How The Earth Produces Ore Grade Magma/ The Mystery Of Abiogenesis.

“Number of electrons in each shell

Each subshell is constrained to hold 4 + 2 electrons at most, namely:

  • Each s subshell holds at most 2 electrons
  • Each p subshell holds at most 6 electrons
  • Each d subshell holds at most 10 electrons
  • Each f subshell holds at most 14 electrons
  • Each g subshell holds at most 18 electrons

Therefore, the K shell, which contains only an s subshell, can hold up to 2 electrons; the L shell, which contains an s and a p, can hold up to 2 + 6 = 8 electrons, and so forth; in general, the nth shell can hold up to 2n2 electrons.[1]”

When each shell is filled up we have the family of inert gasses.  You can see them in the periodic table.

In a reducing environment, an electron-rich environment, some of the gasses that are not inert gasses will start acting more like them.  Its as if their electron shells will be filled out.  These elements will then tend to want to separate out from their chemical bonds.  One doesn’t want to be too absolutist about this. But the tendency will be there.

Elsewhere you will see me claiming that “up'” and “down” reverse as we head to the centre of the earth.  They may reverse once or three times.  If we follow matters upward from the earths surface we see that if the depth of the ocean were equalised all over we would have solids, liquids, then gasses, then gasses separated out by molecular weight, then an area of charged particles, essentially protons and electrons.  Which I think is what the Van Allen belts are all about but its hard to get confirmation of that.  Then there is space.  So it goes solids, liquids, gasses, protons, electrons, then space.

In my model something like this is going on as we go to the centre of the earth.  The difference is that thermal energy is trapped within.  So matters are happening at a very high temperature.  The order is solids, liquids, gasses.  But these gasses include pretty much all the elements.  Being as the temperature will be so hot.  Remember up and down are reversed.   So up is towards the centre of the earth well before you get to the gas stage.

The last layers are Helium, hydrogen, protons, electrons, space.  The space becomes a small gamma ray sun.  This is because the last two layers lead to charge separation, which leads to charge buildup.  Which leads to all pervasive negative charge.  And since this charge is so focused we have a kind of spontaneous plasma focus “machine” as it were.  Since its gamma rays in free space we have pair production.  Since we have such a powerful negative charge buildup we have easy fusion building of heavy elements.  I have made this claim before.  That fusion is easy and natural, but no energy spinner.  That it happens very easily in a situation of high charge buildup.

But while there is no air pressure right at the centre, further back in the opposite direction the gas pressure buildup is very strong.  So the hot gasses pierce DOWNWARDS (paradoxically towards the earths SURFACE) even though these gasses are lighter than the liquids then solids they are burrowing into.

Now these gasses will burrow down, until “up” and “down” are reversed and then they will get a bit of a boost in their attempt to make it towards the earths surface.  On the other hand as they cool they will liquify, solidify, and mix together.  But they won’t mix as well as they otherwise might.  Because of the pervasive negative charge environment. They’ll mix alright but not even close to as much as we would otherwise expect.

And so we get our earths negative electrical field and we also get ore grade magmas.  If heavy metals were only created in supernovae, as the ludicrous mainstream theory alleges, none of this would be possible.


Okay what is the alternative environment to the beginning of life that I’ve been banging on about as a corrective to the modern feebleness of evolutionary theory? The chemists find their theories of the origins of life to be pretty untenable.  But think of what is going on in the middle of Pluto? I suggest that pluto has started its new matter creation process. But its mostly hydrogen.  Smaller amounts of oxygen, carbon and other elements.  But mostly just hydrogen.  So you get the buildup of gasses at the centre, and this leads to these active volcanoes that NASA found on Pluto.   The liquid water comes out of these volcanoes, freezes as it is released and lands as ice on the ground.  Probably a lot of this ice will sublimate not having the atmosphere to keep it there but here I am speculating.

The point is you’ll have the reducing hydrogen heavy gasses, with a strong electron-rich environment, such that the normal laws of chemistry don’t apply. You’ll have the hydrogen biased gasses that are needed to spontaneously produce amino acids.  But on earth things have heated up too much in the middle of the earth.  So you cannot now have the interior of the earth as the place for the evolution of life.  But the water coming out of Pluto’s volcanoes may only be luke-warm, and largely driven out by gas pressure and not by heat as such.

So what we might have, throughout much if not most of the interior of Pluto, is the venue I’ve been banging on about, that could be conducive to the evolution of life.

So here what I’m saying is that primitive life evolves in proto-planets in the boonies.  Far away from a star.  It has to be in the boonies to keep the heat low enough for the process to continue for billions of years.  Abiogenesis has to go on OUTSIDE of the inner solar system of stars.  Then to get life on a surface of a planet, that planet has to come in from the cold somehow.

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  1. Supposing like myself you’ve barely set foot inside a Museum in the last 20 years and you hear that some nasty people are smashing up Museums? How are you going to feel? I think I would feel intense grieving. Quite distinct from the idea of whether I ever was going to see that Museum more than on average two hours a decade.

