Fury/Wilder: Tyson should win with a knockout.

Its not so clear as it sounds though.  Tyson should be coming it at about 270 or a bit below. Deontay might come in around 220 or a bit higher.  Almost 50 pounds the difference.  To me I think the heavyweights have been coming in way too heavy.  The only exceptions being Wilder, and Anthony Joshua just in his last fight.   Maybe you’d have to make another exception with Tyson Fury, since he’s the only fellow that can be elusive when flat-footed.  Plus Tyson has had mental health problems.  Its probably important for him to be healthy generally.  Being super-skinny might not be right for him.

Tyson has lost all that extra flab around his waist.  He’s got more muscle and less fat then before.  This is a fellow who beat Klitchco carrying a spare tire.

Now how will the fight go? Tyson is a bit nutty he’s determined to go right at Wilder.  He’s actually going to try to knock out Wilder out in the second round.  I don’t think this is like Ali telegraphing that he’s going to dance and then lying against the ropes.  I think he’s actually going to try and do it.  So the first two rounds will be very intense.  Tyson should win both of them.

Wilder seems to be anticipating this sort of thing.  Such little footage as we have has him working on his hooks.  Now Anthony Ruiz is known for his unbelievable hooks.  Anthony should be down at 230 so he can go side to side with these taller guys … but I digress. Wilders not known for his hooks.  He’s known for his killer right that comes from quite a long way out for everyone else, but almost at mid-range for Fury.

Wilders not known for his hooks but they may be looking better than before in preparation for a lot of inside fighting.  Why would two fighters, not known for incredible inside fighting start trying to punch on close up?  Well its because they will be both in the same boat.  I heard a story about this UFC fight where both fighters were famed grapplers.  So you would expect them to take it to the ground right away.  But since they were both famed grapplers they just punched on.

Now consider this.  Wilders team might have played iterations on this story and figured if the tall guy was going in for the kill they could get all traditional on him.  Deontay outreaches everyone else.  Deontay at 81 and The Gypsy at 83.  So Deontay hasn’t had to set everyone up for the big right hand by way of hooks to the body.  Which is the normal traditional way of things.  If Tyson goes for the knockout and gets real close, then Deontay displays a heretofore unknown facility with hard hooks to the body, thats a great setup for the big right hand.

Tyson has got to worry about the big right hand.  But he’s also got to worry about his right eye opening up again.  He’s got a fellow called “Stitch Duran” in his corner but he’s gong to be really worried about protecting that eye.  This may mean fighting Southpaw stance a lot of the time and going back to orthodox, when in trouble or when seeking the knockdown.  Otto opened up his right eye with a left fist, but fighting Southpaw.  It might seem paradoxical to be protecting a right eye, having it forward like that, with a right jab.  But a right jab can be a good shield.

Now since the first two rounds will be so intense, and Tyson will be 19 stone, there will have to be a slowing down in the pace after that.  Tyson will have to regain some gas, and so he’ll return to a kind of elusiveness and energy-saving.  This is where everything gets to be so unpredictable.  Coming from my point of view,  where I almost always think lighter is better.  This is where my analysis might break down because carrying 19 stone its going to be hard to find the energy to finish Deontay off.  If he can finish Deontay off it will be after a bunch of energy-saving rounds.

About now I better address the implausibility of a knock-out given what people have seen from Tyson in the last few fights.  The most elusive fellow in the division with some of the weakest punches ever.  Almost as elusive as 66-67 Ali but only punching as hard as Ali.  Which is not very hard at all for someone who fights flat-footed.

I am somewhat relying on the attitude of Big John Fury here.  He didn’t want the first Wilder fight.  He reckons the young fellow was as weak as a chicken and still recovering from the difficulties involved with losing ten stone.  Other information coming out of the camp is suggesting that Tyson Fury is now hitting hard.  Really hard.  John Fury reckons that on the day that Tyson fought Wilder,  Lennox Lewis at his best could have cleaned up Tyson pretty easily.   An interesting admission.  One which I concur with,  since I think of Lennox as a fantastically complete fighter,  and the right weight and height. But Big John reckons the youngster is much better now.

