Lefty Politician Tulsi Interviewed By Libertarian

Its an extraordinary performance.  John Stossel may not be a doctrinaire libertarian.  But he’s pretty far in the libertarian direction even if not doctrinaire.  The interview ought not work at all.  They should be chalk and cheese.  Under normal assumptions a lefty would not go near Stossel.  It ought to be a complete train-wreck for the politician.

But Tulsi Gabbard hits it clean out of the park.  I think Stossel is delighted.  She is like a female version of Simon-The-Likeable.  Simon-The-Likeable from Maxwell Smart. People fall in love with Simon as soon as they look into his eyes.  Stossels trying to fight to keep his objectivity.  Its hopeless.  Given the chance Stossel will be voting for a female lefty for the first time in his life.  I think he’s lost now.  Lost.

Tulsi has been in the legislature since she was 21.  Effortless performance like Bing Crosby’s singing voice; she makes it look so easy. Given time Tulsi Gabbard could progress to becoming a real champion like Dr Mahatir.  The girl is a natural.

A Tulsi-Sanders ticket would be devastating for the oligarchy.  Oh they love commies and big spenders don’t get me wrong.  But they cannot handle small government egalitarians.  But Tulsi and Sanders are lefties I hear you protest?

Note that the Republicans have the Congress and the Senate.  So they won’t be very generous with the purse-strings. That would foist small government egalitarianism on the Tulsi-Sanders administration.  Its not like we need to worry about more financial continence than we have right now.

This team could beat Trump.  The rest of the field Trump will eat alive.   And he SHOULD eat them alive, and if there is any other combination I would want him to do so. He’s probably just having a few appetisers right about now.  These two together are the only team the Donald cannot stomp without mercy.  I hope the Americans will make it a fair fight and somehow it comes together with Tulsi as the Presidential candidate and Bernie running for Vice President.

The oligarchy rigged the election in favour of Clinton last time and she still lost.  This was a bit of an exception because they typically rig elections for the Republicans.  But the oligarchy would rather have Trump then Tulsi-Sanders, as much as they hate Trump.  So we need to watch out for their fakery.  Trump was the victim of their rigging last time, but if it came down to the team I propose,  the oligarchy would swing around and favour Trump with bogus votes.

Before you click on the video just look at the face of the poor little puppy John Stossel.  He can never be the same again.  Just a short time ago he was a hard-headed libertarian, with decades of excellent journalism under his belt.  Now he is human putty.

11 thoughts on “Lefty Politician Tulsi Interviewed By Libertarian

  1. ISIS were an Israeli-American front group. The Kurds weren’t fighting ISIS they were abusing their fellow Syrians. Murdering other Syrians the first chance they get. Like Jews they are the enemy within. Turkey will smash the Kurds until they pull back. It will be short and sweet. The people who die won’t die miserably and whoever is left will be helped out by their tribe. It won’t be a humanitarian crisis. Thats the good thing about these people like Jews they stick together and the survivors will be secure. Its not a humanitarian disaster its just a rumble. When the Kurds pull back the problem will be sorted out. The Kurds are traitors and terrorists, not terrorist fighters. They need a good slap on the wrist. There is no real problem here. Let your hearts not be troubled.


  2. What has gone wrong with the left? The left used to incorrectly equate excessive spending with the welfare of the working class. But they did care about the working class. Now the left still likes excessive spending but they hate the working class. And they don’t even like the welfare people who should be working. Often being successful white people they seem to hate white people who aren’t successful. Its not clear what the mainstream left stands for any more. They just sit around waiting for the next social engineering wave that comes from the oligarchy via elite Jew pigs.

    Actually the transmission of social engineering has altered some. Now its coming through the woke CEO’s. This demonstrates that there is no such thing as shareholder sovereignty in the larger corporations. Its all cheap loan provider sovereignty.


