Why The Inverse Square “Law” For Gravity Is Only Partly Right And Only An Emergent Property.

Is it pretty clear why the reverse square law for gravity isn’t a law but a range limited emergent property? I think I’ve dealt with it elsewhere amongst a big meandering thread. But I may have to do a single thread going over that material because it may be a bit confusing to some people. In order to create a cult of personality over Einstein that had to have a parallel cult to do with Newton. And Maxwell for that matter. So they can kind of jump foot to foot.

We can skim over the basics.  Gravity is a force.  Its obviously a pull-force.  And its instantaneous, this implies constant contact.  We know that matter is all joined by an aether since light has wave-length. Wave requires a medium. That medium is called the aether.  So we already knew that matter maintained constant contact, since matter is visible.

Mother nature is parsimonious with its mechanisms so that this same aether is responsible for gravity.  This aether theory is very similar to Bill Gaedes rope theory.   The thing is though, that the smallest unit of aether, has to be very tiny in comparison to an individual proton, electron, and neutron.  Since no one strand of aether has any real effect on any of these.  That is to say when it comes to the very small stuff the pull force of the connections is vanishingly tiny.

If this is new to you, take a breath and absorb all this, because we have to dive into the implications of how gravity would work nucleon to nucleon and what the implications are when we scale up.

Just in passing lets mention the electric universe guys.  Their main insight is that electrical effects, deeply mysterious that they are,  scale really well.  They see the same things happening on the scale of light years, that they see on the scale of just a few centimetres in the lab.  I think they have made their case really well.  But gravity, that slight pull-force that the aether creates, almost by accident, DOESN’T scale real well.

I think aether scales real well.  In that I think a Birkeland current is acting like a giant strand of aether, even though its travelling through all these tiny strands of aether.  And when light travels through aether its as though the aether is “scaled up” to allow it to do so.

Electrical effects aren’t size dependents (or so the case is very well made) but gravitational effects are.  Because a small insect barely feels the force of gravity as he climbs up a wall.  But the fat man feels the force only too much as he walks up the stairs.

Now imagine that the nucleon to nucleon gravitational force drops off to the third power and not to the second.  Like an inverse cube law.  You are on a spherical earth but the surface is perfectly flat.   Every molecule on the planet and in the air above you is exerting a pull force on you, but some of them at different angle.

As you ascend to the clouds like Jesus does in the story,  think of how the force vectors from many of the molecules of earth are changing?  The higher you go,  the closer to straight down a lot of these force vectors are becoming.  Now do you see what I’m saying about the end result being an emergent property?   The force vectors are changing so the resultant force is becoming more effective.  Thus compensating in such a way as to make the drop-off in force less pronounced.

Anywhere above the point where hydrogen weather balloons tap out, the only things subject to gravity are orbiting.  That is to say moving roughly perpendicular to the earth.  I’m saying that this movement reduces the gravitational pull “a little bit.”  Some items will have an elliptical orbit.  All circular motion involves acceleration.  But elliptical orbits accelerate and decelerate a lot more than circular orbits.  I’m saying acceleration, unless the movement (not the acceleration itself) is towards the earth (rather than perpendicular to it)  breaks a lot of aether connections and therefore reduces the force of gravity “quite a bit.”   So I’m saying that the inverse square law isn’t really true, only appears to be true, and only appears to be true in a fairly limited range, and that its an emergent property for the reasons mentioned.

Just wanted to clear that one up.  Because the big thread on growing earth, gravity and mountain-building can be a bit hard to follow.

So if you were to plug this sort of thing into a computer model you are going to find out why orbits are so forgiving.  Why gravity is not clumpy and crash-happy.  Why mathematicians can barely solve a three-body problem but the galaxy solves a multi-billion body orbiting problem effortlessly.  Why NASA finds that rockets pick up anomalous energy when they slingshot them around planets.  Why spiral arm galaxies don’t act the way the mainstream wants them to, so they had to make up dark matter.  All that stuff is explained by the above view of gravity.  So I’ve really cracked it. These problems can be solved if you listen to dissident voices, stop putting down people as “crackpots’ and you dwell on these things long enough.