Its so hard to imagine Deontay Wilder ever getting knocked out.  But still he’s only human.  Even though I’m picking Tyson to win, you can see that by my analysis, there is a few holes in that narrative.  Tyson having to drag 19 stone around the ring for that long.

How could things go the other way?  I mentioned the close in body hook scenario.  Also consider the shock of fighting Tyson the last time where Deontay had never met someone so hard to hit? Deontay confused and throwing haymakers at empty air? I think he was completely bamboozled.  Now he’s had a chance to try and work around that and adjust.  So the capacity to adjust, to this magical gypsy evasiveness, has to be what Deontay has been working on in the interim.

The other thing that could go wrong is the idea if you are fighting southpaw to protect your eye, your liver is vulnerable to someone whose great with the hooks.  Heretofore Wilder hasn’t been all that much of a threat in that department.  But he’s been working on it.

I’ve said that Tyson will win and I’ve outlined the parameters in such a way as you may not be convinced.  You may take my observations and extrapolations seriously and yet by your own estimations divine from this many opportunities for Deontay to knock the Gypsy Ninja clean out.

So while I’m picking Fury here, one can only really predict that the first two rounds will be intense. And after that the crystal ball clouds up.  Its going to be an interesting fight. Some people are picking a boring fight.




Not me.

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  1. Listening to these gold standard advocates tells me we should oppose this for now. Bringing gold into the monetary system ought to be the last part of the process and not the first. But I’ve noticed the line that is being taken right now. And these guys are going to make a pigs breakfast out of it. Its that bad.

    The first thing to get right is to note that any form of fractional reserve is a system of thieving. The first step in monetary reform is to stop the direct theft. But there is also secondary value capture thats inherent in fast monetary growth. So you want to get rid of that too, but only after a program of debt reduction.

    But while you were dealing with the above problems you could start a humble silver monetization program. The dead-weight loss to doing this would be zero to the nearest integer, since silver is currently undervalued. Just shows that JFK had a good instinct for these things, which is why they blew his head off in public and in front of his wife. As silver gained value it would still be in a pocket where it was amortising the cost of other metal extracts. Not so with gold. Gold is so expensive that people go looking for it on its own. So any extra resources spent on Gold is deadweight loss to society.

    We can also start monetizing other metals purely digitally. We need stockpiles of titanium, tungsten and nickel for energy and defence projects of the future. To fail to stockpile these elements now is to face unnecessary cost over-runs in the future. We must not commit the repeated war crimes of putting depleted uranium about the place. We could let the Americans off the hook one time only. But they went and did it again: thats a war crime.

    The substitute for depleted uranium, in armour piercing weaponry, is Tungsten. Tungsten ought to be much more expensive than it is. Its ideal for digital monetization. Likewise Titanium. Titanium is super hard and super light. Obviously its a key element for all manner of military vehicles.

    Another problem with Gold. We can now counterfeit gold with Tungsten. Thats a big problem. Its only time to monetize gold when its already undervalued with regards to a lot of these other metals. Or otherwise when we have ironed out the other problems to do with getting rid of fractional reserve, and introducing both coin and digital money.

    In the past we have had a lot of different metals used as coins. But we could do so much better today. We used to have nickels. Actually made of nickel at one stage. We had copper coins. So nickel, copper and silver are good for coinage. Their face value ought to be a little bit higher than their pure metal value. But not too much more. Probably about ten per cent would do it.

    We have to be in favour of monetary reform but against these current ideas about taking a currently pure fiat currency and making it convertible to gold. These are bad schemes. These are schemes to lock in fractional reserve .

    If we cannot get this right these bankers are going to continue to steal off us and take us to the cleaners.


