CO2 Warms But Only Above The Clouds/The Satellite Record Is Good Data But Still A False Positive.

Its true that I cannot prove the above statement because the bad guys have monopolised on the data.  But its the most likely hypothesis so I’d like to see research out there to prove if its wrong or right.  The global warming fraud, when confronted with the heat island effect, comes up with some fuckwit saying that the effect is not all that bad.  Then thats the end of the matter.  So they won’t compile separate graphs where the heat island effect is not part of the story.  They wave it away.  So we don’t have honest ground data outside the American raw data.

We have to work with whatever we have.  We cannot use the fraudulent NOAA and GISS data.  We know its dirty.  So we don’t have much to work with but we have to scrounge around for what we can get.

Tony Heller has managed to search out old Australian and American data that is honest data.  The fraudsters have this excuse that the lower 48 States is only 2% of the global area so they bullshit people that we can dismiss this data.  But its the only sound data that has been compiled without being fucked by Oligarchical minions.  Not all of them gentiles.  So we simply must go with the data we have.

What Tony Heller has gotten hold of shows us that we must presume a slight cooling trend for the globe as an whole, based on Australian and American data,  if the 1890’s or the 1930’s is our starting point.  Take another starting point and you may find another trend.  There is no excuses not to extrapolate this to the globe as an whole until you can find honest data for the globe as an whole.  And the money is not there to do that.  The data is there.  The money is lacking.

The honest way to go forward is not to whine that the Australian and lower 48 data is not complete.  It should be representative,  and if we are unsure we should expect money forthcoming for people to keep adding sanctified measuring stations.  No heat island effect and no fucking excuses for the heat island effect.

But what about the honest data?  The balloon radiosondes and the satellite data since 1979 is still honest data.  But there is a problem with it.  It gives us a false positive for very obvious reasons.   And the frauds on Broadway have exploited this false positive mercilessly.  Frauds on Broadway, not all of them gentiles, have taken the false positive of the honest satellite data, combined with their own horseshit, to allege that they have an 86% probability that the year 2016 was the hottest year on the instrumental record.

Complete fucking lies but very hard to stand up and call out once you have admitted that the satellite data is honest data.   So the forces of evil have landed one clean on the jaw here,  and its got even the biggest skeptics acting very cautious and restrained.  I see these dudes backing off some because the satellite data isn’t telling them the story they expected.

So what is going on here?  Let me explain this to the layman, to see why this supposed confirmation of the lies of the bad guys, by the satellite, is got to be assumed to be, at maybe 98% certainty, a false positive.  And why this cannot be resolved without an honest survey of the ground data.

Since the global warming fraud has started people have talked as if the sun did not give off infra-red.  In reality more than half the energy we get from the sun is infrared.  Since the global warming fraud people have talked as if the infra-red absorbed by CO2 is independent of that absorbed by water vapour.  In reality they are overlapping.  And while CO2 is a narrow absorber in three tiny ranges,  water vapour is a wide-spectrum absorber of infra-red.

In other words if CO2 mixes above water vapour it is absorbing some infrared prior to that infrared hitting the water vapour and heating it up.   As a result of that absorption, in the first instant at least,  some of the area above where water vapour taps out should be warmed by extra CO2, at the expense of the region underneath.  So our first assumption has to be that extra CO2 cools the atmosphere below the clouds but warms some part of the atmosphere above that.

Now how about the greenhouse myth towards the make-up of the light from the sun being too much in the higher spectrums, whereas the thermal energy coming off the earth being all in the infra-red?  Well thats kind of crazy-talk.  Because the ratio is less than two-to-one.  What about other energy?  Well yes you have electrical energy difference between the ionosphere and the deep earth.  Which is really a residual difference between the sun and the deep earth.

This electrical energy will get converted to thermal energy,  thermal energy has a way of working opposite to gravity, and the CO2, particularly where and when the air is dry, will pick up some of this, which the water vapour may not have done so on its own.   As we can see there are a lot of wild cards which mean we must rely on good data.

