So Who Will Fight Isis Now? (When someone wants peace the zionists kill them.)

This one was written pretty much straight after the murder of the Soleimani peace delegation.   I have the date down as ninth of January.  I’ll change that date now because I don’t know how to put it up front.  This mass murder by the Americans annihilated more than one successful Jew-ISIS terrorist fighter.

I’ve brought this one to the front because I want you to think about things.  The hanging of black men in the old South? Were the black men always innocent? No I think they were probably mostly guilty,  and a big chunk of the not guilty may have been somewhat culpable.  But they all deserved a fair trial surely?

The Jew Leo Frank got more than one fair trial,  and each trial found him guilty,  and it was a blessed thing when the white men hung him high.

But there had to be so many times when everyone calmed down a little bit and upon contemplation they realised that “he didn’t deserve that?”  Or …… “Shit that black boy fucked up but it was Cletis that set him off”  or something of this sort.

Well this isn’t one of these times. This is more like crucifying a saint.  Such a huge fuckup.  Simply unbelievable that the deep state could have induced the President to screw up so badly.  If you murder terrorist fighters heading towards a peace conference, how can world leaders ever meet again in confidence?

The extreme nature of this fuckup, that the deep state foisted on Trump, is probably not recognised by one man in a million.  So much bad karma must flow from this as the decades roll by.

Think of the damage so far.  Iran retaliated and injured scores of American soldiers.  Oh you didn’t hear about that? Oh isn’t that funny? Well what else?  The Jews brought down a Ukrainian plane full of Iranian students.  They couldn’t have used this kill switch diplomacy, without the Trump murders.  Oh you thought it was an Iranian error didn’t you?  No it was a forced error.  The transponder was turned off.  Sooner or later people will track the planes itinerary back to some airport where Jews are running security.

There is no chance  WHATSOEVER about this being a coincidental error.  There is no chance of this at all, given any understanding of probability. And there will be hell to pay.

There has been the attack on a plane full of American soldiers in Afghanistan.  Which is not murder and not terrorism as it constitutes valid retaliation.  Surprise surprise? You didn’t hear about that one either?

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The Black Prince

The White Prince

The Dark Knight

The White Knight

The problem with killing good people is you can’t bring them back when you need them. 

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  1. The Israeli downing of the plane is what is becoming to be known as “Kill-Switch Diplomacy”

    “Just a couple hours ago, I heard on the radio an air traffic controller expert who had fairly recently worked in and with Iran, saying that he thought it was very possible that the airline downing, if it were a shootdown as it looks like it was to him, would be due to an “automation” or “software” error not a human one, and it clicked for me:

    This was an Israeli cyber terrorist attack that triggered Russian-made Iranian anti-aircraft missile system to misfire against a friendly civilian target by a Unit 8200 backdoor into the “Friend or Foe” ID code conduited to Israel via Russian technology relations.”


    1. Oh sorry. I thought you were calling me a quisling for stridently supporting the Iranian people. Yes now I see what you are saying. If you had a list of 20 most likely deep state affiliated suspects in this country, Graeme John Humphreys would be on that list. Frank Lowy is of course number one on that list. One hopes he will die and go to hell just as soon as possible. Though its at least possible that he’s only marginally culpable.


  2. Actually I will read his tax cut stuff with some interest. He may not have fucked it up like just about everything else he’s laid his anti-Midas touch on. And I am wondering if he’s been influenced by my reinvestment ideology which emphasises no tax on retained earnings … particularly for the sole trader. So even though he’s an outrageous quisling we don’t want to suggest that he lacks some relevant skills.


  3. Here is some comments from elsewhere. Look we don’t want to be bludgers. We need more people in agriculture and manufacturing. Less people in bludging service industries. Not all service industries are bludging. But the Graebers bullshit jobs will be disproportionately in the service sector. And had we always stayed within the “growth-deflation” monetary pocket, most of these bludging jobs would not now exist today:

    “We don’t want to rule out a steam revival you know. You watch that comedian Jay Leno on his car show. He’s done authentic R&D with a couple of his steam cars. And with the new materials that can contain the heat, steam power in flat rail and tug boats could become fantastically viable again. Even with inferior fuels. There is two of his shows particularly. You watch them and you run the risk of falling in love with steam all over again. I’m running with a different physics and cosmology. In my view of the universe the phase change of water is the most powerful force we know of, and its probably the most powerful force we are ever going to know.