  2. Michael Hudson talking about the parasitism of the financial sector. Talking about the need to write down debts in order to have a proper recovery. Going back to 19th Century economics and its emphasis on getting rid of parasitism.


  3. From Elsewhere:

    The sun is pretty unstable really. The solar wind is part of this, and even just thinking about light, its composition changes a lot. But let me give you an three examples to suggest to you how crude this greenhouse thinking is.

    Suppose there is a column of air that is saturated with water vapour and no clouds. That water vapour is definitely shading out a great deal of incoming infrared energy. But its got a huge amount of latent joules there. The latency means its temperature is way lower than it “ought to be” as it were. So because its temperature is low, compared to its energy, it can go on absorbing a lot of energy. And because the specific heat capacity of water vapour is greater than the air around it, it can keep that absorption process going. So its greenhouse characteristics work two ways. And while this is a case of net warming, its greenhouse characteristics are only one part of it.

    Now compare that to some CO2. Bugger all heat capacity. If a high CO2 parcel of air gets hot its going to either rise above your head or your house, and its going to radiate its energy very quickly since its not hiding latent energy.

    Now consider a third situation. Evaporation where the air is somewhat dry. Thats going to have a refrigerant effect. That parcel of air is going straight up. Maybe it will become part of a cloud. If it does thats a double refrigerant effect during the daytime.

    So here we have three alleged greenhouse gas scenarios. Ones a great warming influence. The second is virtually neutral. The third is a magnificent refrigerant. Its not that this greenhouse story is completely wrong in every last aspect. But its made everyone stupid about climate. The stupidity is only just showing signs of lifting, and mostly from the influence of outsiders.


  4. From elsewhere:

    GM imagine if they were putting down this greenhouse effect entirely to the latent heat of evaporation/condensation of water? That would be an over-simplification also. But much less misleading than the current oversimplification. A much more useful oversimplification.


  5. These homosexuals can get a gig working with kids, yet me, a super-successful swimming coach, cannot. Ridiculous. Some ageing homosexual teacher trying to manipulate a young boy who hasn’t tasted the pleasures of women yet? Ghastly.

    Well I guess we don’t really know what happened. But its a fucked labour market that I have to deal with here.

    Don’t make excuses for these queers by doing a two-step towards the Greeks Steve. Breakdown. Shake Down. You’re busted. Yeah you tried to step carefully but you were caught just the same.


  6. “Attributing any particular flood to climate change….”

    Speak English you silly cunt. You are never going to be able to understand a damn thing without being able to speak the language. Soil loss leads directly to more droughts and floods. So soil loss means more floods in a country like England. Now how are you to propose that higher CO2 will lead to floods. What is the transmission you dishonest cunt?


    1. I’ll read it more closely later. But it sounds like good enough comments. The thing about Bernie is he’s basically a commie. Whereas what we need is a small government egalitarian. The oligarchy is okay with commies. Except for one thing and thats this billionaires tax. They are okay with commies but they are not too happy about honest men. So thats two strikes against Bernie. But if he were like Kingfish he would already be dead. So thats why Yang is even more scary to oligarchy than Bernie is. Tulsi too with her small business emphasis. Ron Paul would have got rid of the income tax but kept the company tax and probably added to tariffs. That would have drained a lot of assets into former executives small business hands. So ultimately that would have been small government egalitarian and much more so with Rothbardian money. So Ron Paul was totally unacceptable.

      Now what if Bernie was President and yet the Republicans owned the two houses? That would be great in my book because they would strangle his capacity to overspend. Then he’d tend to accidentally go with small government egalitarianism.

      But Bernie is old and he’s a zionist though not extreme about it. Just failing to hate zionism and being that age will mean that the people surrounding him will find him easy to manipulate. I want Bernie to do well but when it comes down to it, if Tulsi or Andrew aren’t involved, we might have to think that four more years of Trump isn’t so bad. Or a single term of Bernie means that he probably won’t do too much harm.