    The Randians take the view that the value of nature is virtually exclusively valuable only to the extent that it is valuable to the human species. To me thats too extreme. But on the other hand I don’t know how to stake out a middle ground in the spectrum between the idea that humans are a curse on the environment and the extreme that the environment is good only to the extent that it is valuable to humans. Sure I prioritise humans. But its a shaded prioritisation and it depends on the time factor. Always in a hurry I prioritise humans. But the longer the time-line the more nature should take consideration.

    But the value that you feel knowing that your paternity is being preserved is a real value. The idea that your cultural paternity is being smashed is very hurtful in my view. At least to someone who is not hungry, worrying about creditors, worrying about being homeless and this sort of thing.

    I would class myself a believer in evolution but I’m not much impressed with many mainstream approved views of evolution. But there is no theory of evolution or yet even few alternative theories, that suggest that if we lose our bioversity, we will get it back quickly or easily. You can burn down the library of Alexandria and other people may feel sick to their stomach even thinking about it. But we may retrace the lost knowledge in a new renaissance thousands of years into the future. But the loss of biodiversity, to a biodiversity fetishist like myself, it hurts.

    Ten years ago I wouldn’t call myself an environmentalist. But I was still a bit of a fan of our elder Statesman Bob Brown. Yes I thought he had a loony side to him. But I still approved of a lot of what he had to say. But I found the environmentalist tag too hateful to associate myself with it. So I called myself “A biodiversity fetishist with a sentimental weakness for big brained mammals.”

    Now thats just the lead-up to something I’m proposing. My understanding of the oligarchy is that they are always trashing our paternity in favour of grasping power to themselves. They hide things in the Smithsonian. They bury the data. Fake photos. Cut us off from new discoveries in Antarctica. They are destroyers of history.

    Might they have taken our intense grieving with our almost subconscious knowledge of the loss of biodiversity …. and just skewed that horror and grieving into this CO2 roadshow? I’m only asking you to think about it.

    Only permaculture can set us up to maintain our biodiversity. And just in passing permaculture can lead to energy-positive agriculture and carbon internment. But I want everyone to really think about it. Was the intense emotional grieving, towards the loss of our bio-historical paternity, co-opted and skewed to serve the interests of the dynastic rich?

    I just want to put that possibility on the table.


  2. The Miseans are growing weak on sound money. Rothbard was awesome. Salerno is fantastic. But the rest of you must lift your game. None of this “free banking” idiocy. Like there isn’t such a thing as economic science, or even historical research. The “free banking” meme is the most wicked superficial and mean-spirited bait and switch the world has yet invented. What a ludicrous idea. Only worthy of so-called zionist “objectivists” and other racist crazies.

    Listen to people like Salerno, Reisman and Hoppe. The smarter Austrians know that their ideas cannot work if the practice of them are perverted by fractional reserve.

    25.30 seconds in Nomi starts talking about the difference between when loanable funds go to infrastructure and producer goods as opposed to financial sector legal entities, otherwise known as “Abba Dabba Berman numbers rackets”


  3. Trumps no Aspie. Aspies in New York real estate development, hob-nobbing with the Kosher Nostra , treating employees well but ripping off subcontractors.

    No. Different developmental disorder. A spoilt brat? A Hooray Henry? Even possibly a narcissist? A Crypto-Jew Chosen-One with the ego to go with it? These things are all possible but he’s no Aspergers sufferer.


  4. Nick Fuentes. Serious Catholic. 21 year old university drop-out. Extremely good extemporaneous talker. He is at the moment running tactics in the battle against Kosherised conservatives. He’s kind of alt-right 2.0. A new and improved version. He’s made a lot of headway in the last couple of weeks. The idea is to pummel these fake conservatives, fibbertarians, glibertarians, libertarians. I would see him as an intellectual descendant of Patrick Buchanan. And his ideas are given a great deal of traction by the hard-core Catholic Scholar and internet sensation E Michael Jones. If not for Jones we would probably cringe a bit at Fuentes but Jones fans will tend to be often right on the same page.

    Nick Fuentes comes online 5 days a week and talks flat out and he’s really training and organising his listeners in tactics. Very hopeful stuff. His people (Students or student-age people who are listening to his tactical advice) showed up a week ago at one of these Kosher-Conservative meetings at a university. They started asking uncomfortable questions about Israel. As well as the idea of what the hell are alleged conservatives doing promoting demographic replacement and homosexual anal sex.


  5. “I wanted to contrast your comments on the manipulation of science data with your comment on Kissinger being the real source of the OPEC oil price increases in the 1970s rather than the Sha of Iran.”

    Right I cannot prove that one. There are differing accounts and one cannot verify what went on many years ago behind closed doors. But the horrific outcome is that the monetary base of the United States keeps on getting hoovered into a few big New York banks, and that the US dollar is perpetually over-valued. Making the Americans live beyond their means but ultimately trashing their economy over many decades.

    But with climate data we know for an absolute fact that they are rigging the data. Thats all people like Mann and Schmidt do really is rig data. Total frauds and conmen. And so it can be inferred that since the media and everyone else lets them get away with it, this must be a top-down oligarchically lead psychological operation.

