Spiral Galaxy Rotation Anomaly/ The Only Way To Look At A Cosmologist Is Down.

It is on the basis of this Galaxy Rotation Curve, that stupid-town has postulated dark matter.  What an embarrassment!  So what is the answer to this alleged anomaly? The way we see galaxies moving in the real universe is inherent in everything I’ve already said about physics. Galaxies ought to act in the way they do indeed act, according to what I’ve said already.  But its easier to understand why, than it is to explain why.  So I’ll do my best to give you a feel for this.

We need to recap the basics of how matter and gravity works.   When you have one large object and one small object the two objects want to amalgamate.  So if one object is bigger than the moon and the other is smaller than Phobos, typically they want to come together.  But if both objects are larger than the moon they want to orbit.  And their orbit will be energy-positive.  New pristine energy will be created during this orbit.

When contemplating matter in the process of evolving,  it ought to occur to you that if the above rules weren’t in place,  no meaningful reality could have gotten going.  Gravity would make matter clumpy and crash-happy.  If Gravity worked in accordance with the modern stupidity gravity would be clumpy and crash-happy. So this idea of larger objects wanting to orbit and smaller objects wanting to amalgamate with larger objects, was necessary for our particular FORM of matter to gain the edge during the evolution of matter.

The above speculation as to ancient matter evolution might not be readily apparent as a necessary consequence of sound reasoning,  until you realise that for the universe to exist in the form we find it, somewhere along the line a form of matter had to evolve which was conducive to the creation of more matter.   Matter must help in the creation of new matter, or each new act of matter creation, would amount to a separate miracle.  Our matter is fairly durable and doesn’t break down quickly.  Nonetheless it does break down,  and so we have a basis for the evolution of competing forms of matter.   So you see there is a number of characteristics for the matter we see everywhere to achieve,  before it could have gotten everywhere in the quantities we see it.

Matter helps create new matter and so that moons grow to planets grow to gas giants grow to stars grow to bigger stars, and if they grow big enough they become a big dark object like Sagittarius A*.  There is electrically only room for one of these beasts per galaxy.  When another object gets to that size,  it will be pushed out of the galaxy as a Quasar.  The Quasar will take a bunch of stars with it,  and form a new galaxy.

Now of course this idea that the universe is only 13.8 billions of years old is complete stupidity and the creation myth need not detain us here.  Our sun will be a lot older than that.  And Jupiter will be much older than 13.8 billion years as well.  The milky way galaxy is hundreds of billions of years old for sure.

So the orbits of the spiral arms have come about under the above rules over many hundreds of billions of years.  In the analysis of the mainstream the time factor is left out of the equation.

So we see that even objects as small as the earth and the moon don’t want to collide.  The orbit introduces pristine energy. And yet the orbit is very forgiving.  They don’t wish to crash.  But they aren’t wanting to separate completely from each-other.  That being the case how is it that the orbits separate out into spiral arms?

The orbits of planets and moons wants to get bigger for starters but its a slight and slow thing that goes in line with the growing size of the objects.  This tendency of orbits of non-stars (but large objects) to grow,  is therefore not sufficient cause for spiral arm segregation.  Or for new stars to get their own solar system.

But supposing you come back and these objects have progressed onto both being big stars?   Thats not a likely story that they would still be together.  Because every so often you get an eruption from the centre of the galaxy that blows up moons, planets and stars, and then a whole lot of orbits are rearranged,  over hundreds or perhaps a few thousand years.

But supposing they have been together all this time?  There is an additional factor making these stars want to be forced apart.  You see stars have a proton wind.  So two stars have an extra factor repelling them.  Actually Saturn and Jupiter both have proton winds as well.  But I would not think that this proton wind would amount to much, given the problem to hand.

