Kicking Off Thoughts On City Layout

So as discussed often enough the keys to good policy are 1. glutted land substitutes (high-rise, basements, roads under the ground) 2. Phasing to growth-deflation monetary policy (Gross business revenues always climb but never so fast that prices stop falling) … 3. Phasing to more cash than debt (or at least vastly improved cash/debt ratios) 4. Phasing out fractional reserve banking, 5. Immediately dropping any tax on sole trader retained earnings (they may pay their tax on excessive land holdings, or on drawings, but never even one dollar on retained profits and that is something we should jump to immediately rather than phase in) and 6. Meeting Henry George part-way.

But what clues do we have as to the exact rollout of these transformations.  One way is to project forward what sort of a society would really work fantastically.  And then reverse-engineer those policy settings that would more or less naturally lead to these outcomes given maybe two hundred years of organic transformation.

So lets kick off some analysis as to what we would want from city layout.  Personally I would want these little bursts of high-rise with sixty acre permaculture farms on all sides.  Maybe thats a bit too extreme.  Maybe thats more of a thousand year transformation.  Not a two hundred year one.  I don’t have totally firm and worked out ideas on this.  Like if you want all the answers for monetary policy I have all those answers.  I consider myself the expert.  I have all the transitional strategies. Thats a big topic though, so I’m putting off that one until the Christmas holidays.

One reason I don’t have all the answers for city layout is that I haven’t figured out how to make tall buildings sensationally beautiful yet. And you really don’t want ugly tall buildings.  We who have lived through 20th Century architecture have been beaten down by the typical brutalitarian ugliness of tall buildings and thats why a lot of my ideas to do with high-rise expressed on Catallaxy, which I would have thought were obviously right, weren’t readily accepted.   I cannot blame people for not being keen on a relentless glut of high-rise. Though it was the only way to give us first world wages with third world living costs.

This is also why I am very appreciative of the work of Roger Scruton.  Bringing his philosophical training to try and look into the idea of beauty.  So important.  We need to know how to create beauty in advance.  In advance of putting up a 30 story tapered building in a small town.   I don’t think any council should object to a design on the basis of height. Thats plain anti-social. But they ought not let up a building that is going to be ugly. Because thats child abuse, elder abuse, and every type of other abuse in between.  A councillor of a small town should show her enthusiasm for tall buildings.  She should be almost orgasmic about them.  But she should demand that the developer take all the time in the world getting the design of the building perfect.  Because once its up, if we are not zionist terrorist Jews like Silverstein ………  we will expect it to stay up for maybe two hundred years.

Anyway here is a post I made elsewhere that I will use to kick off the topic of city layout.  I would really want to be assailed by a lot of ideas on this matter so I could carve out a working ideology about it:


Try Science KT-2. It works for me. On another matter have we really thought through our city layouts? On the news in Sydney this week we had a survey on travelling times in Sydney. 71 minutes a day was the average commute for civilians who work in one place. But tradesmen were stuck in their gas guzzling van/truck for (from memory) 2 hours and 40 minutes per day or something close to it. Now this is a disaster as far as productivity is concerned.

You have people who make things and people who build things, and then there are many people who seldom do anything very useful for us over the longest run. In the second category its usually tradesmen. The skill set for building things is primarily in the minds of our tradesmen. So here they are wasting time every day in traffic. Now supposing they want to employ an offsider to teach and ride in the truck as well? How is a tradesman going to afford a young offsider to teach and help him, if he’s running into overtime most days, simply because everyone is stuck in the vehicle?

What would a city look like that cut down on these travel times? Maybe it would take up one tenth the ground area, have one million people and not four million people, with as many of the roads underground as you could possibly manage and first class public transport. Plus the roads financed by congestion taxes but only at peak times. Free travel the rest of the time so that we can manufacture goods and build things more cheaply than the people in other cities.

I don’t know if the answer looks like this, but it bears thinking about because this time spent in the vehicle by tradesman is a major break on economic performance. I want to close down maybe twenty or thirty government departments to make finance available for a communist department of tunnelling. The M4 opened days ago and its amazing how much time this humble tunnel can save people if they are criss-crossing the city.

We really need a communist department of tunnelling and a communist department for the development of canals. Some of these outfits need a 5000 year time horizon if we want to produce glorious outcomes.

Chairman Mao said: “Dig tunnels deep, store grain everywhere, and never seek hegemony.” This needs an update but its pretty good advice right there I would have thought.


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  1. Steve has been letting a lot of my “okay” posts remain which is encouraging. But he’s been STRATEGICALLY wiping my cosmic ray/solar cycle posts, even as he continues in his scientific error.

    Memories grow faint but Soon and Cambria, if they don’t remember these things directly, ought to be able to confirm that I tipped everyone off to this REAL SCIENCE a dozen years ago. Or at least they ought to be able to confirm that my claims to this effect have the “ring of truth.”

    We see the game that Steve is playing here as Sinclair played it before him. He wants to hollow out my more well-informed posts and leave the jokier second grade posts to make me out to be a buffoon, and to continue his tribal vendetta against the Aussie working class. I see Sinclair walking behind Steve in this matter. The Jew who walks behind the Jew. The Jew who whispers in his air.