  7. Good news. Trump and Pompeo, who have bullshitted terribly about Iran, are actually doing some good work. Turning the tables on Democrat elite lies, and particularly their ties to the Chinese communists.


  8. Ethnic Chinese and people with some pre-existing lung problems ought to be gearing up for the Corona virus this winter. Really everyone should. There have been very few deaths outside of China. And such deaths as there have been seem to have been ethnic Chinese. I was listening to this fellow who had made himself an expert on biowarfare and he has no doubt that this is an attack. But attack or not ethnic Chinese, diabetics and people with some sort of lung issue should be gearing up now.

    Locally bought vitamin D is only really for children and little people. Adults need the hard-core stuff. You want to get your vitamin D serum levels up. A good range is supposed to be 32-50. I forget the standard metrics. So thats a good range. But in the face of a pandemic you might want to go temporarily much higher. Maybe 120 like Dr Gundry.

    You want to be geared up also on iodine. I took so much recently that my skin started getting itchy. So I can leave that for awhile. You need selenium. But you don’t want to overdo selenium. Chinese soils are thought to be selenium poor. This is one reason these lurgies develop in China, to the extent that they aren’t developed in a Lab up in Canada.

    These medical assholes always restrict our access to oxygen. But if Grandpa is taken out this winter it will be because he was having trouble breathing, and therefore sleeping.


  9. Great. Andrew Yang has a CNN gig. So he’s going to get a bunch of face recognition. That evil little man Bloomberg will steal votes off all the crap candidates. But then everyone and his momma will get sick to the stomach with Bloomberg. Bloomberg will then have served a useful function. He will have made these votes far more liquid. Maybe this will mean in four years we finally get a good candidate who can go onto be a non-zionist President.

    And it must be said that while Trump will do a lot of rotten things, he’ll probably do some good things as well, and set the country up for real reform.


  10. We actually need the evil little jew Bloomberg out there right now. So that he can use sheer force of money power to pull votes off Cheater Butt-gig. The votes have got to be wrenched of the homosexual and that corrupt old dementia sufferer Biden. But these people will not be loyal Bloombergers. Their votes will still be up for grabs.

    Unfortunately its all about the delegates now. If that were not the case we would expect a last minute surge to Tulsi and Andrew, were he still in the race. Its going to be a slow four years but never mind.


  11. Very clear discussion on the moral and economic catastrophe of bullshit jobs. People see this as some sort of mild anomaly. We have to stop thinking in this nihilistic fashion. And formal economics has to start dealing with this.

    Its really ponzi-money thats caused most of this bullshit over a long period of time. But Andrew Yangs program is the best medium term solution we could hope for. Since by putting this cushion under everyone we can ruthlessly start cutting out this bullshit. And many people would decide to move to the country to reduce costs, as they worked on creating jobs that were meaningful.


  12. So the fires died down and it ceased to be a crisis. Then the rains and floods came, turning the brown land green. But that green land will soon be brown again. Since we don’t have the swales in place. But Geoff Lawton does. And he will have enough water soaked into the land, to carry him past the end of the next drought. But why not everyone else? Clear market failure. A total policy disaster.


  13. Got this one off Malcolm Gladwell. Gregory Hines does shows off a bit of this subtle tap-dancing. Then gets Sammy Davis Junior up on stage. Dudes emaciated, has had a hip replacement, and is going to die of cancer within the year. But the old man is still a master with the tap shoes.


  14. I may have to send an apology note to Mark Bahnisch. He was supporting a basic income scheme a long time ago. But he never talked about it at the same time as closing down government departments or getting rid of medical subsidies. So there were reasons why I opposed what he was saying at the time.

    But the problems have just grown too terrible over time. The imbalances grow every year. For every new government department we open up we need to close down a dozen. A hard rain needs to fall so the basic income needs to be there so that no-one dies unnecessarily during this massive transformation.


