So Who Will Fight Isis Now? (When someone wants peace the zionists kill them.)

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The White Prince

The Dark Knight

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The problem with killing good people is you can’t bring them back when you need them. 

72 thoughts on “So Who Will Fight Isis Now? (When someone wants peace the zionists kill them.)

  1. The Israeli downing of the plane is what is becoming to be known as “Kill-Switch Diplomacy”

    “Just a couple hours ago, I heard on the radio an air traffic controller expert who had fairly recently worked in and with Iran, saying that he thought it was very possible that the airline downing, if it were a shootdown as it looks like it was to him, would be due to an “automation” or “software” error not a human one, and it clicked for me:

    This was an Israeli cyber terrorist attack that triggered Russian-made Iranian anti-aircraft missile system to misfire against a friendly civilian target by a Unit 8200 backdoor into the “Friend or Foe” ID code conduited to Israel via Russian technology relations.”


    1. Oh sorry. I thought you were calling me a quisling for stridently supporting the Iranian people. Yes now I see what you are saying. If you had a list of 20 most likely deep state affiliated suspects in this country, Graeme John Humphreys would be on that list. Frank Lowy is of course number one on that list. One hopes he will die and go to hell just as soon as possible. Though its at least possible that he’s only marginally culpable.


  2. Actually I will read his tax cut stuff with some interest. He may not have fucked it up like just about everything else he’s laid his anti-Midas touch on. And I am wondering if he’s been influenced by my reinvestment ideology which emphasises no tax on retained earnings … particularly for the sole trader. So even though he’s an outrageous quisling we don’t want to suggest that he lacks some relevant skills.


  3. Here is some comments from elsewhere. Look we don’t want to be bludgers. We need more people in agriculture and manufacturing. Less people in bludging service industries. Not all service industries are bludging. But the Graebers bullshit jobs will be disproportionately in the service sector. And had we always stayed within the “growth-deflation” monetary pocket, most of these bludging jobs would not now exist today:

    “We don’t want to rule out a steam revival you know. You watch that comedian Jay Leno on his car show. He’s done authentic R&D with a couple of his steam cars. And with the new materials that can contain the heat, steam power in flat rail and tug boats could become fantastically viable again. Even with inferior fuels. There is two of his shows particularly. You watch them and you run the risk of falling in love with steam all over again. I’m running with a different physics and cosmology. In my view of the universe the phase change of water is the most powerful force we know of, and its probably the most powerful force we are ever going to know.

    What people don’t realise is that done right, manufacturing is an extension of logistics. Logistics is putting STUFF in sequence and transporting it. But the transporting and the sequencing ought to overlap. So having a string of container-ready ports all around the coast, and really good very level rail inland is the prequel to becoming manufacturing superheroes. The Austrian school have Boehm-Bawerks concept of the “lengthening of the structure of production” …. To me this is one of the most important concepts in economics. Even the Austrians themselves don’t emphasise the importance of this concept enough.

    If manufacturing is really logistics then the order of the arrival of the goods needs to be shuffled on the way to the factory. So the bulk of the inventory of work-in-progress ought to be on slow-moving tugs where possible or on flat rail. Since manufacturing expansion cannot be achieved outside of this concept, we want to invest in very low cost cargo transport capacity. To-whit, very flat rail and many ports. And later ubiquitous dirigibles. People when they think about transport improvements their mind turns to speed. But speed cannot fulfil the role of putting things in sequence for the purpose of awesome manufacturing power.”


  4. Graeme Bird
    January 15, 2020 at 7:32 pm · Reply
    Everyone here, for the most part, has jumped over at least one or two hurdles of heresy. Perhaps at some psychological if not professional cost. I am seeing some level of heresy-fatigue. You are getting burnt out is my view. Our girls are stronger in some ways, since we cannot persist without great globs of testosterone and they can. So when all the guys prove feckless and weak we wind up with the Maiden of Orleans, Joanne and Jennifer…. because all the blokes are burnt out and cannot muster two bits of testosterone to rub together. Well you know. This can be nice if you haven’t fantasised about being beat up by Margaret Thatcher and a youthful Elizabtheth the 1st, since you were 13, but we really need to do better. And we have a few more heresies we need to jump over, yet to come.

    Sooner or later I got around to being wrongfully nasty to everyone, and one of these people was Alan Siddons. Siddons got a bunch of scoops that I didn’t fully appreciate at the time. And perhaps he didn’t explain them as well he might have. But particularly as well as he could have if there wasn’t such a thing as aether-denial. One of his many scoops was that the moon was 40 degrees hotter than it was supposed to be.

    Enough time has passed now that we know for sure that this means a secondary energy source. At LEAST a secondary source. I would say at least two more sources and both of the top two electrical.

    As we know the atmosphere is almost transparent to light energy. Almost, but not quite, and in both directions. So this light energy can account for most-but-not-all of the temperature. But it cannot account for all this Donner and Blitzen, Sturm and Drang, Sampson and Delilah, Hurricane and Cyclone, and all the dramatics that we know as THE WEATHER

    I went back over my old posts and I saw a lot of downvotes accumulating. Please. This is a character issue. Go to the black market and start putting testosterone in your coffee. Do whatever you need to do. Its starting to get unmanly, and at the very least unbecoming. If we cannot send bad science to the fires, on Joannes blog, right now, then where? And when?

    If this is not the time or the place then lets find that time, lets go to that place, and take Alan Siddons with us, and lets sort this out. But at the very least put a time limit on this electricity denial. Because stupidity can be productive. But not forever. Productive stupidity has a time limit attached to it.


  5. In other news the Jews keep murdering ISIS fighters in Iraq. Both so Jew-ISIS will build strength again. And to spark a war between the US and Iran. So the Iranians and even the Americans are trying to calm things down a bit. But the Jews keep right on practicing terrorism. They cannot give it up any more than cough up a lung.


    1. Check this out Genghis. Seven minutes in. The transponder of the plain switched off prior to the missile shot. Kill Switch Diplomacy. A forced error. The Iranian missile kills the civilian plane sure. But on the basis of some sort of cyber-attack from the terrorist community (ie Israel and Western Intelligence.)


  6. Steve did you notice something about PARNAS you complete cunt? Did you notice something about his first name?

    His first name is Lev. Lev Parnas …….. Thats a Jew name right?

    Why are you fucking abusing us with this complete Jew racist rubbish you complete cunt?.
    You fucking asshole. Throwing more Jew lies at us like this? What is the fucking matter with you?
    Did you not know Parnas was a Jew? Is this what you are about? Waiting for a Jew to shit on his shoes and your job is to throw the shoe at us?

    Next time check if your man is a Jew or not. If thats not too much to ask? I don’t think thats too much to ask.


  7. Excellence in modern protestantism. The gold standard. A little harsh on gays but we ought to be looking at overcoming developmental disorders. Not encouraging them, though of course some tolerance is important.


  8. When we blame the Germans for World War I, we aren’t understanding the situation even a little bit. It was the British elite that organised for the Germans to be encircled by their alliances. The Germans wanted to be Britains ally. But the elite decided to destroy Germany instead.

    We need to know this because the Americans have gone crazy and have encircled the Russians and the Iranians. So when war breaks out the idea is not to pretend its because of a series of unfortunate events. If we believe in just war theory and we want human flourishing none of the bullshit is necessary. But we must do something about these Jews ruining all relations between the rest of us.


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