    Sinclair dealt with me in this way pretty successfully. He WON after a fashion but a better Australia did not come out of these sneaky behaviours.


  2. This serial pest business is all about the successful banning of any glimmer of the quest for local sovereignty from ozblogistan. To be fair I would lose my temper all the time and call people “house niggers” (if they were lilly white) and its true I had a particular fatwah against Sinclair which has not weakened over the years. But the reality is that there has been a change. We had the election of Trump …… as President an ambivalent figure but candidate Trump was a triumph. And we had Brexit and so forth. We had AFTER I got banned from Catallaxy the Ron Paul phenomenon of End-The-Fed.

    So I’m closer to mainstream now in my wish for local sovereignty. And my temper isn’t quite as bad as it used to be. But no Jew has the right to undermine gentile culture, even as the gentile has no right to harm the Jew physically. So don’t try this property rights jive on with me, because I’m not buying it until you are a proven patriot.


  3. Now Steve I’m going to have to crowd-shame you with your strategic stealth-eliminations of my AUTHENTIC climate science posts to do with solar cycles and cosmic rays. You could have waited six months and gotten away with it. You rushed it. You blew it. And I found you out.

    Your motives are clear here. You are trying to push fake science and hide the good stuff. If you don’t want to be doing the Cersei Lannister walk-of-shame my suggestion is that you don’t try to steal real science from the people.

    Holy hell man it was as if a Jew was outside my door. It was as if a Jew cautiously crept up, crapped, and crept away.


  4. Don’t be dictating to me you science-denying reason-rejecting non-entity. Not until you are a proven patriot. Now about this updating infrastructure being expensive. This is not always true and you haven’t been paying attention. You don’t worry about the towns infrastructure in every case.

    What is often important is swaling the hills in the CATCHMENT area surrounding the city. Swaling the hills, improving the soils then putting in ponds and so forth. Still if suburbia is spreading everywhere its possible that this will be a fail. But usually you have these surrounding hills that need to be swaled and the cities won’t fair so badly.


  5. Yes happy birthday to our greatest living statesman. Truly the Dr is a friend to all humanity. A giant of wealth creation and the proof that everyone can be courageous but the true hero has courage longer. He is a massive inspiration for me to keep hanging in there no matter how many decades it takes to set things to rights. Dr Mahatir is the Gandalf of international relations. I mean that not as a trickster or a conjurer. But as a man who will walk 100 years to see to it that good triumphs over evil. Dr Mahatir is a brother to us all.
    Mahathir bin Mohamad is not now Prime Minister by virtue of the designs of powerful international dynasts……… ((((((like so many other leaders in the modern era)))); quite to the contrary, Dr Mahatir is only now in public life……

    .. because the ordinary people of Malaysia knew that …………

    …….. One man can make a difference.


  6. Apologies to readers. We have a Jew in Australia trying to push his bullshit on us so its my duty to counter him any way I can, and on my antiquated computer its just easy for me to use this blog to record my responses to the Jews outrages.

    None of this story is true. The Jews do this to all the African-Americans. Same with Cosby. Their aim is to destroy the cultural paternity of the Negro in America.


  7. The Jew gets his way by slander of the most ostentatious kind. They own the media of course. Michael Jackson IS (he’s still alive) the victim of this horrific Jew tribal behaviour.


  8. You idiot. For starters a Jew isn’t expert on anything but getting gentiles impoverished and in conflict. Secondly Modi got rid of all that currency at the behest of international Jews and obviously so.

    8:45 pm Delete


  9. You can be a Christian and believe in small government. Don’t be blinkered Homer. With welfare for the mean-time, meeting Henry George halfway, and making the government the beneficiary of usury, you could have a very small government, and the people weaning off welfare. Yes it would take a century or two to get it right, but it could be done.

    You see the welfare payments and you imagine its all these poor people that are sucking off us. This is not the case at all. Modern Monetary, banking and taxation practices, are welfare for the already wealthy.

    We need to carve a WORKERS paradise, out of a small business paradise.


  10. We didn’t go to the moon under Apollo. Thats just a fact. We may have gone there under different technology. No human will ever go to the moon and return on the back of a fire-cracker.

    You complete cunt Steve. Do you have any evidence for CO2-warming yet?


  11. Solar power is completely ridiculous because it only works with light. And only part of the spectrum for practical purposes. Permaculture recruits the earths electrical and magnetic fields as well. Solar power is pretty ridiculous really. Except in some niche applications.

    You complete cunt Steve. Do you have any evidence for CO2-warming yet?


  12. In terms of establishing the correct hypothesis the data is and was the photographs and the television footage. Since thats the data that we had to work with, it was only natural that the photographers were the first people to establish the fakery.

    But further reflection revealed that the entire concept was impossible. There was no way to get to the moon and back, basing your entire attempt, on a Fritz Lang movies.

    You complete cunt Steve. Do you have any evidence for CO2-warming yet?


  13. No-one can say we haven’t been to the moon. Because its easy to go to the moon. After all our ancestors went to Mars. They had full-blown FARMS on Mars …. Did-you-know-that?