So anyhow you can kind of imagine that with the above rules in place, the serendipity of exploding objects, and the repulsion of proton winds, that these stars will separate out, firstly into separate solar systems (our sun may have once been a planet orbiting one of those big chunky stars of Orion) but also into spiral arms.   Most solar systems are dual star by the way.  So the solar system separation is yet to occur in these cases.

Now we come to this alleged anomaly, that has led these cosmologists to make complete fools of themselves.

So this gives you a bit of an idea what is going on here.  After a short distance out, the speed of the stars rotation around the milky way stabilises.  Why would this be an anomaly?  Certainly its not something to be inventing non-existent dark matter about!  You see what is going on here?  The stars closer to the centre rotate around the galaxy,  at about the same speed, as the stars further out from the centre.  Why would this be odd? Is the mainstream just playing silly buggers with us?  Why pretend this is a strange situation when its exactly how you would expect these stars to behave?

Well about 120 years a bunch of oligarchs and Jews came up with a strategy to take over physics and cosmology.  One standard technique for exercising control over others was to force people to believe something that could not be true under any circumstances.  But one of these bright sparks had an inspiration …… “Why not this time..” said the little rat fink “…. we instead force people to DISBELIEVE something we know for a fact is true …… its really the same technique after all…..”

So since we knew that there was an aether, being as we could measure the wave-length of light, these horrible little Bolsheviks started applying political pressure, to outlaw the aether.

Now the aether connects every nucleon with every other, but were these permanent connections there would be no movement at all.  All matter would be fixed in relation to all other matter.  So therefore we know that all aether connections are always in the process of breaking and reforming.  Anti-gravity efforts consist of not allowing aether connections time to reform,  as well as they might.

So supposing you are a star orbiting the galaxy and a star further out from the centre is ahead of you.   But you are gaining on that star since you have less of a distance, given that your circular orbit is inside the orbit of the star in question.  Well that start pulls you along a little bit, and when you overtake you pull that star along a bit, and its as easy to see as can be possible that the speeds would become very similar.


So we already know that aether connections are constantly breaking and reforming.  But if they were rigid and supposing the galaxy was rotating, the further out the stars were the faster they would be going.  But we know that gravity doesn’t work like that, and particularly from the orbits of planets in our own solar system.  The closer in the faster you move, when it comes to planets and moons within our solar system.

But in the case of stars in the galaxy, the  outer and inner stars end up homogenising their rotation speed to a very great extent.  Which confirms pretty much everything I’ve said about the way gravity works and refutes everything these clowns in the mainstream say.   But they won’t take “no” for an answer so they are back with this “dark matter” idea.   Its morons we are dealing with here.  Morons and people of bad character.

Another thing to remember.  While Newtons formulae appear to work pretty well in the inner solar system, the inverse square “law”, as explained elsewhere, ought to be considered an “emergent property” and not the actual reality.  On a nucleon to nucleon basis its more likely that the drop-off in the gravitational force of attraction is closer to the 3rd power.  On that level it might be closer to an inverse cube law.  But you have to consider the speed-and-acceleration,  at which the object are moving in relation to each-other,  as well as the angled force vectors operating on the two objects.  It is likely that the inverse square law is merely an emergent property,  that only works after a fashion, at middling distances.

A consequence of this misunderstanding will have the cosmologists under-estimating the mass of the outer “gas giant” planets, which aren’t gas giants at all.  Just big rocky planets with gigantic oceans and outsized atmospheres.

A consequence is that stars will be more influenced by other stars near to them, than by the central mass of the galaxy, than what the mainstream will have in their calculations.


Bill Gaede talks about the galaxy as moving like a Catherine Wheel.  Well I’m not so sure about that.  He may be oversimplifying here.  But he gave me the idea to just look at the Catherine Wheel in contemplation of the galaxy.  Who the hell knows what electrical forces are being unleashed here?  Bill is no fan of the electric universe crowd.  I think he’s being too hard on them.  But I’ve just described all this proton-wind repulsion going on in the galaxy.  Electrical effects are tricky things and you’d have to wonder what the net result of all this positive charge repulsion would be,  when most of the balancing negative charges are kind of hidden from the picture I’m painting.

