, and then there are many people who seldom do anything very useful for us over the longest run. In the second category its usually tradesmen. The skill set for building things is primarily in the minds of our tradesmen. So here they are wasting time every day in traffic. Now supposing they want to employ an offsider to teach and ride in the truck as well? How is a tradesman going to afford a young offsider to teach and help him, if he’s running into overtime most days, simply because everyone is stuck in the vehicle?

What would a city look like that cut down on these travel times? Maybe it would take up one tenth the ground area, have one million people and not four million people, with as many of the roads underground as you could possibly manage and first class public transport. Plus the roads financed by congestion taxes but only at peak times. Free travel the rest of the time so that we can manufacture goods and build things more cheaply than the people in other cities.

I don’t know if the answer looks like this, but it bears thinking about because this time spent in the vehicle by tradesman is a major break on economic performance. I want to close down maybe twenty or thirty government departments to make finance available for a communist department of tunnelling. The M4 opened days ago and its amazing how much time this humble tunnel can save people if they are criss-crossing the city.

We really need a communist department of tunnelling and a communist department for the development of canals. Some of these outfits need a 5000 year time horizon if we want to produce glorious outcomes.

Chairman Mao said: “Dig tunnels deep, store grain everywhere, and never seek hegemony.” This needs an update but its pretty good advice right there I would have thought.


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  1. This sort of experience WOULD BE THE NORM had the oligarchy/elite Jew pig NEXUS, had not destroyed hydrogen dirigibles back in the 30’s. We would be all subject to this luxuriant treatment. Or something fairly close to it.


  2. There is no use shorting google. Its not a competitive business. Its an oligarchical-Jewish cess-pool. It should be registered as a foreign agent and then taken over, no Jew need ever apply for a job their again. They are presuming to censor youtube as just one of their many crimes against humanity. Essentially they are run by Netanyahu or whoever you think is the head fascist.


  3. We want to look at the ethnicity of the people who are opposing him. See if we can detect an ethnic interest here. There is no use shorting google. Its not a competitive business. Its an oligarchical-Jewish cess-pool. It should be registered as a foreign agent and then taken over, no Jew need ever apply for a job there again. They are presuming to censor youtube as just one of their many crimes against humanity. Essentially they are run by Netanyahu or whoever you think is the head fascist.

    Imagine the reception if Google was run by Chinese? All the top guys were Chinese? Would that be suspicious then? And supposing it was run by Chinese and Peter blamed it all on Israel. People would have a lot to say about it. It reminds me of 9/11 when I first found out that the Muslims hadn’t done it I was reaching around to figure out who did it. I couldn’t bring myself to believe the Americans had done it to themselves and so I thought it must be the former KGB. Crazy idea I know. But I am subject to this mind control as well so I couldn’t have imagined the Jew connection or that it was an inside job.

    So thats what is going on with Peter here. International Judea is ripping the US apart. Just committing all manner of crimes against the American citizens. They want to even up the match between China and the US and then try to get them to exterminate each other. Chinas interests may well be served here. But its Jews scuttling the American ship.


  4. “* the whole “where’s my flying car” line strikes me as kinda childish and akin to arguing with physics again (just like on climate change).”

    Good lord you are a moron. I told you that gravity research was taken covert in 1956. You don’t have a clue about physics. Modern physics is tightly controlled by troglodytes. And the CO2-warming deal is transparent science fraud. With Jews like Michael Mann doing what Jews do.

    Electrical sciences are under a research moratorium. Things have gone backward since Steinmetz. Thiels got it right its a complete travesty. Gravity research is under strict moratorium as well. They are running tier three research where they try and track down unicorns, rather than research gravity and how to disrupt it.


  5. Look at the Jew nature of the attack on Thiel and running cover for the treasonous Jews at Google.

    Kramer. Blumenthal. “Steve” ….. All these synagogue buddies getting together to run cover.

    8:27 pm Delete


  6. We have to go back to where the oligarchy successfully halted our understanding of the way the universe works and injected all this fantasy in its place. The CSIRO and ASIO together could push the whole thing forward under the right management. We need to go back to Steinmetz and work forwards all over again. Thats how we get gravity neutralisation and therefore sane space travel. Once we have big setups within asteroids the size of Ceres, we can find a storage system for the unlimited electricity that can be harnessed from space at least as far out as Saturn.

    We should have computer animation of various heretical models of the small stuff. We should have a university course based on the work of Steinmetz, with all the lab stuff laid out to repeat the experiments, all the study guides laid out. Animations explaining everything because we need to get people educated up to the state-of-the-art level of knowledge, as it stood when the propagandists swamped everything.

    But the problem with hollowing out Ceres and lighting it up like Vegas is that someone already seems to have done it.

    My other two hypotheses as to what is going on in Ceres is that 2. these pictures are fakes and they are running another psychological operation on us or 3. Ceres has just gotten big enough to start synthesising pristine hydrogen. The pristine hydrogen is being ignited with pooled oxygen near the surface.

    But option 3 is not really a good one. Not because of the pristine hydrogen. Thats fine. Ceres after all has already developed intermittent geysers and Pluto has permanently erupting ones. The problem is rock isn’t transparent so underground fires would not shine through like that. They may shine through in infrared. The other problem is it would require a fluke of timing, since this oxygen cannot last forever.

    So not only do we have lighting on Ceres, we have glass manufacture on the ground it seems. You’d have to think it must be another NASA psychological operation since the other serious alternative is someone has set up large underground bases there with thick glass as part of the roofing. A closer look will find mechanisms for catching the solar wind and turning it into electricity. This all seems very unlikely but its indeed how we would set up a base on an asteroid. You have to grow food up there. You want that dim solar light coming through, as well as your own artificial lighting. Thick glass is how you would do it because there is no end to the availability of silicon on location. And glass-making is important to electrical industry. Thick glass also takes a one-step production system. All remote location economics is based around short production chains. Really no chains at all. One and two-step production.


  7. We don’t want to take these things on faith. Its difficult for wind and solar to cut costs in the way claimed. I’m not saying its impossible. But its difficult since you are relying on the coal people to be confident enough to ease up on coal, thanks to the expectation that other energy will be rolling in. So we’d want to audit the assumptions of these people. Plus the auction system may itself be part of the problem. Coal is the slowest mover here. The auction system may be preventing the coal providers from competing because they are unable to jack their power up and down like the sun coming from behind a cloud. So they may be backing off, thus unnaturally creating scarcity.