    I can get to the fact, by other means, that we’ve got to gather every erg, calorie, joule, BTU, and kilowatt-hour we can get our hands on, that we need invest to massively in energy efficiency, that we need high excise on petrol, that we need far higher royalties on coal … far higher. Thats the real key here …. That we need a string of incentives towards greater energy diversity ….. I can get to these conclusions by other means.

    But when we go to put a nasty extra royalty on coal we must not call it a “carbon price” or a “carbon tax” Its got to stay just a boost in royalties levels. Because as soon as you play their game thats welcoming the vampire into the front door. And they’ll have all these fake markets, ripoffs, Abba Dabba Berman numbers rackets, international taxes. You never give these financiers a break of that sort.

    It will be NBN all over again. The NBN is the generic example of when your heart sank knowing they had taken a good idea and trashed it. I knew it would be a mess just as soon as I found out these pollies had taken the project off-budget, and they were consorting with thieves like Rothschild and Merrill Lynch. It was like waking up and finding out that Mossad was running Sydney’s airport security. Really that bad. If we call a massive boost in coal royalties a “carbon tax” we will wake up to the same sort of menace but one hundred times worse.

    Why not humour me on this one? We’ll inter that much more carbon doing things the way I suggest. Export less coal and inter more carbon. Thats what we want isn’t it?


  6. I made the above argument elsewhere but you might be thinking, “Don’t we need coal so badly right now? Why pump up the coal royalties that much? The main reason is that its been suggested that coal tends to be shot through with fissionable material. Such that we can get 13 times as much energy out of the coal sometime in the future as we can now. Its true we cannot get by without the coal yet. And I think we will need one more generation of super-efficient coal-to-electricity power stations. But clearly its a terrible shame to be wasting 90%+ of the energy from this resource.

    Now look at the hatefulness of the CO2 misinformation campaign. The idea ought to be to get every oil-well pumping now, so as to reduce coal for the moment, and bring coal back when we can add thorium generated heat and electricity to it. That should be the international grand bargain. But you have to wade through all this climate science fraud to get to what the real crisis is. The real crisis is global energy scarcity.

    If Australia had perfect policy we could easily pump our economic growth rate up to double digits. But we have hit a point of global energy scarcity where the world as a whole could not. And we cannot realistically get out of this bind for many decades. And not until Thorium energy is ubiquitous, as a likely practical matter. It may seem perverse therefore to restrain coal exporting when nothing else can fill the breach. But we ought not loosen the strings unless we know that everyone in the world is doing the right thing and trying to get their molten salt skills sky high in their workforce, and trying to move to permaculture farming and a number of other signs.

    Of course we cannot be inhumane with this policy. Nor can we be so stingy with our coal that we force China and Japan to join forces and take it all off us. So we don’t want to be silly about this. But we are selling it for 10% its future worth and we need to slow down a bit.


  7. Here is Nick early today our time or perhaps very late last night. This interview shows his ideas pretty clearly. A very good interview because he has the excellent Jesse Lee Peterson. I’ve been aware of Jesse Lee Peterson since about 2006.


  8. “Hannabil” is the call that the Israelis make when they are about to murder their own captured soldiers, and everyone near them. Just to avoid the political embarrassment of a prisoner swap. So they slaughter everyone. Women, children and their own soldiers in an orgy of Jew ritual sacrifice. Also Jews murdering Arabs if they know how to speak Hebrew.


  9. Right. In America their unemployment figures are rigged also. Trump has been re-regulating and arm-twisting CEO’s to create new jobs. He’s had some success. But he thinks that the unemployment rate has fallen to its lowest levels since 1969. Completely ridiculous. Real unemployment in the US is likely to be around 16% or higher. But Trump thinks its 3%. So he cut back on food stamps. In reality there is an epidemic of homelessness in the US. The third world is breaking out all over and the new employment growth isn’t in all areas. People could and probably will and probably have died, over these bad figures, and it paints a wrong picture of the effect of deficit spending on employment.

    I don’t know the situation here. But I was unemployed. I am unemployed. Yet up until a month ago I could not get Newstart. Does not being able to get Newstart, and being in fear of becoming homeless count as being employed? I think it does actually. One economist was waxing lyrical on how Australia had more people employed then ever and what a great thing this was. Bad figures are such a curse because everyone trained in statistics acts like its a student case study, and grinds out the analysis.

    Patrick Michaels was the Cato institutes climate guy. 13 years ago he thought he had cracked the code to the extent that CO2 increase warms, and it was a simple formula with a delay factor. And it fitted nicely the fake data and I’d thought he’d cracked it too (more or less.) His thinking seemed about right to the human eye. More recently he’s been in a state of befuddlement, since the new fake graphs these guys have produced don’t conform to his formulation, and really the data makes no sense at all, although there’s definitely a warming signal planted within the fake data. No reasonable person who thought the data was sound would suggest there wasn’t a small warming factor apparent in the shape of the graphs. Its not there in real data. Only in fake data.

    So it doesn’t really matter if you are conservative or leftist, climate realist or climate goose-stepper. It seems, if you are some sort of statistics-boy 101 type, you cannot resist using tarnished data no matter how dubious you know it to be. I’ve seen this time and time again, even with the climate realists over at the Jo Nova site. Doesn’t matter how much they know about data mischief, if you leave bad data hanging around they’ll pick it up. Play with it. Philosophise over it. You cannot get these people to abstain.

