Notes On An Energy-Deprived (and Efficient) Future That Is Still Awesome.

I wouldn’t resent peoples bad science CO2 delusions if these same people were reasonable individuals who we could come to some practical compromises with.

By first hydrating the landscapes, we can get the carbon into the soils. Thereafter we can get the carbon into the buildings:


There is a kind of natural welfare for fit people that can be had. Which involves building spectacularly beautiful high-rise buildings but with no lifts. Here the shop is on the first level, The rich people have a powerfully luxurious second floor. As the floors go up the building slowly tapers for structural strength purposes. But the rents get lower and lower. Until you get to a floor that is still luxurious, though quite a bit smaller. That floor can be rented out to people for a nominal amount. Since they have so many stairs to climb. That may seem stupid but we want to house everyone and we want societies that function well even under wartime conditions. Right now if we are being attacked all our power goes down.

Combining New urbanism ideas with some form of Georgism:

Does car parking get much of a look-in? No under Georgism and new Urbanism principles you’d probably have high-rise parking on either side of the high-rise strip. Being at either end maybe the parking buildings would be higher than all the other buildings in the middle. Surface parking cannot really justify the expense of it all. Its probably better to build High-rise parking places at either end and encourage people only to drive between high-rise town areas. Not within them. Even if parking is communist. Things may go so far as to have almost no carsheds even where there are two story houses. People might get on their bicycles to retrieve their car to go for a long drive out of the city.

For that matter, we have to strongly consider that under Georgist assumptions we would want to be pretty conservative about putting in new roads anywhere but always have good budgets for new tunnels. Since tunnels don’t have to justify the surface value of the land they represent….

New tunnels Good …. New roads pretty dubious. New roads if they are tar-sealed have about ten times the construction costs of gravel. They take up too much land. They involve high energy costs for transport. Really we want cargo transport to involve very flat rail, sea, canal and dirigibles transport as much as could be possible. We have to take a 5000 year view of things here.

From here on in parking needs to be even more high-rise then apartment buildings. Urban areas should be walkable. New population growth should be in small towns. The other really high-rise buildings would be mostly just those right near to the train station. Yes they would need lifts, these really tall buildings. But there ought to be no parking. These might be the poorest people in the community that lived in these luxurious high-rise next to the station. And most likely you’d want them to bike a mile or so to retrieve their car from high-rise communist storage if they wanted to go for a long drive every month or so.

To get every car thats not moving right up in the air the communist carpark buildings might look a bit like this:

Except maybe scaled down in volume a lot and hopefully more aesthetically pleasing. It will spiral upwards and be more open air.  Hopefully it will be a good chance to overuse arches for ventilation.  However they design the car parks, it should be clear that car parking simply cannot justify all the surface space its taking.

New urbanism suggests that you want to have every possible thing you need within about a 400 metre walk. They emphasise 5-8 storey buildings. I’d perhaps go a little higher with the upper floors as natural welfare for fit poor people. But in the main I defer to their expertise.

I think as the buildings taper to a point where they are still big enough for a passing dirigible to drop cargo off, perhaps the last couple of floors could be water storage, hot and cold. This is because we are facing a great deal of energy deprivation the rest of this century and we want to get that water up in the air with intermittent energy and let it come down naturally when we need it.

A pretty bizzare and paranoid approach to energy? Well white maggot scum have planned it that way. Yes I know I know we could be doing the whole thing on thorium. And I’m glad that “Legalise Sedition” has weathered well and matured in his thinking (over at Catallaxy) and is in favour of this sort of thing. But its going to be decades before we get out of our energy deprived status.

Consider the poor fit guy on the twelfth floor who pays only nominal rent? He’ll always have a part-time job delivering the cargo from the dirigible to everyones door. Its a beautiful system really and we want to make it one that allows society to function well under conditions of extended nuclear war.

Naturally the small high-rise towns should be surrounded by permaculture farming.

348 thoughts on “Notes On An Energy-Deprived (and Efficient) Future That Is Still Awesome.

  1. “JC
    #3594372, posted on September 22, 2020 at 10:20 pm

    That’s true in terms of isolated incidents, but these fuckers are saying 40% of their time is devoted to far rights groups. Where’s the evidence to support these threats? I can’t figure the mindset.