    Still the reasoning of the economists seems sound when it comes to their locating the main source of the energy inflation. They are saying that its our gas policy that is driving up our electricity pricing. I remember John Howard interfering in the market for what he called ENERGY DIPLOMACY. Promising contractually all these cubic feet of gas to the Chinese for decades to come at pre-determined prices. Not that I know the details. The gas can accelerate turbines faster than anything else. Its at the core of the flexibility of the grid in its entirety. So the gas-coal duality was a well-integrated system. But do we know the auction system isn’t creating scarcity by privileging the non-coal producers over the slower-moving coal?

    Having local gas cheaply available is a key to making all these renewables integrate seamlessly into the grid in its entirety. I have to conclude then that there logic is very credible as far as locating the reason for the price increases. But to say that the investment in the renewables have brought the price down, more than extra coal would have for the same investment …… well they are not spelling that out exactly ….. but this part of their claims would have to be highly caveated.

    So I’m giving them a likely 8 out of 10 for locating the main source of the energy price inflation. We need to talk to the coal producers to see if the auction system could be improved. Initially mostly in their favour, to allow them to plan better for peak time. But I’m saying their headline claims are way overblown and it would depend on spelling out their assumptions. Its as if they were saying that we cannot have chosen to use the same money for a bit of extra coal-electricity production.


  8. Yes the politically correct left has hobbled comedy. The Jews persecute the rest of us even here. In all matters big and small as they wage undeclared war on their hosts.


  9. I showed you the pictures you useless cunt. I always like three or more alternative hypothesis but since I’ve got the fucking pictures you useless Jew cunt we are down to TWO. Either someone was there on Mars, or its a NASA psychological operation.

    Now admit I am right you complete cunt.

    Lets have your admission now.


  10. My comments on the video. The problem is once you see these things you cannot un-see them. I like this idea of a new medieval world where we would just take a Jew like Steve out to the centre of town, put him in the stocks, and throw rotten fruit at him until he admitted the truth.

    We know what they are. They are farms. They cannot be anything else and they are exactly how we would build farms on Mars. When we go to design farms on Mars, we won’t be able to design them any other way. Except perhaps just do everything under the ground, with rock and glass ceiling. But on Mars you want to take advantage of the sun so you really ought to make it an above ground operation. And there may be enough of an atmosphere on Mars to disrupt easy electricity access. Whereas no such problems would be encountered on Ceres. So Mars naturally lends itself to above-ground farming. Since the sun would be very important to the operation. On Ceres the Sun would be somewhat marginal to the operation, electricity would be readily tapped, and so underground is perhaps more natural.

    We don’t need to wait for the truth. Its so glaringly obvious. In any factory settings you have tubes that look like this when the inside of the tube has to be different from the outside. Obviously if you want to run cattle and grow things on Mars you need to establish a higher pressure on the inside. To do this economically you have to use local materials. You have all the energy you need, since space is Chock full of electricity. So on Mars you need metallurgy, glass industry and the ability to work well with stone to provide your needs. Because you don’t have a planet-wide economy. The glass tubes have to be large enough to run cattle and plant trees. But they cannot be wider than they are or the air pressure would cause the glass to shatter. I don’t know how anyone could think they were anything else but linear farms. Since thats the exact way we would make them if we had to make them again like our ancestors.

    I think we are so used to seeing food arrive as if by magic on Star Trek we forget that we are unable to provide these things without a global economy. So we have no choice but to farm if we go to Mars. Even with anti-gravity technology … an anti-gravity cargo machine will be a high-tech thing, with a crap payload, difficult to load …. I mean it will WORK but its not as if we are ever going to be able to wave a magic wand and make things float. We have electro-gravitics and we have aether disruption through swirling Mercury perhaps. But neither system is going to be great for large-scale cargo transport from the home planet. So to make the whole thing profitable you are going to need to have a lot of production on site.


  11. Lets all gang up on the Jew and force him to speak the truth. The necessity to make the Jew stop lying goes back hundreds of years I would suggest. It goes back at least as far as the 1st century since the people who wrote the book of John were right on top of the bad habits of this crowd. They had sussed them out really well.

    Now see none of you can deny the soundness of my reasoning. But the Jew and his masters set up all kinds of societal tripwires to stop you from admitting, even to yourselves, the truth of things. You need to look deep within yourselves to admit how carefully you have been blinkered, like those big Clydesdale horses. The sort of horse that gets shipped off to the glue factory at the end of chapter 9.


  12. “speculates about raising cows on Ceres,”

    This fellow is such a dope right? I mean everything we do in the human world has to be done at profit. How are you supposed to make a profit mining the asteroid belt, with your hub on Ceres, if you don’t have a farm on Ceres? How could that even be contemplated?

    You going to send out for a couple of rib-eyed steaks and some pate from a restaurant in Geelong every time you get a bit peckish? Or does this fool think that the future is Vegan? Is he supposing that THE PAST was Vegan? Of COURSE you are going to have to have farms within a place like Ceres if we want to have cheap asteroid belt mining??????? How could it even be otherwise? Anti-gravity is clunky, difficult and high-maintenance. Rockets are next-to-useless. Heavy cargo accompanying human transport will always be really difficult.

    How does Space engineer Steve propose we solve these problems without permaculture on-location?

    Dog-ate-your-homework Steve?


  13. Imagine how cheap mining the asteroid belt is, if you have good human transport for short trips, and a full-blown permaculture farm on Ceres? No gravity to contend with and unlimited electrical energy? By comparison mining of anything but base metals on earth would make no sense. Now imagine the cost structure if you’ve got to get all your supplies all the way from earth? There is simply no comparison.

    Mining on Ceres at least, and perhaps on Mars also is going to be SO MUCH cheaper than on earth. Because mining is just energy energy energy. But you need to be able to do at least 95% of machine maintenance and 99.9% of food production locally. Or you could never make a profit. It would always be a drain on public finance. But the mining would be so easy and one small bonus would be all the helium 3 imbedded in the rock surfaces. You wouldn’t use it in space but that would just be an added bonus to export home with your high-value metals.

    We have the lights on Ceres …. probably a psychological operation admittedly. But we had the open cut mining on Mars antiquated photos. Another psychological operation? Maybe. But why assume this is controversial unless you have been highly conditioned by the oligarchy to be overwhelmed with embarrassment whenever these things come up?


  14. “A lawyer who has written a book called The Holocaust Denier is threatening to challenge Josh Frydenberg’s election in the High Court, claiming he is a Hungarian citizen by descent.”