    To show I’m not all poopy-pants with the way the welfare state has treated me, they’ve given me this magical travel card. Its changed everything and now I’m not afraid to crank up my job search again. But if we take the thesis that we need to be serious about every calorie, erg, BTU, joule and kilowatt hour we can get our hands on …… ought not everyone get an off-peak version of the card I now have? Plus I can understand the stand-down time. I don’t like it but I can understand it from the point of view of saving the taxpayer money. But ought the unemployed be given, at the very least, an off-peak version of the card right away? Ought we not then race around to the employers trying to get them to stagger shifts so that more and more people are using these cards and keeping their cars at home when they can do so? Ought we not take registration fees and third party insurance out of the excise fuel levy so that people will often buy a car and yet keep it parked when they can?

    If interstate trains are going head to head with Jet travel maybe we have to think about deep discounts for off-peak interstate train travel as well, if it can be shown that it leads to less flying and less energy use overall.

    We need to be deeply serious about global energy questions. But this focus on CO2 is putting up a wall of sound and mental opaqueness to a lot of very obvious things we could be doing to get our energy efficiency really awesome.


  10. Estee Lauders boy. Ronald Lauder. Terrorist Jew and President Of The World Jewish Congress. His role was to get the World Trade Centre into the hands of the Jews in time for the schedule of the 9/11 terrorist attack. Lauder is now gunning for the ability to imprison any Christian or anyone who criticises a Jew. He needs to be taken to Guantanamo Bay to loosen his tongue.


  11. What could make Andrew Yangs program a success? We need to become experts on bullshit jobs and “bloat” which amounts to the same thing or close to it.

    If you had a minimum monthly income as Yang suggests, might not the social contract be ruthless bloat slashing? Don’t worry about unfair dismissal. The next day you can opt in to the minimum income program and don’t worry about it that you were gypped.

    I don’t know. How do you make sure of such a culture? All that can be done is 100% reserve asset ratio, and every layer of government must turn in a surplus budget. But it would be great if Yang came in with some hard-core homies and made the whole thing fly.

    Here is a discussion of “bloat.”


  12. Tulsi standing up to ageing airhead. But I wonder if she can keep this trademark cool head if she is still a Vegan. Sooner or later these Vegans go nutty and their teeth fall out. Hopefully her veganism is just a wikipedia misunderstanding. She’s very reliant on her sharpness. She stops being razor sharp Tulsi the whole act will fall to pieces.


  13. The sort of exchanges I get into might often seem pointless. But I’m trying to get a kind of mental shift going a lot of the time. People think that animal meat takes a lot of energy and leads to a lot of extra CO2 in the air. Well maybe. Maybe not. Depends on the specifics of the farming techniques. Take the following exchange:

    Someone Sez:

    “……………….1km of driving = 230g of C02 emissions

    57g of Australian lamb = 1kg of CO2 emissions

    So every 1kg of lamb you buy causes the same CO2 emissions as driving 76km.

    It’s also worth remembering meat is 60-70% water by mass, even when it hasn’t been injected with additional water. Aside from being ecologically uneconomic, that’s a really expensive 600-700ml of water …”

    So I reply:

    Animals are necessary for carbon internment. We spend a fortune on fixed nitrogen fertilisers and they use outrageous amounts of hydrocarbons. But ammonia is only a urine substitute when it comes to agriculture. Urea can do the same job as ammonia. And urine is free. See that black coloured manure that comes out of the back of a cow? Thats not made dark by way of some special cow dye. Thats carbon the cow is sending into the soil. So meat is inherently a carbon negative proposition. Its the TYPE of farming that counts. We need to make farming carbon negative and energy positive. Very easy to do.

    So you see its just a matter of thinking differently. Meat by its nature INTERS carbon. And it saves us the hydrocarbons that we would need to use on fertilisers if we had a Vegan diet.


  14. No its not about “showing the maths” its about showing the type of farming methods. Mono-culture plant growing is the enemy. Its all about killing things, wasting energy and destroying soil. Thus mono-culture plant growing will always be an energy sink and a contributor to more CO2 in the atmosphere Do you understand the CONCEPT of what I said. Thats the main thing. You can see that conceptually herbivores by their nature inter carbon physically when they take a crap, and that they do or can (handled correctly) substitute for ammonia when they take a pee.

    In terms of non-permaculture and high-paying commercial agriculture we could take the local example of Colin Seis. Farmer and theorist. He has perennial grasses growing in a field and uses that same field to get annual crops out of. How does he do it? He does it by getting the sheep to knock back the perennial grasses before and after planting. That way he saves on fertiliser costs and gets far more yields out of the same piece of land. If your maths-boy 101 type rocked up and did the same exercise for the meat that the sheep produced you would find out that it was pretty close to being carbon negative and energy positive since you’d have to account for the annual crops and the savings on the annual crop from an energy and carbon perspective. So used correctly animals inter carbon, and reduce the energy needs of cropping. I wouldn’t go the Colin Seis way ultimately, famously clever though he be. I’m just bringing him up as an example of how we could transform agriculture to be energy positive and to inter carbon in the soil.

