Ferguson, Maxwell and Weinberg: Curly Larry Moe.

These three are agents of oligarchy.  I cannot say who they work for directly.  It is certainly convenient for the top global anglo-American-Judean oligarchy to work through Mossad.  But who knows what the channels are? Polishing up my third eye here, I see them as working for gangsters whose bosses are more powerful than the Vatican, but that can from time to time work for the Vatican.  In this case they are not working against the Vatican, even though the oligarchy more generally is always trying to undermine and subvert the Catholic church.  But in this case the Pope will probably be in on this travesty.

Now lets just cut and paste a bit of background from these three stooges and analyse it with regards to the above hypothesis:

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Victoria Justice Anne Ferguson

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Victoria Justice Anne Ferguson
Chief Justice Ferguson was among the Court of Appeal judges who decided to unmask Lawyer X and release thousands of documents revealing the identity of barrister turned police informer Nicole Gobbo. She was also among the appeal judges who decided to reduce the jail term of Akon Guode, the Melbourne mother who killed three of her children by driving them into a lake. She joined the Court of Appeal in 2014 and became Chief Justice in 2017.
President of the Court of Appeal Justice Chris Maxwell
President of the Court of Appeal Justice Chris Maxwell
Before he joined the Court of Appeal in 2005, Justice Maxwell had stints as the Legal Aid Commissioner and Liberty Victoria president, and once led action against the federal government for preventing the MV Tampa from bringing asylum seekers onto Australian soil. In 2015, when he was made a Companion of the Order of Australia for his “eminent service to the law and to the judiciary,” he said: ”Victoria’s courts have increasingly become agents of change in the justice system, and I have been fortunate to be able to play a part in that process.”
Justice Mark Weinberg
Justice Mark Weinberg
Justice Weinberg, who served as a Federal Court judge from 1998 to 2008, sat on the Court of Appeal from 2008 until he retired in 2018 when he was named as a reserve judge of the Supreme Court. Born in Sweden, he was the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions from 1988 to 1991. Last year he presided over the trial of Bourke Street killer James Gargasoulas.
The Victorian Police are a pretty savage gang.  A lawyer is a fairly well protected person. So what is a good girl doing releasing all these confidential files?  You only do that sort of thing if you are working for a more powerful gang.  She looks as gay as all that but she’s a married lady.  Married to another Victorian court of appeals judge.  Which is quite shocking really.  But you have to keep your agents tight.  Supposing you are married and your wife is considering releasing files from an informant to the Victorian Cops WHO IS ALSO A LAWYER.   You’d be begging your wife not to do such a foolhardy thing.  But defying a weaker gang actually serves as deep cover for you working for another, more demonic, set of villains.
On top of that what is a fellow female lawyer doing putting another female lawyer under such incredible physical danger????  Its mindboggling the ruthlessness of such a thing.  You would only do that if you really wanted the other woman dead for some strange girly reason.
Now take the thumbnail sketch of Maxwell.  Well its only a summary.  But what it does is show up a personality that is one of a narcissistic legal usurper.  The lawyer is supposed to interpret the law in the service of justice.  Not get about changing things during his paid hours.  This is just the sort of person that the agents of evil look to recruit. They flatter people like this, play to their ego.
Now how about the supposed good judge? The one who gave the solid dissenting view? Surely I cannot have a problem with him right?  Well he’s not tainted by way of any judgement presented here.  But he’s tainted by way of involving himself with a false flag attack.  So he’s an agent like the other two.  It seems the court of appeal has been fully captured by the oligarchy.  Weinberg hit the jackpot.  He gets to play good guy and he had to be chosen to play the good guy so that people like me will retrospectively whitewash him for being involved in a staged event operation.
  But there is a really special twist to this story.  Because the whole farce has been constructed so as to actually whitewash the church and hide the sexual crimes of the current Pope.  Pell has been made the Judas goat.  Couple of twists coming up.
“Which further illustrates how all the morons in this thread throwing around innuendoes about the Vatican’s hidden hands in Pell’s conviction behind the scenes are at best only on notch less unhinged than those believing in Pell’s guilt.
Do you have any evidence for the Vatican’s involvement, morons?!”
This is a quote from someone at Catallaxy.  Let me tell you that if you follow psychological operations, THIS PROVES ITS OPPOSITE.  This very quote implies the deep cover of Vatican involvement.  Its like hyper-nationalism and anti-semitism being used by crypto-Jews as deep cover.  The Vatican has been acting saintly, supporting Pell but stressing their trust in the Victorian justice system.  This is not mere naivety from foreigners.  You see the reality is that the entire farce was constructed to make Pell look innocent, but take him down anyway, and whitewash the church in the doing of it.
The important thing about psychological operations is that they are multi-layered. And this one looks like spectacularly achieving everything you would expect it to achieve if The Vatican were allowing their more powerful acquaintances to handle this matter for them.
But there is another twist.  Reverse speech seems to imply that Cardinal Pell had a specific memory of doing something wrong and probably illegal in the context of being overcome by lust.  Not necessarily rape.  Not necessarily anything to do with a minor. Probably homosexual but even there its not quite clear.  I would say some sort of physical assault but not with a minor. But I don’t know that is just my hunch when it comes to listening to the reverse speech.   Its not possible to tell exactly what the crime was.  But since we have Pell being interviewed BEFORE he knew the details of what he was being accused of,  his mind was triggered to a memory of losing control of himself and doing something wrong.  Perhaps raping a male prostitute.   It could have been anything really.  Because he wasn’t aware of the details before the moment we have him on tape.
This is how the oligarchy operate.  And its a horrible thing.  Like when I got fired a few months ago,  I was feeling bad about having lost my temper at a casual worker.  I knew I hadn’t hurt him even a little bit.  But I knew I was in the wrong for not getting out of the lift, when I was furious with him.  So because I felt guilty about the incident I couldn’t defend myself adequately.  I knew I deserved being sent to another part of the factory to work for awhile.  Losing some overtime.  Getting some minor punishment just to maintain decorum. But I ended up being sacked after 22 years, much of which was disproportionately beneficial to the company.  Something very like this is going on here.
With the great man Bill Cosby;  Mossad rounded up every troubled woman of a certain age they could find, and got them talking a lot of nonsense. But they didn’t go forward without having some scintilla of some wrongful behaviour, that they could pull out as a trump card, right at the end of the softening up process.  I know less about the Rolf Harris situation.  But that would seem to be something rather similar.  Every agent and her Momma lining up to talk nonsense about Rolf but perhaps some loss of control in a couple of situations in his past.
The Vatican has its reasons to work with the bad guys, notably that the current Pope is almost certainly a victim/evil perpetrator in the oligarchies “Brownstone Operations”… From the oligarchies point of view they need to whitewash the nightmare situation where they have been caught redhanded with Pizza-Gate, Epstein, and sexual assault victims escaping from the clutches of the Royals. Not to mention those who didn’t escape and will never speak again.
The oligarchy cannot get caught with a series of smoking guns like this and the rest of us not expect a motherload of high profile reactions.   When I saw pizzagate its almost like I was waiting for the tide to go out and a big tidal wave start to build.  Well these people seldom disappoint and I didn’t have to wait too long until a bunch of waves came crashing in.
Now at the risk of making Pell seem more guilty than he really is I will link his reverse speech.  Subsequent reverse speech should imply that he is innocent of the specific crimes committed. But this incident of reverse speech sees him guilty of some sort of lust crime, and as I keep saying ….. it probably has nothing at all to do with kids.   There is no reason to believe, from what we see presented before us, that the wrongdoing that Pell has in his mind, is a child-related memory.  No reason at all.   Not speaking from experience but I am lead to believe that “sex” in the homosexual community can be a very brutal thing and thats actually part of the buzz of it so it is said.
As I told the reverse-speech crowd:
“Slow down fellas. Hold your horses. This Pell thing is a much more involved psychological operation than you realise. Your reverse speech has revealed some sort of alternative and lesser homosexual outrage than the specific one Pell was accused of. The lesser crime that he is admitting to in reverse is not necessarily rape and not necessarily with a minor.  It could be rough play with a prostitute. We simply do not know. You see he is being told of the accusations for the first time. So its not surprising that being hauled before the police has triggered a memory of some other incident that is not the same as the fantasy story that has been put together to achieve a number of goals. So take it easy. Don’t be hanging judges. Reserve your positions for awhile until you have investigated further. Because the nature of the trial reveals this op to be a multi-layered affair. Like something Mossad might carry out with Vatican approval.”
Pell could have been set up for sado-masochistic behaviour with an adult male prostitute without explicit verbal permission.  That would technically be a crime and is certainly a sin.  Who knows what Pell is feeling guilty about in the incident, but what we can be sure of is its not the same incident as the fantasy story that he is being accused of.