    We can prove 100% that we didn’t go to the moon under Apollo. Because we have the data. And we can prove that our ancestors had full-blown farms on Mars. Again we have the data. But since going to the Moon is easy, just not on a firecracker, we are completely unable to refute the idea that we may have recently gone to the moon.

    Now you economists particularly, I want you all to think deeply about a cost-effective way to set up a farm on Mars. That way when I show you the farms on Mars it will confirm your great genius in anticipating what they look like.


  14. Rabbi Sinclair. Speak up. Lets have some ideas about cost-effective farms on Mars. What do you need to have a farm on Mars, and what do you need such that this farm will pay its way?

    Or if you are clueless, and you want to know these things, like you were on economics, then turn over a new leaf and start asking intelligent questions for a change.


  15. Let me start you slowpokes off.

    1. Obviously the farm needs to be constructed from local materials, and such materials as can lead to construction without an extended structure of production (Boehm-Bawerk).

    2. Clearly this farm, made from local materials needs to be transparent, in order to catch the light from the sun. Though Mars is twice the distance from earth there are no clouds and actually the DAYTIME SKY IS BLACK (did-you-know-that?) So there is plenty of light from the sun for this undertaking.

    3. You need a transparent material capable of being manufactured with a short structure of production.

    4. You need this farm to be wide enough to move a tight flock of animals in both directions.

    5. You need to have a lot more air-pressure on the INSIDE of the farm then on the outside. So though the farm will be transparent there will be visible signs that the farm is being reinforced in order to maintain internal air pressure.

    6. From all I have given you above you should be able to draw what a farm on Mars looks like before I show you the actual photographs.

    9:36 pm Delete
    Leave your comment


  16. These farms are only two car lanes wide. They are made of glass with metal reinforcement. They are in a state of disrepair, but their basic structure is clear, and its a variation of the tubing in the factories. The tubing in factories, when the air pressure needs to be different on the outside than on the inside. You know what that means because you have your hosing on your girls vacuum cleaner.


  17. On the north and south poles of Mars …. and most particularly on the South Pole of Mars … the CO2 accumulates as a solid … as CO2 ice. But it sublimates to gas. Once from the North and once from the South. This causes total planetary dust clouds on Mars. The South pole event is much more powerful than the North Pole series of dust clouds.

    The point is with two dust clouds a year, anything interesting that is millions of years old would be untraceable. The farms our ancestors ran on Mars are as clear as a bell. So this wasn’t millions of years ago. It was only THOUSANDS of years ago. And not many thousands of years ago either.
    10:05 pm
    GMB said…
    So in conclusion the evidence says its EASY to travel to the moon and back, since our ancestors travelled to Mars and back and quite recently. They did it often. They had an outpost out there. But we cannot conclude from this that Apollo was legitimate because the DATA (ie the photos and the television footage) says otherwise.
    10:15 pm
    GMB said…
    Look how controlled you corporate eunuchs are? There aint but one of you emasculated she-males out there with enough moxie to ask for the photographs.


  18. I swear you are all fucking Philistines and girly-men. I hope you are appropriately shamed. Here are the photos.

    Now if you want to be like me and be able to dig deep into the unknown … try and go with ….. FUCKING EVIDENCE. But if you want to be like Steve and having to change your sheets at random intervals, after wetting the bed over airborne plant food … Just keep on taking your primitive attitude to evidence seriously.


  19. There was no crime scene. It was more like a scouting venue. Cubs and scouts. The Jews do this to every successful black man now. They ruin the heritage of the black man by slandering the successful amongst them. They did it to Cosby as well.


  20. The reason for the increases is that climate change is generating stronger wind shears within the jet stream. The wind shears can become unstable and are a major cause of turbulence.”

    So we are getting stronger wind shears in the jet stream. The jet stream is driven by electrical effects. Got nothing to do with CO2 which is one of the most electrically neutral gasses you could have. Two double bonds. Not much to work with there.

    Its easier for water vapour and airborne water to be affected in such away as to help create greater conductivity between the ionosphere and the deep earth. CO2 is not part of this story. There are three jetstreams. There is one going Eastwood around the equator as you would expect. Because the prevailing wind is counter to the earths rotation. And since water vapour is consistent near the equator this jet stream doesn’t whip around like a snakes tail. Because the electrical difference can be resolved easily since this jet stream is consistently finding the conductivity it needs.

    But the other two jet streams TRAVEL IN THE WRONG DIRECTION. Bizarrely they travel WITH the rotation. They accentuate the rotation and they whip around like a cut snake. This is because the capacity for the electricity to find earth in these two regions is inconsistent. The black clouds may be hard to find. The water vapour isn’t there. She whips around looking for a live volcano or a tall rocky mountain to resolve the voltage difference. The equator jetstream is consistent but the other two are all over the shop. Jumping around like a crazy nympho. Their counter intuitive direction and their whipping around like this tell us that its an electrical phenomenon.

