Bernie Tax The Billionaires. Go Bernie Go. Cause Heavy Metal, Don’t Mean Rock, To me.

Bernie wants a more aggressive wealth tax than Warren. Skip eight minutes and fifty seconds in (8.50). They start talking about Bernies wealth tax.

To oversimplify a little bit: The only billionaires should be big factory owners. Like ship-builders or dirigibles builders, Heliostat builders, Small floating modular thorium reactor builders ……..and in their capacity as a sole trader. That takes care of 80% of economies of scale if such people aren’t taxed on retained earnings of their stand-alone factories.

If they reinvest in depreciating producer goods, sure they can keep their wealth. But if they pull drawings out they should have to pay most of it in taxes.  Maybe as high as 90%.

With modern billionaires, all their wealth is tied up in fakery.  Its not in direct productive power.  Its not in heavy metal.  The wealth of the modern billionaire is all reliant on fake entities.

Shares, trusts, derivatives, obligations held over the heads of other people. So with this one caveat I would support Bernie:

If you rich slobs want to keep your billions; take the money out of all these trusts and pay off your debts. Clean your room you dirty billionaire.  Invest in a big factory providing wealth. Or we should take that wealth off you. If your wealth isn’t supported by way of industrial production you ought not have it.

We want jobs and we want hard-core productive power.

Heavy Metal Don’t Mean Rock And Roll To Me

54 thoughts on “Bernie Tax The Billionaires. Go Bernie Go. Cause Heavy Metal, Don’t Mean Rock, To me.

  1. So if Rothschild wants to stay quadrillionaires they are going to have to build big factories and try and make a fist of it or they can just fuck the hell off. Go to the fucking moon and cause trouble there.


  2. When you want to know what is really going on you must go to our girl. Syrian-Girl. But I claim her as our girl too.

    This is so right. By leaving that will force the wayward Kurds to make an alliance with their legitimate leaders. Makes so much sense. And plus by calling on the Syrian soldiers to support them, and by co-operating with the Syrians, thats the only way the Kurds can redeem themselves for their treachery.

    I worry thats its all a conspiracy to invade Iran from Syrian territory and start World War III. The Bjerkens conspiracy. Sure hope Trump pulls away from that option.


  3. I suppose the Rhythm of this headline owes a bunch to Prince as well as Johnny Cash:

    Ronnie talk to Russia before its too late, before its too late, before its too late. Ronnie talk to Russia before its too late. Don’t wanna blow up my world. Dontcha blow up my world.


  4. Get the message out. You too Genghis.

    “Eventually the left will rip her apart mercilessly. We have to be ready to try and stick up for her when these leftist crazies turn on her.”

    You know who I’m talking about.


  5. Yes of course the supply of land is fixed you stupid cunt. Can you make some land for me Sinclair? You can ask what is wrong with this idiot. But in the end he’s a Jew. Thats the alpha and omega of this story.


  6. What is Sinclairs argument? That stamp duty is user pays? Well part of it is for sure. But on the other hand if you had land tax you could just as soon as take the money for the complications attendant on transfer, from the fund that the land tax creates.

    Look less face it Sinclair is a complete dummy. Thats why he had to stay away from debates when Genghis was running thing and then get rid of me when Genghis wasn’t running things. Sinclair was always such a light-weight. He hid it rather well. But he was always a poser.


  7. At the root of Sinclairs antipathy to the land tax is the certain knowledge that failure to implement the land tax allows the oligarchies wealth extraction system. Its the way the finance sector and the real estate sector dovetail with fractional reserve to steal everything off us. To loot all our savings.

    David Harvey understands that this extraction is going on. He doesn’t understand how important fractional reserve is to this process.


  8. David Harvey is 84 already. Thats a shame. He’s an expert on Marx. He doesn’t seem like an eschatological utopian marxist. More a person informed by Marx than the old-time toxic Marxist. He’s also a genuine expert on neo-classical ratbags. If he were 20 years younger he could really help us kick their ass.

    The oligarchy can tolerate welfare programs. What they cannot tolerate is an end to fractional reserve, meeting Henry George part-way (with nuance), and small government egalitarianism. So we will swing away from neo-liberalism in theory, and we will either be an extreme covert dictatorship. Or possibly they will buy the public off with a bit of extra welfare here and there.

