Tie Breaker Test For A Recent Pole Shift.

There are several lines of evidence suggesting we had a recent pole shift.  But they are not decisive.  The biggest difficulty is imagining that the Antarctic ice managed to run ashore, and climb over the land.  We ought not consider this impossible.  After all ice tends to move like water but in slow motion.  But it is a bit of a difficulty just the same.  To me at least.  Someone who knows more about the specific mechanics involved might be able to explain this but probably wouldn’t, not wanting to besmirch his professional reputation.

But we have a tie-breaker because there is a great wad of ice at Greenland. Ice that is where it is not supposed to be.  And ice that ought not be particularly deuterium depleted if it has always been where it is now.

So the tie breaker would involve getting ice of various ages and finding out if there is a sudden downward drop in deuterium levels at a specific time period in the past.  The two most likely time periods for the pole shift are during the late bronze age collapse.  Or during the quaternary extinction event(s).  I think there were two events … one associated with the initial central galaxy impulse …. about 12,300 years ago.  And also another maybe 700 or so years later, and associated with the Vela supernova.  But we ought to be testing deuterium back maybe 20 000 years to see if this drop in deuterium, especially on the Southern East Coast of the greenland ice sheet, comes about.

If it does then this ice would become very valuable to the health of the humans on earth.  Because it would become the cheapest low-deuterium water available.  It could heal the mitochondria of everyone who could afford it.  Would be a wonderful thing.

Right at the moment the oligarchy are hiding our true heritage with a coverup to do with that part of Antarctica that is directly South of South America.  These are disgraceful hoarders of true history.  So while we want this low-deuterium ice for our health, we need it also, to reclaim our heritage.

34 thoughts on “Tie Breaker Test For A Recent Pole Shift.

  1. Lets get to know “The Good Judge” agent Mark Weinberg. Sterilised from his involvement in a faked incident, by way of being the only judge allowed to deliver a sane judgement in the Pell appeal case. Skip the first 5 minutes. Seems like a human being but still he’s definitely an op. in an outrageously corrupt system.


  2. Turns out some sort of reforms were indeed necessary because Judge directions in Victoria were running out of control with a world record of 21 days instruction for juries. There is both good reasoning here and scary stuff as well. He seems to have streamlined things, but at the cost of being able to convict people on the basis of uncorroborated evidence. The classic bait and switch. So he’s actually been part of setting the Victorians up for the Pell travesty. Even though at appeal he’s sterilised himself from his role by being Mr Reasonable. Agent Reasonable here is the man at the ships wheel.

    Soon we will get to know the other two stooges, to see how they shape up against the good judge.


  3. “I don’t see how someone can genuinely be found guilty beyond all reasonable doubt in relation to events alleged to have occurred 20 years just because a judge or jury found the complainant a reliable witness especially given the science on how poor people, including judges, are at detecting lies.”

    Hugo is empirically correct because considering the following; Even putting aside oligarchical influence and fakery, supposing that all this is ignored,. and we assume that Weinberg, is as he seems to be, a reasonable man. Well he is a reasonable man ….. And he had reasonable doubts.

    Now if while we were paying attention, this insular community of people with legal degrees …. have become akin to an Pharaonic priesthood, only accountable to themselves ….. and if they have decided that guilt beyond reasonable doubt, is no longer the standard, and truth and falsehood, is a kind of secondary concern ….. then we ought to be very serious about leaning on them to get their act together. Because this sort of thing doesn’t go on forever without a hard rain falling.


  4. Jesus was by some theologians thought to be all human and yet simultaneously all God. Well you know. That sounds a bit like the bogus wave-particle duality. I have my own idea of science which could justify this. But I won’t extrapolate here. But we have another human being whom we have the full verified documentation for. She was like a cross between just a little girl and Cool Hand Luke.

    Luke was certainly a loser in any mainstream view of where he was at. But he exhibits a strength of human spirit that seems to shine even greater than with the more successful movie tough guys.

    But Joan is all Cool Hand Luke. Joan is all teenage girl simultaneously. And Joan is more successful than any movie tough guy that anyone has ever written into a Hollywood screenplay. And Joan is real. She is no fictional character. She is such a powerful exemplar that if you are theistically inclined and you want to stay that way, her example could help you shore up your belief in the Gods or if you wish, the one true God.

    Joan is my new Hero. Cardinal Pell is no Joan of course. Not even close. But if he can inherit just one scintilla of her spirit I hope he can stick it out, and avoid all attempts to murder him in prison.