So you guys who understand electricity better than I do, maybe just watch this here Catherine Wheel spinning a bit, in contemplation of the Milky Way galaxy turning.  It might help you think more clearly and come up with something really cosmic.


21 thoughts on “Spiral Galaxy Rotation Anomaly/ The Only Way To Look At A Cosmologist Is Down.

      1. Any names good. Visi, Birdie, whatever. What I’m after here is good questions. Not point-scoring questions but curious ones. When you are dealing with completely new paradigms the idea is to try and get our head around the subject. Not stand there with arms folded. Obviously with radical departures of this sort many things will turn out to be wrong, but the important thing is to be consistent with the facts as we know them. And with logic. In cosmology the mainstream has rebelled against logic, and they make ever more elaborate excuses when the facts don’t line up with their ideology.


  1. This is a particularly good video by Lloyd Pye. Notable for its understanding of weather basics prior to the Maoist cultural revolution of the CO2-warming racket.

    When the globe warms, nothing changes at the equator except where there are serendipitous rain shadows. The temperature profile stays the same in the tropical zones. Suppose we could practice perfect, fully developed, water retention landscapes on every land area. I am talking about a situation where when water evaporates on land it is via plant transpiration in almost every circumstance.

    Suppose further that the sun increased in its power 10% for 300 years? If we had all our infrastructure in place could we survive?

    Yes. All that would happen is that the tropical niches would push the other niches north and south and up the mountains. The tropical zone is a place where the temperature never falls below (lets say) 29 degrees celsius but never gets above (lets say) 39 degrees Celsius. With proper land hydration and a situation where raindrops never fall on bare soil we could survive. Because plant transpiration and water evaporation is the ultimate air conditioner and cooler outside the tropical zone. Inside the tropical zone extra energy causes that zone to expand, rather than extra energy leading to higher temperatures. Outside that zone plant transpiration is an unambiguous air conditioner.

    The joule buildup in the tropical zone will be fantastically powerful. But what it won’t do is lead to increased temperatures. It will lead to an expansion of this niche and pushing that other niches north and south which of course implies massive net gains in energy. But all other niches, so long as the features I described are in place, will act to get rid of a great deal of this energy.

    The reason for the ambiguity in the tropical zone is that the air is already saturated with water vapour and to some extent suspended micro liquid water. As a result new evaporation is difficult and new evaporation won’t necessarily lead to a pocket of air that will rise up quickly. In every other zone we can expect new evaporation not to lead to a greenhouse warming benefit as a net result. Because the parcel of air will typically rise quickly.

    So really the only threat to us from warming comes from the failure to air-condition our continents with spongy carbon-rich soils, plant cover, and water retention features.

    What if the increase in solar energy came and we didn’t have all our water retention landscapes in place? And we hadn’t greened all our deserts?

    I suspect we would be pretty much finished. Still I only set the thought experiment at 300 years. But the desiccating hot winds would come across the deserts and wind up burning everything off. Not unlike what we saw this spring (even the last few weeks) It would be pretty hard to hang in there.

    Its the tolerance of brown dehydrated landscapes and deserts that is the real threat. We have seen what a hot wind from the North-West blowing into Eastern Australia can do. That hot wind becomes hotter and bone dry blowing across our deserts. And we ought not put up with it. We ought to do something about it.

    Damaging the hydro-carbon industry is neither a sufficient nor a necessary measure to reduce these risks. Only looking after the hydrology of the continent can get the job done.


  2. Here we have just about the only flat-land annual cropping that we can righteously approve of. Basically similar to Colin Seis “pastured cropping” Bruce Maynard is calling it “no kill cropping.” So we should grow SOME annual crops but in growing these crops we want to maintain the root system of the perennial grasses and we want to maintain the animals grazing those perennial grasses.

