Reinterpretation Of Visual Information In the Light Of Zionist Defamation

You and I have been swamped with the idea that the Iranians are these great terrorists.  This is something the great terrorist Netanyahu reinforces every time he opens his deeply sick and racist mouth.  It would have not escaped Netanyahu’s attention, and the attention of yahoo’s everywhere, that the drumbeat of Cato the Censor (Carthage must be destroyed) was ultimately successful.

The Israelis need not be destroyed.  But Jews must be brought under strict third party control, something akin to the control they have us under now.  We have to be released from our shackles, they must be under some supervision to make sure they forget about all mischief, and therein will be the peace and flourishing of the species.

For the rest of us we just need to use zen thought control techniques to counter-act the hateful rolling thunder of defamation, blood libel, and demonisation that the Jews have foisted off upon the gentile in stages.  The Russians copped it. The proud Cossacks were horribly defamed and slaughtered under zionist influence.  The Germans still suffer under the menace and blood libel of the Jews.  Then it was the Arabs turn.  And in fact the Jew defames whitey whenever he gets a chance. Organised Jewry is psychopathic against all Yamnaya.

So take the following information and see how it can be reinterpreted under the expectations created by Jew demonisation.

Here the great warrior shows us what he was really working for.  The safety and security of all of Gods children.  But in the light of Jew demonisation the picture changes radically.

Exhibit A

The White Prince, destroyer of ISIS, warrior for civilised values,  with a little Yamnaya Gentleman.


Exhibit B

Longstanding killer of women and children, the well-known terrorist Professor Moriarti Soleimani bin Goldstein, has captured an American child and is now brutally extracting information from the victim,  to aid in his plot to harm Americas legitimate interests.

22 thoughts on “Reinterpretation Of Visual Information In the Light Of Zionist Defamation

  1. Excellent speculations about our barely diluted Yamnaya ancestors. All these matters are in flux now, since sooner or later we may have to disregard any genetic studies before about 2014, and start over. The narrator has some hidden history here. He has sources that are alleged to be first hand accounts of the Trojan Wars. Pretty clear these accounts have been sidelined by political correctness.


  2. When you see a solar panel you ought to be thinking “energy sink” and “subsidy to a foreign adversarial power.” You should be thinking about the burning of brown coal in China. When you see a massive three blade wind operation … these horrible horrible eyesores, bird assassins, you should be thinking about all the coal that has to be burnt to get them there and all the diesel we are going to need to get rid of them after their short little lives. What a fucking waste. This is just the worst type of brain damage where you believe every last word of advertising propaganda. There is no subsidy known that won’t set up an energy sink if maintained long enough. Like growing corn to make a petrol additive. Energy drain of the worst kind.

    But on a permaculture farm where you have a series of dams. A small aesthetically pleasing wind device, like the ones James McCanney makes, can intermittently pump water from the lower dams to the highest swale. Since the higher dams will be surrounded with nitrogen fixing trees this will set up a process where you have a farm which doesn’t consume hydrocarbons. Thats what you are after.

    Yet these absolutely crude, stupid dumb-leftists, totally mentally insufficient to be let loose on policy measures, can only think in their one-step dumbass way, about renewables linking up with the grid. The anti-intellectualism is astounding. The stupidity is breath-taking.


  3. Fantastic analysis of Ayn Rand novels. The thing is that if we were in a demi-Georgeist setup, with 100% backed banking, always in a context of “growth-deflation” and an inbuilt bias towards the sole trader …… If this policy mix had been going for 50 years plus then Rands ethical system would still make sense. But under current settings her way of thinking is a horrifying Jew-Nazi nightmare.


  4. Ha ha ha. So predictable. What a complete cunt zionist Jew you are. Your whole agenda is hurting the rest of us and getting us to murder Muslims. Now the mask really falls.

    See that people? I had this Jews number the entire time.

    Homer’s mental faculties have fallen so far he’s become the evil Jew Steves mini-Me.

    What a complete fuckwit. Comparing her to Kevin Rudd. The Jew (c)hutzpah knows no limits.


  5. “Now, this may be an admirable policy in a Democrat candidate…..”

    Yes so what’s your point you moron? You didn’t have one? So you managed to turn around something that was good, by your own admission, and because you are a moron AND VIRTUALLY ALWAYS WRONG …. without any argument at all, the good becomes the bad.

    So we are just back to this yokel KKK type bigotry. The crudest type of mindlessness that cannot be reasoned with.

