Why Is The Deep State Conducting An Attempted Coup In The United States?

Why has the Deep State gone to all this trouble? Pandemic’s, lockdowns, protests and a Democratic candidate that will soon be a vegetable? It resembles a coup. But what is the motive if the Deep State already controls things? They are gunning hard for a different political system entirely. Now that they have been caught with 9/11 and other faked events/false flag attacks……… Now that they have been caught redhanded they need to act quickly.

Sibel thinks that the coup leaders will not take over the mainstream media, since they have already taken it over. But she’s thinking that there will be an interim President appointed. So you see now why they went to all the trouble of appointing a Democratic party Presidential contender with obvious dementia.

17 thoughts on “Why Is The Deep State Conducting An Attempted Coup In The United States?

  1. You cannot thank Soros and the others for the extra employment because they’ve destroyed all the black small businesses by placing bricks in the right places and by other instigating means. So they are net employment destroyers. And their giving us a dysfunctional and parasitical finance system destroys more and more wealth and employment each year.

    This Gary Legum just an evil Jew laughing at the rest of us? Probably right? Pissing himself laughing at getting the black man to destroy the businesses of the black man? Yeah he thinks its a riot.


  2. Greg was right. It wasn’t a big issue not long ago. The oligarchy has been working very hard to make racism an issue again. You never give these people enough credit Steve.

    They work hard Steve. They are parasites and yet they work very very hard in some areas.


  3. For once I can agree with Not Trampis on this one. A kinder, gentler police force, on foot is what we need. Forget the wheels. We need police who are good walkers, who talk to everyone. We need to bring a certain friendliness and respect back to the uniform. In a pinch fearing the uniform may get you past the next few months. But in the longer run its the officer who is right there communicating with everyone on foot that will bring a better community.


  4. Thought this sort of thing might happen. After all 800 years ago we were still in the prior warm period. But one part of me wanted to give industrial civilisation the lions share of the credit for growing CO2 levels. Because since these are two good things, for the most part, you want to give one the credit for the other. Still while us puny humans cannot do much to CO2 levels in the longer run we ought to be able to take credit for perhaps evening out the CO2 levels and giving us a few extra points over the medium term. I sure hope the efforts of puny humans can mitigate the coming CO2 plunge. If we have a CO2 plunge in our lifetime, and the timing really is quite right for that, then this would thin our numbers out considerably. There ought to be no other “carbon mitigation” beyond soil development. Thats the only way to hedge our bets.


  5. 1 trump must win the election. I began to think he will late week.
    2 no second wave. That’s becoming less of a possibility I think.

    To the first point the people who put a man with Alzheimers as his competitor might be trying to change the basic Republican way of government, if they feel confident to do so. If they don’t at least they have half a dozen culprits they can blame for the economic meltdown.

    In the second case thats entirely up to the people who created the first wave. I think they will be very confident about planting a new strain, or continuing to spread the old one. They could only postpone the inherent instability caused by financial looting so long. So now they’ve got to blame the breakdown on …. well you know … list them:

    Black people rioting, The Chinese, an Act of God involving bats, One of their front groups like Antifa ….. The Russians are always pretty good when you want someone to blame now right? Could blame the Police, Blame Climate Change, Could blame it all on Trump.

    Last time with the 2008 looting spree they actually tried to blame the blacks for the meltdown. Black people taking advantage of the innocent bankers. That actually worked at first. Certainly it worked for Catallaxy. This time there are so many more people they’ve set up to be the patsy for their crimes.

    Its a beautifully crafted operation when you think about it. Here in Australia its like we’ve had the plagues of Egypt falling one of the other, from drought, to fire, to flood, pandemic, economic depression.

    They don’t look like they are through with us yet. Be interesting to see what they come up with next.


  6. From Catallaxy just before the smite came down:

    Tokugawa Vanne Dam
    #3479092, posted on June 8, 2020 at 9:46 pm

    Jean-Baptiste Say explained Says law at a time well prior to the Californian Gold Rush. There were still many smaller 3 or 4 man banks in those times and since growing gold deposits could not be guaranteed the capacity to expand upon the gold coins held on-call in their banks was very limited. This was particularly the case as he was French. And Bonaparte had never gone off the metal standard, preferring to pay the French soldiers in booty. Which explains the stamina of France in that long war.

    Really Say’s Law was already argued for by John Stuart Mill’s father (James Mill). They both would emphasise that the demand for “commodities” (they meant finished goods) was not the same as and did not create demand overall.

    What Say’s Law cannot tell us is how to look after aggregate demand. It cannot allow us to ignore monetary effects. It cannot eliminate demand management as an issue. It cannot justify fractional reserve.