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  1. Steve at opinion-dominion is wiping all my stuff again and as he’s a racist he’s blaming whitey for terrorist attacks. So you have to put up with me storing my contributions to his blog here, so that I can evade his evil deletions:

    Blogger GMB said…

    The Jews did it. Who do you think did it? Ashanti?

    2:13 pm Delete
    Blogger GMB said…

    Come on Steve. Who did it? Kalahari Bushmen? Obviously someone did it. Its just a matter of figuring out who did it.

    2:14 pm Delete
    Blogger GMB said…

    Obviously all these Muslims didn’t just shoot themselves. Someone had to do it. So who are you putting the blood libel on Steve?

    2:16 pm Delete
    Blogger GMB said…

    Contrary to Steves beliefs it doesn’t do a great amount of good hugging and kissing another man’s wife after her kid has been murdered by Jews. The idea is to recognise who is conducting these false flag attacks, in the hope that when they know we know what they are up to they may cease and desist.

    But Steve is putting the blood libel onto someone else. So who did it Steve? And what is your evidence for this slur?


  2. You are a racist. You are blaming this murder on white nationalists aren’t you? Yes you are. If not spell out who you are blaming it on?

    The Jews did it. Who do you think did it? Ashanti? Come on Steve. Who did it? Kalahari Bushmen? Obviously someone did it. Its just a matter of figuring out who did it. Obviously all these Muslims didn’t just shoot themselves. Someone had to do it. So who are you putting the blood libel on Steve?

    Contrary to Steves beliefs it doesn’t do a great amount of good hugging and kissing another man’s wife, after her kid has been murdered by Jews. The idea is to recognise who is conducting these false flag attacks, let them know we all know what they are up to, in the hope that when they know we know what they are up to, they may cease and desist.

    But Steve is putting the blood libel onto someone else. So who did it Steve? And what is your evidence for this slur?