    Colin’s own lectures are pretty complex. So this simplified explanation of what he is up to, by Joel Salatin, might help you understand the idea.


  15. So its annual cropping that is the problem. If we phase to a situation where annual crops are only used over the top of perennial grasses (knocked back by animals) then you can have some reasonable level of annuals production, and more meat for everyone. If you want to do the right thing avoid processed foods, eat grass-fed meat until you fall over, and try to eat foods derived from perennials. Better still would be if you could get a box of food every week from a farm practicing silvopasture or permaculture or at least a highly polycultural no-till operation. Avoid products with soy, corn or wheat in them. Because its these mass-produced monocultural operations that are killing everything.


  16. Ultimately you really want Flerds. Flocks and herds mixed together. To match the diversity of your perennial grasses and forage trees. The camels can reach things the cows cannot, in a silvopasture arrangement. The sheep can eat broad-leaf weeds that the cows will tend to leave alone. A relatively few amount of goats can manage your thistle and blackberry problems. The chickens can follow behind taking advantage of the larvae in the manure. If you don’t get the animals working for you, you are going to have to do the work of the animals.

    You can never assume that the maths is right. Because this anti-meat thing is another propaganda program and the maths outcomes are totally dependent on the assumptions. Likely the fellow is talking about feedlot meat. Specifically American feedlot meat. The cows are taken into these feedlots to fatten them up, but usually only towards the end of their lives. The anti-meat types takes the maths involved in feedlots and use this for propaganda. So his assumptions have to be checked for that sort of hanky panky. Feedlots are anti-economic except in some places in the winter to keep the cows warm. But feedlots in America, generally speaking, are there because of grain subsidies. As usual we find subsidies creating energy sinks.

    All this kind of talk will seem insulting to many farmers who have been locked into a cycle of debt. We want programs to transition out of interest payments and mono-culture. Post-war farming is reminiscent of the dispossession of the British landed aristocracy through debt. By selling farmers on inferior high-input modes of farming, we ending up with debt-crippled farmers, energy hungry farming, ruined soils, and nutrient deficient foods.

    Its correcting this situation, the revitalisation of farming should take precedence over foreign aid to the communist Chinese via solar subsidies. Most of our subsidies are forms of wealth transfer overseas, and are likely energy sinks, because subsidies tend to create energy sinks. Peoples minds jump to the grid and to the first and obvious things when it comes to energy efficiency. They seldom think of mono-crops in the same process as thinking about energy-efficiency. Someone ought to produce a user-friendly chart of all the potential ways to increase energy efficiency in Australia so people don’t get caught up in this idea that we have to blow out our trade deficits sending foreign aid overseas for solar and wind grid-based systems. The first option that jumps into peoples heads is not usually the best option.


  17. Jason Reza Jorjani keeps showing us how important the Persians were to who we are as Westerners. Nothing he says sets off a my shit-detector. We must bring these Jew-inspired conflicts with the Persians to a close. They are basically our cousins. In my model these are largely Yamnaya coming down the coast of the Caspian Sea rather than the Black Sea. My ancestors were the ones who migrated during droughts along the Black Sea. The Iranians are the ones who came down the Caspian Sea. Not a great deal of difference except mainly for the people they mixed with when they got there. But they are basically our guys and let no elite Jew pig stand between us.

    Its time we Australians made the best of friends with these people. And we may be able to influence our errant American allies to stop being so poopy-pants about this civilisation.


  18. Kim Iverson seeing disgusting Jewish behaviour. But idiotically she doesn’t want to end the State Of Israel. But everyone must come to the right idea eventually. Eventually everyone has to agree that the Jews need to be under strict third party supervision.


  19. Kims a year older than Tulsi. Born 1980. Whitey/Vietnamese. You should see pictures of her a few years ago???? Fantastic hottie. Unbelievable. No kids. Genghis do something before it gets too late for her. Very solid journalist. Pass the word onto the young girls that being righteous makes you hot.

    On another note there is my ongoing efforts to push science forward:

    I sez;

    Nothing to see here. This is the sort of boneheaded happy-talk that prevents progress in science.

    He sez:

    Sorry, what?

    I sez

    I’m a believer in some form of evolution. But the mainstream has absolutely no idea about this subject. So when they see an anomaly that goes against their crude theorisations, they just brush it off with a lot of happy talk. There is about half a dozen very intelligent advocates of the intelligent design out there. Not many. I can visualise three. They are actually winning the argument right now. Not because they are necessarily right. But because their opponents are so mentally lazy and smug. They don’t know a problem with their theory even if it jumps up and bites them on the ass.
    Show less

    He sez

    Please do elaborate when you say you believe in some form of evolution. You’ve greatly piqued my interest.

    I sez:

    The idea that the evolution proceeds via mutation and natural selection alone is a bit of a dead letter. This process would reduce information. But within the mainstream we see resistance to other means. Although sometimes you will meet one of that crowd who will accept other mechanisms and put up a good argument, in public they will tend to stick dogmatically to the main story.