    Think of the timing he is talking about. The accumulation via extraction, David puts down to the 70’s onwards. Thats the era of pure fiat currency. Thats no accident.


  9. He’s right. But we need more work on this thesis. He’s just scratching the surface. The bullshit jobs come out of fractional reserve funny money and the slow morphing of our big corporations into effectively communist outfits. Phasing out fractional reserve, debt reduction, inherent biases towards the sole trader, and the monetary condition of “growth deflation” would wipe out all these jobs and redirect all of us to the good stuff.

    He brings up the current reversal of earnings in that he says when jobs are obviously productive they tend to be low-paid. Many years before anyone knew Graeber I was accusing most of the people at Catallaxy of having essentially unproductive jobs. Which is why Genghis brought this fellow to my attention. I already knew him from his history of debt which was basically cribbed from the excellent leftist economist Michael Hudson.

    “…. So many people have this problem…. that I want to do something that benefits humanity. I want to do something that at least doesn’t harm anybody. But if you do something that is actually helpful to other people, they will treat you so badly, they will pay you so little, they will put you in so much debt, you cannot even take care of your kids…”

    Think about a useful job I could be doing? Working in the cool room of a chicken hatchery-and egg distributor of an outfit that goes out of their way to find pastured egg producers, (using Maremma sheep dogs). Thats a very useful undertaking. Being part of a team that gets these eggs out to the population.

    The food makes the children healthy. Makes the pregnant mothers produce a healthier baby. What can compete with the egg yolk for nutritional excellence? The oyster and bovine liver. Oysters are harder to come by and nobody feels like eating liver more than twice a month. Yes these two foods are about the only competition to the pastured egg yolk job.

    Yet the cool room worker right now would be on close to minimum wage. But most bullshit jobs, brought to us by runaway big government, corporate communism and funny money … they will tend to be quite high paid.


  10. Nature published three commentaries on captialism:

    They won’t come up with real solutions or good diagnosis. If they did they wouldn’t make it into a very carefully guarded journal like Nature. Did one of them single out debt and usury? Or derivative entities? Interest apartheid? Negative inventories speculation? Did even one of them suggest lower debt levels? A phase in of a nuanced Georgism? A phase out of fractional reserve? The move to growth deflation?

    And notice the racist top heavy emphasis that Nature has chosen to take for its survey. The same tribe who ruined the situation, including one of its most egregious profiteers are given the opportunity to commentate on the mess. But at least Stiglitz dobbed in the hateful alumni that made a pigs breakfast of everything in the Clinton administration. He’s made a late career of lame and ineffectual suggestions. But at least he’s willing to testify against his loathsome synagogue buddy colleagues.


  11. If the billionaires were big factory owners like Henry Ford, providing heaps of jobs and churning out really good stuff, I would still be calling myself libertarian. But the billionaires by and large are the enemy.


  12. CIA controlled CNN is now calling Tulsi a foreign asset of the Russians. Have we not heard this bullshit before from the self-same bullshit artists who were soft on communism? Apart from the Russian Mafia, which is Jewish Mafia, we ought to be fully “in bed with” the Russians. They are good people and they share our interests. The hateful Americans have forced them to ally with the communist Chinese. We are going to have to wait 20 years before we can try and influence the Chi-Coms to be kinder to their minorities. So I won’t say we share exactly the same interests as the Chinese. They are a medium term problem for us that could turn long-term if we are ever weak. But the Russians ought to be our buds.

    This accusation against Tulsi is never going to fly with anyone who is halfway sensible. With Trump at least he had some level of gangster association. So it had some ring of truth to it even though everything the security people and the Democrats said was a lie. These lies may backfire if levelled at a good Hawaiian girl.

    The West must make friends with the Russians, and make even closer friends than now with Taiwan, India and Japan. This is not to get in the way of the aspirations of Chinese nationals. Its so our good good friends in China are not tempted into war and can wind up a fabulously rich, less populous, kinder and gentler nation, in a few decades time. The Chinese are very important to us because they hold so much talent to keep the great cultural progress the West made, continuing.