  15. “My point is – it is extremely difficult to understand why his followers….”

    This is where you are coming off the beam projecting your idiocy onto other people. You are a follower. You latch onto science fraud, or one party, or any kind of idiocy that the oligarchy comes up with. Look at me for example. I appreciate some things he’s done to make it easier for big business to create jobs. But really I want small business creating jobs and growing bigger. One appreciates that candidate Trump wanted better relations with Russia and to get out of the middle east. One is mortified that this hasn’t been achieved.

    You just have to stop being stuck-on-stupid. And part of that is getting away from this “Trump-follower” meme. The only reason there was alleged Trump followers in the first place is that the Democrat top leadership are lunatics. Don’t be judging people from the perspective of the Steve stupid glasses.


  16. Fractional Reserve Gold is a horrible monetary system. But here is an overlooked advantage. From Elsewhere:

    Consider the situation now where Graebar has estimated that 37% of jobs are bullshit jobs. But its much worse than that since you have bullshit industries that are really big when they ought to be quite small like finance and insurance. Government itself should ultimately be quite small, but admittedly for the forseeable future, it would need to be reasonably large, in order to take remedial action for the catastrophe of past policy.

    And then there is the consideration that every bullshit job will likely be supported in part by non-bullshit jobs. When you add it all up the wastage will surely be north of 60%. Nearly everyone at Catallaxy will be involved in high paid bullshit jobs just for example.

    Well consider the Gold standard? What is the major complaint with Gold backed fractional reserve? Its the absolutely brutal monetary crunches that are in the genes of gold-with-fractional-reserve. These seemingly unnecessary and heart-breaking crunches.

    So vicious were they, that they got rid of every bullshit job around. The banking crunches were so serious that they got rid of a lot of good jobs too. But the monetary crunches sought out, like Sherlock Holmes, every example of waste and redundancy, far beyond the powers of the auditors to detect. We can do so much better than fractional reserve gold, but at the same time it beats seven shades of shit out of what we have now.

    This is a catastrophe that you have so many high-paid bludgers around. Some of these bludgers working really hard at doing nothing useful. It affects peoples world-view. As you see when you go to Catallaxy. But not just Catallaxy. Almost anywhere.


  17. From Elsewhere:

    “……until the force on that square inch of surface is exactly what it was before — the weight of the air column above it……..” Sounds kind of right. I’d be a bit shy about being too ideological about it all. Since to my mind there is some sort of moratorium on rational gravity research. The way you make it sound, the extra heat could lead to LESS air pressure. Since it may be that if the air molecules are further away they might exert less downward force on the situation. Or it could be an in-between situation where the extra force between molecules leads to extra downward force and therefore pressure. Or it could be more towards the spectrum of where Zoe is talking about particularly as great heat might lead to a great many more molecules in gaseous form.

    I would just caution against people being to ideological about it, because while all these gas laws work well in the lab, the study of gravity has been put in the deep freeze. We have all this cult of personality and ancient heritage formulae and not a great deal of free enquiry. I would say gravity is a wild card here.

    The other thing with Venus is that; while I don’t know how good Velikovsky’s source material was, he does appear to have had great predictive power. There was a comet that came near to Jupiter. I presume that a sun-Jupiter-comet electrical connection was made and the luminosity of the comment increased one million times. Velikovsky says that the ancients saw Venus come clean out of Jupiter. Which to my mind is preposterous. But if the comet that became Venus made that same electrical connection, and then became luminous, that would explain the source data, supposing that Velikovsky is interpreting correctly.

    Now the thing is the comet that became Venus could have gone through the outer atmosphere of Jupiter and picked up far more than its fair share of gas. While Hydrogen is easily lost, and methane would be split up and the hydrogen lost, the carbon retained ….. the net effect could be that when Venus normalised as a planet it had much more than its fair share of atmosphere.