    This may be your most stupid post out of all of them. You almost cannot help but argue in favour of Tulsi, yet your tone-of-voice argument is against her, on the grounds that everyone ought to be precisely as moronic and one-eyed as you are.

    Thats how you’ve managed to stay ignorant about climate science all this time too. You not only are just the crudest inbred bigot, but you imagine that everyone else has to be that way too.


  6. “They drew first blood not me.” A Persian MP has now put out a three million dollar price on the head of Donald Trump. Its not what I would have done. I would have investigated and found out who the culpable Jews were who put Trump up to it. But nonetheless the MP is within his right to put up this cash balance.

    Soleimani was a bigger man than Trump is. Whereas the General saved the region from barbarism, and is an authentic hero, Trump is viewed as more of a P.T. Barnum fellow who has done some good work exploding political correctness, and made it easier for big business to create a few jobs here and there. And these are great things. I’m not knocking them. But Trump doesn’t outrank, in any relevant sense, the great military genius who he so thoughtlessly murdered.

    Under normal circumstances, if the American President had clean hands, and the American policy was a clean one, then the murder of a President, for example President Tulsi, could justify going so far as to slaughter a good chunk of the clerisy.

    But not now. If the Iranians get a clean shot at Trump then the tit for tat should end there. Trump is gangster now. In terms of going after important people its Trump that drew first blood.

    You are not a President anymore now Trump. You are a gangster now:


  7. I want to show you one of these absolutely fucking fantastic acting cameo’s within a great movie. But before I do lets find out more about the astonishing actor that pulled it off. Its a case of perfect casting:

    Born to Mafia soldier Carmine Minucci and hot tempered Irish beauty Lucille O’Banion, his childhood was a nightmare of cruel neglect and horrifying abuse. By the age of 16 he’d been shuttled back and forth among 13 foster homes. By the time he was 20 he was an ex-convict the New Jersey State Parole Board predicted would die in the electric chair. In his own words “I was sick, evil, a vicious menace.”

    By the 1960s Minucci had graduated from felon to drug dealer, from wanted criminal to vicious enforcer for the mob. His violent criminal lifestyle did not come without a price. Eventually his first wife Mary left with their four children.

    Dangerously addicted to cocaine, he was a heartbeat away from death and would have died if it weren’t for his new wife Patty and God. “She cared for me as no one had, saw a potential for good no one else recognised, including myself.”

    Collapsed and near death on the dining room floor, something miraculous happened to Frank. He saw his whole life pass before him in a vision. Clinging tightly to the woman who believed in him, when no one else would, his spirit rose up out of his body and was touched by the divine.

    In that extraordinary moment he made a promise to God. If he survived he would change his life and help others to change theirs. In that moment Frank Minucci had been transformed. He had truly been given a second chance.

    Later in life, Frank began a career in acting and starred in the big feature film, Carlito’s Way, alongside Al Pacino and Sean Penn.


  8. See that life history? Thats why De Palma was able to produce this jaw-dropping scene with an unknown actor ….. I mean Sean Penn is one of the best actors around, all things considered. But this unknown overmatched him in this one scene.

    And how would you feel if you were Brian DePalma when you finally got this scene in the can? You’d want to have the whole cast and crew take three days off to break out the champagne and just celebrate getting things so right.


  9. Interupts: Listen. The contract is already down on you pal. The guys. The guns. The lime pits already dug. You understand what I am saying? And from in here, just one button I push.

    Such a beautiful thing. And this actor is woppy-celt. Perfect mix of old Europe and Yamnaya. You can fully feel the sincerity. But this is a Catholic and a Jew. The Jew misunderstands. The mob boss, Roman tick, Yamnaya tick, has a sense of honour. Both tribes have a sense of honour. The Jew has no sense of cosmic honour.

    You see the Christian hard nut is giving the other man every chance in the world to redeem himself for his wrong-doing. If the Jew does the right thing, and lets him break free, for a few good months with his children and grand-children then all will be forgiven. Of course the clan won’t trust the Jew again. But they will let it go, and his life will not now be under threat. But the Jew never would understand such a thing.

    So from the man of honour, or the pretence of honour, to the man who has no honour, there is a miscommunication. He could have had a clean slate in all likelihood. Still I would have helped the Mob boss then got the fuck out of town. Thats how I would have handled it.