    The main thing that Says Law does tell us however, is that fiscal ill-rectitude is not demand management. No economist who writes in these parts ever gets this story quite right.


  7. Jacob Frey Mayor of Minneapolis putting together an idiotic response to black lives matter.

    A Jew?

    Lets have a look at Wikipedia

    “Frey grew up in Oakton, Virginia, a suburb of Washington, D.C. His mother was born Jewish, and his father converted to Judaism.


  8. I wouldn’t resent peoples bad science CO2 delusions if these same people were reasonable individuals who we could come to some practical compromises with.

    By first hydrating the landscapes, we can get the carbon into the soils. Thereafter we can get the carbon into the buildings:


  9. There is a kind of natural welfare for fit people that can be had. Which involves building spectacularly beautiful high-rise buildings but with no lifts. Here the shop is on the first level, The rich people have a spectacularly luxurious second floor. As the floors go up the building slowly tapers for structural strength purposes. But the rents get lower and lower. Until you get to a floor that is still luxurious, though quite a bit smaller. That floor can be rented out to people for a nominal amount. Since they have so many stairs to climb. That may seem stupid but we want to house everyone and we want societies that function well even under wartime conditions. Right now if we are being attacked all our power goes down.


  10. Combining New urbanism ideas with some form of Georgism:

    Does car parking get much of a look-in? No under Georgism and new Urbanism principles you’d probably have high-rise parking on either side of the high-rise strip. Being at either end maybe the parking buildings would be higher than all the other buildings in the middle. Surface parking cannot really justify the expense of it all. Its probably better to build High-rise parking places at either end and encourage people only to drive between high-rise town areas. Not within them. Even if parking is communist. Things may go so far as to have almost no carsheds even where there are two story houses. People might get on their bicycles to retrieve their car to go for a long drive out of the city.

    For that matter, we have to strongly consider that under Georgist assumptions we would want to be pretty conservative about putting in new roads anywhere but always have good budgets for new tunnels. Since tunnels don’t have to justify the surface value of the land they represent….

    New tunnels Good …. New roads pretty dubious. New roads if they are tar-sealed have about ten times the construction costs of gravel. They take up too much land. They involve high energy costs for transport. Really we want cargo transport to involve very flat rail, sea, canal and dirigibles transport as much as could be possible. We have to take a 5000 year view of things here.

    From here on in parking needs to be even more high-rise then apartment buildings. Urban areas should be walkable. New population growth shouldn’t be in small towns. The other really high-rise buildings would be mostly just those right near to the train station. Yes they would need lifts, these really tall buildings. But there ought to be no parking. These might be the poorest people in the community that lived in these luxurious high-rise next to the station. And most likely you’d want them to bike a mile or so to retrieve their car from high-rise communist storage if they wanted to go for a long drive every month or so.

    To get every car thats not moving right up in the air the communist carpark buildings might look a bit like this:

    Except maybe scaled down in volume a lot and hopefully more aesthetically pleasing. It should be clear that car parking simply cannot justify all the surface space its taking.

    New urbanism suggests that you want to have every possible thing you need within about a 400 metre walk. They emphasise 5-8 storey buildings. I’d perhaps go a little higher with the upper floors as natural welfare for fit poor people. But in the main I defer to their expertise.

    I think as the buildings taper to a point where they are still big enough for a passing dirigible to drop cargo off, perhaps the last couple of floors could be water storage, hot and cold. This is because we are facing a great deal of energy deprivation the rest of this century. Since white maggot scum have planned it that way. Yes I know I know we could be doing the whole thing on thorium. And I’m glad that “Legalise Sedition” has weathered well and matured in his thinking (over at Catallaxy) and is in favour of this sort of thing. But its going to be decades before we get out of our energy deprived status.

    Consider the poor fit guy on the twelfth floor who pays only nominal rent? He’ll always have a part-time job delivering the cargo from the dirigible to everyones door. Its a beautiful system really and we want to make it one that allows society to function well under conditions of extended nuclear war.


  11. Powell’s Kraken lawsuit cites Ron Watkins and a source identical to the bio of Q, and accuses Iran and China of working together to overthrow the US government. It’s just Q gussied up in a suit.

    If she was Q kitted out to look like a lawyer I would be skeptical of her also. But what you don’t understand monty, is that Q is a limited hangout. The whole concept of how a limited hangout works is that it DOESN’T WORK, unless most of what the asset says is true. Its gotta be mostly true monty. So your logic fails. Q lies sure. But most of what he says is true.


  12. When the tables turned at Gettysburg the SECOND TIME it was more righteous than the first. The tables turning at Gettysburg the first time could have been interpreted as MIGHT MAKES RIGHT. But the second time the tables turned it was TRUTH that counted.


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