  13. I agree that socialism sucks. I agree that some VERSIONS of capitalism can be awesome. But Cato supports a version of capitalism that really sucks. They are weak on fractional reserve usury. They would not meet Henry George part-way. Until that changes we can never take Cato seriously. Consider the failure of our free enterprise advocates. When socialism sucks so much, and yet its back in vogue. Because you let the bankers get covert subsidies daily and you barely batted an eyeball even with the overt subsidies. Its your fault Cato. You could have bitch-slapped the socialists 7 ways until Sunday. You could have kicked seven shades of shit out of them. But now we all perceive Bernie as a great guy, and he is a great guy, and its you guys that blew it because you sold out to the fractional reserve usurers. Socialism sucks. True story. But Cato sucks as well. They couldn’t even say a nice word about Murray Rothbard when he died. Or about Henry George now. Beltway libertarians are glibbertarians are fibbertarians.


  14. He’s completely full of shit. He’s got the headlines in the newspaper. He doesn’t have the data. Except for this winter where we had the maximum cosmic rays which under some circumstances is a catalyst for heavy rains. Try science for fucksakes.
    So dishonest. You need Jesus Christ. Or Krishna. Anything to stop you from mixing up science with the religious instinct. I never try and deter a non-fundamentalist Christian from his beliefs nowadays. Its a great religion. I recommend the orthodox church. Its an apostolic Church and therefore respectable now that the Catholics have been ambushed by blackmailed gay homosexuals.

    Why would you keep this bullshit up when I already told you the reason for the heavy rains. Nowhere can you find anyone who has proven CO2 raindrop nucleation. Dust nucleates raindrops. Cosmic rays do also. Not CO2. Why continue being full of shit when you’ve already been instructed correctly? Pseudo-religion or racist affiliation I sez. Crypto-Jew Steve I sez. Thats what I’m getting here.


  15. Cambria was fantastic. My best friend online. Made sure I showed up at the Clock hotel. But he kept bullshitting me about fractional reserve. Then when the crash came he actually became a welfare queen. Then he briefly betrayed all of us gunning for a carbon tax. I couldn’t understand why he was doing this.

    Until I figured out he was a crypto-Jew the whole time. When push came to shove he took the racist angle rather than stick up for the human race. I’ve forgiven all that. The fatwah is over. But Jewish racism from crypto-Jews plays a big part in this dishonest behaviour that you are exhibiting.


  16. This fellow Dessler. Did you check with him about the causes of rain-drop nucleation? Catalysts for water phase-change mid-troposphere. No you didn’t check did you.

    Is Andrew Dessler from the Maori Dessler’s or Moronsville? A small tree-lined town south of Hamilton? Or is he from the Dessler clan of Zurich Switzerland? No he’s from the Jew Dessler’s of Texas.

    So he doesn’t have any evidence, no explanation, no data, cannot fucking sing or dance but in your racism you believe him because he’s a Jew. And everything a stupid Jew says has to be taken seriously. Jewish racism from crypto-Steve.


  17. Would that not be great? A President Tulsi being mates with a Dr Mahatir. Reconciliation with the Iranians and the Russians. See how the old man has the crowd around his finger. But he’s all alone in this world. He needs a good young girl like Tulsi to work alongside him.

    The great statesman has the right idea of manufacturing within the Asean countries. He makes it sound like you need all these countries just to make a car. He’s not saying as Australian neoclassicals are saying, or at least used to say …… that you hive of the scummy act of manufacturing to a poor country. Surely this is a Jewish attitude leaking into economic science. Traditionally these people never liked to get their hands dirty literally. Only figuratively.

    Whereas most agriculture and more tertiary industry should be localised to cut the internationalists out of the picture, EVERY COUNTRY needs strong manufacturing but its the one area where we need to work towards trade balances, extended structures of production and manufacturing without borders. Sure I’m sympathetic to what Trump is doing. I’m sympathetic to Australians who want to restore manufacturing and think they need trade barriers to do it.

    But the medium goal is more manufacturing in every country and of much better quality.
    While Australia should aim at trade surpluses net of mining in peace-time ….. the ultimate goal has to be extended structures of production across many countries. Since this is the only way to bring magnificent manufactured goods at low price to everyone. Yes its true that the Chinese, Japanese, Germans and so forth have held these imbalances and we want to, right now, aim at getting to perennial surpluses ourselves. But ultimately you want every country in the world to have strong manufacturing. And very little debt anywhere in the game. Its debt that causes these imbalances more than anything else. Not comparative advantage as the neoclassicals ludicrously claimed awhile back.

    Let the Dr speak for himself. He knows where its at. Worth listening to his wisdom any time you can. He won’t be with us forever you know. Just hope he’s in good form long enough to work with President Tulsi.