    It’s the same in the US to some extent. Cities are being trashed by antifa and their actions are being described as mostly peaceful.”

    JC obviously ASIO has been captured by Jew influences. They aren’t interested in our well-being or sovereignty. Only on Jew supremacy.


  2. Having said what I said before in the comment too true to publish, since the increase between 1950 and 1976(?) has been confirmed I don’t suppose it makes a great deal of difference that Moana Loa data is not allowable. They may be covering up some variability during that 50-76 period. But its totally proven that there was fast overall rise during that time interval. So that ought not be a problem to your side of the argument.

    But in science you cannot tolerate any excuses. So we still cannot accept Moana Loa data no matter what. What is notable is that 1950 was the only time when the real data and the ice core proxy got the same reading. Thats where the two lines intersected. Thats a bit rich as they used to say. So we have far-sighted rigging of figures from very early on. Which should raise an eyebrow to even the dimmest, yet most ardent believer.

    There is two more things that really give me the shits. We see this lip service to storage that comes in the form of pointing out the many different types of potential storage. You can be right about all of that and still screw everything up for the rest of us if its not recognised that storage must lead renewables at all stages. If storage greatly exceeds renewables thats a minor problem. But if renewables exceed storage all the way up then we are being impoverished all the way up. Thats why our electricity prices went from amongst the cheapest to the most expensive. Thats the reason. Barely anything else counts other than John Howards long-term gas contracts.

    Now this storage reality is being treated as a minor issue but its not a minor issue. To shove this reality aside is a major act of societal vandalism.

    The final issue is the two sides of the balance sheet. I went to a farm fencing course. The tafe has to keep building fences to teach the kids. What is the effect of this largesse as regards to fences? Its the richest deepest darkest soil you could ever imagine. Incredible grass productivity. So we can inter as much carbon as we want. But soil production is the only sane way to do it.

    I suppose I’ll add just one more thing. When we run out of rooftops we could vault solar across narrow roads. That may seem restrictive but there is endless roofs and narrow roads taken together. There is no excuse for taking land out of production. Particularly when at the flick of a switch we can start interring carbon into that land and making farm production vastly more abundant.


  3. I think this is great. Because Judaism is I think itself a deliberately created religion and it represents oligarchy. So maybe it was Egyptian Levites, who created a new religion by carving a group out of the Canaanites and giving them a fake history. If so they may have done this on the part of an Egyptian oligarchy. Next after Plato gave these guys a few lessons on how to start a new Republic with false memories I think the oligarchs who controlled these reconstructed and inbred Canaanites took their act about ten times more nasty and effective. So Christianity is a kind of anti-Jew antidote to these servants of oligarchy. Which may as well be servants of Satan. So I agree with everything the scholar is saying. Except I take this fight-back to be a good thing.


  4. The Coenites and the Levites keep on restoring the male DNA of the Jews with the original gene pool I think. So as much as there has been lot of male admixture in the past in practice that won’t necessarily dilute everything because the two tribes of Coen and Levite may play a special role in maintaining an inner core of fairly faithful original Jew male DNA. The Levite influence would be somewhat ancient Egyptian if I have this story right. Which may be a bit of a slim chance since although this theory hasn’t been proved wrong outright it hasn’t been proven right either.

    Now on the sheila side its Jew to Jew to Jew. Which would keep that side also reasonably faithful to the Jew inner core and so you’d expect some trace ancient Canaanite still in there somewhere.

    But in reality you’ve got to scratch all that. Because there are too many generations and the important thing is THE JEWS MUST BE INBRED WITH REGARDS TO EACHOTHER IN ANY GIVEN TIME PERIOD.

    So while this genetic originalism was surely attempted in practice it will be all but bread out. But that doesn’t matter. The key was to make them all inbred troglodytes with regards to each other in order to make them useful as tools of oligarchy, or Satan if you would have it that way.

    So don’t quote the first part of what I’m saying without the second part. Because there is a turnaround here. Amazing that they have still maintained those hooters. But for rhinoplasty we would realise we were being oppressed by barely human gargoyles.


  5. Got a threatening phone call. Completely ridiculous what they were saying. I’m assuming its Kosher Nostra so I decided to take out my last thread. Don’t want these crazies switching things up.