    The massive violence of extreme events on the ground happen South of the Northern jet stream and north of the Southern jetstream because these are areas where the jet-streams cannot assist with normalising these voltage differences. Its very similar on the sun. We see sunspots, which are a outer atmospheric result of massive solar weather violence going on at the surface of the suns ocean. But these are never at the equator. Because as above so below. Where the electrical differences are consistently resolvable the violent weather patterns aren’t there. They aren’t at the equator on the earth because the equatorial jet stream helps solve these problems. The violent weather begins at some distance from the equatorial jetstream and they are going to run themselves down before they reach as far away as the other two oddball jetstreams.


  21. So now we can have a model of how extreme weather events should be when we are in the cold dry period of the 2030’s. Somebody put your hand up and see if you can read what the result ought to be from what I have explained above.

    1. Will the cold dry period of the 2030’s lead to more frequent extreme weather events?

    2. Will the cold dry period of the 2030’s lead to more forceful extreme weather events?

    At first its a bit counter-intuitive. Since the solar activity will be weaker than usual right there you would expect that these violent events would be less violent. Not so horrific. But this will not be the case in my view. I think they will be LESS FREQUENT but more violent. Whereas during the strong solar activity of the 20th century, when we had a warm climate, I think they were probably more frequent but a little bit less rugged. Now why do I think that?

    Its because when we go through another little ice age …… (as in the 2030’s) eventually the cosmic rays cause the atmosphere to be denuded of water vapour. Of course there is always huge amounts of water vapour in the tropics but in these time periods the tropics shrink and suck all the other weather niches towards the centre and down the mountains.

    Without so much water vapour in the atmosphere it will be so much harder for the two oddball jet streams to resolve the voltage differences between the ionosphere and the deep earth. So these differences must be resolved MUCH MORE VIOLENTLY IN THE MID-LATITUDES. Even though the production of the electrical effects at the source is weaker than usual. Which is a bit of a paradox I know but there you are.

    Is anyone following the logic cascade here. Believe me it will stack up with the data.

    Sorry Westward. The equator one blows WITH the prevailing wind. On the East coast the prevailing wind is usually off the ocean. Thats why the east coast of Australia typically gets reasonable rainfall while much of the rest of Australia is pretty dry. You know what I mean. The equatorial jet stream goes counter to the earths spin, which is only natural …. the other two go the wrong way, which proves electrical effects.


  22. Only now can we explain the super-rotational cloud banks on Venus. That oddly rotate WITH the rotation of the planet, rather than against it, which would be more natural. These are cloud banks of sulphuric acid. And their direction and speed of movement has confounded mainstream science. They are mystified. They have no clue. Dog ate my homework as is always the case when you let the Jews out of the ghetto and into science.

    But by extending Hunter S Thompson’s generalisations to do with electricity, from the behaviour of our jet streams to the behaviour of the cloud banks of Venus we can see that the behaviour of these cloud banks is easily understandable.


  23. Dust particles and “Cosmic Rays” form a catalytic point which leads to water vapour liquifying around them. Wetness as got nothing to do with CO2 you genitally mutilated imbecile.


  24. The capacity of a society to mitigate gravity ought to follow hard on the heels of mastering electricity. They didn’t have the Jews enforcing fake science for the oligarchy. That opens up a lot of possibilities.


  25. “Despite the extraordinary volume of evidence (including 382kg of moon rock collected across six missions; corroboration from Russia, Japan and China; and images from the Nasa Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter showing the tracks made by the ….”

    More Jew science. Godwin has zero evidence we went to the Moon under Apollo. The rocks had amongst them petrified wood. That proves they weren’t from the moon. It doesn’t prove they were from the moon unless you think trees grow there. FAIL. Jew science confirmed. Neither the Russians, the Japanese or the Chinese have corroborated this charade. A Russian a Jap and a Chinaman walk into a bar …… which Russian, which Jap, which Chinaman? Any ethnic Joe on the street will do if you want to find evidence for tribal bullshit. Fail. Jew science confirmed. And the image also proves that they didn’t go because if they did the NRO would have better photos than that. Fail. Jew science confirmed.


  26. I’d want to send people there just long enough to convince them that we need free speech, science requires evidence and logical causal connections, and that failure to meet Just War Theory most of the way is counter-productive to the war effort.

    If someone is so strategically challenged that they see working class women and children as the enemy to be targeted for extermination, then sure. Make them dance around like happy monkeys until they come to the right conclusion. If they think that gravity is space bending they need to roll their butts along the ground until they figure that idea doesn’t make sense. The problem is we’d have to ship off every Jew and his Momma to the re-education camps. Since they are recalcitrant in all these subjects.


  27. When the Jew gets things wrong he doesn’t go back to the drawing board, like that Austrian duck. Instead he calls it a paradox. So that way he never needs to correct his crap work and all those prizes don’t need to be given back: Jew Science.

    All these alleged paradoxes are readily resolved if we TRY SCIENCE. Just try it it won’t hurt. You won’t die following science. You might think you will die but believe me you won’t.