You might think that its a reasonable position to take that the CO2 will clearly absorb more joules outgoing than joules incoming so we can right away infer net warming.  The reasoning might go like this;  Since the ratio of infra-red incoming to infrared outgoing may be (lets say) 1.8 to 1 … and since I’ve admitted to another incoming source of energy … that will pull it up to maybe 2-to-1 and so the global warming theory still holds.

But in a 3 dimensional model, rather than a model based on watts-per-square-metre,  not every joule is equal.  Image a pyramid house.  Is the heater in the attic as effective as the heater in the basement, for heating the pyramid house, joule for joule?  No of course not.  The heater in the basement is far more important.   So the matter simply cannot be resolved except empirically.

Now we come to the honest data we do have.  And thats the satellite data from 1979 to the present.  Which does seem to show a tiny bit of CO2 warming.  Because the temperature has gone up even during solar cycle 24 (a weak solar cycle) leading to the hottest year being in 2016.   Well as we have seen the LEAST in doubt idea is that the extra CO2 ought to warm the atmosphere a little bit, above the clouds.  Above at least where the water vapour taps out.  So we expect a false positive with a high level of certainty.  Because of reasons explained above we don’t really know the net effect on the ground.  I say that the net effect on the ground ought to be cooling.  But for reasons explained thats more than can be inferred by just thinking deeply about it.

We need good ground data.  And no more excuses for why we don’t have it.

54 thoughts on “CO2 Warms But Only Above The Clouds/The Satellite Record Is Good Data But Still A False Positive.

  1. 1921 was a hot year with low CO2 levels. But its possible that the troposphere above cloud level may well have been colder than now. A low CO2 level will likely make it hotter on the ground in most places if it does anything at all.


  2. Tom Holland getting real about the influence of Christianity.

    Whether the saviour existed or not, his alleged thinking lead directly to Just War Theory. Which we have to adopt to survive as a species. An argument can therefore be made that he is the saviour of us all. Believer and non-Believer as well.


  3. Putting the anti-semitic finger on Corbyn? Got nothing to do with it right? Not Brexit, not the A.S media curse. Not the global warming religion. None of those three. But I talk to leftists all the time. And I see them saying all the time that they could never vote for Corbyn because he’s an anti-semite. I’ve seen you two old senile blokes make related comments on this very blog. So I think that stain and their media had to be a big part of it.

    Boris has gone on to make a mockery of freedom of speech and freedom of association. He’s outlawed BDS. Just as the toady and crypto-Jew Trump has effectively. The tribe, or whoever acts in their name (eg demi-Jew Rupert Murdoch) is very influential here. And you ought not be blocking their curse out of your mind.


  4. Frank Shamrock gives us the best short-hand caveat with regards to Bruce Lee fighting MMA in the modern era. Frank reckons “If he was training with me he would do amazing.” or something close to it. The actual quote is in the video. So he had the core abilities and someone like Frank Shamrock could bring him up to speed. Bear in mind that being too skinny can be good because it puts you into the lower weight divisions. But coach Shamrock would have all the supplements on hand in any case.


  5. Fantastic. Now we need to do similar stuff, although a bit more humble, with dirigibles. Anything that doesn’t fight gravity is a worthy avenue for rich slobs to put their pioneering wealth. Its the rich slobs land hunger when they don’t have to pay a land tax ….. Thats a threat to us. Without the land tax and with unrestrained usury their money makes money while they sleep. Thats no good and there ought to be no billionaires under such a hateful system.

    We need to bring back the private luxury train cabin as well. We need to invest a huge amount in more rail, levelling rail, improving rail. Travel ought to be fun. If the methods of travel are not fighting gravity then you can take your time, get some work done, read that backlog of books you haven’t been getting around to reading, and sure enough your there, where you want to be, and fresh. Fresh, stretched out, showered, not stressed.


    1. Yeah I heard that. Despite the fearsome Democrat bubble this good girl abstained. I gave her a hard time when she voted against BDS. So she knows her supporters and well wishers are going to keep her honest.


    2. Its not perfect though is it. She should have said it was horseshit from go to woe, and that the only reason she didn’t vote against it was that she was upset about the tragedy in Yemen, or some other valid complaint. But given there are some valid complaints, we have got to be happy with her at least stepping out of the bubble.