    What people don’t realise is that done right, manufacturing is an extension of logistics. Logistics is putting STUFF in sequence and transporting it. But the transporting and the sequencing ought to overlap. So having a string of container-ready ports all around the coast, and really good very level rail inland is the prequel to becoming manufacturing superheroes. The Austrian school have Boehm-Bawerks concept of the “lengthening of the structure of production” …. To me this is one of the most important concepts in economics. Even the Austrians themselves don’t emphasise the importance of this concept enough.

    If manufacturing is really logistics then the order of the arrival of the goods needs to be shuffled on the way to the factory. So the bulk of the inventory of work-in-progress ought to be on slow-moving tugs where possible or on flat rail. Since manufacturing expansion cannot be achieved outside of this concept, we want to invest in very low cost cargo transport capacity. To-whit, very flat rail and many ports. And later ubiquitous dirigibles. People when they think about transport improvements their mind turns to speed. But speed cannot fulfil the role of putting things in sequence for the purpose of awesome manufacturing power.”


  4. Graeme Bird
    January 15, 2020 at 7:32 pm · Reply
    Everyone here, for the most part, has jumped over at least one or two hurdles of heresy. Perhaps at some psychological if not professional cost. I am seeing some level of heresy-fatigue. You are getting burnt out is my view. Our girls are stronger in some ways, since we cannot persist without great globs of testosterone and they can. So when all the guys prove feckless and weak we wind up with the Maiden of Orleans, Joanne and Jennifer…. because all the blokes are burnt out and cannot muster two bits of testosterone to rub together. Well you know. This can be nice if you haven’t fantasised about being beat up by Margaret Thatcher and a youthful Elizabtheth the 1st, since you were 13, but we really need to do better. And we have a few more heresies we need to jump over, yet to come.

    Sooner or later I got around to being wrongfully nasty to everyone, and one of these people was Alan Siddons. Siddons got a bunch of scoops that I didn’t fully appreciate at the time. And perhaps he didn’t explain them as well he might have. But particularly as well as he could have if there wasn’t such a thing as aether-denial. One of his many scoops was that the moon was 40 degrees hotter than it was supposed to be.

    Enough time has passed now that we know for sure that this means a secondary energy source. At LEAST a secondary source. I would say at least two more sources and both of the top two electrical.

    As we know the atmosphere is almost transparent to light energy. Almost, but not quite, and in both directions. So this light energy can account for most-but-not-all of the temperature. But it cannot account for all this Donner and Blitzen, Sturm and Drang, Sampson and Delilah, Hurricane and Cyclone, and all the dramatics that we know as THE WEATHER

    I went back over my old posts and I saw a lot of downvotes accumulating. Please. This is a character issue. Go to the black market and start putting testosterone in your coffee. Do whatever you need to do. Its starting to get unmanly, and at the very least unbecoming. If we cannot send bad science to the fires, on Joannes blog, right now, then where? And when?

    If this is not the time or the place then lets find that time, lets go to that place, and take Alan Siddons with us, and lets sort this out. But at the very least put a time limit on this electricity denial. Because stupidity can be productive. But not forever. Productive stupidity has a time limit attached to it.


  5. In other news the Jews keep murdering ISIS fighters in Iraq. Both so Jew-ISIS will build strength again. And to spark a war between the US and Iran. So the Iranians and even the Americans are trying to calm things down a bit. But the Jews keep right on practicing terrorism. They cannot give it up any more than cough up a lung.


    1. Check this out Genghis. Seven minutes in. The transponder of the plain switched off prior to the missile shot. Kill Switch Diplomacy. A forced error. The Iranian missile kills the civilian plane sure. But on the basis of some sort of cyber-attack from the terrorist community (ie Israel and Western Intelligence.)


  6. Steve did you notice something about PARNAS you complete cunt? Did you notice something about his first name?

    His first name is Lev. Lev Parnas …….. Thats a Jew name right?