  28. Now if Steve was using his own name, like Professor Quiggin, I’d try to be more civil. And these days I’d even try to be more civil on Catallaxy towards Sinclair !@#$%^&* Davidson because he’s out there with his name. But I’d snipe back hard at the people there NOT under their own name. Plus it would be easier to be on the same page with Sinclair again because the IPA has improved. I’m kind of gobsmacked. They were these narrow economic rationalists who never saw private debt that they didn’t like. They never saw anything less than the wondrous nature of capitalism when it came to selling strategic assets to communists. Well there is still too much of that around, but as of late I’m seeing a more culturally rich approach by the IPA.

    But no non-hostile modus vivendi can be reached with Steve here so far. And we can see why because of this thread. This hymie fuckhead won’t engage real science. He’s a propaganda machine. This is the third or fourth thread he’s had where he’s ignored the three-way connection between 1. Accumulated water vapour in the air 2. Cosmic ray levels and 3. Rainfall.

    Well this hatred of logic, reason and science is unacceptable.


  29. From elsewhere:

    Yes thats it. At first the idea was that the crude amino acids could be made in a pond somewhere. But a closer look showed that all the materials used were ridiculously heavy in hydrogen, such that could never be formed at the surface of any planet. Now some of them are talking about being formed at oceanic/volcanic vents. Thats 1000 times better but 1000 times no chance is still no chance. The oceanic vents might be good for taking a less complex bacteria and with enough time gaining complexity one supposes. But they are clueless how we even got that far. Even at the other end its poorly understood how natural selection (a culling process) can lead to greater complexity when it ought to lead to less. That may be the first question to be successfully answered if the bigger and more complex animals are pulling extra information from the microscopic stuff. Thats not an insurmountable problem. But at the James Tour end of the spectrum they are truly clueless. Its all a bit dog-ate-my-homework show, pasted over by a lot of doctrinaire anger and Christian-baiting.


  30. Jason, the capacity of a society to mitigate gravity ought to follow hard on the heels of mastering electricity. The pre quatarnery extinction high-tech society didn’t have the Jews enforcing fake science for the oligarchy. That opens up a lot of possibilities.

    Most of our science propaganda is to do with the mystification of gravity. You can see that is the main goal if you reverse engineer it all. So we have to put up with space bending, black holes, worm-holes, dark matter and dark energy and the goal is mostly to bullshit us that mitigating gravity would be difficult. In fact its easy. It has to be easy or they wouldn’t go to so much trouble.

    Another reason we know its easy is that Townsend Brown managed it when he was a child. Back then because of better (but not perfect) money, taxation and banking, small business tended to be tooled up. Townsend Browns Dads farm workshop had electrical equipment and spinning lathes and things. And he discovered that gravity could be altered before he became a teen.


  31. Lets go over it again. Cause anyone who looked at the evidence knew this was barrelling down the pike at us. The solar cycles have been weak even since 23. But 24 was weaker and 25 will be worse. Sustained lack of solar action means an invasion of cosmic rays which are cloud makers.

    There is no possible way that CO2 can be a stand-in for rain-drop nucleation.

    You know JC. It breaks my heart that we don’t have safe saturation floating nuclear. Because uranium is the one fuel that you can transport as far as you want without any serious gain in cost as compared to the yield. Actually oil at sea is pretty efficient too, since the Japs started making those giant post-war tankers. But gas is only good to transport through pipelines. And coal is a tragedy of wastage to transport really. Even though its the most easily available fuel still for the next few decades. In the wider scheme of things we would have wanted to move uranium and thorium hither and yon and keep the coal closer to home.

    The way the oligarchy does things is they see that there are areas with abnormal margins where competition cannot wipe out everyone. Then they attach huge debt to these items. It took a lot of effort to make oil a high margin business. The effort is ongoing.


  32. Of course Michael Mann isn’t suffering. He’s on his natural mission as a Jew. The maintenance of public myths, getting gentiles fighting each-other and applying political pressure against real scientists. He’s not a scientist himself by any stretch of the imagination. He’s just a Jew.


  33. From Elsewhere:

    The materialistic cult is descended to some extent from aether-denial. Once we recognise that aether-denial is a psychological operation, a lot of things fall into place. Its pretty clear that aether precedes matter. So why not consciousness? Maybe if the lazy Darwinists change to a more rational cosmology, and then change the venue of the origins of life, they may begin to make some progress. But trashing the aether-denial brings up a lot of possibilities. Possibilities that no agnostic can scientifically rule out.


  34. Obama is a homosexual who married a man who wears a dress and is much more masculine than he is. His girls are rented out from two other sets of parents.

    There is a hint of father starvation in the rise of these 70’s, 80’s and 90’s characters on the big screen. Prior to 74 or so, the labour market was sound, so the man of the house wasn’t a wimp and full of fear. Jew feminism hadn’t caught up with the men, so his wife was the house organiser. Consequently he served his wife OUTSIDE the house but she was the man’s servant in front of the children. This is the key point. IN FRONT OF THE CHILDREN.

    That meant that the kids had a father, that had an air of authority and confidence about him. And enough energy to be present, distant, and authoritative all at the same time.

    In the modern era the only male that really fits that scenario is the skilled tradesman who knows he is at the top of this game. The rest of us are frightened actors-come-politicians to some extent. Our sheilas have been corrupted so they don’t play alone with the need to project an excellent version of manliness to the kids.