    We know so little about gravity but it turns out that its easy for even a small planet to hold onto CO2 and very hard to hold onto hydrogen. People just apply gas laws and get one result. But if you send the satellite out there to detect what is being lost, both earth and Venus are basically only losing hydrogen. And in the case of Venus this hydrogen has to be assumed pristine.


  18. Implausibly, for a naturally spreading pandemic, the corona-virus has leapt to Iran in a big way, or so it seems. Here the clouds part and the true sun shines through. The Jews infected the Chinese, to blame it on the Americans, and the whole thing was done to damage the Iranians. This is how the Jew operates. They always roll by way of distraction murders.


  19. Look as this asshole Jew. Why do we put up with them even a little bit. I’d like to have open access to Catallaxy to be really able to close that stupid Cassie bitch down. Always shooting off at the mouth with her evil blood libel against the Germans. Just this constant Holocaust lie from Cassie. Usually I’m polite to girls on Catallaxy, but not with this despicable bitch, defaming the Germans on a daily basis.


  20. Mark Steyn, the most loveable conservative. Every so often I remind him that if he isn’t going to tell the truth about 9/11, which is understandable, that he could exercise his right to just shut up about the subject.


  21. 53 minutes in. Graebar comes up with the explanation for why there is all these bullshit jobs around. He says either Capitalism is not efficient, or that the system we have isn’t Capitalism. This corresponds with different definitions of what capitalism is. If Capitalism is state-supported usury, thats the system we indeed have now, its proven not to be efficient.

    Budget surpluses, a lean government, demi-Georgist taxation, high royalties on natural resources, and 100% backing in banking, money in the growth-deflation pocket ….. If this is capitalism it will be efficient and it will thin down the bullshit jobs.

    Graeber is refreshingly good here in that he allows for more than one definition of Capitalism. Under the above policies, after a few decades we may be able to get government spending down to 10%. But this is untenable with our current labour market now, and our overhang of old guys that lived under all this bad policy.


  22. From elsewhere:

    But if not for F.I.R.E. sector dysfunction, and with a bit of policy nuance, then the profit extraction would be competitive and benign. Whereas now with our imbalances, originally created by the FIRE sector, most of the economy is dysfunctional. For example we were already glutted with retail space in the 60’s when a new big retail space boom was created, since the big retailers could thereafter dominate the supply chain and gyp everyone else.

    Marx put the cart before the horse and, at least in the first volume, tried to pass off the dysfunction in the economy to general business. As did Keynes. Marx was a much better economist and analyst than Keynes but both these guys were playing down the nastiness of unbridled usury. Now maybe he corrected this bias in the third volume. I get this idea that he might have filled up these holes via Michael Hudson. But its hard to not think that his ethnicity played a part in what amounts to a whitewash of fractional reserve banking.


  23. Flight 752. This was a forced error ultimately caused by the deep state. Kill Switch Diplomacy. I wanted to see which airport the plane had been at before flying to Iran. To see if the Jews in ICTS were involved. But so far haven’t found that out one way or another. More through laziness than anything else. The Deep State was able to turn the planes transponder off, so that the plane would look like a missile to the people on high alert.

    Someone lied to Trump, or else Trump has lied, in the level of damage the Iranians caused in their retaliations. Although the Iranians seem to have gone out of their way to minimise casualties, and bravo to them, the reality is that many Americans were injured.

    I’m not temperamentally anti-Trump but the death and injury tally for this stupid action will just keep growing. Because he wiped out the best terrorist fighters in the world, now the Deep State and the Jews will bring ISIS back to life, even if under other names. Just such a stupid fucking move. And so its a forced error on the President and a forced error on the Iranians.


    And so now we have their new pattern of behaviour. Which we can apply to the corona-virus. They set up the bait or the alleged bait scenario for a Jew and a few Chinese types to steal the virus from Canada. That story is a little bit thin. But the idea is to make it look like its a Chinese mistake. Whereas its really Deep State biowarfare. And its a bit of a giveaway that we now find Iran seriously affected.