87 thoughts on “Why The Inverse Square “Law” For Gravity Is Only Partly Right And Only An Emergent Property.

  1. You definitely want to get rid of the insurance overhead. But I don’t think you can do afford single payer if you have to emphasise and subsidise prescription drugs. Any other expense can fly. But the prescription drugs are a black hole of financial and health disaster.

    Elizabeth Warren has died on this issue because the numbers cannot work. Tulsi has taken a sensible approach. She says lets get big Pharma out of the room and then sort this problem out. Beautiful. I agree.


  2. Thats just a fact. We saw this under Jewish communism and we see this when their Muslim front groups take over a territory. We see this also if they have a hand in American war policy. The true target of the nuclear attack on Japan wasn’t Hiroshima. Those were distraction murders. It was Nagasaki that was the centre of Christianity in Asia.

    Rick doesn’t merely call the impeachment a Jew Coup. He proved it. Total proof. Jews everywhere involved in denying normal democratic rights. They are supposed to get him out of office in a year from now. But instead Jews started the impeachment campaign as soon as Trump was elected.

    The usual suspects have gotten rid of the original scrupulously researched youtube showing that without doubt this is a Jew operation. It can be found here with the November 23rd contribution. But you have to sign up now in order to watch this undeniable journalism. Thanks to censorship by Jews even when the right of free speech is constitutionally guaranteed.



  3. “I took the data for global average temperature from climate model simulations in the CMIP5 ”

    Stop right there. Thats not data. So its useless. From the first sentence onward we see that nothing he is going to say is of any scientific merit. In fact he doesn’t even know what data is.


  4. Knockout power comes from the torso. I wonder if Anthony works his torso enough? Before Sugar Ray Leonard fought Donny Lalonde he said: I’ve never been hit by a light heavyweight before. I don’t want to be hit by a light-heavyweight. I don’t intend to be hit by a light heavyweight. Donny was a world champion and big fan of Sugar Ray. He says “Sugar are you crazy?” This from memory in pre-internet times.

    There is just not enough of this talk these days. Sugar Ray clearly failed in that ambition but the attempt to not get hit clean in theory helped him win the fight in practice. Boxers are coming in as if they were street-fighters. But this is the sweet science. Jose Torres barely ever got hit clean. Willie Pep hardly ever at least before the plane accident. In sober reality Ali got knocked out by Henry Cooper. But other than that left hook he was barely hit clean 64-67. Pre-prison Tyson barely got hit clean.

    These big guys of today are showing up too heavy and not elusive enough. Tyson Fury is usually a bit heavy but he is elusive. But how many others? Tyson is the only one elusive enough of the big names, and to my mind Wilder is the only one of the big names whose the right weight.


  5. Veganism is a form of fasting. It can work well for awhile but he ought to quit it as soon as possible. Ruiz hooks are tremendous. Wilder has the big right hand but thats more a straight punch. Ruiz hooks have to be the hardest punches in boxing today. But the thing with Wilder and the big right hand, he’s always been able to apply it. Not always possible to apply the hook.

    AJ cannot evade Ruiz to the extent that Ali could evade Williams. But he has to have trained for some level of doing just that. He has to be evasive enough to stay just out of hook range. If Andy hadn’t clocked him on the side of the head in round three, still he may have gotten him later with horrific hooks to the body. Best to take the point of view that you cannot handle a Ruiz hook so don’t put yourself in the position to get one.


  6. The important thing about the left and the right to understand is that they are designed to be oligarchy friendly. The oligarchy don’t want to work for a living. They don’t want the short pants jobs. So the leftists are happy for an income tax on small business and the middle class, which to me makes no sense at all. But they will not abide banking reform and a land tax with a threshold, which would wipe that oligarchy out. Wipe them clean out. So in order to avoid an enlightened version of Huey Long they have to start all these meaningless fights, promote these ludicrous social norms, and just keep everyone tied down in conflict over slave issues.