    And an Israeli citizen. Surely. I saw this coming but I didn’t, in that I thought that our legal industry would make an exception for MP’s of the rabbinical persuasion. I just assumed that they would lock in a legal hypocrisy. We should be thinking about this very carefully. People may have been laughing when they saw the alleged New Zealander Barnaby Joyce be so inconvenienced. But if every “chosen” person is really a dual citizen or has three claims to his citizenship then we ought to knuckle down and figure out how to resolve these matters without fear or favour.

    Visigothkhan. says:
    JULY 20, 2019 AT 2:31 PM
    “Again, that’s not what happens. Nobody has been shut up by a weaponised anti-Semitism, whatever that might mean.”

    Happy to have you back. When did you arrive back from Mars J-D?

    “Why is a Jew any more special than a Catholic, a Moslem or a Klingon who falls foul of Section 44?”

    Or New Zealander. Supposing I run as a candidate in ten years time? If Josh doesn’t have to burn all his bridges with Hungary and Israel how could it be that I’d have to distance myself from New Zealand?

    “Changing s44 to something ‘more appropriate to current times’ is akin to kicking it down the road – s44 has a limited time before it again, becomes inappropriate.

    As s44 is only applicable to federal MPs it’s utility, if it has one, is unclear.”

    It happens to be the law of the land. So until we can get a referendum up we ought to follow it. Is it judged to be inappropriate because it excludes the Welsh and New Zealanders from being representative? Or only latent Israelis? Is the logic of it excluding latent Israelis the only reason we are assuming that its inappropriate? We have really got to be objective here and not allow special privileges to any minority. No matter the social inclination to do so.

    Supposing that by following section 44 we end up excluding such people from parliament for ten years ahead of a referendum? How much of a human tragedy is this? Should we be tearing our hair out and ripping out our clothes every moment the exclusion is in place? There seems to be some favouritism in the air.


  15. Visigothkhan. says:
    JULY 20, 2019 AT 10:24 AM
    Ha ha ha. Great to see old Bob turning the tables like that. I think we can have artificial aesthetically pleasing energy production alongside nature. But not with these 3-blade eyesores. See these right-wingers, and the others as well I would say, are not focused on holistic solutions to ecological and energy problems. Peoples time-lines are too short. Here the right just wants to point-score against our distinguished elder lefty statesman Bob.

    Currently our agriculture destroys soil, releases carbon, and turns energy into bad food. We want an agriculture that creates soil, inters carbon in that soil, churns out nutrient dense organic food, and produces surplus energy for everyone else. You cannot do that without a system that tools small farmers up to the gills. I think the torpor on the right and the panic on the left are both a little bit unproductive. There is not the vision of where we want to go. Which should be biased towards perennials, silvopasture and the whole of the land as being an energy resource.

    We might want to start off with a scheme that gets rid of any taxes for retained earnings away from our sole trader farmers. But telegraph that eventually there will be land tax with a threshold. But this land tax can be delayed delayed delayed if the really big guys sell off a chunk of their holdings every so often. At the same time you have your zero interest lending scheme for tree-planting, the move to organics, earthworks for swales, ponds, dams, terraces and for hydro, wind-farms, wood-gas, oil production for on-farm fuel, and so forth. Plant oils can never compete with hydro-carbons on the international market. But they can compete just for on-farm use where there is a group of local farmers pooling resources.

    Aesthetics should be a big part of the outcome of all this. As well as biodiversity. In permaculture farms the more species you are farming the more support you are offering to non-farm life. Bill Mollison reckoned that the birds that came onto his farm were more daring with phosphates then he would ever be. He reckoned that he could not find a leaf from his sweet potato that the birds hadn’t crapped on.

    There is this idea of the food chain which turns out to be very misleading. Its an idea that you start with net primary production and every level of life depletes that. In this story its good energy management for the rest of us to eat the plants. But biology doesn’t work like that and more evidence is coming in that all life pulls energy from light and from the earths electrical field. So that an abundance of life, well-managed, feeds on itself. It just gets more and more abundant the more levels of plants and animals you place on it. Although the management has to cull things down to prevent total succession with just tree over-story.

    rog says:
    JULY 20, 2019 AT 1:05 PM
    Visigothkhan aka Graeme Bird.

    Visigothkhan. says:
    JULY 20, 2019 AT 1:47 PM
    Everyone knew that with the first post didn’t they rog? I got triggered under this handle and thrown off after a warning. It was 100% my fault. The ban must have been lifted.

    The thinking used to be that net primary production was based on photo-synthesis alone. So the thinking was that the energy component of all of nature was basically derived from a thin sliver of the light spectrum …. ultra-violet light in particular. The new findings are coming particularly from water science and from this idea of structured or “exclusion zone” water. Which is a kind of patterned H3O2. Which can be generated by light, all the way down to red and infra-red.

    If an organism were unable to draw energy from the earths electrical field, then somewhere along the line organisms would develop such a talent, and displace those that didn’t. Plus we see that if you have a person lying on an earthing sheet a charge develops on his blood cells and if they were bunched they now tend to separate and can move down the thinnest of capilliaries single file. This all takes energy and in fact our understanding of the energy behind blood circulation has to change. Every route for blood to travel in the body, laid end to end would go around the world three times. Its not credible that the pumping of the heart could produce this result on its own, with such a notoriously viscous and sticky fluid. Its more an electrical phenomenon like a series of maglev tracks.

    All this is to say that in nature, for all practical purposes, there simply is not the energy limitation we thought there was. Its not just UV energy conversion to carbohydrates driving all things. Every species seems to add to the energy of the system. As witnessed by the terrific yields you get out of a setup like Joel Salatins polyface farms and Sepp Holzers Kramertehof. Sepp Holzers setup almost makes people like me weep for the sheer joy of it all.

    Bill Mollison once said that the people who do these energy calculations for subsoil life concluded that the subsoil life must spend most of its time asleep, because otherwise this energy could not be accounted for. This is not really credible and I think the circle is about to be squared with this better understanding of where life’s energy is coming from.

    It used to be thought that solar power was the best since nature is largely green and the solar panels are black. Therefore the black surface had more potential to harvest energy. Well energy resources are more complementary than competitive but with this better understanding of the energy that nature sources I’d swing in Mother Natures direction. I’d want to see if we could make solar roads (when we cannot put the roads underground) and solar roof tiles. In my view of things taking up good land for solar …. Well its a very fine thing for the moment, but its not the ultimate destination as to where I would want to take things.