  6. Its the usual choice Steve. The choice between a disaster and a catastrophe. Trump is a disaster with two Wall Street bailouts and almost no bailout for the starving and the homeless. He didn’t even seem to play a part but let the usual pigs just bury their snouts in trillions of dollars of loot, supplied by both the Federal Reserve and the treasury. People like our beloved JC swimming in loot thanks to these bailouts. So Trumps a disaster. Trumps a disaster but he does good things on the monthly basis, that will produce wealth so the usual suspects can loot that wealth during the next bailout. So yeah Trumps a disaster for sure.

    But Biden was and will be a catastrophe. Or lets say they are both catastrophe’s. Catastrophe one and Catastrophe upgraded. Still the US is being ripped to pieces. But if its ripped to pieces a little more slowly under Trump, and China is contained a few more years under Trump, we here in Australia still stand a chance of not being culled and destroyed.

    Let the tie breaker be the treatment of black people. Biden sent all these guys to prison for minor crimes that his son is engaged in on a daily basis. Trump is helping get these people out of jail earlier, he’s providing traditionally black educational institutions with plenty of funds, and before Covid his job creation in black areas was pretty good. So if you want a tie breaker that would be it. But to me the whole thing was lost in the primaries. Only two candidates were ready to be President and the bad guys squashed them.


  7. From the Catallaxy liberty quote.

    “Little else is requisite to carry a state to the highest degree of opulence from the lowest barbarism but peace, easy taxes, and a tolerable administration of justice: all the rest being brought about by the natural course of things…”

    Adam Smith.

    True enough at the time but not enough any more.


  8. These companies aren’t making money they are making bribes. Its not only a national security issue its an SEC issue too. Because the Bidens convince other investors that they have skin in the game. Their own money invested. When in reality these are just vehicles for bribe acceptance and the companies can go belly up leaving all the minority investors stung. This is total infiltration by the CCP.

    And look I’m not in denial about the other side here. Trumps 100% owned by the Likud side of international Judea. But do we want the Chinese problem mitigated or made much much worse? We can deal with the Likudniks later. We have to keep our heads above water until the Chinese demographic collapse is in full swing. The Chinese own so much of our gear, and they have their people thick on the ground here. Thanks goodness they have offended and alarmed all their many neighbours now. We can’t take these people on alone.

    Chinese people are great and we would be a lesser country without the presence of some of them. But they don’t need to be CCP aligned and we don’t need to allow ourselves to be swamped. The influence of the CCP goes all the way down to our factories where mainland born people seem to have preference for supervisory promotions. Yet you only see a Taiwanese couple come into the factories if they are cleaning subcontractors or something of that nature. I think we want to favour Taiwan strongly now. Culturally speaking they are the real Chinese because they didn’t have their culture smashed by Mao’s cultural revolution.

    We ought to be working with these people to give them more defence-in-depth.


  9. Some phrases you hear warn you that something is not quite right. “Dunning Kruger” precedes terrible examples of projection. When someone accuses one of a “non sequitur ” it means they need to re-read and think a lot harder. And when someone uses the term “strawman” its not a good sign.

    “Claiming that some ginormous amount of storage is needed to enable 100% renewables has been a favorite strawman ….”

    Ben if we all agree that solar is cheap, then why has the subsidy of solar not been recouped in the form of lower electricity prices? To the contrary the introduction of renewables goes hand in hand with soaring electricity prices, everywhere its been tried. Not just here but in every last case so far. Now we all know that solar is cheap right? So how do you explain this?

    I am telling everyone to give solar another chance. That storage must be ahead of renewables not lagging renewables. And here you come out and reckon its all a strawman. No-one half sane will believe you because they have to work to pay their nasty electricity bills. And outside of Brisbane these bills can be very nasty indeed.

    So I’m saying if storage is lagging renewables the renewables will make energy more expensive. But if storage is ahead of renewables then the renewables will give us cheap energy. There is at least a chance that I might be right whereas you are empirically disproven every time someone gets an electricity bill.

    When we set up an electric fence we know that the electricity must go through a battery first before it goes into a fence. This is something in the nature of electricity. Its not a thing we can wish away through ideology. We will kill the farmer, his kids, or the animals if we are stupid about these things.