  7. I’m not sure about the reasoning involved here. Whose the two boxers right now who have been boxing since they were knee-high to a grasshopper? Who might we say “he has boxing in his shit” about? Its really Tyson Fury and Andy Ruiz. They got boxing in their shit. They got boxing in the souls of their shoes. If Ruiz wins it won’t be due just to fast hands. It will be due to Andy not mastering a new elusive style with a lighter body in time. He didn’t have much time. You can have the fastest hands on the planet but if your hard punches are hooks you may not be able to land them because its really hard to land a punch. Even harder if its a hook. No meaningful punch beyond a jab can be made to land effectively without good foot placement.

    Think about it. Anthony tried to go toe to toe with Andy Ruiz. That was the tactical plan last time. In retrospect thats kind of like going head on against German shock troops at the beginning of the twentieth century. Or some other tactical absurdity, akin to landing in a snake pit with your hands tied. But people need to have failure before they will change. The sad thing about being a short boxer is that you cannot hit what you cannot reach. Whilst 22 year old Mike Tyson could have beaten Ali most nights in the 70’s he simply could not have laid a glove on him in 1966 and 1967. The sad truth is that once you have gotten to the weight division where everyone has better reach than you do you have to be extraordinary and sometimes its simply not physically possible to overcome the reach disadvantage.

    Even Manny and Roberto Duran ran into problems as they went higher and higher. And Mike Tyson losing a bit of form is not the same as Ali doing so.

    Consider if Ruiz could lose all his fat and fight Cruiserweight. There is boxing in his shit and no-one could beat him. Everyone but Wilder is fighting too heavy these days.


  8. Ruiz would beat that other big guy. Ruiz makes the earth shake when he hooks. Like Tyson Fury he’s been boxing since he was knee-high to a grasshopper. He’s got boxing in his shit. Boxing in the soles of his shoes. He uses his hooks to do everything. Attack, defence, to get out off the ropes, pass the salt, grab hold of the handles on the train, wipe the babies butt. No-ones going to beat him if taking one of those hooks is part of the initial plan. I like it that Anthony is always wearing heart monitors. Wears them and breaks them. So he can do more sparring and still keep his heart-rate between bounds. Turn sparring into something close to aerobic work. I like it that he’s working angles, if you are right about that. Retreating backwards is idiotic when you can retreat to the side. Which is not a whole lot different than working the angles.

    Whenever a boxer needs to go back to the drawing board its Lomachenko that should be their inspiration. If not Willie Pep. Smoking Joe Frazier got knocked out by George Foreman and had to go back to the drawing board. But what they came back with was bullshit. It was never going to work. But supposing we went back in a time machine to team Frazier after the first defeat? And we show him all this Lomachenko footage? Smoking Joe might have been hitting George from all sides. So I don’t think Anthony has had enough time. But still we see these encouraging signs that team Joshua has got the right idea. Heading in the right direction. An inch is better than a mile in the right direction.


  9. Great analysis. Watching Ruiz fights. Very patient sometimes with the knockouts. So much so that he hurts their body to where the corner will pack it in. Big guys won’t come out of the corner because their body is so hurt. Others who do stick it out end up fighting with a kind of debilitating fear of taking another one to the ribs and then Andy will hit them a couple of times in the head and the ref is saying its all over. So Anthony doesn’t want to go for a knockdown unless he can wear him down and soften him up first. And Anthony doesn’t want to ever get to where he’s been beaten badly to the body. He’s got to be extremely evasive maybe for 8 or more rounds. Maybe for the entire fight. Its one of those times when a fella has to max out on an 8 inch reach advantage. Ali pretty much got beat up by Earnie Shavers. But Ali was able to win most rounds by way of points. Even though the hits that he scored weren’t typically all that hard. Hagler-Leonard has some similarities. Most people are favouring Ruiz if youtube is anything to go by. But Joshua might be able to win most rounds on points, just with the reach advantage.


  10. Two Jewish women lying about history. Hardly something new. The first appears to be a Jew-Communist false flag attack to demonise the Polish people they were oppressing. The second is just the same old lies about the work camps. Even given the blood libel of them being death camps and not real work camps then we have the ludicrous fucking insane implication that the occupied Poles controlled the crypto-Jew Hitler and not the other way around.

    You see these people are completely insane and racist and obviously so.