  10. Usually when we see infections that kill a lot of people, its going to have to involve toxin-producing bacteria to do a whole lot of damage. This conflicts with our history of so-called “Spanish Flu” But Spanish Flu wasn’t Spanish, Flu, or a virus.

    I’m not saying not to take this flu seriously. But unless you have pre-existing lung condition that makes it hard to breathe when you get sick, unless you cannot take time off work when you are sick ….. Well lets put it this way. If you can rest for three or four days, with tonnes of vitamin c, this virus ought not put you under. With me if I start coughing I need cough suppressant right away. Or my lungs get too disturbed and I can get in a vicious circle that never goes away. But if you aren’t carrying some lung damage of this sort, no virus ought to be able to bugger you up.

    Viruses simply don’t have that level of sophistication that they should be able to screw with you. Of course we would worry about babies and toddlers in this situation. But if you are lying down, you have a good supply of clean sheets, a steady supply of vitamin C, you will pull through from any virus.

    What about the AIDS virus? Yeah well thats bullshit also. Its not the virus causing the problem.


  11. Can we explain how old Tom Parr lived to be 152? No probably not and its more likely that he could have been pretending to be his own grandfather. On the other hand we can try to explain it.

    Lets pretend we knew for sure that he really did live to be 152? How might we explain it?

    Lets say ambient deuterium levels are 150. The water in the grass will be lower. Lets say 140. Then the water in the cows milk will be lower still. Lets say 125. Particularly since in the old days the cow would likely not have had a trough available. So she would have to strip the plants of their hydrogen and then breathe in oxygen to make a great deal of her water. Now old Tom ferments this milk and the bacteria take more deuterium out of that milk. Depending on that process this could at least possibly deplete the deuterium further. That needs to be looked into. But if old Tom is a bit cost conscious other people might get the fresh stuff and he might get the stuff that the bacteria has further depleted in deuterium … lets say at 115.

    The bacteria also semi-digest the food for old Tom. Now if old Tom is a bit of a miser and he doesn’t trust his fetid local water he might save on wood for boiling that water or other costs by not drinking the ale they tended to drink back then. He might have even taken up recycling his urine. If so this would only deplete his deuterium further.

    You could see how this would all fall to pieces if you go to London to visit the King. In general the idea is to increase the length of our telomeres . Which we now can do through the use of TA-65. Combine this with deuterium depletion and the ageing process may grind down to a very slow rate.


  12. Old Tom Parr
    #3304416, posted on January 28, 2020 at 3:30 am
    The irony is that many aspects of today’s globalism—or at least its promotion of market economies, capital mobility, and mostly free trade—aren’t in conflict with nationalism.

    Capital mobility from a universally subsidised and state-supported cartel? You sure about letting this cartel in, isn’t against nationalism? Are you sure?
    Old Tom Parr
    #3304418, posted on January 28, 2020 at 3:41 am
    If everything is working well the proportion of the economy devoted to finance and government should slowly drop away. But this hateful version of libertarianism that we advocated for, until we couldn’t take it any more, jettisoned all tactics, all transitional strategies to get industries to a functioning competition. They jettisoned all attempts to have a rational supply and demand for loanable funds. That was the biggest crime right there.

    They pronounced every new failure as a success. Trade deficits? A success. The loss of absolute advantage in manufacturing … thats a success they kept saying, and would brook no alternative view. Selling all our strategic assets to communists? Thats a success and its free enterprise. Bailing out the banking parasites? Thats a success too. And really the parasites didn do nuttin. It was some regulations forcing them to lend to minorities that lead to this mega-trillion dollar looting spree.

    And they substituted long-run goals, for remedial action needed to deal with short-run disasters. Thus blocking any remedial action.

    But the deeper thinkers, amongst those who believed in economy-in-government were never this pigheaded.


  13. I got kicked off Catallaxy again. I was being patient for quite awhile. But I started losing my patience because everyone at Catallaxy was hanging shit on this Vietnam Vet.

    This Vietnam Vet here:

    Why are they hanging shit on him? Well he fought and they didn’t. Some of these people are Jews and he isn’t. He was there when the Americans were exterminating people, for no reason and no sane military goal, with carpet-bombing. He got fucked over with Agent Orange and they didn’t. And he saw his newborn baby die because of the agent orange and they didn’t. So its a fully mindless criticism of an Aussie. A traditional Aussie white man.
    Mindlessness like what Rambo refers to getting “back to the world” and at the airport. I am referring to the movie First Blood.