    This is a good name for this cropping. No-kill cropping. Because if you were to plough up grasslands to put in the simple monoculture annual crop, the Vegan needs to be hammered with the reality that this is biocidal. This is all about killing. You killing everything so that one species can live. Its an unbelievable slaughter and imposition on the natural world. Yes there is something kind of nasty about being kind to an animal for about 3 years then murdering and eating that animal. But there is no doubt about it that monocultural cropping without animals is just a crazy killing spree.

    Could the flats be used more productively without annuals? Well I suppose so. You could effectively create more real estate with crater gardens. The crater gardens use the big heavy machinery but only in the construction of them. You create fantastic amounts of growing space, and you set up a permaculture wonderland with desert-loving trees at the top, a pond down the bottom, and all manner of permaculture in between. And you harvest with stuff that doesn’t get much more sophisticated than a mini-tractor or a wheelbarrow.

    But you know. That kind of difference in land usage comes down more to individual preference. Not so much a public policy issue. But the straight monoculture has to go. Its got to go. No ifs or buts. So we need zero loan programs to get the farmers away from straight monoculture. Foreign owned farms need not apply for a subsidy.

    But really large farmers ought to have to unload farmland in order to qualify. Since we don’t want unjust enrichment. We want to reduce their asset value but increase their cash flow. We want a greater supply of land available for sale so that more people and more humble people can farm.


  3. Water evaporation. The cheapest, the simplest, the oldest and still the best way to cool the air. Amazing that it hasn’t come to Australia earlier. My Stepdaughters other Grandfather built a restaurant with shade-cloth vaulted way above it and water evaporating all down the shade-cloth. This is on the road between central Chiang Mai and San Kam Paeng. The cooling power of this system is a sensation.

    What we are after is plant transpiration for the continent taken as an whole.


  4. If they don’t want to get Trump on real stuff they ought not get him at all. This is just the dominant set of gangsters sending out the warning that nobody is allowed to investigate their corruption. Both parties are corrupt but the Democrats bitch-slap the Republicans around, and the corruption is more widespread in that gang.

    Something has gone wrong with you John? You just quoted something 100% true and you think by quoting it you can dismiss it. I thought you were sensible but its the second time I’ve caught you out saying stupid shit.

    I know what it must be. You didn’t bother to read the transcript right? So you imagine that the fuss that they are making must have some basis to it. No there is no basis to it at all. Its a reversalist smokescreen exactly as is implied. But its something to witch-hunt the Donald about. Trump is on the fringes of gangsterism and if any honest set of adversaries wanted to dig up the dirt on him they could do so. But the transcript shows ZERO I mean fucking zero percent wrongdoing with the specific matter to hand.

    Nothing at all. Zero. Not even 1%. Its unfortunate to have to come in and proclaim no grey area here but thats just the facts of reality.

    Could me and you put up a reversalist smokescreen like that and hope to get away with it? No it cannot be done without full-blown monolithic media control. So we know right there who is behind it, in terms of who the media people are and who extends to them endless short-term cheap credit.


  5. Is it pretty clear why the reverse square law for gravity isn’t a law but a range limited emergent property? I think I’ve dealt with it elsewhere amongst a big meandering thread. But I may have to do a single thread going over that material because it may be a bit confusing to some people. In order to create a cult of personality over Einstein that had to have a parallel cult to do with Newton. And Maxwell for that matter. So they can kind of jump foot to foot.


  6. These kids are great. Who is behind this sudden upswing in quality amongst the kids?

    This rhetoric is dated isn’t it. Particularly as the Presidents homey, Mnuchin, is producing these idiotic deficits. When these synagogue buddies are running budgets for the rest of us, they cannot even balance a chequebook.


  7. Hmmmm. The best candidate. But not really good enough this time around. See how she has to try and not blink during the fairly feeble explanation. She’s showing fear towards the most horrible monsters out there. Thats a mistake this far into the campaign. An understandable mistake but a mistake nonetheless. I hope she learns her lesson.