    How credible is the first story NOT being a communist operation. Being occupied by Stalins forces, you can be tortured or murdered for any reason at all. So you think under those circumstances some desperately poor Poles, are going to detach themselves from the 24 hour concern of getting something to eat for them and their children, and just up and decide to break the peace, as it were, when they are under totalitarian control? Its not even a good story. And the idea that the Poles were calling the shots under Nazi control? A good story? No its just these horrific Jew writers acting in their racial-narcissist fashion.


  11. The Jew false flag nature of the first story is almost inherent in the story itself. But a cursory glance at the comments down below give us the following:

    Paul Holmer •

    This is the 70 year-old Soviet narrative revived once again. A self-righteous morality tale in which major players include blood libel, the Communist militia, the Stalinist secret police, fellow-traveler labor unions and tortured witnesses. And now that Poland is free, records of the event have mysteriously disappeared. Very fortunate for those with an interest in ringing this cracked bell one more time. What is needed is an exhaustive inquiry into all aspects of the Kielce horror with investigators empowered to compel testimony and pry open locked cabinets, not the repetition of of this product of a show-trial.

    Gordon Black

    Thanks for this correct assessment. The event was anything but “spontaneous.” Michal Checinski, himself a Jew, was in Polish military intelligence, and showed the staging under the Soviet military occupation, which intended to remain in Poland. Several propaganda objectives were accomplished in this satanic masterpiece. The US ambassador, Arthur Bliss Lane, understood so too.


  12. So under the Obama Presidency the Deep State launched a coup on the Ukrainians. They used false flag terrorism to carry off the coup. Israelis were thought to have been part of the killing of protestors. The Israelis were kitted out to look like Ukrainian Police. The protestors were bussed in from the regions.

    One of the chief terrorists seems to have been Donald Kagan’s daughter-in-law. Or at least she was dictating to the American Ambassador who was to be put into what position in the new government. This is Jew privilege. Its not like this sheila is qualified to chart the course for other nations. But she’s a Jew. So thats okay. Terrorism is okay as long as you are a Jew.

    We assume that this was organised out of the US State Department because we have the phone call from Mrs Kagan. But it could have been ordered up out of the City Of London and organised out of Tel Aviv for all we know. Because Senator Palpatines Jewish agents are everywhere. And organisation can now be dispersed geographically.

    So what happens next? The Jews run in to loot the place. But they must take some gentiles with them so they have people to hang out to dry if the shit hits the fan. This time their main token looter is the Biden family. Believed to have picked up about 16.5 million dollars in a looting raid that may go as high as 7.4 billion. They then wrap a ring of protection around the Bidens by way of this manufactured impeachment scandal. They always work in these semi-circles of bullshit.

    So now do you see what is motivating these arch crazies like Schiff? Its all part of a multi-layered level of looting and bullshitartistry. Why do we put up with these people. If placed under strict third party supervision they will become good productive citizens again.


  13. Cohenite Sez:

    Bird is the only intelligent troll who comes here and he is a racist loon.

    But Cambria Sets Him Straight.

    I’ve explained it to you before, but it doesn’t sink in. Birdie really believes there were learned elders of Zion and there is and has been a huge conspiracy by J*wish folk and their supporters to screw over the world. Technically, that makes him a lunatic, but he’s not racist. He doesn’t have a racist bone in his body. He’s a conspiracy nutball. He really believes j8ws are out to get the world. That’s the trouble with hanging around nutball sites.

    On the other hand, Jezebel is a problematic racist. You and her seem to get along, so your racism accusation is total bullshit or just selective.

    So I sez:

    Yeah you can see why Cambria is back in my good books again, despite the fact that we still disagree on so much. I figured we had really lost him to all human reason in 2008. But he does seem to have found some sort of sense and human feeling. Good enough to call off any fatwah at least. He has a mostly honest assessment of my thinking. Maybe not 100% but pretty much. He stuck up for my character because he knew me better. He didn’t have to do that.

    I am not confessing to all things he said about my beliefs. But its certainly good enough shorthand.

    Well what can you say but “BRAVO”?


  14. Jim Keady. In this era an anti-oligarchy leftist has to be favoured over any kind of free enterprise happy-talker who is soft on oligarchy.