    Everyone is in debt and so the man might hide in the bathroom crying after work and then take a hot bath and try to come out confident but the kids will see through his prevarications. Yet then the woman, also working full-time and exhausted, will whine at the man to help her carve the beef, or take out the trash and all that. Women have greater stamina for working and organising the house if they are put to the test, so the man comes off looking like a loser.

    So perhaps it was the 70’s when the kids felt this great need for the manly Man to be portrayed on their television sets. The phenomenon came just in time for Bronson who was on the wrong end of 40 when he did the enigmatic “Rider On The Rain” which made him a sex symbol.

    Now note the nerdy first names of the fellows that were to portray the uber-male? Charles (Bronson) Clinton (Eastwood) Sylvester????? Sylvester? Could you get a more effeminate name than that? Bruce (Willis). So there is something going on there.

    The lefty wimp male can snipe from the back-seat drivers point of view all he likes. But no leftist can fill the role of the hero in a drama unless he is a full-blown nutty revolutionary. You cannot have Quentin from the Vegan Co-op play the avenging Prince of Denmark because he won’t be credible.

    Under the lefty sixties they had to make Batman a non-rightist but it only ever worked as parody/comedy. To make the drama work, and to even BE a drama, something has to be “Rotten In The State Of Denmark”. When things are rotten you need a back-to-basics dude to sort things out.

    Item one is Steve McQueen in the following scene. Are the leftist girly-men really able to suggest to the rest of us that his serious fear-free doubt-free authority, is some sign of the desperate covering up of insecurities or indeed some sort of sexual ambivalence? I don’t THINK-so.

    I have recently had my adrenals shot and exhausted. So I know what its like NOT to be an alpha type, not to be confident, and as I said the job market hasn’t been right since about 74 for banking and finance reasons. So I won’t pretend that I’m always as depicted in the Steve McQueen clip. This is a man in a doubt-free zone with good adrenals. But who are the men out there in society today with that sort of moxie?

    I think we really are only talking about skilled tradesman with a good reputation and all the tools. The confidence such people have radiates outwards. Their job doesn’t require them to be servile, or scared of the future, or actors or politicians.

    Lets say you fought in Korea. You are just totally confident in the dark arts. But you’ve been back ten years and your health and adrenals are recharged. Why wouldn’t you be like Steve McQueen below?

    Whenever the Director put a rifle in Steve McQueens hands, Steve could portray extreme authority in a doubt-free zone. In real life, even when Steve was on the verge of being beaten senseless by Bruce Lee, he kept his cool.

    Check it out. This is how a real mans demeanour and we cannot see it so often any more. Its social degradation because a big chunk of the male population could be like this in a better world.


  35. You are an idiot Steve. This is an important scientific point and it has to be made. There are no contradictions in reality. And most of these alleged paradoxes are really contradictions that prove these inbred troglodytes have it wrong.

    When the Jew gets things wrong he doesn’t go back to the drawing board, like that Austrian duck. Instead he calls it a paradox. So that way he never needs to correct his crap work and all those prizes don’t need to be given back: Jew Science.

    All these alleged paradoxes are readily resolved if we TRY SCIENCE. Just try it it won’t hurt. You won’t die following science. You might think you will die but believe me you won’t.


  36. I didn’t put any Crud there but I’m grateful for the field-nigger who did.

    You know Steve people are onto you. Just the other day we had to leave a bunch of stuff on the customers lawn overnight. The boss says to me ….. He says “Put the tarpoulin over our gear or the Jew going to come ruin it”

    You rushed it. Your New World Order will fail. You should have been more patient. All the people big and small are onto your act now. Everyone knows if you leave valuable gear outside the Jew going to get it. The Jew going to ruin it. I didn’t say nothing. They already knew.

    You fucked up. You rushed it.


  37. Alice Cooper was talking about his close friend Glen Campbell. He reckoned Glen was this awesome guitar player. I didn’t know for sure so I went to get a second opinion. I’ve never seen this critic so enthusiastic.


  38. Drama by its nature runs against good civic policy. There is no Hamlet unless something is rotten in the state of Denmark. So you’ve missed the whole thing. Its gone over your head.

    Godel was a great logician but was he not something of a troubled man? Einstein was completely full of shit and a brand-name for a conspiracy of science fraud. A tawdry little incestuous life-long loser chosen to head up a conspiracy constructed for the purpose of social control.

    Turing had a lot of problems of his own. None of them really qualify as fearless competent men dealing with their circumstances in a dignified way. I say that TODAY almost the only people doing this are the skilled tradesmen with a good reputation.

    Look Trump is a closet Jew locked into his position. He’s okay but he’s a disappointment on foreign policy. But he’s doing some good work on the home front. He’s working maybe 18 hours a day I hear. Bolton is living in a dream world. He is a man who believes in Unicorns. I wish he was on my side but he still thinks that 9/11 was done by Arabs and not Jews. In other words he’s mislead and delusional.


  39. hat Brandy is good for you Sinclair as well. Like when you have a bad cold. And that Cinnamon Whiskey. The Cinnamon is medicinal and it stops you drinking too much. Matter of fact I might try and source some of this gear soon.