      Hey I’m in trouble here if it doesn’t rain or something. Fucking fires are walking distance at Pheasants Nest and on the fringes of Bargo. My life is completely rooted if all my gear is burnt. I cannot live with other people really. I’ll give it one more hour and if there is no good news I’m filling all my plastic containers with water.


  6. Things seem to have come good. The wind has changed and is now quite cool. The pubs and McDonalds are full but they are kind of meeting points I think. Even people evacuating seem to think that things will be okay.


  7. People from Buxton downstairs who don’t have a clue if they’ve got a house to go back too. No-one thinks the crisis is over. But still it doesn’t feel as drastic as it did two hours ago.


  8. Every town starting in “B” was a bit of a catastrophe. My town ended up being a sanctuary. I went for a walk just then. I saw 9 fire trucks, two horses and about 30 pet dogs in cages.


  9. If you senile old fools can be that easily taken advantage of imagine how easy it will be to convince you to go to war or kill all the people of some race or other? I mean you were already sucked into the idea that it was Arabs conducting the big terrorist attacks. Now you’ve been fooled into supporting a whole lot of fan fiction.

    “Unlike Clinton’s impeachment this really does pass the pub test”

    You silly old cunt. You really are an idiot. I used to wonder what people were giving you a hard time about. Now the mystery is over.


    1. After many enquiries I was able to find out our town will be safe tomorrow. The towns prone to fire are Balmoral, Bowral, Bimpi, Buxton and Bargo. You notice a pattern here? My town doesn’t start with a “B”.

      The fire travels up the hills fast but down the hills only slowly. Thinking about it we are quite safe. Its just my building that its old dry wood. Had me worried for a few hours.


  10. Check out this here map. Lake Eyre is 15 metres BELOW sea level. So looking at the map.

    You would think you could start a canal somewhere near Port Augusta, take it through lake Torrens and through also Lake Eyre. There is an argument to be had to bring the ocean into all the areas below sea level. Part of the rehydration of the continent and to provide more transport that doesn’t fight gravity. Of course whole towns could be wiped out but in the long run it would probably be worth it.

    Lake Torrens is at an elevation of about 30 metres and so that looks superficially like it puts the kibosh on the idea. But you know. Not necessarily. The idea is to just find the easiest way into the areas that are below sea level. Even if its a long winding canal thats fine. More evaporation inland and cheap heavy cargo transport. We should be in this game for the next 5000 years. If we find a sweet spot where we can speed up that time horizon thats all well and good.

    “Lake Gairdner along with Lake Everard and Lake Harris form the extent of the Lake Gairdner National Park.[3] The lakes were all once part of an inland sea that stretched all the way to the Gulf of Carpentaria.[4]”

    I would like to say that “And to an inland sea it should return.” But thats not really possible. Since Lake Gairdner is at about 121 metres. So this is further evidence, I would say, for a recent pole shift. Since obviously an inland sea is untenable here.

    When the poles shift the bulge at the equator also shifts and the land must re-orient itself. Nonetheless about 0.11% of Australia is below sea level. Every little bit counts on a dry continent.


  11. The New Avengers. Fucking Great. The originals were good too. I had a favourite on Game Of Thrones. The old lady who was the aunty of the Queen when King Godfrey died. Only afterwards did I find out that she was Diana Rigg.

    Joana Lumley has held it together also.


  12. Edward Woodward. Bit of fucking quality for a change. Bit of fucking quality acting for a change.

    Great character. Like George Smiley. But at “the muscle end of the family business.” An open relationship. What a fucking drag. Just like George Smiley’s wife screwing around. A sex scene where the girl fails to lubricate. This just gets better. Spoiler spoiler spoiler. So fucking great when he finds his girl isn’t a spook and he takes control of his household and his woman. Beautiful. So good. Sometimes a woman needs to have boundaries.

    Sometimes you have no choice and you must let the girl run around. It never happened with my wonderful first wife. This is not what I am saying. But I can see how you can be in a position where you are completely powerless to police the girls behaviour.