  10. “There’s a trade-off between energy storage and interconnectors. More storage is required if there are weak or no interconnectors.”

    Its doubtful that you can trade off interconnectors for storage in practice. And its also too dangerous to do so. Storage should match renewables geographically and then you don’t have to worry too much about the entirety of the grid. I’m not talking about maintaining current grid stability. We ought to be aiming at a much more resilient system then the one we had before. Or the one we have now. Our grid was always brittle by way of its lack of storage.

    Think of it you did solve all problems with expensive interconnections? I don’t think you can but suppose you did? Imagine how weak the system would then be in the face of natural disasters and to warfare? So no forget about it. There is no substitute for storage matching renewables as closely geographically as can be arranged. But thats not a bad thing its a good thing. It means we can pay for storage by saving money on the maintenance of expensive transmission. Thats a better system then we had before and a better system then we have now. We’ve been surviving on an electrical system that resembled an elephant balancing on its trunk.

    Solar and storage will be a marvellously robust system. Why? Because there will be storage. Which is something we didn’t have before. If our system has storage everywhere, then a potential aggressor will realise that we can take down their grid and they can’t take ours down. So they won’t try it on.


  11. So undermine the democracy further? And why? The goal is to violate the constitution by way of usurping Supreme Court Judges. So once there was a restrained Republic and your goal is that the Biden Presidency cheats, makes a mockery of the constitution, and helps further undermine the Republic. Continuing the current breakdown.

    So here you advocate cheating for a rotten motive. Doing wrong things for bad goals. You never get the realisation that you are the bad guy here? What happens when the rule of law is undermined? You just have gangsterism and gangsterism in a county of that size equates to mass slaughter. As we have seen in the Middle East just for starters.


  12. Shut up Beattie. Go away and hang yourself. You are a non-entity since your persecution of a Rugby player for the lamest of politically correct reasons and if I see you, you are going to get knocked out, you loathsome little worm. Go now Beattie. Go now and hang yourself in the women’s toilet with your tie. No-one will ever even know that you are gone.

    Now we see that on both the left and the right, we have everyone going along with the worldwide denial of preparation and treatment. This is why we have been having to overuse Orwellian methodologies. Here we aren’t even flying on one wing. Here the oligarchy is seeing to it that both sides of politics are not allowed to talk about preparation and treatment.


  13. Its not a good time for China to have a go at Taiwan. That would lead to almost immediate challenges on several fronts and particularly on the Indian/Chinese border.

    These Hindus are hard-core warriors with a kick-ass pedigree going back at least as far as their key role beating people up, all over the world, under the supervision of the British Empire. These are tough guys. Whereas the Chinese soldiers are a product of the one child policy. So they are typically spoilt brats or little emperors.

    Now imagine a fat man in an elevator. The example is not my own. But he’s a humble fat man and he’s always smiling and apologising, even as he grows fatter. Well you know the neighbours of China could tolerate the growing power of China, when they were smiling and polite. But they got so fat and arrogant that they started acting in threatening ways. Rather than patiently and slyly taking up all our supply chains and adopting an open softly softly approach they started subverting other countries and bullying people. Actually probably they’ve murdered a lot of ethnically-Chinese Australians already but they don’t seem to have gone over the edge to assassinate Australians, outside their ethnic group.

    They certainly have harassed me. At one stage, when I was hanging shit on Chairman Mao and issuing public warnings for them to pull their heads in I’d get these nasty phone calls where Chinese guys were angrily shouting in my ear in Mandarin I think. That was probably about 2006. I can narrow it down because I was in Beverly Hills at the time. This was due to my incendiary remarks on the “Spengler” column.

    Anyway China usually holds the world record for the most borders. More countries tend to border China than any other country. So if they get the Indians and the rest of them pissed off with them they have a serious problem.

    Perhaps on a better day the Chinese could snatch Taiwan the way that Reagan took Granada off the chess board. But all their neighbours now have the shits with them. And so if they want to take Taiwan right now I would quote Cormac McCarthy (like I did before the nasty phone calls) and just say:

    “Hell aint half full.”


