Stalling Tactics Prove Its Biowarfare

We can tell that we are caught in the middle of biowarfare by looking at all the ridiculous stalling tactics and lies that are out there. As well as excessive smoke-blowing and ridiculous certainty as to the source of the virus.

Stalling tactics. Where are the stalling tactics? Every hydroxy-chloroquine study that doesn’t use zinc is no study at all its a stalling tactic. Everywhere you read that people were poisoned in a trial thats just someone typing.

Maybe he’s talking about Brazil. When he’s typing he lies. You cannot get a trial approved on the basis that you are going to purposely poison the volunteers. So if you are reading a report to this effect its a lie. Make note of the magazine. Thats no magazine its an intelligence agency front.

Or supposing if they actually went ahead and deliberately poisoned people to discredit a drug that has been used for 70 years, and is available right now at your local pharmacy, supposing some outfit hasn’t scooped them up and sent them overseas?

If they poisoned people on purpose with hydroxy-chloroquine then thats a full-blown misinformation campaign where, instead of typing complete nonsense they actively set out to hurt people to put some grit behind their lies. It cannot be anything else or they are pretending that three generations worth of knowledge has been lost in the last 3 months.

How about a vaccine. Even in the robotic vaccine camp thats the most stupid thing imaginable. Its fake news. They identified corona viruses 20 years ago. You cannot vaccinate for them any more than for the common cold. No good can come out of the attempt. Its another stalling tactic to get people killed and deny everyone actual treatment.

There is some dummy that looks harmless enough but is front man for the delusion that there will be an effective vaccine. Either take my word for it or check Dr Griffin out. When you find him you’ll see that there are no comments allowed on any youtube he appears on.

Don’t get fooled by these people. You know what to do and it doesn’t involve waiting for a virus. Get your stash together. Don’t let these ass-clowns make a stooge out of you this time.

Its not funny any more.

6 thoughts on “Stalling Tactics Prove Its Biowarfare

  1. 32 Minutes in. Almost total proof that this is biowarfare. This lady had experience with gain-of-function studies in 1999. It wasn’t accidental. Its multi-national deep state collusion. 32 minutes in Dr Mikovits almost proves this totally by way of what amounts to impromptu confession and whistle-blowing. Good on her. All is almost forgiven. Her confession is authoritative since her view of things is formed outside of the misinformation period. Whereas listening to an expert who has something to lose now is next to useless.


  2. There couldn’t have been a dozen people on the planet that could dream of beating Gene LeBell in a fight back on the sixties. But Gene doesn’t say: I could beat up Bruce … though he could. He talks about Bruce coming around to his place and teaching Gene and learning from Gene.

    I think everyone knows we are talking about greatness here:


  3. At the moment I’m trying to pull Quinine out of grapefruit. Seems to be working if the taste is anything to go by. But there is something a little bit different. Ghanaian Quinine. AKA Cryptolepis



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