So Who Will Fight Isis Now? (When someone wants peace the zionists kill them.)

The Black Prince

The White Prince

The Dark Knight

The White Knight

The problem with killing good people is you can’t bring them back when you need them. 

72 thoughts on “So Who Will Fight Isis Now? (When someone wants peace the zionists kill them.)

  1. From here on in I’m calling the ISIS fighter The White Prince We Anglo-Saxon-Romano-Celts had our Black Prince who was no angel. And who did some very wrong things when he was deathly ill and needed to be carried around on a pallet.

    Statisticians say that all traditional Australians are descended from the father of the Black Prince.

    The thing is if the Black Prince had lived, the violence between Britain and the continent, may have come to an end, and there definitely would not have been any war of the roses. So the capacity to kick ass is very important. If the goal is peace and not enslavement.

    How did things go so far? I don’t know? How could we have been estranged from our Iranian brothers and sisters? On the Pontic-Caspian Steppe the Yamnaya tribe reinvented (or invented) the wheel and adapted to horse milk as adults, even prior to the Mongolians. Their tight herding lead to excellence in soil development, which lead to over-breeding. The problem is that grasslands on their own are productive, but not resilient. So with every drought the Pontic-Caspian Steppe pumped Yamnaya down the coast of the Black sea, and later down the coast of the Caspian sea.

    The Yamnaya that followed the Black Sea displaced old Europe and became new Europe. And pushed old Europe all the way down to Italy and North Africa. The Yamnaya who went down the Caspian coast became Iranians. Aryans. So they are our cousins. And the White Prince is our brother. Defeating third party sponsored terrorists is one of the most intractable problems of the modern era.

    So the White Prince is the brother to all of humanity. And if you can; send condolences to his family. Its not the Presidents fault. He was deceived.


  2. In order to understand how Fonzie cool the WHITE PRINCE was. We need to understand how a man of his same abilities would operate, should he have turned feral. Kaiser Solce means Black Leader. In a way that means the White Prince evil half twin


  3. Notice that with the White Prince out of the way the Jews are back to murdering Iranian citizens, and ethnically Iranian Canadians, with total impunity.

    1. The Iranians have denied they fired on the plane, accidentally or otherwise.

    2. The plane ought not have been flying. It takes a really long reach to get policy changes which can enable a terrorist attack. Or even to be ready if Boeing makes such a change on their own.

    3. Somebody filmed the missile attack. Thats kind of odd, because we don’t have a chain of custody for the film. Whereas if its the Deep State or Israel they can supply the film to the channels of their choosing.

    4. Since the victims were either Iranian citizens, or ethnic-Iranians who are citizens of Western countries, it doesn’t make sense as any kind of Iranian retaliation. But Jews kill gentiles all the time.


  4. The high alert theory is starting to look quite good. Western media making a pretty good case for it. But how did they get the film? We will wait and see what the excuse the terrorists have for having managed to get hold of that footage.


  5. Okay so I’m swinging backwards and forwards on this downing of the plane. The high alert thesis is a good one because it bridges the gap between Coincidence and COENcidence. It allows an explanation when it comes to the probability of the timing.

    The problem is that it contradicts what the Iranian investigator was saying about the incident. He said fire but no missile. He says a missile spreads out the debris on the ground. Whereas its a very tight debris field. He also said that the fire was going for at least about 70 seconds before the crash. The pilot asked for permission to climb to 26000 feet. Maybe a plan to help put out an external fire? But then he may have circled back towards the airport. Probably under fire duress himself.

    Anyhow that Iranian investigator looks to have pulled the plug on the New York Times footage and on the American story. So what we need to do now is track the plane back to the airport where ICTS or a subsidiary runs airport security. That will be where the Jews booby-trapped the plane.


  6. Here is the authority on the plane crash. The actual investigator. The information should be easy to extract from the black box. But the black box has been damaged which shows real intention. They expect it to take a couple of months to get hold of that information. Damaging the black box shows real intention. It goes against the accident theory.


  7. Yes and good on their military for owning up to it so quickly. Its not really “good news” that they have gotten to the bottom of it. Though it is in a little way. Not to have all manner of suspicion over the incident. I won’t be wiping out my wrong comments. I think its right to swing between hypotheses until all the information is out. Israel is notorious for false flag attacks. But every so often it turns out they are not to blame.