    He has an excellent compromise position on the minimum wage. He says all the bigshots like Nike, Amazon, Kmart etc need to pay at least $15 an hour right away. Whereas a much slower phase-in is necessary for Mom and Pop stores and small business. I agree. This is enlightened thinking since its designed not to create unemployment. Its designed to still leave that first step on the ladder.

    Jim reckons the two biggest problems are oligarchy and global warming. Shame about the global warming but what is significant is that he’s dirty on oligarchy. So we have to hope he wins. Now about this minimum wage for bigshot companies. Yes its true that if we have had 50 years of growth-deflation 100% backing in banking (as well as a starting point where we break the banks up, down to district operating centre level) …. If we had 50 years of sound banking and nuanced Georgism you wouldn’t need a minimum wage. Because you wouldn’t have an oligarchy, small business would have too many producer goods per square metre of space, there would not be enough workers, permaculture jobs would be anyone’s fall-back. And you simply wouldn’t need much in the way of safeguards.

    But right now an ideological answer is not available. So we have to go for policy that is kind of measured, sensible and not likely to cause great harm. So this policy of Keady hits the spot about right. And it seems to indicate that this fellow is a leftist that won’t fuck things up.


  15. Another False Flag on London Bridge. Fake police changing into their costumes. So the strategy continues. Import just as many Muslims as you can and then blame Muslims for terrorism. Think of the opposite strategy? How about NOT import many Muslims realising that we already have plenty of Muslims of our own. And how about NOT conduct false flag terrorist attacks or faked events? That combination would seem to suit better.



  16. Weinstein is definitely one of the good guys. Excellent interview with one of only 2 sound candidates. Bernie is a good guy too but I cannot say he’s a great candidate at his age. So I only really count Gabbard and Yang. 14 minutes in Weinstein gets wonderfully nasty with the economics hegemony, which is quite delightful.


  17. Youtube now doesn’t allow you to analyse false flag events as false flag events. You have to pretend they are true and as reported by the Jew news. The false flags may have slowed down but they are still going. We need these false flag events to not care about the mass slaughter in the Middle East.

    There is more killing to be had in Yemen and hopefully if elite Jew pigs have their way, a grand slaughter of our demi-Aryan Persian brothers in Iran. The Jews are not going to break their habit of child sacrifice in Palestine any time soon. So these false flag attacks have to be continued.

    This young fellow is consistently accurate. A demi-Jew himself. This fellow is solid. Check his breaking down on the London Bridge false flag.


  18. No you are a liar. And this Zeke Hausfather is lying. Zeke hey? Hausfather? Zeke Hausfather. Could he be a Jew do you think? He’s a fucking lying Jew. You always quote these people. You always do it. Zeke. Short for Ezekiel. He’s not a German kid with science in his shit. He’s just a lying Jew.


  19. No its Zeke that is the liar. He’s the obnoxious person here. And just so you know here is an update of the Jew-Coup nature of the impeachment proceedings.

    There is no use running away from reality fella. This tribe runs a specialty in the creation and maintenance of public myths. If you haven’t noticed that yet you haven’t been paying attention.


  20. He’s a good man. Hope he can come back from the heart attack, to help this troubled banana Republic heal.

    Who would have thought the old man was still an artist with the basketball?


  21. This fellow has an interpretation of our ancestors. These guys think our male Yamnaya ancestors replaced the former Europeans with a vengeful and genocidal killing spree. They base this on the idea that Yamnaya migrants were 80% male. I had a different interpretation. I thought we outbred everyone. Its a strange thing for 80% males to migrate? What does this mean exactly? That the most violent guys left home, leaving the others with all the women? Kind of an odd idea. So you’d want to see if the raw data could yield a different interpretation.


  22. Joshua will beat Ruiz for sure. Joshua has come in at 237. Ruiz has come in at 283. So Joshua’s weight is in keep ing with the strategy he needs to beat Ruiz. If Ruiz could corner him and whack him with hooks it would be all over. But there is no reason for Joshua to allow this. So it should resemble the David Tua/Lennox Lewis fight.

    We are definitely predicting a Joshua win from here on in. And I expect Joshua to be a better fighter than before.