  5. Graeme Bird says:

    Who cares what Curly Larry and Moe think? Even the “good judge” is suspect. I would judge the judges and I would be a hanging judge of those judges, because the alleged “good judge” presided over a fake event not long ago. The “good judge” was integral to changing the law in Victoria. The Victorians are completely corrupt. The “good judge” who pretended to make an independent assessment was actually crucial to changing the rules such that an uncorroborated claim could be deemed as evidence. These people are just a joke despite their honorary degrees, position, praise and attention.

    Get closer to the problem Anthony. Just you and me and any evidence you can find. You will see that if this isn’t merely a Kangaroo court, still you are without any firepower to condemn our good good friend Pell, on the SPECIFIC activities alleged.

    You might be able to find 50 people on the basis of rumour that can place him as a kiddie-fiddler in the 80’s. I have no judgement on these matters. But I can assure you that you cannot find evidence for him being guilty of the specific claims attributed to him. I am used to the pros getting it wrong. Thats nothing new. Economists believing in the Keynesian multiplier and Physicists believing in space bending. Stupidity in the professions is old hat.

    But you want to put a friend of ours in prison, you want to put a good man in prison, you better not be naive about the inherent flaws of professionalism. George Bernard Shaw said that:

    “All professions are conspiracies against the laity.”

    That they are. That they are. And this alleged “Good Judge” is part of the corruption like everyone else in the republic of Victoria; Too cold to grow bananas.

    This is a banana republic this is a disgrace. And this idea that there were two evil judges and one good judge has got to be sent to the fires also. The good judge is a collaborator. They all have to be considered agents until proven otherwise.


  6. It does herald serious damage to our legal system. Certainly it shows Victoria to have the legal system of a banana republic.

    Because the so-called “Good Judge” was the driving force behind changing the law in Victoria so you could be convicted on one persons say-so. He can be seen talking about how 30% of the people getting off on appeal was a big problem. There was a problem with the court cases taking too long, with two many appeals, and excessively long Judges instruction to the Jury. This was compared to other jurisdictions and found wanting. So they delivered this bait and switch and now you can be convicted on the sayso of an intelligence agent, a paid whore, or anyone at all, and if you then go away and investigate, finding the whores testimony is provably wrong, your appeal won’t be treated seriously.

    If you go and listen to the two evil judges, and the alleged one good judge, its just one of the evil judges talking. Its very evident that truth, falsehood, innocence and guilt are very far from her main concerns. So clearly the Victorian legal system has run right off the rails. To me its not even a place worth visiting that being the case. And I lived there for seven years. But I won’t visit there. Anyone or his Momma can accuse you of something and there is no recourse. No valid appeals process.


  7. What is wrong with my black plague analysis? I was getting the barely reconstructed hillbillies off the hook? The loss of effective immune function in our ancestors and the 13 years of trees barely being able to grow at all …. this smacks of relentless cosmic rays penetration. Or perhaps sustained X-ray pollution or something of this nature. Its too good a fit for it to be a coincidence and so it would be even more of a coincidence to allege a conspiracy.

    Imagine getting a sick black rat with sick fleas to invade Europe. You lay him down on the shore and slap the sand behind him. And all he wants to do is lie down. Its not a credible story and in most other situations plagues are more local and often associated with sieges. They aren’t so constructed as to be able to travel that far and that fast.


  8. Even though bad economic policy makes life for people at the bottom of society, life myself, oppressive and hopeless, still there is on great thing we have going on. We can sit in our bedroom and watch fabulous scientists like Eric Lerner giving these lectures.


  9. Campo Italy. In the 14th century this was a small town but built up. The centre looked much the same but with countryside surrounding. Houses coming out from the centre linearly. Very cool. We want to build our populations up as a series of small towns like this. But is there room for gigantic high-rise? Yes I think gigantic skyscraper high-rise apartments close to every train station. Gigantic cheap parking hi-rise that doesn’t look anything like parking, right at the edge of town. Very cheap long-term car storage but a fee coming in and out.


  10. Dude I was just about to suggest you could take the moderation off if you stopped lying about White nationalists and Muslims being the problem and stopped pretending that there isn’t third party rich guy funding here.

    You think that White Nationalists have a problem with this Muslim?

    You got to be tripping. This Muslim is a brother. And this enforced blog rule that we have to sit around believing that Antifa and Isis are unfunded organic movements …… There is something very psychopathic for you to insist on this, supposing you were brought up Catholic.