    For example early in this century I used to argue that there must be Lamarckian or more likely Lamarckian-lite effects. Since if some organism found a way to pass on inherited characteristics, it would have an edge over the others who relied only on natural selection. I was called a communist because someone within the Soviet Union also thought this. Well what do you know, the whole science of epigenetics jumps out at the mainstream, but do you hear anyone saying that this proves Lamarck somewhat correct? And so we see this constant stickiness.

    Evolutionists also cling to evolution as a one planet operation within the big bang creation myth. So their evolution is a single planet, young universe evolution. Thats why creationists particularly are promoted and derided. It makes these young-universe creation mythicists seem plausible. But the mysteries of evolution require a more realistic cosmology. Since they are biologists they don’t want to challenge unscientific and magical thinking in physics. Well you cannot make progress that way.

    This discussion may be ongoing.


  20. Fascinating and spooky information. Six minutes and thirty seconds in. “Remnants Of Tardigrades from the Burgess Shale” So Tardigrades have been on earth at least since the Middle Cambrian. Which doesn’t exclude them from having gotten here a lot earlier. Remembering that Tardigrades are the species you would want if you were hoping for a robust critter to maintain genetic information between planets.

    6.30 you’ll just catch it. Our buddy the Tardigrade. Could be an ultimate ancestor. Wonder if he’s been genetically sequenced. I shall find out.


  21. “Tardigrade genomes vary in size, from about 75 to 800 megabase pairs of DNA” Thats a pretty good start. They also say that multiple lines of evidence has the critter descending from a larger animal. By comparison humans have 3, 234 megabase pairs.


  22. Kosher Conservative. Lets have that retraction about the USS Liberty fella. Racism is evil. So just because you are a Jew you ought to be able to tell the truth about Jew false flag terrorism. People will respect you for it.


  23. Colin Seis has found that skilfully integrating animals, perennial grasses and annual crops means that you can massively increase production, keep improving the soil, and eliminate or near eliminate the need for fertilisers and pesticides. But leftists and vegans don’t want to believe this it seems. Here we have a fellow changing the world for the better. A local hero. And the lefty is giving him the Rodney Dangerfield treatment. The idea of using animals to increase fertility is old hat but Colin is one of the first innovators to pull this off in terms of annual commercial crops using big agricultural harvesting equipment.

    “It’s called cover cropping or “green manure”, and he hardly invented the practice since it’s been used extensively around the world for thousands of years.”

    No this is quite different. Cover crops are themselves “annuals.” He’s got permanent perennial grasses. Big difference. Cover crops are shallow rooted nitrogen fixing annuals.

    Far more effective to keep the deep root structure in place. There is no comparison here with the feeble nitrogen fixing process of “green manure.” Not even close. Green manure isn’t going to replace nearly all artificial fertilisers and pesticides. It can replace a tiny bit. Very weak in comparison to what Seis has going on. Note that only 500 of his 2000 acres are being row-cropped in this way. Most land isn’t suitable to row-cropping with heavy agricultural equipment. You have hillside farms of course. But since hillsides aren’t amendable to labour-saving devises, if these hillside farms deny the use of animals, they amount to a form of gardening.

    The idea that we are going to replace energy sink agriculture with energy-producing agriculture, and leave the animals out of it …. that would amount to a superstition. Animals are part of nature, they are the mobile part of nature. You cannot practice apartheid on an eco-system in this way, and hope to get good results.

    As we saw with Sepp Holzer. Holzer has aquaculture and animal husbandry integrated with his horticulture. “Fertigation” some people would call all his water features. Passive irrigation and fertilisation combined. Take the animals out of it and sooner or later the artificial pesticides and fertilisers will have to be brought back.

    Bill Mollison hated vegetarianism. He never missed an opportunity to hang shit on these guys. Sepp Holzer has no time for them either. I am sympathetic to the ethics of vegetarianism but most of it has to go on the backburner for now because mono-cropping is all about mass-murder of animal life and is horrific to the environment. So its mono-cropping we need to deal with first.

    The Vegan’s though are an whole other matter. They are extremists. In an earlier day they would have been communists. They are people who take a few good ideas and push them way too far too crazy levels.

    Veganism would destroy all our environments from the starting position we have now. It would destroy our intergenerational health. From our starting point it would eventually lead to the devolution of the human species as the IQ of infants was damaged from one generation to the next. Just horrible for the human species, and with the problems we have now destructive of the ecosystem.


  24. If you want to have a healthy environment but you have a bit of a fetish for big farms, economies of scale, and massive harvesting equipment on the flatlands, then Colin Seis ought to be your hero. Particularly since he’s one of our guys, and a global innovator. His system is the only way to make big farming work. But really we want to go beyond even Seis.

    Turning the hillsides into banks with trees and terraceswith grasses/crops and ponds …. Thats a 30 year operation for such a conversion. In all likelihood. But consider this; If there is enough room just for two passes of agricultural equipment on the terraces, then the exquisite timing that Colin Seis has developed can be taken to the hillsides, alone with mobile milking.

    I bring this up just to show how far we can go with agricultural production, and with energy positive agriculture. We can do so much better, so we must do so much better, because we are in the middle of a decades long global energy crisis. We want to be greedy with our coal sure. But not TOO greedy with our coal. We have to recruit every calorie, erg, joule, BTU and kilwatt-hour we can get our hands on. Agriculture is the you-beaut best place to start. Tunnelling would be next and at the same time. Particularly with regards to upgrading rail.