    The reality is we need to dismantle the zionist entity just as peacefully and as quickly as we can. But ultimately by any means necessary. Listen to this good good man:


  3. We owe it to decent men, like the one in the video, as well as to ourselves and the rest of the human race, to dismantle this menace, and citadel of evil PEACEFULLY. But this fellows righteousness can only go so far. Ultimately we must close this menace down, and their bosses in places like the City-Of-London, as pure acts of preservation.


  4. The Beach Boys have a way of putting a line in a song that is just the icing on the cake. Like in “Lady Linda” the line is “Evolution has brought us together” maintaining romance and spirituality in the face of Darwin. But in this following song there is so much master-stroke icing I cannot pick out the one from the other. Supposing back when people wore hats and you are amongst people who were so poor they couldn’t afford hats “He had a hat on” Just a masterstroke, and one after the other.


  5. The problem with having oligarchical projects like Shakespeare, Mozart, and the Beatles is they detract from our more human geniuses like Dante, Goethe, Bach, Prince and Brian Wilson. Beethoven is so good he can look after himself. But others don’t get a mention because no-one can match the apparent abilities of the created personalities.

    The Rolling Stones were part of the psychological operation I’m sure. But still we don’t give enough credit to Keith Richards in my view. What sort of a world are you people leaving for me and Keith Richards?


  6. “The New Zealand mass killer trained in Israel in 2017 and 2018 then visited Turkey and the Balkans, this is confirmed.”

    “Our story begins in 1948 where an impoverished Jewish family leaves Palestine for Britain and then Australia, where in 1970 they gain citizenship. Five years later, a son is born, who in the succeeding 42 years only ages 28.”

    “The planning group included 4 women who are currently in New Zealand as part of a tour group. No, we can’t say where they come from because we dont’ know and aren’t going to make something up.”

    28 year old “Brenton Tarrant’ is 42 years old. (confirmed). Here is the bio of the fake “Brenton Tarrant” from the UK Telegraph:


    Someone did this right? The Muslims didn’t kill themselves. The one fellow was trained in Israel, and one fellow defected to Israel and WHO are you blaming this on?


  7. There is still some debate as to whether the video of the patsy is fake or not. Max Igan thinks this video is real. He thinks the apparent fakery is an artifice of video compression due to inadequate broadband in Christchurch. I think he’s probably wrong but cannot claim to know for sure. I don’t think my eyes are so good as to be able to resolve this one. But I tend to agree with Mona Pressly on this one:


    If the video is valid then Brenton is one of three shooters but if its fake he could be one of three or he could just be the patsy. Its not like Mossad to leave these things to chance and when you know how these people act you really expect them to have the video in the can weeks or months before the show. The Jew Zuckerberg was also involved in the terrorist attack.

    Vinny Eastwood went to Christchurch to investigate the matter and its clear that the attacks on the two mosques were basically simultaneous or very close to simultaneous. Meaning that it was a big operation.

    What we can be sure is its not another Sandy Hook or Boston Bombing. The Jews killed a lot of people this time around.


  8. We have no case of a major modern terrorist attack where the attack is not meant to be blamed on someone other than the group who actually caused it to happen. Try to think of even one example.


  9. No you are lying. The goal of the terrorism in this case is very clear. Its part of a campaign to destroy intra-whitey co-operation that could end Jew predation. Freud died of throat cancer thanks to those cigars And those Muslims died of Jew predation.


  10. Here is some mild confirmation with my idea that stone is now a neglected construction material and could be used for many applications. I think even in high-rise, stone arches in window places would still be useful. That keystone can deal with compression forces for hundreds of years.

    “Stone Arches: an Under-Utilized Technology in Modern Bridge Building

    Nick DinardoNick Dinardo

    Goal: In today’s America, almost 20% of bridges are considered structurally deficient or functionally obsolete by the American Society of Civil Engineers. In the ASCE’s annual infrastructure report card, they have also stated that this figure expected to increase. Our transportation system is vital to the functionality of our civilization and it seems that many structures will need to be reconstructed. Simultaneously, the issue of climate change is getting serious and the production of steel and cement accounts for 10% of global emissions annually. Rebuilding a large number of structures out of these materials will surely have an impact on our carbon footprint. So how can we solve this?

    The purpose of this project is to introduce the concept that stone could very well be the most economically and environmentally sustainable building material for bridges that need to span 100 feet and less. Time and time again, whether it be the masonry bridges built by the Ancient Romans or during the Railroad Revolution of the 19th century, bridges made of stone have proven to last for hundreds of years, even under modern loading. The lifetime performance of both concrete and steel are pale in comparison.

    In this research project, which is the thesis for my Master’s Degree in Structural Engineering, we will take a look at the history of masonry arches, the geologic processes which produce stone and its varying properties, the structural mechanics of masonry arches, and how its durability impacts the economics of an individual bridge project, along with how carbon emissions can be reduced by not using concrete and steel.”


  11. Blogger GMB said…
    No this is just racist nonsense from a Jew who will not recognise the false flag nature of all terrorist attacks.

    2:29 pm Delete
    Blogger GMB said…
    Tarant has been confirmed as a 42 year old Jew and not a 28 year old Anglo. So your just a filthy racist liar.

    2:30 pm Delete
    Blogger GMB said…
    “William Saletan, an Ashkenazi Jewish native of Texas, graduated from Harvard University in 1987.” There you are. The pair of you racist Jew liars. Members of the terrorist community.


