Ferguson, Maxwell and Weinberg: Curly Larry Moe.

These three are agents of oligarchy.  I cannot say who they work for directly.  It is certainly convenient for the top global anglo-American-Judean oligarchy to work through Mossad.  But who knows what the channels are? Polishing up my third eye here, I see them as working for gangsters whose bosses are more powerful than the Vatican, but that can from time to time work for the Vatican.  In this case they are not working against the Vatican, even though the oligarchy more generally is always trying to undermine and subvert the Catholic church.  But in this case the Pope will probably be in on this travesty.

Now lets just cut and paste a bit of background from these three stooges and analyse it with regards to the above hypothesis:

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Victoria Justice Anne Ferguson

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Victoria Justice Anne Ferguson
Chief Justice Ferguson was among the Court of Appeal judges who decided to unmask Lawyer X and release thousands of documents revealing the identity of barrister turned police informer Nicole Gobbo. She was also among the appeal judges who decided to reduce the jail term of Akon Guode, the Melbourne mother who killed three of her children by driving them into a lake. She joined the Court of Appeal in 2014 and became Chief Justice in 2017.
President of the Court of Appeal Justice Chris Maxwell
President of the Court of Appeal Justice Chris Maxwell
Before he joined the Court of Appeal in 2005, Justice Maxwell had stints as the Legal Aid Commissioner and Liberty Victoria president, and once led action against the federal government for preventing the MV Tampa from bringing asylum seekers onto Australian soil. In 2015, when he was made a Companion of the Order of Australia for his “eminent service to the law and to the judiciary,” he said: ”Victoria’s courts have increasingly become agents of change in the justice system, and I have been fortunate to be able to play a part in that process.”
Justice Mark Weinberg
Justice Mark Weinberg
Justice Weinberg, who served as a Federal Court judge from 1998 to 2008, sat on the Court of Appeal from 2008 until he retired in 2018 when he was named as a reserve judge of the Supreme Court. Born in Sweden, he was the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions from 1988 to 1991. Last year he presided over the trial of Bourke Street killer James Gargasoulas.
The Victorian Police are a pretty savage gang.  A lawyer is a fairly well protected person. So what is a good girl doing releasing all these confidential files?  You only do that sort of thing if you are working for a more powerful gang.  She looks as gay as all that but she’s a married lady.  Married to another Victorian court of appeals judge.  Which is quite shocking really.  But you have to keep your agents tight.  Supposing you are married and your wife is considering releasing files from an informant to the Victorian Cops WHO IS ALSO A LAWYER.   You’d be begging your wife not to do such a foolhardy thing.  But defying a weaker gang actually serves as deep cover for you working for another, more demonic, set of villains.
On top of that what is a fellow female lawyer doing putting another female lawyer under such incredible physical danger????  Its mindboggling the ruthlessness of such a thing.  You would only do that if you really wanted the other woman dead for some strange girly reason.
Now take the thumbnail sketch of Maxwell.  Well its only a summary.  But what it does is show up a personality that is one of a narcissistic legal usurper.  The lawyer is supposed to interpret the law in the service of justice.  Not get about changing things during his paid hours.  This is just the sort of person that the agents of evil look to recruit. They flatter people like this, play to their ego.
Now how about the supposed good judge? The one who gave the solid dissenting view? Surely I cannot have a problem with him right?  Well he’s not tainted by way of any judgement presented here.  But he’s tainted by way of involving himself with a false flag attack.  So he’s an agent like the other two.  It seems the court of appeal has been fully captured by the oligarchy.  Weinberg hit the jackpot.  He gets to play good guy and he had to be chosen to play the good guy so that people like me will retrospectively whitewash him for being involved in a staged event operation.
  But there is a really special twist to this story.  Because the whole farce has been constructed so as to actually whitewash the church and hide the sexual crimes of the current Pope.  Pell has been made the Judas goat.  Couple of twists coming up.
“Which further illustrates how all the morons in this thread throwing around innuendoes about the Vatican’s hidden hands in Pell’s conviction behind the scenes are at best only on notch less unhinged than those believing in Pell’s guilt.
Do you have any evidence for the Vatican’s involvement, morons?!”
This is a quote from someone at Catallaxy.  Let me tell you that if you follow psychological operations, THIS PROVES ITS OPPOSITE.  This very quote implies the deep cover of Vatican involvement.  Its like hyper-nationalism and anti-semitism being used by crypto-Jews as deep cover.  The Vatican has been acting saintly, supporting Pell but stressing their trust in the Victorian justice system.  This is not mere naivety from foreigners.  You see the reality is that the entire farce was constructed to make Pell look innocent, but take him down anyway, and whitewash the church in the doing of it.