    About super-fast trains. Super-fast rail is basically a consumer transport perk. Its cargo transport that is the wealth creator and since work-in-progress goods have to arrive in the right order, speed is actually a negative factor. But super-fast rail has to be dead flat. And cargo-transport ought not fight gravity, so our rail has to be upgraded to being dead flat on first principles. So we ought to be upgrading our rail, in order for it to be super-fast friendly, whether or not we decide to go that extra mile and buy the fast trains.

    The reason why work-in-progress transport has to not fight gravity is because of the Boehm Bawerk concept of the lengthening of the structure of production. As I’ve outlined before. Gravity free cargo transport becomes the secret of fantastic manufacturing productivity. More key even then a new wave of technological development.


  25. You are such a fucking moron. Jews really don’t do logic.


    The floods come from soil loss. The rain intensity, which isn’t going to be there a whole lot longer, is all about cosmic ray intensity. Which is here because of years of a weak sun.

    We are just going to have to go over this and over this and over this again. Because you are such a lying cunt.


  26. So what are we saying now Cambria? That the IPCC is a science outfit? No they are the same frauds they have always been. You need not drag in those frauds to condemn Steve for the lying cunt that he is.


  27. I might have to show up at the beach side of Fraser Island. Try to convince him to introduce Jesus as his fathers personal saviour. Its so much better to believe in the the virgin birth, the incarnation, the resurrection, and the ascension, then it is to believe science lies. The Christian era of science was a golden era. There are some bullshit beliefs that we can work around.


  28. The Jews stole trillions of dollars off Americans using the financial crisis and bailout. The United States has never recovered from this and while Donald Trumps regime has created a few new jobs, the unrigged figures still show catastrophic unemployment figures. Putting aside the obscurantism that is inherent in company ownership what they did is crash the housing market. Buy the loan books associated with the houses. Evict anyone living in the houses. Reflate the housing market. Its a little bit more obscurantist then simply crashing, buying the houses, reflating. But not much more. Taking this side of the balance sheet is a lot more hassle free.

    Lets see what wiki says and you can divine that the thieving is pretty much as I described it.

    “In 2009, a group led by Mnuchin bought California-based residential lender IndyMac, which had been in receivership by the FDIC and owned $23.5 billion in commercial loans, mortgages, and mortgage-backed securities. The purchase price was a $4.7 billion discount to its book value.”

    As if this stealing indirectly wasn’t enough the Jews managed to steal again more directly:

    “The FDIC agreed to retain some of the more problematic assets of the bank, and signed a loss-sharing agreement. The FDIC was estimated to be required to pay $2.4 billion to IndyMac under the shared loss agreement.”

    I steal for you. Thats a loss-sharing agreement. Jews handing taxpayer money to Jews.

    So now check out how the Jews used their unlimited cheap funds given to them at zero interest rate, or close to it……

    “OneWest then bought several other failed banks including First Federal Bank of California in 2009 and La Jolla Bank in 2010. Furthermore, OneWest bought a portfolio belonging to Citi Holdings for $1.4 billion. OneWest was profitable one year after Mnuchin had bought it, and it became the largest bank of Southern California, with assets worth $27 billion.”

    This is the bailout that Cambria defends to this day. A gigantic hoovering machine making people homeless, destroying their equity, then pumping that equity up for the Jews.

    “On December 2, 2016, Mnuchin resigned from the board of directors of CIT as a result of his selection as nominee for Secretary of the Treasury.”

    So he’s in Washington now continuing his role as human wood borer. Destroying the fiscal state of the US like his former Goldman Sachs appointees before him.


  29. “In 2017 a leaked internal memo from the California attorney general’s office was published, stating that the prosecutor’s office had found more than a thousand violations of foreclosure law by OneWest during Mnuchin’s tenure. The prosecutor had declined to file a civil enforcement suit.”

    Making people homeless was part of this plan. Why continue with this fractional reserve? And why not send these people to Israel? Strip them of all their assets down to “their” last few million and get them out never to come back. Making Americans homeless and making Palestinians homeless. Same people doing it, but with different methods.


  30. Yes its valid chronological history. But it encapsulates a very common error which I would call the error of “original sin.” Actually the oligarchy merely used what Thatcher was doing as a springboard. They had already set up their CO2 measuring station next to the biggest above sea level active volcano in the world. The fix was already in. But in terms of promoting the trace gas hysterics, who weren’t taken seriously in Thatchers time, she did bring them along and talk their act up for short-term strategic reasons.

    To blame this Soviet-style bludgeoning we have been subject to for decades … to blame this on Thatcher is to deny a pre-existing and ongoing conspiracy. That can never fly. Thatcher is gone but David De Rothschild lives on. All those frauds, who use the NASA and Goddard brand names to rig the figures as a full-time job. These are urbanites who hang out in Broadway. They’ve got nothing really to do with either NASA or the natural world. They are just there to rig the figures. Statistics-boy 101 types will dutifully use any data handed to them. Conservatives and Leftists, Climate realists and CO2-hysterics; It doesn’t seem to matter. They will use dirty data if thats the data they are given, whether in economics, or climate. And its all very depressing.