  12. No this is just racist nonsense from a Jew who will not recognise the false flag nature of all terrorist attacks. Tarant acted as part of a team, is not confirmed as a shooter, but has been confirmed as a 42 year old Jew and not a 28 year old Anglo.

    “William Saletan, an Ashkenazi Jewish native of Texas, graduated from Harvard University in 1987.” There you are. Saletan a racist Jew and therefore part of the terrorist community. A community that carries out terrorist attacks, and at first blamed Muslims for terrorist attacks against Westerners, but now blames whitey for terrorist attacks against Muslims.


  13. Breivik is another Jew. Punishing Norway for defying Israel. Just the front man for an whole team of actors. The first pictures of him which came out were of a male model looking Nordic type. Yet in the end we were stuck with the fat little Jew he was the whole time.


  14. There are no whitey nationalist political killings. Its just Gladio 2.0. You think its news but its really just Jews. They are doing to whitey what we let them do to the Muslims. Their silly games ought to be transparent by now. You cannot find a legitimate white nationalist act of terrorism. Hymie paints nazi symbols over his own synagogue and cries antisemitism time after time after time after time.


  15. There are no whitey nationalist political killings. Its just Gladio 2.0. You think its news but its really just Jews. They are doing to whitey what we let them do to the Muslims. Their silly games ought to be transparent by now. You cannot find a legitimate white nationalist act of terrorism. Hymie paints nazi symbols over his own synagogue and cries antisemitism time after time after time after time.
    Here we go:

    “Stephens was born in New York City,[3] the son of Xenia and Charles J. Stephens, a former vice president of General Products, a chemical company in Mexico.[4][5] Both his parents were secular Jews.”

    Another Jew trying to reinforce this lie of whitey and Muslim terrorism.


  16. The Jew strategy is very clear. Get Muslims and non-Muslims fighting each-other, than flood the United States with Muslims. Its not paradoxical its warfare against the gentiles. If the Jews were stooging us that Muslims cause terrorism AND advocating drastically less Muslim immigration, that would make sense to a gentile. But they are blaming Muslims and white nationalists for their own misdeeds AND advocating unrestricted access to the American side of the drawbridge. So its the same old traitor Jew syndrome. Old as the hills.

    But note its further than that. Steve and the other Jews are claiming that IF WE EVEN WANT A RATIONAL DEBATE ABOUT IMMIGRATION we are guilty of sparking the terrorism that the Jews themselves carry out.


  17. This is a universal feature to faked events. Everyone gets drawn in and becomes a crisis actor. Then what happens is all their reactions are inappropriate. Since few people can act like Lord Lawrence Olivier.


  18. Babies usually bring a smile to your face. And this little fella doesn’t know he’s supposed to be acting sad. It would just upset the little bloke if all the adults started doing the boo hoo hoo and began to take the faked event all that seriously. So really to me its a very human photo.

    What is Trump going to do? He’s done a few good things in economic policy. But should he defy the plan to any real degree the Jews will blow his head clean off, in public, in front of his wife, just like they did to JFK. Of course they were more in the background on that one. Now they get right up in our face.


  19. When we say false flag, or faked event, it in no way implies that nobody died. But there is a lot of media work to get done PRIOR TO the faked event. You have to have all or most of the crisis interviews in the can beforehand, and the stories written up beforehand. Terrorist attacks not controlled by people who don’t also control the media are completely pointless. So the media needs full preparation in advance. Particularly now as the crisis actors have to be filtered for realism ….. earlier crisis actors being almost supernaturally bad actors.

    Here we see many of the stories about El Paso were posted on the internet prior to the official date of the alleged incident. Which proves me right 100% and no way around it.


  20. Once you understand the role of molten salts in modern energy production and if you start thinking about stacking functions, the Concentrated Solar Power towers ….. is what we want to start building now. Either side of the railway line that the Ghan now travels along. From Alice Springs up to where the tropics first begin to kick in.

    If we get good at molten salts technology, then that opens us up to liquid metal batteries, thermal storage for intermittent power sources, and most importantly modern nuclear. Its a beautiful thing. The mirrors can be equivalent to your “pioneer trees” when it comes to greening the desert. Everything is so beautiful strategically. From elsewhere:

    Here is an idea that will be old hat to all of you until you think about the potential for stacking functions. Surely here is something we Aussies can all agree on. If we are pro-Nuclear, anti-Nuclear or caveated pro and anti nuclear. We should all agree that we need a humble CSP (concentrated solar power)/molten salt research station, using the Ghan railway to leverage this project.

    You don’t need to worry that its too far from major electricity markets. Because the potential for value added from the heat of molten salts is much higher than the revenues that the electricity markets can offer. So if we got really good with molten salts, the specific glass manufacture and construction needed, and heat containment in the face of corrosive molten salt … we could have these stations from Alice Springs, clean up to where the tropics kick in south of Katherine, and be happy for every one of them. This is the solar I can get fully behind. And because it would give our guys the experience and knowledge with molten salts and their containment, its setting us up to be able to smoothly glide in nuclear, into the same industrial farms, when everyone is good and ready.

    For Australia this is the perfect storm of awesomeness. There are so many potential spinoffs. The possibilities are ludicrously cool. And if you pitch it as POTENTIALLY building the skill-set and supply chain for nuclear, you should get bipartisan support.