  16. The great man theory is anti-empirical in the modern era. Churchill was a despicable old drunk in debt to the Jews. He may have been bastard royalty. He was under the control of a usurious cabal of gentile-genocidalists.


  17. “People who are in a position to make effective threats don’t have to waste time on criticism instead and usually don’t.”

    J-D showing his teeth. I’m the most censored person in this country I would say. I went about five years barely being able to comment at all.

    J-D is saying that the Kosher Nostra is powerful and so they don’t need to censor you, because if you become too persuasive they can take you clean out. Notice the paradoxical nature of what J-D is saying. If you are not visible, there is no evidence that you have been censored. If you have been censored the evidence for you being censored isn’t there as part of the data. But if you are visible and you challenge him, no holds barred, you will be censored. So gloating at the rest of us like some mafioso hood.

    Here is Victor Thorn aka Scott Makula. He was getting just a little bit too persuasive and persistent so he was taken clean out. The organised crime wing of this community plays for keepsees. If you think that Makula (RIP) was a racist maybe we need some philosophising as to what exactly is the definition of racism? If we want to ostracise and censor the ethnocentric ….. we don’t really want to be making exceptions. I myself think, right or wrong, that I’m shining the light on virulent racism and ethno-centricity coming out of that community of the rabbinical persuasion. I didn’t take this approach until about 2008 until I found out that the Israelis were behind 9/11.


  18. So we see how lame space travel is if everything is based around getting there on the back of a firecracker. What a joke.

    Bad philosopher-wannabe’s would try to tell me you cannot prove a negative. Getting confused between court procedure and epistemology. I would say that there aren’t any negatives and that there were only competing hypotheses. They would say “There is a teapot between Mars and Jupiter”

    Well of course there is, or there was, if someone has hollowed out any of the larger objects of the asteroid belt??? You wonder what the flying fuck is wrong with these people. Its bad enough that you cannot visit the mountains of New Zealands Fjordland, or Cronulla beach while you are so far away from home. But if you are inside one of these asteroids how would you put up without a proper cup of coffee from a proper coffee pot? Or without tea for that matter. Space travel is no excuse to give up on tea. Only cutting down ones oxalate consumption is an excuse to give up on tea.

    This is why tunnelling, big rock masonry, glass-works and permaculture are as crucial to space travel as electro-gravitics. Certainly more important than rocketry. The first hint we had that Elon Musk was going to get involved in real space travel, rather than propaganda alone, was when he proposed starting a company to do with tunnelling. There is no use sending even one rocket up there unless you already have the tunnelling technology and executive experience in-house. If he does send rockets up there its only to near earth orbit or its only as a smokescreen to hide the better technology he’s been favoured with.

    No organic low-carb low-deuterium beer in the space station? Cutting right down on human comforts and you cannot even have a six-pack to enhance the space experience?

    What a joke NASA is. Send them and all their fake event actors to another place and let God sort one from the other. We can do a lot better if we have teamwork between the CSIRO and ASIO. With me as supervisor and given power over suspension of taxeaters from the public teat.


  19. The sickening violence in Syria, Israel and Yemen ….. that I cannot stand. The disasters in Iraq and Afghanistan are things I repent for after being a big booster when I was tricked into thinking that terrorism was Islamic.

    But John Wick is quite good. Because he’s turning the tables on really rotten people. And his wife dies, and from beyond the grave leaves him a present to help him through the grieving process. This is not just a dog. But the last present, from the love of his life, to help him grieve for her. Thats important. Far more important than every one of those Jews.

    So-called Russian Mafia are really Jewish Mafia. When you come up against them it doesn’t really end until you have defeated both Nato and the Russian state taken together. So for me its pretty magnificent. Even better that he wipes out the Russian (ie Jewish) mafia over his dog. Which really means over the love for his wife. As someone who is a great admirer of the Catholic intellectual heritage I see this as very healthy, and in accordance with Just War Theory. Just war theory being extrapolated directly from the words of the saviour himself.

    If there was the risk of many third parties being caught in the cross-fire then Just War Theory would rule this out. But in this fantasy world he can target the culpable directly. So it becomes like the revenge of Lorenzo the Magnificent. All good and according to Hoyles.


  20. Ghengis I got out the fifth season of Game Of Thrones and watched it, many parts of it for the second time. I was very taken with Jerome Patrick Flynns portrayal of Bronn. If you could figure out who the number one sword-fighter in the seven kingdoms is it would have to be Bronn. But on the other hand even though he’s quite an old guy in the series, from one angle you can look at him as Falstaff backward-engineered to an earlier imagined age when Falstaff might have been young and fit and perhaps able to kick ass. He’s got a very Falstaffian personality so I kind of find him delightful.

    It will be many years before I watch another Shakespeare play without Falstaff in it. I recognise the greatness and all that. But why subject yourself to that mental abuse? I think for me I’ll only show up if its Henry IV parts one and two. Happy to take time off work to travel and see Henry the IV parts one or two. I’ll not watch any truncated King Lear ever. What a complete fucking waste of time to see any truncated, or rushed version?

    And I’ll not watch any full version of King Lear for another 20 years I suspect, even though all in all I would see it as my personal favourite.

    But in any case Bronn seems to have a bit of the old Falstaff in him. Really he’s the best character.


  21. “I’m expecting, but not desiring, Graeme to turn up with an expression of regret that the Spartans didn’t deal with the Jews. It will be deleted if he does…”

    Momentarily if so. Stop fooling yourself. Your blog is not your own, since your patriotism is not yet assured. Its understandable that Soon …. a brother too us all ….. has overstated his case in support of the dubious Spartans. Because the Spartans represent something sorely needed and something that we have been starved of. The willingness to die on higher ground for local sovereignty. Their whole society was geared up for same. Even the greatest of virtues can be perverted if taken to the nth degree. Ayn Rand was correct about so many things, Hans Hermanne Hoppe is even more correct but the good ideas can become bad, or merely silly, or still good but inapplicable if we take them too far.

    We need the SPIRIT of Sparta so desperately right now, but without the bad stuff. Its like I would say that we need Andrew Jackson to come back and sort things out for us. I mean we need the spirit and the attitude of Andrew Jackson. But we can do without the Indian massacres and the dispossession of people from their homelands. Same sort of comparison.