  31. Given that we know now that coal typically has at least 10 times the energy in fissionable materials, than it has in hydro-carbon energy surely we can see that Thatcher was right. We do want higher royalties for coal until we can use it more fully with our Thorium reactors.

    I look at the Jimmy Carter Reagan and Thatcher era as the Jimmy Goldsmith era. Of course I don’t know but Mullins thought that Jimmy might have been numero uno at that stage. The financial sector did continue and expand its thieving during this era. But for the most part they were reasonable and humane stewards of the situation under his hypothesised leadership. Once he died the usual psychopaths seem to have taken over. So to me its been horror and sadness since that time. And the last thing the oligarchy wants is cheap energy for the rest of us.

    People who are in the position to know think that Chernobyl and Fukushima were deliberate acts of sabotage in order to make sure energy stays expensive. We are really stuck with expensive energy for decades which is a crime against humanity. Nonetheless some good things may come with all this stress. Better town and city layout. Energy positive agriculture. This sort of thing.


  32. 2880 Broadway, New York, NY 10025 USA

    Thats the address of the Goddard Institute. They are not down in Houston with real NASA scientists. They are not hob-nobbing with rocketry experts. They are for the most part New York Jews, screwing with the data in continual iterations. These people never made huts in the bush and never spent their time witnessing the weather in the countryside. You look at the very good Australian scientists in this space. Some of them may have burnt their own rubbish, and were reared on outdoor plumbing.


  33. Supposing you and me and Johnson got the Joint Chiefs of staff permission to blow off Jack Kennedy’s head. We arrange three teams of shooters, Daltex building, grassy knoll, underpass, and one fellow under the sewer grate. So actually four angled shoot. All that good stuff. But only the international finance system, with its people in the media can arrange 56 years and counting of total media coverage of the lone gunman attack. So anytime you get that media cover its a full-blown oligarchical action.

    Same with those Broadway boys and their brothers in Hadley and NOAA. You and me couldn’t set up an office in town and just rig the figures as a full-time job without total media backing. So there is no getting around the conspiracy nature of this trace gas operation. And in this sense you cannot start blaming Thatcher for this mass–murdering energy deprivation scheme.


  34. “ROSS BRADSTOCK: The notion that there is some sort of conspiracy to stop hazard reduction is a piece of fiction.”

    Obviously they have failed. Either you thin out the fuel or you don’t. And they haven’t done it sufficiently. This is not some sort of line-ball call.

    In the longer run we need people like me using goats and gathering loose wood to reduce the fuel. But that system would take many years to get fully up to speed. So until then burning off excess fuel in the winter is what is needed. The fellow is an idiot. The failure to burn off the excess fuel is manifest all around us. Fires everywhere.

    Also obviously you need to swale all the hills and have water retention landscapes. Hills should be green at all times and never brown.


  35. He’s a Jew and proven science fraud. Clearly he’s not an authority on anything. When someone is caught lying all the time he cannot be relied on for anything. He’s full time employed as a fraud. Thats his job.


  36. What are some of the drawbacks of the quantity theory of money: MV = PY?

    John Christoff Marie

    Answered Nov 20, 2014

    1. V is only determined after the fact.

    2. If you ate talking the US they distort P

    3. Debt repayment is like an alternative flow of spending not appreciated in the formula hence large increases in M are not getting the price rises you would expect.

    4.Y is assumed to be GDP but GDP is an highly netted figure.

    5. As for 3. When it comes spending on shares, options and other derivatives.


  37. I think we can give trace gas hysterics the bush fire link. No need to fight that one. But the vector is fuel buildup. Not anything to do with weather. Winds are an electrical phenomenon and not something that CO2 has an effect on. As we have seen attempts to link CO2 and warming have been a failure. So much so that to have made these attempts in the first place relied on rigged data. But the fuel link is not something that can be denied.

    So from here on in fuel control has to be an ongoing obsession. By goats, mobile electric fences and unemployed people where possible. And by burning until the goat herding systems are up to speed. Plenty of unemployed people to be tapped for this undertaking.


  38. The Tulsi surge commeth. Its gone to not even 1% up to 6% in New Hampshire.

    And its valid for all sides of politics to be happy about a Tulsi surge because Donald Trump is NOT a budget cutter. We don’t want him during depression era unemployment (don’t believe the bullshit figures) to be a welfare cutter. But the oligarchy has for a long time now made it look like you need to be a welfare cutter to be a budget cutter. All nonsense.

    With Mnuchin as Trumps Treasury Secretary, and a Synagogue as his White House, we cannot expect any good budgets from this particular President. So as good as Trump has been, in terms of stomping the media and re-regulation, really he needs to be a one term President. I have some gratitude for his efforts but since only Biden is outright corrupt in this Democrat lineup Trump really needs to be a one-termer.

    Ringing up CEO’s to try and get them to create jobs, is a much more effective technique, than I for one ever thought was possible. But Trumps office hour efforts cannot compete in the long run, with the raw fact of ongoing deficits, in the trillion dollar ballpark.

    Tulsi is also the best on foreign policy.


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