  21. Once you get the idea of how many applications can be put on top of high heat storage, and once you see how molten salts are the key bridging technology, then the strategic path seems clear. We have dudes in Australia right on top of the CSP/Molten salts convergence. But tying this matter too closely to electricity generation is inhibiting the potential here. This may be the curse of global warming coming up. Instead of locating these things north of Alice Springs they are trying to use them as substitutes for coal closer to the big population centres. This to my mind destroys their strategic importance and leaves them prone to crowding out other land uses. Holy Shit if thats true the global warming fraud is a menace.

    Don’t get me wrong. In the end hybrid CSP and nuclear setups, with the bridging technology of molten salts, can replace every last coal-electricity setup. But thats not the catalysing path. Thats not the strategic direction we ought to be taking this. There is a certain order you roll this stuff out. Taking solar close to the main cities is not that strategic path. In the end no coal should be used for coal-electricity. Its too valuable for that.

    In the final analysis all the coal should be taken to the CSP/Nuclear hybrid industrial farms. It should be turned into a liquid and the uranium (for sure) and thorium (maybe) ought to be extracted from the coal. Then using heat and H2 the liquid coal should be further converted to higher value synthetic fuels. Taking its value from maybe $50 dollars per tonne to many hundreds of dollars per tonne. There is more energy in the uranium in coal, then there is in the coal itself. There is potentially trillions of dollars worth of processed hydro-carbons that we could be turning this coal into. Such a crying shame to be shipping this resource off the continent for this ludicrously cheap price.

    Just to prove that people are getting on top of this molten salt idea I’ll cut and paste something below. But I’m not at all sure that many people locally are really seeing the stacking functions side of things:

    Scientists use past research on salts to develop concentrated solar power

    Concentrated solar power and nuclear power may appear to be extremely different energy sources. Nuclear power originates from the energy discharged when neutrons crash into uranium atoms, splitting them apart.
    Solar power originates from the sunlight shining down on earth. However, a few concentrated solar power plants turn that light into heat, which can be utilized in the same manner as the heat of a nuclear reactor to produce steam to create electricity. Also, both energy sources frequently share a core ingredient: salt.

    Occasionally, engineers have used molten salt to fuel and cool nuclear reactors. As nuclear fuel, salt is appealing as it endures radiation and can work at near-normal pressure and comparatively low temperatures.

    Salt also stays moderately inert and stable within the nuclear fuel cycle. At present, engineers from the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Argonne and Oak Ridge national laboratories are relying on several years of nuclear research on salts to progress a solar technology known as concentrating solar-thermal power (CSP).

    Turning up the heat

    CSP works when mirrors reflect and focus sunlight onto a receiver, which traps the light, changing it into heat stored in a hot fluid. Akin to power sources, such as fossil and nuclear fuels, that heat turns turbines, producing electricity.

    Researchers are aiming to make CSP more efficient and economical than competitor technologies. Commercial CSP power plants, such as the revolutionary U.S. Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Project, produce and store electricity by heating molten or liquid nitrate salts to 565 °C. But that temperature limits the efficiency of the system and makes it hard for decreasing production costs.

    Of late, researchers are looking at chloride salts, which can be heated up to 750 °C. At higher temperatures, CSP may deliver sufficiently high efficiencies to reach the target cost range—5 to 10 cents per kilowatt-hour, as opposed to 10.3 to 18.4 cents per kilowatt-hour today—of DOE’s Solar Energy Technologies Office (SETO) within the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy.

    To realize this goal, SETO is financing research at Argonne and Oak Ridge, as well as many other national laboratories and universities.

    The most efficient CSP systems take advantage of a large temperature difference between the hot leg (the pipe section containing the highest-temperature fluids) and the cold leg (the pipe section that carries salt from the turbines after its heat has been transferred). That big difference in temperature lets you generate a lot more electricity.

    James Willit, Principal Chemist, Chemical and Fuel Cycle Technologies Division, Argonne

    Related Stories

    World’s Most Advanced Nuclear Reactor Launched by GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy
    Inevitable US Nuclear Phase-Out Part of a Broader Evolution
    Virginia’s Nuclear Energy Consortium Receives Support of Nuclear Street

    Keeping it clean

    Regardless of its promise, high-temperature molten salt has the tendency to corrode a number of materials. ​“You need to control what’s going on in the salt to avoid corrosion and equipment failure,” said Nathaniel Hoyt, a chemical engineer at Argonne. He and Argonne team members Mark Williamson, director of the Chemical and Fuel Cycle Technologies division, and Jicheng Guo, a postdoctoral researcher, are trying to find a solution.

    In 2018, the team joined a group of scientists from Oak Ridge, Virginia Tech, and the University of Utah who are designing a CSP prototype for high-temperature molten salt to test the concept’s performance. The role of Argonne is two-fold:

    Design sensors that can monitor the salt composition as it flows through the hot and cold legs of a looped pipe
    Get rid of salt impurities, such as hydroxychlorides and oxides that trigger corrosion

    Argonne’s sensors compute electrochemical responses in the salt, evaluating its health, and detecting possible issues. When salt is exposed to water, for instance, hydrochloric acid is created in it, which can corrode the CSP system’s metal pipes. This corrosion leads to the presence of iron, chromium, and other structural metal ions in the salt, which can reduce the system’s long life.

    Once the sensors spot impurities, the system automatically switches on a separate electrolysis system, which incorporates magnesium to the salt to eliminate the corrosive elements.