  8. Look at the pattern forming here. The Americans are stooging the President into murdering anyone that is good at bringing genocidal behaviour to a halt. Note how they wanted also to murder Iran’s man in Yemen. So American Deep State policy is still at the lunatic fringe.


  9. The Ayatollah is a bit boring at first. Going over the revolution. About 32 minutes in it gets a bit better. The crowd has this bad habit of saying “Death To America” and “Death to Israel.” But we all know they treat Westerners very well. Thats one counter-productive chant if ever there was one.


  10. The Ayatollah explains the attempts for regime change by foreigners projected into Iran. Good for Israel one supposes. All this terrorism and nasty behaviour. But it causes a lot of misery if you are always being undermined. The clerics have to respond with all these executions.


  11. The Ayatollah explains how its not to be believed that if they become more moderate, the Americans will back off. He says this is not the case. The Americans will still treat them horribly. He’s got a good grasp on what is going on here.


  12. For a military genius he’s a damn fine-looking man.

    This is really the turning point. The people who tricked Trump into this mistake have made it absolutely certain that there will be a new effective Persian Empire. And that miserable little zionist state will finally be neutralised and brought under strict supervision. Praise Allah and his man wives. Finally some light at the end of this zionist tunnel.


  13. Consider the positions now of Russia and China? The whole idea was to pull back from the world except to contain China, until it hit its demographic collapse. It wasn’t a complicated geo-political task for the Americans. But thanks to the Jews America did not do this. Instead they have threatened Russia, a natural ally. So its completely in the interests of China and Russia to assist Iran in their fight to dig the Americans out of the Middle East.


  14. For human flourishing we really need China peaceful, rich, downsized, high wage, with good human rights. And we need a new Persian Empire. We need the Jews to stop buggering things up between natural allies like the US and the Persians and the US and the Russians. We want a dynamic Persian near-Hegemon. Now when people are doing very well it does provide us with some problems. A strong China is a big problem. One that would have been handled very nicely with a kind of Pat Buchanan attitude.

    So essentially when Pat was running for President the world was in a great position. His policies would have driven things forward very nicely. But international Jewry cocked it all up. What a disaster these horrific gargoyles are for the rest of us.


  15. Anyway the Ayatollah has made it clear what the vengeance will be. Its to dig the United States out of the region. Once they are out of Iraq, their position in Syria will become untenable, then the Iranians will effectively have a Shia empire, since the Americans and the Jews have so badly damaged Syria and Iraq.


  16. The Hezbollah leader is the real peace-maker here. Israel knows that their iron dome could be overwhelmed on the sayso of this one man. Plus consider that what Hassan Nasrallah is advocating is not terrorism. Its pretty close to just war theory. Military targets only. Bravo. Very proud of my Lebanese friends right now.

    Its just a pleasure to see someone in action with this sort of morality, passion and intelligence. He knew exactly how to behave. The shouting doesn’t go all that well in the West. But the content of what he said; thats a beautiful thing. If he stays to his idea of only military targets, then he has the best wishes of many of us in the West, though its true we hate to see our soldiers hurt. But we recognise the right of self-defence by all people.


  17. If really stupid bastards like those at Catallaxy didn’t believe everything they see on the television, then the Americans would still have the upper hand. The reason being that the idea of ISIS would never have been attempted by the Jews and their American colony. Though the Wests ISIS strategy worked well for awhile, they didn’t win quickly enough. The Israeli-American Caliphate was rolled back, and now that the entire Middle East understands what ISIS was about, this has destroyed any American credibility in the region. The murder of the ISIS fighters was just the icing on the cake.

    Its one thing to have this huge propaganda machine. But when you fall for your own propaganda you become stupid. And if you get too stupid you lose.


  18. Look at how superpissed the Shia Lebanese are. These people are descended from Christians. They have the capacity to incinerate parts of Israel but heretofore they wouldn’t have wanted to pay the price. Now they may well decide to fuck over the Israelis. The Israelis will respond with nukes of course. But thats no biggee. They have already used nukes on the ground unprovoked in Syria and elsewhere. Sometimes being utter lunatics can catch up with you.


  19. Its generally thought that the Iranian clerisy, after the revolution, is shot through with crypto-Jews and people from Jewish families. I think this was achieved by way of mass executions at the beginning of the revolution. Would be interesting to know if anyone has done a lot of scholarly work on this matter. But its a clear pattern we see everywhere. For example the Germans “Night of the long knives” was when the anti-banking wing of the Nazi party were all slaughtered.