  3. Australian Jewish economists, well at least the younger ones, seem to have a lunatics hatred of manufacturing and the working class. Here is a case in point. Back in 2011 Tony Abbot said something that anyone who understood anything about how the world works ought to have seen as self-evident. But not to an Australian Jew economist. The Jew economist was baffled. He started thinking that Abbot must have been talking about subsidies. Catallaxy is a bit better now. But if I showed up in the past claiming that manufacturing needs to be strong often they would jump to subsidies. Since when has subsidies ever made manufacturing strong? Does Catallaxy still take a superstitious attitude to comparative advantage? Certainly Humphries and Davidson had this superstitious view back in the day.

    Check out Chris Bergs confusion over what should be an obvious statement.


    So what did Tony Abbot say that Chris found so hard to understand?

    “Let the message go out to our country from here in Melbourne, the manufacturing heart of our country, that we must be a country that continues to make things.”

    Maybe things have changed. But this used to be an outrageous idea amongst Jew economists in this country. Humphries, who may not be a Jew, claimed once that; “Australia does not need manufacturing.” Thats a direct quote. Fucking weirdos. But at the time Catallaxy in general had sucked this all up. Bob Katter knew this was bullshit. He was an outlier. He doesn’t seem as sharp as he used to be unfortunately. He may be getting a bit senile. But he was one of the few commentators around who understood that the economy was being hollowed out.


  4. Something really tragic is going on where the President and his people are believing the fake statistics. Donald Trump really has done some things which have lead to job creation and this is not to be sneezed at. But the United States, taken as an whole, is still under Depression Era conditions and will continue to be so until major changes are made.


    So a year ago unemployment, though falling was at 21%. Not 4%. Now Donald thinks that he’s got unemployment down to 3%. Well when you have 3% unemployment you can cut welfare right? So he’s gone and cut food stamps. This is a disaster. Because unemployment will actually be up somewhere between 18-20%. In otherwords its a catastrophe. People will be actually starving and will be permanently unable to become part of the labour market again if he cuts welfare under these depression era conditions. Trump would do the right thing domestically if he were getting the right information. But everyone is mouthing fake statistics as if they were trying out for the role of the fat guy in the movie 1984.


  5. Elizabeth Warren has detailed a number of policies that one might hope Tulsi, or Bernie could adopt in office. Warren has even gone so far as wanting to go after the super-wealthy. So it will be interesting to see how the oligarchy perverts or sidelines these plans. They can sideline Warren herself, and the preposterous promotion of Biden can be seen as doing just that. But this promotion of a corrupt and senile old fool has fallen flat. Biden is on the way out. So if Warren wins or if Bernie adopts her idea, still the oligarchy cannot tolerate this sort of thing. So they will stop or pervert it somehow.

    The only thing taxes of this sort ought not really apply to is actual physical depreciating factory assets. We have to accept that we can have a super-rich factory owner. Like a ship-builder. But putting these caveats aside I say tax away. Because these people have been elevated by an unjust ponzi-money system. This is not Henry Ford we are talking about. And Henry Fords factories ought to have been exempt from taxes of this sort. But thats not what we are talking about today. Its time to tax these ultra rich types very hard.


  6. You can see why Elizabeth has gotten where she is today. The Frontrunner. Her videos of ten years ago …. Very impressive. Almost as impressive as Tulsi is today. What is good also is she has a big set of detailed plans. Whether she wins or not this effort will likely have an influence on policy makers for some time to come.

    Now I don’t see her as impressive as she used to be. She is getting on a bit. But she can sometimes come across very well. Take this interview. Barely a word out of place. Until the Jew question comes up.


  7. Look at this thief. A loss-maker in business year after year. Self-funding now sure. But year after year this very ordinary fellow made losses as the oligarchy had him gobble up all the networking advantages that online retail had to offer. This fellow and Zuckerberg are the first businessmen who don’t fucking deserve even one dollar of their money. They are purely oligarchical gimps. I would include the fakeass Elon Musk too. Because he gets richer and richer as he loses more and more money. But he’s a bit of a cult hero and he’s been allowed to bring some authentically good products to market. So I won’t push my denunciations of that particular welfare queen too much.