    The technology is established on Argonne’s founding mission of investigating peaceful uses of nuclear energy. Several years of work with high-temperature molten salts have resulted in significant progress in reactor designs and pyroprocessing, a technique of recovering and reusing nuclear fuel that was established at the laboratory, stated Williamson.

    The research is also part of a larger, five-year program sponsored by SETO, called Gen3 C.


  22. This fellow seems to have the best technical handle on nuclear fission that I’ve heard so far. I’m not saying to listen to him, because he’s not talking in broad brush and he can be overwhelming. But he gives me some hope since he seems to know how to burn Thorium. But so far Thorium on its own appears to be a bit weak on neutron production. Not that you want too many neutrons but you need enough to keep the process running efficiently. Ed Pheil makes it sound like you want thorium with other fissionable materials so they all work nicely together. It may be that thorium alone is remote, but thorium with various other radioactive materials could probably be done right now.


  23. Whats really needed here is people who can show how energy sources are complements, not competitors. I mean thats if we are doing it right. I’ll find someone who shows the magic of how much wealth we can produce if we are stacking functions with nuclear, concentrated solar power, molten salt batteries, molten salt heat storage, greening the desert with permaculture, adding heat and H2 to hydrocarbons, biofuel and this sort of thing. If heat can be generated for free, we could also be the lowest cost silicon-photovoltaic panel maker in the world. These things do require some rare earth metals. So its not the planet-saver its made out to be. But we should aspire to be the lowest cost producer just the same. Being able to produce the necessary 1400 degree heat on the cheap.

    What really pisses me off, what really gives me the drizzling shits, is this idea of one right answer in the one place. Its like the mono-culture of energy production. Its like arguing which mono-culture is best? Corn or Soy? Thats the mindset we are stuck in right now. We need a more permaculture-like view of the situation.


  24. Buildings need to be tall. But how do we make living spaces, and public spaces beautiful?

    I could use maybe 50 hours of this. Very hard to learn this subject. The Americans used to have street cars, they used to live downtown where congestion wasn’t a problem because congestion was people socialising. Catholic neighbourhoods were particularly targeted to be broken up so that more people could move further out to the suburbs, then they needed a car to drive hither and yon.

    So part of the story is living close to where your work and where your wider family is. Far less bullshit jobs. Far more jobs where you are working for the local economy. Not the local national one. I mean the local neighbourhood. Manufacturing of course needs to be international. But a much larger part of agriculture, and the tertiary economy, ought to be local. Not all of it. But a larger part of it. Only manufacturing ought by its nature have these massively long structures of production.


  25. Road-building pushes houses out further which requires more road-building, which means the houses go out further and now Sydney-types drive an average of 71 minutes a day. Sydney tradesman drive maybe 2 hours and 40 minutes per day. Therefore not only should more jobs be where you live, to break this horrific cycle of dysfunction, as many roads as possible ought to be going underground. If I’m wrong about this how the hell else can you break this cycle of roads throwing people further out requiring more roads? It simply cannot be done. But congestion taxes in peak time may help a little bit. Not a whole lot but a little bit.

    Much as I like cheap energy part of me knows we are never going to break this horror-show without a crisis era of high energy prices. We want the cheap energy. But we want to start laying out our cities as if we were using the cheap energy to plan for a day of expensive energy. Thats the only formula that I can come up with that makes sense. Maybe meeting Henry George halfway would solve these problems organically.


  26. The problems as identified by Alice Cooper. I used to think that these were all problems of our big government. Then of big government and dysfunctional banking. But a lot of these problems are also to do with the disaster of modern urban design.

    I can’t get a girl cuz I ain’t got a car
    I can’t get a car cuz I ain’t got a job
    I can’t get a job cuz I ain’t got a car
    So I’m looking for a girl with a job and a car
    Don’t you know where you are

    Lost in America
    Lost in America
    Lost in America, lost

    As loveable as Walmart and Costco are for their great purchasing divisions and brilliant supply chains, it may be that shopping centres themselves are a dysfunctional setup in the wider scheme of things. It may be that if we never had fractional reserve, and if we always had met Henry George part-way, plus if we had never forgotten everything that was once known about urban planning …… it may be that there would not be shopping centres. The idea of shops on the ground level, apartments above, plenty of outdoor furniture on the streets and Hawkers paying fees and selling you coffee everywhere. This may be the better formula and the big shopping centre at the edge of town, diverting all the traffic, may be the result of pure policy failure on all levels; Tax, monetary and urban planning.


  27. My small town is so much healthier to live in than Sydney used to be. I have 100m access to both pure countryside and the main street of town. We all ought to be in this position. So in my view we need to morph towards what looks like a series of small towns, but with taller buildings. Instead of a small town where the average height of buildings two-three stories we have a layout that is like a small town where the buildings average ten-twenty stories, in the downtown area. And thats about it really. Everything else might look pretty much the same.


  28. Check this out. BO-01 in Sweden. Planned in advance but with these new Urbanism considerations in mind. Doesn’t look that flash from the air. But I put the air photo up just to show the compact nature of it. Note that you can walk to the water in a couple of minutes from anywhere else. I would have setups just like this surrounded by permaculture farms as the ideal… The ideal in war and in peace. Also perhaps connected by tunnel to a really heavy duty industrial park close by. Small industry right there in the village, and only the really heavy industry segregated perhaps. “Heavy metal don’t mean rock and roll to me.”