    In any case its clear that the only problem we could have with the Iranians lies in the radical nature of their clerics. They are in all other respects a democracy. Their people are really nice. They treat westerners well, and they are our demi-Aryan cousins. They are responsible for Western culture via their influence on Greek Culture and on Christianity.

    But we do have a problem with their Muslim Clerics, and we just murdered the most powerful man OUTSIDE of the clerisy. So we just pushed the balance of power within the nation decisively back towards the only people within Iran that we are kind of right to be leery about.

    Fucking good call Trump. Here’s Trump. He should have been a very good President. But he surrounds himself with rich Jews and he turns the White House into a synagogue. Perhaps it was better when that fag couple the Obama’s had turned the White House into a gay knocking shop.


  20. If the Clerics weren’t shot through with crypto’s this American terrorist problem would be very easy to solve. Just project retaliation against Israeli military targets and culpable rich American Jew.


  21. Delayed defeat through terrorism and damaging the populations of natural allies.

    Reagan bargained hard sure. But if you bring brazen immorality combined with real estate negotiating theory to this larger stage, you’ll get a few quick wins. But you are setting up the situation for serious defeat down the line.


  22. I have some things to thank you for Cambria. Just as an aside. But Steve. Think about you being down in the dumps? Like the weather, mood can be cyclical. But if you are really depressed for a long period of time you have to look to your diet. In that you are probably not really depressed. You could have been poisoned.

    But if that doesn’t work. You have to think you are depressed for a very good reason. You could have been over at Quiggins place, under the handle of akarog, hurting everyone around you. Hurting everyone in the country under your handle of akarog.

    Akarog fucking took hold of a phrase “desert loving trees” and used it to do what? To fuck the future of every cunt around him? If you aren’t depressed about that maybe there is something wrong with you. Did you think about that? Don’t you think you are going to get depressed if you are going to casually do what you can to destroy the future of everyone around you?

    So why not try and be a patriot, and then maybe you will feel better about yourself. But clean up your diet first. Because even a traitor can be happy if he has a good diet.


  23. Good archeology but bad judgement. Its the Persians that we trace human rights too. And mono-theism, for the most part. These hebrews were likely the result of Egyptian outreach to Canaan. Through the Levite clan of priests. Probably bastard, or later-born sons of the Egyptian royalty and more particularly Egyptian OLIGARCHY. So these guys would have been sent out to create a religion to weaponise a sub-sector of the Canaanites to serve their will and posterity.

    The Levite clan carries on the oligarchical genome. The Coenite helps out here too but mostly on the sheila side of the equation. And the whole thing kept more coherent by this rule about a Jew being determined by the mother. But the Levites will keep reworking the Egyptian oligarchical male genome.

    Hey its just a theory. You do the work and see how close I am.


  24. “Jesus, what are you doing these days?”

    Jesus:”You know, hanging around.”
    Reply 5

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    GMBCATASTROPHE5 hours ago
    Come on fella. We don’t need that sort of nasty talk. Pretty funny I guess. You should take a leaf out of the rabbi’s book. This rabbi is a master diplomat. Whereas your people more generally are the diplomats from hell.
    Noah Hyde
    Noah Hyde19 minutes ago
    @GMBCATASTROPHE myths should be mocked. This is 2020 and we are still dealing with superstition that literally causes trauma and even death in places around the world.
    GMBCATASTROPHE8 minutes ago
    Well thats true and I agree. The difference here is that the Rabbi is still a believer. And perhaps Hindu Jon is also. So under that circumstance a level of respect needs to be maintained. Or otherwise we will just take all those advocating that we bow to the Noah Hyde laws … we would take them out the back and shoot them. And if there is contempt from such people we would be right to do so.
    GMBCATASTROPHE7 minutes ago (edited)
    Pull you head in Noah Hyde or that picnic that you had back in the 30’s is going to start looking like the “good old days.”
    MythVision Podcast


  25. Looks like the Jews used a cyber-attack to down the Ukrainian airliner. But they didn’t expect the Iranian government to own up to it being their missile so quickly. So that when they stimulated the student protests, their signs were inappropriate. “Death To Lies” and that sort of thing. The protests fizzled because they didn’t have the ring of truth to them. They were really relying on the Iranian government to act like they would.


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