    She doesn’t need to die in the dirt on the issue of the Jews. She doesn’t need to go the full Reverend Louis Farrakhan on that score, I get that. (Farrakhan was right about everything, by the way) But this was a simple issue of the right to peaceful protest for Americans.


  8. Not long ago Professor Quiggin was on television and I noticed that he was saying “renewables and storage” always in the same sentence. Now I don’t listen to the local media as a rule. But still this struck me as a massive breakthrough. Just to recognise that if we are going to have these renewables we must have the storage for them.

    But what would be even better if people like the Professor or other leftist academics got on television alongside some of our regenerative agriculture heavies. Got on television having a good old chat, and the one of the big memes that came out of it was “water retention landscapes.” Because if our globally respected innovators in this space could have this alliance with our leftist intellectuals to support re-hydrating the Australian landscape, that would be this great leap forward.


  9. There is not enough of this going on. Jews everywhere are told they are geniuses, over-promoted, and they get in our face when they are actually pretty fucking ordinary. Every so often someone realises how useless they are and start hanging shit on them.


  10. “The company is proposing compressing CO2 and transporting it by pipe to underground reservoirs which held oil and gas in place for 85 million years.”

    Coal is a different matter. But the problem is that this is all nonsense. Oil and Gas are juvenile products of the earth. Were this not the case the oil and gas would never have gotten under so much pressure in the first place. And yes the conservation of energy and matter is a logical contradiction and completely impossible. Since were this the case there would be no energy or matter ever.

    The empirical proof is in every oil field in the world. They tap out pretty quickly but never completely. The pressure builds up again. Sure the oil depletes but it does so with a long tail. Not a bell curve as King Hubbert had suggested. Thats why the peak oil model was a good model but not quite right and the Professor’s intuition of plateau oil was a very good one.

    So the abandoned oil field builds up pressure again. Or alternatively the last nodding donkey never stops nodding. That oil field will not be abandoned forever. So this proposal is a big scam. Let us not subsidise rich slobs. Sooner or later the Chi-coms or some other deep pocket crowd will buy that field off Santos, and the money that was wasted in the first place, will be wasted even as CO2 alarmists would have it. Or the pressure will build up and the CO2 will be released by natural causes.

    The Amazon is no great shakes for carbon storage. In the tropics much if not most of the carbon is stored in the trees themselves. We can do better. In fact Australia is in a unique position to do so much better than anywhere else in the world. We have more resources to work with than the people of the Sahara. The carbon sequestration landscape par excellence is the Oak Savannah … But not necessarily based just around Oaks. Plenty of trees, plenty of grass, plenty of herbivores.

    But with water retention strategies we can do Savannah and Silvopasture so much better than before.


  11. I spend very little time these days being a bubble-boy and listening to other near-minarchists. (I’m a long run near-minarchist but I recognise the current setup is so dysfunctional and unfair that a lot of government action needs to be there for human decency). I try to find a better class of leftist to listen to. Thats who I’m listening to most of the time. Not Rothbardians or Georgists or my own crowd, And believe me this better class of leftists are blue-in-the-face about all this bullshit. The Russia issue and the Biden Ukraine story. This is such horseshit. The better leftists have got the drizzling shits with all of this.

    I mean compared to Johnson, Bush senior and the Clintons, Trump is an angel. But in an absolute sense he’s a very dodgy character. A lot of slaughter is going on under his watch. Plus he’s a scandalous piece of work. If you wanted to nail him there is so many things to nail him about. But these two obsessions were always bullshit right from the start and they are an indication that someone is finally happy with Trump. Though the oligarchy wanted him to lose last time, they are happy for him to win the next time. Or else these two losing criticisms of him would not be being promoted.

    Scroll in about 66 minutes to see what Matt Taibbi found about the Russia story.


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