Tulsi Gabbard And Ron Paul Are The Same.


Candidate Ron Paul was an old, near-minarchist right-wing Christian white male Republican.  Candidate Tulsi Gabbard is a young, left-wing, mixed race, female, Hindu Democrat.  They are the same.

Don’t ask me straight out to prove they are the same.  I’m supposed to be the worlds most holistic prophet.  Prophets aren’t going to spell it out for you.  Ron Paul and Tulsi Gabbard are the same in ways that go far deeper than the biffing and baffing of contemporary politics.

I was putting about the idea of the Ron Paul “I am Ron Paul”  meme well before the campaign took it up.  I started saying “I am Ron Paul” well before that, and specifically on the Louisianna university blog. The LSU tigers blog.

But I got  the idea of it from the Spike Lee movie about Malcolm X.   So it may have been me who passed it on to the Ron Paul team. Or they may have made that same mental link on their own.   But I was inspired by Spike.  And Brother Malcolm.  A real brother to us all.

I won’t say that Ron Paul, and Tulsi Gabbard, and Malcolm X are the same.  Because the oligarchy murdered Malcolm before,  or just as he had put together the full flowering of his intellectual righteousness.  They murdered Malcolm and yet stole his sperm.  Thats how evil these people are.

Malcolm had a way of saying everything that John Galt said with oh so fewer words.

I am Malcolm X and by any means necessary.   But the oligarchy murdered Malcolm too soon so I won’t make a troika out of this.

I cannot as a prophet spell these things out to you.  But I’ll give you a clue.  Or rather I’ll let “My Chemical Romance” give you the clue as to why Ron Paul and Tulsi Gabbard are the same.

Only the first two minutes of the song is relevant, or any good,  but the first two minutes of the song is worth listening too many times.

The tide goes in and out and the words used in the language of politics take different shades as to their meaning.  But Ron Paul and Tulsi Gabbard are the same.  In a way that escapes any kind of obsession with contemporary politics.

Ron Paul and Tulsi Gabbard are the same.  In a way that goes deeper than left or right. Up or down.






11 thoughts on “Tulsi Gabbard And Ron Paul Are The Same.

  1. There is a psychological barrier to todays Greenies fixing the problem. The problem doesn’t get fixed by putting a hex on the hydro-carbon industries. Any energy in that direction is counter-productive. This requires hard-core land management. Goats, sometimes pigs, and lots of electric fences.

    I think it requires permaculture. Swales, ponds and damns everywhere. Zero interest loan programs to these effects to farmers. But continual communist undertakings of this sort on the public lands also. Brown grass catches fire. Green grass, not so much. But definitely animals eating up all the fuel. And is there anything that says that fallen wood cannot be thrown in with the coal when you are generating electricity? I don’t think so. I don’t see a problem.

    If you are getting blue-in-the-face about hydro-carbons, and wasting energy to that effect, just imagine how quickly the fuel will build up when CO2 is at 500 parts per million. My understanding is that CO2 is in fact going to about 500 before it will hit any kind of plateau. I’ve been told this but I don’t get the reasoning. I don’t understand the confidence that it will plateau without permaculture efforts. That high CO2 will be fantastic for growing a lot of food. But high CO2 requires fuel reduction all year long.

    The big fires are horrifying. The hot dry wind starts roaring into them as if from the bellows of giant demons, tree-tops explode like oversized fireworks, the windows fall out of your car, animals topple over never to get up, people jump into small ponds and either get boiled or suffocated, molten glass flows uphill. The whole things like some nightmare from out of Hieronymus Bosch. The communist fuel reduction programs ought to start as soon as the fires are out. I don’t mind camping out with the goats. That would be my dream job. I’m happy to do it for the next 30 years.


  2. That clown above who stole all the talent, also made me think of what a great band Springsteen put together. And that Saxophonist that died not long after he allegedly worked with Lady Gaga. But in the video you can barely identify him or verify its him playing. So I don’t know. But just to have an E-Street band member on the record, true or not, added some gravitas to the hit. Here’s Clarence Clemons playing when he is definitely healthy.


  3. The Saud family has drawn the short straw and is taking the blame for the Jew crime of 9/11. So the Sauds are acting as Israels faux-Muslim buffer state. They take some blame, get to keep their oil, get all the weapons they want, and assistance with anyone they want to kill. This deal, to take the blame for 9/11 off the Jews, is so powerful, its the reason they can commit genocide in Yemen and still sleep comfortably at night. So far. Up until now.

    Tulsi is causing a bit of a problem. On account of that she doesn’t like this sort of deal, and wasn’t there to sign in on it. She’s not going all the way and going after the Jews. Nor is she probably thinking it through that far. But she’s gunning to take one layer off the onion. So she is the best candidate on foreign policy without any close second.


  4. That clown who ran off with all the talent does a version of the Leonard Coen song Hallelujah. Doesn’t quite pull it off. But the only reason is that we already have two fantastic versions. The Coen version and the version by that kid who drowned. So its a great effort and all that. But I won’t post it because its like trying to play the hunchback after Charles Laughton has had a shot at it.


  5. If you could have a two year dictatorship you could pull off the Andrew Yang plan in about two years. You need more taxes, and spending cuts together of around 5 trillion dollars. But it doesn’t need to all come out of government. You could pull out 5 trillion from government, medicine and finance. Too easy. But not really possible in the Democratic context with division of powers.

    Supposing you got rid of any kind of medical subsidy at all. You trashed all drug patents. Then you boosted Social Security. Then you could have a two-tier income support. One at the 1000 per month level. And one at the new Social Security level. That second level would be for those with an established big drug need, or who are hospitalised or proven super-sick. With the 1000 for everyone else.

    Then you have 100% backing in banking and you co-ordinate a bank split-up and a sail of all their assets. Since they are not so constituted as to run a profit under 100% backing.

    So the resources are there with a comprehensive trashing of the public service, the banking industry and the pharmaceutical/medical subsidies. But to me it seems almost impossibly hard to throw it altogether in a co-ordinated way.


  6. “Anna Diop’s body measurements are 34-25-34 inches.”

    No this is a terrible misunderstanding. Anna is desert-adapted like the camel. As a desert-adapted creature, her booty blows up and down with the requirements of the task ahead of her. Coming back from the a long stretch in the desert, to an oasis, Anna’s booty can be too skinny. In preparation for wandering amongst the sand-dunes, Anna’s booty, can balloon out, in accordance to the requirements of evolution.

    As we try and reclaim the deserts, the camel should slowly become our major herbivore, at least for an interim time period, and Anna belongs with us here in Australia. I have a spare bedroom.

    Fortunately I have found a Goldilocks photo of Anna. Actually I’m not sure if its her, but the website claims its her. Its a Goldilocks photo but not a photo of Anna with Golden locks. Its a photo of Anna wherein her booty is the perfect size.


  7. Early on we are brought up to cheer against the Philistines and the Hittites in that region. But these two groups would have been barely reconstructed Yamanaya. . Particularly the Hittites. Then they have the Phoenician lineage in Lebanon. Pretty good mix one would imagine. Look great in those short shorts. But as always when you find the promised land, some Hebrews want to go and invade it, and ruin everything.


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