    Why are you fucking abusing us with this complete Jew racist rubbish you complete cunt?.
    You fucking asshole. Throwing more Jew lies at us like this? What is the fucking matter with you?
    Did you not know Parnas was a Jew? Is this what you are about? Waiting for a Jew to shit on his shoes and your job is to throw the shoe at us?

    Next time check if your man is a Jew or not. If thats not too much to ask? I don’t think thats too much to ask.


  7. Excellence in modern protestantism. The gold standard. A little harsh on gays but we ought to be looking at overcoming developmental disorders. Not encouraging them, though of course some tolerance is important.


  8. When we blame the Germans for World War I, we aren’t understanding the situation even a little bit. It was the British elite that organised for the Germans to be encircled by their alliances. The Germans wanted to be Britains ally. But the elite decided to destroy Germany instead.

    We need to know this because the Americans have gone crazy and have encircled the Russians and the Iranians. So when war breaks out the idea is not to pretend its because of a series of unfortunate events. If we believe in just war theory and we want human flourishing none of the bullshit is necessary. But we must do something about these Jews ruining all relations between the rest of us.


  9. Three civilised homies who have lived at the wrong end of zionist terrorism and demonisation. One of them a military genius that we had to learn from, since fighting third party sponsored terrorism, or yet even third party guerilla fighters, is such a punishingly hard thing to do.

    Writing back in 2002 Codevilla said:

    “Soon Iran will have nuclear weapons. You and I wish it were not so. But making those nukes go away will take forceful, costly acts of war that would surely disrupt, and likely endanger, our own lives. But you don’t want to disrupt your life, to set in motion lethal events the end of which you cannot foresee? Then make the best plans you can for living with nuclear weapons in the hands of our Iranian enemies—and the other enemies who, with Iran’s help, will likely follow its example.”

    Then he discusses a number of options. Most of them he himself saw of as a bad thing. But his basic approach went like this:

    “Making sure that means and ends match one another, meaning that the actions we take actually produce the ends we profess, has ever been the essence of prudence. Machiavelli taught that enemies are to be caressed or extinguished. But it seems that our ruling geniuses read lesser textbooks.”

    So the idea was to get home quickly, after being tricked by the zionists into war ….. Keep your own act clean and sharpen all your knives. Don’t damage the Iranian people for no reason, or with no clear and benevolent outcome. And don’t act in the interests of a third party country. Certainly not in the interest of the terrorist state of Israel. The idea was to stay home, concentrate on precision weaponry, and domestic healing and prosperity.

    Then if the Iranian clerisy got as evil as Netanyahu pretends they are, decapitate the leadership leaving a prosperous and benevolent Persia. But that wouldn’t be necessary if the Americans were keeping their own act clean. Israel, or international Judea, has colonised that country and now they are the evil empire.


  10. The other thing is that the Obama regime had already solved the problem of Iranian nukes. I’m not kidding. Basically I consider the homosexual Obama to be an ersatz-Jewish plant on the wrong side of the drawbridge. They have all these fake photos of his mother around. But one time I saw what I took to be a real photo of her. She’s about the most Jewish-Jewy-Jew-Jew as ever could be imagined.

    So basically 8 years of sabotage, but this Iranian deal is some sort of a masterpiece. The one good thing that he did in 8 years as a usurper wrecking-ball. I mean its so good. Its fantastic. If I ever need some sort of treaty I’ll use it as a model. Anything that is good is bad from a zionist perspective since zionism is a war against the species itself.

    The Ayatollah considered nukes un-Islamic. They can be used in a proper warrior tradition. Particularly at sea. But they are subject to being used in a cavalier and terrorist fashion. Australia needs nuclear-armed submarines or else we cannot defend a full-blown naval attack. But there would exist the temptation to use them in immoral ways. But the Ayatollah didn’t want them and if the Israelis stopped the terrorism and everyone had stuck to the treaty, then the problem would be solved. And Iran would not have been first to break the agreement.


  11. GOP Senators pressuring Trump to murder Soleimani. So the Jew impeachment racket is what has gotten all these people killed. But were the specific GOP senators also Jews?