    You know the IPA is far more up my alley than you guys were 12 years ago. Maybe its because you guys have taken up hard liquor. The new Chairperson, cutie that she is, shows up and gives Andrew (The Streetfighter) Bolts boy some hard liquor as a present. Hard liquor makes you dwell on things that perhaps you should have dwelt on years before. I’m prepared to believe that you guys are not the enemy you once were.

    12 years ago I would have expected the IPA to be reflexively anti-Brexit. Now they are hitting all the right notes. Also I’m particularly impressed that you had one of our very good journalists there, reviewing his book and sticking up for the Christian paternity. The IPA struck me as anti-sovereignty and doctrinaire in the past. But now they seem to be going for the protection of the greater Western cultural heritage.

    I don’t detect any “come-to-Jesus” moment. I just see you scholars slowly coming to the bright side of the road.

    Things are not what they were. Sooner or later you may have to admit that I was right about a great many things.

    6:01 pm Delete
    Blogger John said…
    GMB thinks Steve McQueen is what men should be like. I don’t recall Einstein holding a gun, or Godel brandishing a machete or Turing the homosexual concocting poisons. That is the problem with people who get too caught up in trying to define what a real man is. If you have such a desperate need to define what a man should be like then measure individual men not by their visual presence but by their contribution to the world. When we do that the onscreen “alpha males” pale in comparison. Except Paul Newman, contribution hundreds of millions to charity. And Jimmy Stewart because he joined the air force, found out they were hiding him from combat, and demanded to go into combat over Germany. Trump and Bolton both went to great lengths to avoid being drafted. So by GMB’s account they are omega males.

    6:02 pm
    Blogger GMB said…
    Drama by its nature runs against good civic policy. There is no Hamlet unless something is rotten in the state of Denmark. So you’ve missed the whole thing. Its gone over your head.

    Godel was a great logician but was he not something of a troubled man? Einstein was completely full of shit and a brand-name for a conspiracy of science fraud. A tawdry little incestuous life-long loser chosen to head up a conspiracy constructed for the purpose of social control.

    Turing had a lot of problems of his own. None of them really qualify as fearless competent men dealing with their circumstances in a dignified way. I say that TODAY almost the only people doing this are the skilled tradesmen with a good reputation.

    Look Trump is a closet Jew locked into his position. He’s okay but he’s a disappointment on foreign policy. But he’s doing some good work on the home front. He’s working maybe 18 hours a day I hear. Bolton is living in a dream world. He is a man who believes in Unicorns. I wish he was on my side but he still thinks that 9/11 was done by Arabs and not Jews. In other words he’s mislead and delusional.

    6:13 pm Delete
    Blogger Jason Soon said…
    GMB: “Now note the nerdy first names of the fellows that were to portray the uber-male? Charles (Bronson) Clinton (Eastwood) Sylvester????? Sylvester? Could you get a more effeminate name than that? Bruce (Willis). So there is something going on there. ”

    I thought the first action hero was John Wayne. and his real name was Marion Robert Morrison. MARION
    what is up with that??

    6:15 pm
    Blogger John said…
    John Wayne was another alpha male who avoided WW2 but perhaps with good reason because large family to support. We need to get over these celluloid heroes.

    Godel had OCD of the paranoid kind. So what? Turing had issues but again so what? You are finding reasons to condemn people who have achieved more in a year than you will do in a lifetime(don’t take that as a criticism, most of us are in that boat).

    A fearless man is a stupid man. If you go into war without fear you’ll come home in a box.

    6:38 pm
    Blogger GMB said…
    Yeah there is an established pattern right? But this idea that Marion Morisson was a fag is typical (((leftist))) cultural war. Its based on one photo where the Duke was wearing tight shorts around the house. Ludicrous. I can remember my last girlfriend teasing me about wearing these green tight shorts and I just pointed out it was only me and her in the house. Its notable that this one photo is all that they had. So if thats all they had it proved the contrary thesis. We hear all these rumours. And John Wayne was a great actor. But he wasn’t THAT good. There had to be something of himself in the roles he played for a good half century.

    “Thats my steak Valance”

    Sinclair teased me for sticking up for anti-communist J Edgar Hoover. But on further reflection it was clear that Sinclair was right and I was wrong. J Edgar was a homosexual and just in passing he had a lot of negro ancestry. A very efficient bureaucrat so we must not see black man’s genes as any sort of taint.

    But this gear about John Wayne has short legs.

    6:44 pm Delete
    Blogger GMB said…
    Remember when we were around at your place Jason .. listening to Cash sing “The Boy Called Sue” …. Seems that Johnny was onto something deeper.

    6:47 pm Delete
    Blogger John said…
    Why do you bring up irrelevancies? I made no mention of Wayne’s sexuality and treated him more kindly than many others who called him a coward for not going to war, including soldiers during WW2 when Wayne was touring combat regions.

    6:50 pm
    Blogger GMB said…
    I wasn’t talking to you John. Get a grip at your importance in the conversation. I was talking to an old friend Jason. I don’t get to talk to him often because he knows a lot of very worthy Jews and he doesn’t approve of my attacks on the wider Jewish oligarchy.