The important thing about psychological operations is that they are multi-layered. And this one looks like spectacularly achieving everything you would expect it to achieve if The Vatican were allowing their more powerful acquaintances to handle this matter for them.
But there is another twist.  Reverse speech seems to imply that Cardinal Pell had a specific memory of doing something wrong and probably illegal in the context of being overcome by lust.  Not necessarily rape.  Not necessarily anything to do with a minor. Probably homosexual but even there its not quite clear.  I would say some sort of physical assault but not with a minor. But I don’t know that is just my hunch when it comes to listening to the reverse speech.   Its not possible to tell exactly what the crime was.  But since we have Pell being interviewed BEFORE he knew the details of what he was being accused of,  his mind was triggered to a memory of losing control of himself and doing something wrong.  Perhaps raping a male prostitute.   It could have been anything really.  Because he wasn’t aware of the details before the moment we have him on tape.
This is how the oligarchy operate.  And its a horrible thing.  Like when I got fired a few months ago,  I was feeling bad about having lost my temper at a casual worker.  I knew I hadn’t hurt him even a little bit.  But I knew I was in the wrong for not getting out of the lift, when I was furious with him.  So because I felt guilty about the incident I couldn’t defend myself adequately.  I knew I deserved being sent to another part of the factory to work for awhile.  Losing some overtime.  Getting some minor punishment just to maintain decorum. But I ended up being sacked after 22 years, much of which was disproportionately beneficial to the company.  Something very like this is going on here.
With the great man Bill Cosby;  Mossad rounded up every troubled woman of a certain age they could find, and got them talking a lot of nonsense. But they didn’t go forward without having some scintilla of some wrongful behaviour, that they could pull out as a trump card, right at the end of the softening up process.  I know less about the Rolf Harris situation.  But that would seem to be something rather similar.  Every agent and her Momma lining up to talk nonsense about Rolf but perhaps some loss of control in a couple of situations in his past.
The Vatican has its reasons to work with the bad guys, notably that the current Pope is almost certainly a victim/evil perpetrator in the oligarchies “Brownstone Operations”… From the oligarchies point of view they need to whitewash the nightmare situation where they have been caught redhanded with Pizza-Gate, Epstein, and sexual assault victims escaping from the clutches of the Royals. Not to mention those who didn’t escape and will never speak again.
The oligarchy cannot get caught with a series of smoking guns like this and the rest of us not expect a motherload of high profile reactions.   When I saw pizzagate its almost like I was waiting for the tide to go out and a big tidal wave start to build.  Well these people seldom disappoint and I didn’t have to wait too long until a bunch of waves came crashing in.
Now at the risk of making Pell seem more guilty than he really is I will link his reverse speech.  Subsequent reverse speech should imply that he is innocent of the specific crimes committed. But this incident of reverse speech sees him guilty of some sort of lust crime, and as I keep saying ….. it probably has nothing at all to do with kids.   There is no reason to believe, from what we see presented before us, that the wrongdoing that Pell has in his mind, is a child-related memory.  No reason at all.   Not speaking from experience but I am lead to believe that “sex” in the homosexual community can be a very brutal thing and thats actually part of the buzz of it so it is said.
As I told the reverse-speech crowd:
“Slow down fellas. Hold your horses. This Pell thing is a much more involved psychological operation than you realise. Your reverse speech has revealed some sort of alternative and lesser homosexual outrage than the specific one Pell was accused of. The lesser crime that he is admitting to in reverse is not necessarily rape and not necessarily with a minor.  It could be rough play with a prostitute. We simply do not know. You see he is being told of the accusations for the first time. So its not surprising that being hauled before the police has triggered a memory of some other incident that is not the same as the fantasy story that has been put together to achieve a number of goals. So take it easy. Don’t be hanging judges. Reserve your positions for awhile until you have investigated further. Because the nature of the trial reveals this op to be a multi-layered affair. Like something Mossad might carry out with Vatican approval.”
Pell could have been set up for sado-masochistic behaviour with an adult male prostitute without explicit verbal permission.  That would technically be a crime and is certainly a sin.  Who knows what Pell is feeling guilty about in the incident, but what we can be sure of is its not the same incident as the fantasy story that he is being accused of.