  18. If people who spend a lot of time with horses end up being cruel to them …. We might interpolate the hateful results of living in a high-debt fractional reserve banking fiat-currency society. Usurious debts compromise the morality and human feeling of us all.

    See even a fellow like Julius Caesar. There are folks who keep a long memory and hold grudges to ancient persecution. But my Celtic ancestors were subjected to a holocaust by this uppity woppy. I mean a real holocaust and not a fake one.

    When Julius Caesar was carrying a lot of debt he was basically a heartless genocidal psychopath. But once he was out of debt, and supposing you are following his act you start thinking …. Hey he’s really quite a good guy? Whats going on here? Julius Caesar is a good man now. But before when he owed the richest man in Rome all this money he was this complete monster.

    Now he’s good fellow???? So what is up??? Julius Caesar became a human being after he got out of debt. But you know. You can’t do that. You cannot become a decent human being and hold ultimate power over the Roman Republic right? So the other oligarchs stabbed the fuck out of him.

    Debt drains the courage away from all the men in society. It steals their sense of charity. Rips the guts out of us as human beings. And I would suggest the racing game is awash in debts by this stage. Any acts of kindness or morality come up against exponentially growing obligations. Usury means EXPONENTIALLY GROWING SLAVERY and this reality becomes set against any decency in practice.

    I don’t know who it was that plagued our history with usury and debt peonage. I suspect it was Ashanti agents sent from the dark Continent to suck the blood from us. Could have been Ashanti? Could have been someone else? The Thais? Crypto-Thais draining the morality and dignity out of human life for century after century in Europe? I don’t know which tribe it was.

    Could have been the Luo tribe that Obama pretended to belong to and lied. Could have been them.


  19. I think what is going on here is you had the old idea of a black hole, that nothing could get out of. And then they claimed that the star Sagittarius A* was a black hole. But this was a strategic mistake in putting over their lies and fantasies because Sagittarius A* gives off radio waves all over. And it shoots (I believe) superluminal proton winds out of its poles, and this winds up setting up giant bubbles of referred gamma radiation.

    So this alleged black hole turns out to be the brightest star in the galaxy. A few years ago I laid all the contradictions of what was going on to the people on quora. And all these snide physics-boy 101 goose-steppers came running in to hose the scandal down. What we see here represents the mainstream doing a smoothing operation. Because they knew that the centre could not hold forever. My efforts may have sped the process up a little.

    I call what I do “moving science forward one act of abuse at a time.” And if I have seen further than others, it is only by forcing down the heads of dwarves.


  20. “Much has been written about the scientific accuracy of the film, its depiction of black holes, and so on, most of it full of praise. The physicist Michio Kaku said it was the gold standard by which future science fiction films will be judged.”

    No Nelson Muntz HA-HA is really appropriate. Do you see what really happened? The lies eventually have to change. Its not Michio Kaku’s fault that he was following one set of lies and then the oligarchy cannot hold those lies together forever. So they need to go through a smoothing bullshitartistry period. The situation is in flux. Its not like they are ever going to tell the truth. But you are seeing a group of scientist-liars going through what Samuel Jackson might call “A transitional period.”

    Michio wasn’t wrong in accordance with the science lies. They just changed the rules on him. Sooner or later everyone has to come around to my way of thinking.


  21. I cannot fucking stand it when I’m so modest. What is coming out of the poles of the star Sagittarius A* is DEFINITELY a superluminal solar wind. I don’t think there is any doubt about this. It cannot be anything else. This is what is causing the referred gigantically voluminous regions of gamma light.

    This is my fucking discovery. And I’ve got to stop pretending I don’t know I’m right. Sooner or later some complete fuck is going to prove I’m right and not even going to contact me or buy me a beer the next time he’s in town.

    So yeah thats what is going on. This star is rotating super-fast. Its an oblate spheroid. The forces of gravity and electrical charge are in great opposition with each-other and the only way this can be resolved is superluminal solar wind forced out of each pole. The referred gamma is a result of this. What this means is that these are fields of positive charge and so only one big beast like this can be a part of any galaxy. The giant start will eject the other one from the galaxy and that other will be like a queen BEE going off to form another galaxy. When we see a star of this type being ejected due to conflicting positive electrical fields we call the ejecting star A QUASAR.