  12. So look how easy it is for the Jews to set up the hit. The control Donald Trump right from the election with this Russian bullshit and this Ukraine idiocy. The rolling thunder for impeachment starts from election day. They can exert pressure through the media and now through the senate. We really have to do something about this evil scum.


  13. Dude there is a 30 year oceanic oscillation. The ocean currents act in one way for 30 years and then act differently for another 30. As a consequence there is an overlay of oceanic behaviour on whatever the sun is doing. You need sixty years data to see what is going on. You are giving us 18 years of data, and the second one is fake anyway. You cannot do much with 18 years and you can do nothing with 18 years of fake data. We aren’t aloud to use fake data in science. But even if it were good only 18 years is pretty useless.

    The formula associated with the Stefan Boltzmann law is to the fourth power. That means if we get a heat pocket it will quickly radiate off. It means that to spread thermal energy around is to retain it better and to allow greater absorption of more thermal energy. So the power of the ocean current is a key determinant of global average temperatures. The oscillation makes sense just via the reality that colder water is more viscous than warmer water. Whether thats the only cause of the oscillation I don’t know but you can see how that viscosity difference could set up an oscillation. But then we’d want to know about what is going on in the conveyor deep in the ocean. How the compression works and so forth.

    I mean I can see you are at least trying but you’ve got nothing here to work with. Science demands that you start off as a CO2-agnostic and then try sincerely to work out what is going on. The process is sabotaged if you pretend you know the answer already and work back to the conclusion.

    The “NOAA and NASA” data (Its just a bullshit subset within the bigger organisation) is complete lies and we all know they are complete lies. If you manufacture the data to suit your model you are obviously going to get a correlation. Even small children ought to be able to understand this. But the data doesn’t relate to the real world and their models have never worked.

    The sub-organisation cuckoo babies within these outfits are just part of an intelligence fraud operation.


  14. So if you are going to start being fair dinkum about this you start with honest data. There is only two graphs that can apply. There used to be three but they’ve even gone ahead and butchered the 1979-2020 satellite data. The last bastion of honest data.

    So we have the sixty year balloon data thats available up until 2015. Then we have NOAA grown data only going back to 2005. You start with that, and you MUST start as a CO2 agnostic. And from these two graphs you see what it is you can find.

    Its kind of unfortunate. But these are the rules of the scientific method. Look I know its only science. But I like it.


  15. Batteries are never going to be as good as thorium enhanced hydrocarbons. As synthetic diesel. Synthetic diesel will burn extremely clean and has more joules per kilo then a battery. Batteries in comparison are really very wasteful and are always going to be that way. Batteries are there to process intermittent energy sources.

    Like suppose you have a lot of waste wood, as mature permaculture farms will tend to produce. Then you can have wood-gas generators. But you might not wish to be running a wood-gas generator around the clock. In this context batteries aren’t wasteful. But its silly to trash the hydro-carbon industry rather than enhance it with nuclear. No science has ever emerged to suggest that this is the case. Anyone saying otherwise is a liar.

    Nuclear-enhanced synthetic diesel is the ultimate fuel for small vehicle applications. Its always going to be that way.


  16. This wastefulness largely comes from our bankers no longer lending for wealth-creation purposes which create jobs. If this continues we’ll grow peanuts here and get them salted and roasted somewhere else and then reimport them for welfare-assisted people to buy. One of the problems with the neoclassical economists in this country, never seeing banker welfare that they didn’t love, is that they were blinded to market failure of this sort. So they think all this clear failure is just the free market at work. When its no free market and its not supplying enough work.

    They say they are for a free market but when you talk about some functioning free market model for banking they are heading for the door.


  17. Excellent presentation. The British have been a controller or influencer of American policy during some time periods. And the Soviets as well. But they have Jewish force-multipliers in the media world-wide and domestically. Now the most influence comes through zionism. So we all have to take the Malaysian approach to israel. Just cut off all relations. We cannot fight fire with fire here. We simply have to keep these people away. Plus every synagogue has to be under surveillance. Either we control them or they control us.