  24. From Elsewhere:

    Patrick the fusion model of the sun is about as disproven a model that can be imagined. It was thrust upon the public more or less the same month as the detonation of the alleged fusion bomb. And ought to be considered as part and parcel of associated disinformation. The fusion model of the sun demands we believe in the doctrine of the self-compression and self-segregation of hydrogen. So its an openly stupid model, and nor has it ever passed any empirical test.

    Fusion itself ought to be easy and not dramatic under the right electrical conditions. We saw this with a kids toy that used to be out there not long ago called a Fusor. I think there is new matter creation and fusion going on in all very large bodies, starting from bodies perhaps a bit smaller than the moon. We see evidence for this on Pluto for example.

    If Zoe wasn’t somewhat on the right track, with her geological heat ideas, how is it that NASA has witnessed live volcanoes on Pluto? Where could that heat be coming from, and the materials buildup to cause these volcanoes to blow their top every now and then? At this stage the materials detected are only water which freezes before it hits the ground. Or at least mostly water. The fellow at NASA saw these volcanoes and said he wished he could unsee them. But they never change their models. They always stick with disproven models.


  25. The way that Tyson saves energy is akin to James Lights Out Toney. He becomes evasive with his upper body without moving his feet so much. With that three stone difference you won’t be able to be evasive like Ali was in 66. Its not like you can dance and move your upper body at the same time, at that weight. Or not with any frequency. The weight situation tends to strongly favour Wilder in my view. Unless that lazy evasiveness can do the trick with energy saving.


  26. So what I’m saying here is that letting Deontay punch him and trying to roll and duck around flat-footed. Well thats extremely dangerous. But its going to be part and parcel of Tyson’s game tomorrow. Very scary stuff. It cannot be avoided really. The weight factor means its completely unavoidable. Being elusive and defensive using upper body movement with very little lateral foot movement becomes mandatory at that weight. Thats a bad bind to be in if the fellow loading up punches is Wilder.


  27. My god what an absurd country it’s become. Explain your people Graeme! Their idea of great political leadership is donning a hijab to hug some ppl for chrissakes. Did they put estrogen in the water There?

    The explanation is very simple. Supposing you are always trying to foment war between the United States and Russia, the United States and China (going so far as to attack the entire population of China with an ethnically skewed bioweapon) the United States and Iran.

    These three powers know if any one of them falls the next slipper to drop will be one of the other two. Which is why Russia and Iran had to stop Syria and Iraq from becoming Caliphate puppet states. Consider that the Deep State has gone so far as to stage a coup in the Ukraine using terrorism. Ukraine is part of any Russian Empire, this was the height of foolishness and aggression. Its left matters on a nuclear trip-wire.

    So you’ve been doing all these things. What if you succeed? If you succeed and you have nuclear war followed by the REAL bioweapons outbreak. The one that kills 90% of everyone. So you’ve got the prospect of a Northern hemisphere that is irradiated to the max where pandemics are ripping through the place.

    Do you not think you need somewhere to hang out? You want your fish to come from the Antarctic and your beef to be grown at the foot of South Island mountains. So New Zealand, and particularly the South Island, has become a deep state possession and sanctuary. We saw that with the Christchurch massacre. The Deep state fantastically in control. Christchurch and South of there is all deep state.

    Blogger Jason Soon said…

    where does Jacinta fit in all of this Graeme? is she just a patsy?

    If anyone is deeply intimate with the state of affairs in Patagonia we might want to know about that too. I went to Otago University. If you walk down the streets of Dunedin after the extended nuclear war has started you ought to expect to occasionally run into these international oligarchical bigshots. You might stumble upon the children of John Kerry. Or the fake kids of the Obama’s at such a time.

    President Trump is mixed and for a humanitarian he’s pretty horrific really. Candidate Trump was fantastic. A dream come true. And he was sincere. Yes he was a zionist but we could look past it, because he wanted to get out of the middle east, and make peace with Russia. I can’t help but liking him, but when I do it almost feels like I’ve killed a baby in the Yemen.