    The other implication of this is that Galaxies will attract each other laterally. But they will repel each-other pole-to-pole. So if we look at a galaxy cluster you’ll never really see two galaxies parallel to each-other like one plate on top of the other. The galaxies will always be askew.

    I know I’m right just as I know that someone else always sneaks away with the credit and the prize money. As they ought to. But you know. Sometimes they ought to throw the conceptualist dog a bone.


  22. Philomena once showed me this poem from a Chinese guy. May have been the 800’s. Gave me an idea of how the world ought to be. And the sense of life this Chinese guy had, it was similar to what you’d expect from a well-paid new world colonist homesteader. A brief little ditty it was. Nothing that special except for a certain time machine shock.

    Usury and fractional reserve debt fuck with us. But separation from the natural world does too. These poems and other artistic renderings can give us a glimpse of the world we ought to be going after.

    None more so than the following masterpiece. Which I suppose I’ve posted many times already. A good sermon can use repetition.


  23. I remember this scene as one of the fights that never happened in the Minder series. Bully-boy businessman pushes a button to get the muscle to show up. But the muscle recognises Terry. I thought of this when I was watching this Japanese boxer. Fuck this I thought to myself. Better just go get a nice cup of tea. Kid is so accurate he can aim at floating ribs either side, after pulling a bunch of feignts. Thats what jogged my memory. Thinking of the futility of trying to box someone who can do that sort of thing. I searched for the Minder scene and I found it.

    42 minutes in and go as far as 43 minutes and 30 seconds.


  24. The gay homosexual Ellen is part of the Jew/CIA war machine. This sort of thing goes at least as far back as the 60’s with operation Mockingbird. But in terms of media the Oligarch/Jew network had to have all their ducks in a row ahead of the Jewish false flag attack of 9/11. So thats why they murdered Bill Cosby’s little boy when they did. They had their influence back in the 60’s but it had to be wall-to-wall before September 11.


  25. This could be misinformation but there is a lot in it that is likely true. I’m a bit suspicious about this story because I would have thought I’d have heard about all of it prior. Linking Tesla to pyramids …. This I’ve not heard before. But there are interesting ideas about shape power.


  26. Corporate leftists HATE egalitarian leftists. I like egalitarian leftists I just want to convince them that you need economy in government and a good understanding of economic science. Corporate leftists hate egalitarian leftists in the same way that me and Judith Sloan could probably never get along.


  27. You might think this fellow is a commie, but if you listen very carefully by the end of it you see he’s very pro-Capitalist. He doesn’t think being wealthy is a bad thing at all. But he’s got the information on the ground better than anyone.

    The oligarchy has been cheating and stealing so long, that the idea of proceeding on a libertarian basis therefore becomes untenable. Yes economy in government is still a necessary pursuit. As is economy in banking, and economy in pharmaceuticals. I cannot see revisiting libertarian ethics in a hard-core sense for about 400 years. Phasing in Georgism may take 150 years just for starters. Then you need the levelling effect of the Georgism to bring down the unworthy rich over generations. So forget about libertarianism in the Randian sense anytime soon. In the Hayekian or James Stuart Mill sense, is another matter. You cannot start with libertarianism when the current era is a time of ruthless rich guy extraction.

    David Cay Johnston scratches the surface as to how some of this thieving is going on. When people like me became libertarian we were surfing off the time period prior. The Bretton Woods time period when the businessmen were making things better every year and government spending was growing too fast. Now businessmen, bankers and government are all corrupted in favour of the intrenched rich.

    Check 36 minutes in. David confirms what I am always emphasising. That reinvesting in small business creates jobs. But tax breaks to take money out of operations destroys jobs. He’s speaking from experience.


  28. Johnston shows that during recessions the labour share of income increases. Here we can point out that under idyllic low debt monetary conditions labour ought to be doing better every year for many decades. The leap is that nuanced Georgism and “growth-deflation” monetary conditions would lead to greater equality for decades to come. The main job of a rich man would be to find and elevate talent. And if they weren’t great talent-spotters they would not stay rich much longer.


  29. Candidate Trumps campaign was magnificent and we ought to be pretty grateful. He sidelined the Clintons and Jeb Bush. We really dodged a bullet. Its better to have a minor criminal rather than Kingpin criminals in the top job.

    Donald waged a one-man psychological war against the Jew media and he reinstated the importance in the public mind of manufacturing. He communicates daily and publicly with the American people. These are fantastic innovations.