    Fucking once he finds out his hot older chick isn’t a spook he completely sorts out his home and I swear there is not a dry eye in the house.

    Not a dry eye in the house


  13. Low budget BBC work. Everything filmed in small rooms. Middle-Aged white guys drinking cups of tea. Upper class twats.

    Yet despite all this its probably amongst the best story thats ever been made for television. Really it doesn’t get better than this.

    Watch out for this Jim. Le Care is always bringing back these fellows that were murdering people behind enemy lines during the war. Like these super fucking hard core Limeys. Watch him closely.


  14. “One event does not make a trend yet this simple fact has been ignored by a sufficient number of commentators and political leaders to confuse the public.”

    Its not about one event making a trend. Its about frauds and public servants at the Bureau Of Meteorology making their own trend rather than merely reporting their findings.

    “JR/GBs allegation, supported by Alan Jones and George Christensen, is deeply flawed.”

    No in science its the facts that matters. Not the approval rating on the dumb left, of the people reporting the facts. So we must not use the BOM data. They are liars. And you know they are liars because they went too far and attempted to make the 70’s the hottest decade up until the 70’s. The 70’s has gotten a lot hotter during the 2010’s. You expect it to stay the same because its no longer the 70’s. But the BOM has to keep changing their own records. Since most of the fakery has come in the last 15 years, its real out there and in your face.

    Back in 2008 Hansen and the other frauds were kind of more passively faking the record. They would let the Soviet stations drop out and hot country stations accumulate. But now they are way more brazen in their fakery. They are caught out on a more or less monthly basis.

    While the right might not be great for the environment the dumb left is an ongoing disaster. You guys should be listening more to Harry. But really the answer is always permaculture no matter even what the question is. So you ought to be listening to Bill Mollison and Alan Savoury.

    Here is a little bit of a talk on the catastrophe the left has made of the environment. This issue is serious because we aren’t even flying on one wing here. Both wings are next to useless. The extra CO2 would go a long way to fixing things, but it looks like that won’t work where we are, because the fires will come along and burn everything down.


    1. If it was me I’d be trying it with silver. Gold is so expensive that it becomes a bankers money. They then can screw with you. They can ship the gold off-shore to damage a country. Then they go around buying up assets at bargain basement prices. Silver is a tougher gig to manipulate. First step is just to phase out fractional reserve where you are issuing your currency. Then try to have a second 100% silver standard going parallel to that.


  15. Look what happens when we have a temperature record that we have no reason to be too suspicious of. Yes its still NOAA and yes they have been caught rigging the figures. But here they are at least saying that they will do what is needed. That is to use only good quality measuring stations in a rural context.

    Click the link. 15 years of CO2 going up and no warming trend. Even the mild warming trend of the satellite data is gone. It may be hard to believe that we don’t have any good data suggesting CO2-warming at surface level. But I cannot find it? Can you? I’ll be interested if you can find any. Local is good. Local is fine. But if the Bureau of Meteorology has been caught rigging the figures you cannot use them. And they have been caught. So their stuff is no good. They may have some local raw data that could be useful.


  16. There ought to be some sort of heat island warming signal here. But its just the way of things that we don’t seem to get global warming without some left-wingers rigging the figures.


  17. Something about this actor in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy:

    Hard to know why he’s so good. Doesn’t do much. Something going on behind his eyes. After Alec Guinness himself he’s like the icing on the cake.


  18. I got a lot of ideas off Louis Hissink a dozen or so years ago. Great to see here that he confirms a prejudice I had. That the inner Van Allen Belt is positively charged and the outer one negative.

    ” 1. The Earth has an overall negative electric charge at its surface. Fact.
    2 .It has an outer shell of positive electric charge that is the ionosphere. Fact.
    3. Further out into space there are two co-rotating Van Allen Belts, an inside one with positive charge, and an outer one with negative charge. Fact.
    4. Moving electric charges are called electric currents. Fact.
    5. Co-rotating electrical torii produce magnetic dipoles. Fact.