  22. “Top 2020 Dems would punish China over mass detentions of Uighurs”

    In the interests of RACIAL DIVERSITY (I am not kidding) I think we need maybe 50 years of a return to a while-Australia-policy-LITE. That appears paradoxical but if we dig in deeper, we will find that this is not paradoxical at all.

    But having said that, I think that Australia should take more of our fair share of 1. Christians from the Middle East 2. Boers from South Africa and Rhodesia and 3. Uighurs.

    Because if we won’t help these good people than no-one will.

    It doesn’t mean we need to be confrontational with our good good friends the Chinese. Being mates with the ones Beijing is hating on, is one way of showing the communist party that Australia isn’t completely gutless.

    The Jews are murdering the Christians in the Middle East. The ascendant black tribes are murdering the Dutch descendants in South Africa. Beijing has decided that the Uighurs will be genocided by soft measures if possible, and hard measures if necessary.

    Let them come here instead. Even in the midst of a white-Australia-LITE policy let them come here. They belong here. They belong here with us.


  23. There is no such thing as “Dark Matter” Steve. Get your act together.

    The next time a Leprachaun says that he will give you his bag of gold if you let him suck your —- ….. its time for you to grow up and realise that there are no Leprachauns. There are queers, fags, pillowbiters and science frauds. But that you are a little bit too old to be believing in Leprachauns.

    You have to exercise some sort of personal pride, and you need to stop yourself from being taken in by this dark matter jive.


  24. Its all gibber. We don’t have the data. I think that me, with a statistical adept, could show, that extra CO2 has a tiny COOLING effect globally but a net mild warming effect during the arctic summer. I THINK I could show this. But I don’t KNOW. Because I don’t have the data. And neither do you. Because all the data we have has been hijacked by the oligarchy.

    What we do know for sure is that we face no warming threat anytime soon. We have frigid weather ahead in the 2030’s and cold weather ahead clean out to the new century.

    So don’t panic. Go for multiple energy source development and 3 metres of good dark soil everywhere.


  25. “Glenn Starkman and Jagjit Singh Sidhu,” The Jew along with his uncle Tom, wants to assassinate the Goy, and blame it on God. It wasn’t Mossad, the fucking Dark Matter did it.


  26. This is like the Jew version of Clint Eastward missing that shot in Magnum Force. He makes himself out to be a fag (takes the loss) to convince us he’s a good old Aussie boy from Brisbane (gets one over us). When he’s really just another Goldstein hanging out in Dimona.


  27. No the pyramid thing was just the recognition that since the interior blocks were made of granite, they were not carved during the bronze age. So the Pharaohs didn’t make the pyramids. We know this for sure since they did not have the technology to make the pyramids. But try and explain this on quora and every Jew and his Momma wants a piece of you.

    5:13 pm Delete
    Blogger GMB said…
    Its really very simple. Modern agriculture, based around commercial monocultural crops, is a disaster since it depletes soil. The organic matter in soil determines how much water the soil will hold. When we start losing soil we therefore have more floods and droughts simultaneously.

    So here we have a REAL crisis, and every Jew and his Momma thinks “never let a crisis go to waste” and they then will lever the situation to their advantage and for the purpose of maintaining their tribal myths. Its not multifactorial hocus pocus its the crisis of soil loss. CO2 didn’t cause the soil loss, but high CO2 levels will make it easier to correct things.

    But high CO2 levels DO INDEED lead to wildfires, without good management. No question about that at all.


  28. “I have no real issue with a lot of what you’re saying. As per my original comment, it’s crucial more farmers switch from animal farming to cropping.”

    Thats wrong-way Corrigan right there. Good soil comes out of the backside of a herbivore. Its crucial that we get rid of tilling monocultural crops and bring animals in as part of any system. No land should ever be animal free at least for part of the year. Monocultural crops, using annuals and bare soil in-between the crops, this is the road to desertification, bad food, ill-health and, since you guys are worried about it, the release of CO2 into the environment.

    Perennials and animals taken together, with no-till farming, and shaping the land for water retention is how we get CO2 internment into the soil. You will never have to worry about the hydro-carbon industry if we have agricultural reform. Not at least until soil development is tapped out. If you think CO2 is a problem then agricultural reform can kick that problem down the road long enough to have all our alternative energy sources in place.

    But on the other hand renewables are getting a bad name, because they are BIG RENEWABLES and not coming out of small renewables success. They are subsidised renewables rather than competitive renewables.

    Sepp Holzer created a permanent spring out of dry land. He sculptured out banks and terraces and planted trees. He put a kink in the bottom third terrace and stuck gravel and a pipe in the kink. The trees collect the water even when there is no rain and he developed a spring that gives 5 litres of water a minute that can now be used on this dry farm. To set up a house and to have natural irrigation below that house.

    If you develop a similar system where there is natural rainfall, with trees on the banks, grasses and dams on the terraces, then you’ll eventually wind up with the water you need for hydro-power, and you’ll have the waste wood you need for biofuel. We want to take a whole-of-land approach to energy production. But in this scenario the soil development comes first. Exporting energy off the land comes later. And thats how it should work in the macro sense as well. Or else we are taking subsidy money for stand-alone purposes.

    Now it seems you are going on the thesis of all agricultural energy only coming from photosynthesis. So thats just one part of the light spectrum, involving UV light. Thats an outdated view. I think that all life-forms are pulling energy from much more of the light spectrum, and particularly red and infrared. Not just UV. And we take energy from the earths electric field as well. So animals, soil life, and plants are complementary in taking energy from the environment. Its not that energy pyramid with the apex predator on top, as we once thought.


  29. Graeme Bird says:
    JULY 28, 2019 AT 1:31 PM
    I think you are putting words in Sepps mouth. If he said such a thing it would be a highly caveated statement. He works with many different types of animals and the idea of just having one species on the one property makes no sense in the context of the operations he runs.

    In terms of pastured animals you really ought to be talking about a flerd …. A flock and a herd combined. If you have a silvopasture outfit in Australia it makes sense to have camels as part of the flerd, because they can reach up to leaves and things. a few goats can eat things the cows and sheep won’t eat .. The sheep will eat broad-leafed plants that in other contexts might be seen to be weeds, and the couple of horses will eat the forbs plants. If you had that “banks and terraces” scenario I described above, the pigs with the rings in their noses could even be there with the others, and the fruit would fall off the trees, roll down the hill and into piggies mouth. Which would be a beautiful thing.

    These animals are taking all manner of plants and converting them into the best and really the only sustainable fertilisers. Five days later the chickens ought to be sent through to eat all the larvae.