  14. I think he’s been pretty good with the data too. You saw him dancing out of the hospital. I knew he wouldn’t die just so long as he convalesced because he was already on top of the HCQ story. But that took very good decision-making to take that antibody explosion treatment. That was kind of inspired. Its very clear that all those antibodies must have given the virus no chance. No chance. Of even with the HCQ Trump would have been absolutely smashed for a few weeks.

    But he wants to win this thing. The only thing bigger than a pandemic is Trumps ego. And it turns out that he really has to win this thing. For all of us.

    Only the primaries ever matters if you want a good Democratic candidate 007. Do keep up.


  15. Don’t be a fucking idiot mate. I don’t need to give you detail to refute this anti-science any more than I have to come up with detail for the scientologists or the Mormons to refute them. They are pseudo-scientists, controlled from the top down, passing off bad theology as good science, and they don’t have the evidence from the start. Compton scattering was something that popped out of a system of punishments and rewards. There were plenty of fudge factors and no logic reason behind the allegation that Compton scattering proved photons or anything Einstein had to say.

    So what did they do? They got some graphite, and they got some x-ray radiation. Thats a single substance out of millions. And a range (A RANGE) of radiation frequencies. So out that range Compton was quite free to tendentiously use a lot of maths to suck up to the Einstein fanboys … there is no sound logic to the whole presentation …… there is just all this maths cut loose from and kind of sound reason … They get an anomaly at 135 degrees for one material and one lot of radiation. Then they suck up to the physics fraternity by using a shit-tonne of maths which the physicists like to over-emphasise. They have huge scope to say that some electrons are bounded and some are free.

    It proves nothing. Its just a clusterfuck of unreason.

    They key thing is once you get rid of aether denial, and you understand that a series of waves is not compatible with a volley of particles, then all this ethnically-charged bullshit goes out the window.


  16. Trampis you know nothing about mail-in votes you old fool. The momentum of change was with Trump. The early mail-in votes were about 4% in favour of Biden. Thats in rough accordance to everything we knew about mail-ins, momentum, relative popularity and so forth. No problem there. But the later mail-in votes, after 3.00 am on November 4th their time ……. these were different. They were not in line with momentum. Not in line with reality. And they weren’t 4% ahead in Biden’s favour. They should have been maybe 1% ahead in favour of Biden in accordance with the momentum. Or 2%. I would have accepted 6%. But instead they were 20-to-1 in favour of Biden. So thats in accordance with the announced plans to steal the election. Its not in accordance with the statistical reality of voter intention.


  17. Bolt hasn’t done his homework. This is a three-stage process. Trump won the first stage. That was to get the most votes. Then the oligarchy dumped fake votes in the key areas after 3.00 am. They were cheating before but in more subtle ways. So Trumps already won the election part of it. Now we have the fake votes and Lawfare stage. The third stage is the colour revolution which is going to overlap stage two.

    We already knew this beforehand. What we didn’t know was whether the oligarchy would pull back from the full operation or not.


  18. You are such a dishonest cunt Steve. I already told you that hundreds of thousands of fake votes were dumped into the key electorates in the wee wee hours of the morning. But you keep on trying to lock in your alternative reality. Thats why we need and must have the ability to put the Jews in the stocks when they behave like you do.


  19. Rupert is like the steam valve on this Engine of enslavement. But he’s turned on the truth community this time. He’s acted like a Jew and turned on us at exactly the most treacherous time. He’s with other(?) Jews in the Golan heights stealing the oil of the Syrian people and he relied right from the start on cheap Jew credit to buy up a big chunk of the newspapers in the English-Speaking world.

    But he turned on us. So we need to have this attitude of putting Jews or Jew collaborators in the stocks. Put them in the stocks. Then if we can’t find out what is going on and why they are acting like this their heads could be posted outside the synagogue, even as we are bugging every inch of the inside.

    In short we need to have an explanation of why they called Arizona even though it was all about fake votes. But if we have a good explanation it should all end in smiles and happiness and well-wishes. But in a known atmosphere of fake vote dumping, the idea of calling a state ….. thats a moment of treason against the human species. Any reasonable explanation or apology will do fine. Or if its not quite reasonable enough the stocks and the rotten fruit is probably good enough. But I think Rupert needs to be more scared of poor gentiles then rich Jews. So we have to act accordingly.


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