56 thoughts on “Monetary Policy: Complex problems need simple solutions.

  1. I don’t think we ever want these shopping centres any more. The ground level of high-rise should all be retail instead. So what can be done with the shopping centres that already exist? These would seem to me to be the ideal places to put massive high-rise above them. So we don’t get rid of all the Coles, Woolworths and Walmarts. We put these high-rise above them. Of course they would likely have something to say about such an imposition. It may have to wait until we have morphed to a Georgist land tax society.

    You see without zoning, and with Georgism, congestion tax, no fractional reserve, growth deflation, high royalty fees, and all the best policy settings, these shopping centres would never have gotten off the ground in the first place. I’m only talking about attempts to repair an unnatural situation.


  2. Its amazing to find people in this world who are too arrogant to regret a crime no matter how grievous. Ask them about the millions they killed under communism, and you will never find any expressions of regret, not ever.


  3. I don’t think we should compromise with this ritual killing. After all in New York they cheered when they got the law through to sacrifice full term babies. I won’t say whose behind all this baby killing. But their men watch porn backwards, so they can see the hooker hand the money back.


  4. Yes solar roads are an idea for a different century. But there may be the ability to vault solar farms that can track the sun ABOVE the roads? Maybe thats too much of an eyesore and too much of an expense, and maybe its an idea for another decade. But we should never rule anything out.

    Solar roads haven’t just failed once. They fail every time and very quickly. This is no cause for rejoicing, because its a space that wasn’t being used. But it ought to be considered a dead idea for the time being.

    If we revamped rail and had cars that floated above this rail with magnetism than the space would still be available for solar. But even this idea is for another century I would say. The more flat rail is the good idea, but the rest has to wait until it falls in our laps. I think its always going to be cheaper to vault things above the roads. And thats pretty damn expensive as well.

    On another note; Consider when we are exporting our coal that some people say that there is more energy in the Uranium in that coal than in the coal itself. We can form common cause with science illiterates who believe the global warming fraud when it comes to our coal exports therefore. Its possible to abuse people for being science retards., and then tell them you agree with their assessment on Australian coal exports.

    I mean who is so dense as to buy the lies of Michael Mann or Gavin Schmidt. I’m not saying what ethnic group they belong too. But they tend to have big noses because air is free.


  5. At first this might seem to be some sort of exercise in Aspergers self-indulgence. But in reality its a true work of genius. And its the sort of genius level creation that a planet could be bereft of one century after another.

    We could expect some facsimile of this coming out of 9th century China and never have it written down. We need to think hard about the world we are creating. I say we want a world where you walk five miles to help your friend chop some wood, and drink his home brew, even as Gotham City might inhabit a million people only a thousand miles away. Or even only a hundred miles away.


  6. Everyone put down Philomena. But I knew she was a cool chick, if a little over sensitive. She kept giving me examples of Chinese poetry that made me think …… OH MY GOD. THESE PEOPLE ARE OUR BROTHERS. Its the combination of Logos and closeness to nature that gives us this level of creativity. Yes close to culture but still with its link to nature. But with regards to the genius of talking heads, I might need to get the background of all of them to see if it fits this paradigm.


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