    Now as for flerd or cattle NUMBERS the idea is to crowd them tight together. Move them once a day if your on well developed land with lush grasses, but at least three times a day on marginal land. You would then leave that paddock alone for maybe 60 days. So moving three times a day means you really want 180+ paddocks. 200 paddocks so that you don’t have to bail hay for the winter. But in practice people are using portable electric fences. Because almost no-one has that many paddocks.

    Now here is the take-home story as to numbers. If you follow this procedure, you will always improve the land even if you have too many animals. But if you have too many animals you are hurting the animals. They will struggle. They will fail to reproduce. They may be distressed. But under the above scenario your land will continue to improve even with too many animals. So no-one can say what numbers you will settle on. If the grass is seven feet high, green and you have all this rainfall obviously thats a radically different scenario from the South Australian outback where it may rain twice a year if you are lucky.

    In summary its a strange question you are asking.

    Nick says:
    JULY 28, 2019 AT 2:44 PM
    Graeme: “your land will continue to improve even with too many animals”

    From the book:

    Sepp Holzer: “I did most of my cattle breeding at the beginning of the 90s, when I kept a mixed herd of around 50 wild cattle in a 25-hectare paddock.”

    That’s less than 1 per acre. He goes on to state that anything much beyond this should be considered over-breeding, and will devastate the soil and vegetation, no matter how much you shift them around.

    Sepp Holzer: “When keeping pigs outdoors it is vital to take soil conditions and any hilly areas into account. The land must not become overused. It is important to ensure a correct stocking rate and that the pigs do not graze for too long. Continually observing the development of the pig population and the pasture areas will make it easy to prevent any damage from being caused.”

    In short, he would say you’re talking rubbish.

    Graeme Bird says:
    JULY 28, 2019 AT 2:57 PM
    No you are just talking nonsense. Idiocy. His farm that he inherited from his father was a steep hillside farm in the Austrian Alps that has an average yearly temperature in the single digits. He’s got four hectares of water, not all that many fenced paddocks, and trees everywhere. He sells crayfish, other fish, fruit for schnapps, he’s got all kinds of animals including Scottish highlanders which are smaller cattle, that browse somewhat like goats …… Which works well with his tree-based arrangement. Particularly as he doesn’t prune the lower branches of his baby trees so they often grow up more like bushes and their trunks are protected from the browsers.

    You cannot prescribe from his place and take it everywhere. What sort of a moron are you? You are just cherry-picking for quotes without any understanding at all. Quote-mining moron. Clearly your problem is your low IQ.

    Since he doesn’t have many fenced paddocks he’s in no way a mob-grazer. Thats the logic on how his farm is based. His farm is more tree than animal based. Yes its true that if you are not bunching your animals you must under-stock your animals. Thats the whole point of mob-grazing is your capacity to bunch them. You are clearly a dummy, because if you know nothing at all about a subject, the idea is to ask intelligent questions.

    Lets go over it again and again and again, because you are in the drooling special class seats. If you cannot bunch your animals you are in the situation of the civilisation that has killed off its apex predators. All the herbivores spread out and will damage your soil. Leastways if you are overstocked.

    Go back and read and read and read again what I have written until some small part of it penetrates through your thick skull. Since Sepp is not a mob-grazer, and does not have a large number of paddocks he’s speaking from that perspective.

    Have you got it yet? Have you got it? Have you absorbed some of what I’ve been saying yet dummy? Or are we going to have to go over and over and over it again, just to come up so hard against your flat learning curves?

    Graeme Bird says:
    JULY 28, 2019 AT 3:03 PM
    “Sepp Holzer: “I did most of my cattle breeding at the beginning of the 90s, when I kept a mixed herd of around 50 wild cattle in a 25-hectare paddock.”

    You get it? He’s not got 200 paddocks. He’s keeping them wild in one very large paddock and basing his act around trees. Thats a situation which must be understocked. Do you get it yet dummy? Thats nothing to do with what I’m talking about with bunched grazing. Thats not the situation at all. Do you see 200 paddocks in that situation dope? No you don’t. His Kramertehoff is only about 160 acres. With a single 25 hectare paddock thats got to be his largest and one of his few paddocks. So he’s not even bunching them a little bit.

    Why try and quote-mine when you are totally clueless about anything to do with this subject?


  30. His first farm is not the only farm in the world, and he’s not the only authority in the world. His first farm is a highly rarified, in more than one sense of the word “rarified” affair. I listen to many experts and not just one. Your methodology is very poor epistemology and you could use it to make any case for anything if anyone took this method seriously.

    Now the reality is that I knew what I was talking about and you by your own admission do not.

    “A farm atop a former factory in The Hague produces vegetables and fish in a self-sustaining loop: Fish waste fertilizes plants, which filter the water for the fish.”

    Yes and thats the whole point. Animals are the best fertiliser for plants even as plants are, you guessed it, the best food for herbivores. The kingdoms of life, properly arranged, feeds each-other. (What was your point again?)

    On Sepps first farm the plant root exudates from the trees, and the water gathered by the trees feed the grasses and other plants on the terraces and they feed and fill the ponds also. Then the fish in the pond and dams fertilise that water, so that water naturally FERTIGATES (irrigates and fertilses) the soil lower down. Part of the reason he doesn’t need so many cattle is because he has four hectares of fish doing much of the fertilising. How many cubic metres of water that is, with fish living in it I cannot tell you. But the principle is clear. Both the plants and the animals help each-other. If they are properly arranged in your system.

    Would we like to have enough water in sub-Saharan Africa and South Australia to rely more on inland fish and trees doing the job, and rely a bit less on herbivores? Sure I’m open to that. But the grass needs to be pruned and stomped on before it browns up or its dead matter that has to oxidise slowly. So in the fragile lands its really only herbivore mammals that we have available to do this job. We cannot conjure that many ponds that many trees and that many inland fish in a big hurry should we want to swing further on the tree and pond spectrum and a little away from the pasture and herbivore mammal spectrum. We want both of course. But in most of these drier areas its just a little bit hard to conjure all these fish and all these ponds in a great big hurry.

    What was your point again? It pays to have a point? Next time treat the idea of having a point like that old American Express motto. Don’t leave home without one.


  31. rog says:
    JULY 28, 2019 AT 4:40 PM
    Graeme, P A Yeomans tried this sort of farming, Keyline he called it. There were many farmers who took his advice, they constructed contour banks to slow down the rain etc.