    See how that all fits fantastically well into the fairly crude model that I’ve built up. But I’ve diverged a lot from Louis more generally in the last dozen years. A lot of his threads I cannot relate to at all. Still you can never just write off something that Louis is saying. Or at least you couldn’t in the old days. No matter how nutty it sounded it usually turned out to be pretty right.


  19. Left this one with Louis to contemplate. He’s likely to either disagree with me violently or have figured the same stuff out 20 years before and think I’m lifting it holus bolus from him. But in either case he’s always worth listening too:

    Delighted to find out the charge of the Van Allen belt is as I had imagined it. Graeme Bird here by the way. Is there something similar going on in the Sun’s Corona?

    I’ve developed an idea that might turn out to be old hat. Probably related to stuff that you told me a dozen years ago. I’ve got this idea of the homosphere and then above it that gasses line up in accordance to molecular weight. Thats mainstream so far. So that you end up with helium than hydrogen near the top layers. Then you get protons then electrons. So that at this point you get charge separation indirectly as a function of gravity. Simply because electrons are lighter than protons and that we therefore have charge separation indirectly as a mere side effect of gravity but it turns out to be an even bigger deal almost than the gravity itself.

    When I would glean a lot of stuff from you a dozen years ago I didn’t understand much of it at the time. So I may be simply reinventing stuff you already pointed out I’m not sure.

    But anyway I have a bit of a twist to it. The charge separation leads to charge buildup. Which because space, or rather aether is a resistor, leads to heat buildup … so far this may be in line with stuff I read here a long time ago or asked you about at Marohasy’s place.

    But the twist I’ve put on this is that this charge and thermal energy buildup is PRISTINE ENERGY. You see I’ve deep-sixed this idea of the conservation of mass and energy. To me this is not merely wrong, it cannot be right, for were it true there would be no mass and no energy. So it remains for us to figure out where all the new energy is coming from and where it disappears to.

    So I’m saying energy is produced anew by this charge separation, and also we see new energy in the orbiting of two or more large bodies. Any thoughts Louis?


  20. I saw this fellow a long time ago proving that the sun was liquid. But he thinks this is liquid hydrogen. Turns out its liquid water. So while his critiques of the current crap model is excellent, still I think I’ve nailed a better model.


  21. Thats an interesting conspiracy theory. But you don’t want to tar every foreigner you see with the same Bird brush. Try getting on to Catallaxy and talking about banking reform? See how long you last? Sinclair blows away a great many false positives. So Bird has created a Catallaxy bubble by being a bit too much the crusader.

    The Dudermensch accepts no, intentional or otherwise. So lets go over “Bernies” claims.

    There is no global warming. If you can see CO2-warming in the balloon data congratulations. The graph does stop just before the 2016 peak. And solar cycles 23 and 24 were weak. So cards on the table, yes you are entitled to see a scintilla of CO2-warming. Congratulations, Golf Clap. Touche and all that. But the point is we are due for 30 years of downturn now. So stop wetting the bed about warming and start thinking about the more severe problem of cooling.

    Bernie Greenland is in the wrong place. Greenland is in a holdover from the last pole shift. Now clearly it puts on at least as much ice in the little ice ages as it does in the warmer centuries or it could not have lasted this long. But we should expect net melting if we have even modestly warm conditions because that ice doesn’t really belong there.

    Lack of ice in the Arctic? Man its comes back every winter without fail. This is not as valid a complaint as the Greenland story. The bleaching coral reef story is also a lie. Maintained by sacking people like Mr Ridd. We know that the coral reef is in great shape right now. Go snorkelling there you will have a wonderful time. But there may have been some serious damage post-war last century from farm runoff. I cannot confirm of deny such rumours. I SUSPECT they are actually true. But I cannot confirm that they are true. But yes I suspect we have damaged the coral reef. But not lately and not from warming.

    What we can confirm is that the damage is not from warming. Since there has been no warming and particularly not in the tropical oceans. The tropical oceans stay the same temperature when the planet heats up. So people who make this complaint have no idea how the climate works. When the planet heats up the tropics DON’T heat up…… They spread. This is very important and few people recognise this. When the planet heats up Darwin stays the same. Darwin weather spreads.