  11. If after all alternative efforts are taking, it turns out that being gay or carrying some other development disorder, amounts to being the best person that this individual can be, well so be it. But the natural way to happiness is boy meets girl, they work as a team, they have children, and when they are older it dawns on the kids to be grateful to their parents and now the parents become much beloved grandparents and so forth.

    I had a developmental disorder that damaged my capacity to have a family and that was ADD and then later various other problems. Should a fat girl have fat pride and stay fat? An ADD person have ADD pride and not work with diet and other methods to not overcome this? Should a person with Tourette syndrome not attempt to work around this problem?

    So much pain and suffering has come about by not calling this problem what it is. Its a developmental disorder. If it cannot be fixed or ameliorated then maybe you’ve got to take on the life-style that goes with it. But this pretence that its not a disorder is the heartbreak of millions.


  12. When it comes to human sacrifice, the Aztecs are gone, but the Jews are with us still. Note also how France has been subjected to a Church been burned down every odd month for awhile leading up to the Notre Dame fire. But here we see who has form when it comes to destroying old Mosques and Churches. Note also the shared hatred for our archeological paternity with ISIS. I hope there is no-one out there who still does not know that ISIS is a Jew front group.


  13. Its a beautiful building alright. Its just so structurally “real”. Where is it? We have some of these close to where I am. But we have so many disappointments. Now that I have developed an eye for these things I feel bad about these rectangular openings.

    Rectangular doors and windows are almost okay with wood. Not quite but almost. They can never be acceptable with stone or bricks. And their ought not be bricks at the top of the arch. Because the entire magic of it is that granite WILL NOT BE COMPRESSED. A good piece of granite can take all the force from above not matter what. For practical purposes infinite force can be directed into that point.

    The arch focuses that force INTO THE KEYSTONE. So at least the keystone ought to be granite or quartz or something else awesome.

    But then forces are equal and opposite. So lets get our keystone right, then the forces get angled outwards and down. But once the keystone is right, good, and true, it becomes an artistic consideration how we then morph to lighter, and less expensive stones, and then also to non-stone materials in the rest of the structure. Lets at least get the arch and the keystone right.

    Now it might be if a colourblind Philistine such as myself were to try it on I’d make a garish mess of it. But I think we need this experimentation of using multiple materials for the one structure. So the arch is strong, it needs a good quality stone where the keystone is, but we need much of the building to have lighter materials. We need reinforced concrete to take the building really high.

    How do we combine all these elements in such a way as to uplift the people when they see it every day? How do we seamlessly integrate what might be expected to result in a Frankensteinian disaster that will make all the children seasick?

    I don’t think people are experimenting enough with this stuff. There just isn’t the attention to detail. People think that research and development always has to be in Silicon Valley and it has to be digital. No way. We have so much of the old stuff that we need to get right for a change.


  14. To me the idea of targeting third party civilians in a dispute is so horrifying that I now hate Winston Churchill, Hitler and Eisenhower as well. Hitler for his murdering of millions of civilians in the Soviet Union. Non-Russian non-Jewish Soviet minorities. The same people Stalin was killing, therefore showing they had the same bosses. I was livid with Catallaxy that they were still okay with the carpet bombing of German civilians. I couldn’t think of a greater crime against humanity than that. So if Islam were targeting third party innocents and if white nationalists were doing so also, this would be the cause of a lot of emotionally incoherent displays of anger against these people. Even from me.

    But we both know they aren’t doing it. You don’t have the data. Just like for the global warming fraud you don’t have the evidence that this is happening.

    Real physics tells us that planets aren’t suitable for the existence of intelligent life for very long. There is only a window lasting tens of millions of years and not hundreds of millions of years. For our species to survive we cannot be tolerant of third party human sacrifice. We need to know that only regime leadership and military targets are valid. Nuclear weapons are only valid at sea because the water is a great shock absorber and you need to stop the massing of forces as in an Inchon landing or a D-Day invasion. They really don’t have any other valid applications except for immoral planning where people aren’t willing to make alternative investments decades in advance.

    So you must not keep supporting false flag terrorism by blaming the patsies in these situations. If you were brought up as a Catholic you must see what this is simply not acceptable on any moral level. Its not in keeping with the proud intellectual heritage of your paternity.

