Bernie Tax The Billionaires. Go Bernie Go. Cause Heavy Metal, Don’t Mean Rock, To me.

Bernie wants a more aggressive wealth tax than Warren. Skip eight minutes and fifty seconds in (8.50). They start talking about Bernies wealth tax.

To oversimplify a little bit: The only billionaires should be big factory owners. Like ship-builders or dirigibles builders, Heliostat builders, Small floating modular thorium reactor builders ……..and in their capacity as a sole trader. That takes care of 80% of economies of scale if such people aren’t taxed on retained earnings of their stand-alone factories.

If they reinvest in depreciating producer goods, sure they can keep their wealth. But if they pull drawings out they should have to pay most of it in taxes.  Maybe as high as 90%.

With modern billionaires, all their wealth is tied up in fakery.  Its not in direct productive power.  Its not in heavy metal.  The wealth of the modern billionaire is all reliant on fake entities.

Shares, trusts, derivatives, obligations held over the heads of other people. So with this one caveat I would support Bernie:

If you rich slobs want to keep your billions; take the money out of all these trusts and pay off your debts. Clean your room you dirty billionaire.  Invest in a big factory providing wealth. Or we should take that wealth off you. If your wealth isn’t supported by way of industrial production you ought not have it.

We want jobs and we want hard-core productive power.

Heavy Metal Don’t Mean Rock And Roll To Me

54 thoughts on “Bernie Tax The Billionaires. Go Bernie Go. Cause Heavy Metal, Don’t Mean Rock, To me.

  1. Joseph Atwill ran into Reagan up close in the 1970’s. Two things shocked Atwill about him. First he reckons Reagan had much darker skin than people imagine or that comes across in the photos. Second thing Atwill reckons he seemed fantastically powerful. Like scarily so. Atwill is talking about someone who was about 65 or 66 at the time. Extraordinary.


  2. “Can it be imagined how many solar panels or even wind turbines that could be made from the metal of just one of these massive modern cruise ships?”

    When putting my energy efficiency hat on I take the contrary view that “At least they are not flying.” Okay so its in cargo and work-in-progress moving that “anti-gravity transport” (dirigibles, water, perfectly flat rail; (particularly if magnetically floating) gives us the most gains. But I don’t think we ought to be getting in the way of ship-building for luxury cruises.

    In the 19th century, you had the phenomenon of the private rail car. Thats the lap of luxury and a beautiful way to travel. So long as the train-lines are close to perfectly flat, its an energy efficient way to travel. Plus today you could take your internet office with you, and catch up on all the library books you’ve been wanting to read.

    With their hold on the media, and using a terrorist false flag event, the oligarchy brought the age of the dirigible to an end. Before these murderers committed the Hindenburg terrorist attack we had this fantastically luxurious form of transport that gave you an excellent look at the countryside and was getting to be within the grasp of the middle class. You could take a shower, they had a piano player, you could eat well and there was dancing. Thats a magnificent way to travel.

    The luxury “anti-gravity” forms of travel, done right, can amortise the cost of these anti-gravity transport systems for cargo and work-in-progress and thats where the real wealth-creation comes. We ought not begrudge these luxuries. We ought to instead be angry at the fractional reserve usury cartel that puts wealth in fewer and fewer hands.

    We ought to get these three other luxury travel systems going at the expense of flying with a jet, and we have to substitute away from all these interstate trucks. Jet flying is a pretty ugly experience by and large. Where substitutes are available its good if we could be taking them up. Particularly overnight rail sleepers. And overnight dirigibles travel which should be the better alternative to interstate flights.


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