  40. “Perhaps but the sad truth is very IQ people are alienated from the broader community and possibly were abused at school for being so smart.”

    I understand that in a very deep sense. But what you guys have got to get to grips with is that ISIS were always an international Judean front group from the very start. And as grownups you ought to have known that from the very beginning. Because no-one can capture territory, in a burnt-over community against the aligned forces of the global powers. And no-one can gain territory without government funding, against all the powers that be, with an evil and cartoonish diplomacy.

    Now I can see you want to say you are high IQ and manly John. But here we see you have missed something. When we are grown up we put our childish things away. And we stop believing that ISIS is a Muslim operation when its clearly a Jew undertaking, financed by the American taxpayer, and with Japanese heavy vehicles. Believe me this sort of thing would not have escaped Turings attention as it has escaped yours.


  41. Of course. Why be supportive of Assange? He’s not committed any crime thats not a beatup and he’s been imprisoned. Why have sympathy for the unjustly persecuted? Why seek for the freedom of people like George Pell and Julian Assange? They are only innocent and not free right? See this is the dumb modern left of congenital quislings. There is nothing about these people you can agree with. Its a full-blown rebellion against the norms of our culture that delivered anything that was good about it.

    Steve doesn’t judge these things on guilt, innocence or logic. Steve, if he isn’t following a tribal pattern simply has a liver quiver. He judges these things as another might judge clothes fashions. And note that Steve is no patriot. This is an attack on an Australian citizen. So its an attack on us all. If Steve is a tribe member he doesn’t identify with Australians. And since people of the rabbinical persuasion are uniquely privileged he doesn’t see it that he has any skin in this story.


  42. Its come to my attention that Pell, Assange, and the rugby player have three things in common 1. They are gentiles. Not Jews. 2. They are being poorly treated and 3. Steve revels in their persecution. It must be understood that to a Jew racist, gentiles are meant to be oppressed. They are sub-human animals.


  43. Any outfit who is characterising the Christian convert, Israel Shamir, in such unflattering terms are clearly lunatics. Your links make a case of reckless endangerment. But fall short of claiming they know of people who were killed by wikileaks behaviour. Now clearly this charge of reckless endangerment needs to be looked into by more objective voices. You have referenced Jew and oligarchical sources almost exclusively. Indeed that is the enemy of Assange, and of the human race more generally. So we expect them to try and make this case. But on the other hand they do make a serious case. So we just need to have the other side of the story. We need a bit of too and fro here. Are all people across the spectrum making the case for reckless endangerment? It would be pretty suspect if it were only the oligarchical-Jew sector doing so. I accept the argument and the possibility of reckless endangerment. But it must be said that Assange has the right enemies.


  44. From Elsewhere:

    I often find myself with Bob Brown on many issues. I think he is right to oppose this three-blade wind farm. Three-blade wind farms are close to useless. Still I like this idea of pairing intermittent energy sources with pumping water uphill. Thats a good possibility. But even in that case we would want to go beyond the three-blade model. Maybe a better model wind generator, coupled with pumping uphill for hydro-power … maybe we should be trialling a few small projects until we find one that actually works. But the three-blade system ought to be sent to the fires.

    The oligarchy is maintaining its high margins on energy prices (and therefore the asset value of all the debt they have attached to hydro-carbons) by always seeing to it that renewables investments are misallocated. If something doesn’t work they see to it that all our money is wasted on it. Thats a good reason to get ASIO involved in this sector to help protect us against being disrupted in this way.

    Skip ahead 3 minutes and 40 seconds into the video see a radically different design of wind generator in action. I think these things are worth small-scale trials. I mean just a million dollars here, a million dollars there. Until we know exactly what to do. A million dollars could buy a wind generator of this design, the earthworks for a series of ponds, and a big damn at the top of a hill, as well small hydro-power installations all the way down. We want to be very sure we have the right system before we start throwing the big money around.


  45. Japanese manufacturing success based partly around SMALL FACTORIES. This is the way forward. Not to whine about high labour costs. But instead to get all our sole traders tooled up to the max, by way of good tax and banking policy.


  46. Most of the posts you will see on this thread are to be skipped over. They are repetitive and excessively anti-Judaic even for me. They represent my attempt to be heard on the opinion-dominion blog. I kept on being deleted. So I had to record these posts here so I could repost them there. Other threads have far more thought-provoking comments. Anti-Judaic ones as well. But the thought-provoking ones should be there on most threads.


  47. “Brexit dominated the first 45 minutes and as expected neither man had any answers.” Ridiculous. What answers are needed. They had a referendum and we know the result. Its the best result they could have asked for. So currently there is an usurpation of power going on. They are supposed to be free of the economic union and they are not. This is an outrage. There are no answers to be had.


  48. I was in Bali recently and those guys won’t wear plastic bags close to the ocean any more. On balance I think thats the right policy. Keep those plastic bags away from the coast. Plus making the bags reusable is quite a good thing as well. Its all about quality isn’t it? The quality of plastic bags that break after a second use is pretty lame.


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