  23. Joshua will definitely win this time. I didn’t think there would be enough time for him to adapt. But his team have taken the right approach. The vanity muscle is gone. The bodybuilder got beat up. The boxer will return the favour. This sport isn’t street-fighting, it is the sweet science. Boxer Joshua will succeed where iron-pumped Joshua failed.


  24. In other news the Jewish impeachment campaign continues. Its just a big smokescreen to distract from the Jews terrorist coup in the Ukraine. This is where Jews were murdering civilians that they had bussed into the city to protest. So they killed some of them, in order to blame the authorities, then they conducted a coup.

    Looting follows hard upon the heels of a coup. And this is what the impeachment is about. Its Jew distraction from Jew looting and Jew terrorism.


    1. I cannot play it on the old computer. I’ll have to watch it later. But to me the subject matter is a bit off-colour. Maybe he should have taken a short punishment given that he was quite young, in a position of power, and the presumptive future leader of the Kings government. Not someone who can allow himself to exploit his influence to pander to a developmental disorder of this sort. But given that he’s been way over-punished I would have thought the lady could let the matter slide.

      But anyway I’ll have to watch it later.


  25. Ruiz had this idea that he was good at cutting off the ring. But the reason he thought this, in such a complacent manner, is because all the heavyweights he’s been fighting have been overweight to varying degrees. Twelve times three minutes. Thats an endurance sport. Even when you are fit and sparring half pace, it leaves you out of gas right away. We have for years seen all these big guys come into the ring and punch on with barely even token evasiveness because they are too heavy. Ruiz himself, given his modest height, should be fighting in the 220’s. Hard punches come from the torso and don’t require all this excess weight.

    I knew Joshua could win. But I thought it would take him until March to get in the required shape. But in the last week it was becoming clear he had done it already. The tennis court footage was the giveaway and once we saw the weigh-in, to me it was all over, barring a freakishly lucky punch.


  26. Much of Jewish behaviour in the world is transmuted gentile baby sacrifice. So for example the Jews made support for abortion more or less mandatory. They are trying to steal that dome of the rock off the Muslims so they can kill animals again. They have some weird idea about a “Red Heifer” … They erroneously are calling that Muslim building the temple that Titus Flavian destroyed. Its not their temple. How do we know this? Because Titus destroyed their temple. Leaving not one stone placed upon another. They are so full of shit it makes your head hurt. Paganism and animal sacrifice tend to go together. Modern Judaism has not a great deal to do with the old testament. Its a more pagan cult than that. See when they are rocking backward and forwards at that place that does not belong to them, they think they are fucking the goddess Diana. This craziness is what thousands of years of inbreeding will do to you.

    Oh right. So a baseless Jew campaign, for a person who they could have admittedly dug up SOME authentic dirt on …… the baselessness turned out to be as baseless at the end as it was at the start …. So you want to blame the attorney general.

    “……as my colleague Ezra Klein explained” Oh ho ho. Here we go. Ezra Klein? Ezra Klein he quotes? Ezra Klein. The famous Southern Baptist? No he’s a Jew. And he’s a Jew specifically pissing on people and telling them that its raining.


  27. They used to act like they wanted bankers running all things. They were always desperate for subsidies for the bankers, and for their own professions, but desperate for free enterprise for everyone else. Everyone else outside the profile of Jewish employment. Another bad sign that they were dominated by people brought up in the rabbinical persuasion is that they were unwavering in their hatred of Just War Theory. The very essence of war, in their view, was to have a holocaust of human sacrifice via incendiary bombing of young German women and children.

    Thankfully under currency-lads persistent influence the site has swung more Catholic. So four years ago it was Jews with a few Catholic hangers on sucking their knee-caps. But now its kind of more the other way around. There has been some improvement.


  28. Here we see the unbelievable thinking behind the Jews 911 terrorist attack. You must not judge people by your own thinking. I was completely dumbfounded when I discovered that it was a Jewish operation.


  29. This morning Catallaxy back to its love of the mass slaughter of women and children, with the pretense of this being war. Disgusting moral degenerates. Small children when it comes to military theory. Just a bunch of drop-kicks really. So what is the Jewish influence on their flat learning curves?


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