Michelson Morley Meaninglessness

Here is the usual modern interpretation of Michelson Morley and you can see right away how this wrong interpretation supports both mummified geocentrists and the Team Einstein fraud.
“If the earth were moving through the aether, than a source of aether wind would be created at the surface of the earth…”
But this is like saying that if we go outside the wind must be blowing at the speed that the earth is turning. But this is not the case. The earth takes the air with it, for the most part, and there is only a small coriolis effect. A small effect only.
Since aether connects every nucleon with every other, it follows that movement would be impossible unless the aether connections were constantly breaking and reforming. Plus since visual images are coherent it follows that matter, or at least massive aggregations of matter, take the aether with it, just as the rotating earth takes the air with it also. For the most part but not entirely.
So the entire basis of the modern interpretation makes no sense. We might have expected to find some tiny aether wind or perhaps none at all. Just as when you step outside at the equator there may be a small wind blowing from east to west but its never going to match the speed of the earths rotation.
Michelson Morley found a tiny aether wind but apparently decided to brand their own experiment as a “null result”. But the experiment is what it is. It ought not be branded. They detected the aether wind but it was small, as you would expect in logic, so they just threw in the term “null result” which should be ignored because it means nothing. Its a meaningless term. There was no “null result” there was only the experimental result which was incompatible with Team Einstein bullshit and with Geocentrism …. but not by any massive degree.
It would be like stepping outside at the equator and finding that the wind was not blowing at 1000 miles per hour, but only at 5 miles an hour, and being horribly confused. Michelson and Morley themselves weren’t horribly confused. They weren’t thrown into some sort of philosophical quagmire. What happened instead is many years later a lot of charlatans leapt on the phrase “null result” and these grubby little men proceeded to take over physics as their cousins might have taken over the meat packing business in any given city.
The Einstein brainwashing is wearing off, but unfortunately some very logical Catholic true believers and other religious types have swung back to Geocentrism.  Despite this apparent craziness what is notable about these guys is that they are considerably more logical than team Einstein.  You can imagine how despairing this is for anyone who knows what is going on.
The normal way of the oligarchy will be for them to promote and abuse the geo-centrists.  Its just like with their young-Universe creation myth.   They find all these creationists to promote and tie to the whipping post.   That way they can continue with their Big Bang fraud.  They can act like 13.8 billion years is a long time.  Whereas in reality its just the sparkle in a young girls eye.

8 thoughts on “Michelson Morley Meaninglessness

  1. Superluminal speed experiments were ubiquitous around the world until the science mafia clampdown early this century. Team Einstein is still going strong. Full of shit as they always were. Back in the old Soviet Union they used to send scientists to concentration camps and fill them with drugs if they didn’t believe the Einstein lies. In the West they just damaged these guys professionally. Being as physicists are too over-qualified to get a job in the post office.

    Michelson and Morley did not discover anything that would make the aether go away. This is a logic fail. The way the aether was outlawed was by political pressure. It had nothing to do with the MM experiment.

    MM DID find the aether. They found it just as you would expect. The “null result” was more a figure of speech. There is no such thing as a null result. Thats failed epistemology. MM did not change their viewpoint about the aether. The finding is that the aether is entrained by large bodies. This was just a lot of hucksters bullshitting everyone many years after the fact. The MM result contradicts Einsteins nonsense.

    The MM experiment DID NOT find that the light speed was invariant in the way Einsteins idiocy describes. This is a lie later put about by those who were trying to take over and pervert physics and cosmology.


  2. I’m actually kind of sympathetic to these unreconstructed Geocentrists. Its not their fault really. Its the manifest irrationality of team Einstein that has allowed them to stick to their boneheaded biblical views. They would not be holding to their ideas if not for the Physics dictatorship.


  3. He’s finally getting the weight right. I wonder if he’s doing enough torso work. You can be real skinny and still throw knock-out punches but only with a great torso. Low 230’s if he wants to outlast Usyk and move so well he keeps away from Wilders big right hand. Be skinny with a great torso and you can be the best.