  18. Batteries are never going to be as good as thorium enhanced hydrocarbons. As synthetic diesel. Synthetic diesel will burn extremely clean and has more joules per kilo then a battery. Batteries in comparison are really very wasteful and are always going to be that way. Batteries are there to process intermittent energy sources.

    Like suppose you have a lot of waste wood, as mature permaculture farms will tend to produce. Then you can have wood-gas generators. But you might not wish to be running a wood-gas generator around the clock. In this context batteries aren’t wasteful. But its silly to trash the hydro-carbon industry rather than enhance it with nuclear. No science has ever emerged to suggest that this is the case. Anyone saying otherwise is a liar.

    Synthetic diesel is the ultimate fuel for small vehicle applications. Its always going to be that way.

    10:37 am Delete
    Blogger Not Trampis said…
    My eldest drives a hybrid when he needs it at work and he is rapt. Very fuel efficient he thinks but the battery is expensive to replace I believe.

    you would need to transition petrol stations to battery charger stations over time for electric cars to work.

    Great to drive in the city maybe not for the holiday trip

    12:49 pm
    Blogger GMB said…

    Yeah I suppose they are pretty awesome things in some ways. Massive acceleration. So few moving part that a good Tesla could become a family heirloom. So they have their virtues. But the battery simply can never have the BTU’s of a better type of diesel. And the battery will always involve rare earth elements, and so will represent an energy sink, unless it stays niche. The only battery that won’t involve rare earths is the liquid metal battery. So I guess the electric car will always have their place. But if the electric car takes over entirely, then that puts pressure on rare earths and creates an energy sink.

    But thorium assisted synthetic diesel can be made out of almost any rubbish. It produces a beautiful product with so much energy per kilo its a wonderful thing. So sure we need both. But the idea that electric should take over entirely is a very dubious idea. The rare earths have to be there as a side-effect of other activities. If rare earths are being consumed at that rate thats okay. But once we are having to go out and get them as a special dig, the costs just spiral upward. So niche is good. Takeover ….. bad.


  19. Trumps trade barriers on China is being used as a bargaining chip to force MORE TRADE from the Chinese. More American imports to China. Now this is at least potentially good. And a bit of medium term harm to China is probably worth it if he can drag concessions out of them. But all these sanctions against Russia and Iran? Whats it for if not for the crazy warmongers and zionists? The main way to straighten out trade deficits is to get all government budgets under control. But there was a big case to force improvements out of the Chinese, the only viable strategic competitor for the moment, if you can get rid of Jewish domination. So the Jews have already taken over but their hold is tenuous. They control American. But not with an iron grip.

    But Iran doesn’t threaten the United States and Russia only does if the Americans are unwilling to let them be near hegemons in their region. And even then only if they are pushed too hard. There is no reason to back them against the wall like this. But then we are not dealing with Americans. We are dealing with this effective Jew takeover.


  20. The fantastic comeback of Connor McGregor. Forty seconds of pure genius from Connor. And a new innovation. While using both hands to stop himself being out-wrestled, Connor can now break a man’s nose with his shoulder. Connor is not a grappler, and so he’s got to stop from being taken to the ground by a wrestler or Brazillian Jiu Jitsu adept.

    To be able to break a man’s nose with your shoulder when you are holding onto both his arms …. This is a fantastically clever innovation. But all 40 seconds are as if choreographed for the movies or something. Dude was really in the zone. As I’m sure you will agree.


  21. Very important video. I have personal experience of having a girlfriend that went on contraception. We were having some problems beforehand. But after she went on contraception it became a full disaster area. Don’t do it girls. Just get good at figuring out the ten best days to get pregnant, and stay home with Mum and Dad during those best ten days. After awhile you’ll get it down to six. What is so bad about spending more time with Mum and Dad six days a month?


  22. I am an agnostic also and used to be a hard-core atheist. But I think we ought to be taking in Christians who are currently being persecuted the world over.

    The idea of citizenship is that we want a coherent enough population that we feel an almost familial need to look after each-other and watch each-others back. Basically we’ve lost that and we have also lost a banking system that can provide jobs for the new guys. So the idea is to reduce immigration, until we can get banking reform. When we get banking reform and have labour shortages we should be bringing people in with a view to a coherent patriotic nation. People who support surplus budgets, and egalitarian small government. Not people who hate science and go in for international rather than local loyalties.