    The oceans are not becoming more acidic. Thats all nonsense. When I used to read all the papers I found only excuses for why their readings weren’t acidic. There will be no ocean acidification. Let your heart not be troubled.

    “600 km of coastline mangroves dying in the Gulf of Carpentaria, the great kelp forests off the east coast of Australia dying off and on and on it goes.”

    Since there has been no global warming the global warming fraud is getting in the way of us sorting out these problems. There are so many problems out there. We need to solve them. And we need good science to solve them. Mangroves and kelp have evolved in hotter times than our own. Its not the heat champ. Its the bad science which stops us saving the Mangroves and the Kelp.

    And so it goes. Environmental problems are real. And the CO2-bedwetting is getting in the way


  22. How does energy act to expand the universe?

    Bob SInger
    Answered May 18, 2017

    Galaxies attract tangentially through gravity, but they repel pole to pole. This is due to the super massive “dark” (the light emitted is outside our visual spectrum) object at the centre of each galaxy. These objects emit a superluminal proton wind, but only from their north and south poles. This sets up pole to pole repulsion between galaxies.

    While this pole to pole repulsion may seem like a small thing, since velocity is purely relative there is no limiting velocity to how fast (in relation to us) galaxies can be moving. No special relativity idiocy need apply for consideration in this context.

    The expansion is less rapid than advertised and is in keeping with new Matter generation.


  23. Fuck these guys at Catallaxy are such a low-IQ bunch of knuckleheads. They start the day with their great idea that slaughtering women and children is marvellous military policy. You come back at the end of the day and they are still at it. What a bunch of fucking morons seriously.

    Jews advocating transmuted ritual sacrifice? Or Just vanilla savages with barely a brain between them? We really need these people bringing that star of David with them to the internet. Our ancestors needed this protection and so do we.


  24. Our man Crothers beating up on Einstein. Which isn’t hard to do but he can do it mathematically and not just apriori. Einsteins “work” tells us nothing about the natural world but a great deal about the control of humans.


  25. Oh no the bad guys have even perverted our last example of good data. Tony Heller says that even the satellite data has now been perverted. Here I was ruminating about unexpected warming in the last five years or so. Does anyone know what good data is left for us? Am I right to think that the apparent warming to 2016 has been faked? Is this the only remote sensing information available? Here I was thinking that I had to concede some mild potential CO2-warming. Everything is thrown back into vagueness and guesswork.


  26. This is all caused by leftist obstruction to fuel control. Thats very clear. It was the same ten years ago. Leftists numbskulls getting in the way of fuel management. Supposing we followed your advice and gave all our money to Jewish bankers by way of an internationally traded carbon price? So what resources will we have to reduce the fuel under those circumstances? Australians are important too Steve. Not just Jews. Australians matter.

    “Oh, and in light of recent anti-Semitic violence in America, all Jew-ish referencing crap from you I’ll just be deleting as soon as I see it.”

    That was Jew on Jew violence. But its probably just more fake events. Why do you always fall for their bullshit? No-one attacks Jews. They fake up these incidents. Then they throw themselves a gigantic pity party and go back to murdering children. Now they’ve taken to using rubber bullets to shoot small children in their eyes. So these fake events mean they never need to amend their behaviour.


  27. I tried to take a look at the alleged attacks on Jews. The one that seems real barely ought to make it as a hate crime. It seems this black fellow was having some mental problems. It doesn’t look like he was trying to kill these Jews. Seems he wanted to scare and cut them. I mean its pretty scary if you have a big black man running around with a machete. But compared to what the Jews are doing to other peoples children it amounts to a bit of fun and games. Scary for the people involved. But hardly a world-shaking tragedy. Pretty clearly a real event that one. Not a faked event.


  28. Jimmy Jam talking about Prince in the same breath as Michael Jordan. You get something extraordinary when the most talented guy around shows up and outworks everyone. Amazing to hear this from Jimmy Jam who is such an accomplished creative artist in his own right. The word “Otherwordly” comes up describing his talent, and that sounds right to me:


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