    But the oligarchy is giving pseudo-monopoly power to a lot of people who should be moderately rich at best. And to a genetically inbred oligarchical degenerate like Zuckerberg. Who really ought never have been born.

    So here is this fellow Jeff Bezos, a proven loss-maker for many years, who ought not be in business, let alone be the richest man in the world. Only ponzi-money theft has made this possible. He’s a beneficiary of a gargantuan counterfeiting racket. The empire of Jeff Bezos, capturing as it has all the networking advantages (networking advantages are the reason I am typing on a Qwerty keyboard) are now self-sustaining. Anyone with an IQ over 120 who gets by on about six hours sleep a night could stand in for Bezos and almost anyone who had these qualities could have stood in for him from the start. This is a stolen fortune. Stolen by the fractional reserve crowd. Its not Mises anymore. He’s no Randian superhero. Those people were here but they are not here now and if they are they are humble mid-sized provincial businessmen.

    Okay so I’m going too far with Jeff (But not with the terrorist Zuckerberg) He would have been successful with whatever he did and the oligarchy are good talent scouts. But its still not okay. The nature of fractional reserve banking networks is that they pick one winner and give him everything. Thats not okay. And we see bottom level living standards deteriorating every year because of it.


  8. Under 100% backing incorporating growth deflation, and with normal free enterprise assumptions, you could not make a billion dollars without showering wealth on the community. So what about people with real entrepreneurial capacity when they enter this current ponzi-money system?

    Think of the Jew Mark Cuban. Here is a fellow who seemed to be able to work flat out maybe 20 hours a day. A natural entrepreneur right from the start. Right from childhood. So we can be sure that he could be a successful entrepreneur under any system. How did he do creating wealth under our system?

    Well he hasn’t created anything of value!!!!!!!!!!!! The only semi-substantial idea he had wasn’t even his idea. It was the idea of Chris Jaeb whom he backstabbed. He only made a tonne of money at it by selling it to Yahoo under ultra ponzi-money conditions. It was always going to be a thing to amalgamate various broadcasts in the one place once the internet got going beyond being the internot. He didn’t make a real wealth-creation impact at all.

    So this system takes real talent and neutralises this talent as community wealth-creation. Mark Cubans efforts may have made him a fortune. They haven’t helped the public at large. He’s been an even sum or negative sum game. And this is a fellow who could actually have been a Randian superhero under a better system.

    I want to emphasise that this is obvious entrepreneurial talent we are talking about here. This is the real thing. But ponzi-money turns it into rubbish output. This is a life dedicated to an explosion of bullshit. The tight money of Paul Volker did all kinds of damage but at least it spat out some real wealth creators like Steve Jobs.

    So its time for Sinclair to take Infidel Tiger’s call for a return to the gold standard and start the monetary policy debate again. He needs to bring me back for monetary policy debates and education. To wipe the shame out for his support of the hollowing out of the Australian economy.


  9. If you doubt my contention that Elizabeth Warren used to be awesome back in the day I have found evidence for you. I hope Tulsi doesn’t degrade in this way. But Elizabeth Warren is still a pretty good candidate. Not so bad. I would judge her the third best candidate in the field. And the banker Cambria sees her as a massive risk. Thats very complementary to Warren to get the Cambria thumbs down.


  10. I want to double down on this thesis. I wish I could believe that she was another stealth candidate like Reagan.

    Ronald Reagan came in as the ultimate geopolitical realist. In the real reality he hated nuclear weapons like no other person outside of the crazy left. He started out as alt-right but attached himself to these Californians and to the Rockefellers, as judged by his hirelings. So he had this deal going where he was there to give the Rockefellers a patina of anti-communism. He immediately cut loose in office and so his Vice President had him shot. But in the end he was loyal enough to his original intention to win the cold war.

    Can we really believe that 2003 Elizabeth Warren has gone covert? And is trying to scam the oligarchy? I don’t think a woman her age can be a Ronald Reagan or a Joan of Arc, Its too much to hope for.


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