    I couldn’t even believe that this was possible in 2020. This fellow must be around about 76 years old by now. So he’s an old man. An Aussie. He fought for this country. How many reasons could there be NOT to be hanging shit on someone after all this time?

    Anyway when this Indigo Child, this Sheila, who I knew be a Jew, started hanging shit on him that was such a fucking put-upon that I very mildly said that maybe people were going too far. So thats how I got chucked off this time. Their basic anti-warrior pro-terrorism stance means that they really cannot be patient with a victim of this culling pretending to be warfare.

    Cassie the Jew is not the first Sheila to be putting Bob down. These women who were never threatened with conscription are all hatefully condescending to him.

    Anyway maybe there is some reason for it. I remember the fellow “Not Trampis” as getting pilloried at Catallaxy for years and I couldn’t understand it. But lately I’ve been getting the shits with him also. Just losing my patience with him, for his stickyminded stupidity. But I’ll have to remember to start taking it easy on him. Silly old bugger that he has become. Just because I have the negative lesson of how Catallaxy is talking to the Vet.


  14. Cassie of Sydney
    #3304552, posted on January 28, 2020 at 11:10 am
    #3304524, posted on January 28, 2020 at 10:19 am”

    Here’s some civility for you racist…how many dead Jooos did you fantasise about this morning?
    Cassie of Sydney
    #3304553, posted on January 28, 2020 at 11:11 am
    #3304524, posted on January 28, 2020 at 10:19 am””

    Oh and fuck off.
    Old Tom Parr
    #3304560, posted on January 28, 2020 at 11:15 am
    Should we really be this nasty to a veteran? Its getting a bit over the top isn’t it?

    Cassie of Sydney
    #3304564, posted on January 28, 2020 at 11:21 am
    “Old Tom Parr
    #3304560, posted on January 28, 2020 at 11:15 am
    Should we really be this nasty to a veteran? Its getting a bit over the top isn’t it?”

    A veteran of what?

    And who made you the chief censor here?
    incoherent rambler
    #3304565, posted on January 28, 2020 at 11:22 am
    Should we really be this nasty to a veteran?

    A veteran of the ’67 moratorium?
    #3304566, posted on January 28, 2020 at 11:22 am
    Should we really be this nasty to a veteran? Its getting a bit over the top isn’t it?

    Are you taking the piss? This arsehole didn’t have the guts to walk the jungle trail, he agitated and caused havoc within his plt until he was sent to Admin coy to peel spuds. The men in his plt were in a fight to survive and this scumbag disrupted their efforts until he was heaved out.
    He has spent fifty years denigrating the men he didn’t have the guts to join.

    #3304575, posted on January 28, 2020 at 11:28 am
    Should we really be this nasty to a veteran? Its getting a bit over the top isn’t it?

    He’s used that as both a Sword and a Shield for far too long.
    He should judged by his comments alone.
    Old Tom Parr
    #3304576, posted on January 28, 2020 at 11:28 am
    The problem with gratuitously beating up on veterans is that most of us don’t want to fight. Do you want to defend this country Cassie? I don’t want to fight, I want someone else to fight for me. If we don’t respect our veterans we aren’t respecting our soldiers. And if we don’t respect them then the Chi-coms will put us out of business by way of a single bombing raid in the hunter valley.

    The last time I wanted to fight was when the Israelis carried out that micro-nuke false flag in Bali. But since then I’ve been happy to know that others are willing to fight for me. I thought this was a conservative blog. Not a bunch of hippies.

    Knuckle Dragger
    #3304589, posted on January 28, 2020 at 11:37 am
    ‘Should we really be this nasty to a veteran?’


    That’s like someone walking around Berlin in early 1946, looking about here and there and then proclaiming ‘Geez, d’ya reckon they really had to use all those bombs?’

    #3304590, posted on January 28, 2020 at 11:37 am
    The problem with gratuitously beating up on veterans is that most of us don’t want to fight. Do you want to defend this country Cassie? I don’t want to fight, I want someone else to fight for me.

    Bob didn’t want to fight either. By his own admission, he did everything in his power to avoid it, and leave it up to others. He failed, but his efforts shouldn’t go unrecognised.

    Cassie of Sydney
    #3304592, posted on January 28, 2020 at 11:39 am
    “The last time I wanted to fight was when the Israelis carried out that micro-nuke false flag in Bali. But since then I’ve been happy to know that others are willing to fight for me. I thought this was a conservative blog. Not a bunch of hippies.”