    He also developed the deep till Plough which has had some limited success but you have to take into account the cost of the machine, and the fuel, to pull this things around.

    It all seemed like such a good idea at the time but it didn’t really work and farmers were left with the added cost of eventually having to remove these structures.

    You have to try these things and it all made sense on paper but given time not supported by the experience.

    Graeme Bird says:
    JULY 28, 2019 AT 4:49 PM
    P A Yeomans system was ONE METHODOLOGY within permaculture. He developed a plough which cut underneath the soil without moving the soil. The idea was to aerate the soil and then direct water around a bit better than it had been done before. He got this idea from watching Chinese miners or something. Now just because he called one of his books “Water for every farm” or something like that, doesn’t mean that me or anyone else who likes the permaculture concept is going to suggest that the Yeomans technique, which came before Bill Mollison discussed permaculture, was a technique for every farm.

    Rog I think you are getting confused here. You are getting confused between the title of a book, a single ploughing technique, and the entirety of the study of agriculture and permaculture. Sepp never used a Yeomans plough. I don’t think Salatin ever used a Yeoman’s plough. I think some people have used it in permaculture. But I couldn’t name them. You are talking about a fringe technique? I’ve talked about a lot of things but I’ve never brought up Yeoman style ploughing until you brought it up yourself just then. Because I don’t consider it integral to anything much at all.

    Graeme Bird says:
    JULY 28, 2019 AT 4:59 PM
    “He also developed the deep till Plough which has had some limited success but you have to take into account the cost of the machine, and the fuel, to pull this things around.”

    Yes and now you should be thinking about something wrong with the way our banking and tax system works. The banks will lend up to the gills to BUY a farm. But they’ll lend very little, and only at higher interest rates to IMPROVE that farm. I haven’t missed this point. Thats why I’m talking about zero interest loan programs.

    You consider how pathetic our money and banking is. We have all this machinery yet we never developed terraces like the Chinese, the Thai, the ancient Peruvians. This is market failure. And the market failure comes out of poor economic policy. Policy which fails to meet Henry George part-way. Which taxes the retained earnings of sole traders, and which relies on us being money-junkies. We have an economy that works like a needleman. Our private and public debts are so horrific we are always hanging out there like junkies for more monetary growth to justify the prior debt.

    Sepp inherited his first farm without debt. So he could take his time and get things right. But if you go to the bank and buy a farm, you will be in continual debt servitude. You are never going to be able to come up with all these developments unless you are exceptionally lucky and clever.

    I didn’t ignore any of those things rog. Think of the post where you decided that Visigoth was me? I wasn’t just ignoring the finance side of farming problems. For shame that you would have accused me of that. I know that most current farmers cannot aspire to these things or I would not have suggested that zero interest program. I’m not blaming them I’m just pointing the way to a better tomorrow. Once you borrow that money to buy land you are in a much worse ratrace even than your average pen-pusher in the city. The rat-race so-called is really all about debt and usury.

    rog says:
    JULY 28, 2019 AT 5:26 PM
    Graeme, I think you should give this farming thing away – you wouldn’t know how to boil and egg let alone produce one – this rambling is not productive.

    Not all farmers are at deaths door, those that operate as a business ie they look at it as a time/space equation, are doing ok. Check out the sale prices of big properties, they are going for big dollars – these people know how to use finance to their own advantage. Check out prices for food in woolies or coles – despite this hard drought things haven’t moved that much.

    Check out food inflation as an ABS index and as a component of the CPI.

    Graeme Bird says:
    JULY 28, 2019 AT 5:42 PM
    No you are just being an idiot rog. I grew up on a farm. You don’t have any solid criticism to anything I’ve said so far.

    Graeme Bird says:
    JULY 28, 2019 AT 5:43 PM
    Its not rambling. Thats you being a moron. Thats all it is.

    Graeme Bird says:
    JULY 28, 2019 AT 5:48 PM
    Look at how diffuse and tangential your arguments(?) are. It would be helpful if you put them in the form of an argument so we could all laugh at you.

    “Not all farmers are at deaths door…” Whats that an argument for rog?
    “Check out the sale prices of big properties, they are going for big dollars” What that an argument for rog? How does that contradict anything I’m saying?

    “Check out prices for food in woolies or coles – despite this hard drought things haven’t moved that much.” Whats that an argument for rog?

    “Check out food inflation as an ABS index and as a component of the CPI.”

    Whats that an argument for rog?

    You see you are just hazy in the logic department. The man that logic forgot. You cannot place these statements into a coherent logical argument against anything I’ve said. Its like you are suffering from advancing dementia.


  32. We are just going to have to go over it again and again and again.

    CO2 has no power to make the rains come as it is not a part of water drop nucleation you stupid stupid dumb shit. Because of the absence of solar activity the cosmic rays coming rushing in from the heliopause, and when they get here they cause heavy rain. So that the global solar minimum starts off with flooding and ends up with cold weather and drought.

    Now. On top of this we have a REAL ENVIRONMENTAL CATASTROPHE. A real one and not a fake one. That is the loss of organic matter from our soils and the consequent desertification. This is caused by monocultured crops. Yes yes the same crops that go into your bullshit liars-meat. Your bullshit burgers cause this catastrophe. Because for every 1% loss of organic matter in the soil we lose the capacity for 20 000 extra gallons of water holding capacity per acre. So the loss of soil leads to both drought and flooding. Now do you understand that yet you stupid cunt? Please tell me that you grasp these realities behind the real crisis and repeat this stuff back to me.


  33. Use of certain memes is going to get you sworn at quisling. We are just going to have to go over it again and again and again.

    CO2 has no power to make the rains come as it is not a part of water drop nucleation Because of the absence of solar activity, the cosmic rays coming rushing in from the heliopause. When they get here they cause heavy rain. So that the global solar minimum starts off with flooding and ends up with cold weather and drought. The flooding now. The super cold weather and drought in the 2030’s.

    Now. On top of this we have a REAL ENVIRONMENTAL CATASTROPHE. A real one and not a fake one. That is the loss of organic matter from our soils and the consequent desertification. This is caused by monocultured crops. Yes yes the same crops that go into your liars-meat. Your fake burger patties are not helping. Not unless the ingredients come off a permaculture farm.

    Because for every 1% loss of organic matter in the soil we lose the capacity for 20 000 extra gallons of water holding capacity per acre. So the loss of soil leads to both drought and flooding. Please tell me that you grasp these realities behind the real crisis and repeat this stuff back to me.