    You would have to wonder if a thinner arrangement than this could not segregate one high-rise parking building to the far side of the village? And give everyone a free parking space. We might want it that cars were for driving away-from-and-between villages. Not for driving within villages. Just to get all those cars up and away in the air or the basements would be great.


    Looks kind of crappy from the air. But street level its great. It even has a skyscraper within it.


  29. Having an attitude to quickly spend big on infrastructure is always a mistake. Because it will lead to inefficiency and cost blowouts. As time goes on more and more depends on infrastructure. You want more and more resources devoted to infrastructure over time. But you need to slowly grow momentum over time to maintain cost effectiveness.

    For example I would like to open up an energy corridor between Alice and Tennant Creek. Starting off basing it around concentrated solar power towers, and using a lot of unemployed people on minimum wage, two weeks on four weeks off plus free food, accommodation and train tickets hither and yon. But I am aware that unless the project is run painfully slowly and debt free it will wind up a disgraceful waste of money.

    No-one should ever allow themselves to get too excited about infrastructure. Start slow and start yesterday and never make infrastructure about demand management. Because there are only two valid methods of demand management. Not three not four not red ink not infrastructure. Never attach red ink to infrastructure. That ought to be an iron law. Because with infrastructure we are talking about decades and we ought to be talking about centuries and millennia. So red ink can never be appropriate.


  30. Doing more with less has never been a cause of unemployment. The bursts of unemployment that used to mystify everyone in Medici Florence, and the unemployment we have now have the same source; Fractional reserve banking. Florentine fractional reserve banking caused unemployment when the banks grew fearful and the money supply contracted. Now it causes more or less permanent unemployment since loanable funds are going out to non-job creating applications.

    Listening to proven failures isn’t going to get you there. You have to analyse what causes employment in the first place, in order to get more of it. Ask intelligent questions.


  31. We get our real-loanable-resources from surplus budgets and from people willing to save money. It confuses the matter when banks get subsidised funds from a central bank or can conjure up their own funds amongst themselves. But these funds get their power from business buying producer goods or in other ways renovating their business. Deficit spending detracts from this. Its always an act of vandalisation. But its understandable that people think otherwise since banks and companies misuse most of the loans available to them. They use these loans, not for business renovation or durable producer goods. But for general exploitative usury, land inflation, exotic derivatives, and the big companies seldom make the financial papers without going on these spending sprees that are not wealth creating in any operational sense.

    Since the business ecology is so out of whack and top heavy with the big guys, and since big business cannot be relied on to make wealth creating decisions it is fairly useful to think of what creates employment in terms of the sole trader alone, and then build up ones model here before deciding the best way to look after the bigshots. To cut a long story short where the bigshots are concerned, I would not cut company tax to artificial entities. I would keep company tax high for the time being. I would allow them to get out of paying most of that tax by way of accelerated depreciation. That would drain their funds away from non-wealth creating undertakings and instead get them to retool. But we can get a lot more traction thinking about the sole trader.

    Our model of employment ought to be one where having been able to retain their profits, a sole trader finds himself with too many tools. Not with too much land but too much gear on his land. Too many producer goods that he cannot possibly work himself. The permaculture farmer has too many beehives, flowering trees, a mead brewing facility, ponds dams, fenced paddocks, too much fruit falling on the ground and he cannot possibly use all this gear on his own. He has a cash flow. He’s going to have to find people to help him increase that cash flow and so he employs people.

    Their ought to be a Georgist tax in this scenario. After some sort of threshold, lest he waste all his earnings on land speculation rather than keeping tooled up to the gills and making money. We want an economy where people go after cash flow and not asset inflation gains. The idea is to have things developed to the point of not being able to squeeze that much more useful stuff on the ground.

    This development comes from retained earnings. But its this same scenario that gives savings any real power. Its only when savings are applied to more producer goods and business renovation …. thats when these savings will produce more employment. The real savings is reinvesting profits into producer goods. Not anything flash that the financial sector wants to do. Savings directed through the banks only help with employment if they are following suit.

    Diverting savings to a mortgage for a house that already exists doesn’t create employment. All sorts of other bigshot investments like takeovers also won’t do the job. Investments in any number of exotic financial products won’t do it. As the sophistication of the financial sector grows the strength of the labour market weakens. Although at first they seem to grow together when you have a lot of legalised counterfeiting (monetary growth) going on. So this is the economy of a junkie. Weak labour market all the time except when you get your junkie fix.

    Now consider that the sole trader invests in producer goods that depreciate in value. To attach high interest debt to such goods therefore ought to raise an eyebrow. Our policy-settings are good only if the sole trader is getting low interest loans for these producer goods and no taxes on retained earnings. This is when we will have a tight labour market again. But consider the alleged low interest rates of today? Though these bankers were getting their funds for free, a fellow who made excellent wood-gas burners mentioned that he would have had to take a loan at 15%. Now while that might not be a sign that its time to take the bankers and hang them from a high tree, it is a sign that policy has gone very badly off the rails.


  32. Check this old Jew out. He can barely contain his excitement that we may face a war with China and might be forced into backing the crazy banana Republic to the hilt. When you see that crazy wild-eyed bloodlust animating a fellow, who would find it hard to get up for a pee before midday, you know its time for us to start beefing up our defences with real fervour. Not to go to war, but to have enough muscle to stay out of war.