  4. Mike Sez

    Wow, that went from zero to sixty fast. Insulting the intelligence of every physicist for the last 100 years isn’t the brightest move for someone trying to convince people they got it wrong. Indeed, it merely shows you don’t have the first idea what drives scientists.

    There is nothing scientists love more than to stumble across an anomalous result that needs explaining with novel theories. Anyone who succeeded in overturning Einstein’s research would be a shoe-in for a Nobel Prize within a couple of years, and it’s not as though they haven’t tried.

    So continue with the insults if you like, but all your flailing does is demonstrate a fundamental lack of understanding of how science works.

    So I Sez:

    You don’t understand how this works. Every mainstream Catholic theologian in the last 2000 odd years has believed in the virgin birth, and the resurrection. Two impossible things. They aren’t stupid but they would not be in their jobs if they did not pretend to believe or indeed believe sincerely since these have been made job requirements.

    So it goes when parasites and degenerates decided to take over physics. The key to a takeover is always to force people to believe impossible things as a job requirement. So now there are waves where nothing is waving, there is a force on your butt without space to bend, velocity becomes absolute rather than entirely relative …. and other requirements that cannot be true under any circumstances. Like a universe exploding into being in the tiniest fraction of a second, time being created at a specific time. One impossibility after another in a kind of stupidity competition.

    Bear in mind that the cousins of the people who pulled this off were gearing up to kill millions of Christians in the Soviet Union. With these inbred troglodytes exerting political pressure is second nature.


  5. Oh good god. So finally they are looking at other models but these models are constrained in such a way so as to continue to kneel down and worship their shaggy-haired Jew science-Jesus. They are still worshipping Einstein with this utter horse-shit. When will we be free of this racist Jew privilege?


  6. Its got to be all year long. Reducing fuel on the public lands has to be an all year long project. Thats the new reality in a higher CO2 environment. So why isn’t someone employing me to herd goats 5 days in a fortnight? I am ready to roll Monday. Or any Monday of your choosing.


  7. “We outline a new and improved uncertainty analysis for the Goddard Institute for Space Studies Surface Temperature product version 4 (GISTEMP v4). Historical spatial variations in surface temperature anomalies are derived from historical weather station data and ocean data from ships, buoys, and other sensors. Uncertainties arise from measurement uncertainty, changes in spatial coverage of the station record, and systematic biases due to technology shifts and land cover changes. Previously published uncertainty estimates for GISTEMP included only the effect of incomplete station coverage. Here, we update this term using currently available spatial distributions of source data, state-of-the-art reanalyses, and incorporate independently derived estimates for ocean data processing, station homogenization, and other structural biases. The resulting 95% uncertainties are near 0.05°C in the global annual mean for the last 50 years and increase going back further in time reaching 0.15°C in 1880. In addition, we quantify the benefits and inherent uncertainty due to the GISTEMP interpolation and averaging method. We use the total uncertainties to estimate the probability for each record year in the GISTEMP to actually be the true record year (to that date) and conclude with 86% likelihood that 2016 was indeed the hottest year of the instrumental period (so far).””

    Sounds good doesn’t it. But what is behind the fantasy record that you linked is an absolute dogs breakfast of proxies, some real measurements and computer generated fictions, and they can throw in new oceanic measurements any time they like to fake warmer figures.

    They cannot be trusted to put forward any kind of straight up temperature record and they keep altering it to maintain a fake upward trend. The real trend however is a cooling one since the 1930’s.

    So they let the Soviet data drop out in the 90’s. They have poorer warmer countries adding new stations more recently. They brazenly allow stations that are measuring outside a heat source that didn’t used to be there. And if a station doesn’t report they make it up. They generate fake data.

    After 2010 they started adding ocean measurements to make it warmer. So they make it up. They always get caught. They use proxies like tree ring growth that generate fake upward temperature. Everyone knows they are liars. So their data cannot be used. And real data shows no warming. Balloon, local, satellites, or someone else compiling the figures. Real figures cannot be reconciled with what these known frauds are up to. The graphs don’t relate to anything known about history or anything that is coming out of actual temperature measuring stations.


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