66 thoughts on “Ferguson, Maxwell and Weinberg: Curly Larry Moe.

  1. I don’t think we ever want these shopping centres any more. The ground level of high-rise should all be retail instead. So what can be done with the shopping centres that already exist? These would seem to me to be the ideal places to put massive high-rise above them. So we don’t get rid of all the Coles, Woolworths and Walmarts. We put these high-rise above them. Of course they would likely have something to say about such an imposition. It may have to wait until we have morphed to a Georgist land tax society.

    You see without zoning, and with Georgism, congestion tax, no fractional reserve, growth deflation, high royalty fees, and all the best policy settings, these shopping centres would never have gotten off the ground in the first place. I’m only talking about attempts to repair an unnatural situation.


  2. Its amazing to find people in this world who are too arrogant to regret a crime no matter how grievous. Ask them about the millions they killed under communism, and you will never find any expressions of regret, not ever.


  3. I don’t think we should compromise with this ritual killing. After all in New York they cheered when they got the law through to sacrifice full term babies. I won’t say whose behind all this baby killing. But their men watch porn backwards, so they can see the hooker hand the money back.


  4. Yes solar roads are an idea for a different century. But there may be the ability to vault solar farms that can track the sun ABOVE the roads? Maybe thats too much of an eyesore and too much of an expense, and maybe its an idea for another decade. But we should never rule anything out.

    Solar roads haven’t just failed once. They fail every time and very quickly. This is no cause for rejoicing, because its a space that wasn’t being used. But it ought to be considered a dead idea for the time being.

    If we revamped rail and had cars that floated above this rail with magnetism than the space would still be available for solar. But even this idea is for another century I would say. The more flat rail is the good idea, but the rest has to wait until it falls in our laps. I think its always going to be cheaper to vault things above the roads. And thats pretty damn expensive as well.

    On another note; Consider when we are exporting our coal that some people say that there is more energy in the Uranium in that coal than in the coal itself. We can form common cause with science illiterates who believe the global warming fraud when it comes to our coal exports therefore. Its possible to abuse people for being science retards., and then tell them you agree with their assessment on Australian coal exports.

    I mean who is so dense as to buy the lies of Michael Mann or Gavin Schmidt. I’m not saying what ethnic group they belong too. But they tend to have big noses because air is free.


  5. At first this might seem to be some sort of exercise in Aspergers self-indulgence. But in reality its a true work of genius. And its the sort of genius level creation that a planet could be bereft of one century after another.

    We could expect some facsimile of this coming out of 9th century China and never have it written down. We need to think hard about the world we are creating. I say we want a world where you walk five miles to help your friend chop some wood, and drink his home brew, even as Gotham City might inhabit a million people only a thousand miles away. Or even only a hundred miles away.


  6. Everyone put down Philomena. But I knew she was a cool chick, if a little over sensitive. She kept giving me examples of Chinese poetry that made me think …… OH MY GOD. THESE PEOPLE ARE OUR BROTHERS. Its the combination of Logos and closeness to nature that gives us this level of creativity. Yes close to culture but still with its link to nature. But with regards to the genius of talking heads, I might need to get the background of all of them to see if it fits this paradigm.