  33. Girls typically have about four days a month when they can fall pregnant. But their periods are sufficiently variable that you’d have to keep them at home 12 days a month so as not to make a mistake. But with new technology you could probably narrow it down to six days where they would need to keep themselves out of trouble. Thats only six days a month wherein they need to get an early night and hang out with the family. Surely we can have some sort of education program and fix this problem once and for all.

    Killing babies. You can see how that would be a slippery slope. Maybe there is a connection to widespread abortion and this horrific callousness we are seeing in international relations.

    Dude we need to lift moderation long enough to have a big discussion on nuclear reactors. Then put moderation back on because I’ll only abide by your rules in short discrete bursts.


  34. “Economics always has required increasing population. ” A form of capitalism that is based around state-supported usury demands growing population to make good the loans. But a form of capitalism that only allows just enough usury to oil the wheels of commerce (and no more) need not be so constrained. Yes we would need to keep our old guys really healthy and working part-time a lot longer. But there is a lot of anti-Malthusian benefits to be had with more continent per head.

    Bear in mind the first time in centuries that we had really high wages in Europe was in the decades after the Black Death and up until about 1500. It was magnificent back there for awhile. The employers were having to give all the peasants free beer to keep them working. What a glorious continent it was back then for just a few decades.


    Check out the situation of a peasant circa 1470. Since there was so much Catholic property and really good hospitality customs associated with this Church property, a peasant could save a stash of money and bugger off for a walking trip of England or Europe on the basis of these really high wages. Of course this was a fleeting thing, but its worth noting that there are positive Malthusian effects to be had in a falling population.

    So for example when the Chinese population collapses after about 2040, once thats all worked out they may wind up with maybe 400 million Chinese on very well sculptured land toward the end of the century. If we can avoid a war with these people that will be a really wonderful place when it happens. Lets not listen to this Mearsheimer talk. Lets stay out of any rumbles by becoming extremely well armed.

    In any case if things are going very well our girls may decide to have two kids each. And if the first two were pretty talented one would hope they went ahead and had two more.


  35. Supposing the government went around putting bids in for land close to train stations. Now they are only handling projects slowly so they only bid in such a way as to be successful on one or two train stations per year. But they put up a super-tall apartment building next to train stations. Looks like luxury apartments but it turns out they are not there for rich people. Because in this story the tenants are not allowed to own cars. And each of them get a free transport card for the public transport. Or at least for the rail. Then the tall building could not add too much to traffic problems.

    You see I cannot quite give up on my skyhouses project. But I’ve got to find contexts for how the really tall buildings could work. You could have them in the middle of these BO-01 developments. But maybe with the carparks only on the perimeter of these developments. Then if these developments took over and we had farmland between them, cars would be used BETWEEN these towns but not within them.

    Then we could have one or two skyscrapers at each train station. Then the third stool on the chair could be the road-straddlers. So within the BO-01 style developments the street level is like a public sitting room. And maybe you’ll want that in some other places outside these developments as well. And of course you are trying to get many tunnels going so many roads are underground. But where years of development has revealed that the surface level simply was never going to be important for the community thats when the big road-straddling buildings might come in.

    Although admittedly that might be a stretch. We want first world wages and third world living costs. But that last suggestion might be too tough a gig because it may not support overall human social needs.


  36. You cannot deny people their cheap parking, their wheels, their horses, particularly not their motor bikes. I’d want to try and figure out how to make transport bike and motorbike safe. Safe even without the metal skin. Its just that with planning for real high-rise to suck up most of the non-agricultural population to upper middle class level ….. you may have to walk some ways to get to the really high-rise building where your cars and motorbikes are cheaply and safely stored. People who are doing well can do what they want. What I’m mostly talking about is allowing spacious sky houses for the average bloke without having a sterile situation or blocking up all the traffic.

    But when you get on your bike you want to quickly find yourself in areas that are worth driving through. Not endless suburbs. Suburbs suck and if they don’t suck now they will suck really badly the more the population grows. They are a misallocation of resources and are energy inefficient.

    It might seem that I’m coming out against rambling man. Actually its the opposite. I’m just saying that with a tiny bit of inconvenience there will still be all those places to go rambling too. Consider how much effort the UK has when it comes to allowing people to walk everywhere over rural and natural landscapes:

    “Walking is one of the most popular outdoor recreational activities in the United Kingdom,[1] and within England and Wales there is a comprehensive network of rights of way that permits access to the countryside. Furthermore, access to much uncultivated and unenclosed land has opened up since the enactment of the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000. In Scotland the ancient tradition of universal access to land was formally codified under the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003.[2] However, there are few rights of way, or other access to land in Northern Ireland.”

    “Right to roam[edit]
    Walkers long campaigned for the right to roam, or access privately owned uncultivated land. In 1932 the mass trespass of Kinder Scout had a far-reaching impact.[17] The 1949 Countryside Act created the concept of designated open Country, where access agreements were negotiated with landowners. The Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 gave walkers a conditional right to access most areas of uncultivated land.”

    Some of these limited rights to roam could be obtained from farmers who take up zero interest loans to improve their properties. You want to be very careful about it. Its not like you could risk some fool letting all the sheep out onto the road. People used to have access to some of the hills surrounding the town where I live but when I walked around there the gates were locked up and there were a few sheep on the other side. So you’ve got these fantastic hills that are not quite mountains. But you cannot get to ramble up there.


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