    Real physics tells us that planets grow to gas giants and then onto stars. That means only just war theory can lead to the survival of the species, which means that the saviour of Christianity is the saviour of us all because just war theory comes directly out of his teachings. The false flag terrorist attack has to be the ultimate evil in this framework. What could be more wicked? Better to die with a millstone around your neck, sinking down to the Mariana Trench, than to be going out of your way to defend the practice. Because thats what you are doing. To go with the story of the terrorists, consistently, virulently and every single time … How could you defend this practice any more strongly? And how do you explain building 7 under your anti false flag idiocy?


  15. Thats not Sinclairs great crime. If Islam supported human sacrifice, as you yourself contend, then of course we should be dubious about it. The real problem is that Sinclair quickly wipes criticisms of the community of the rabbinical persuasion. It is not his tolerance of the criticism of Muslims that makes Sinclair a racist. Its his instant censoring of any anti-Jewish comments … Thats where he is a confirmed racist.


  16. You won’t have many buildings like this in Queensland. But actually they are quite common in the Southern Highlands. But your building is exceptionally beautiful because there is nothing obviously wrong with it. Yes I would rather the keystone was always granite and that incredible artistic sensibility was channelled to bring this in line with all the brick. But aside from this carping your building is beautiful because it is excellent.

    But take the town hall of Picton. Its got arched windows … But then its got rectangular windows. Why? Why pollute a fine design by bringing rectangular brick into it?

    The Picton Town Hall has got great arches, particularly the doorway arch. But then its got two arches that could have only been held together by the mortar because they were too flat. They are too flat as judged by the human eye. What do you think has happened to them? It was a disgrace from the start, and the immorality was central to the original design. So what happened to the two excessively flat arches?

    Well one of them is still all brick. And they have a metal triangle holding up the brick keystone region. Its an eyesore. And completely unnecessary because the arch was too flat. Now the other flat arch isn’t supported by a metal triangle. No no. It already broke down and so they went with restoring it with the highest quality rock they could find. But the shape of the arch was wrong from the start and I would say that FOR THE KEYSTONE, and for a few rocks around the keystone …. the best quality rock ought to have been used from the getgo. It might amount to three exquisitely shaped and placed stones. Is that too much to ask?

    But further South, you do find buildings where its all brick, all good arches, and nature doesn’t lie. Immediately we recognise the truth and beauty of it.

    So we beat you Queenslanders because we have quite a few buildings of this sort. But you have a win up there, because your one is the more perfect exemplar of anything that I’ve seen so far. But we even have train stations that come pretty close.


  17. “I will take the assessments of respected science institutions like the Royal Society and US National Academy of Science over any blog comments and strongly recommend anyone with doubts to look to them.”

    A bunch of clowns. They don’t have the evidence. They don’t have the data. If they did I would have found it by 2008. But if we can get good data then we can have an understanding over whether the extra CO2 cools a little bit, or warms a little bit. But you cannot make judgements without good data. Particularly not with rigged data. And before this very morning I didn’t have good data, neither did you, and even now we don’t have enough of it.

    “Drier and hotter is NOT a good combination.”

    Try drier and colder. Thats what is barrelling down on us for the 2030’s. But on the other hand you are right to worry about bushfires in a high CO2 environment. Because the CO2 makes the plants grow faster. We have to be able to manage public land better than we are doing. Goats with mobile electric fences, fallen wood harvesting and so forth. Bad analysis leads to poor decision-making by your local council. Who ought to have had the programs necessary to clear up the excess fuel.

    In California the Governor built a high-speed rail, but didn’t fix the excess fuel situation and so he got wildfires. Good rail is important but high-speed rail is a vanity. How did the Governor react to his negligence? He blamed it all on “climate change” by which he means growing CO2 levels. And of course there is this scintilla of truth to what he is saying but this cannot excuse his negligence. But the idea is not to prematurely declare the end of coal. The idea is to fix the excess fuel problem. If you fix the problem you get a net gain from the extra growth. A net gain is normal from extra plant growth but it all goes up in flames if you are going to be negligent about it.


  18. Modern corporations are just like Stalin’s Communist party. The communist Congress is the shareholders meeting. They appoint a central committee, which is like a non-executive directors board. The politburo is like the executive board. This has nothing to do with Misean Praxeology, natural law, or anything that could justify Randian social ethics. We need serious business reform. Misean reasoning is flawless but it doesn’t conform to anything we have on the fly right now. Its not just about another tax cut Sinclair. We must get money right. Corporate law right. Business ecology right. We have to be serious about these things.