    It’s a bird infection
    Cassie of Sydney
    #3304593, posted on January 28, 2020 at 11:40 am
    #3304588, posted on January 28, 2020 at 11:36 am
    Is now a good time to raise September 11 ?

    Well…the right bird has swooped in for this discussion.

    Knuckle Dragger
    #3304594, posted on January 28, 2020 at 11:40 am
    ‘micro-nuke false flag in Bali’

    Old Tom Parr,

    That was the Yamnya people. Everyone knows that.

    Old Tom Parr
    #3304596, posted on January 28, 2020 at 11:41 am
    I didn’t go so far as to call you an infection Cassie. I think you are probably a flag-burning leftist hippie. Don’t be that hard on yourself. I’m not characterising you as an infestation. Just another dopey leftist I expect.


  15. Cassie of Sydney
    #3304606, posted on January 28, 2020 at 11:46 am
    “I think you are probably a flag-burning leftist hippie.”

    To the Cats who know me personally…what do you reckon…would you describe me as a “a flag-burning leftist hippie“?
    Cassie of Sydney
    #3304607, posted on January 28, 2020 at 11:48 am
    #3304598, posted on January 28, 2020 at 11:43 am
    September 11 was carried out by the lizard people. Discuss.”

    Apparently I am a “lizard person”!
    #3304608, posted on January 28, 2020 at 11:50 am
    Apparently I am a “lizard person”!

    No you’re not.
    But Rummy was/is.

    Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare
    #3304633, posted on January 28, 2020 at 12:19 pm
    I didn’t go so far as to call you an infection Cassie. I think you are probably a flag-burning leftist hippie. Don’t be that hard on yourself. I’m not characterising you as an infestation. Just another dopey leftist I expect.

    Old Tom Below Parr, you are a prize idiot.

    First you rabbit on at the end of the Corona Virus Thread saying that a virus by itself can’t do much damage. Hello? Smallpox, Rubella for a foetus, HIV, Measles, Ebola and so on. The 1918 Influenza virus and plenty of others too didn’t need much help. In 1918, some people died within 24 hours or less of showing haemorrhagic viral attack in a variety of body tissues and systems, or just from total viral shock without haemorrhagic expression. The consensus now is that only one transmuting virus was responsible too. And then there were the secondary pathogenic attacks.

    Now you have the hide to call Cassie a ‘flag burning leftist hippie’. Just another example that you haven’t got a clue what you come here talking about. I know Cassie. So do a number of other Cats and Kittehs. She is a straight-as-a-die hard-hitting highly intelligent and well-read Jooosh anti-leftist, and a very nice person as well. As for being a hippie, why, Cassie is very attractive, strong red lippie is her signature style, not hippie, and she dresses sassy to impress. She also has a stunning necklace with a World War 11 replica fighter plane on it that I would kill for. Cassie is the absolute essence of my fighter jet t-shirt I got in Jerusalem, the best one of which says ‘don’t worry America, Israel has your back’.

    Hairy and Cassie are great mates too, always comparing notes on the latest Oz censorship of their comments, and organizing the fight back.


  16. Lizzie sure knows her epidemiology doesn’t she? I think she had a big responsible job in epidemiology at a university when she was a bit younger. After doing a man’s job for so long I suppose thats why she feels a need to over-emphasise her femininity on Catallaxy. I don’t think thats a bad thing at all. Its just something to note.

    Yeah I can see I wasn’t careful enough when I talked about this one on Catallaxy and I can see why I was raising peoples temperature by playing down just how powerful a single virus can be. Unfortunately Sinclair wiped my somewhat cavalierly written posts on this matter so I cannot reproduce them and show where I was being a bit ridiculous. And also clarifying what I meant.

    Lets number down what she has mentioned.

    1. Smallpox.
    2. Rubella for a foetus
    3. HIV
    4. Measles
    5. Ebola
    6. Spanish Flu

    My argument, perhaps poorly worded, does a bit like this. If you are tanked up on Iodine and vitamin D beforehand. If you have some selenium now and more stashed away when this virus hits town. And if you have a great big stash of liposomal vitamin C, plus someone looking after you, no one virus ought to be able to do you in. I’m not too much disagreeing with Lizzie really. Because I admit that I was sounding a bit cavalier, pointing to the possibility of a beatup, or alternatively of a more serious biological attack going on.