    The main goals of US foreign policy ought to be to make peace with Russia, shore up friendships with Taiwan, India and Japan, and contain China to its South. Not in an unfriendly way. But in a way that will allow China to keep growing ahead of its demographic collapse, without being tempted into becoming a bully to its south …. And so we will be left with a kinder, gentler richer China with a scaled down population around 400 million. It will actually be a beautiful place if that could happen. A place that the Chinese people all around the world would be proud of.

    It wasn’t such a hard task for US policy makers. But the dynastic families need us always fighting each-other so they can keep us as rococo slaves.

    The entire history of the cold war, and the history since candidate Trump announced that we wanted better relations with Russia …… has been these periodic panics. Panics where it looked like peace might break out (the horror the horror). And whenever peace looked like it might break out, the oligarchy would take extreme measures to make sure this didn’t happen.

    In this ongoing horror story Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan were really outstanding. But particularly Reagan. Since he wanted peace with the Soviets but he knew he had to be extremely hard-nosed about it. Behind the scenes Kennedy appears to have been doing good work also . But thats kind of esoteric knowledge.

    “where does Jacinta fit in all of this Graeme? is she just a patsy?”

    She’s from a freemason family. So not just a patsy. You have this dual mentality. As long as she can live in the world that the media creates she can keep being this method actor. She can seem sincere. But the gun restriction legislation can be done, dusted, and in the can, even before the deep state mass murder rolls off the conveyor.

    Its kind of like what James Dean taught Dennis Hopper about acting. There you are in a fake world in front of the camera. But behind the camera there are spectators, the key grip, the cameramen and the audio guys. They are in the real world. If you can reach into that real world and kind of make it part of you, you can pull it off and convey that sense of reality for the cameras. Well Jacinta really knows she is part of a fraud and going along with a false flag mass murder. But so long as she can stay in the alternative reality that the media creates she can go down and give emotional support to the victims, and play her role with great sincerity


  28. As a new Mother it would be traumatising to Jacinta to actually involve herself in the mass murder plot. Even though she’s complicit, they are going to keep her right away from the details of this stuff. Its very much like the way these guys handle these public shooting assassinations:

    The actual shooters don’t do anything else, but show up, take hold of the rifle, shoot, hand the rifle to someone else, and get out. You can see that the shooter is barely emotionally involved with the event. And they don’t necessarily even feel culpable.

    They just get to the Daltex building, the grassy knoll, underneath the storm drain, and another one near the overpass. In these situations if you are like George Bush (caught coming out of the Daltex) building) and Jack Ruby (seen holding a rifle near the underpass) then its almost guaranteed that you are not the shooter. Because they don’t want the shooters to have any kind of involvement beyond taking the rifle, shooting it, and giving it back.

    Very much how Jacinta will be protected from the consequences of what she is complicit with.

    If you are the shooter you always give the rifle straight back. Jacinta’s behaviour of putting on a hijab and hugging a lot of people would have been written into the plot months, if not years, in advance.


  29. After the fake mass murder movie came out on facebook, any analysis of this video was so threatening to the New Zealand government that merely watching this movie became a crime punishable by many years in prison. The murders were true. They were simultaneous mass murders in two different mosques several kilometres apart, conducted by a team of people.

    So you can see why these extreme measures need to be taken. Including stopping any New Zealander reading more or less anything I say.


  30. Just imagine if that blood libel, defaming slut …. Cassie … suddenly because a human being?

    How would that work if she stopped being a slut and tried hard to be a human? Well I think it would work a bit like this:


  31. All four rounds to Tyson so far. But I can’t tell from the sound if Tyson is saving his energy like I said he had to. Tyson is walking forward but its not clear from the commentary if he can save energy. Still whacking Wilder hard. Its a bit of a battering.


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