    Whose poking who? Things are upside down. Its not good enough for Australians. Australians deserve better.


  19. “Summits with terrorists have been held before at Camp David.

    Arafat comes to mind.”

    If you haven’t figured out that Arafat was an Israeli asset its not time for your second pair of bootees.

    “Iran has been at war with the US, along with arguably being the world’s greatest supporter of terrorism, since 1979.”

    Completely delusional. Coming as it does out of some terrorist yahoo’s mouth. Netanyahoo’s mouth in fact. Get better sources. Don’t believe everything a yahoo says. He’s just a rabbi selling donut holes to the children.

    Because some vampires want to mass-murder Persian children, there will be a continuous drumbeat of fake events and false flags, where it is claimed or insinuated that Iran did it, as a lead up to the mindless slaughter. We saw it all before didn’t we? With the lying claims that Syria used chemical weapons for example.

    So they’ve got this drumbeat going, and they’ve got to keep the incidents pretty small and drop the accusations after a little while, so that no one allegation is investigated in any real depth. Or else these bloodsuckers will get caught. Sooner or later Iran will retaliate for real, and then the pent up fury will justify another small children carrion production machine. Look around and see who likes killing unarmed children and there is your culprits.

    So its just this drumbeat drumbeat drumbeat from the usual suspects. Not Iran. Its never been Iran. And you won’t find a major terrorist attack from Iran that has any real data behind it. Its just some Yahoo talking.

    Saudi Arabia sets the price for oil. But only in the same way as London sets the price for Gold. They don’t have the capacity to vary the production, the way they could back when Reagan got them to help him bankrupt the Soviets. The wells don’t have that sort of pressure any more. The shutdown will probably actually let these oil wells build up pressure, as well as give the Sauds and Americans a better price, and maintain the illusion that the Sauds are calling the shots with oil price.

    So in reality the damage is tiny to the Sauds. The incident was designed to not hurt any of the actual culprits, and the photos show what amounts to four scratches.

    Here is sane commentary on the this incident. Its not going to be the last incident. Unless the great negotiator springs peace on us prior to the next election in a similar way as what he did with North Korea.

    Trumps real estate negotiating tactics are nasty stuff. Pretty disgraceful really. Sanctions can do as much damage as nukes. But the thing is these tactics actually work. So one hopes that Trump wraps up this deal BEFORE the election while he is still in control.



  20. What a completely ridiculous link KT2. The University of Michigan has not provided evidence for CO2-warming in that link. Its merely reinforcing the prejudice that the CO2-warmers do not know what evidence is. They actually have no understanding of what constitutes scientific evidence.

    In other prior ages in earth history cold eras were associated with high CO2 levels, hot times were associated with high CO2 levels and so forth. Also there is the trivial understanding that if the oceans heat up they will release a great deal of CO2 hence it would be surprising if heating didn’t lead to higher CO2 levels. It would be so surprising it would imply less extensive oceans.

    I think you true believers need to look at yourselves and think “Good Lord. I don’t know what evidence is” and then try and come to grips with the basics. Here you are attempting to be arbiters of science when you don’t know what evidence is. Thats ridiculous.

    In an era of population overshoot, combined with decades long energy stress, and global cooling clear through mid-century, we really need the CO2 levels up at 700 parts per million. If we don’t have that we are going to be in a lot of trouble. In fact we aren’t going to get to those levels so its going to be a hard time for us. We could have coasted through these world-wide problems here in Australia, but we’ve had excessive immigration, we’ve damaged our grid, we’ve allowed our finance system to hurt exports generally, so we’ve become too dependent on coal exports. So we are in a great deal of trouble like everywhere else. This is not the time to wean off hydrocarbons. Its about two generations too early. But I agree the energy diversification should start now. The reason being because energy diversification takes so long.

    Thats what came out of the energy economics paper I studied in 1985. It was under a renowned Indian Professor and there were only about six people in the class. What came out of it was the very slow substitution rates away from the primary source of energy. Completely different from other areas of economics. Anyone hoping that we will get it done by the 2030’s hasn’t specialised in the field. We should be very patient and we ought to be thinking more about the 2080’s as the decade where we may be less dependent on coal. Not the 2030’s. Thats why I don’t like to see so much coal exported. Except where diplomatic and humanitarian factors come into play. We ought not hurt our good relations with the Japanese or risk a Chinese invasion. We ought not completely deprive the Indians of coal. But we can still at least slow down the exports some because we need to burn more coal at home.


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