    “Hundreds of homes were evacuated in a Derbyshire town on Thursday when a dam threatened to burst after being damaged during extreme rainfall.” Is all the land in the catchment area properly swaled? Or is it otherwise landscaped for water retention? Are there soil building activities going on in the catchment area? Fake solutions detract from measures that will work on the ground.

    You have lived in the city all your life right?


  34. “The emphasis in the condition is on the destination of exports and really doesn’t require anything meaningful. The condition is a poor response to the obligation of the panel to consider emissions (in other countries using Australian coal) and the public interest, including intergenerational equality.”

    This point about intergenerational equality is surely a winner. And what about strategic matters? What about the role of Joseph in Genesis? A tonne of coal we export is a tonne of coal we don’t have for later. Or its coal we cannot burn at home. “Winter Is Coming” as they say on the television series. And it surely is in the 2030’s. Why the dilly-dallying around with these arbitrary requirements? If we want less coal burnt we should export less coal. And if we want to export less coal we just increase the royalties on each tonne exported.

    We need to get ready for the cold and dry climate crisis of the 2030’s. Adapt to less coal exports. Get all budgets, federal state and local, into surplus. Ban our banks borrowing from foreign banks or if not establish a low monopsony interest rate for them. Let the AUD be super-cheap.

    If we are running a really tight act now, we can loosen things a bit to help ourselves and others, when the situation has become difficult to cope with.


  35. I think the 2030’s will be so harsh that its going to throw everyone somewhere near the UN’s lowest population trajectory. Probably we will level out below 9 billion and everyone will struggle like fuck from the 2030’s on. Just a hunch of course. But I suggest the green line or maybe a smidgen above it is the most likely option. And mostly from severe agricultural struggle in the 2030’s.


  36. This Muslim fellow is a gifted commentator. Born with the much more pleasing name of Timothy Winter. One problem I have with some Muslim converts is that they drain all the colour out of their name with these drab Arab handles.


  37. Graeme Bird says:
    AUGUST 5, 2019 AT 3:19 PM
    “Of course, nothing remotely like this will happen. It’s rather more likely that Barnaby and the committee will discover a working technology for cold fusion, based on harnessing unicorns.”

    All true if our prior ways of handling infrastructure (eg the NBN ….. what a crying shame) and big projects prevails. If its business as usual it will be a disaster. If a banker is allowed in the room it will be a disaster. They got all the bankers out of the room when they did Bretton Woods and it was a stunning success. If we don’t have ASIO cover and assume potential espionage from the start, then thats a catastrophe as well.

    Do we need it floating, and out to sea, so that the core that needs to be cooled down can be dropped in an emergency into 1 kilometre deep frigid waters? Do we first need to spend 20 years slowly buying up potential sites, so we have far many potential sites than we could ever want nuclear reactors, so as to keep the costs down? Do we need to make the revenues of sole trader subcontractors helping the project, not counted for tax purposes? (I think this would be wise)

    Any banker involvement. Any debt involvement. They will always screw it up. They’ll always ruin it for everyone. I would want the Professor to get involved in this one having put more thought into infrastructure than our other economists. Even as a restraining force until all boxes are ticked maybe. Economists are going to get stuck in the pro and anti nuclear camps. Whereas if we let Merrill-Lynch and Rothschild into the mix, like we did with NBN, it will definitely be a disaster. But if we started an whole new project, with a time-range of half a century, a low budget at first, and allergic to all debt, coming out of the CSIRO, and with ASIO cover … some good may come out of it. Particularly if the nuclear momentum, could be used as a vehicle to push big project and infrastructure reform, more generally.

    Graeme Bird says:
    AUGUST 5, 2019 AT 3:24 PM
    “First they need to fix the NBN and the MDB before they go chasing another shooting star.” Hallelujah.

    See that? The undisputed best technology for the job to hand, that is to say optical fibre, and if you bring bankers, debt and privateer logic, into what essentially ought to be a communist infrastructure project, they can still mess everything up. Like they have been doing for nuclear nearly everywhere.

    Graeme Bird says:
    AUGUST 5, 2019 AT 3:50 PM
    In entrepreneurship, you have to put much more time than money into a project, when your team is small, or the organisation is going to go soft on you when you expand. I believe that communist undertakings within a mixed economy, can have far higher productivity rates than private undertakings. Now why would I say that? Have I gone from Von Mises to Marx as some sort of mid-life crisis? My caveat is if and only if the gestation time for the projects is way way longer than anything that the private sector would undertake.

    So imagine its making a movie around about 1970. And the writer-producer scouts out all the locations, keeps honing the script, and works everything out to the nth degree prior to hiring a bunch of other people. I say writer-producer rather than writer-director because Directing is so exhausting that you wouldn’t want to overwork the director in pre-production. But if you have this lengthy pre-production when the team is small, they are more likely to put out a good product and under budget

    With these communist undertakings we can get good results if we start now, always start right now, on a really small daily allowance and expect years to pass before you put real money into it. Plus if when you start actually building anything at all, if you can subcontract with tax free funds to sole traders, they will still work for the private sector …. but if you are going about things slowly, that gives your sole traders time to tool up, get the right skills and experience themselves, and train their people.

    One problem with traditional socialism is that they expected it to be a whole-of-economy thing, which Von Mises proved was impossible. The other problem is that if you want to be more productive than the private sector, you need to be more patient than the private sector. You need far greater lead-times with the small budgets, before you start putting bigger money into a project.

    One has to take the attitude of Stevie Wonder …. “Maybe not in time for you or for me, but one day at Christmas-time.” If they want to do it in a hurry they should not do it at all.


  38. Gas and hydro are definitely the peaking technologies. Nuclear and Coal are the heavy lifters so far. If you don’t have glutted gas and hydro then the other additions, as worthy they may be, are likely to fit into the mix in quite a clunky fashion.

    We still have hydro alternatives I’m told. Near the coast in public lands South of Sydney I’ve been told there are more opportunities. Fish ladders are getting to be more the norm now. So a big dam ought not have the same environmental concerns as it once had. A fish ladder is where the fish can swim upstream a little way, catch a feed and take a rest, swim upstream a bit more, catch a feed, take a rest, and so forth.

    But I’d much prefer small hydro. I’d want all the land geared up as water retention landscapes and almost every steep hill in the country being able to generate hydro. We ought to be thinking about centuries long time-lines for this kind of stuff.


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