  7. am beginning to believe in BEAUTY. And you see these great artists like Zappa, Prince and Byrne. The thing about Zappa is he was involved in satire. And once in awhile achieved a level of beauty under cover or almost by accident. So Frank is gone and David is still with us and its really fantastic when we see him turning his fine talents to the bright side of the road like this.


  8. You are only putting him down because he was assaulted by a terrorist group, created and sponsored by the Jew Soros. For what other reason would you be picking on a Gay Vietnamese-American. Our guys murdered two million of their people from the air, under the guidance of the crypto-Jew President Johnson. Isn’t that enough punishment dealt out to his people?


  9. No you are not censoring the idea that Soros is doing evil things. He manifestly is doing evil things and there is no way I’ll let you hide this fact. There is no agreement we have reached here. Either you behave or I will prevail in these matters and you will ruin your blog.


  10. I am experiencing news of a lot of shoddy high-rise working offside a tradesman recently. Very hard to see how we could ever have a purely libertarian situation for building in the best of circumstances. But under our system of state supported usury its even more problematic. Because every act of development is akin to a gold rush. If you can knock the building up three times as fast as you really ought to, then you will get rich. If you take your time with it you will go broke. Plus they put up buildings that, even if they are structurally sound, they can be ugly. An ugly building is child abuse, elder abuse and everything in between. Its visual pollution.

    If you have a site wherein a high-rise might be built the outcome is very important to society. Imagine a Georgist situation wherein the up-front cost of such site is much lower. Maybe, within reason, once the best design possible has been approved, for a building of great vertical height and beauty, the Georgist tax could be suspended, and zero interest loans might be approved for the sole trader putting up the building. He might be encouraged to take his time and do it right. He will have been arm-twisted into making the building more structurally sound, taller, and more aesthetically pleasing, than he really wanted to.

    Also there is some room for communist building prior to achieving Georgism and low usury. We have precedent here with the small government Singaporeans under Lee. Lee met Georgist realities by way of getting his government to buy up most of the land in Singapore, and then providing most of the living space through communist means. You have to meet Henry George part-way to have a proper real estate market. And if you are not prepared to do that you cannot run away from Georgist realities. So in transition these sorts of schemes may be expedient.


  11. I don’t know if this body-corporate model works. Since its an artificial person its possible to consider it an imposition on the market. If the system is based on land tax with a threshold, and sole traders, it could be that you get one person owning the whole building and living on-site in order to avoid land tax. That may be a more successful model.


    2 seconds ago

    Just a note to Dave who sent a message but seems to have wiped it; I wasn’t talking about Trump. Candidate Trump was a breath of fresh air. But note that PRESIDENT Trump has had to go along with the ISIS myth, he’s a toady to Israel, he hasn’t so much as talked about dealing with the public and private debt crisis, and his foreign policy, at least towards the middle east, seems to be handled at above head of state level. Of course he’s much better than Obama. A monkey with seven assholes would be better than Obama. But essentially we have an oligarchy doing a very good impersonation of a banana republic.


  13. This is really out of line. Quoting favourably a quisling who works for the Southern Poverty Law Centre. The Jew ALWAYS turns the story on its head. You think this Vietnamese boy has any snap at all? Of course not. The whole thing is Kosher Nostra. Shame on you. The Jew cries out in pain as he hits you. The Jew pushes you over and when the adults heads turn he says “He pushed me first!!!!”


  14. I really am very pleased with Catallaxy on this one. There are signs that they are not as bad in the goose-stepping department as they have been in the past. One fellow quotes the judgement:

    “In any event, there is nothing particularly unusual in a jury convicting an accused on the strength of a so-called ‘uncorroborated’ complainant. A finding of guilt in such circumstances does not give rise, in and of itself, to a conviction being unsafe or unsatisfactory.”

    So one fellow telling a story is all that is needed. Six years on the basis of one bloke talking. The female judge barely trying to hide her raw use of vindictive power here. Because its not just one fellow talking, there are problems with his story. One would have to be part of a truly powerful gang not to be worried about this sort of thing.


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