    But despite all that Donald Trump ought to be a one term President. Its lucky we have him for this term but he’s not likely to deliver good things in his second term. The Democrat party is more corrupt even than the Republicans. But now that Biden is on the way out, the line-up candidates seem to be less and not more corrupt than the party at large. We now have a pretty good picture of why President Trump has not lived up to candidate Trump. He sincerely wanted to repair the relationship between Russia and the US. He wanted to deliver peace for the Americans. We now see why he has not been able to do so. And what we know tells us that things are unlikely to change in his second term.

    Back to the speakers experience of business. His family business employs 25 people. And he says they keep reinvesting in order to create wealth. I know this is prosaic but we have to get it out there that debt taken on by the huge corporations isn’t the source of reliable wealth creation. Its reinvestment of profits in small and medium sized business that reliably creates jobs and wealth. This is not esoteric knowledge but it simply has not been emphasised enough. Its just a digression about 24 minutes in that has inspired my repetitive sermonising but this reality cannot be repeated too many times.


  30. Here is Trump making the sidelining of a bigshot in a gangster family look easy. Fantastic. Beautiful to watch. Don’t let it be said I’m not grateful for a single term Trump Presidency. We are so lucky we had him to fight off these bigger criminals. He’s a little criminal. Not given over to wickedness. But he was able to swot these really rotten criminals and make it look easy.


  31. We have had a rebellion against the Davidson idiocy over at Catallaxy. When I used to say this sort of thing I would be pilloried mercilessly. But just a few minutes ago cohenite says the following:

    “Apparently the chinks will own our farms, will export the products to china for processing and we import the finished goods. Sounds fair.”

    These horrible developments are all to do with the neoclassical consensus that was running policy last time I was able to comment freely at Catallaxy. It was a neoclassical consensus that acted like you can run a free trade policy and guarantee good results without reforming the current crony communist banking dysfunction. This is ridiculous.


  32. I want to congratulate our Rwandan brothers and sisters on their hillside farming efforts. But they highlight an embarrassment for us here in Australia. With all the resources we’ve had since we commandeered the land from the native peoples, why the fuck have we not terraced the hillsides? This is clear market failure. And its the kind of market failure that could never have endured with the taxation and monetary reforms that I advocate.

    I am a supporter and well-wisher of my own Yamnaya race of course. But not on the basis of alleged universal racial superiority; clever little white guys though we may be. More on the basis that we are targeted for extinction. But those white nationalists whom I would lend quite a bit of support to, before you get too proud and uppity, consider that our Chinese and Peruvian brothers were terracing the land while we at some time periods were covered in shit. And consider that even the cannibalistic maori may have done as much terracing as we did.

    So yes because we are targeted we indeed need to support our own people. But it ought to be done on the basis of first principles rather than excessive bigotry.


  33. My old followers might be angry at me. Surely I don’t support all these communist programs, in rich countries or in poor countries? What is going on here? Well what do you think all my advocating towards sound money and demi-georgism was about? If we don’t have sound economics, which implies nuanced georgism and good money, then the private sector cannot work right. So then we have to have catalytic government communist programs. Hopefully they start off with a small trickle of cash and long lead in times. I’m more angry then anyone that we, and our Rwandan brothers need this sort of thing. If our economists had taken heed when superior ideas were introduced we would not need this kind of thing. The good outcomes would spring from the ground while policy-makers could take a nap in the shade.

    Remember what we are going for here:

    You follow good policy and life becomes absolutely awesome.


  34. How might small banks work if they are not part of the international crony-communist network? Well check this video out? Contract goat-herders helping control weed levels. Turning weeds into fertiliser. And its a locally owned community bank sponsoring this understanding. It wasn’t some welfare queen Jew bank coming out of New York. It wasn’t those gangsters at Deutsche Bank. It was a locally owned community bank. No doubt chartered expressly as an alternative to troglodyte monsters like Jaime Diamond and Lloyd Blankfein.


  35. We have to see the rise of the massive modern retailer as market failure and malinvestment due to the rise of ponzi-money. Because before the big retailers took off we were already massively over-supplied in retail space. How do we know this? Back then we had horribly restricted retail hours. Meaning if the restrictions were taken off there would already be a retail glut.

    Over supply of retail power can only ever provide a one-off benefit. Its malinvestment because the big gains can ONLY be made in PRODUCTION.


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