    You can have different races, but its difficult. You can still lead the good life in a mult-racial setup but in order to do so you need rational leaders like Lee Kwan Yew or Mahatir. You cannot just be having lunatic internationalists like Turnbull, destroying everything that is important to Australians.

    People kind of accepted multi-racial immigration in the service of diversity. That made sense in the 1970’s but it makes no sense now because to encourage the same trends in immigration means to WIPE OUT DIVERSITY. Every city becomes a polyglot version of the Bronx. Every city in all Western countries achieves a sameness. The trend is not your friend. We had too many people from Italy and Greece. About around 1990, apart from the Greek/Italy oversupply I think we had it about right. The standard should be where we were in about 1990. People from all over. Salt and Pepper, Sugar and spice. But these things are supposed to be a sprinkling. Not a replacement. We are choking on spices.

    What if we took the Angus, the Scottish Highland breed, the Jersey, The Frisian …… We take every bovine breed and mix them together? Is that diversity? No its a crime against diversity within animal husbandry. Its a genocide of the different breeds. But then again what if we forbid the farmers to mix breeds? That too is no good. Both these things are no good.

    I’m big in favour of miscegenation and mixed race people are often more beautiful creatures than Anglo-Saxon-Romano-Celts like myself. They enjoy a covering over of accumulating genetic mutations. These West Indians with some whitey ancestry are very aesthetically pleasing people for example. But in the west we don’t need to actively promote this any more because miscegenation is absolutely assured. Marriage immigration is quite sufficient to keep this practice going if you were somehow worried about losing it.

    But do we really want to lose all the Bushmen? All the Han Chinese? The coming scaling down on Han Chinese well below 400 million is no tragedy but do we really want to lose them all? If the answer is “no” its a racist undertaking to also want to breed out all Yamnaya aka whitey.

    All these plots and schemes to do this are evil. The Malay people might like their Chinese, Indian and other neighbours that the British Empire foisted on them. But I think that most of them would agree that they were brought in, in too greater numbers. To call out such sentiments as racist is just sickening. Its evil. Same with Fiji. Any normal Fijian will understand that too many Indians were brought in for the interests of the Fijians. Not that a few skilled and hard-working Indians would be a bad thing. But you get too much of a good thing. Its no good for the incumbents.

    Any Koori will understand that the white man came here at a speed that wasn’t helpful to the Koori. A slower immigration rate could have enhanced their lives, but as it happened, Koori populations they were very badly damaged.

    This is the same story all the way around.


  23. Thats very good shorthand for what happened. He didn’t really try to stamp it out. He just wanted to find out the extent of the looting of the Ukraine, without any clear view as to how he might use the information. I would have done the same.

    They have every capacity to impeach him. Murdering ten people including two diplomats on a peace mission is a high crime. Not even a misdemeanour. Plus it allowed the intelligence agencies to create another false flag and murder scores of civilians. The President has a string of minor crimes in his past and they could find a way to impeach him legitimately if they wanted to. Finding about about the looting of the Ukraine is a good thing to do. Its necessary. Whether Trump would have done the right thing with this information, and exposed the looting, well we didn’t get a chance to find out.


  24. I just got some information in from the Mossad and the MEK and so this has lead me to reinterpret what we are seeing here.

    Longstanding killer of women and children, the well-known terrorist Professor Moriarti Soleimani bin Goldstein, has captured an American child and is now brutally torturing the child for information to aid in his plot to kill American civilians.


  25. When you are old enough and big enough to stop listening to Dick Gregory I’ll be the first to let you know. This is one of these guys, that even when you disagree, you should listen like you were the bridegroom in the grip of the ancient mariner.

    I can never support terrorism. But when Dick Gregory talks about Tom Brown my eyes get watery, and I’m almost on the verge of saying that a little bit of terrorism is okay now and then.

    I don’t really want you to listen to this Dick Gregory recording. I want you to listen to ALL Dick Gregory recordings. He is a brother to us all, even if he himself would deny it.