    My argument is that a virus lacks the genetic sophistication to create serious poisons. But earlier I had admitted that this virus could really fuck you up because it goes after your lungs. I am particularly susceptible to that sort of lurgie that gets in your lungs. Since I spent 22 years breathing in flour in my workplace. So I least of all want to be unprepared for this particular nasty when it rolls out here in the Winter. Once you get into a vicious cycle, where you can never sleep because lying down makes you cough so much, you can barely breath. So you cannot sleep. So you cannot fight off the virus. So you die. I don’t usually believe in drugs and medications. But here I make an exception. I go straight for the cough suppressant so my lungs don’t get too irritated by the coughing. I also mentioned that we need to have our beds tilted upward. So that lying down doesn’t bring on the coughing. I’ve got ten ways to get rid of viruses from the rest of my body. But they are so hard to get rid of from some of these extremities like the lungs. Or the skin. Or if the nasty infection is hiding in a rotten tooth.

    So lets go through them…..

    1. Smallpox. Kills through bleeding. Hard to get it out of your skin. You have to kind of pay that one. But notice it died out once we had a lot of flush toilets and clean drinking water. Viruses can be very infectious. But you’d have to wonder about how infectious this one is with hand-washing, flush toilets. A lot of sunlight coming into houses, and sterilised water. Because as deadly as it was it turned out to have short legs once conditions were right.

    How would smallpox go if we had high vitamin D levels, liposomal vitamin C on hand, cranked up on iodine which I’m slipping into my beer right now? Plenty of Selenium? How would we go? We will never know. Though it appears to have cut through scantily clad (one imagines) North American Indians? We don’t just have the details.

    2. Yeah Rubella for the foetus. So you want Mum to have caught Rubella already. To the rest of us Rubella pretty harmless. In fact we want to have had it. Of course a developing foetus can be knocked off its path of sound development very easily.

    3. HIV Sorry Lizzie don’t have to pay that one. While I may be exaggerating when I say that viruses don’t have the genetic sophistication to put down a well looked after person (with a string of caveats) not so with HIV. Because these retro-viruses are even so much more primitive than normal viruses. Nope. Thats not a valid example. The cells they infect last no more than about six weeks. The best that a retro-virus could do on one of these cells is to add a tiny amount of extra overhead to the immune system.

    4. Ebola. Attacks the skin. Pretty hard to get rid of these skin infections. But notice. It never really spread to the rich countries. If you had all these things on hand that I’ve already listed the repair job would be almost as fast as the damage being done. Looks like its a poor country problem. I think people who were looked after in the way I suggest would pull through pretty quickly. Note how once your skin was peeling off then you open yourself to other problems. Thats the vicious circle I’m talking about. Its probably only when these secondary problems are opened up that this would cause too much of a problem for you, which would make it too hard to fight off the initial virus. Without the secondary problems, and with selenium and liposomal vitamin C I imagine the virus would beat it in a short period of time like most viruses tend to do.

    I am not saying that Lizzie didn’t win that argument with a good clean knockdown. Its just that my argument was spread over several comments. She probably read one poorly worded one, and as an expert in the field she would have been mortified.

    As I said Sinclair wiped out all my comments. But I advanced a similar argument over at opinion-dominion. I don’t think Steve has gotten rid of it. So I’ll reproduce it here:

    “Probably Soon is over there using Chinese slang terms as deep cover. Chinese people can see us as smelling bad being as we tend to be more hairy than they are and they can smell the dairy products on our sweat. I’m here sweating all the time and probably clear through until April. Believe me I shower often. But if I want friends who are Asian girls all over again I better be perfumed up because those girls have noses like bloodhounds.

    Nonetheless there is a scintilla of truth to the idea that the Chinese can be a breeding ground for new viruses and I believe its to do with part of their country being deficient in Selenium. Though today the deep state will be trying all manner of population control and ways to sicken all of us in general, and the Chinese people particularly.

    We all better have a good stash of selenium, super high dose vitamin D from overseas. And if you can afford it a big box of lipisomal vitamin C. Also start building up the iodine in your system and maybe even think about colloidal silver. Think about leaning your bed uphill in some way, so that you can breathe better if you can barely get out of bed for a few days.

    Viruses don’t normally have the genetic sophistication to hurt people all that much. But this one appears to be going straight for the lungs. If you can keep breathing you will pull through.”

    I hope this post isn’t as flippant sounding as the one that lead to Lizzie beating me senseless in an argument. I’m not saying viruses cannot kill people. Clearly they can. But if you prepare and you have people who care about you, you should pull through.


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