  26. This workaholism is actually a form of initiation. The overwork teaches these kids to go beyond their station once they graduate. It allows them to wind up usurpers, rather than followers of the law. It allows professionals to see themselves as better than people who build and make things. Actually professionals are nine-tenths overhead. But we need to work real hard to bring down that overhead by making the laws better, and by putting in an inbuilt prejudice to the sole trader.

    The lawyer overwork initiation is like what they do to the medical students. They work them so hard that causing death through insomnia becomes inevitable. There is something heroic about all this high-pressure study. But there is also something a little sinister.

    Great series. Fantastic scene 19.50 to 21.30. Exceptional acting.


  27. There is an even better follow-up scene between these two. But to understand it you need to watch the whole thing. And I won’t put that much time commitment onto you. Because not all the actors are good actors. Actually its really only Houseman that is the great actor amongst all these light-weights. But some of the writing is exceptional.


  28. Projection. Thats exactly what you did. You waited until Warren was history, and then you started praising her to detract from any anti-Oligarchy candidate. That was your zionist scam. The only anti-oligarchy candidates left are Tulsi and Bernie so your pro-Oligarchy behaviour has been 100% consistent through-out.

    Pay very close attention to what Steve is up to people. He’s been pro-zionist and pro-Oligarchy the entire time. Going way back. Even as rog at Catallaxy. But he tries to hide it in a number of ways.

    He’s leaning to Biden-Warren. Why? Because Biden has clinical dementia and is an oligarchy candidate. So that means the whole thing will be controlled by his crowd.

    He puts the boot into Tulsi and any excuse will do. But the reality is he’s pro-war, pro-zionist, pro-oligarchy and has never deviated from this loyalty.


  29. Steve understands that when Biden cannot wipe his own ass there will be a genocidal Jew zionist wiping Biden’s ass for him. For example all the genocidal Jews who were “never-Trumpers” in the Republican party have now come out in favour of Biden.

    Steve started pretending to back Elizabeth Warren just as soon as she was the only sellout left. His support for Warren cannot be traced further back than the resignation of Butt-Gig. So its all fakery and racism. Pro Jew racism motivates Steves every word.


  30. “Gabbard starting “look at me” legal actions with no prospects of success is not a good look either.

    Its fucking great. The first person to take on these Jew violations of free speech. The first one to take a shot at these traitors.

    Andy NGO. Beaten up by masked Jews trained in violence with Soros money. But the gay man is just showboating Steve reckons. Kick someone in the balls, point to him and call out “Show-boating.” Thats what all those murdered Palestinian kids are doing as well. Look at that kid showboating. And that kid in the Victor Hugo novel that gets shot in the Paris uprising. Big show-boater that kid. Wanting to stop the mass-murder of Muslims? Showboating. Trying to help someone get cured of cancer. Its all just showboating. Any non-evil behaviour …… Showboating.

    Only genocidal Jew behaviour is authentic. The rest is all showboating.


  31. You have to admire Steves confidence that when Biden is there drooling and mindless like a Stephen Hawking stand-in, that it HIS BUDS that will be calling the shots. Its his guys that will be the ventriloquist to the brainless Biden puppet. Always these inbred troglodytes can work together to see to it that its their guys right next to the seat of power. As long as they can subvert all democratic rules of fair play.


  32. Cronin doesn’t have a hope unless he’s looking for a different venue for evolution where the normal rules don’t matter. I’d be looking for the insides of proto-planets right out in the boonies. Like Pluto, which has started an internal dynamics that is leading to these volcanoes that spit out warm water that freezes before it hits the ground. The chemistry would have to be quite different. It would have to be hydrogen rich and probably with a powerful negative electrical charge buildup.

    Without a radical change of venue Tours arguments are so much stronger than Cronin’s. Its not whose side you are on, but we should acknowledge that in this decade the Darwinist movement has fallen behind. They tend to be ideologues, lazy, and they tend to dote too much on the bullshit physics and cosmology we have going today. For evolution to work in theory we really want to deep six the physics and cosmology idiocy that we have been oppressed with for the last century or more. Ever since the campaign for aether denial got going.


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